Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1954
Page 5
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HOP! StAK, HO Mi AUKANSAi Satartay f Otf«fc«1MJ?t MARTIN LUTHEr... Story in Pictures •• • " ' • '" 1 *"" '-"""" ii -% ~u - .«•—"' Pradueed by louls de and Opening Sunday at the Driven «'<" ^*->"* IJ , I;,"" |4:S;'1fa*r*MP?u*4 to -•-'* . ., j fteese tiMu'as'ca'hos- pre- All Shd. . First ••""as.- M 0111 "fcfcfi ,„* 'Bill ^•fflnton fmZsP 5, i -^ i _ I _ 1 _ «5 4 1 C i *^2» y teTI*r . H KSB TecSinkolor have on Tuesday, October 19, at 7 Poplar Grove 198 Woodmen's Circle will meet at 7:30 Tuesday hi- ght, October 18, at the home of Mrs. J"W White for the monthly social. All members are asked to be present. _ Thursday October 21 The Ladies AUar Society of t.id Catholic church will have its annual spaghetti supper on Thursday night, dctober 21, from 6 until 8 at the Parish Hall on Third street. Tickets can be purchased from members of the parish or by cal»- ine 7-2(301. _ DeAnn Lilac Garden" Club Meets Tuesday Tuesday, October 12, at 2 p. m. the members of the DeAnn Lilac Garden Club met in the club room with Mrs. W. H. Burke and Mrs. rvin Burke as hostesses. Mrs. James Burke, president presided- over the meeting, with Vfiss Sally Timberlake opening the program with the devotional. A business session was then held at Which time.plans were made and committees were appointed to redecorate the club room. • . Mrs* .Claude O'Steen gave an ia- leresting talk on "October Flower Tips."-Mrs.. Bryant Roberts was 5 s£lectcd v a2 having the most onfi inal autumn table centerpiece. . At the close of the meeting tn< hostesses served dainty refresh ments to the 14 members present Oglesby P. T. A. , Meets Wednesday Mrs. C. S. Walker gave a devo tional on "Hope" at the 'Oglesb p T. A. meeting on Wednesday October 13. During the busines •meeting, -the president, Mrs. Ed mund Pendleton, appointed Mrs Homer Beyerley < and Mrs. Davi Waddle to plan the Halloween car- .nival to be held at the school. U»Mrs. Mike Schneiker was ap- iolnted to head a , committee to i make plans for a rummage salo ,to be-held-in the near future.. Mrs; Bruce, program chairman; Iflnftpdueed 'Mr. Hex Helrns} J£:,;| pib,-spoke On'civil defense andld|S-;] fa'ster'control.-.' :• • i' . . tfMrs MdSser r s'room was awarded 4he';doQar fpr, having the most mo- 1 FAREWELL SONG—Luther (Niall MacGinnis) entertains fellow 'students at farewell party and onhbunces he !s leaving ErfurJ University to enfer th* Augustinidn Monastery. 2 " POSTlNfe Sis'THESES-Here, on the Chufch door at Wittenberg on Oct. 31, 1517. Luther nails hU famous nine.y-fwe theses on the doctrine of. indulgences. u 3 BURNED IN EFFIGY-Accused of beingi a heretic, Luthef is denounced, burned in effigy But the Reformation movement is under waft and roars across all of Europe. 4 STANDS FIRM-Luther is called for 'n«errogo> tibn before the Holy Romdn Empire's Charles V, and hears a demand that he renounce what he has written. He refuses to retract. Instructors Indicted by Federal Jury NEW YORK, (UP) — Columbia University Instructor Corliss Lament, and", two others were indicted y a federal grand jury today on har'ges 'of contempt of the United States Senate for refusing to answer questions of Sen. Joseph H. McCarthy. ! Indicted with Lament were Attorney Abraham Unger and Albert Shadowitz, a. former employe of ier Federal Telecommunications Laboratories, at Nutlcy, N. J., an affiliate of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The three were questioned by McCarthy in separate sessions o£ the Senate investigations subcommittee last year during inquiries into alleged Red infiltration of the Army, Signal Corps and the United Nations., Lamont was named in 2S counts charging contempt for refusal to answer 23 questions regarding hi» possible . Communist connection during a period when he wrr-ts material subsequently used to Army instruction. Unger, who was one of the OP fense attorneys for the 11 top US Communist leaders • first convirtfi on Smith,pet-charges,.in J.949- Em T alsb' -for -13i} DPllertiUWan- • Nation. Starts Sunday at the Saenger American Aid SCOTT NEWS '•thefs'-'present. pH^fimw*) *«*• I "U <i ( >M, — JWV 1 * Births' Mr, .and Myj. Hollis, •'. 