Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 3
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The Raman Electrical Forces! How They 1 Control the Organs of the Body. Th« «loctrtcftl fore* of the human body. M «m nerrs Buld may bo termed, it an eapo- <jl»l]y attractive department of science, as It exerts co marked an Influence on the health •f the orKan» of the body. NITVO force Li produced by the brain and conveyed by means of tb« nerves to the various orpins of the body, tuusaupplylng the latter wllu the vitality necessary to In- ' sure tnnlr litaltli. Tbo pneuino^iistrlc ucrvo. as Hhown horo, may bo sal*! to ho tlit> most Important of the entire nervo system. a» It suppllri tho hc;irL lunsH. stomach, bowi-K etc.. wltU the jiorvu force nGC^s-snry to keep them ncilm ana healthy. As will bo »eeu by thoi-iittlio lon« nerve dCdCOncllntf fruin to* base of tho brain and tortnlnatliiK In tho bowels Is ihi; piiuuinotrasmc. ,«lillo thti numerous lit- tlo branches supply the ne.lrt, lunfjj and htom- aeh wltli necessary vitality. When iho brain beromp-i In any way dls- ordcrcd by Irritability orexbaiistion, Hio nerve fonso whifih It supplies Is lessoned, and I lie or-, itani rcivlvim; the (II- mlnlslicd supply n re ron- srnnontlv ivuakeiM-d. I'hysicl.-ins gunerally fall to recognize, llio imporl:uK'0 of l-hta fact, but trent ttie oriranlucif instead of tho cause uC iho trouble Tho noted specialist. I'r.-intdln Miles. M, 1),, T.L. II., has Ri von tho prcater par!/ of liN lift* to thoHtudy <>t this Kiiblcet, aii<l tho i>r!n<-ip:i\ Uli^ovnrles concerning I tan-duo to hKeilorts. l>r. Miles' Restorative Nervine, iho unrivaled brain and nervo food, I.sprep:imlO" (ho nrirn:i|ilo l.'iui nil nervous un:! many o her dIRIiiilllos orlclnntn frnm disor :<T-I of tlio nerven-nlrrs. Its wonderful pin cos"li:CHrlnK these disorders Is tosililoJ to by thous^udi la every part of tho land, iic^onitlve Norvlno rurcs nlc(iplr-ssne r .«. oervnus prostration, dizziness, hv.sicrla. se.\- iialduiiillt/, lit. VIUiMilnm'o. i.'!>I:npsy, Ho. It Is trff> from opiate" or dancerons drills. II |y» sol J on 0 positive KUiiranti'O hy all drnc- fflsta. (irsrnt direct by tho Dr. Jlilm Mrilk-al Co., I-'lkhnrt. Ind.. on rofulpt. of prioo, $1 per bottle, six bottles furS.">, expri-ss prepaid. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 7 Death of J««lBe Walker Word waa received bore yes terday of the death ol Judge Walker of Peru and the Cats Circuit court and bar ol the same received the following official aanouacamont of tho death At tho meeting of the bar this morning the matters contained in the letter will receive hocoming attention. PKKU, Ind., March 6. '94 J. M. Bliss. Clerk Circul* Court, Logansport, Ind: Uuar Sir:—Tbo Bur of this county has directed us to Inform you ol tho dentil of Lymtin Walkor, which occurred luut evening at Luporto An Invitation is oxiendod to tho Judeo find officers of your court and to tho members of your har to a'tend the funeral upon Thursday aft>'rn<>on j at two o'clock; ar d alfO to be present at a mootlnp of our ba r on tomorrow mornlnfj at 10 o'c'ock to tako suitable action concorninpr his death Verv Rouppclfully RORT ,J. LOVF.LANO JAMES K ^TUTKSMAN, .Tons W. Traveling Alone Aftor ttif« ball Is over, al'tti the lininK of morn, Aftro- the dancers leaving, after the stars are conn. Many a head Is nchtmt, If roil but know It nil, Ttik'-^iMllh'* Bile Beans on retiring after the ' ". Ask for SMALL sl/n .4l>Ui/riWNAL< I.OCALH. Hoar S union's lecture. Ni". nUdk and Bourden laces .it the • ' i, • ivy Lout" is tho theatrical n' ..'