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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Jill: $4 11 i Itf f. SSI ir Comment Exclusive Associated Pros itrvxtt IN THIS SECTION CALIFORNIA NEWS United Press CrocUMc4 "Pr AMoriatteg OAKLAND, NO. 128 VOL, CIX I I II 4 SI 1 Ingrate Scratches Fireman Who Dares to Rescue Her A MERICAN idealists are deeolv erieved at the interfer- SUSPECTS HELD FOR HOLDUPS Radio Speakers DOROTHY HUTCHINSON (upper) and JEAN WOODY- (lower) high school students, who will give educational week talks over KLX. HISTORIC OLD BEAR'S SALE DRAWS NEAR SCORES VISIT SGHODLS OF BAY DISTRICTr 1 is- 7 -encewiih Nicaraguan J'liberty'' involved in our partial but the Nicaraguans apparently do not think bo. At least, the Liberal candidate has proposed and the Conservative candidate has agreed that whichever of them Is elected shall invite the United States to supervise the election of 1932 also.

There is, to be sure, an element of personal self-interest in this policy. One or the other of these gentlemen is bound to be defeated this time, and whichever of them: loses now wants another chance in 1932. Neither Since Saturday residents 1n the neighborhood of 214 Hlllcrest-road have been disturbed ry the fvaillngs of a cat in a tree. Apparently the cat's education didn't Include climbing down trees, only climbing up. At the request of a neighbor, the fire department went to the rescue, and Captain Rule brought Tabby down to eurtli.

BERKELEY, Nov. 5. Captain Irving Rule of the Jthjo depart-mefat, cheered on "'JJk admiring brothers of tliedepartment, today played the hero in a gallant rescue for whicii his reward was a couple of scratches on the fingers, plus an ungrateful hiss. It was a "catty" display, after the gallant work of the fireman I i STOCKTON, Nov. 5.

Two sus--pects in connection with the recent series of holdups here which have baffled police, are In the city prison. The pair gave the names of B. Arellano, 28, and D. Vargas, 27. Police arrested them on a charge of liquor possession, claiming to have found a Jug of wine in an.

automobile occupied by the two. Descriptions of two of the. bandit trio who have been operating here are said to tally with the. pair held. will truu the other to give him that chance no Nica- ture, and I appoint my stepmother to act as my executrix." The estate is worth $300, according to Hill.

Education Week Observed in Classes; Pupils to Present Radio Program Over Tribune Station Tonight Judge Knocks Out Bandit; Chases Second wf. TYi raguan President has ever permitted an honest or a free election but they will both trust the American marines. Thus, from the ambitions of rival candidates, the people of Nicaragua may come to own; What, after all, is "liberty" Senor Benard, the Nic- xaguan Conservative candidate, Bays that "American supervision has made It possible for us to en-Joy that electoral freedom which will doubtless bring good to us all," and ha "enthusiastically, accepts" the Idea of "maintaining for another constitutional period the fre- dom of the suffrage under the friendly mediation of the United States." In other words, it Is "elec- LEND MONEY CHICAGO, Nov. S. W) Mu-nicipal Judge Howard W.

Hayes notion about armed bandits is to get tough with them. The judge practiced his theory last night when two young men tried to hold him up. He didn't raise his hands at "stick 'em up." Instead he knocked one of the pair to the ground. They wrestled as the second gunman pointed his pistol at the judge's head. "Let go or I'll shoot," the gunman warned.

Judge Hayes shouted to a passing rar end the cunmen fled. Coast Guard Officials Will Dispose of Famous Arctic Craft Unless Steps Taken to Establish City Museum Unless there in a formal request from a' muhlc'lpalitjrer state gov ernment to delay the sal of th historic old coast guard cutter Bear, here will probably be a formal advertisement for on her within a month, it was indicated today. Dispatches from Washington quoted coast guard officials as being prepared to dispose of the vet-era! of nearly B0 years of Arctic service. "While I have no definite information on the subject," said Commander D. F.

A. de Otte? head of the San Francisco bay organization, "I shall be obliged to advertise for bids probably wltfiin a month unless 1 receive a formal request from some, city government for possession of the ship." The Bear is now tied up at Government island In the estuary. She was placed out of commission when the Northland, her successor, was built. As she would bring only a few thousand dollars on the market, civic organizations are seeking to have her used by Oakland as a floating museum. Ouard officials In Washington said they understood that there was a movement under way to ask congress to have the Bear preserved ns an historical relic.