3*^?Jtf I 1 •«*" rfBf - Maln.& Country ClUb Rda. • : Tonight Only • Double Feature w JUNGLE" ^OX CARTOON ;* Tuesday jtetlingHAVllEN-Joy PAGE t ALSO* PANE CLARK & BEN JOHNSON in alSO lor lo.r.vffJ-»v^*vjr-^^v"*^ r'—. •. •alls'ts-' who were*iBnis;,,week, R^ liyipted of seditiou's-.'iiConspiracy. '•pleaded • the free .'Speech ,. A ,»,d thought provisions: of^the .Fii r » t Amendment in .refusing; io ianswer McCarthy's questions, about ' hl» alleged Communist- affiliations. •;: . Unger was in'dicted on. four •counts'of'contempt'for refusing to answer, during a McCarthy inquiry into the.. .United. .N&Wfins. W>_ : Sept "k'"5' v 1953 whether -Tie <-was or had been^a r ' member .of the Cbmmur.is party 'or. was • active in' or head of party or was- active -in or' head p the paVty.' s professional 'group 'in New York'. • ,__ Marf K«Hs Wife With Son in Arms ant mother'holding-'a' 14-month old son in'her arms "was shot t death on the porch ,. of a grocer store near her home this morning Sheriff Chester Shirley idcntific the victim as Mrs. Juahita Tatum 513. Her husband, DeWayne Tatum a laborer, is charged with mu der. The owner, of the store, Mrs, Nelson Gilliland, said she saw Mrs! Tatum walking to the store with her child, and also saw the husband stop his car and get out with a rifle in his hand. She said she thought he had been hunting. Mrs. Gilliland said when she turned around again Mrs, Tatum was lying on the porch. She had Mrs. J. H. Lanaley Hostess to' W. M. U. Circle 3 Mrs. J. H. Langley chairman, was hostess to Circle. 3 of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church at her home on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Langley opened the meeting with prayer and Mrs. Thomas Buchanan 'gave.the devotional talk, -.s During tbe ' business ...session of- cers were elected far, ;thc new vh-'caV year and the new study on 'Brazil'.' was also discussed. [ During the social hour .the hoS- ss served a dainty dessert course v'thfe Halloween motif to twelve lOmbers. - ' . Mrs. D. U. McRae Hostess to . Contract Club • ' ' Memba-rs of the 37 Contract Club: -ere entertiune-d on Tuesday after- oon by Mrs. D. L. McRafi Jr. .at ier home on the RosHton road. » A graceful arrangement of ro^s dorned the ' roantel in the wing oom arranged for the four table? of players. Magic lilies were placed it- other vantage' points. The hifih score award was won by Mrs. C. R. Gray n guest. Other n-idge guests included Mr*. B. A. DcLamar, Mrs. Allen Gee and Mis? Ethel Bernis, Mrs. Edwaro Bryson, Mrs. Frank Haltom Jr., and Mrs. Carl Dalrymple were toa guests. A 'delectable salad courss was served. •hairmen and their workers for the ine work they have done and are 'oing to make the club a success. "Thank you" notes were read Tom Mrs. Bess Gist, Mrs, H. A. Loomis and Mrs. Pauline Buchanan, also "a letter of appreciation for the courtesies extended her club was re'ad from Miss Catherine Condray president^B&PW Club, :.Ant- adelphia.-A report was :giyen-pn the District Conference held in.Camden on October 2 and 3 by the. members who attended. Miss Elizabeth Francisco was named vice-chairman of the'District Conference to be held in Magnolia next year. . Mrs ' Helen Balvymplo had charge of the program, and. gave a very interesting and heartfelt talk on International Relations^ , ; . The .meeting was adjourned with the club collect. Beta Lambda Chapter ' Has Rushee Party DEFIANCE" INCINECOLOR! Popeye Color Cortopn SUN. & MON, FJRST HOPE SHOWINO! FEATURE AT: 7:20-9:31 THE WORD. AND ITHE MAN WHO CHAIMG6P WORLD I Waldo announce the birth of twins, a boy and-a girl, on October 14- Mr, and Mrs. Albert Calhoun of Hope are