Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 2
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USED BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. POND'S RTRACT Subdues Check Inflammation. Relieves PAIN Invaluable Neura Oatas-i h, Rheumatism, Ptles, Chilblains, Sore Throat, Jnflamed Eyes, Toothache, Earache, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Cirip, Colds, Hoarseness, Brasses, Fern2He Complaints, Etc. SOLD ONLV ZN BOTTLES WITH BUFF WRAPPERS. TWO SHOT DEAD. Fatal Result of a Riot at a Troy <N. Y.) Polling Plaoa. ii of b;;t;, TESTIMONIALS: Piles. in bkcdinc pi orrik.iJ;; ruii, Mo, s. It i^ tiic prince .ill lurnibot lic-m- 1 — Dr. A. M. COLLINS, Camc- £** A. fl_ Catarrh, ~" Have been a con- Sore Eyes." licad iind throat. Trie;! mos: every known ix'uitdy. Pond's I'-jLlmct leiicvcd mi: wontlcrlully, am! iiuhd'lcctcd almost ;i riuliciU cure,"—FRKDEK1C K. FINCK, KCW York Ci'.y. -"Itncul ic in ophili;Um;:i. for sore eves. 1 '—Rev. M. J/MESON. —" I stronply n*c- onuniMid I'oiui's * Exir;ict f or lame- ncv;and use il consinntly/*—MICHAHJ- DONOVAN, N. Y. Athletic Club. . —"Pond's Extract hns been used with marked * benefit by our inni.-ur-. in many cases of bruises, and has ;ilw;iys rrovcd very beneficial,"— MTTI.K SISTERS OK THE I J OOK t New Vorfc City. —'* H.icl my left hand severely burned, and lost Use u^er-f it complete!)'. Secured re licfbyuse of Pond's Extrsirt in twelve- hours."—Mre. A. SHERMAN. New Yutk. Hemorrhages. —"Am troubled With Hemorrhages from lungs, and find Pond's Kjttr.icc the unlv remedy thnt wiR control them,'* — O'KO. W. WARNER, Scr.inton, Pa, The Hon. JOHN" C. SPENCER, late Secretary of War and Secretary o( the Treasury, wrote as far back as 1848 : " It it a remedy perfectly invaluable." Jpposing Factions Use Their Revolvers Freely, and Two Men Are Killed—O:!i-'i-* Wounded. Kl.AI.X A " Till'. I'OI.I.S. TlUM'. N. V. .Vi.ivh 0. —Hubert Ross, a repiibli'':i" |>oi;\ w;((,<:hcr, \v;i.s .shot ik'iul and lii.; l)!Miln;r Wiiliiun uiorUilly \voiimli!<l .-.liui'l'y ul'U'V noun, ihiriiiLT the jiroyivss of an ukvlion for city officers. Tlio rnnirst. hail boon very spirited nil il:ij r . '" onu district the rt'piil'i'ui-iiis c.Uiimcil to have founU evidence of reiiriitinir which they utLi:inpti!il Lo stop. Revolvers were drawn, uncl whon the lir'uitf bu^im Hubert Ku.v;, a prominent resident aud inatiiifiiettirer and a leiidini; republican, was seen to 'all. liiniKxliululy after, lii;t brother William, a republican, who had rushed to Robert's defense, likewise fell. U'heu the reserve polieo force iinally restored order Hobert w.as found lyinjf doad 011 the KTiniud with a pistol wound and his brother William fatally wounded. On tli.o opposite .side of tlio street was Halt Shaw, a democrat, also j Jyinpr dead in tlio gutter. Several • others were in bad .shape, many men '• bnintf pounded until their faces were : unrcoo^iiiititblo. ! The Ualloy ini-u claimed that tha shots were fired by the police, who iid- juit usintf clubs and revolvers, but the bystanders say that pistols were drawn before the police took a hand. Up to 2 o'clock no arrchts had been made, j Mayor Whelan, who ib a candidate i for reelf»,'t.ion, heard of the row and hurried to the polls, lie personally ap- peuled to t.'ie ooinbataiits ti) do.iisl, iind by his fearless (ifl'orts stopped this riot, : HISTORY OF THE SLEEVE. , Norman Women pT^L~D»red to AdU Km- i The first approach amonff Grecian wonic'u to a slouvo was when they ciiutrlit the folds of the diploiilon at inti-i'Viils acro-,s the upp 0r p ur t o £ the ami witli cither jmveKl a-irates or buttons. This simple devietTliiis been imitated in tho sli-uvusof the sixteenth and ciyhteonth centuries, uiul more than oiic'i: in UK; present day. Tho Sa.\on woman covi-i-od lu. T ilrm <; losi; to ' tin; wrist in :i ti^lit envelope of cloth. Tin's sleovu was warm and useful rather than cmiainonial, anil it is curious thut all through tin.