Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 16, 1928 · Page 34
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 34

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1928
Page 34
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SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 1928 M-5 1 rar AND GHflPEL COMPLETED Distinctive Mortuary of Gar ence N, Cooper Is Built by Caubert Bros. Completed by Gaubert Brps. The beautiful Clarence N Cooper mprtuary and. chapel erected by Caubert Bros, at Fruitvale avenue-anclE. 6th street. The structure is n exceptional combination of beauty, - utility and : dignity. - and is magnificently appointed trirougr.out. R. C. Schuppert i the architect. The beautiful Clarence N. Cooper mortuary and chapel at East Sixteenth street and Fruit-vale avenue, built by Gaubert Bros., general contractors, stands completed. The new structure, combining beauty, dignity and utility, la magnificently appointed throughout. A description reads: "Spanish architecture has been used throughout. The building Is two stories in height and contains jk main chapel, smaller chapels which can be thrown together, private rooms for the family, waiting rooms, offices and other rooms upon the main floor. The upper floor"" contains the various mortuary rooms, etc., an organ loft opening on the main chapel, and pendidly appointed apartments. "Gaubert Bros, have finished in distinctive style the whole of the structure. The main chapel, which is equipped wit(h roee-color lights, conveying a warm ivory tone, is surrounded entirely by a wide corridor and la completely secluded from the street. Its beautifully stencilled beam celling adds warmth and color to the scheme. Each room Is finished in a delicately toned stucco, all harmonizing as a whole. "A large 'porte cochere' leads from the south entrance of the building and allows funerals to he started in inclement weather. Colors, textures, interior details and finishing touches were worked out through the collaboration vt the Gaubert Bros, with Clarence N. Cooper and Architect K. C, Bh up-pert. "Heavy carpets have been laid throughout the entire building, insuring quietness," Cooper states. "Thoughtfulness and consideration," he said, "are qualities that permeate this establishment. Funeral direction ip a work that necessitates the human touch." Cooper announces -that he has t aside SunIny, September 16, to allow the public to inspect the new establishment. - . Immu A new patented stand Is announced by A. S. Morris, local contractor of 7027 Favor street, pak-land. Morris states: "This Is a device comprising a tripod with three legs. Those legs are fastened on a . tri head, between which is a spreader dilate through which each of the legs Is projected, and can he moved ur and down therein. A rod is vertically mounted In and through the trlpod-head and the spreader plate. This center rod is constructed to be movable in all positions, and Pliliiillpiilliiilll SS:W::$:;:;imSs JUT t "MSMtifittWh. .. v . s s "( x v . .,. I . i. jF rim fa- -.. . ... s "I Mf mi u ' W . m;V VtlL amnffiKSS&B&ZSMs can ba projected below the bottom oKthe tripod legs. The means for the adjustable fastening of the tripod head and spreader plate to tha rods are by a ael(screw. This de. vice makes s ny-cmuata stand, moving picture titandr water sprinkler stand, ehowciwoAstand and many other stands, tliafv this patent Is adaptable ro, rigid Oand firm in a few seconds. The water sprinkler stand holds the sprinkler and hose at any angle, up and down, at a second's noflce. Morris is manufiicturiiig the water sprinkler hIhiu1h at the Jenkins Machine Works. 1 244 High street, and has many namrle slands td produce for the different firms adaptable to their purpose. The Bargain Spot for New and Used Building Materials, Plumbing Supplies, Doors, Windows, Paints, Etc. Try us for Low Prices on Good Quality Materials Htr arm torn outtland- Not exceptional ing vala$ in NEW J price on good condition . article. ... uted item ' Screen Doors $2a Panel Doors Garage Doors Bath Tubs Toilets Complete Wash Trays Roofing Paper Redwood Rustic PER $225 $10 $18 $C50 -.u J20 Iron Sheets Hot Water Boilers Dandy . Doors Good Sinks 2c POIND $200 50 c EACH $25 Bath Tubs $10.00 Redwood H Q Rustic rER J.O $40jo 3 and 5 H. P. El. Motors EACH 2x3 to 2x12 .naEBra'AHeo. WRECKERS ' Phone Fruitvale 1S61 Cor. EasTl2th and 22nd Ave. F! E U LI A TRACT SECCtlG :HBT At the present rate of building activity, it can be but. a comparatively short tlma until every available lot In Piedmont Is sold, states Kalph H. Knapp. Requa Highlands, one of the choicest properties In Piedmont, will be sold otlt this season, at the present rate of building activity, GEN. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS IN JPIRIENT ! Making her apartment building, ha Van Rene, at M21 Broadway, n. of the most complete el.o rlcally equipped apartment hous.s in the Eastbay, Mrs. 1. Van da Carr, owner, last waek announced the installation of General Electric de luxe refrigerators throughout. These new units together with electric stoves, electrto water heaters and electrto radiators, compels what is said to be on of the few all .lectrlc apartment houses in ths bay district. Another outstanding feature of the building, is the novel and economical arrangement of the elec-trio meters, it la stated. Each apartment is equipped with a separate meter, which, in turn operates through a master meter. This assures an exceptionally low elec tric rate to tenants and makes possible the operation of the equipment at a consumr"rate that is in many instances more economical than coal, wood or gas, according 19 Mrs. van d Carr. Commenting on the installation of General Electric refrlEerators In tne building, Clarence Keller, local distributor, aald yeaterday: "Modip. conveniences have been the cause-of many improvements in the building and equipping of apartment houses and residence hotels. The owners of such buildings have found that the. fully 'Electric Apartments 1 1 The Van Rene Apartments at 5421 Broadway which have a complete installation of General Electric JU luxe refrigeralora. GENU AREA HIE s 1 t " if 8.. .ivL' 1 - '"XtA teiiiiiiiunai)" " i. mi t I 41 in - s quipped apartment la the easiest to rent and the easiest to sell. "Manufacturers of labor saving devices have recognized the need of special equipment for this type uf Installation and have spent considerable time, effort and money fn the development of small, effi cient models especially adapted to small space. The General Electric compaay, looking for year into the future, haa dealgned a refrigerator especially adaptable for apartment use. It is attractive and easy to clean, and economical in floor apace and operation.' E 15- T 0 PUBLIC Inspection of a new home in Glendome Circle Is invited by ?. A. Heroux, the owner and Guilder. The home adjoins and. overlooks St. James Woods and commands a magnificient view of the bay region and the bay. The new house ia surrounded by recreation grounds, tennis" courts, parks, etc. The house haa a large, swimming; pool, a social hall and several other unusual features. F- A. Heroux, the owner, states that the home la particularly reasonably priced, in view of all these advantages. Heroux has owned the acreage for several years, and states that he eliminates ; all middleman profita by building and by selling directly to hia nts. Glendome Circle ia reached by going out Park boulevard,, then west on El Centro avenue to Glen-" dome Circle. Announcement for a new through all-water service between Oakland and Detroit -?aa mad by th trnffin rienartment of the chamber, of commerce today. The new service will be operated by company and the Detroit-New York . Transit company, under an agreement filed recently with t.hc United "ies shinning bnard. The Iuihi number of building; permit for the week ending Wed; neaday. July l, 1928. was JOT per mits, totaling 37J,tHf. according to Knapp, who Is sales agent for the property. With its magnificent view of . the Golden Gate, Kan Francisco bay and down town Oakland, the lot are finding favor, partloularJy with visitors who have been attracted by the Eastbay and decided'to settle down here, Knapp declares. Itequa Highlands hHS been in proved by splendid winding; streets, ornamental electroliers and with all electrical and telephone wires un derground. The restrictions upon each of the 30 lots comprising the property include .the right retained by Mrs. Amy Kequa Long, the owner and rieveloppr of the tract, is to pahs upon the architectural dcfilgn of all homes erected In Re qua Highlands, It is started. Can You Afford NOT to Buy . a Home in Durant Manor? There are many good reasons for