Fire in School Clinic Perils Ten SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5. The lives of 10 bedridden patients in the San Francisco Polyclinic and Postgraduate school, 1535 Jackson street, were Imperiled this morning when fire broke but from a defective flue in the building, which Is a wodden frame structure. Ambulances from the Emergency hospitals in various parts of the city stood by, with all available attendants, while firemen fought tire flames. The firemen were able to confine the blaze to the offices and the upper story of the building.

The loss was 'about $2500. The clinic and school, of which Dr. H. A. Ryskogl Is president, is a Community Chest Institution.

Will on Paper Bag Is Filed for Probate A last will and testament, written on a paper bag, bequeathing the estate of Phil Augustiny to his stepmother, Mrs. Ida A. Augustiny, was filed for probate today by Public Administrator Albert E. Hill. Augustiny, who resided at 3145 High street, wrote his strange will September 22, and died October 6.

The document reads: "I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to my stepmother, Ida A. Augustiny, upon my death, all of. my property of every known na- Eastbay schools held "open house" today, when the beginning of American Education Week was observed by special exhibits of school work programs and addresses by school officials and students. Oakland schools reported visitors throughout the day, as did those of Berkeley and other As part of the general observance, of Technical and Oakland High schools will preReint a program over KLX, the TRIBUNE broadcasting station, between 9 and 10 o'clock this evening. Members of the Oakland High school orchestra play and songs will be given by glee clubs and quartettes from the two high schools.

Willard E. Givens, superintendent of schools, will speak on "What Is Right With Our Schools." STUDENTS TO SPEAK. Jean Woody, Technical High school student, will speak on "Cooperative Education." and torial freedom" and "freedom of To Buy, Build or Refinance Homes the suffrage" which the Nicarag-van leaders recognize American intervention as conferring on their peopie. xne only liberty they are ceprived of is the liberty of de jprivlng each other of liberty. a 12 JAILED III IBERTY" is of three sorts I personal, political and na- tional.

Our Idealists seem to UN VICE recognize only the third category. By personalizing the rights of nations, they ignore the rights of persons. Personal liberty can certainly Dorothy Hutchinson of the same school Iwill talk on "Some Vocational Opportunities in the High not exist under even a native and You return the money with a monthly payment of $1 1.1 1 on each $1000. This pays interest and principal in exactly eleven years. It is a safe method of borrowing One additional year "flat" is granted on construction loans.

Ask for Folder, "Loans for Homea" ALAMEDA COUNTY LOAN ASSOCIATION -SWCf 1675-. 563 SIXTEENTH ST OAKLAND Oakland 6300 self-imposed dictatorship. Political liberty can not exist where elections Twelve persons captured th police drive against bootlegging re not free. liberty may consist in the mere absence of out and vice were brought before Po side control. It may deprive the lice Judges Edward J.

Tyrrell and people under It of all personal and Howard L. Bacon today for pleas, political liberty. This, in fact, is Possession and sale comprised justnvhat it did In Nicaragua most the charges against a -majority truly "tree" with personal and tnose in custody. They were ar political liberty preserved and na rested yesterday by the special service bureau squad, under the tional liberty, by its own consent, lightly curtailed; or with national liberty unhampered but personal direction of Police Sergeant W. Kamsey.

and political liberty destroyed? Arrests by the sauad included lie scnooi. Jack Jar.vls, Oakland High school, will speak on "The Opportunities Offered by the Modern High School." Dther high school and Junior high school pupils gave talks before luncheon clubs. "Four minute from Fremont High school spoke at the Oakland Klwanls club and American Legion luncheons. A male quartet and two student speakers from Mc-Clymonds. Hlgl school appeared before the Altrurlans.