•.:';<:i at )>.>ian'.-i Friday nij^ht. ',.... . ii'.\ house th.it sol U Lor.Hdalo <. . '•:;..•; ill. G.1 cents.—Golden Rule . i; vv.Mi.mjD. council of tho city ni. '- '•> rV'jjular session ihis evening. .• :.-•• .TAT; check plaids, suitable fi, :'.:"'; ; : i !. r over dresses, at the Paine's Celery Compound the Greatest of Remedies. Influence of the Nerves on Various Diseases --The Way Frank Bair, of Chicago, Regained his Health-Prof Phelps' Wonderful Prescription. i MM jor.riicys is tedious—makes trips seetE Aluruiy to loria at tho Civss County CO"M v-M 1 ''?' 1 ' arC '' ll t0 ° Sh ° n W ' th g °° d IJ " ldin " * La!in rf1i00 ' OVCI< Mr8 ' "" ii-iw is'it then that on oneRreat journ- Marshall's book store. -y so many choose to travel absolutely Arno* J. EMor and Ida A KlnSO.V -y so many ctioosc to travel absolutely Amo* J. JiMoranu Ida A. IVinSO.V iloiie—turn their backs on the only com- ,j,. thua M Bedford and Mattio C. panions tlmt can make the Way plensant? ., .. It's the journey of life, and the way is Rimer aro licons-e to marry. tedious, and even dreaded, un' .. ~ .. * ; hand in hand with those Two Friends St. Hrid(jet's council C. B L meets tonight. liusiness of importance. All mumbers urged to be present, For Kent—House within live blocks of Court House. Cheap rent to good Stovonr, 209 Market .•Irs //;/•>• with you m<ik:n« the jvvrnfy happy. ?r fi'irf yiiu (fri-ti-n them way by carfUisneis t ~v.trn r . overwork, dissipation, or other cauitt f l'/f rc.it/ tn tell you that a frompt ani Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer Chas. E. Dykeman has resumed hia old posltlOE as tra7olin(7 rep'O^onta- tlvo of tho King Drill Company and started out yesterday Jn a trip in the company's Interest. Tho ladles of the Baptist church will glvo a "coffee" at tho residence of Mrs. C. L. Alford, 420 Fifth street, from 4 to 8 p m. today, A cordial ••I'utays trirrft >ii(k Health and Strong tftrvu-* viatet a reconciliation I IJxplaln your case (with fltnmp for reply) and ;l,c Doctor will Kladly advliie you. Free treat- imitation Is extended to all. mcnt for other disease with Nervous Trouble* '"•'"<"'" will be given to users of the Vilalizer if found neceuary We offer $500 to any chcrutHl or Dtht-r person who ••hall llml bj »n»ly um, morphine, co- u«,or»nT d»rm- lu ,i1riM[lHthltirero- ntr«nTohu«nc<iii Tho Biby's Besi Friend—McLlnn's oun<lnece»»«ry * , . ,. _ii,,» of dru(tj?i«t» at »i.oo « Onion Syrup gives Immediate roller bottle, or ,f>t found with bottle, or il not louna wnn your local dealer write ua. The J.W. Brant Co. Mak.ra ALBION, MICH. ____^__ And 4»D»y*t.,N«w York bold uy Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. It's the Part of Wisdom. be hanl and monej close hot tkM« things h»T» tl elr compensation. We can Mil jou waMhf- and will, 8t very clou J fl«nre» to ge; the monejr ComKitndsee what jou can do with little money. I am imxloon to Hell not OBlr watchwi but older goodi Diamonds, Clocks, fl!l»«rwan>, 8pf.taclc» and Noveltlen. I •» «l>ni lor the Ljtlf Safe » nrt L " (;K Cu -- Cincinnati Obto. C»llMiil«H«» small nftlDple. 