Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 11, 1928 · Page 26
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 26

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 11, 1928
Page 26
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.. . : . . y... . .. , : : ,. : 1, , ,,, VOL. CIX OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1928 NO. 134 1 ess i PROGRESS ON DJSPLAr 11 IS REPORTED Exterior and Interior Stuccos Are Selected for Tribune-Schle8inger Model Home. Further progress on the TRIB UNE-Schlesinger Display Home !n Claremont Pines, the exclusive home area of the York Company, Inc., off Broadway Terrace, for merly the P. E. Bowles estate. Is reported. The publics Is Invited to view the home during construction It is expected that the residence will be completed the first week in , December, whereupon it will be furnished throughout by -B. F. Schleslnger and Sons, and will be opened to visitors. . Yesterday, the architect, Frederick, H. Reimers, and the builder. c. .Dudley Do Velbiss, construction, picked out the exterior and interior stucco for the TRIBUNE-Bchlesinger 'Display Home. A plaster that gives a soft, rolling effect was decided upon. "When the un shines upon this plaster It casts oft shadows and gives the effect of the hand-molded plaster that was used In the old days. Further progress on the work was reported. The tiling by the Superior Tile and Products company is completed In the bathrooms, and work on the halls will start soon. The Berkeley craftsmen have installed some or me iron grins for the windows, All of the 'plumbing, heating and electrical Installations havelbeen completed, as well as the brick work. The garden walls have been completed by the Dickey Clay Tile p-roduots company. Much time and ithought is now being given to the furnishings, the drapes have been decided upon, .and are of imported maieriais. Financing of the display home Is by the Pacific States Savings (snd Lioan company of Ban Fran cisco, s The home will be heated by the - American -Radiator -company's Red anasn ooner and Corto radiators, describing these radiators, Ross M. fclark, Pacific Coast manager of the company, says: - 'VThese radiators are built . to last a life time and lhave been designed in heights and widths to meet any need. They re not only beautiful In design, an well as efficient, but" each section is connected With a heavv crew nipple of cast Iron Insuring line owner nr a permanent and enduring heating unit. "The boiler is the result of four years work by the research department of the American Radiator company. It is now possible to turn one's boiler room Into a study or den, thanks to the attractive appearance of the porcelain enamel jacket which is installed over the asbestosal covering on the boiler. Insuring cleanliness and comfort. This equipment does not change tHe condition of the air In LOANS PLENTY OF MONEY. FOR IMMEDIATE LOANS ON NEW CON- STRUCTION REASONABLE FLAT PERIOD AND PERMANENT INSTALLMENT LOAN COMBINED. Prompt Service Reasonable Costs Assets over $24,000,000.00 (Head Office, Salt Lake City, Utah) C. H. McEntyre District Manager 1930 Broadway Oakland 1-3 i- - 'l LOANS UP SO - OF VALUE per cent s2 New Construction in Estudillo Figures show value of new home construction in Estudillo Estates the scenic Fred T. Wood tub-division in San Leandro. Five new homes are open to visitors today. !'-;''lOJ50:-:-7Jt7--''8o'- $9500 " r , ' I ' Magnavox Employees Entertained Six hundred employee of the Magnavox company, each of whom brought one other guest, were, entertained by the management of the Magnavox company, at a theater party last Monday night at the Dufwin theater. The 'entire house had been taken, for the occasion, by the Magnavox management. wnz i I ft the least, hut heats it to a comfort able and healthy temperature. The Hydro-Oil burner, distrib uted locally by the Modern Homes Equipment company, Is another heating feature of the home, and plentiful supply of hot water at all times Is guaranteed by the Hoyt heaters. The bathrooms will be heated eomfortably b the Jreaters of the "'Weir Electric Appliance company. Among participating firms are; A. Van lleerden, Feinting: Modern HomeJDqulpment company. Walker- dishwasher, Sellers kitchen cabinets, Hydro-Oil burner; Hoyt Heater company, water heaters; Atkinson Mill and ' Manufacturing HOME LOANS Repayable in convenient monthly installments INCLUDING BOTH PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST 1 ... Quick appraisals . . Trompt closing Berkeley CoarantM Bnlldias & Loan Asm. 04 J SRATTVCK AVINUI MlKUSr T1UFMOK1 HKIttT OlOO TO Flat' (. -, or iilaUllment ' Jamieson-Towle-Willoughby Corp. 372 17th Street 662 Millt fildsvS. F. Jy if - ' . i ' j . . 1 wr re MAd'tP wfet C . i-?J " Mm ' I Mtmilli Mnm :::.:.::':.