Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 18, 1928 · Page 27
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 27

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1928
Page 27
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- ri VOL. CIX OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 181928 NO. 141 OAKLANDERS ' Display Home Entrahce ' A glimpse of the magnificent vestibule, and Cartillian, stairway,, in the TRIBUNE-Schlesinger model home in Claremont Pines,, which is now nearing completion, according to the design of Frederick H. Reimcrs, noted Oakland architect. ' Gaterpillar' aL Work .on mpm The sacred precincts of the campus of the University of California have been invaded by a "Caterpillar" Thirty, equipped with McMillan bulldozer, which is employed in the work of grading and leveling the jjteonjwjhichjh done by jheAriss Knapp company. " . : . --.,r--.. ,,,r7TrCTmJ, AT G I 1 WOOD REPORTS 1N0R IIS SsNESSl v The sale of three homes within the last week in Durant Manor Is announced by Fred. T. Wood Company, Inc., developers of that popular subdivision near the East Oakland-San Leandro industrial district that has figured so much In the news of late as the site of the Chrysler-Dodge and Seiberllng plants. These sales are in addition to two home sales and $18,000 in lot . sales reported earlier. Two homes were reported . sold for 'A. E, Sater, one of the builders In Durant Manor, one . immediately upon completion and the other this . week, a $ Si 00 home,-before the interior was roughed in.. Marked activity In Durant Manor homes and building sits followed the' announcement of the Chrysler-Dodge and Seiberllng plans, Wood, states, for Investors were quick to realize that the need "of workingmen for homes within a convenient . radius of , their places of employment would cause the value of property m located to increase rapidly. Another advantage of Durant ! Manor from the Investment standpoint is said to be the fact that the tract is fully improved,' not only as regards paved streets, sidewalks, ewers and public utility services Which are in and paid for as is expected in the better subdivisions, . but also as regards homes. Many homes haVe been sold and are now occupied and there are a number that are said to be very attractive that are now open, for inspection. ...Among these latter is VThe Gables,'; charming six-room home that has been completely furnished and decorated -by Breuners' expert in- terlor decorators. Reportsf from the tract state that mom than a thousand people visited "The Oables" the Sunday it was opened "and that there hjas been a good attendance every 'day since. Wood has specialized in fiast Oakland and Ban Ieandro subdivisions for some years and exceptional success has been reported with ail of them. Besides Durant Manor, the Wood company also has Ardmore and Estudlllo , Estates on the market at the - present time. Building operations are said to be particularly active in Estudlllo Estates , right now with' seven 1 homes under construction. The total valuation of these homes-is given as $64,750 and five of them ranglnc in Brtce from $8500 to $10,750, are now open for inspec tion. This tract is sa d- to be planned especially , to appeal to professional men and executives of the trading centers and industrial districts east of JLake Merrut ana the miles reported to those groups F indicate that the Deauty oi inai old -orchard setting, the predortln i nnco of sunshiny 4ays, the large, i level building sites and the com-! pleto improvements which are in and paid for are Just - the things thn.t. the people of discrimination v.-ant. ' .-" v :( '. Novex Products Corp. - Patents Auto Mirror Th Movfti Products corporation located at 821 Washington street, H11 mannhMlira. Mtkll And dlStHb- ute a new patented reversible. auto. Mnhll. mtrrAP .... The territory to be xorered will tha entire United States. . . . .Articles of Incorporation .:. have feeen filed with a capitalization of 100,000. The following are direct. otsi C. L. Shuppy, Thomas Campbell. J alius Ross, R. ' J. Nelson -and F. Linn. J. C. MaeArthur Is gen eral manager. Permanent officers have not been selected as yet. The firm has heretofore been doing business under the name of Acme Welding .Works. The two firms will hereafter be separate Mod distinct. - i i . r. VaSHINOTON. D. C The department of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufactures taken in 1928, the establishments engaged primarily in the manufacture of carbonated, still and cereal beverages and grape Jvlce in 1927 reported products valued at $242,516,497, an increase of 2 per cent, as compared with $217,780,741 for 1925, the'last' preceding census year. LOANS PLENTY OF MONEY FOR IMMEDIATE LOANS ON NEW CONSTRUCTION REASONABLE FLAT PERIOD AND PERMANENT INSTALLMENT , LOAN COMBINED. Prompt Service , Reasonable Costs i Assets over $24000,000.00 UM3 (Bead 0ice, ' Soft Lek City. Utah) C H. McEntyre DUtrict Manager ,.