Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1894 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 4
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John Gray's "CORNER" ON SOMETHING NEW, VIZ: SHEETS .AND PILLOW CASES. A VULL LINE OF THE ABOVE 6OOUS, WKLL MADE, OF GOOD MUSLIN, JUST AT WHAT THE GOODS COST IN THE PIECE. P, S— COMK AND SEE THEM, NO UUMBIKJ. NO WALKER STOCK. NO DECEPTION—NOTHING BUT SQUARE BUSINESS AND STRAIGHT GOODS. DAILY JOURNAL. Pabl!»bBd every<*iy In the week (except Monday by the LouANSrOHT JODHNAI, Co. PPtee per Annum Price per Month $6.OO - BO TRK OFFICIAL PAI-KU OK THE CITY. [ Entered its second-dims mutter at the LoRans- port Post Ofltai, February 8, 18X8.1 WKDNESUAV MOIINIKG MARCH 7. J ff . Henderson & Sons OF FURNITURE, rtND UPHOLSTERS. ••••;. 320 Fourth Street, OGANSPORT, IND. - r ACTOKX: is 5,7 and 9 Firm street. FREE UA DING ROOM, Open Dally and Evenlnu, 616 Broadway. welcome to All. Tim engineers employed to exam ino the Divla bridge all agree thai the bridge ia not what it ought to bo. They say that the defect in iho specifications was tho firnt element of weakness. ___ TUK Democratic parly bus boon Bet. ting on the nest for one year without hatching- out anything. It is not surprising that the general opinion Is that tho party has beon trying to hatch oui a door knob. TIIK -tatemerH mado some time ago that tho Democrats of the Senate Finance Committee wore using thp tarilT bill for speculation on Wall street hua been confirmed. Thousandf of dollars have boon made and lost on "tips" given by members of tho committee. BASEMENT SECRETS. Strange Things to Be Seen In the United States Treasury. It Contain* Many Knvel Fe»tnre», SucJi »> Curpentori', Jewolorit 1 Knil 1'lumber.' Shnp«—Wlioro ttio Kul» Hold Hllfli Curniviil. ISpeciiil Wiislii.'isrton Letter 1 How tliu rats pern-1 rate a stone wu.ll two feet thii:k no manknoweth. They do Tint burrow under the foundation stones, for thai would require digging qualifications superior even to those- possessed by tins Miniie.-oU gophers. Jfut, somehow, tlie rollouts have solved the problem, have entered the treasury department building, and tiro obeying 1 the law of nature, to increase; and multiply. Hy tliis turn 1 , they are like unto those possessors of u Scriptural mad- for their mime is legion. I went man, | down in the basement tliu other day , new back and s-ide in th f'. itt. BOZER, D. D. S. DENTIST. 'Be "Hate Painless Met&od" used IB toe flUlng of teeth. iifloe Over State National Bank * Tiep PouMh and and Broadway has seldom been a year in the history of the country whon BO much was demanded from the party In power aa was demanded during 1 the year just past. There hag never been a year when popular needs wore 80 lightly considered. Nothing has beon done. The condition required much. THE Philadelpnia Press i-ays: A leading business man In Indianan- apolis sent a letter to Senator Voor- heos recently saying: "There are no longer any Democrats In Pennsylvania, and if you and your associates persist in your present conduct there will not bo enough Democrats in our next Legislature to caucus for your ronomination." TIME TABLE .OGANSPORl •«T BOPHDt •*<wr Tor* BXDWM, dallf ............. 3: S tm ft Wvna 4aem.,eiopt8anilBT .......... , H: S Bm CAD at] t T»l«do Ix., aopt Bandar 11 ;1B a m i«l»nUo BtpreM, dollf ................ 4.67pm Utommodntlon for Xxt ..... — W»»T»O»»D. . • la» p m UnCU; Sundai 6KX)pm ,, ••I Hirer !>!»., t,o*«mpi>rt, Weil «l(Jr, K«tw*cn Locauiport and Cbllt. EAJT B001CD. Oi)d»Man,L«me, eioept ScmdM. 10 AD am LMTK •• " IdO p m worr BOUND. n, imtn, noept SundM, It :10 a » 4Momod»0(n, artln, " " 8*4 •» The Pennsylvania Station. CQlurotiu. ....... 1130 urn • S.POain lpnU »nd New Yoik...*lZ90 • m • 8.0U • m S£5ioodudCiaeltUi>tl...,*ia.M)»m • 2.50 am Ko ONE has any idea of the odds bad ends offered ft newspaper for pub. licfttion. Many times these communications come from friends of the paper who have a particular interest In the matter and .