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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 54

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OaEtlanD CtiOune JAXtTARr 6, 1929 Dillon Sash Pully. Melba ApartrnentsCompleted R. House has completed lliia structure which is located at 3307 Bruce street near Hopkins. Its modern facilities include genuine Frigidaire, Wedgewood tanges, and Marshall and Stearns wall beds. The house is- open for inspection.

RECORD IS This new product of the Stanley Works of New Britain, Connecticut, has been hailed by architects, engineers and the building industry as a much-needed improvement. 'v- IS PLACED OPENED BY HEREC. R. HOUSE SUNDAY NEW PULLEflRflHTMEi.TS OUTSTANDING MARKE ''V 8 The "Dillon jam-proof pulley." product of the Stanley Works at New Britain. has been placed upon the Pacific roust market, it Is announced by Harry T.

Parker. i WJS; If illlli: I. I fv 1 jK '4 I -fe SX p.pejgj western sales representative for the pulley division of the company. now now being used In thu Must buy by Architects' II, MoCorkle and Douglas Dacre Stone, is highly approved by tho building trades and has undergone extensive tets rquivalent to 140 years actual uso before th cord will snap." declared Parker. "Until the perfection of the Dillon pulley design the Stanley Works refrained from the production of a pulley.

The 'Oillon' Is now offered lo the trade with the assurance that it. wfll conform to tho same standard of quality and workmanship which bus been characteristic to Stanley hurdware for tho past SO years. "AVIth tho new product tl)o cord is fed direct into tlio pulley without the aid of a carpenter's mouse. This is doing away with a nuisance. The improving of hnrdware has been the aim of tho Stanley Works and If whs after years of effort that the a wrought steel pulley, fit to hear tho Stanley lni: print, was perfected.

"For the convenience of lho public stocks of the Klllon pulley are flow available at Maxwell's, Uin-non Brothers Manufacturing company and ut 1'ied Lungbehn, 137 Franklin street," I I ill Pl 5'' I uislCr.r,; 'A II. House announce the com-pletlon of an apartment buildinif at 3307 Bruce street, Just below Hopkins. The structure, comprises 18 apartment of two find three roqiiis and is complete in Its furnishings and it modern equip-pient. A description roads: first floor apartments have been finished with hardwood floor.i while tho two upper levels huvo been completely carpeted, the ad-vantng being tb. elimination of sound from iho upper floors.

The wall finishes are of text iji-efl, planter hishliehted in various ndlfr coinl-natlons. The breakfast rooms arc papered in coverings of bright color and cheerful design. The kitchens have enameled finishes op the. walls and woodwork with Individual color schemeu carried out in the tile. In the enameling of the YVedjewood ranges in harmony with the woodwork finish.

All windows have been nicely draped and in I he furnished iipnrtments the furnlturo 1ms been earefully selected. "Among meritorious Installations are the genuine Frlglduire, the full autoinatlo Johnson oil burner providing steam heat and hot water, and the comfortable Marshall and Stearns boda. facilities also include a laundry in the basement, tradesmen's lockers for each apartment at the rear stairways, a wasl shoot on' each floor, radio plugs, showera the tiled floored bathrooms, hullt-ln dressers with mirrors in the dressing rooms, several closets for each stpartment and nn individual entrance hallway for each unit. "The location Is convenient to transportation both by Hopkins street anJ Fourteenth while bYslness district wth Its chain stores Ja also convenient. Schools, both grammar and high, nre jvlthin easy walking distance.

The house Is open for inspection lodny. Williams Named Sales Director B. Williams, widely-known sales manager and writer of sev. eral books on sales management, becomes director of cales of The Paraffins companies, and will have supervision of sales of the Pa boo Products Division, accord, ing to a recent announcement by general manager. Jn addition, Williams will act salen counselor of all companies owned or controlled by' The Paraffins companies, Inc.

