Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 30, 1928 · Page 36
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 36

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 30, 1928
Page 36
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VOL. CIX i -C OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1928 NO. 92 1 4 r luinn riinmnr i . " n ninu ii i 1 1 Li hi n i I. ii r- r t ft Scientific Heating Instru- Cmbodies Many Ad vanced Features. ' -Official announcement of a new lodern and scientific heating de vice was made this week by the Ward Furnace company, .this service now being ready for delivery and Installation. The new heater Is said to embody many novel and advanced 'features, and is particularly adapted to the heating; of homes, apartments, flats, offices and stores. A statement from J. Ic T. Keppy, general manager of the Ward Fur Yiace company, manufacturers and distributers of the heater, reads: "In the development of our new Ke-Ro-Co heat circulator, proven after five year of careful research and experimental work on the part of our engineers, we' reel we have developed a most efficient and eco nomtcal heating- device, which can be installed at a low cost- Our heater doubtless will fill a long felt want, and in Its development we have not only given attention to the manufacture of a heater from a heating standpoint alone but have gone further and designed heater that is artistic, ornamen tal, yet unobtrusive. All objections and prejudices connected with open Zlame gas heaters arei entirely over come, as is also the fire hazard. Our hBater is built absolutely safe In every respect, and conforms with the standard specifications of the American Uas association. "The outstanding feature of the Ke-Ko-Co heat circulator is a new type of radiating surface used which la the primary reason for its high heating efficiency and great economy in luei consumption, ine greatest problem was to obtain a large amount of heating surface in a small epaee. plus rapid radiation. Our engineers experimented with ail forms and designs of radiating surfaces, but found most types would not give the desired results for rapid, efficient radiation. Finally an advanced type of fin radiation .was developed by the placing of a series of steel fins over ateel tubes and expanding the tubes under tremendous pressure thus making the tube and fins an Integral part, resultant In perfect eonductivltyiand an Increased beat ing surface t-f over 600 per cent. This type of radiation, on account f Its rapidity, has been used with great success In building airplane motors lor just this reason "The heater operates by the elr ftlation of pure air, which Is heated by being passed over the fin radiating elements. When the heater Is lighted. Immediately and radiating fine become- hot and transfer th e heat units developed by the gas burner Into a warm air 4uct which discharges the heated air Into the rooms and at the same time draws the cold air from the same rooms, resulting in an even temperature of comfortable degree. "The heater Is of Internal combustion design and all gas Is completely burned in a sealed chamber. All fumes, vapors and odors are conducted to the outside of the bulding through a vent. There is no contamination of the nir in any respect and overheating or scorching of the atrlosphere, as in the Mh of all open flame heaters. "With Ke-Ro-Co the temperature of the rooms heated can be raised in a few minutes and controlled to a very fine point with a convenient valve. Every detail for efficiency, economy, low first cost and long life has been taken Into consideration In the manufacture of this modern, sclentifio heating device." RE'FINANC ifcfa WE HAVE ample funds available to refinance your straight mortgage loan on terms that will be greatly to your advantage. We will put your loan on , a monthly repayment basis that you can meet easily. This does away with the problem of costly renew als and the burden of paying large sums. Loans for the building, refinancing and purchase of homes. BERKELEY GUARANTEE BUILDING & LOAN I iccnrliTiu 2045 tehattuck Ave. BERKELEY ' Baric C:pfl. L . mmm j menO r Get on or Captain WILLIAM FILMORE of the Oakland airport and J. L. D. KEPPY of the Ward Furnace .company discussing the similarity of principle in the method used for cooling the Wright Whirlwind motor and for heating in the Ke-roco circulator, a new device placed on the market by the Ward Furnace company. ' ; ; . ; . -. o- wiwxix. .-. m fvmam ysassMtsvv'-- , , , till . vw J ml S Lmmmmmi 4 , . "immmmmi . FINESIIIiDEIS'pif'"' Mi PUNTED' . tf r-,"Ti ' IN ST. JllSfi: jip Beautiful gardens are now being planted to add new charm to 6t. James Wood In Piedmont, according to word from L'Hom-medieu, Inc., owner and developer of this magnificent home section. Says ' ap announcement regarding gardening plans and opportunities in the tract: "A glimpse of the St. James Wood of a year or two hence may be had now by driving through the tract and aeelng the very beautiT ful and elaborate gardens that are being planted. One or two are nearlng completion, while others are In the earliest stages of construction. But the visitor is able from those already planted to picture the beauty of fit. James Wood as vacant sites give way to developed homes and gardens. "Every home built or planned in St. James Wood includes a garden and some of them will be de veloped on a grand scale, many thousands of dollars being invested In a single garden. "The mild climate of St. James Wood, situated in the sheltered portion "of