Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 27, 1929 · Page 56
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 56

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1929
Page 56
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ablanD ; Ccffiunt JANUARY 27, 1929 4 J- ' f i 1 jr. if S t t I " 5 Great Record Set by ; Willys Overland, Company The ensuing year will be the -largest in taeJu'story,o'f"the"Wflly-7 Overland company, it u predicted by 'off icial. - Views below are of : (above), the Oakland distributing plant of the WJlys-O verland conv pany and (below) a new Whippet Four Sedan with increased rooroi- ness, for. five passenger, 'and . the beautiful new Superior Whippet Four Coach. The insert is of R." R-SPEAR, zone manager in , charge of the plant of the Willys-Overland: Pacific company. '. Willys-Overland Officials See Great Export Field lMMM,4j-uxi i n imriillsfai r--;-Y-r----i - -tr -i'i nrrrrrn r 1 1 m 1 1 1 MTMM(ja,MBMBMM,,MWMMBriMi 1 arr.. y x y -- v ey v s Mu&vm4VAt.m0nvyvjtm' s s " svt Aysf yv' A " V W s? ' x V , "1 f . x .1 . r - , - , , , --vfcry,-;- - - T , - - ' i ..I . . . ' . . a 1 i,"iis"MWsjMsssssi Mi fxwo,; CUendl,i. Lafuna Bead?, f if, f , 1 1 -, . 1 1 I, n.l M President Addresses Local Boards rriiirtent J.' Bradley Clayton of tliB 'California Real EstMe aisofla-tlvn hopes to., visit ftfid adiTrbM very une of the : 100; local." real elatJ brtardg In the atate , during h(a administration. Since the first of th year he has appoared before tne Jteaitors pr Airtambra, Ana helm, v.Berkeley; Beverly. Long Beach,;- Xoa Angeles, ..Pasadena, 8an'Xlegp,'Sahta' Barbara' and Santa! MonlCa., V.: i , . .V' ' -V - In his addresses he ".stresses the Importance ortaxAtlpn legislation, education' and Membership. In order to' bring about thorough standardisation of. the real estate business, v ' ' A new air mall' service between Oaklanfl'and Ban Joee "was lnaus;u- Hlls, rated, '.r ,;J : . 3 Significant Factors! in ' Glendome Cercle's Newest House f , V ';?E;(;,;:v'n; ',?:? ,-- fj-ri-. - .'r':.,';' male it incomparable to other houses - built to sell. The ; slate roof, the -Genezro tile floors,! the' $00 art , glass -window. Many other features seen only' in few bliilt-to-'; . order .houses and lots more nevervseen before. 0 ,1 r f An unsurpassed marine .view, a, homey; artistic house as ' light as out-of-doors with every cohertiehe and comfort, ' at a price made possible only by stripping xff all "overhead 4 and middlemen's profit. I build, design; and.sell direct to . fyou. : I own the acreage at prices of years ago. We have ' tennis courts J and playgrounds dedicated to' Glendome ? home-owners. ' .". .'. A 1 ; . ; ' ' ' f , , Out Trestle Glen Road, through St. Jamts Wood to Park Blvd. to. El Centro Ave., direct' to Glendome ; ' ' ,'. Cercle. "'.' .;, i ' . ' F. A. HEROUX. Owner S SITES IN GREAT DEMAND ;. j . I, :;. " "V. .1 , In excess, of $300,000 .has been expended In homo investments in the Requa Jl'srhlands tract, Piedmont,: according to ' Ralph A. Knapp, realtor in" charge of the puoperty.'' There are rnow.. jonly eighteen, home sites Will available In the tract,-states 'Knapp, of 'the original thlrty-twp slteB that, were offered.' - Aside-, from; the Quality of the homes already built, an excellent indication of the character of the' development ; Is ariven by the cost'of the utility wiring (which is,1 one hundred per cent . below ground) a figure (in- excess of: for ty:. thousand dollars.. . When .: the small size of the tract Is taken Into consideratlpn this expenditure , is pxu-aorainary, says una pp. Requa Highlands is part of the former Kequa homestead located almost in . the heart of Piedmont Mrs. Amy RenuS. Long Is retain Ing s portion for the" family home ana it is the balance of the old homestead which is now available as the subdivision known as Requa Highlands.' Rigid restrictions huve been imposed throughout the tract to .preserve lts prestige and char acter. . Located almost at the Junction of Highland Avenue and Wildwooa avenue1 In Piedmont. wunm easy react! or grammar scnool and high school, close to the city hall and but a Mock dis tant rrom the Ransom school, A recent survey, .of. activiUes by the, Willys Overland ;c o jn p a n y rends: . i- ' "The maintenance of.. tbe..distrl-, button plant, which serves . the entire northern part of the state, -la an Important industrial faotor for. the Eaetbas", .This. ,plant., if.. the Wlllvs-Overland' company has a storage capacity of 250 cars, and Is H. Spear, zone manager., : . ' ,' : "It proves the importance of the Pacific, coast;. 