Richard Milliard, formerly district manager at Los Angeles and acting director of sales A phenomenal record of progress In all branches of American aviation la revealed in the annual re. port of Major Clarence M. Young, director of the acronautlca branch of the Department of Commerce, which was made public today. The growth of air commerce and the air craft industry of the United Slates, Major Young believes, i due in no amall meaaure to the strict enforcement of federal regulations which has inspired public confidence in the safety of sir transport- During 1927 American factories produced nearly 2000 aircraft having a total value of $14,200,000 as compared withieas than 1800 val. nod at 18,870,000 during- the preceding year.

Exports of aircraft and parts during 1037 amounted to nearly $3,000,000, an increase of approximately S6 per cent over 1U36. During the first half of the current year our total sales In for. in markets of aircraft products were 38 per cent greater than the entire shipments of last year. Air transport, Major young declares, has now attained a definite place in the economic scheme of transportation. The established-airway system is the backbone of our commercial aviation, although operations over this network form onlyone-tenth of all civil flying.

These routes now cover 11,191 miles on which 87,817 miles are flown dally. Of these, lO.SSSNullea are under mail contract and 200 mail planes fly 153,234 miles daily over these routes. There are now 8880 miles lighted, 1800 miles under contract for night flying, and -8308 additional miles considered for lighting during- the fiscal year ID; S. The cities actually connected by the routes at the close of the fiscal year numbered 88. the trading areas served containing SO.

million people. By the close of the cur rent fiscal year It Is believed that almost all of the larger cities and many of the middle-sized commune itles will be connected by air routes and that smaller feeder lines will serve many outlying cities- Communication to aircraft In flight along the transcontinental route, the report states, will be Available within a short lime. Kadio equipment is under construe, tlon for replacing obsolete appar-aiim now in use. The new apparatus will provide radio-telephone or radio-telegraph communication as may be required on frequencies between 100 and 600 kilocycles. Considerable research and testing work was conducted by the Bureau of Standards for the aeronautics branch during the period under review.

These investigations embraced radio aids to navigation, lighting of airways, sound proofing of airplane cabins, airplane control tests, and tests of. commercial aircraft engines. 1 Approximately 600 airplanes are WASIIl.MUTOS;. IX. 0.Tho department of commerce announces that, nccording to da collected at the biennial census of manufacturers taken in 1028, the establishments engaged primarily in tho manufacture of glass lu 1927 reported products valued at a decrease of 5.5 per cent a compared with 11,10,424 for lw25, the last preceding census year, HIE USE need for a lighter truok.

Our desire to enter this field has led us to make an analysis in view of man--ufacturlng a truok which wllj meet the demand for smaller rucka tor road maintenance work. When Fageol ts announced to serve lit thin field, there will be no question as to ite fitness to maintain" the enviable reputation Kagoola have already built in the publio improvement field." PUBLIC Participants In Home Are Listed being built In American factories each- monthwhlch have to be Inspected as to their airworthiness. It Js obvious. Major Toung states, that a very efficient org-anlsatlon of the inspection section is esen. tlal In order to carry out the work-involved.

To this end, factory inspectors are being employed and trained as rapidly as possible for the purpose of Inspecting and licensing "new production" airplanes at the time they leave the factory. This, it is pointed out, will aid the Industry by facilitating the issuance of licenses in the first Instance, although these plane will still require periodical relnspection by the field personnel of the department. Applications for pilot's and. me. chanic's licenses showed striking increase during the past fiscal year, due in large ensure to the publicity given the epochal flights which occurred during that period.

By June 30 laHt applications wore on file for over 6500 pilots and 6000 mechanics which was about three times the number on file on the corresponding date the previous year. On June 30 over 4700 appli variety, 41 per cent of 1 to 5-ton sUe, and per cent of ti-ton or larger sizes. These figures do nut Include 18,600 trucks of other city departments for such as street cleaning, refuse collection and disposal activities. Of this number, IS, 000 are dump trucks of 2-ton capacity or. larger.

Email, munict-palltles having from 1000 to 5000 population use 841 1 trucks, most of which are of 1 to 9-ton sixes. "The fact that' there la an aver, age of four motor trucks to every paving concrete pilxer in use' on highway Job gives an Idea of the market for motor trucks among oontractors. Most of tho ney construction and improvement street repair work is done by contractor who also engage In other public Improvement work, making It difficult' to obtain, reliable data re. gardtng the number of trucks they use, though the number is very large. "Although we have met the demand for larger trucks, we feel the period.