Piedmont, is conducive to fine gardens and the abundance of sunshine that practically every site gets because of the general slope of the tract encourages the garden lover to plant abundantly. In addition to the private gar dens, the small gardens that are a part of the general tract im provement and were planted by this company a year ago are now getting firmly established and are a delight to the eye as one drive through the tract. Carefully chosen shrubs and trees planted along the streets are now thoroughly entab llshed and are completely lining the space allotted to them. No other tract ever developed In this section of the West has been so beautified by gardens aa a part of the initial development. "The same beautlficatlon scheme will extend to Upper Piedmont Estates, the splendid expansion of St. James Wood to the north. In Upper Piedmont Estates the sites are larger than In St- James Wood, the smallest being 65 feet in width and the majority of the lots being from DO to 250 feet wide. Thus every house will have ample grounds for gardening even If each house occupies but one site. Aa a matter of fact most homes of the character built in 8t. James Wood and Upper Piedmont Estates include two or more lots within their grounds. One home Just being completed In St. James Wood is built on five lpts and the garden development la most elaborate and will be one of the rare beauty sites of Piedmont when It Is completed. "Landscape work In fit. James Wood and Upper Piedmont Estates Is being done uinder the direction of the best landscape men in the Eastbay. At present F. Herbert Mick is completing several splendid gardens, while E. L. Klemmer has just finished the attractive 8panlsh garden surrounding the Cap Doane home. Arthur Cobbledick and Howard Gilkey are also preparing plans for new gardens." LO ANS OakJaa -A lasieaa Plea 6 up to 60 of Value Three) Yean Mat or Installments Only $10.00 per 11000. Payment Privilege. No Life Insurance, Required. Prompt Service. F. E. FORBES COMPANY 505 American Trust Building ' BERKELEY Phone Berk. 1338 Mortgage Loan Correspondent Northern Life Insurance Co., Settl Heating Pooling or Charles Truman Noted civic leader of the Eastbay who has just returned from a visit to Europe. National Secretary to Be On Meet Program Herbert U. Nelson, executive secretary of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, will arrive n- California early in October to discuss vpollclea of administration tor the coming year with Harry H. Culver, president-elect. Nelson will attend the convention of the California Real Estate association at Sacramento and will address the Realtors on the sub ject, "Team Work for Better Busi ness." He will also speak before the secretaries division. BAXK DEBITS More than $220,000,000 was spent by check, against $200,700,-000 for August. 1(27. This In crease of i.1 per cent Is particu larly gratifying, oecause the united States as a whole cannot show such a record for this month. anl - Berkeley A Ikaay r f,. , "'4 '; wW:k: ' Tii'-f ! ? ' :; t r-' l:'.y) n I niDnpc nMDfiRn II IH 1 1 1 1 fi 1 1 j I TO TRUMAN FINOS Europe Is on the road to prosperity and, with the exception of England,, unemployment is decreasing, observed Charles H. J. Truman on his return from an extensive tour of the continent. Tru man, accompanied by his wife, son and daughter, toured England, Holland, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland on a pleasure tour, noted the (economic recovery of Italy under the Mussolini regime and was greatly Impressed with the alr-mindedness of the continent. Truman said: "Italy is a veritable beehive. Everybody Is working and appears to be contented. In every part of Italy that I visited, Rome, Florence, Venice I noted the new life Infused In the nation." Commenting on the development of aviation, Truman said: "Europe Is air-minded. Not only are thoroughly equipped air lines running everywhere, but the public has accepted them upon the same status that we have our railroads. Where air transportation is still somewhat of a novelty with, us. tbe average man, woman or child In Europe uses the air lines as a matter of course. I took my first airplane ride In the Berlin-Paris air express. W flew In a French Furman cabin biplane of the Imperial Air Lines. We left Templehof airport In Berlin at 10:80 a. m. and arrived at Le Bourget Field In Paris eight hours later. We made two stops, at Hanover 'and at Cologne, and, as the trip covers a thoussnd air miles, we flew at a speed somewhere In the neighborhood of 185 miles per hour." Truman visited Geneva, in Switzerland, the home of the league of nations and noted that th International Labor Temple was the largest, building In the city. . DDncnroiTV f rnuflrtn r. t if teen-Year ' Term . Flat 3ViY ears MORTGAGE GUARANTEE COMPANY 1404 Franklin St - - Clencourt 7241 242 Mills BIdr San FrancUca LYNN HOMES OPEN FOR INSPECTION Two Beautiful Homes in Lakeshore Highlands .Open to Public. Presenting an opportunity seldom accorded the Eastbay public, there is open for inspection today at 988 Longrldge road, a $30,000 home, the work of Willis F. Lynn, a foremost builder of fine residences. Then only a block away at 867 Sunnyhllls road, Lynn extends another invitation to. Judge a home listed at $18,500. A description of the larger home calls attention to the immense living room, 86 feet In length, and more than 16 feet in width, with woodwork of "antiqued" oak, canvassed walls," a mantel of marble and cast stone, ornamental columns and pilasters, wrought-lron grilles, fine lighting