-fail to eee that it is not of general interest. Sometimes they are unwilling to accept tho judgment of an editor as to what will most interest the greatest- number of readers and in- alat on iho matter being 1 published as a matter of friendship. Such persona would be the first to step the paper if Its editor permitted »uoh a rule to govern. They would atop it because it would be about the poorest news. paper they ever saw. Bring your contributions but do not go away angry if they do not get in. AN- exchange ia>s that the reports of Mate Labor Bureaus are Interest, log reading these days, giving as they do, when honestly complied, one of tne indexes of the depressed condition of business. The Michigan Bureau's report, just issued, is no exception. Of the 2,066 factories iu the State inspected, nearly one-fifth aru iclo. and these Include eonre of tho largest and moat important. Only a little more than one-hall are running full time, the remainder being short time. The average reduction in wages has been 9.5 per cent. Taking the five months from September 1. 1898, to January 31, 1894, It .is estimated that in all the factories of tho State the workingmen have lost 1,703,060 worklnp days of ten hours each. Calculating the average pay for a day's fork at $1 50 the money loss to the Michigan worklngmen in five months was $2,644,590, oral a rate of over 110,000,000 a year. A pretty good price to pay for Democratic tariff reform. ivith one o£ tho tfuiiUw, :iml saw thing's wonderful even to tin old timer. Every I'vcniiifr after the dorks linvo l«:ft the buililvnc, the churwomen take possession uml clwin tho rooms. Aimutono thousand of the ulurfcs bvinp lunches with tliem every dny, anil throw the remnants in their baskets with wustc paper and other refuse of the olliee. Tlie cluirwomen carry nil of the contents of those baskets down ID the basement und the ii^frrefratu from tho wasU' biislcirts fills :m immense bin. There, nil nitfht, the ruts hold hitfh carnival, for the bin is their banquet- in£ hn.ll, Inasmuch as the leavings in the papers do not satisfy their thousands of little Jiml big hniifl-ers, they assail the woodwork in the (lies, closets, chairs, desks and other furniture. They eat valuable papers sometimes, or \ised 10. Ijiitely all of the files for storiufT valuable papers have, beon made of iron, and thereby the little rapacious fellows are barred. Tliu hundreds of pounds of waste pnper ou(,'ht not to be called absolutely ivnstcd; for every day there arc deft hands at work separating the finer pn- PIT from the coarser ami pressing the whole intobatjs for shipment to the factories where new and clean paper is ninde and nyaiii sold to the £overn- mi'iit. There is a paper maker who has a contract with the secretary of the treasury, and he pays for tho waste paper so that tlie government does not lose it entirely. All of the thick, heavy brown paper and pasteboard which comes wrapped around express packages from all parts of the country is separated from the finer qualities, and they sa.y t.hat this material makes tho finest kind of pasteboard for boxes. The women who handle this waste paper are experts and can tell at u glance or a touch the quality of the paper and what to do with each little piece. In tho southwest corner of the basement is a cabinet shop which is valuable to the government. They do, not »mlte presidential cabinets down here under the ground »ml mvny fronj the noise and bustle of I'cnnsyh-anin avenue, but they mako all sorts of furniture. This cabinet shop.is probably the best equipped one in Washington, and probably less than u hundred people in this city know of its existence. Here uvo nil of the choicest and latest bits of machinery for woodwork, and there uro lathes, belting, mortices, in fact all that a first-class workman could desire or expect to have in a well ordered shop. The vurnisher was at work on n. very handsome desk in tho varnishing room which adjoins tho cabinet shop. Me Raid: "See that little round plujj near tho corner of the desk. That was made by a'nit when Daniel Manning" was secretary. This was the secretary's desk, and he occasionally left pieces of lunch in that drawer. At tlie old rat discovered the fact week and tolls you it is awfully dirty and needs cleaning again at $2.60 per clean. They huvo light n • llected from a deep area, but usually they lire obliged to use pas t.o heir, out, for we have many cloudy days, in Washington. 1 presume that you wonder, !« I did, what the goucniineMt can neud a jewelry shop for, but it is vei-y simple. The treasury bnikiin'g furnishes work room for nearly- f,vo thousand people. They are :i.;] ,], 10 , lt ,,)„,;,. posts of duty at iiiin- o'clock in tho morning ;nxl leiive there ;il fouro'elock in tin! af lei-noon. Tlu-ru is n clock in (•very room occupied by a chief of division. These clocl.