Up to June 30 last, licenses had been issued for approximately 3000 pilots, 3000 mechanics and 2000. airplanes. In addition( 4000 applications for students' permits have been filed. In order to pass on the qualifications of these applicants, the bureau maintains 40 inspectors In the field. As the work of these inspectors is almost entirely at airports official airplanes can be utilized with great saving of time and corresponding Increase of efficiency.

Unfortunately, the report shows, there are but 14 planes of design available for their use. Funds are available for the purchuso of fJve more but even with tlilN additional number of alls Planes the total will bo about one-third of the number essential to the most efficient performance of inspection duties. Referring to the enforcement of regulations, the report shows that during the past fiscal year there were 224 violations, resulting In 6 6 assessments of the civil penalty, 121 reprimands, 22 suspensions, twq revocations, and flvo denials of licenses. The -violations consisted of acrobatics over prohibited areaw, flying low over congested area's, flying licensed aircraft without a pilot's license, flying aircraft with no Identification numbers displayed A recent market analysis of the United States, gathered and charted by the t'agool Motors company, shows that 1 to 3-ton trucks note In public improvement work, and thut Ibis field Is showing such a vemarkalilo increase ln truck buying that the eyes of manufacturers are being drawn toward It, These figures, from T. BUI.

snlcsmonnger of the Fageol company, show how much of our tax dollar goea into trucks. Bill goes on lo say: "We find that 18,000 trucks are owned by SO00 counties doing effective work In highway construction and maintenance-averaging nlno trucks to each county. While a third of these are of the to' 8-ton sUe, 71.8 per cent of the 18,000 trucks have a IK -ton cnpaclty or larger. Forty- during a recent absence of Williams becomes manager of sales of the Paboo Products' Division, cations had. been received ror THE following finni sre participants in the inger home in Cluremonl Pines: Frederick H.

Rcimers. srchlteolt York developers! C. Dudley Do Velbits, ranslruction Pacific Slates Building I-onn Assorialion. financins; Vsn Heerden, painting: Modern Home Equipment Co, Walker dishwashers; Seller's kitchen cabinets, bydro-oil burners Hoyt Healer company, wator healers; Atkinson Mill Manufacturing company, mill work; Superior Tile Prod, ucts 'interior tiling. -Weir Elertrie Appliance company, electric bathroom heaters; Berkeley craftsmen, ornamental iron J.

Fajio, plumbing; Stale Electric company, electric wiring; General Hoofing company, roof; U. S. Gypsum company, plaMer; Tyre glass; Waiter IV, Boysen company, paints; Ariss.Knapp censing airplanes as compared wltn 1100 at the end of the 1937 fiscal Melba Apts. Just Completed at. 3307 Bruce-St.

Near Hopkins 2 and 3 rooms, or unfurn. Every convenience. Steam heat, Frigidaire, colored range. Tastefully furnished and decoratecU Rentals from WW0 C. R.

House Builder nd Owner- flying- without navigation eight atates own 17,000 motor trucks of the same proportion of Tile Work for the MeJba Apis, by CHURCHILL WASHINGTON, D. C.The-de. partment of eommeroe announces that, according io data collected at the biennial census of manufacture era taken In the establishments engaged primarily In the manufacture of cutlery fnot including silver and plated cutlery) and edge toolB in IDS 7 reported products valued at a decrease of 4.8 per cent as compared with ISO, 268,263 for 102(1, the iHHt preceding censu year, Among the intoresilim develop- Omenta of the past fiscal year cited sizes as those used In county work, except that there itre fewer of 'the very small size. Figures show that 1407 cities having a population of mora than 6000 use 4S00 txucKs. by (Major Young in his report was the creutlon of an accident board within his organization to (nvostli.

gate all civil aircraft accidents with the view to determining and elimi TILE CO. -rtffiTS per cent of which are of nating their causes. This board Is, company, excavating; American USO Mel A-e. i I ''MSsSkjSklttaSRlMtjttIV Radiator company; J. II.