1). A. HAUK, ..7EWKLEB AND OPTICAN. - * v JED. M^^;W-^fl^ffiff^ r A In 1MO a d lnv'nt"d. <it«»t»>»t KltCheD Sto . Samii e, postane pnld, JlcMAitiN,Cl..cl.iimttl,0. _ _ i- ~f\l\ tot'"><»PrB DAYat hum* »ollln« S.) UU LUhtnlnit Plater ftii.l plating JeweUT. ™|«hM tBbr'arp, -in. KvoryhousB hiw iioodi SSSlMpmtm*. Nix-x..ertencri no mpll»l: no telklno : *>ra" i«ont» ure MiBklng I** a . daj. *'nn«nenl posltluii. Add.ew H. K. DellloAOO.. ^>u bn-' "til 1 _ _ ___• . EDSA ^SMEN t c < l 1 oTJ. i WEKKT. ' »mi PA . iOV8loli''OI) MEN. SPltClAl. INDtl'I- EXCLUS1' C TM»- Dl-aiBKD. Writ* lit »u»» TO 5lT(>BV (ilV-N I Tile Hawks Nurseiy Co , Kocties er, M, Y. WORLD'S PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS! Cut tbm cuui'On oui anl Ueep U until y. u have ...iv-dsix nimUar coupnna. tiiuo bi'Irig ii- H-ml i.ht'in mirfthk-r wltl f-2 00 ton CLOTH KDITION $3.50 iroi SHEKP KDITION il> t'n: ""I '" "' THE DAILY JOURNAL Where you will raceive this mugnlfi- sent, hook CUT THIS DOT. and drowned by helping him out. •iBiVMMM*M^HBMMNHMIi'^^VMBil>^^^^^ H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HMHHHI ^^^ H ^^^ HI *^^^^^^^^^^^ Ik Keeley Institute, Mf\RION, IND. Forthe cure of the Liquor, Morphine.Tobacco. and all other drug addictions. Absolute Freedom. No Suffering, No Sore Arms, •in Impairment of the Health. The institute at Marion, Ind., is authorized oy Dr. Leslie E. Keeley, and the treatment is •der-ticai with that given by him at Dwight, ills. Write for terms of treatment and other information. Ai! correspondence strictly confidential. THE KEELEY INSTITUTE CO., Marion, Ind. rp r d .rp i A ' f r * \ I r\ » L. >'"\ ^ I !'• The WorM Moves; Scum is Triumphant! Hi:'. it,H gri^nt.'st triumph i*iu the C.MI-,' of riisciiro. nr.il i's greatest success i- Al'OSl-Ol-l'S '.roatmont for Diseases of Women 1'ItANK HAIH Increased Unix's and duties, Jni3i'0 ; ifO in mental «>.r".in, l<i»srnfd physical labor and incroiffd mon'.al work, h.ivo baen gradunlly Kivlnff v>s bodies la which the nervoiia element predoioi- nales. Min'-i) pooplo known— ih» ' l than .-my other ever st- f ood for tho nerves from Diseases are tti day a^ diseases of a contury ajro as is tholr treatment. While the average individual now does more mental work, we are nol as well able to bear the Blrnln as they were. Nine tenths of us either eat, sleep, exercise, b-the, or recreate ourselves In a proper way. It Is all hurry and turmoil. Little rent and much care. When the albumen and flbrlne of the blood — ihe nutritious prlucl< lea of the blood — become deficient la — .-..„ tbelr relative proportions to the other I aeent of the great parts of the blood, the health suffers. ...... ° " ...... '* If nervoua power be depressed, then tho food U imperfectly digested, as- limllated, and converted into blood »nd tissue. This la the cause in a nutshell of half the disease* and illness in the world. Here is the cure— tke greatest med- toal discovery of modern times — the remedy first prescribed by the (fr.-atent physician of this age, Prof. Edward Phelpa, M. 0., LL. D., of Dartmouth College— the remedy that has made _i, colds, colic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, Only 25 cents per bottle, Messrs Tucker & Young, the Pearl street tailors will shortly , move their work shop to the room at 316 Pearl street, across the street from their store. The room, lately vacated by C, Jeannerelte ts being fitted up for the tailor shop. Elmer Simons died at the home of his father, Abram Simons In Clinton township yesterday morning at 8:30 o'clock o' consumption, a*ed 27 years. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the St. John's church In Clinton township. Is your head clear P Have you a good grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy In your blood f You can have both If you observe the pro- •autlon to take, when retiring for the night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work next day you will feel as If you could u 1 .. train of cars. Be sure to get the small size. There will be something for everybody In the way of entertainment Friday night. At the opera house that romantic dram*, The Ivy Leaf, will hold the boards; at the down town k empnranoe meetings Dr. Henry S. Tanner will deliver his popular lecture on his celebrated fast of forty days and at the Baptist church the Ladles Matinee Musical of Lafayette will give a benefit for the Home of the Friendless. If It IB literally true says the Rochester Republican that all liars must suffer torture In a lake of fire and brimstone the space set apart for such will bo pretty literally filled with those telegraph liars In Northern Indiana who have been reporting for imaginary oatastrophles to the city dallies. The last one was to the effect that a lady school teacher had attempted to cross the Tlppeoanoe river at Bloomingsburg, on the ice, followed by twelve children, making thirteen In all (the unlucky number), the Ice gavo way and the whole party was •*„.--- hftfore drowned. There was another report Urfoner Banner: Sunday before f itheeffect that two boys were skat- last several Laporto reader,^ were ing on tho river. One broke through among the successful wlnnors ot th« he ice and the other wa, overcome prb... «d last Sunday, morning there ....... . . vi~ .inmand fHF tH6 oaD6rH. , known :-tren pov'-irished iilnod—tho from the' end of tlio r. other, mid in Kuropo ; UHcd bv Uicru, plain pcop ,'Lhone- of im- romudy that ivntry to the ,s well, is in- jrfM'.ri'iod and rocoramfindod by tho unequivocally indorsed hy mnn and wonioti of widu ruputalion. bli^Mid hy thousands — I'iline'a celery bompnund. Try it. Any druggist has it or will get It for you. Rend tho following unsolicited letter from Mr, Frank Bair, whose portrait is given above, one of Chicago's best kuown and mont highly esteemed young business men, the western aeent of the great firm of Nash Whiton&To, salt dealers of Now York: ••I have used Paine's celery compound for Iho pant tt\x months, and munt say that it has helped me wonder tully. I had pain in my back and oheet, and faint, tired feelings at the stomach, and when I would eat the taste would make mo deathly sick. I became very weak and lost about 20 pounds. After having used a few bottles of Paine's celery compound I am feeling better than I have in all my life " Try it. Tbe try Lear. Theatre goers will be pleaded to re new acquaintance with W. H Power*' pictureequu Irish drama "The Ivy Leaf" which will be given at Dolan's opera house on Friday evening. Its atory of a betrothal by tho edict of a dying father, and well nigh tb,w»ited by the machinations of a jealous and designing villiaa, who li at last over thrown with the aid of a light hearted, fun loving and shrewd Irish lad, is told in chaste language, clearly and well, with considerable attractive embellishment in Incident and scenery. The interest never flags but grows gradually and legitimately in Intensity to the final denouncement In the fifth act, when the opportune arrival of tne lign' hearted lad puts an end W an execution which hat been ordered of the hero »nJ lover, falsely, accused by the vllllan of the crime. The novelty is chiefly in the scenic effect and on absence oftthe boisterous element which has come to be regarded at an necestary adjunct to the Irish drama. The most striking of the Bcsnlo, mechanical and other adjuncts, are: an eagle