'as an- autdmoblle market,, in that? two .of this company's plants ' are located ; in' this-state . ..' '': ., ' ' ' Hz ! ' "Plana which the Willys-Overland -company have completed: for mis year will materially affect the Eastbay district. .hi year, it- is planned, will be the greatest in the history or, this company, even surpassing the past year, which set a new record In production and. sales for the Toledo factory. : , . "The. plans for 129 find, their ' culmination in the company's presentation of Itn new. Whippet four 'and six models,: which strike a new I note of artistry, and beauty, in- addition . to advanced mechanical features. - . - . . t "During the past year, tne most d successful- in the .history ,of the company, the.Willya-Overland deal- jv i by more than 200iiew ' dealers, . I while plant facilltres have - been ,t augmented to Increase the com- pany's capacity from 1B00 cars a day to more than 2000. - -' "This -Toledo,-, t manufacturer showed an increase of 85 per cent in 1928 over 1027, while the Industry as a whole showed a -gain of but 12 per cept In new .car registrations.. . -'(.... ' -. ; ' . "Throughout' the past ' twelve' mbnths the Willys-Overland company has ' been : engaged. In a ; program of exoanslon both: in Its production facilities nd Its sales out-Jets. This has enabled the Toledo manufacturer, to set a ear-building schedule for 1929 that calls for 600,000 -automobiles. Production for the first six months will probably equal the total number of cars built by this company during the' entire year 1928. - - - "John N. Willys, -president of this 1 company, predicts, .that the Kanteen Store Now' being erected at the corner of Thirty-fifth and ..San Pablo avenue by Harry, C: Knight according to the design of Douglas Dacre Stone, for 'the National Canteen company.- " :, -' M .-I ft YOUR offices should logically be located in the . Tribune Tower, a high class office :; building that is devoted exclusively to comrnerdah and certain ; professional tenantry (at preserit over 90 occupied by " .leading firms and outstanding corporations). ; " ,' Located in the downtown financial district -and close to all local and subuiban transportation, with all ' the' light, fresh air and sunshine that a Tower building provides, this structure is the ideal location for your business home. . ' v - " . Your inspection of our available suites is invited . . .,for further information communicate with the ":' v; ' 3 TRIBUNE TOWER Franklin at 13th Street , ARTHUR J. , SLAGHT Building Manager . t t " i . , j ,4: ' M ILHI LHWIIII III sHIIWIITI l" III " ' WEEN NOW BEING B U T The. National Kanteen .Company, through its Manager E.t George Sanders reports: "Kanteen, stations are rapidly be ing built- in varlqus parts of Cali- fprnla. ;i A kanteen Is-being built at. the - corner of; Thirty-fifth:, and Ban. Pablo avenue on,.the property of Dr. Burton P. Jones. Other Kanteen'BuB4eifceenatuetlonJtt tho .corner of, .Hopkins, and Ran dolph streets In Oakland-,, and .the construction will start within a few days on the property at: the corner .of ' Broadmoor and East 'Fourteenth-street, San Leandro, and at the" corner of Ninth avenue, and East, Fourteenth street. - 'The National Kanteen . Com pany's -designed patent on the building has created considerable comment anions: builders and -de signers, The building was designed by Douglas Dacre Stone for j1 the National' Kanteen Company, Harry C Knight Is general, builder and contractor as well as -state leasing agent. . "The ''building is unique" in that the top of the cylinder affords a complete ladles', dressing room. The floor plans, allow for, counter, booth and car aervice by, one person. Kaoh feature In the building, is specifically .designed to render kanteen quick service. The stations are 100 per. cent- electrically , equipped by '- California manufacturers. " All equipment . is bought in California. - . "The company's offices are located on the entlre fourth floor.of the Great Western-Power building, Oakland' , , , , . ...... , ,i , - Veteran of Sepoy Mutiny Recovering General Reginald- ' W. Nuttall, Realtor of Oceano, San' Luis Obispo county, is recovering from' a serious injury received when he was struck by an automobile. - . General Nuttall Is in his list year, and is perhaps the only sur-, vivor in this country who served in the British army which suppressed the Sepoy mutlr.y in India in 1867, " y ft REQUA HIGHLANDS wmio-mcmm tottewr . 1" a iw t m js sv s v si . of Piedmont Only 18 lots unsold :-..J.. :E.- $300,000 ; already 1 inveated L in Requa J Highlands Home. The physical improvements of this small exclusive tract are of the highest order.. In excess of $40,000 has been expended in-the placing of utility wiring below ground an extraordinary: investment for only "30 sites. Priced as low as ; $6500. SOME OF THE BEST LOTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE RALPH A. KNAPP , , REALTOR 1532 Franklin LAketld 3142 automotive" Industry, during 1929, will build 6.000.000 cars and trucks. This will involve an expenditure of aoDrox mately 4.ooo,ooo,ooo. wn- lvs Elves' due respect to the tremen dous size of the job when-he makes this forecast.