the paternal grandpar lents. ' ••• «••*<'•« , Mr. and Mrs. William Vines of El Paso, Tex., announce the arrival of a daughter, Nancy Delinda, on October 14. Mrs. Vines is the for mer, Martha Jean Stroud o£ Hope. Clubs i vvui-iU peace was the theme of the meeting when Doyle H. D. Club met at the home o£ Mrs. Jackson, Tuesday afternoon, Oct. All Club members were present land 11 visitors. "United Nations Hymn" was sung by the group, and the devotional (Rom, 13: 9-14) was given by the hostess. Roll call was answered by giving, "One step I can take toward world peace. Mrs. Odean WesUall, president, gave-a very interesting and timely talk on Ways and Means of Achieving World Peace. Thought for he Month: "You can't have both fiee- dom and security for freedom is never secure, nor is security evei 'Mrs. Mark Jackson, Health and Safety leader, gave a talk relative to the 6th annual campaign for alterting the public to safety precautions: "Emergencies Don't Wait Prescott H. D. Club M'eets .. The Prescott Home Demonstration Club met October 12 in Miss Loretta McClennahan's office with seven members present. The nominating committee gave their report as follows- President, Mrs. Carroll Bratton' Vice President, Mrs. Allen Erskine Jr.; Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. Dale Ledbetter; Reporter, Mrs. J. M. Duke Jr. Mrs. Louis Garrett gave a very inspiring devotional on Selfishness. Miss McClennahan gave a demon stration on putting in zippers two ways, making bound and cnrder buttonholes, and a pressing milt. One zipper method used was the no- no- baste method while the other included basting. The pressing milt was made Worn heavy pocket-twill and was stuffed with three parts of dry sawdust to one part of dry sand. Annual home demonstration progress reports were discussed and members were asked to have these reports in \o Miss McClennahan by October 15. ... . The annual Christmas party is to be held at the Redland community house with Redland Club as hostess, it was announced. The date will be ' e Mrs. l WHburn Willis will be hostess at her home the next regular meeting on November 0 at 2:00 P- m. The Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi entertained with a Rushee party October 12, m the Samurai Room at Herman's Cafe. Each person came dressed as some comic character. A variety of games were enjoyed. Refreshments were served to members and guests, Miss Loretta McClennahan, Miss Loretta Bailey, Miss Alma Lois Ferrell, Miss Wallace Lewis, Miss La Don Cottmg- ham, Miss Betty Cottingham, Miss Barbara McSweeney, Miss Betty Bryson and Mrs. Gerald Stewart. Simply Wasted By JAMES WIARLOW WASHINGTON '.T) This coun try pumped 2'/> billion dollars into Indochina to help the French save it from communism. Sen. Mike Mansfield, Montana Democrat, says' it's beginning to look like, money down the drain. Mansfield, a member o£ the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, went to Indochina last year. He has just returned from a second visit. Both times he reported findings. Last year he said and so did the Eisenhower administration, that the French, with the 'help of some Indochinese and American military equipment, could smash the Communist-led Vietminh who had fought the French seven years. iThe French and those Indochinese who fought with them against the Vietminh, outnumbered the latter, by Mansfield's estimates, 5 to 3 in manpower and 10 to 1 in arna: ments, the latter largely Ameri- C£ But it was the French, not Ihe Vietminh, who were smashed. The humbled French at Geneva last summer agreed to let the Vieliniiih have half of Viet Nam, the largest of Indochina's three states. The other two are Laos and Camboa:a, The French are still in southern Viet Nam. But with the Vietna, mese in the southern half torn; by, factional disputes and corruption; all Viet Nam looks shaky to Mansfield. " ' . . So does Laos, where he reports dissension and Communist infiltration To