George Alexander, a student at San Leandro Junior High school, will speak at the San -Leandro Kiwanis club luncheon tomorrow, and the Fremont High school will provide the program for the Oakland Advertising club. ROTAKIANS INVITED. The Oakland Rotary club has been ir.vited to have luncheon in the new Oakland High school Wednesday. At the meeting of the Kiwanis club Thursday in Hotel Oakland, Fremont High Both candidates for President of Ester Grey. 431 Pine street JNiearagua say they prefer the for- charged with sale and possession or liquor; Josephine Rossi, 131 ana oixieenm street, sale and Dosses Important Announcement California Optical Co.

of Oakland Has moved to 1619 Broadway (Neit door north of Federal Drag Co.) You are cordially invited to visit and inspect our new home one of the most modern and scientifically equipped Optical establishments in the United States. an me enginery of modern sion; Lyman Johnson and Arthur RELAYS MEET 0F efficiency, the one which Caruso, arrested on Tenth stree; most imnresses the lmaelna- near the Municipal Auditorium charged with possession and held lion Is that which does the common rough work, of digging dirt. Not lor investigation; Harry Nichol 100 Ninth street, sale and Dosses sion; Lawrence Mcehan, 1315 Six that it is really our most remarkable labor-saver. The press which prints these words does the work bf hundreds of thousands of scribes, while a steam shovel or ditching teenth street, possession; Victor Bettencourt, 414 Fifteenth street sale, and Walter McDowell. 2 3 43 Market street, sale and possession machine does the work of only a few dozen shovelmen.

But it is school students will present the Because of the presidential election, the November meeting of the' East Bay Regional Plan Association scheduled for tomorrow will not be held until Tuesday, November 14, according to President Fred E. Reed. Reports of the present status of the Broadway tunnel and the Shepherd's canyon tunnel will be presented at the monthly meeting. Early action for a closer connec Ship Bears Body program. A saxophone quartet comprised of Sam Sarver, Sam Lee, Frank Of Piedmont Man Ruggiero, Melvin Debermann, Reuben Sarver and Lawrence PIEDMONT, Nov.

5. The bodv of Frank S. Murphy, 69, Piedmont Capelli, will play before the Politicians' club in. the Athens lumberman, who died at sea Sun Athletlo club Thursday. tion between Contra Costa and Alameda counties will be urged.

day, will reach San Francisco The Oakland Optimist club Wednesday on the N. Y. K. liner the sort work we have all done personally, and we realize by experience the contrast between the weary filling of a cart by pick and hovel and the ease with which the machine dumps in a whole cartload at once. Because we are all ditch-diggers at steam hovel strikes us as the most human mechanisms.

That is why the crowd, which ignores the airplane oaring the empyrean," stops to watch the power scoopj delving in the earth. 3 AT a dinner in New York, to seVen pioneers of American industry Thomas A. Edison, henry Ford, Orvllle Wright, George meets at the Prescott school Talyo Maru. Murphy was return Thursday. ing from a Rotary convention in JKeea has named Joseph W.

Bingaman chairman of the committee of the plan association to confer with a like committee of Tokio when he was stricken with Today was set aside as Health Day" in the schools. At Chabot a heart attack He lived at 4 the Major Highway and TraffI school Dr. Louis H. Dyke, a mem Sierra avenue, Piedmont, and maintained offices In the Monad ber of the Chabot Dads' club, Committee, the city planning com mission, and the city council rela nock building, San Francisco. He spoke to the children on "How to Grow Big- and.

Strong." Other tlve to financing a bond issue for recently sold out large lumber tn completion of the Master stree 1619 Broadway holdings In Northern California health talks- were given under di plan. The other members of the He is survived by his widow and rection of Dr. Alvln Powell, health director. committee are Mrs. Bessie Wood two sons, Morris and Clarence Eastman, Harvey S.

Direstone, Julius Rosenwald, and Charles M. (Through to 1020 Telegraph Avenue) Oakland Oustason, Emll Fritsch, Charles A '1 Murphy, Piedmont, and a daugh Members of the cooking class of Schwab Mr. Schwab pointed out ter, Mrs. Dorothy Montgomery, San Russell, and W. J.

Bergsma. Lakevlew Junior High school will Jose. serve tea all week to visitors, and there will be special exhibits, of class work. Author Visits S. F.

Wife Shot After A program will be presented at 30 o'clock Thursday evening In On Way to Hawaii Quarrel With Mete the new Lakeview auditorium. that not one of the seven had a college education. What he omitted was that all of them were over 60 years old. In the generation now growing up, a college education is open, regardless of poverty 6r antecedents, to every young man of even a tenth the energy, char-iacter and ability of these men. If they had been born In this generation, all of them would probably have gone to college.