- - "Accordinsr to .the. .leaders .In nearly all key industries, 1929 is to be more than a year of prosperity;: Tit will, be - a record-breaking year, a And why?- Business' was never more efficient; fundamental conditions In manufacturing,' transportation and agriculture are, -on the whole, .Improving rapidly. ' "In Europe, the progress , being made U little snort 01 amazing. People over . there are beginning to have money, and -want the things that money-will buy. -Wlth a prosperous America, and a' rapidly improving, Europe- in positlon to purchase more automobiles than ever before, .the.autamotlve industry has an excellent reason- to - expect growth in-the buying power of its markets at home and .its markets nVtrlAOl .- "Now tha't he i American auto mobile .manufacturer- is focusing his attention on the possibilities of enlarging the export market, the management or. tne .winys-vver-land oomDanv ha reason to-con gratulate itself for- the foresight and enterprise-displayed almost, a pnni Af TMLrll II CO. , . , "Approximately 75,000 Whippets and Willys-Knights will be delivered "to .export, trade during 1929. Tluev will be built in isagnsnr uan- adian and German factories, erect- ed to. suoDlement the Willys-over land plants of the east, the middle west and the 'far : west. This far-flung, manufacturing,, organization is the 'outgrowth of a trip taken by E.'"G. Edgar,- now -dead, who carried . the' "news ; of : the young American ' -automobile ' industry - to distant lands In 1910. . "An Overland .'.'car;-'driven by Edgar, was the first automobile to reacn the base or tne upninx in Egypt.1 ' "Willys-overland dealers, now- operating, in widely separated localities,',, obtained .theirV initial franchises from.thui globe-trotting emissary, j - "John St. Willys, president of the WlHys-Overlalid- , company," and chairman. of the foreign trade committee of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, has long been of the opinion that mainjy to America7 belongs - the Job of -sup plying the world with automobiles. . "There-are.no automo Dues man ufactured - In South America, . and the situation is ' an ideal - one. for America.- There are huge agricul tural areas and commercial, centers imperfectly served by railroads and boats. They have great need for our cars and trucks. "The countries which show the largest, increases during 1928 include "Argentine,.. Brazil, Chile, Japan, . India, Australia and New Zealand. All of -these countries are In direct touch by . shipping lines with the Pacific coast. A large portion of this foreign trade will come through '. this Central' California port, and the Willys-Overland, company recognizes this . Important factor In . maintaining their Oakland plant." To Introduce V I' a , Fageol 'Cub' ' j Five, thousand cubs, the largest single order of teddy bears - ever purchased- to ,use: .for advertising purposes, - have Just been .received at- the Fageol. Motors company plant in Oakland and-win be used in a unique - plan of introducing tne new Fageoi cub, the-light, one ton truck juat got out by -the fageoi Motors company, accord Ins to T. L. Baumgartner, local branch manager of the Fageol.Mo tors company. "They will be distributed immediately to all Fageol coast dealers to give away during tne introductory week of the Fag eol Cub in accordance with the ad vertising plan of the , company. "It may be af surprise to the pub-Ho to know how difficult -it la to purchase 5000 stuffed teddy bears of one, size 10. inches at one time," Baumgartner went on to say. "A manufacturing concern that said they, could supply this order of 6000 teddy bears was located in the east only after weeks of searching on both the east and west coast. But they -finally wired that thev eeuW-not - find noush plush Mn eastern marKets to make , up. the order. ' "Jusf as the Fageol Motors company was about to give up hope of carrying out the novel plan the eastern representatives of out advertising agency found a manufacturer who could handle the order. . "The. bears were made, un and shipped to Oakland in record time. i'wo n'ageol Cub trucks were required to bring them to the factory where they were uncrated and are being, sent out to the various Drancnes and dealers for distribu tion." , . Real Estate Groups Redraft Legislation w Muuva suets luqao on legislation affecting planning, map iiung ana allied subjects, members of the California Real Estate ' aesociation and the "state conference on. city planning have met a number of times recently to brlnsr about 'a wnrlrh1 nnn. tlcal plan.' . , special committees ' representing, MInr acta. ;'Qhe Item objected to w j buv va.i vnuftio iniereeie 1 is - mat requiring ,the approvaKof- the - city nlannlnp, rnmmlaslnn a. when a aktch . is made -of art area Of . tn Shift lAftabrl I. , "v - tvovu, vji u tuillg ' U is ,cat up -in.to more "; than y three unltji rwhrrllnau a rtr t diu-j UUttlU, Jjos Anseles, 'chairman? of the city uifummg comuiiiretj-or tne California Real-Estate association. .. Melba Apts. Just-Completed ' V ' 3307: Bruce St. Near. Hopkins . . ' 2 and 3 rooms , furn. ; or unfurn." Every convenience. Steam heat,; t Frigidaire, colored ranges. Tastefully furnished and decorated. Rentals from 35K52JO C. R.