- inidilie asjes tliu iinii was similarly i.-Jolhud. Tho divsMis were •fotiurnily more or less de- collete, while tin- sleeve extended beyond tlio wrist ami liiy in a Hut point on the bauli of tin; h:ind, purmittiujr only tins finders to inovo, Thn Norman WDIIIMII dared not emancipate herself from the sleeve, hut she dared diversify it. Tin- Nunnan woman was sltillod in cunnin<r embroidery, and to jfive her finders freer pluy she buttoned her blet'.vo up to her elbow on the inner side of the arm, so that, when oeeasion required, she was free to tin fasten :irui throw it back. In the twelfth eentury tlie sceund or onto," sleeve was elongated so mueh that it bad to he knotted up out of the dirt. 'Industrious :is the Norimin lady was, she must have found her embroidery ' tiresome at, times, ;uid her only ;•(,source was trvdivei'sily as much as possible her sleeve and her head-dress. The enr, of the sleeve, as well as its shape, was curious; and in the thirteenth ueiitiiry the eilyc.s of ev(ii-ythin;, r —sleeve, /.vowji and tunic—AVere cut into seallops. Rose leaves Jinrl other things were aptly huiiatod, and the pressing effect, on the sleeTe. It was still full, but it was llattcncd at the shoulder, aud the broad lace euil wah turned baelc from the wrist It was not till the JatU-r half of that century that, the elbow ulcevcs became common in England, coining from France. Watteau did his liest for it. lie i-e- vivod its ancient splendors as well as he jnif^ht, anil there is » grjiec and a diversity about his sleeves that few ecmlil i'f|\iiil. This ei<;ht<-cuUi century w;is emphatically the a™u of the elbow slei-ve, with its finish of n-.il lace and ornjimviits of Uiitterin,^ ribbons. In the days of the French revolution sleeves Iinally vanished. The Kinpress Josephine permitted a sliifhtandjrraou- ful pull' near the shoulder, and the sleeve .'ti^-iin beg"an to be used by dc- KTCCS. Velvet and si] k were held out by whalebone, buckram and cushions of all sorts. liut it rem;uued short, ending hij^h above the elbow. At l:tst it was found that the sleeve was necessary to health, but it was not lovely in form, and all sorts of uncouth, ungracious shapes were tried throughout the middle of this century. Jt remained for the pre-IiapliaeJite to complete its reform, and to brinjj the (jus'.intuoss, the splendor and fjracc of the nuHiufjval sleeve into vo^ r ne onee move, and today it would seem as if Hie <^v>l.!en u'^c of the sleeve had come^ a'j'ain, su diversilied are its shapes, so i!i;mci'ous its ^raoes.—Qvieen of Fashion. DAIRY SUGGESTIONS. Ifr. Ceo. W. All Run Down "A few yo.ir* ago my )ic:;!;!i fnllcd, «Dd I consulted several physician'. Not ono oouU clearly Uiasnose my ca?o and their medtctna failed to give relief. I commenced to tak* Ilood's Karsa[nrill;i. From a» 'M nin ilowa coiKiilion 1 li»vc been rc-iUireti to KOUJ liualtb. KIND.NKS.S and conlidenee between the awncr and the rows saves food and makes pro lit. TIIK churn should not be tilled nearly full of cream. ,Jf it is, bultor will nut \ :ome quieii'.y. satirists of the day wore lierce in their j TIIK cellar in which milk is set must dis:ipi>n)b;UJon of'tiii.s useless "siytlcr- .not smell musty. The air must be pure •jr the mill; will be spoiled. JiUTTKii that is in a ffranuhitod state should be washed until the liquid that :omes from it is clear of allmiikveolor. Formerly I wcUliod J3. r i pounds, now I linlance tlio scales at 1 7G r°"'ids.'' GEO. \v. TWIST, Colonia, Waushara Co., Wls. H cd'O Pills cure n'.l Uwr Ills, S:ei» Jauudico, Indluojtion. Try a knx. OF THE DAY. Send for our Book (mailed free). It mill till you oil about it. USE NO PREPARATION but THE GENUINE with OUR DIRECTIONS. EXTRACT COMPMY, 76 Fifth Annut, M»» York. WHO KILLED Detective* Siuip»< MRS. GlERMANV Caunot Maoj, llut Find t)i<i OulUy One. ScoriKi.i), >Jich., Miirch 0.