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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 39

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 39

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SEPTEMBER 30, 1928 Oakland SUNDAY 4-M RETAIIj trade The indei number for Oakland retail6 trade ched XH rneanlng that business for August Is 1 MOMENTA New Income Securities Building Carmel Apartments in Alameda The building is located at 757 Santa CIar avenue. It consult of two and three-room units, completely furnished with modern facilities such as Elect ro-Kold refrigeration, Marshall Stearns beds, Spark ranges and Wayne oil burning system. Steven J. Williams is the owner. On Fourteenth per cent nign" August business during the years X923-25.

Seasonal increase over July was J2.8 per cent this year, and only 15 per year. trcet, between Franklin and Webster, owned by the Income Securities company and the of California. Inc. Frederick H. Reimers was the architect and John Stoll the sculp-firat story will be occupied by the slock brokerage house of Duisenberg-Wichman Co.

street, between Frankli 01 first income roper ties tor. The entire August D.euereu a year ago by 7 per cent. SECURITIES BUILDING shock and is entirely-fireproof 1 iy: rs (smsmsk 'yum mills The steei worn vlded with connections for future floors which will no doubt be needed within a few years in keeping with this fast growing section ol Oakland. taal.o a fact though On, of Oakland's most recent structures la the Income Securities building, located on Fourteenth street between Franklin and 1 'M possible to add additional floors to Webster streets, owned by the In any structure oi ti. tinildine is or t' I.

trauicwui iv ji structural steel, it is stated. Pi it -t 11 ti 'irm' rrn come Securities company and the Income Properties of California, Inc. The building Is a pioneer in the so-called modernistic style of architecture. Frederick H. Relmers I VMS'' il 1 ikrCr' iis.

of Oakland is the architect. Relmers and John Stoll, noted sculp tor and artist, collaborated at its inception. The building was conceived so that the sculpturing became an Integral part of the whole conforming to the architecture. Tl ADVISORY The result has been a harmonious expression of proportion and dig nity handled In a masterful style. The structure Is six stories In height with a high parapet wall.

UNITED SE-CTIRITY BANK the whole being faced with white granite. The walls, which are buttressed with unbroken Vertical lines, batter in toward the too i- a.i.i xr; i if a i i 5 and lend to the mass a charm of simplicity and the appearance of stability of a single pylon. All details of the building, both of exterior and Interior, are practically devoid of curves, and it depends largely for Its sense of unity and AND TRUST COMPANY congratulates the I COME PROPERTIES COMPANY of CALIFORNIA on the completion of their handsome new building, and are happy to welcome them as their next door neighbor. ill 4i i 3 SSL8 tmtmmmmm simplicity upon the use of straight ana angular lines. One of the new and attractive if- liiiini1! i i k-i n'Maf-iiitKBi, DD diJ features of the building Is the massive base, extending from the side-walk to the windows of the second story, being pierced only by the entrances to the first floor.

ments, six of two rooms, and six of three rooms, completely furnished In modern fashion. The apartment were financed by the Western Loan and Building These openings are deeply revealed Announcement made of the opening of tha Carmel apartment 7ST Banta Clara avenue, Alameda, of which Steven J- William Is the owner. There are comprised In the building 12 apart miuin.m rur -r in tne stone, and frame bronze doors and grilles. The lofty first story affords a broad expanse of stone over the entrance wavs. A description of the building reads: "The Carmel la a typical residential apartment structure, aultablB to a district heretofore devoted strictly to homes.

With the opening of the estuary tube, however, the proximity of Santa Clara avenue and Webster street only five or six minutes i from the heart of the business district of Oakland, creates a demand for a tructure such as the Carmel. one in which anartments are available Cwr1fiJ Upon this surface Stoll has scuId- at 2 in- tured In relief three large allegor loeQesooeoeeeoGeeeeosoeooooeoeeoooeoesoeoeoesoso ical panels. For the first Stoll Another has expressed "General ror me second, l'" and for the third or right panel, Full Automatic Oil Burner, at reasonable rentals. commerce ana Shipping." "Features of the huliamg are Electro-Kold rcfriReration, from, rnmnunv: steam heat VlfJSUNHUKU-WICIlittAN OFFICES. The stock brokerage firm of Self-Controlled, Utterly Reliable, Quiet, Economical The and hot wutT supplied by the full Dulaenberg-Wichman company will Frederick H.

Reimers occupy the entire first story, con sisting or a large and spacious board room, offices, and small consulting rooms and booths for the of their patrons. over ine onripe-poition is located with the structural steel framework I who fabricated and erected this for this building, according to the steel. Is that It has been designed to Pacific Coast Engineering company withstand the severest earthquake ARCHITECT a meszanlneifloor, with private board room. "Thls affords a splen automatic wayne on nuruins -tern, Marshall and Btcarns beds with full coll sprlnRB, Bpark ranrea, tile baths and sinks in cofer, radio wiring, and thorough soundproof? inf. The rooms are unusually large with a double amount of closet space.

Hallways are heavily carpeted while in the apartments themselves are to be found rugs, nnd linoleums, selected from the Kenyon and Rledy warehouses." Rentals have been announced as ranging from $60 Including garage. Robert Bartlett, superintendent of construction states that the building Is now completed and open for Inspection today. iOOOooooGOoeceoooooooooooooGeoeoooeoooeeeooGessoo did feature for both visitors and clients. The walls of the main board room are treated with ac-coustlcal plaster which effectually stops all street noises and pre Installed in the Carmel Apts. HILL STOOPS CALIFORNIA DISTRIBUTORS 4214 Broadway Humboldt 1993 vents echoes, thereby giving a sense of restful quiet to the Interior.