owning a home of your own. k It gives you property of value irvyour old age. It it an obligation you owe to your wife and .Vv.. children. -. ' fj(i. It add to your own pleasure and comfort. ' It is as easy as paying rent. Owning a Home in Durant Manor Has Additional Advantages. Durant Manor property has the advantage of being located at the center" of the greatest devejopments in the East bay. The new $7,000,000 prdject of the Chrysler-Dodge Corporation is only two blocks from Durant Manor and when the payroll of that plant is added to the payrolls of the other nearby factories you will see the demand for homes in theEast Oaklarid-San Leandro district double and treble almost over night. Present Prices in Durant Manor . . Are Low Today you. can buy a five-room home in Durant Manor for as little as $4800 on terms as low as 10 down and 1 a month. Built-in conveniences are in the kitchens. The hardwood floors, plaster work and finishing are according to the latest styles! Paved streets, sidewalks sewers and other modern improvements are in and paid for. Local and San Francisco transportation is convenient, . "Why rent) Why live in a less desirable neighbor-hoodrwhen it is so easy to buy in a community that is going ahead fast? Come out today and visit the homes that are open for inspection and ready. for you to move (Attractive arrangements for builders) Tract Office! Durant Avenue ... ait Beverlr Phone Elmhartt 4545 Mala Office: 1S01 Franklin Street Phone Lakeeide 0242 GAUBERT BROS. GENERAL CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS 4735 Brookdale Ave. Phone Fruitvale 2897-W I - . 1 ra & i i , ; -1 IHI -r-.v--.?i..:.t ltr- i , m m " ' M m -1 m , i 1 V m , -. - , . p ra ... -f i You are inuited io visit. ' c v ' 1 . B THE FRUITVALE CHAPEL ft rl S The New Home of CLARENCE N. COOPER S i FUNERAL DIRECTOR V I 1 - BUILT TO LAST BY I In I t MI II laill Mi ! Plumbing J. A. FREITAS 2S1S E. 10th St. rraltrale S33S , Homing . A. ASCHIN y J61l Peralta SU---1 mttrale 4A5S I S. V. MEKSA B 283J Brookdale Ave. Aae-re 3SM V II M l II n The Fruitvale Chapel, Fruitvale we. and folk St., worthy monument to the . nineteen jears of service in OakpndJ)f Clarence N. Cooper, w the most beautiful and splendidly equippedjuneral home that human ingenuity could devise. The main chapel is large, completely secluded and of fitting beauty. Every thought and consideration for the living as veil as for the departed has been incorporated into the structure. Private rooms for the family and separate "Waiting rooms for ladies are provided. The entire surroundings denote beauty and dignity. Official Opening SeplemBer 15 and 16 To the following firm we extend oar grateful appreciation ' for their excellent workmanship and splendid cooperation Ornmmtnfl Stall Werk FRED FERKERO 1715 Webster St, AlameJs Alaae4a 43SS Stair Building OAKLAND STAIR BLDG CO. Ill Sri St. tahald 89TT Clmctrb Wiring KERR & CLIFFORD 3S2S E. 14th St. rrvttvale 440t '. Cement Work J. C VIEIRA 146S 7th Ave. Elssaarst SMS Lumbm SUNSET LUMBER CO, First and Osk St. Oahlaaa 1S3 Window mi Drt CALIF. DOCfR CO. JAM Webtter St. Gleaeeart T4 Lighting Tin urn ROBERTS MFC; CO. 2214 Brosilwsy , Qsktaaa im Tiling RrCKET TILE Ca 1012 HarritM Sc . Clrmrwmrt 1S14 . Building Wsleriflf - MELROSE BLDG. MTU CO. Tidewater Ave. rmreale STT. , .1, ' . MiUworh CHICAGO LUMBER CO. Feet ef Mtl Ave, Eltaaarst SIM Finish Hardwart SMITH HARDWARE CO. 924 Brosdwsy Cleaeeart SS49 CafMtructten Hardware. P. C. FRY HARDWARE Cot 3300 E. 14th St. rreltTBle 48M Window Shade TRl-QTY WIN. SHADE CO. 523 13th St. OsklaM M Hardwood Floor HARDWOOD FLOOR CO, 911 E. 12th St. rraltral 1S8I GrMm St Omamantal horn Werk JAS.EAJSDI 1336 (1st Ave. " ' ' Elaikarei Drain . . J. TIRREIRA ' 17SJ l?th Ave. Elaikannl saos landscaping and Cordoning' GATES NURSERY. 2234 Seminary Ave. Scram HIPOLlTaCO. 4346 Heldea Street rteaaaeat fees Csamj Dedb KRONO-BRAMPTON Ca 3213 Sao Pthe Ave. HvaskeMt Brick Work VBERSCHEL A REINECK.E 830 11th At. Merrttt tT Shaat Afefel JTerfc ' M. C HENRY 1183 53rd St- . Iteaaieat lee Hoofing M. A U ROOFING CO. 9224 Feetblll BooJerardj Elaatirst S4t fainting J. A. Tl'RGEO? 2055 Webtter St. - oieaeeert tl - Extorter Spraying PREMIER SrRALNG CO. 3Tt la Ave. riatrnt ST4 ' J r-111 "" T Tiri-li i m i i... ,-- ir ., il f-w.at n-1--n-' n

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