—The result of six dnyc'work l>y detectives ia Httcrnptin^ to /erret out the murderers of Mrs. Giermnn last Tuesday night serves to brLn(f the HUS- | picion near home. Although no ono haa been arrested some dozoo | residen.U of Exeter township arc under , suspicion. The ravings of an old man, Andrew Novasbtr, who has once been in an insane asylum, and who lives a i few miles from-Gierman'* .bouse, have j been reported ,W a confession. Novas-; bar has become violently insan6 over the murder, but »one ol the detectives has suspoctKd him. PARIS. "CortB—No. s quint uui nrmcr. M»y, OATS—No. " quiet but (ulrly stonily. 34'x41^34^0: track white State, 39®42u; while Western, S9Q4i(c. PKOVJSIONS—Beef dull and heavy; family, III.CUiii4.00: ettrameso, 18.00. Pork dull; new roeKa, BI3.iiS4J18.7&; t»nmy, H4.004A14.W; nhort o!e»r, »H.SO4»I«W Luril wenkor; prime Western ultara, §7.46. TOLIDO, O.. March 1 WHEAT—Qutet, B te«dy. No. z cash tnd March, Wfcc; Julj, SlVic, CORN—Higher, quiet No. 3 c»sh, MKe bid; May, CTKc. OATS—Firm. No. 2 CMh, SOo bid; No. * white, Sitfc. Krt-Qutot CMh, Wo. CLOV-IK«««O—Aotlre. Primn ciih «nd March, »M; April ».H&; Oolobor, 14.75 Richmond, Va,, is making an effort to pet the national encampment of the C(. A. K. Sylvester Rhodes (colored) was lyuuheil at Collins, Ga., for the murder of Ernest Dozier (wnite). A tax of 40 per cent, ad valorem on siiffar is said to have been agreed on by . tho senate finance committee. i Joseph C, Spaan, indicted for embe?.- : zlinff fncds of Keohuk, Ia., while city | collector, has settled for Si,000. i liurfrlars stole about 1400 worth of ; railway tickets from the oast side Illinois Central oflice at Ilockford, 111. City elections were held throughout Maine. The republicans were uniformly successful by increased majorities. Governors of a majority of states declare they will do everything 1 in their power to prevent the Corbett-,1 nckson George M. Norton, one of the most prominent mininjf experts in the west, died at Denver of a severe ait)] malic attack. -Simon Smith (colored) was arrested at Lancaster, 1'a., on susnicion of hav- STARVED TO DtATH IN JUiM 1<1» V»« Kttrn. liie Aiuftlc&a Writer, C'omtt* to » FUiful KnU. PARIB, Mardd .6.— Miw Ida Van Etten, the Aiuoriean writer, who hod. been livinjf for several months at the Continental hotel in this city, died at !i o'clock Monday morning. Shu sent for u doctor, but when he arrived fifteen unuutcH later lo found .har a corpse amid thejnost pitiful durrou.id- ing-.s. it is .said that the unfortunuta woman died <jf atarvatitn. Mr. Uustis, the United States ambassador, tun the case. taken timln, ProrUiaiM, Kto. CiiiCAao, March & Demand it'll very .moderate and .7blcrlv local Prlou« sti-tnly. Wluter—Futenw, f«t^>^3.l3; Htruigftu, tli.&1X4£00; cleani, ("(JiJcA "t.&>: tteouudd, ^i.H0^1.M: low (Trader, li.60^ l.ld Spring—FaMat^, 1&XIX&Z.6Q tl'MOZto; Hakcn', U.nWM; ,k>w ll.4UKl.Mt lied Do*. ILMr«1.50; Bye, -.501 WnBAT—Moderately aotlT* aid .iinfettlod. Cain, W4(&>*c; H»j. l^OMW*- V^y, «Ea. CoKN-Modernw.'T aotftre an* morr .held. No. Hand No. * Yellow, JWtO»«o; No. 3, »to b.d, and No, 3 Ycllcnr. «H« Wdi March, 2^K>- : *" uudor May; Muy, 37Ka3TJja, July, UATS— ModerftM tridlnc and klgh«r. No. I cuib, UIHo: May. t»Xa»OHi>: Jalf. SSHassxo. ia fair dutnanU and hlflier. No. & ; "o » (Vhltu. MXMIXo; No. X', a.-> ; No. II WhiM, alK«^)»fl, • UK— Tradxug I ulrly aeil»«*nd prio«f lower, Quotation! ranxod al 1)1. SiijOl 1.00 fur caali regular; Ml.<a%4»ll.(Si for May, and .T-^ for July. kel madcrausly aeilTS and low cr. QuotaUous ranged ut K.ny,'tH<ny, tot cMb; M W!ia**;t4 for May, and Iftwao.Ho for July. Liv» PotTLTBT—Per pound: Chickens. "\',H *Vit:. TurkeyH. &&6c; Uutks, BjOiCi Gbva», [ J4.UU10 (XI per ilnzun. j HUTriu— Creamery, 12a-'!fc: Dairy, 13(»Mc: j Paolilns Mouk, ll^llc. ! O<Lii-Wlscon«ln Primfl White, 7/4:0; Water : Whtio, 7^o; MlublKuii i'rlmu Whlto, »'/,c; Wn- ter White, DC: Indiana Prime White, 8jju; W;i- . tor White, RJic; Honullxht. 