(930 Broadway .. OsUead , ft : j TLA ; - , TRAVEL NG STORE' ADDED TO SERVICE -To meet the need,for quick plumbing repairs, W. H. Picard, head of the large plumbing firm bearing- his name, announces the addition of another "traveling store," making thrrs of these fully equipped Jobbing trucks , now in service by the firm. Several large automobile trucks hafe also been added to the automotive equipment of the company. . !'These Jobbing trucks of ours are miniature plumbing shops," said Plcard. y'They are' fully stocked with new faucets, pipes and ends, fittings of all descriptions and, material for every conceivable 'kind of plumbing repair. This service is of unusual value during the winter months." , Picard, who has recently been re-elected for the fourth time as president of the Master Plumbers association of Alameda, county, Is featuring the remodeling of bathrooms. "We have worked out a unique service for the remodeling of bathrooms," Plcard said,- "We take care of everything necessary to do the work in its entirety. Plans, tile work: renewal or re location of - electric fixtures, - repairs to, or new trimmings for plumbing fixtures, or renewing en tirely the plumbing fixtures; paint ing, redecorating, any neoessary carpentry or plastering in fact, every phase of the work." ' Picard declares that this method of handling the complete job and thereby shouldering the complete responsibility, is the most efficient plan for repair or remodeling work. It not only, relieves the owner of annoyance, but effect! a distinct saving to the owner. Plcard, who Is a member of the Heating and Piping Contractors association, re ports a cordial reception for Certl fled Heating, featured by all mem bers of the association. WASHINGTON. D. C The de partment of . commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufacturers taken in 1928, the estab lishments engaged primarily In the manufacture of brushes in 1927. re ported products valued at : $47,- 844,124,-an Increase of 4.4 per cent as compared with $45,824,215 for 1926, the last preceding census year. UP 60' pr cent OF VALUE s Traveling Store Three "traveling storae" or jobbing trucks completely stocked and equipped for every conceivable kind -of plumbing repairs, are now being used by W. H. Picard, Inc, The firm feature repairs, re-modeling jobs and certified heating, as well as new installations. r The name of the Union Oas En glne company has been changed to the Union Diesel Engine company. This plant is located at Kennedy and East Seventh streets. Oakland, The company was established in 1886, and until about six years ago was building gas engines exclusively. Since that time it has been en gaged In the manufacture of Diesel engines. O. H. Fisher. is presldentof the concern. . POUT RECEIPTS HIGH. Exports from the port of Los Angeles during the month of July totaled $10,500,000, breaking all previous mid-summer records. The exports exceeded the July, 1927, figures by $2,676,832. July Imports were $3,850,000. a gain of $87,Jtifc over the corresponding month of a yeth ago, Port collection Increased $143,016 over last year. ' BUrLINQ PERMITS. The total number ' of building permits' for the week ending Wed nesday, September 26th, was 114 permits, totaling $321,815. TO Flat mtallmnt Jamieson-Towle-Willonghby Corp. . 