Mansfield the only bright spot is Cambodia, where the French have given the people real independence. ' • The French held Indochina as a colony for almost 100 years, and they did not 'prepare the Vietnam- ess for independence by training hem as administrators or soldiers who' could run and protect the ountry 'if and when it got mde- Ann Blyth Is Given a Big Ovation By BOB THOMAS LAS VEGAS, Nev. (IP) The gam biers and dealers in this hard boiled town never saw anythin like it. Everyone in the night clu was standing and cheering a dc mure beauty whose act was pur enough for a Sunday school picni This was closing night for Ann Blylh at the- Sahara. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she sang "Au'ld Lang Eyne" and bowed off with a thundering ovation. Most of those in the Conga Room were misty-eyed too. The event was an eye-opener to veterans on the gaudy Las Vegas Strip of hotel casinos. The gals who usually draw attention in this town are the sexboats. Marlene Dietrich appears to be offering an annual strip-tease. Mae West offered seminude muscle boys and her own brand of racy humoi Terry Moore gave her all or, al most, anyway visually. But along came litt.'e Miss Am Blyth to prove that purity pays She sang in her clear soprano and beguiled the audiences with he Irish talk. While a comedienne on the bill had told bedroom stories, Ann talked about her 4-month-olc son Timothy and how he woul celebrate his first Christmas thi Ruling for Ark-La to Get Close Study LITTLE ROCK Wl Pulaskl Circuit Court will review a ruling by the state Public Service Commission that it docs not have au- hority to order Arkansas Louisi's Co. to stop selling appli- ^nces. Eugene R. Warren attorney for Associated Mechanical Contractors of Arkansas has filo.1 a petition asking for a review of the ruling. The AMCA has charged the gas company v.-ith unfair competition. In 1953 the United States had 680 175 elementary school teachers, 348,724 high scho'ol teachers ana 59,685 school principles and supervisors. GOSPEL MEETING Walnut Street Church of Christ Rev. and Mrs. Wesley Lindsey Mrs Roy Stainton, Mrs. Thoma Buchanan, Mrs. Harrell Hines Mrs. Jake Underwood, Mrs. Thel Hanning, Mrs. Roy Loomis, Mrs Julius Adam 'and Sid Purtle at tended the Baptist Sunday Schoo State Conference at the First Bap list Church' in Arkadelphia on Tuesday, Mr and Mrs. Marshall Powell of Little Rock and Howard Powell of Gurdon were the Monday guests of Hap -Powell and his sister, Mrs. Earl Gordon of Salene, MO., who is also his guest. Jim Sloan of Jonesboro was the Tuesday guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Teeter. Mr. and MrT~"p7D. Whltaker, Susan and Bill returned to then- home in Corpus Christ! on Monday after a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker and Martin Guthrie. Mrs Harold Lewis, Mrs. Leroy Phillips and Mrs. Clifton Yancey motored to Texarkana Tuesday for the day. efi During recreational hour, a pink and blue shower was given honoring Mrs. Graham Wook, of Pres- eotl, Ark.,,Garnes' were conducted P y Mrs! J. P. Hutson and Mrs. Lawton Cobb. Refreshments weie served by the hostess. The next meeting wUl be at home of Mrs. Lawton Cobb, November ' k. Sid B. & P. W. Club Has Dinner Meeting ' ... The Business and Professional Women's Club met on Tuesday night, October 12. at 7 (o clock at Herman's Cafe for a business and dinner meeting. There were 25 members present who answered to the roll call. The business was conducted by Mrs. Marie Chamocrlam. ^resident. Minutes of the last two meetings were read and approved, and the treasurer's report was gwr en The committee chairmen report- on' their work for the past month. Mrs Chamberlain expressed her appreciation to all h«r committee been shot in the head with a .22 caliber bullet. police chased Tatum wUufc «£ city on a gravel road. When they caught up with him he had run I his car off the road and was Nagging them down. Sheriff Shirley said Tatum