175 teat, 8',ic: (ias- < olmc, ta Urn'y, UHo; It dc«'», »a; Naphtha, 61 • LIT* MtOClt. OHIO AGO, March & 1IOG8—Market rather slow and easy with uhlppors tho prlnclp&l buyer-s. Sales ranged at K403&.00 tor Pin; HB5Q6 05 lor H«hl< H,W* 4.76 for rouifh paoktni;; K84^j.06 for mixed, and HSOaJ.OO for beaty paokiug und shipping lots. CATTLE—Market talrly active and foellnic flrn».<r.\PrlccB ll>310o hlffher. (quotations ranged at H«5Of>.IS (or choice toextraaulpplngsteur*: H05at75for-i!ood to choice do.; laSBQ^.OO for (air ID K»oH; ti85^3.36 tor common lo niodium do; SiSOnaSO (or butchers' Swore: ti<5as 10 for Stockura: f* lOaSflS for Feeilors: fl.WiJL'.M forCown; »2.Wais» (or Holfcr.i; U.dViJS.tlO for Bulls: ll.iOfty.7i toe Tcras Stottn, and liWJ »,00 lor V«ul Ca!v«a. IJrutli of an .Ini/Tinn Jurlic. ' PEHU, 1ml., March C.~Judfre Ij.vman Walker died suddenly of heart disease ( Monday niffht at Laportd, whoro he went a few days agn for his health. Ho was 57 years old, and one of the most iraclt JnfT stolen $1,450 from C. S. Herr, his employer, New York pawnbrokers art! said to have made up a pool of $30,000 to defeat the incorporation of the Provident Loan society. After makinjr what he supposed was a successful attempt to kill his wife, George Peokelman, of, Waukesha, Win., hantfed himself. A new fast mail service from Chicago to Ashland, Wis., has been successfully inaugurated. The run was made in fifteen hours. Mrs. H, P. Whitcomb, » Milwaukee society leader, has been sued for 110,000 by a servant who alleges she wu falsely accused of theft, John C. Youne; has beftun suit at Frceport, III, for 1)0,000 damage* against the Illinois Central railroad for alleged injuries received in a wreck a Dlxon. A Big Ounlnenfi In llrnlr«n Ola^n. The business of buying broken plate plass is assuming vast proportions, has arisen as an outgrowth of the plat glass insurance plans, and is beinff rap idly developed. Plate glass insurance is of comparatively recent origin, an was a little slow in building- up, but i is now a very important feature of th insurance business, ami several larg 1 ' companies with ample capital are com _ petinff for this class of risks. Atfirsta promWnTjurlits'of northern Indiana, broken plate was a total loss, as it had • " also always boon in the pluss f«c tories, but it soon bcjran to bo utilized and now the insurance companies and the glass works have no trouble in dia posing of tho fragments. These arc re- j out into a larg-e number of ways, tbo principal one, of course, being into smaller panes and ornamental shapes. In addition to those, papervveig-hts am! other articles are made. Small diamond shaped panes of plate glass tor front 'The remains will be interred here. LKkr KavlgHtiim Opening. JiKirTOS HA.HBOB, Mich., Mar oh 8.— Tho season of navigation to Chicago from thli port opened Monday. The fiteamw R. C, Itald, of the Graham A Morton lln*, l«ft witfa a large load of general frolfht CiQuoiw— DlflUll«l tp'.rlta gunQf ou bul« of 41. IS pur K»L (or Bolnhed goods. N*w YOHK, March 8. WHIAT— Mo. t rol flrmnr on better cablet •nd (ear <i( freeilnK weather; May, 03 13-1*» «We. Julr. dpeetcl Kleotlon. Called, COLUMBUS, p.. March 6.—GOT. Me- Kinloy ban iftvntd » proclamation for a •peoial election in the Third congres- «ton«J district of Ohio May 1 to elect a successor to the late Coc^reMman Georpe Homk. J>rv|Jp(5U Oeatl, WABABHA, Minn.. March 0. — Ex- Adjt. Oen. Mullen dropped dead in the street from heart disease. He loot both legs recently by amputation on account of rhev«mtism. He wo» a candidate for commander in chief of tbo Grand Array of the Republic, Noifro** L"» r * f° r Africa. ATI.ANTA, Ua., March 6.