372 17th Street 2 MilU BldgS. F. tOCAL COMPANY MANUFACTURER ORANGES NAMEl LEASES SPACE The Crescent Furniture Manufacturing company, Inc., has just leased 11,000 square feet of floor space, at 1461 Third street, Oakland, for the manufacture of upholstered furniture. At the present time eight . employees are . maintained, and the territory served includes the entire-state of California. The investment in building and equipment approximates $15,000. E. G. Jensen is secretary and general manager. The following men have been granted certificates to practice architecture in the state of California by the state board of architecture, Northern district: ' Carl Kingsley Lawrence, 5821 Lawton avenue, Oakland: Clifford Norman Franklin, 2626 Van Ness avenue, San Francisco; George Wayland Travis, 426 Forty-first avenue, San Francisco. t A permit for $8500 has been is sued to C. N. Anderson, who will build a two-story, seven-room dwelling on the north side of Rose-mount road, 62 feet east of Verrada. HOME LOANS Repayable in ' convenient monthly installments IMCLUpiNG BOTH PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST Quick appraisals Trortpt closing Berkeley OuraitM Building 0 Loan Asm. S94J iBATTDCS. ATI mil UltlLtT miraoHi intiur eaoe -i GRAND RAPIDS, Nov. 17. G. C. Fox and W. E. Breuner of the J. Breuner company, and W. J. Bondy and K. R. Gaines of the Gaines & Walrath company of Oakland fur niture stores, registered today at the Grand Rapids Furniture mar ket to select the new styles In house furnishings which are being displayed at this national autumn exhibition of the 400 leading furni ture manufacturers of America. This furniture style show continues three weeks, and is attended by, the leading furniture merchants in every state of the Union as well as neighboring foreign countries.' During this time orders for millions of dollars worth of new furniture are placed by the dealers and written up by an army of 1500 manufacturers' salesmen presiding over the exhibits. The new furniture designs on -exhibition consist" of thousands of new pieces occupying floor space in , great, exhibition buildings and factory showrooms covering hundreds of acres. These designs represent several months of artistic effort by sevferal hundre4 of the most talented .furniture designers of the country, and the craftsmanship of a host of highly trained cabinet makers, wood carvers and decorators. . This Is the loand semi-annual furniture market to be held in Grand Rapids. Furniture merchants bave been coming to this furniture capital of America twice each year for moro than a half cen tury. Grand Rapids in the public mind means furniture, just as Detroit means automobiles and Pittsburg, steel..,,. About 70 furniture factories are located here, and the other exhibits in the market are by furniture manufacturers located throughout the country. Grand Kapids is looked to aa the furniture style center of the country. The new goods shown here twice each year definitely set the taste in home furnishings for the American puu-11c for the ensuing Blx months. E IS VISITOR 10 EASTBAY OFFICE . Oakland's importance!;''' dis tributing center for. Eastern products has-been recognized by the Wayne Home Equipment company of Forte Wayne, Ind., R. , E. Langston, assistant sales, manager of the company, Is now a visitor In the bay cities making his headquarters with Hill and Stoops; of 4214 Broadway, California distributors for the Wayne Oil Burning Equipment and other devices of the company. Langston states: "The rapid increase in the demand for Wayne burners for all heating purposes on the Pacific coast -has naturally attracted the Interest of plant officials to this section, and it is to formulate plans for the caring of this demand that my presence here is largely due. The Wayrfe company sees a great future for oil burning equipment In the west coast states, due not only to the high point Of perfec tion attained in oil burning equipment, but also to the large production of low cost fuel oil in this region. ' We are expecting a continuous increase in volume of sales and by preparing to meet this situation ahead of time we will be abte to give better satisfaction and avoid delays. ' " " ' Hill and Stoops have made many installations of Wayne oil burning equipment In ' fcastbay apartment houses and in the more expensive homes of the hill districts. The Wayne burner is of the full automatic type governed by heat, control devices located in the halls and rooms. of any building, It is stated. . f. Congress Urged To Save 'Bear Congressman Albert E. Carter has been urged by. the chamber" of commerce to Initiate action In the next congress to permit the city to take over the cutter Bear. The long history and splendid record of this ship of the coast guard have endeared her to Oak-landers, with whom she has for so long been associated, and much agitation has already been made td save for the city this sturdy