which carries away a fleih and blood child; a castle, the interior and exterior of which In turn are shown by mechanical appliances, and a view of the Lake* of KUlarney. The scenery in the last act is especial ly excellent. Ween tho last bel! for the M. E. church service had stopped the minister looked over his scanty audience nod rising, astonished his few hear. era with tho exclamation. "Let us pray and then go home and work at the tutor Ooean puzzle " CAW III 04 TEW. FOK TREASUKKR. Iwlllbflftcanlldntafur Trensnrer of the city of LniKUMport. subjout to lha will of tde Bepubll cunCltyNo,ul.. 1 i t ln 1[ Conve 1 ,t.on. Lownsport. In, 1 .., February IS, ItSH. I will be a ovndMVn for Treasurer of the clti of Logansport. mibjMl to tlw will of the Republican City Nommutlnti Convention. A. LiOnu. Jrt, Ind,, February IB, 1894. UI If V") «•»••- -• was a big demand for the papers, . o I will be a canJIdate to- nomination for the offlce nf City rrwi-urer suDject to tne will or tne Republican Convention. J. D. ALLISON. Logiusport, Ind., February 19, ISM. I will be a andldute for Trwusurer of the city ol Loifli export, subject to tlm will of the Repub- Ucan dtrfcominaani Convention.^ ^^ Logansport, Ind., March 5, 18M. 1100 Reward, «100. The reader of thin paper will be pleased to learn thut ther» It ac least one dreaded dlswwe" thnt science has been able to cur« In all Its ffes andtha uCatiirrh. Hall'-. Catarrh Cure Is the only posl l»e . nw known to the medical rruWnltj. Catirrh b-ilnif a constltnti«ml dlse is«, required n coiislltotlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh uire li taken Internally, aoilug directly on the blo-M and mucumurfaws of tnanystem. thereby destro Ing the inundation of he disease, and nivliiK ttte pa- tlent strength by bnlldlng up th« constitution and (ut-lstlug natnre In dolnu IM work. The proprle- tnrshnve«o muKh ruth In Is curative powers. t»at they olter One Hundred Dollars for any j'Bue that It falls to cure. Send tor list of testlraonlals. Addr^s, K, i. CHKNEIf & CO., Toledo, 0. E^v-iold by drugglstn. HvDdle Vant<ir> Hood for «••<•• Hnnd:e factory wood delivered to any part ot the city. Mall orders to Hillock* Plttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Kimmer. Quaker headachb uapsuU lief In ten minutes. . to bo succes-fiil it must bn p.pplicd- i.hc skil'ful hand of the SPECIAL- The Physicians of •I iv Lof ;:$!;OFt Medical And Snrgical Institute ;, i.ivri-iii.-.nt, with the GKEVI'KST SUCCESS and by its u«e •nvo '.r: i..is vi-,(,;•..>•. .-.•>u>-o,l hundred- of ^llering women to he,1th and in,,,,!.,,.--, ,if;,,r lyiys-.Unrf Had fulled. U i.- "Ot painful and DO exposure is OI-Cf'S-MfV. TM.-V :iU> 'niU -ill Chronic and I'riv:'- Diseases. CONSUL I'A i ION i'RKK. CALL AND SICK THEM at 417 MirkatSt. 24 K Al't'Mltotl li*ii;;tlj* 'I of St. •!'•'•" (V,m,,-.i.n|. ry T. Ynii uro her. b. nol. fn-d thai Sir rlnlptu Jtidirn Lyinun Wmker, died Monday uv.-.ning: nt LiPort.o. lad., aw«y from bin homo tin body will r>o brought to hU ho.ne on the 6th of March .