— A party of thirty negroes left h<?re Monday night for Africa, The emigration fever is epidemic among 1 the blacks here and many more are anxious to (fa, ,.»n Old Suit Settled. .IRFPEKRON CITY, Mo., March 6.—The •uprcme court htut affirmed tho title of Charles P, Choicau, of St. Louis, to 100,000 aerutof land in Dunklin county. Litij-ation over this property has been pending for more than thirty yearn, j doors and for tunnel windows arc very popular, and afford a good profit to tha concerns' that make them, and these ore • almost invariably pieces of some largo plate (that was broken. . An accident to a plato gloss window no longer results in a total losa.—St. Louis Globe, Democrat . Kefqted a OoimtlOD. LAFAVETTK, Ind., March 8. Tke oouuty commissioners Monday refused to vote the 160,000 aiked for as a donation to Pnrduo university to aid in replacing 1 the recently bnrned shops, Hoei ftl* Political RlraJ. RICHMOND, Ind., March 0.—Dr. Joseph M. Bulla, coroner of Wayne county, has sued Dr. vf. W. Zimmerman, ei •coroner of the county, for 15,000 damages for alleged slander. To lnv*atla>t« » Ind., March 9,— The grand jury here was instructed Monday to Investigate the recent attempt to lyuob, the negro Hall, ." :ts they called it. Tho open pendant sleeves required :t liniiiyr, iind ermine and other cosily furs \veiv used to line them. The fur was ; frequently turned over the edge-, fonn- i inp a handsome culV. ,'ind \vomt.'ii wore ' not tho worst oll'endcrs. The sleeve WHS brilliantly extravagant in tlu- fourteenth century. Somutinics it expanded like- n balloon: again it drooped like fantastic winirs; then the outer ' sleeve was cut up its length, and the I linen of tho inner one was drawn out between, forming a long pulting. The linen shirt was tho next new achievr,- i ment, and the slashed outer sliovcs allowed to be seen; and soon the simple linen was not considered Hue enough by dandies, who began to use cambric iind silk. In the sixteenth century the sleeve asserted its independence, and it got detached from the gown, and made up separately for chnn^o and variety. i Henry VJII. had a variety of sleeves in I his wardrobe, and his daughter, Eli/a! bcth, improved upon the idea. Tho • dressmakers of to-day might borrow many a hint from the wardrobes of i thesi; two. Henry VI.11."s hud ru- • splendent preen velvet, ones, richly embroidered with Dowers of dnmasl; gold, and having a raised design of Venetian gold cord upon it. Each sleeve had six buttons of gold, and on each was a heart. The damask flowers ivore also set with pearls. Another pair of sleeves were of black silk, with strawberry leaves and flowers embroidered in gold. The women of this century wore both elaborately slashed and embroidered linen sleeves and detached outer sleeves, which hung from tho shoulders. These were often tied into "love-knots." Till the close of Henry VIII.'s reign the fashion of inner and outer sleevea prevailed; but by degrees there were signa that tho outer sleeve would soon have to retire from its place, : Elizabeth, that woman of many re* forms, completed the transformation, and almost entirely discarded the outer sleeve. The inner, now the only sleeve, was as gorgeous as it might be, and was an honored item in Elizabeth's marvelous wardrobe. Tho flat lace collars of the early half o( the. seventeenth century had a de- )!•' butter is colored too deeply it looks nasty. We believe in coloring butter because the consumer wants it yellow, lint too ranch color b bad. . Do SOT apply salt to butter carelessly. \Veigl) the butter and OK-II add salt at the rate of three-quarters of an ounce ur an ounce to a pound and work it in thoroughly.—Farmers' Voice. From Mrc la Snn, Aa s family iouuii;ir.o i>>voo;:\ Celerj Kinp for ilv nerve? nhritn from sirt to HOC as alejacv. IT you h«v« kid- npy, liver Or i;!o d disorder <io not. iie!«v, but f 1 ' a fr-.