-House, Builder .. Promoted Melvin A. Mooser, who has been appointed manager of Federal Outfitting 'company store in Oakland.1 liMililiiiiM Melvin A. Mooser, who has. Just been transferred to the Oakland store of the Federal Outfitting com'-pany. at 1722 Broadway from: the , Bakersf leld division, comes here with a record of progress in the valley city. The move to Oakland Is. by way of a -promiUon' earned through .his achievements . during the past three years, while he has had control of the firm's' busiaess in Bakersfield, it is stated. , ' ,: -r ( Mooser states: "I cm appreciative of the possibilities offered In a territory such as .this. I "Spe great progress in ' the Enstbay region and every indication points Jo a continuatiop of this growth and an era of unprecedented prosperity to come." It is-Moosers plan-to spend considerable time on the salesfloor meeting the ustomr. . "The spring stocks , are. already in '! Mooser states,, "and they, are colorful. We have made a' special effort this year to 'present to our Oakland .patrons jone, of . the finest stocks of smart .apparel for r:isses as well as niatepna and' we. have not neglected the men. ' 1 -"" "Through the large buying power of the Federal ohaiii .of .seventeen stores we have been appointed, state dealers for the famous Hollywood clothes." .' One of the Best Buys in Beautiful ESTUDILLO ESTATES "CASA PALERMO" It is not possible to do Justice to this really distinctive home ,. in the limited space of-a .newspaper ad. It must be seen , to be appreciated. ' , To start with, the location, is -ideal; it is . on a corner at, the Junction of San Rafael and Collier Drive, where- some of the most attractive homes in the tract are located and in , course of construction, ' . , , ' , , , , .. -', ? The house is splendidly planned and well built .throughout,':' A most artlstio hall leads to every room both up, and down ; stairs: . 1 ' - " -: " - The finish is very modern and beautiful. ' Tiffany effects :K on 'walls with the exoeptlon of ths bedrooms, .which' are , expensively papered. The woodwork, both of 'trims and,-doors are mahogany; all floors ars oak exoeprthe kitchen,1 which Is covered in the highest grade of Inlaid Linoleum. -Furnace outlets in every room; large garage,, every modern built-in fixture and Improvement; ', large closets. 3 There' is 'a delightful living room, dining room,' den, and ..... one bedroom on the ground floor and two most attractive. ' bedrooms and- complete bathroom on second flpor. The Price is $10,500 v and the house may be purchased on easy terms FRED T. WOOD CO., Inc. A pleasant drive oat East Mtb St. or Foothill Bonlerard te Batudlllo Avenne Tract Office at Foot 111 Boulevard and Bntadlllo Aveaas Telepbone Sweetwood 3100 . . . Main Office 1801 Franklin Street, Oakland ! Telephone Lakeside 04 , rC Ready for immediate occupancy . r In all our experience wa have never offered-" 1 : . ,':: .. ' greater value... , This attractive house has large living room, walls la - Tiffany finish, doors and trim in mahogany, oak hardwood floors, beautiful side light fixtures, fire- ' place. The dining room is similarly , finished, but ' has center lighting fixture. There Is a cozy break- . fast room, and the kitchen is one of the most at-. tractive. rooms in the house. Center light and light . ..over thsvslhk. All modern built-in. fixtures,, lnclud- ing refrigerator. Water heater installed. Two elevated - bedrooms, nicely -papered, and "large .bathroom, with- the. most modern fixtures, shower and tub, pedestal wash bowL .' ' : The laundry,' furnace room and large garage are all cement floors. ' The furnace is for either ;coal or ' wood. 'Interior .entrance to garage. - This home can .be bought for - $5,250.00 " woith $500.00 down payment Come out and see this truly grsaf value.' -It Is looated in beautiful FRED T. WOOD CO. flftH ssa flat- BH-.a - fai . 1 Drive ant E.,t Uth i. to Dnr.nl- Are. eat'ttemt Fmc tor. tkaH B I.f "C- Tract Offleet Dnraat Aveaae at Btynlr Telepaoaa Trlaldaa XtOO ' Mala Office: 1801 Frank!!, street, Oakland - - 1 --y ''''''J''' ' '',J ' ! ' i ' I...-

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