Fill-maurice, concrete contractor; Overhead Door company of Caii. fornia, garage doors; Tyler Mil. ford, nlniterer. cpniposed of two experienced pilots, a flight surgeon, a lawyer versed In air law and an aeronautical engineer. A careful analysis of accl.

dents Is made and a percentage valuation assigned to contributory causes. 'Fait Accompu" Melba Apts. Using Ssss. Frigidaire Properly Installed or owrrsr of a pew or old apartment house owes it to himself to make a thorough Investigation ft methods of tnsUl lation before purctiaslng automatlo refrlgeratlori. Do you know bow genuine Frlfldalr meeta the apeoifloatlona for multiple Installation as set forth In the NEW COJ9B eTTSctlvo January 1st, IM our engineer explain the new code an4 whet It msans to This MODEL HOME Now Open Completely furnished by John Breuncr Company of Oakland.

Located iu San LeandToV rarest orchard property. The built-in fixtures ara revelation in convenience Tor the- modem Wusewifo? Cotte out Sunday and let us show you the features of this newest Mode Home. 'i LoaWf'at Colliers Drive in L( I The Tribune-Schlesinger Home is completed, and stands EmQE0T0(DN Di0XE GeorgcBcan Company house will be open Afternoons and enged as the finest Model .1962 BROADWAY Frigidaire Corp. orne ever opened to general inspection on the Pacific Coast. trfMMrytrfSiiiiatV Th Melba Apti.t.

equipped with CLOSED TOP GAS RANGES A splendid example of English domestic architecture. Planned, decorated and completely furn Every craftsman and tradesman connected with the project invites inspection of this interesting man- sion, and each will gladly explain the individual details of construe' tion with which he is familiar. Manufaotqrsd by Jas. Graham Manufacturing Co. 4, pleasant drive out Hlh Street or Foothill Boulevard to EstudiUo Avenue.

FRED T. WOOD INC. Tract Office, Foothill Boulevnrd at Kulodillo Avenue Telephone Sweetwoeil 3IM Mela OfNvei JKOl fronklln Hirrrt, Oakland Telrphvn Lakenlde Newark San Frnclse Los Angeles Visit this home while the opportunity Is still open. Inspection in-, -t vited daily from 10 m. to 9 p.

m. Drive out Broadway to Broadway Terrace, to Claremont Pines, where the home is located, IGAjCQAL-OILl 1 Jj APPLIANCES GAS FLOOR FURNACE Iff'ff This dJCA 30-60-90 day payments. No (I ieVvU interest. IdesI for smsll I I homes without basements. Safe, 1 I healthful, convenient and ecoqoraicsl.

jjjJi jJ An Oakland md product, passed, jjjlijj wr by A. C. A. testing laboratories. ished by George Bean this beautiful Piedmont residence ihas already attracted thousands visitors who have come her both to admire and to learn JsV IT offers a wealth of home-building ideasfAf you plan to buila soon, see it! An inspection of this home will help you to plan your own new home more intelligently, Here you can see demonstrated all s.

the latest ideas io home build- ing, fdrnishirig and decoration, Loeationfio, 3 RICHARDSON WAY JuitffWghUndAvtnut st tht intersection tf Ricbr4s9n)Pay and CaptrtoH Avenue, Pitdmont. i Ifoust open undtr auspictt L'liCAiAtEDICU CUNANN Dtaltrt in fin Homes tlomesites 3U FOURTEENTH 5TRIET 1AKE3ID 9700 For full details regarding the Tribune-Schlesinger Lighting Fixtures of individual character for Tho Molbe Apt. duigned, manufactured and installed bf W. M. Weakley 1204 8th Ave.

Glencouri 53H Guaranteed Plumbing for the Melba Apts- by J. A. FAZIO 40: Cs.tre OeJtlani 3SS0 Home Telephone Lakeside 5100 1 Sheet Metal Work fr the Mclb Apis, by C. R. Sheet Metal Works HARDWARE lor Melb Apts.

FROM B.SIMON' HARDWARE CO. ITHOUSALE and HIT AIL 7TH and BROADWAY a S3 mm 3907 Telegraph Avf. Pid. Likesid 1S9.

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