had iUred. » through, his Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Teeter have- returned from a visit in Russellville, • ^ ___ Mrs, J. C. Stegar has returned from Magnolia where she was the gue.stt of Mrs. T. F. Grayson. T E Logan has been a recent business visitor in Omaha, Neb. Mrs. Herbert Dawson of Houston Is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, A. E. McGuire. oi'Minh, leader of the Viet- minli, cloaked 'his communism un- er national! s m, promising the Vietnamese freedom from the French. The French still didn t realizes that their day in Indochina ''T S he V r<3sult:- Millions of Vietnamese, fed up with Frencn colonialism, gave their sympathy or active support to the Vietminh. So the French fought without tmited Vietnamese -backing. The only way in which the French could have won their war with the Vietminh. in Mansfield s view was by meeting two conditions' which he considered essen- tal" 1 They had to give the Vietnamese full independence to offset the pull by the Vietminh who promised freedom. 2 There had to be developed among the non-Communist Vietnamese a capacity, to submerge their factional, personal and sectarian interests in the larger interests of their country. What then was the cause of failure in Indochina? Mansfield, the best informed man in the Senate on that country seys: "It there was one overriding cause of the failure, it is to be found in the distorted emphasis given to the capacity of military measures along to'bring about an end to the Communist advance in ""WhaTwas'lacking in the situation was not military power but a sound political substructure foi this power which could only have been built by fulfilling the two conditions previously discussed independence and an end to fac- tioal disputes in Viet Nam. An sl)e 'packed. 'em nn. Busines was booming during her three week engagement. Swee't Annie could be starting trend I couldn't think of a nicer one to istart. Nor could Hollywood offer a': better saleswoman for its pleasariter and less publicized side. I saw her in hoc hotel room just before she was flying homo to her husband, Dr. James McNulty and their Timothy Patrick. . . . "I didn't sleep a bit last night, o'aid Anri. "The excitement of going home was too much for me. Do you realize thnt it has been nlmost six Weeks since I've been home? I played in San Diego and then the rtate fair at Sacramento and had a week of rehearsals before I started here. "But it has "been a wonderful ex cerience here, and I wouldn't have missed it for the .world. It is the first time I 'have played nigh* clubs or any singing dates, and it has opened a whole new world foi me The audiences have been won derful and I've met so many in teresting people." SNAKE'S LOS ANGELES, (UP) The gentlemen of leisure (drunks who usually repcse on the lawn beside the city hall vacated their hangout in a hurry yesterday but not because of the law. A three-foot bull snake that siith- ered over from 'a nearby excavation caused the mass exodus. Hear Brother Pierce Adams, of Harrison ,Ark., In a series of Gospel Meetings at the Walnut Street Church of Christ here In Hope, Beginning Monday nignt, October 18 thru 27. \ Services each evening at 7:30. You are not invited to come hear something sensationally new. but rather you are promised that the message of eterna wisdom will meet your spiritual needs as completely as if they . had been spoken by the Master only yesterday. You are given • the assurance that much genuine joy awaits you at every service. Congregational singing will characterize every service. EVERY ONE IS KINDLY • INVITED Elton S. Hughes, local Evangelist Bro. Pierce Adams will be heard over KXAR Monday thru , Friday of next week. • You are cordially invited to hear < JOHN E. MILLS (Missionary to Nigeria) FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY 10:50 A.M.