-s constantly need I repairing, or c.lse iu-wom;s would have to be lioir_'!it. It i.s cheaper for the government, to maintain its own workers to keen the clocks in order. Some of these clocks have elaborate frames ' which become marred in various ways, i One of them had just come from the varnish-room. It h;u\ been given a , cabinet-room, Highest of all i» Lemvenlnf Power.—Latest U. S. GoVt Repoti; Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE pry iiito the affairs of our neighbors— at least, not in this letter. SMITH U. FKY. LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG. How til* Martyr FnwNlvnt ll'rot* Hlii hail been painted in the puint-roiini. varnished in tlu? varnish-room, and was deposited in the jewelry shop just HH thi! tfuide entered with his tfuesl. One of the charwomen had upset, it and broken the framework, as well as disarranged its network of wheels. The jeweler will make ;t l.-ntnd new clock of it, and send it back to duty in the seetvt service division. The furnace-room cremates u '.-real, many nits. Tons of documents which have cluttered the files of (he ihipurl- ment are there destroyed. They are gathered together and east in!.o Uio fiery furnace which ragtflh to receive them. Tlie sweepings which contain f rufrments of hinelies jire burned here. and many a shovel which the laborer lifts to the furnace contains u. hungry rodent 1 . Here is a hot room. Von have seen simikir tires in your own town, but they :n'(i probably not kept guilig all the year around, as these are. The treasury furnaces keep the engines fTO- inff, and they keep the elevut/ors in motion, at the same time pumpinf fresh air into the. big building, NO as to make it habitable for the bee hive of humanity. Jt was a lack of fresh air in their rooms which produced fatal illness in Secretaries Folgor and Manning 1 . Since Mr. Manning died the enpiniy, Imve been THK JKWKLKB'S SHOP. kept tfoing all the year, so that the atmosphere of thc (Treat building is changed, during the day, every ten minutes. If it were not so, sickness would be tho rule rather than the exception among the clerks. We passed tho plumber's shop, but went back to it. Here i.s where tho government saves many thousands of dollars. Down under tho ground Is the ulioj? which prevents the plumbers of Washing-ton from plundering the public purse as they do so many private, purses. Here are the uen with their clamps, hammers, vises, monkey j wrenches, sealing wax and other ap- i purtcnances. They attend to tho miles . upon miles of gas pipe, water piping '• and sewerage. One workman is always in the shop repairing fixtures or making new one's, but tho others are always out, looking after some, portion of the building which requires attcn- , tiou. If it were not for this shop the i g-ovcrnment would be at an average j expense of about a hundred dollars a i for plumbing, according to th- Martyr FnwNlvnt ll'rot* Kumovn Aridn'iiB. There is no decisive record of when Mr. Lincoln wrote the first sentences of his proposed address. He probably followed his usual habit in such matters, using great deliberation iu arranging his thoughts, anil moulding his phrases mentally, waiting to reduce them to writing until they bad taken satisfactory form. There was much greater necessity for such precaution in this case, because the invitation specified that the add rests of dedication should only be "a few appropriate remarks." Urevity in speech and writing won one of luin- colii'.-i Kiarketl characteristics; but in this instance there existed two other motives calculated to strongly support nis natural inclination. One was that .Mr. Everett would bo quite certain to malco a long- address; the other, the want of opportunity oven to think leisurely about what he might desire to say. All this strongly conlirms the correctness of the statement made by tho Hon. James Speed, in an interview printed in the "Louisville Commercial" in N'ovember, 1879, that the president told him that "the day before he left. Washington he found time to write about half of his speech.' 