guard ian of the sea. She has been "retired" by the government and her place taken by the Nortnianq. The total number of permits for the week ending Wednesday, November 7, 1928, was 94 permits, totaling $186,521. - 1 MR. HOME OWNER DO YOU KNOW, we can refinance your home with 6 loan pej-able only $10.00 monthly on each $1000 borrowed? This includes the Interest and part of the principal. Having NO DUE 'DATE this loan can run until paid. "TKe Disappearing Mortgage" IXANS. both FLAT or INSTALLMENTS, at 1 PROMPT SERVICE NO LIFE INSURANCE REQUIRED TELEPHONE BERK. 138 giving description of your property We will gladly make Inspection at once F. E. Forbes Company 505 American Trust Bldg., Berkeley ' Loan Correspondence! ' Northern life Insurance Company. Great Public Interest Evinced In Tribune-Schlesinger Model Home ' An ever increasing public lnter-i est is reported in The TRIBUNE Schlesinger model home, now nearing completion in Claremont Pines, the- beautiful, panoramic development of the York Compa'ny, Inc., Just off Broadway Terrace, formerly widely known as the P. E. Bowles Estate. The home, which contains sixteen rooms, representing an investment of $56,000, Is open to the public during all Bhases of construction, C. Dudley e Velbiss, the builder, announces. The residence Is . to be furnished and decorated "au dernier mot" by B. F- Schlesinger & Sons and hereafter. In its furnished and decorated state,' the display home will be open to visitors about December 2nd, It is expected. Commenting on the tile work, the splendid vestibule, the beautiful curving Staircase, and other unique features of the Interior, Architect Frederick H. Reimera said yesterday: "Upon entering the vestibule one is Impressed with the magnificent Castlllan effect of the entrance, and the monumental stairway, A gay note of color is struck by the soft, redlsh brown hand-made tiles of which the floor is composed, giving It a mosaic pattern. The curving .stairway is s?off, aa fnr as the second floor, with an artistic railing of hand-wrought iron, the contribution of the Berkeley Craftsmen. An abundance of light is shed over the stairway, through, a high stair-hall window, placed at the point where the stairs curve, upward. A unique feature of the vestibule is the Impressive height of the celling. The color scheme of the celling may be best described as being of "parchment shade," and the same scheme has been followed in the treatment of the walls. Vaulted ceilings intersect with the circular tower, creating unusual and attractive lines. From the ceiling of the vestibule there is suspended a beautiful wrought-iron hanging lamp.swhlch was especially designed for this residence. To tho left of the vestibule are found the main dining room, also of Castlllan design, and the library. On a lower level again, th'e ballroom is located. Building permits for the week ending Wednesday, October 8, were higher than for any week since the last week in June. The permits totaled 128 In number and had a value ot $973,111, making this week'e total the third largest since January 1. The largest permit was for $700,000 and was given to the Franklin Land company. A fifteen-story brick and concrete office building will be built on the southwest corner of Fourteenth and Franklin streets by the Dinwiddle Construction company. The architect and the builder have devoted' much thought and attention. In making the ballroom one of the outstanding features of the residence.. The main stairway lends : to a secondary vestibule, which In turn gives access to foupdrooms'. ' Rerorting on recent progress and on the work mapped ut for the next week, C. Dudley De Velbiss, construction, builders of the home, stute: ' "The hard walls' on the.Trlbune-Schleslnger Display home were completed by the U. S. Gypsum company, and the exterior plaster will be . completed by (he end of next week by Tyler anil Mulford, plasterers. The plaster is being put on' by the use ot run plaster molds. : All of Wrs Interior plastering has beeh-completed, as well as the mantels In the various rooms. The tile floors are now being- placed by the Superior Tile and Products company. The Overhead Door company wlll-'make their Installation during the first part of next week; The Atkinson Mill and Manufacturing Company have their molds, etc., on th,s property and will start work at an early date.. The residence la being financed by