— 7:45 P. M. Mr. and Mrs. Joluw. Davis Mrs, Bobbie Wilson were the end guests of Mr. and Mrs. S Smith in Little Rpck 3P4 fend ed the Livestock Johnson who accompanied her home on Monday. Lt.'and Mrs. Bob Robertson spent Monday iniFartSrottb. Miss Emily Mitchell of Little Rock has been the guest of Mr- and Mrs. Roy Thorqaf. Mr. and Mrs. W, B. Short and Jimmy of Errierspn spent Sunday with Mr. and-Mr?. J. W, Bradley. Mr. 9 nd Mrs. H, Mrs, Arthur \VU80n tives in W* Sunday Miss Vreinia Johnson pf Rock speflt the weekend with he " pr. and tyrs, James. Guthrie , family of 'Carnden were Sunday guests o| relative*. the guest? oj Mrs. -.-.- • Mrs. Stewart accprripamed home for a visit . M r. ^dMrs.UL.Mitctell ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW PQUCY! Now ypui con have your Home Rewired to m?ft mpd,ern (jonveniences qnd, jigvv fixtures., ,AH 'on 12 Eisy Payments wnf aymint L Balance Monthly , Ocfober 16,1§S4 *« j • _ «. * . .. MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS OKAftRIRI - VERY 6000 a' YJU, 4/U3c*/rf% MA. ~* "'""•'* "•* IS 06M>* \OIDM3U SET VOUVE DONE A. SPLENDID JOB ON THIS CA£e,UEuTEWANt I'LL SEE MASON HEARS, . ALL ABOUT IT/ VIC FLIN Paraguay Piqri^el- Answer to Previous Puzzle i ACROSS 4 On the | 1 Paraguay Is /: one of the >,;;—;~ —;~T"\ I tw0 6 Doctors (ab.) ! countries of * E ai l? d ( , ab> . ) ' South 8 Furtive looks ; j America 9Har -dle : 7 tt has • A * «• i* 10 Inflammation extensive i 14 Rent^st " Winter vehicleSO Gull-like 'bird 47 Gaelic IS Exit 20 Portrait sittersSi Essential beirig'49-it has an — llfiWlih 21 Article. 33 Mountain (ab.) of .150,515 ! 17 Pronertv item?,? WiS a , new 3 5 Half ' em square miles I Ji £^??,V£ .V 6 " 1 23 Vehicle 46 Pronoun SOLedse 19 Masts " "" «c Roman date 42 Genus of geeseSl Grafted (her.) PS A-fonnnirm ic 25 Tissue (ftnatl) I 3 I ' ook flxedl y 52 Feminine itscaDita?_^S eriJ0d0ftlme * 4 ™ tigate agent (suffix) 97 TnH^frtnni 28 Tardy 45 Asseverate 54 Bitter vetch 28StHnged 29Employer 46 Darling 55 Pints (ab.) instrument 32 Revokes, as a legacy 34 Rents 36 Tell 37 Buries 38 Former Russian ruler 39 Operate 41 Sea eagle 42 Onagers 44 German state , 48 Biblical weeds 53 Reluctant 55 Father or mother 56 Pesterer 57 30 (Fr.) 58 Those who — make mistakes 59 Theater usher DOWN 1 Notion 2 Negatives ' (ab.) 3 Gibbons 1 i-> 15 IV /4 n 36 i» MMM *w bi 5b bt) I W •^IHi fi 3 & MaM W» ' 4 Ho HI S ly M 35 M Vi b & £1 59- 54 U m w\ HO 7 H Ib >U •« 3H 37 5*>' • bV b^ B W % 45 m b w 9 tt. •ll "J9 10 29, 55 • II 30 51 12. 31 52. 16 / t. M. fti|. V. B. Pit OH. iepr. 1864 by NCA 8»rvl», IM. SIDE GLANCES 'I really had in mind something not so heavy— especially in the billfoldl" By Golbraith "Yeung man. tea mweh ^* w«rld™^9j«t's not J ^ - ' \ v .: ;, • .* j -.'*•?* ?f*i Ml ' ," , < ' • ' •", /r^'^ ' (J " ! "' "' •* v'*"«." 4 H'' 4 5V^»SF^ ! WITH e t=ATHEAD TACKLIeRS WE GOT, PLEASEfDONf TAKE NO SHORT £UT ACRO&t HERfe.' sput?a WE DoMfr MIME> HELPlM' PICK UF?i BUT LIKE R»Gfe ANt> BEAMS \e> A LCfr OF WORK/ TELLIN 1 \KWJ5 WITH JC«J?J HEI?M, M3U HAVE HERE.UAK6 UP. -V • *. ^^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE pn Houprr/ With Major E6AD, MARTHA.' DOM'T RIDICULOUS/-<^.i' HISHLftMt) FLINS THE PicTORESQo ^'^s-B-^ys 10OTS AND HER BUDDIES iUGS BUNNY ••-*»• t^ m^**m*i**—~~^^^~~m OVER ANP $TOP( I IWO'KMOW 4WHW lf& T NOW WAirA MWUTBj] ->• T -- J ABOUT, AWRIGHT! YOU' \IHAVB^T»WOVBfc . ltHAT'5 A MlUt>'WO'ep= SLY KILLED THKT " FUNNY BUSINESS By Henhberg^i 0 RWJ OVER., ! / HAVE intiAiir \im Av~ 'i MUD TH006HT YO 1 ••••••^••P^P.iaiHBpfHgeg.iJ'1.. ii ^JjimgmgSgHga^wrfrgiL., ', ; , " ' L L. ., i '..i.^i^aea'-wai^ _ ^S-Li^JLL-^l^J:- ^L~:Z^^^S?^^^8^M Give me a dozen of 'err)'—I'm going to be a SWEETIE PIE By Nomine Sekcr PRJSCILLA'S POP V - . ( HE ACCUSES ME UF y -' ' f ',- -»-V e-rr&l iui Ul<% /= THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI 77. J TOLD JAhJE TO'ASK" J WHAT POB0THV >^i^r»si " ito-'L >M f ? "\ \ 1 *J* ^r ^P •giT? $->Y » -, i ;. ^ ^ t £ ^ ^j^^g^i^^

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