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1948 Nw Dpt. IS. Butlnoia 710. 1 8 Stepping Down Club Speaker Cancer Fund Total Reaches $2,350 As County Drive Ends v-. ATo.

6 of a Scries Franklin May Have Look At Real "Flying Saucer" Soon If Model Builder Succeeds Tel Aviv Bombed As Arab Forces Invade Palestine U. S. Recognizes Israel As Full-Scalc Holy War Engulfs New Nation TF.L AVIV. STATE OF ISRAEL, May 51 INS Haganah, the Brothers Get 1-7 Year Sentences At State Reformatory Judge Rogers Revokes Suspended Sentences After Hearing Today Suspended l-to-7 year scrtonocs at the Indiana state reformatory at Pendleton were ordered revoked in circuit court S.Tturdiy morning for Thomas J. Whitaker.

Jr. age 20, and his brother. William M. Whitaker. age IS.

both of Acton R. R. 1. Judge Grant Rogers had rdered Local Society Exceeds 1948 Quota Of Contributions Continue Johnson county's annual drive or funds for the Indiana Com or Society, has come to a close witji contributions amounting to 50, Raymond Mitchell, county drive chairman, reported today. The quota set for Johnson county army of the new-horn State of Israel, announced today that its forces shot down one of six plancj which bombed Tel Aviv at dawn.

The announcement said that the plane's Egyptian pilut has been captured. Another Haganah communique stated that Arabs have "massacred" was Mr. Mitchell is well pleased with the generous response. i Contributions are still coming in and no doubt the total will bo raised to fti if iii .4 ill mi" i. considerable extent when the fi the entire male and female population of the Kfar Etzion settlements.

nal accounting is made. GLENN V. RAY. Tho local organization keeps 10 southwest of Jerusalem. An earlier communique said that several hundred" Jews were cap per cent of the funds collect eel; L'O per cent goes to the state office in Indianapolis and 40 per cent is sent to the American Cancer Society which sponsors scientific investigations on a large scale.

tured by the Arabs in several davs' bitter fighting at Kfar Etzion. The HENRY F. SCHRICKER. Whiteland Group To Hear Former Governor Tuesday Henry F. Schricker, former governor of Indiana, will be guest speaker nt a dinner meeting sponsored bv th Whiteland Civic club to new communique aroused bitter feeling throughout the State of Israel.

Ray Scott Named Whileland High School Principal Prominent State Coach To Succeed Glenn Ray, Who Stays On Foculty WHITELAND, Miv 15 Glenn V. Rav. principal of White-land hih fur the past siv years and a mrmliiT of the hool faculty for 2'. has asked to bo relieved of his toi as principal at the advie of a ihysieian. and Harry McClain.

truster of Pleasant township. today announced thi' appointment of Rav Scott, of Indianapolis, to take h'n place. Mr. Scott, a native' of White-land, is a firm-r Indiana basketball dim h. He paini fi state- wide promi-rrnir in 1037 when ho teok his lliintinghtirg tram to the final game of thr Indiana High hool Athletic A-soe iation tournament, losing to Anderson in thr hnmpionship urn-trt 33 2 3.

A graduate of (Vntrr Grove high hool anc I Franklin College. Mr. Scott coached at Martinsville hih hool in thr South (Yntra! Con-forour nTtcr leaving Hunt inghui g. and this year was a mrmbcr of thr faiultv of Versailles high school Mr. Sott is th' son of Mrs.

Jenn'." Scott, of Whitrland. Ili st a tried his coaching cnrciT at Monrorvillr. and we nt from there to Southport before getting the Huntingburg post Mr. Scott loft ihr- coaching profession for a short while to teaih at Arsenal Teh in Indianapolis, then returned to o.v Martinsville and at Washington. He was on the fa ulty at Versailles tho last semester of the present si hfxjl year Ray Slats On Faculty Mr.