-: :.:.:::...;: f f (!) company, mlllwork; J. H. Fltzmau rice, concrete contractor; Superior Tile and Products company, lnl- terlor tiling; Wler Electric Appll ance company, electric bathroom heaters; Berkeley Craftsmen, orna mental iron; J, A. Fazio, plumbing State Electric company, electric wiring: General Roofing company, roof; United States Gypsum company, plaster; Tyre Bros. Glass company, glass; Walter N. Boysen company, paints; Arlss - Knapp company, excavating;' American Radiator company; Overhead Door Company of California, garage doors; Tyler & Mlltord, plasters. HEAITH IN VEGETABLES. The California vegetable crop In 1927 from 354,030 acres, brought growers 64.158,000. .--The 1928 acreage Is slightly larger, and returns this year are expected to run well above.those of 1927. The re frigerator car and the high quality otthe products grown;- have made a dependable market in the east for California vegetables of which there are 20 different kinds, Jet tuce is the most, valuable crop, the returns in 1927 being approximate ly 115,000,000; cantaloupes, sec ond, $11,000,000. asparagus, third, $8,000,000. .The California lettuce acreage has been increasing stead ily for several years. About 77,000 acres are In lettuce this year. Prompt Dependable Delivery for -'. DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL HEATING ., P1EDT8813 ' DAT J NIGHT DEirVEItr r After S p.m.aU OUmttt 97 Price are low make contracts today FmI Oil Dafiutauns C.T.JOHNSON CO. mimkrrt rfOil Bmrmtrt fmt rr 40-50 ABUNOTON AVENUB MR. HOME OWNER DO YOU KNOW, we can refinance four home with' a loan ' payable only $10.00 monthly on each flOOO borrowed? This Includes the Interest and part of the principal. Having NO DCE DATE this loan can ran until paid. . "The Disappearing: Mortgage" LOANS, both FLAT op INSTALLMENTS, at 6 PROMPT 6ERVICE NO LIFE INSURANCE REQUIRED TELEPHONE BERK. 1338, giving description ot your property We will gladly make inspection at once F. E. Forbes Company , 505, American Trust Bid g.r Berkeley Loan Correspondence Northern life Insurance Company A J. ei r n.i.tlf Lmmmm J! BOX AM ENTERTAINED Six hundred .employees of the Magnavox company, each of whom brought one guest, were enter tained by the management of the Magnavox company last Monday night at the Dufwin theater. To accommodate the large ' gathering the entire house had been taken for the evening by the Magnavox management. The production was "Tommy," starring Sydney xoier, the play which had 'such a long run in New York. .Ban Francisco and elsewhere. During the intermission speeches were made from the stage by F. B Travers, vlce-presldpnt and general manager of the Magnavox com pany, who was Introduced by W. Kroll, acting manager. In the course of ills remarks Travers ex pressed the company's appreciation of the efforts of the employees during this, the company's busiest period of production un to date. O. Wlsslnger, one of the oldest em ployees of the Magnavox com Dan v. spoke on behalf of the employees. B. S. Bondles. advertising' man ager of the company, was In charge of arrangements for the evening. POTTERY PLANT. Six acres with frontage on Mc- Klnley, avenue; Immediately north of the Stockton Brick and Tile company plant, have been, secured by the Johnson and. Raymond Pottery company for the factory which it will erect to produce a ft H line of household stoneware, rarden and ornamental pottery and acid- proof ware Tor laboratory use. The building will be completed early in November. V COMPLETE RHIPPIXO SHEDS. The Santa Fe recently completed large sheds on its line at Escalon. San Joaquin county. In order to take care of the increased grape and other fruit shipments from that section. TITLE- 1 AFFILIATION Firm Joins Eastbay Title Insurance Co. in Issuing Policies. As evidence of the abiding faith of the Eastbay Title Insurance company in 'the continued advancement and prosperity of Alameda county,; and, In order-to. further strengthen its financial piositton to keep progress with Its ever Increasing volume of business, 'and to givo Its clientele ' full and' adequate financial protection,. announcement was made this week- by the board of directors that arrangements have been completed by which the Title Insurance and Guaranty company of San Francisco will hereafter jolif with the East Bay Title Insurance company of Oakland in Issuing policies of title Insurance. The announcement states: "The combined assets of the two companies, now in .excess of $1,600,-000.00, make it possible for the local title insurance company to handle all real estate transactions originating In Alameda county, with the utmost security to its policy holders.. The Title Insurance and Guaranty company of San Francisco Is oneof the oldest and strongest Institutions of its kind on the Paclfio Coast; it has branches or affiliated companies in more than twenty counties In the north ern part of the state and Is thereby enabled to efficiently serve Us cli ents throughout this large territory. "Doniel