The young BAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5. SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 6.

Mrs, Seeking solitude for a winter's WILL DEDICATE ADDITION. Dedication of the new $166,681 Verna Costello, 23, Negro woman, period of writing, Capt. Walter A is in the Central emergency hosnl kr- I I III! 1 'XZkh Frost. of Lakeville, play addition to the McClymonds High school and observance of educa tal today, shot through the. left wrlght and author, arrived In this city from New York on his way breast, and her husband, Don J.

tion week will be combined In JCet the Costello, 28, is In the city prison, charged with attempted murder to Honolulu. Captain Frost, who man of todayy-not at the top mere i is accompanied-by Mrs. Frost, Is Nil The shooting occurred at the home the author of "Cape Smoke." JL mailer what gifts you give, you 7 surely send ly, but everywhere above the bottom, is going to compete In a college-bred world. exercises in the school auditorium. Twenty-sixth and" Myrtle' street, Thursday evening.

William J. Hayes, past president of the Native Sons of the Golden West, will give the dedicatory address. recent Broadway success. He la a xt the couple, 2439 Post street. Mrs.

Costello told police she returned personal friend of Republican home yesterday after spending the night with a woman friend. A leaders in the east and announced here that he was sure of Hoover's George W. Hatch, president of the election by at least a 6,000,000 ma board of education, will be chair Noted Architect Is Buried in S. F. BAN FRANCISCO.

Nov. 6. Last rites were said this morning for man. jority. Oaklander Heads quarrel ensued, she said, and her husband shot her.

Costello declared his wife shot herself In a suicide attempt. Former S. F. Official Broadcasting of radio programs you setect neip and the presentation of programs and exhibits of school work mark ed the beginning of the obser Detectives Society Thomas King of Oakland has vance of the week in Berkeley. -CHRISTMAS GREETING NEED FOR UNDERSTANDING.

"Once more American Educa been elected temporary president of the recently organized northern tion Week provides the oppor- California Detectives' association A the work of th -schools," said Lewis W. The association was formed for the purpose of improving methods. of combating crlm and will hold Its Smith, i Berkeley superintendent, ifiKSsruiira Charles J. I. Devlin, designer of St.

Ignatius church and official architect for Catholic structures in San Francisco, who died Friday his home, 224 Stanyan street; Jl native of San Francisco, Devlin was 70 years old. Funeral services place from the Stanyan street residence and thence from St. Agnes church. MAN SLUGGED, ROBBED. BAN FRANCISCO, Nov.

5. Knocked unconscious by three men, who then robbed him of $30. Arthur Baron 190 Third street, was treated at the Harbor Emergency hospital yesterday. The robbery took place at Third and Channel streets. first regular meeting in Oakland today.

The American people are devoted to education as no other I on November 17, according to an nouncement by J. T. Maglll of Sac. ramento, temporary secretary. Dies in Santa Cruz SANTA CRUZ, Nov.

6. Percy L. former San Francisco police commissioner and harbor commissioner, died at his summer home here last night. He had been il la monlji. Henderson, a member ot the undertaking firm of Halsted and company.

Is survived by his widow, the former Mary Genevieve Nealon and a sister, Mrs. Edward Brown, 9 Fifth avenue, San Francisco. Arrangements for the funeral, which will probably be held Wed, nesday, are not yet completed. Escaping Gas Blamed For Death of Man Gas escaping from a heater was nation has ever been. Even with the splendid ideal of education which pervades our people, there remains much need for a better understanding of it." superintendent of schools, will speak at 8:15 o'clock Wednesday Dr.

Smith spoke at a program In evening on The School's Re Berkeley High school. sponslbillty for Character Train, ing." Dr. Virgil E. Dickson, assistant You should order your cards now (Because THE BESTVALUES ANI1THE FULLEST ASSORTMENT ARE NOW IN STOCK You; can now have personal service unhurried without tiat last minute rush Cards can be had with tissue lined envelopes as low as $3.25 for 25 Cards, engraved from blamed today for the death of William in his roomat 2017 Webster street, Oakland. Bank books belonging to Plaice showed deposits of $3000.

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