Hay. who will rontinue duties as tearher of industrial arts and science, said the heavy burden of serving as principal, tearher ard taking enre of other interests outside the school was beginning t) tell on his health. He came to the White-land schools as a teacher in H22. and this spring completed a fine record of 25 consecutive school terms without miss-inn a single dav. He coached at The funds remaining in the coun Deputy Attorney-General Escapes In WhitelandWreck Frederick W.

Harrison Involved In Collision; Arrests Arc Reported ty will used to extend the equipment purchased for the Johnson It said that Jewish fighters have now evacuated Ataroth, north of County Memorial Hospital last year. These purchases are made under the Jerusalem, but that within the Holy City they managed to occupy all points evacuated by the direction of the Johnson County Medical Society. Gave $1,252 Last Year. In 1017 a cheek for $ was Drop 12 Bombs The planes dropped twelve bom'is the youth brought before him for failing to comply with the provisions the suspension. They failed to show ade-ejuate cause why the suspensions should not l-e revoked, and Judge Rogers ordere-d thent taken to the reformatory Charge-d with obtaining money by false pretense, they had entered pleas of guilty when arraigned Monday, January 5.

Their confessions at that time cleared up an extensive check forgery sc heme hich they hael carried out in recen' we eks, authorities said The affulavits had harge, them with only one offense, the forgery on of a $10 hec at the- Earl Wilson service station, which they allegedly presented in payment for eight gallons of gss-oline. Both were fined $25') ancl cos's when arraigned January 5. placed on probation for a period of two years, and ordered to make full restitution within four mon'hs for every check cashed. Themas Whitaker. as to have paid back a total of $'2.

in-eluding to his father tnd $2 tej the Wilson service statmn. William Whitaker was to make a total restitution of $25. including ,5 to the Franklin bus terminal, $5 to Oron W. Deer Seen, to the Standard Groc cry in Gree-nweod. $7 tei Ituikhart's Diamond D-X service station, and $3 tej the Wilson s'-rviee station.

Eac defendant alv was ordered at that time to pay $5 weekly te his parents for support, and Judge Rogers in addition hadr placed certain in the iort area of the city, ner given to the hospital and used for the purchase of an electric coutrey, a binocular microscope, and a con the power station, but casualties and'damage were light. held in tlif dining room of the Bethany Presbyterian hun Tuesday, at 7 p. m. "Community and Civic- Activities" is to be the subject of Mr. Si hrn k-er's address.

Mr. Si hric ker. possible candidate for the Domex rat ic gubernatorial nomination, serve-el as governor of the state lor one term, 1010 to 10 A i hie ken dinne will be served prior te the address. The Ripplo-aires, IneJianapolis barbershop quar tribution toward purchase of x-ray equipment. (Routers quoted broadcasts as A double mailing list was inaugu saying that one person was killed and six: injured in the bombing i.

Frederick W. Harrison, of deputy attor-ney-uc ticral for the state of Indiana, escaped injury at 1 o'cloc Friday afternoon when ho was involved in a collision at the intersection of US and the Whiteland road in Whiteland. F.dward F.stor. ago TO, of White-land R. R.

1. driver of the other car suffered a minor head injury. rated by Mr. Mitchell this year whic was of much value in covering the county. Most of the contacts are Th" attack, thought to have been made by planes of an Iraq Air Force squadron based in Trans-Jordan, came only a few hours alt made by mail and each town and township has special chairmen.

tet, will also be featured en the Officers serving with Mr. Mitchell er the birth of the new Jewish Na Tho accident was investigated by The public is invitee te attend. arc Mrs. Joseph Forrara, vice-chair tion. That is NOT the "flying saucer" that Bill Danner is holding in his hand.

It is one of the many gasoline-powered model airplanes that he has built and flown. man; Mrs. Fred Sharp, campaign Tickets may lx- se-e-ure-cl from rlub offic rs including Ralph Fh-en'-r. It underlined anxiety felt at the hairman; Mrs. Robert Townsend.