1 * * * It was after the breakfast hour on the morning of thc liith that the writer, Mr. 1'jincolu's private secretary, went to the upper room in the house of Mr. Wills |al Gettysburg] which Mr. Lincoln occupied, to report for duty, and remained with the president while he tinishcil writing the Gettysburg address, during the short leisure he could utilize for this purpose before being called to take his place in tho procession, which was announced on the programme to move promptly at 10 o'clock. There is neither record, evidence, nor well-founded tradition that Mr. Lincoln did any writing, or made any notes, on the journey between Washington and Gettysburg. The train consisted of four passenger coaches, and either composition or writing would have been extremely troublesome amid all the movement, the noise, the conversation, the greetings, and the questionings which Ordinary courtesy required him to undergo in theso surroiindinjj-sj but still worse would have been the rockings and jolt- ings of the train, rendering 1 writing- virtually impossible. Mr, Lincoln car- j ried in his pocket the autograph manuscript of so much of his address as he . had written at Washington the day before. It fills one puge of tho letter paper at that time habitually used in the executive mansion, containing tho plainly printed blank beading; both paper and print (riving convincing testimony to the simple and economical business methods then prevailing- In the White House. This portion of the manuscript begins with the line, "Four score and seven years igo," and ends "Jt is rather for us the living," ete. The whole of this first page—nineteen lines | —is written in ink in thc president's strong, clear hand, without blot or erasure; and the last line is in the following form: "It i« rather for us the living to stand here," the last three words being, like the rest, in ink. From the fact that this sentence is in- compiete, we may infer that at the time of writing it in Washington the remainder of the sentonoe wa* ftlso p jc Point ud CUOMO.—18.16 • m " tutd Colombo* t aOD * m ud Wn«r -t 8,3)» m Utnd LoolitUIe...*!!» p m •ndUau 17.20»m id cinatnnMI..>.*U.86pjn Colombo* ..»a»p» *nd Now Totk..* 1» P m • l.» p m ICMoMO • 1.80pm • Z.I&P BO Point and CuTaiio .* 110 p m *11.10 p m 9 »nd BWunond. i 2.10pm tn.00«it ind Bnwrort ' ' •nd Ftttmninl _.Jil».»DdMel»fL Ponn mil chkMfo nuo and Kffncr..«« J. A. MoCULLOUtiH —— Loganiport, lad. VANDALIA LINE. Hre Logaiupo't, lad. roB tmt RUKTH. •(. flan. IO.K jt u. Tor at. Jowpb «, 8.40 P, M. " Sooth B«n4. rot THTB SOOTH. M U, «x.8nn. 7.M A. M. .01 Tarn Hiate. nm C*rt, flTlnx •!! Mini ud for lull infomatlon « to J. f, EDGEWORTH, Agent, Hemorau4» '• !*•(«. Hero are a low "remarks" cllppa'* from the diary of a good democrat. They are worth reading: "Mem. 1.—Domociaoy In full control since March 4, 1893. Change of Tariffpollej pledged. "Mem. 2—Tariff cyclone forming; people getting readj for it. "Mem. S.' Unpreoendenked business and industrial depreoton Thousands of mills and factories closed and millions of worklngmen out of employment. C.J-i CJ. . CZj "Mem. 4-—Soup bouses and free bread distributions take the places of workuhop and work.;;."..;.. .9$-% >•••••• Mem. 6.—November elections, 1893: Ohio over 80,000 Republican. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.Jowa, etc., all show tremendous Republican gains. Wilson bill nearly completed by committee. "Mem. 6.—Terrible Democratic slump in the Democratic stronghold of New Turk oUy. Pennsylvania in ; oreaser her Republican majority eo orer 195,000.—Hammond Tribune. and ate through the mahogany so that ho could get those choice morsels. This desk has been down here for some time, but the cabinet shop was rushed with repairing work on smaller desks for clerks who needed them at once, so we have taken time with this one. It would cost the government about one hundred and fifty dollars for such a tlesk as this; and we have saved it down here by repairing the damage. No oue could ever nee that the desk has been defaced. That plug 'looks like a knot in the wood, and that is due'largely to the art of tho painters in, tho adjoining shop." Lo and behold, there is a paint shop—and a fine one, too—adjoining thc varnish room. They toll me that only the roost expert "workmen arc employed down here and that some of thc work which they turn out is celebrated in the craft. These workmen are all union •workmen and'work on union schedules of compensation. Hut think of finding a jowelry shop in the basement of Uncle Sam's treasury. Here is as pretty a jeweler's thop as