The board room Is lighted FRANKLIN BLDG. from above by (celling lights of amher art glass. The celling consists of panels and beams beautifully stenciled. The color scheme of the board room Is one of OAKLAND, CALIF. warmth and feeling, the whole be Lumber ing subdued so as not to detract from the main object of Interest; i.e., the stock board.

Congratulations to the Income Properties of California, on the opening of their magnificient Office Building. A. F. MARTEN CO. Interior Decorators 1 50 1 SUTTER ST.

San Francisco, Calif. The entrance to the building, and the entrance to the first floor and board room, are twin lobbies Simplest Electric Refrigerator Sine 1922 on either side of the building. These lobbies have floors and hlch wainscots of various mar- Chosen ooooeoooooeosooooeooeooeeoesoeoeooseoeeeoeooeoK I bles. The walls and ceilings are ajxve all others for its simplicity Millwork Sash, Doors for the Cvrmel Apis, from CALIFORNIA MILL LUMBER CO. 1829 Webster St.

Alameda B810 Built for hard service equipped with Timken roller bearings. In the Carmel Apartments Scott-Buttner Electric Co. EASTBAY DISTRIBUTORS 19 Grand Oakland Clencourt 1542 WAV WiWMWiViViWiV VWsVVVWWWWrsVVWrWWbWWsVWrSV of molded plaster, beautifully and simply worked out In color. The bronse elevator doors with decorated panels are a feature of the lobby. The lighting fixtures are carried out In the same scheme of angular simplicity which characv terlzea the rest of the building.

The upper stories are occupied by the offlrfs of various financial ooncerns. The entire second floor, being occupied by the spacious offices of the Incoma Securities company and Income Properties of California, the owners of this beautiful, modern structure. Steam heat and hot water service have been guaranteed by the Installation of a Johnson full automatic rotary oil burner under thermostatic control manufactured by the 8. T. Johnson company, local manufacturers of this nationally known product.

Installation of this unit was handled by George A. Schuster, well known plumbing and heating engineer of 4712 Grove street. Painting was done by C. J. Doehring and the deeoratlon was under the direct supervision of the A.

F. Marten company. Material for the facade was furnished by the McGilvray Raymond Granite company, and Herbert Beckwlth handled the masonry construction. A point of Interest In conntectlon Heating System INCOME SECURITIES BUILDING installed by GEO. A.

SCHUSTER PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS We Install Certified heating TELEPHONE 4712 GROVE STv HUMBOLDT 5490 Oakland Masonry Construction Income Securities Building HERBERT BECKWITH MASON AND BUILDER BRICK. HOLLOW TILE AND TERRA COTTA WORK Room 227, Builders Exchange Bldg. HOBART AND WEBSTER STS. Clencourt 7400 Oakland. Calif.

CARPETS. RUGS, LINOLEUM in the CARMEL APARTMENTS from KENYON RIEDY 960 MISSION STREET San Francisco 90009000900SOS00000009SOOSOOOOSOSOC GAS STOVES xMade in Oakland. Used all over the world MAJOR FINANCING BY: WESTERN LOAN and BUILDING CO. Head Office Salt Lake City, Utah Assets Over $24,000,000 Oakland Office, 1930 Broadway C. H.

McEntyre District Manager Entire Facade, Granite and Architectural Cut Cast Stone On INCOME SECURITIES BUILDING By STRUCTURAL STEEL For INCOME SECURITIES BUILDING Fabricated and Erected by FABRICATORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL Pacific Coast Engineering Co. Foot West 1 4th St. OAKLAND, CALIF. FABRICATED STEEL For BUILDINGS, BRIDGES. FACTORIES fVSVJW.WJWsVirWWNV,S ysSSW.SV.SVViVsV PLUMBING AND I TILING or the Electric 5 Lighting Fixtures HEATING or the CARMEL AITS.

10 Larmel Apartments ARMEL APTS. hy FRANK A. 1 Ij GOTTSTEIN M-tilfiiilv 226 EIGHTH ST. Manufactured by VOORHEES i CHURCHILL TILE CO. Till 1 MASCHIO I 4m I JIOICl I 1 1 4121 Broadway PitJ.

0115 Me.WJc 0575 eeeooeieooeeeo9oeoeo9oe9oeo0ooeooc9 VAViV.W.'.W avwaw.wj'.w.vv.v wwmvw geoeooooooeooooocoocoooooosogoeoocooooooosigoogooo WsWW.W.WsW.V.V3 11 5 HARDWARE Sash, Doors and Trim for 8 plb INCOME SECURITIES 0 IllilUlfWU I 17U1 for iht CARMEL XPTS. McGilvray-Raymond Uranite Co. ana Stonetex Corporation Cement Work for the i CARMEL APFS. John Devoto CEMENT I- CONTRACTOR Painting INCOME SECURITIES BUILDING C. J.


fiom B. SIMON mROAFE CO. tHO'JSAIF. mnA KIT All Lah.iiJc 73 1 6 Laid fcv IDEAL Hardwood Floor Co. 25 GOUGH ST.

Sn Francisco San Francisco and TELEPHONE MARKET 246 5268 Lawton Ave. 634 TOWNSEND ST. SAN FRANCISCO 1 9 0 sT CUn. 7550 8 HumboW73S0 v. Vsoceccosocoooocooscogw Icooeooaoooooooocccssosooccoocoooooooococooocooooc VsVWVW.W.V-'ZAVWVA VWAVWAVWWVWliWiW 1 nnnnnrrinmnnrnnronnrnnrrririi iixiijonnnnrixiLiriDoooco.

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