State Patrolman Vein I'urecll, lop-uty Sheriff Charles Shipp and Officer Marion Huvall. According to the officers. Mr president; Ernest Hall, vice-presi- possibility of full-scale warfare with surrounding Arab nations, and cast sec retary; Dr. Lyman I). Eaton, med de-nt; John Favinge-r, secretary, and ical adviser; Roger Owens, treasur stunt, turn loops, fly up-side down.

a pall over the celebrations of Jew Frank Evans, tre-asurer. Deadline er; Miss Bess Sehollcr, publicity, and and come in for normal landings. Makes Own Flans ish independence. F.stcr was driving cast on the White-land road, stopped at the- highway for se-e airing ticke ts ami making res- Miss Frances Mast, county health nurse. The planes were said to havo ervatiems is Sunday cve-ning.

Manner follows closely all model Last year's illusion may well be cotne this year's reality when Bill Uanner. Franklin College junior and model airplane builder, completes his "flying saucer," now almost ready for unveiling. l)anner a native El wood, now a Sociology major at intersection and, not seeing the- ap neon marked with concentric cir airplane news. He suscribes to sev Township and city chairmen are; proac hing ar, pulled directly in cles, similar to RAF insignia, tx front of it. Mr.

Harrison was driv oral magazines such as the Model Plane Magazine, Air Trails, Airplane ccpt that thev were black and Mrs. Donnie Arthur Mrs, Fred Dcursey, Edinburg; Mrs. Mcnlo Isom, Greenwood; Mrs. G. F.

Powers, Nineveh; Mrs. Ona Kelch, ing north in a I'Ml Chevrolet coupe, l.mitations on the driving privileges green. This led to their tentative- cf the trio. and struck Mr. Kster's 11)33 Ply mouth coupe broadside.

the college, has heen messing News, and others. In many cases around" with model airplanes since Bill makes his own plans for planes identification part of the Iraq Trafalgar; Mrs. Charles Royce, Route Sh'rilf Howard Maxwell told the Air Force. sui as he did in constructing the 1, Edinburg; Mrs. Carroll Groves, eeuirt at that time that Mr.

Whit Mr. F.stcr was arrestci on a charge They were met by a hail of Jew "Flying Saucer." aker, had made good at least Route 1, Green wrod; Mrs. Loren Webb. R. Franklin; Miss Betty ish small-arms fire as they flew in three checks in the sums of $100, $50 to attack.

of failure to yield right-of-way. and i. to appear later in local peace court. Tho riuht side of his automobile was damaged to the extent By improvising and using the trial and error method on some of his "creations," Bill gets good results. McCaslin, R.

Franklin; Mrs. Har Meanwhile, the violent fighting old Vandivier, Morgantown, and Mrs. that has not ceased since t'n and $20 to keep hii boys out of trejuble during their check-writing spree. Amounts of the checks cashed ranged from $5 to $100. Dault Whitaker, Whiteland.

His major project nt present is to of Loss to the front of Mr. Har rison's vehicle was placed at $100. United Nations first decreed partition last November continued. Haganah radio announced that Jew Roth drivers wcr- riding alone at Burglars Break In even before he started to high school. Bill was in the news last year when one of his model planes which he was llyinK from Franklin College football field got, away and crashed into a nearby house.

This penchant for building model planes could possibly bo traced the young man's ambition to work with young boys. After graduation from college Bill hopes to work with the Y.M.C.A. or some other similar youth organization. Worn Out 5 Engines Li the Intervening years since VXi'i. Danner has worn out five get his "The Saucer" in flying shape and to test-hop it.

With college in its last and finals coming up, Bill doesn't know if he will be able to finish the mystery ship until after the first of June. But when the time. Verlin II. King.of Franklin. R.