-e ••-,".mpic pavkagc of this remedy a' once. If you have ind'jjestion, con-tipuiion, hcadachc, vhCMmati^m, etc., this srrar.d s-pccific will euro vou. B^n Fisher, 311 Fourth btreut, tho ieauing: dru^(>i>'. if tolt ajrent. and is fiistrihr.tingsamplon f.-eo to tho a.llicti-d. Large packfipes . r >r cents. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castorla. Kvcry ( s ow Hurt :i Limit. Ex-Ciov. Hoard, of Wisconsin, says that nvery t'Ow is born with her certain limit in her percentage of butter fat. One cow is born with a 3 per cent limit, another witln per cent, another with 5 per cent., and another with 0 per cent. A cow that has an undeveloped limit can be developed by feeding-, but the cow that has gone to the extent of her limit cannot be made to fro a single ounce further. Kcc'l her hiph a.nd she will £TOW fat, but will not exceed her limit of butter fat. (She will give you SO pounds oi milk per day in.lane audit will make a pound of butler; she will give you io pounds of milk ill October and it will make a pound of butter. The water has decreased whk'h increases the per cent- age of solids bnt oot the absolute 'nnount- CARVED IVORIES. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to . personal enjoyment wheh tightly used. Tke many, who live better than otnera and enjoy life more, witK leas expenditure, by nibfe promptly idapting the world's- bent products to the needs of physical being,,will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy.-Syrup ot :Fig«. , z •':' • . Its excellence ia. due to it» presenting in the form most acceptable andpl«air ant to the taite, .the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of » perfect, ]aj> ative; effectually cleansing the isystem, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana permanently curing -constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with ithe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- * T ' . *._.! 'DnM.j.l« •»!+lv^\t,t WAak^ Artlntlt Kffectn Wroajht ia tbo B«t Parts of Elepbantu* Tniki. In the sixteenth and seventeenth ccnturien, various sculptors in ivory were engaged in carving- portions o! tusks with classical and other subjects, which were afterward mounted in silver or silver-gilt by some of the inest Augsburg and Nuremberg workers, and formed vases and tankards. In the eighteenth century Torioua carvinps in ivory were made, chie^y of statuettes and small plaques, but noae attain to the excellence of the earlier carvings. In modern times, the ivory carving's of India have become noted for their minute and delicate work. In China and Japan ivory has been carved, the ivory balls inclosed inside ono another beintf specially noted. Many theories have been formed as to how these balls have been cut; perhaps a probable one is that a bal) of ivory was taken, around the upper and lower ends of which four (imall holes were carved out, gradually diminishing in size toward the center until tho axis of the one hole met the aiis of the other or lower one at right angles in the center of the ball, and that then small tools were inserted, and 1 a ihin layer of ivory, forming a part of a circle from one hole (o its lower corresponding one, was cut and loosened from the •whole mass. So, gradually cutting from one bole to the next, a complete inner circle was eventually loosened, the circles themselves afterward being cut into the required pattern.— Chambers' Journal Til* Great liihorltaneo. Xve'i *Jnna> been transmitted ««J: To her pouWrUy, alack I "T*a» larootib Bn appto that ane loll, And man DOW fall* through applejack. —Brooklyn IJfe Mrs. Witsiow's Sooihiaff Syrup km;.