the Pacific States . Saving and Loan . company of Ban Francisco. Among "participants in the home are the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company, A. Van Heerden, painting; Modern Home Equipment company, Walker dishwasher. Seller's kitchen cabinets, Hydro-Oil burner; Hoyt Heater company, water heaters; Atkinson Mill and Manufacturing, company, milwork! J. , H., Fltzmaurlce, concrete contractor; Superior Tile and Products company, interior tiling; WIer Electric Appliance company, electric bathroom' heaters; Berkeley Craftsmen, ornamental iron; J. A. Fazio, plumbing; Stat Electric comitny, electric wiring; General Roofing company, roof; United States Gypsum company, plaster; Tyre Bros. Glass company, gluss; Walter N. Boysen company, paints: .Ariss-Knapp company, excavating; American Radiator company; Overhead Door Company of California, garage doors;- Tyler & MUford, plasters. Realtor-Sponsored Measures Passed California realtors are pleased over the passage of measures they had sponsored on the November ballot. Each of the, bills endorsed by the California Real Estate association as a body passed by a large majority. These were No. 2. the Olympic Bond issue- measure; No 8, the taxation amendment; No. 4, for $6,000,000 state park bonds; No. 10, favoring excess eminent domain procedure. Prompt Dependable Delivery FurnaceOis 'for domestic, commercial and industrial heating P1EDMT 88 1 J DAT mad NIGHT DELIVERY AMr S.m.caaOlmoMm 9679 ( ; Prices are low make contracts today VmI Ofl Dputmw S.T. JOHNSON CO. WW Oil bwrmm fmt rnj Vmrfmm 940-SO ARLINGTON AVENUE The local branch of the Ward Company, manufacturers and distributors of the well known Ward Floor Furnace, which is now used In hundreds of Eastbay homes, reports a considerable increase over last year's volume of business. According to the .report, the Ward business has increased 126 per cent during the months of August, September and October over the corresponding months of 1927. . Since the announcement of the new .improved Ward furnace. which, it Is stated. passed.all the safety tests of the American Gas Association and was awarded the Blue Star seal of approval with high ratings for capacities, the management reports that much more Interest than ever before manifested has been shown by the Eastbay public In this popular home heating device. A description reads: "The Ward heater is a unit heating device, using gas for fuel, and which can be Installed In any type of home. No basement is re-' quired and all pipes and ducts are eliminated,- saving much loss of heat In transmission. The gas Is burned in a - sealed combustion chamber and no fumes, 'odors or vapors can enter the rooms heated. Heating IS accomplished by methiM of natural circulation of pure warm air." , , '. California Is Leadet In Industrial World "California has taken a leadlnc position among the industrial and commercial states of the United; States, and also has become " if -leader, not only among states, but' among manv nations in commercial" and InduHtrial lines," said J. M. Green of W. H. Daum & Co,, in addressing the California Real Estate' association annual convention. "Tha rt.nfln1 nnrfi nf PnllfornlS . are known and used by the rail and shipping business of the world, and cargoes sent out by the exporter? from this great state have increased by leaps and bounds until our har bors are ports of can ny praoticauy all of our larger steamship companies and our products and manu- . factured articles are reaching the principal countries of the world: "Every city in California is -a pbtentialWoducer of manufactured articles that go to make up the vast total. We have only staged the beginning of this great industrial and cqmmenlaX era in California. . " ' n. rs: ",T" ''-;.' '"-' "From now oh, great industrial projects will he set In here and there and finished and put In full operation. This will not only bf tho Industrial states of the east, the smaller cities will add their quotas as well." REAL ESTATE LOANS 5 - yFLAT For 3 Year$ ANY AMOUNT 1918 Broadway s Ray Building Oakland 6623 Realty Mortgage CORP. OF CALIF. FRED W. COOK, Oakland ' Mgr. Cfltchrficted Wi&eyne QUBurner Is Quiet No Roaring Blast- No Grinding Gears Your Silent Slave . 100 Perfect Call ns for ctemonstra tion No.. Obligation. Hill & Stoops DiatTtbetoM 4214 Broadway Hnmboldt 108S V 1U

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