Tom Brand Dies ish forces control virtually all of western Galilee, and that the Arab port city of Acre has been occu 3, was fined in peace court 5 Edinburg Stores here on a charge of driving his au pied. At Edinburg Friday tomobile into a parked motor bike belonging to Hon McClain. The ac school is out and the baucer 13 finished. Franklin will be treated to a view of a real "Flying Saucer" if they care to go to the college foot EGYPTIAN FORCES ADVANCE cidont occurred Wednesday mid Stolen Motorcycle Recovered Today Dies At Greenwood Services To Be Held Monday Morning GREENWOOD. Mav 15 Mrs.

Donnie E. Arthur, age 'JX. died at her home thre-e miles northeast of Greenwooel. Saturday morning at 2:15 o'clock, after an illness of a-bout t.evon months. Funeral services are t'j be held at the J.

C. Wilson Funeral h'me Monday at 10 a. m. Intermeri will be in Greenweod cemetery. Friends may call at mortuary Saturday evening.

Sunday afternoon and evening. Mrs. Arthur was Vorn in Kentucky on Novrmhe-r 25. 101 I. the daughter rf Robert Tayher and Susie MeCaslister Taylejr.

The survivors are the husband, the parents, three children. Charles Lee Dale and Marj'irie Jean and one sifter, Mrs. Ittie Williamson, of Lexington. Ky. night on West Jefferson street.

Capt. CAIRO. May 15 (INS) Egypt launched a "Holy War" against the ball field. Robert Samples was tho arresting EDINBURG, May 15 A 1012 In Jewish state of Israel today. ollieer.

William T. Harmon, of Indianap dian motrjrcycle valued at approx i- ii imately $100 was stolen during the lis, cnargoti tiy ratroiman I ureeu with speeding, was fined by night from the Harold Talbert service station located on old U.S. 31 Haymaker Forces Are Confident as Showdown Nears Justice of the Peace Malcolm Halli day. and the County Line road in a series the school for 17 years before bein relieved in 1930, guiding his teams to county championships in tho years and 1938. Before and after serving as varsity coach.

Mr. Ray excelled as a tutor of Whit eland grade teams, his first three squads going through their seasons undefeated. His grade tpimf competed several years in the annual Southern Indiana tournament at Columbus. Tho last grade tram Mr. Ray coached in all probability will comprise tho Whitolnnd arsity nct season.

His all time coaching record shows victory in approximately 75 p-r cent of the contests played, and few coaches ever were closer to their plavcrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray entertaining them numerous times with dinners at thejr home. Heads County Teachers Mr Ray graduated from Trafi'-gar high sc hool in 1018, received the ha i helor of science degree from Franklin College in 1022.

and was awarded the master of arts degree in 102 by Indiana University, lb-also attended Indiana State Teachers College. Since bei timing principal at Whiteland in the fall of when wa appointed to succeed Ilarrv .1 Riehcv. Mr. Rav personally has presented approximately ISO diplomas at the si hod. He is president of the Johnson County Tcai hers Assoc iation, and belongs to the Trafalgar Methodist church, Trafalgar Masonic lodge.

(Continued on Page Three.) of breakins reported to Edinburg po lice this morning. WHITELAND VACATION The cycle was recovered later Sat SCHOOL OPENS MONDAY Unless the unexpected develops urday morning. Police Chief Frank small model airplane gas engines and numerous planes. That statement along could give an indication as to how many planes he has built and flown. A motor will survive most plane crack-ups while the plane's wings and fuselages are damaged beyond repair, thus one engine will outlast quite a few planes.

The ship that Bill cracked up last fall damaged the plane itself but left the motor in good working order. Danner started out building rubber-powered models and gradually advanced to the high-speed, acrobatic, gas engine powered planes. Several of his models have won prizes at model plane meets here in the state. A few years ago he won tirst place in a rubber-powered within a very short time, Ira Hay Egyptian army troops were reported advancing in the Holy Land on a 50-mile front, and 600 suspected Zionists were arrested in a night-long police sweep. The "Holy War" was proclaimed by the rector of the Moslem Theological institute, and implemented by Egyptian Premier Mahmoud Nokrashy Pasha, who ordered tho army to advance against Israel.