Stoney, vice-president and manager of the Title Insurance and Guaranty company, is recog nized as one of the ablest and bent posted title Insurance men on the Coast, His confidence in the future of Oakland and the Eastbay district is best evidenced byf the fact that he, on behalf of his cor poration, has made a substantial cash Investment in the stock of the Eastbay Title -Insurance Company of Oakland. The control of the local company, however. Is not Involved In any ,way by this transaction. There has been no change in the management nor in the complexion of its board of directors, except the addition of Donzel Stoney to the board. . "In' commenting on this new development,. Martin R. Green, general manager of the East Bay Title Insurance company, said: "Although our company has not been in business very many years, it has experienced a remarkable growth, which has called forth the admiration of title men all over the Paclfio Coast. Generally speaking, title insurance business is ene of very gradual development. Here In Oakland, however, the East Bay Title Insurance company hat) taken Its proper place from the start and will now, with the new affiliation formed, be in a still stronger position to better serve the people of this district. The combined assets of two well-financed and ably directed title insurance companies, such as the Title Insurance and Guaranty company of San Francisco and the East Bay Title Insurance company of Oakland, make it possible to furnish all that can be desired In the way of affording protection to their policyholders. The board of directors and stockholders of the East Bay Title Insurance company have the utmost confidence In Oakland and Alameda county and believe that the future promises nothing but success." CRUSHED PEACH EXPERMENT. Experimental packing of crushed California peaches has been undertaken by an-Oakland cannery this season, following experimental Investigations by the University . of California. Between 600 and 800 cases have been placed on the market. The crushed peach Is similar to , the crushed pineapple and Is used In like manner for the same purposes. ANNOUNCED H East Bay Title Insurance Gompaa j F Fura"e0r j BF 1430 FRANKLIN STREET ' 11 with the 111 OAKLAND . . . CALIFORNIA. . -' " I J .Blue Star Seal ' j Pf ' ' ' . ,': OJAI. r NOT AW H 75 Now Affiliated With ' : ' JJ 1 A litle Insurance and Guarantee Company i fjf OF SAN FRANCISCO; CALIFORNIA , JJ il ' K Combined Assets Over $1,500,000.60 I r' IJl OFFICERS "7 "la J Hf 'B.( A. rolSTIEIE ITA1TLZT Z. SMITH TUXtXM S.'BR 11 i "' '- II rrwidnt ' awMtwr-Xmnm Qsa.nl Maatt 111 IJl 'OH, WTWOX 10. ITOM v. f. B. SBOVm J I I L, ..,.. ,,,. , i 1 Hf ' . VtmwmUt i, TtoetnsMwt. . : - - TkVmiteH . 1 Has' two outlets through tt ll - . r riTrrrti.e ' )l wall" so that heat can be 41- IJL . . DIKECTORS: . 4 A reeted to any part of the house In . Htrrr I. AMirfw , . OllT.r D. Imtmt C T. HnrdMk ' ' VI 11 desired. , 1 1 1 W. F. D. Bma Lnii OlIokMi , , Zdwla M. - Otis I IB . t I. h UfMrt Urti H. erm . . ttudtr t. taltk - M EOON'OMT HEALTH J ni 1 A DlBr lm W. Hlsk : S.u.1 lto.T ' in CONVENIENCE " fnf ZMit B. Itr ' v. JinM H. L'Knuatdim Z. H. XiMn fir o. h.wu Ml HILL & STOOPS. AlJW J'tm Distributor, Steel for Bridge Structural steel for the new Niles Canyon bridge is furnished by the Herrick Iron works. i f. ! tier irt inn i ,i v v rr I if -'M"'!'W'!Jl'l''.it'' mmmwy'i'' - 4 & - . --MMM-.-.-y wwHsarjnwwwir. iSFSiL. . test" 'vJ- Illllp H ' HOMES OPEN Construction of seven new Estudillo Estates homes, representing a total investment Of ?64,760 is announced by Fred T. Wood Company, Inc., owners and developers of that popular San Leandro subdivision. Flvobf these homes will be open for Inspection today, one has already been sold and the sev enth Is a $10, GOO residence being built for U. B. Lee, -prominent local paving contractor. Wood also re ports that the completion of these seven homes will bring the total valuation of Estudillo Estates homes up to 325,000. Wood states: "Real estate activity In the East Oakland-San Leandro district has been reported especially active since the announcement of the Chrysler-Dodge and Seiberling tire projects. The construction work which is expected to start on both In a short time will aggregate $10,000,000 and this alone, in the employment it will give to hundreds of workmen and the money It will put in circulation locally, will greatly stimulate local business and cause property values In that section to increase rapldy It Is said. The big advantage of these new industries from the standpoint of property owners, however, is the fact that they will employ together 10,000 people. That will mean a great many new residents In the Eastbay for there Is practically no unemployment here at present and with that many new Jobs there will have to be practically the same number of new people. Thegreat-majorlty- of-- these