-, been u^ed for over fifty yearc- bv millions of mothers for iboir cnildrot: while teething, wiih perfect succesi-. It soothiis tho child, ooflens the gums, allnys all paic, cures wind colic, aof. is tho best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relievo the poor 1-ttle suffers:- immwiiatoly. Sold K- drufr?ii=te ir. every part ol Ibe world. Twcaty-Gvp. cents a bottle. Be euro and a<-lc for •Mrs. Wlr.slow's Soo'.hing Syru;)" '•'a.t ttko no olhor kiiij. Oaf Waj to be HipPT- 18 It at all times to attend to the comforts of your family. Should any one of them catch a slight cold 01- cough, prepare yourself and call »t onco on Ben Fi?bor, 3! 1 Fourth street, sole agent, and get tt trial bottle of Otto's cure, the great <5rerman remedy, / ree . Wo give it away to prove that we have a I'Ure cure (or coughs, colda, asthma, consumption, and all diecaaea of the throat and lungs. Large size* 50 cents. When B»by irai rtck, •*• g»™ her OMtorK When ib« w«« a CUM, ih« cried for Outocia,. When ihe becam» Mia, the done to CMtrtt, When «b» Ud Children, tbt »»«• them Qulcria. OOVB, Liver and Bowels without weak- Thl* !• Awful... . ; ,; , There is a tender connection b«iw«*B the railroad engineer and kin j»sasn- g era. —Lowell Courier.' .. LIU or OeaihT It Urt rttal inpottMee tbat It itK>ul41» «DdeT- itood 67 penoD* «bo"e kldneia are toaaUte, Uwt tilfoon<lltloao/thli)g».l» ao»llj UunicUre oj a itaUof tieorjaniwbere.llieliaBgi to tbe balance Bncbt't ,djfea«e, clstwie*. albBmlnnrla areaU diseases ol atwy obstinate, ciaiacter in their, rndtDrc ilnge. and all hif e a fatal tendency. Thej often baffle in'e mostpractlnea mcdlcBl rtltl, and the most »ppi«Ted rem'dlt* of HBterla inedlca.-But opposed at tt« ouwet-tsit to to aw.wnenthekldneF" betln to ainehaiws toelr tonettoDt (uactlwlj-Mth Hosteller 1 * Btom&ch Bitten, tha dame' ou> tcndwi r >* ctucked, Terr otefol, alto, ti tUK bcmebold medlclM for Uiooe ailments of common eocurreno«-topaUnoUo». tHUonsneni, djupepua and nenrooMieiis. It It a ening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. ; ,.„ Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drag- safeguard ai-tart malaria and avert* Onrnle «rist» in 60c ana $1 bottles, but it is man- • •*••••—«— ufactared by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Sy/upof Figs, ind being well informed,"yon will no*, accept any cuimtitute if ofiewd rheumatism. !*•«'• ItmmllJ BoweU ny Mo«t people noefl to California Fruit LuatSreis nature'* own true remedy. It combine* th* medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plant* which are known to have a beneficial effect on the human tystem. Although harmless to tbe most delicate constitution it it thorough and effective, and will afford a pel manent ouro (or habitual constipation and tb« many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, llvor, stomach and bowels. For tale bj all druggists at 60 ceata a N»«le. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. ExcnrKlon Katca lo California And winter resorts in tbe South ria Pennsylvania lines. Tourists Uok*t& to winter resorts on tbe Pacific slope and in Florida and the South, are now on sale at principal ticket office* of the Pennsylvania line*. Tbe low rate* will be in effect during the winter, and return limit of eiourelor tiekatt will permit an extended sojourn. For details, please apply to nearest Fein, •ylvania line ticket agent, or addreM F. Tan Dusen, Chief rAsiietaot General Passenger Agent, PlU«b«rg, Fa Children Cry tor Pitcher's Cattoria. "B«Tal Bnk7'» r«rt Wine. If you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend tbo use of this Old i'ort Wine, tbe very blood of the. grape. A grand tonic for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It creates strength; Improve* the appetite; nature's own remedy, much preferable to drug*;, guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of ago. Young wino ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Inilgt on having this standard brand, it oostt no more. $1 in quart bottle*. Bottled by Boy»l Wloo o Chicago.- >r ale

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