An Aral) league spokesman "The American recognition of the Jewish state will not affect the determination of the Arab countries to wage war. The Palestine question can only be solved in Palestine bv the Arabs." Andrews reported. WHITELAN'U. May The Vac a tion Church School of the White- maker, of Franklin. will become chairman of the Indiana Democratic Othew places victimized included Dunlap Company where the land Methodist church will begin on state central committee at high Monday at a.m.

It will be held each morning, Monday through Friday, of noon. thieves broke a small office windejw and took approximately $1 in small change; the Shell Service Station on A stormy, bitter political battle the two weeks. May 17-30. with Picas Greenlee of Shelbyville. On Fiidav.

Mav L'S there will be U. S. 31; the public library and the Edinburg Ice Cream Parlor. Nothing the present state chairman, was COLLEGE TO PRESENT MUSICAL PROGRAM a picnic dinner on the church play scheduled to come to a showdown at ground for tho lose of tho si hool. was discovered missing at the later Services Planned Monday At Mt.

Auburn Church EDINBURG. May 15 Funeial services will be condurted at the Mt. Auburn Christian church Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock for John Garfield (Tom) Brand. Interment is to in Garland Brook cemetery at Columbus. Friends may call at the late residence any time after noon Sunday and are invited to attend the ritis.

Mr. Brand died suddenly about fi.30 o'cloc Friday evening at his bome; northeast of Edinburg, whil w-orking in his strawberry patch. II" was a farmer. Born in Brown county, July 20, 1877. he was the S'm of Pete and Lu'retia Mexjre Brand.

He wa married to Mrs. Ilatti" Giles, July 27. 1017. Surviving with the widow ar two sons and rn daughter by a previous They are Ray Brand of Edinburg. and Erti'-rt Brand and Mrs.

Iitti 1-eeth of Indiananoli'. two brothers, Ib-nry Mexire, of Columbus, Mxre, of Oglesville and one sister, Mrs. Nettie Shultz, of Beck's Crow. Also four step-children. Clyde Coles and Mrs.

Lorrcne Thayer, both of Columbus; Cleon Coles, of Indianapolis, and Gln Coles, of Oglesville, seven grandchildren and one remain. Two sons preceded hirn in death. Mr. Brand was member of tho Elizabethtown Christian church. 12 o'clock in the Claypool Hotel.

and on Sunday. May 30. at 7.30 jem places, police said. tho exhibit and demonstration will The Franklin Colle ge Radio Workshop will present a musical variety program over station WCSI FM. Co The cycle was taken by a burglar who entered the station late Friday be held.

Headquarters of Mr. Haymaker in room 612 at the hotel late Saturday morning said they are counting on 12 sure votes out of the 22. with a lumbus, Sunday at 4.30 p. (DST). I he thrtno for study this year is the church, and each class will use tho appropriate book of the Coopera possibility of picking up two more Taking part will be Mir.s Annette SITPORT RECOGNITION WASHINGTON.

May 15 (INS) American recognition of the new Jewish state of Israel received bipartisan support in Washington today. Sen. Vandenberg OTvt Mich, chairman of the Senate Foreign Re tive Text Scries, published by th Huvens. harpist; Miss Ellen Sjeeneer. The 12 Haymaker supporters held a pre-meeting confab Friday night i International Council for Christian niaiust: Miss Istainnrejok, scj- Education.

prano, and Max Don, tervjr. ancl pledged their allegiance to Mr Haymaker. night or early Saturday morning by forcing open a bark door. Mr. Talbert is agent for the motorcycles.

The burglary was discovered when the station was opened for business. The Bartholomew county r.heriff is investigating, since the station is located in that county. Mr. Talbert told officers he did r.ot believe anything else of value had been taken from his station. Chief Andrews said today a number of clues are being followed in the breakins and arrests are expected soon.

Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Be-nninghoff Mr.

Haymaker's supporters heard flations committee, foresaw the pos S. Is Hope of Europe' Relative of rumors Saturday morning that Mr Franklin Man rites from Switzerland Greenlee was attempting to cast both the two ninth-district votes for himself regardless of whnt the ninfh district chairman and vice-chairman plane class anl also a sportsmanship award at a meet in Elwood. Replicas of Commercial Ships These planes that he constructs are miniatures of many big commercial planes. They follow as closely as possible all the frame const ru-tion even to the details of markings, of their counterparts. The models nro mad" entirely from balsa wood ancl a tough, thin type of tissue paper.

When metal parts are needed for propeller hubs, spinners and motor mounts, the lightest weight alumnium is used. All of the planes that he has now, some of which are in various stages of construction, are gasoline-powered. The trend of model plane builders now is toward speed. Danner said. Some of the planes are capable of attaining speeds up to 130 miles per hour.

This phenomenal speed for a model of any kind is derived from a tiny piece of machinery that will fit have received wore! that their son-in-law, Capt. A. H. U.S. has been apjwiinte-d Commandant of the Naval Training Station at Norfolk, Va.

The Me-Collums will movr to N'ejrf'dk frejm Washingten, D. in the near future. might want to do. Mr. Haymaker is counting on one of the votes but is conceding the other.

The fenrs of Central Europeans over the expansion of Communism and the hopes placed in United States efforts to preserve free governments cutsido the "iron curtain." are summed up in a letter received recently by Adolph Fischer. Indiana Masonic Home florist, from a cousin in itzorland. Mr. Fischer, a native of Switzerland, is planning to visit his homeland this summer. Communist influence is not important in Switzerland, in ypite sibility that a truce in the bitter Jewish-Arab war might be reached before the United Nations if other governments took the lead set by the United States.

Shortly after President Truman signed the recognition proclamation at p. m. (EDT1 last night. Guatemala became the second nation to recognize Israel. Despite the reaction of leading statesmen, the major powers have remained non-commjttal.

No word has been received from London where the British government reportedly is gravely weighing the dramatic U. S. decision. Mr. Greenlee, rumors have it, also had hopes of disqualifying one other Haymaker vote.

Whatever the truth might be of the activity of foreign agents the-- there was no doubt but that a real cousin. Ci. A. Fischer of Baden. Swit-! Ho got the impression that at fight was shaping up.

Hay Making, Pasture Demonstrations Feature Grasslands Field Day June 4 Making quality hay and the renovation of pastures by various modern methods will Ik? among the many actual dernonstratiems conducted during the South Central Indiana Grasslands Field Day, whieh will Ik- held on the Bergen LaGrange farm near Franklin in Nc-'dham tec.vnship June 4. Not only the latest practices in cutting and field curing of hay nnel proper methods of renovating pasture will be shown, but abo now 7crland. writes. I t-, por of the population Mr. Haymaker is spear-heading a He continues hate Russians and the present Pol movement to draft former Governor Henry F.

Sehriekcr for the nomina I in the palm of a hand. These small tion for governor, and it was under "However if the Eastern menace leads to domination of all of our f.eighboring c-ountries by the Russians, we will got into a similar situation as a few years ago. if not worse. LEGION POSTS HOLD SPRING CONFERENCE Am'rnn Legion Posts in the seventh district will hfjld a spring conference in Indianapolis Saturday and Sunday. The conference rails for meetings of standing committees in sessions Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and courses for ii-wly elected officers, Saturday af-ternxn.

The-se meetings will be hold in h- Legion building. Antlers hotel ancl th- War Memorial. Saturday a dinner dance will Ik- at the Antlers hotel. stood the governor was present when the pledge of allegiance was taken at ist communist To I'se Satellites "It looks as if in the countries of Eastern Europe the worst convicts would have been released and were ruling with horrible methods their people. There is no doubt the Rus- the Friday night meeting.