you over visited, and there are three men, with big bulging glasses over their eyes, looking at fine jewels and frowning just as. intently w. does •your jeweler at home, when he looks into the watch von had cleaned iMt duy for plumbing, according to way plumbers' bills generally are made j writtcn iu j nk on nuothor piece of out. When tho electric light gentle- | paper But when at ( Je tty S bnrjr, on men wired the building they used tho gns fixtures to aid them in their work, so that the plumbers are becoming alarmed and dislike to handle tho pipes for fear of beiDg shocked. They do not fear being driven out of work, for there will always be need of plumbers in the treasury. They frequently assist the electric light men in laying their wires along hot and cold air pipes in various parts of the building. There are lots of curious thing's down in, that basement which have never been seen by tho average newsletter or writer, and we will make another visit down there one of these days and see things that the country does not dream of. There we sensations galore, too, for many » handsome charwoman ha» lost her heart to the workmen an,(l watchmen. Anil there have been marriages and divorces, too, which originated in the treasury basement, but those things are gossip, and paper. tho morning of the ceremonies, Mr • Lincoln finished his manuscript, be used a lead pencil, with which he crossed out the last throe words of the first page, and wrote above, them in pencil "we here be dedica,'' ;it whicl. point he took up a new half sheet of paper— not white letter paper as before, but a biniah-gray foolscap of large size with wide lines, habitually used by him for Jong or formal documents, and on this he wrote, all in pencil, the remainder of the word, and of tho first draft of tho address, comprising a total of nine lines and n half. The time occupied in this final writing was probably about an hoar.— John G. Nicolay, in Century. _ , von and J are not icossipers. 'We won't —The first forty years of our life give thc text, the next thirty furnish the commentary upon it, which enables us rightly to understand the true meaning am? connection of thc text with it» mornl and its beauties. — Schopott- huucr. Awarded Highest Honors-World's Fair D R PR CE'S Baking owder The only Pure Cream pf T«rUr Powder.—No Ammo*!*; tlsed ri'MinHs''«F **omes—40 —A few of tlie figures of :iuii»»If. that are sold for lawn ornHmrnta ami other uses arc made of iron, Imt they are trcm-mlly m:ule of east zim-, with :i bronze paint finish. The animal tjp- ures most in demand arc dc«r, (Ivgsaml lions. Deer are made of various sizes, up to ten or twelve feet in height. Dogs are made of ;i ilozcn kinds, \arjtre and small, standing and reclining. Lions ure inside of all .sizes, from innali to heroic, and sittinj;, standing and reclining lions sell at from *'2,'i to |30C each: a life-size lion brings about f 122. Deer range from JM) to »ii(H) e;»tb; life- siM, W.l. llOKK :ire, from tl'i lo HOC each. M'e export these li^iii-cs to Mexico, Central America, \Vcst Indies a n<l Month America. In this country about equal numbers of deer, doj;s ami lions are sold; the- demand in southern countries is mostly for lions. Pimply Girls Pimply Boys And Every Person Afflicted with Torturing Disfiguring Humiliating Humors Find Instant Relief And Speedy Cure By Using Cuticura Remedies ihronxboni world. POTTKR AM>..,,. nbout Ihf Biowl, Skin, Scalp awJ H»lr," tux. Ai. ff IMmplen, WiKkhwdii, oily iVtn a b»lr prevented wid cured by Cntlcurm Mo«p. or BULLS J Is still at the front! You <|can rely on it! It never j» fails to perform a cure I Di.BuirsB|j <> is sold by all dealers for2$c j J |k Don't be misled. If » denier offett you . i V lome other "just «» gp<xi." I"**' "• . . f getting the old reliable Dr. Bull't Codf k ( 4 Syrup, No imitations we m» good. j I PLIK STORAGE. For storage In largo or i»»ll quantttiei, apply to W.». PKAW. Pollard ft Wilson w»reb*uie. D OLANB OPKBA BOD8R. W«. DOLAK, MAKAOMK. OKE NIGHT OMuY. FRIDAY. MARCH 9. W. H. POWER'S COMPANY Beaded by the Talented Irllh ConHtu, SMITH O'BBrEJf Prwrntlan the Plcturraque Irliib Dr»ma, THE IVY LEAF Th* Tbe Eagle 1 * Kllgbt. E An Engld C«rrr ft Llvn Child In «« The R«Tol»ln(f Tower, E TJieife'" J l D * Ir " 11 Bj* -pl P*'. i Car Lot* oil . Isn 8cen«rr. , We and tot-

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