will look for homes nearby, for statistics shpw that 50 per cent of the industrial workers live within a radius of one mile on their places of employment. Officials of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce state that there are .fourteen additional corporations negotiating- for Eastbay sites for projects which will - employ another 20,000 persons. "The foresight and vision which IT I TODflYVISIT TO EAST N. B,. Thomas, vice-president and district manager of Peck & Hills Furniture Co. at'' Oakland, head office for Northern California, is' leaving for the furniture market In Chicago and Grand Rapids, j , This firm carries large warehouse stocks for distribution in a wholesale way ""of -furniture, "t loot-coverings and draperies throughout the state. Thomas will look after the furniture purchasing as well as attend the annual conference of managers In Chicago. A largely Increased business the last few months has made it necessary to put on additional drapery and floor covering sales men and speed up deliveries from the east to take care of the San Francisco, Sacramento and Fresno demands as weir as the trade reached by the local office, it is stated. led this company to enter the East Oakland and San Leandro field when others could not see Its possibilities has been more than vindicated by these recent developments,"' Wood added. "Now , that the progress we prophesied has actually come, Individual investors are visiting our subdivisions by the hundreds and subdividers are bargaining for the remaining acreage. This company Is In the fortunate position of having secured the best located properties at an early date when- the demand was tighter and the prices therefore lower. As a result, we are able to offer in Estudillo Estates and Durant Manor some of the most beautiful home-sites and the best Investment opportunities to be found in the East-bay. "Estudillo Estates Is the more hlarhlv restricted nronertv. anneal ing in Its beautiful orchard setting to professional men and to the ex ecutives of the Industrial district: N E W NILES BRIDGE SHOWS FAST PROGRESS Herrick Iron Works Fur-, nished All Structural' Steel for New County Bridge. The. new' bridge located In Nile Canyon, taking the place: of an ex-, isting structure, formerly known as the Stone. Bridge, Is described as .: remarkable piece of engineering, r Plana and eneclflcations for th. new bridge were drawn by Georgo A. PoBey, county ; engineer,' A de scription reads: "The overall length of the structure Is 330 feet and the roadway width is24 feet. "The' sreneral contract for eon-, structlon of the bridge was let to C. A. Bruce, and Sons, contractor , of Pleasanton, Calif., In the latter , part of July, 1928, for a contract price of $76,000. "Excellent progress la being mad bvthe contractors. All excavation foroundatlons were made and alt concrete piers' were in place up to arouncU surface by the middle of Septeritber, the contractor beln spurred on in his work by the dancer of floods, the arrival of which might undo a good part of the work. no,t yet completed ana would aiso. make carrying on the work beUvr .. ground very much more difficult. - "All excavations were carried down through about ten feet of gravel and boulders to bedrock and then Into bedrock distances of front five to ten feet, depending on the nature of the rock, to secure firm anchorage. "At the present writing, all pier have been concreted up to the el . vatlon of the deck and girders, and three of the . four concrete girder' spans are In place. "The total amount of concrete ' Involved amounts to about 140O cubic yards or about S800 tons, all-concrete being heavily reinforced. ' "All reinforcing steel s being' furnished and placed by the .Pa cific Coast Steel company of San Francisco.. . About .100 . tons of reinforcing steel are required for th finished structure. "All structural Bteel Is being furnished and fabricated by the Her- rick Iron Works of Oakland. Th total amount of structural steel required for the two 83 foot -plat girder spans Is 154 tons. Each span consists of two 25 tons steel girders, seven feet' deep, -together with the necessary floor beams stringers and cross bracing. Each of the 25 ton girders la being fabricated into a single piece at the Oakland plant and will be so shipped. The first-span to be completed was set up completely in the shop In order that the fitting and matching of all parts would be assured, as shown in the accompanying . illustration. It was found upon assembly that no corrections were necessary, all of the component parts fitting, perfectly. The 36 Inch beams used an ties in this bridge are the largest beams ever shipped to this coast, REAL ESTATE LOANS FLAT For 3 Years ANY AMOUNT 1918 Broadway ' Ray Building Oakland 6623 Realty Mortgage CORP. OF CALIF. FRED W.' COOK, Oakland Mgr. II

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