The anti-Grcenlee sentiment stems "Depend on from the desire of a nrnhcrof party- leaders to draft Mr. Schricker as the party's governor candidate. "It is easilv understood that theian le.aoers win use inc neinoor-hiture of Europe depends on the at-l'ns satellite countries for realiza-titude of the A. The European of the Russian imperialistic aims Staunch organization Democrats College Prom To Be Broadcast Radio Station WCSI-FM. has completed arrangements with Franklin College to broadcast on an exclusive basis, the College Prom, on Friday, May 21, with Johnny Long, and his orchestra.

Program has been set for the 10 n. m. slot, and will be 30 minutes in behind Mr. Greenlee oppose the nom nation of Mr. Schricker on th grounds that he tends to by-pass the motors develop from one-fifth to one-half a horse power, and the latter motor attains 20.0OO.

revolutions per minute and creates quite a lot of noise. I'sc Regular Gas Fuel for these mighty midgets is the same as used in automobiles, regular gasoline. One thimble-full of Ras will run one of these motors for three minutes. Tanks large-enough to sustain the planes in flight for 30 minutes can be installed in the planes. Danner has one single-winged plane with 40 inch wing spread that can remain aloft for such a period.

Usually with planes flying for any length of time, and with planes being flown at high speeds, control wires are used. These planes can be controlled exactly the same as large planes, they ran be made to will be greatly thankful for all the great and wonderful nation of North America has done for World peace and what the A. is still willing to do for the principles of the Atlantic Charter and against slavery of and for overwhelming the remaining countries of our continent. "If there were not the strong, real democracy of U.S.A. and their firm attitude, those bandits would certainly be still much more aggressive and all Europe would soon be a na- organization in patronage matters.

and effective ways of storing the. rop will be employed to emphasize quality roughage. One of these storage methods is the recently developed mow curing system, designed to cure the hay after it has been placed in storage. In additiejn, special attention will be given to grass silage storage, leoth in permanent and temporary type siios. First In This Area The many visitors expected to attend the grassland field day.

first to be held on an area basis in this part of the state, will also have an opportunity to observe new farm equipment especially adapted for seeding, harvesting and storing of grass and legume hay. Participating in staging the prass- land field df are farmers, businessmen, civic leaders and farm organizations in coopx-ration with the agricultural Extension Service of Purdue University and the U.S. Sil Conserva'iejn Se rvice. Coun'ies rcp.resen'ee in the filel day are J'hnsejn. Marion.

Mergan, Brewn, Ieatur and Shelby. Represented on the various committees in charge- of the even nre the eeiunty men: S. B. Scott, general chairman. Kenneth Blarkwell, secretary-treasurer; Richard Hougham.

W. R. Pope, Be rg' 11 LaGrange, William Core. Herman Henry, William Harrison, Ben Paris. Rollia Partenhiemier, and Walter Graham, BITTEN BY DOG length.

Mrs. Ruth Ware. 901 East Mon FORECAST FOR FRANKLIN AND VICINITY: Clearing tonight. War mer toda y. Sunday part I cloudy and roe street, was bitten on the richt ankle by a neighborhood dog this week, and police have ordered the "It's obvious that even the Rus-i Con of Slavic terror.

We are not sian people would be very glad to thankful enoueh for the great help rid of their dictators. A few of vour nation Jn overy ct ma months ago I sent one of my engi- l- tcnallv bv the Marsha! Plan, and r.f ers (a Polish emigrant) his country to resume ctmtact with old mor ally by the firmness against the ilnnts tof the time before the last Rui-sisn fovt rnnn nt." Featured on the show, will be the Queen of the Prom, Johnny Long. Natalie Wood, and Janet Brace, all of the Long Band. Earlier in the afternoon, Johnny-Long will make an appearance at the WCSI studios in Columbus. dog penned up for ten days.

Mrs Ware said the dog jumped at her trom a clump of bushes as she walk CLEARING ed by..

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