fixtures of candelabra type, and to the high ceiling, heavily beamed. In the reception hall, entered from a tiled vestibule, are noted a parquet oak floor, an oak stairway with balustrade of cast iron, and a ceiling light of art glass. In the large dining room one finds the canvassed walls, heavy panelled oak doors, crystal chandelier and bracket lights, and an interesting cornloe treatment. The master bedroom, 16x26 feet has windows on three sides. Its feature include a sleeping porch, dressing room with cedar lined closets, mirrors and dressing tables, a beautifully tiled bathroom and a separate shower- The' other three bed rooms, another bathroom and an additional shower, two linen closets and a clothes chute are on the upper floor. The maid's room with tiled bath are on the first floor, while in the basement Is a maple floored social hall of large pro portions, with stuccoed walls and In New residence in St. James Wood, The home was cheerful' fireplace. There Is radio wiring to the living room, social hall and master bedroom. A Johnson oil burning system supplies th heat. - In th Smaller horn, Lynn points to many features of equal merit, such as a large living room with canvassed walls, oak woodwork, sand blasted cornice, cast stone and marble mantel, and radio wiring. Th vestibule floor Is of parquet pattern, walls are canvassed and have the cornice. The dining room Is similarly finished and has crystal chandeliers and sidelights. There is a breakfast room with china cabinets, a maid's room with bath, kitchen with Frlgldalre, Inlaid linoleum, and ventilating fan. Upstairs are three bedrooms,- two porches, two baths, linen closet and clothes chute. In the large basement ia again the Johnson oil burning system and steel furnace ffr heating. -; Both homes have handmade tiled roofs with copper flashing. Landscaping Is completed. They well merit inspection. San Francisco and local transportation serve th dlstrlo well, while grammar and high schools, and a shopping district are convenient. if Jk fim toll iiLirfciiiiiua iBiits',''iil n,i mwnHminM ii. mm mm tnr 4 fm l:::.: mu I r " ' iffl) 1 . t. . i,,.4::.:.M..ifi:v:KSSv. . j Two Beautiful Homes Both of these homes' are open for inspection today. They are in the Lakeshore Highlands district, one at 983 Longridge road, the other at 957 Sunny Hills road. Willis F." Lynn, the builder, et-finrl an invitation to inspect them. I iLJ PI irZ I i- 'J""-tf ' i l -x W J- J' i L. J to f-Svvej'v-v.- . ; j . . J. ijiV " " ' rl,M."'1 '' '""""t,eeesrc t a&fl pill I JlrllfpSS iammM AST JiliiOl luff "'INife' St. James Wood just completed for J. Wf Neill by designed by archtect William Edward SchiTmer. LOANS UP I 8 OF VALUE 1 per cent 5 Let us inspect your furnace, and Kelp solve your heat problem. We need may be. INo job too For Information Phone Oah. 14 HO ncmtr Fvi-iae DcaJars, HLj.Mhtiiv'' Thos. Furlong, wellknown builder. TO - Flat 'or installment Jamieson-Towle-Willoughby Corp. 372 17th Street 662 Mills Bid., S. F. have whatever your large nor too small, Aiirt .mmT Tlk 7 T a T Si SCENIC VIEW FEATURE OF MINT I Highlands Preferred p for Homesites Throughout United States. From Beverly Hills In Los Angeles to O'Shaugnessy Heights la Vancouver and from the Vermont hills in New England to the rolling uplands which pass for hills , In Florida, home owners have always' preferred the highlands . as the sltea for their homes, according to Rx Daniels, salesmanager of Hub- ' hard and Nichol, representatives et ' Claremont Wood, following an Investigation of the exclusive residential districts in the , United ' States. Daniels who recently arrived from the east to accept the position' of salesmanager for th Oakland firm explains that he la -particularly impressed with the wonderful scenlo panoramas which are commanded by the Eastbay residential sites, and Claremont la particular. "Wherever there are height there you will find the finest residences," 'explained Daniels. "I have been particularly impressed by this tact and have made a survey of all of the big cities in th country for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the practice was universal. I find that it la. "Even in the middle west ia Kansas City and t. Louis thos sections of the community which are elevated of on bluffs have invariably attracted the attention of. the home builders of the best type. "The reason of course ia obvious. People want view for their homes, they want oltlook and where else In the world can they obtain such wonderful views as those offered in the Eastbay district. The panorama of San Francisco bay is one of the most striking in the world. In fact the San Francisco bay view is regarded as one of the most beautiful sights in the world, the other being .the Bay oft Naples. 5V2 MONEY For loans on garages, apartments and dwellings in Oakland. Piedmont and Berkeley, we give a non-callable 5 or 1 0-year loan with liberal prepayment privileges. Quick service. No appraisal fee. CALVIN PHILIPS & CO. 1101 Central Bank BldgY Oakland , .. Prompt Dependable M5S Delivery Service phone 8813 Make Your Contracts Today Dav sad Nighc DUerr Fuel Oil Dept. S.T. JOHNSON CO. SWaSm Oil Bmrmtrt fmt trtry "frit 940-950 Arlington Avenue. OakJaad LOANS PLENTY OF MONEY FOR IMMEDIATE LOANS ON NEW CONSTRUCTION. REASONABLE FLAT' PERIOD AND PERMANENT INSTALLMENT, LOAN COMBINED. Prompt Service Reasonable Costs . Assets over $24,000,000.00 (Head OffU. Salt UJct City, l leh) C. H. McEntyrc District Manager 1930 Broadway Oakland 'eeejaa

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