-t IVru His funoral will take place at I'eru on Tnursday, tho 8th lost , at 2 o'clock p. m., under the auspices of St. John Commacdery. Therefore every S:r Knight who can attend, ar<3earnestly requested to meet atourasylum at lUa.m. In order tope* ready for the 11 a. m. »Vabasb train. Pleaeo notice the time and govern yourselves accordingly. S H, RICHARDSON, Sec'y. Special Notice. As I am daslroua of relieving and curing suffering humanity of catarrh, liver complaint, rheumatism, dyspepsia, and all diseases of a nervous and debilitated nature in either sex. until March 25th, I will treat all afflicted with the above diseases free of charge with the exception of a very small fee In certain cases for medicine. I do this for the beoefii of many poor sufferers who are in need of treatment and are not able to pay my former prices. J W. MBBROLL, M. D., D. M. & Ass't. 411 Broadway. Logansport, Ind. i f. ttait»Di » IflC A MIRACLE. What Phelps* "Pour C" Remedy Dirt for Miss Jennie Basset. Last Friday, Dec, Wtli, my ittendln* physician stated unless 1 wax better by morning ho oonld do nothing for my r»ll*f Tnat nlcht I com- raenceiltakliiK i'lifip'i "''our C" re nedy; stopped all other inMniimw. T;i« ur»i 'lose (topped my cough, slept in i r.«- dxl well; -i i>* more don* remov«lnlisor-'n«i- rroin mv luiw' the wswnd d»ylwasup;tlietiiirdija l« f .s ,i .111 the porch and today wiis UP -IIWH inin'.h«*l i Avu. anil SiiimnllSt. Croup Cured. Onedoa«ot 'Thhlps' Cmij-'h, Cold and Croup Cure" ffive my child Ins'.iut relief when attacked with the croup. W E MOORE, of Moore Bros.' Grocery, Arkansas City, Kao, I guarantee Phelps' "Four C" tor LA GBIPPI, Asthma, Bronchitis, Couiihn, Colds, ete. BEN FISHER. MnSKlTe Foundation* .-•hMviiri) citizen-* in their desire U> excfil, have lately accomplished a big f>::»i.. n»rnt)ly: in discovering by actual aic-.iMjreinents that there are gome lnuv rBsideats who can wear shoes iwv.ive inches lonj?. Your blood needs regulating In -pr-inp. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is u»- inn'sowQ biood purifier. Mild and •neilow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 60 wni». For sale by W. H. Porter, pre- -cription druggist, 826 Market street Uoiransport, Ind. We have heard mon say "I would B ive$600to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result «111 surely be brought about at trifling expense by the use of the Excelsior Scalp Curer and Hair Pro. ducer to ba sold by agents In this oltj. To prevent car sickness or headache and to give restful sleep, so difficult to obtain while traveling use Df. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer. Taken at bed-lime It quiets the tired nerve*, insuring sweet sleep. One dollar of Ben Fisber. _ Karl's Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and clearnew -o the complexion and cures oonstip*- ilon; 26c., 60o. and f* SoW by B. f Keesllng. Report ofthe ConOition —OF THE— First National Bank Of Logansport, at Lopinsport, In the State ft Indiana, at the clone of biudnewi. February 28,1894. ..«tS9.7W»4 RKSOUKCKM. U*nn and discount" ... Overdrads. s«cured anil unweuroo D. S. Bonds to securo circuliitlon .- Stwlu.sociirl les, Bankinu-ouie.... Due from National Banks (nol n»ert« . ^ Due from 'lipproved n-serve asenti ....... S».«0 » Checks and othercaah Items ............... •" • Moles ol other Nntlonal Banks Fractional paper currency, nickels cen {g « LAWKUL XON*V RBSKKVI timder'no^:.::.-. 11100 00 BeSemptlon fund with D. S TreMurer eemp . (B percent, of circulation)Total. ...... SBOO,ntM LIA1M1.IT1IB. Capital stock paldln ................. - .......... * a K'222 Surplus fund ................................. -i I***"* HndlvMod proflU. lwt» eipensei and aom ...... Indlvldu.U deposits subject to check Demand certlllcatraof deposit __ Total ..................... - .......... ISOO.S19M Subscribed and sworn to hefnre me dK) of March itot G " OK8 jf«torj _ V. H. W. T, WIWO»

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