Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
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MARCH 7, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 6 eonponB of rtlBCTmt ttauw and 10 emit srairwi the current number of Art Portfolios. See auvc rtlwnwnt. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 7.1894. NO. 5fi. The Hard Times Tke agitation of the silver question, nor the fate of the Wilson Bill have impeded our progress And Why Not? Because tho CoDgress of oar friends and patrons have voted iimini noiHy "Aye," as to the strength and desirability <>f our earl}' and r^c^r.t purchases. f>wr line of Spring Dress Goods, Silks and White Goods, Trimmings and Laces. Our now Hosiery, Uuder. ear and Gloves never met with such unar-imous favor from every one that saw them and learned our very low prices, You, who haven't visited us yet are most cordially invited to the ever bu^y BEE HIVE, 315 Fourth St, Wiler & Wise. CflLL ON Wf\LKER 6c RfVUO-H. 430 BROrtDWrtY, FOR flNYTHINO YOU WrtNT IN STRIKERS USE DYNAMITE. Can at loung ttown K«U In • Klot. Y«9«QltowiT, O., March 8. —At noon the Voungstown Electric Street Ballway ownpany, which has been tied up •by a strike since Sunday morning, TM oat the first car, manned by * non-union crew. The streets were crowded by thousands of idle mill men, who greeted the appearance of the car with loud crie« of "Black sheep" and halted epithets at the men In the car. •No ps*sengers were on board. When the car reached -the public square a wild rush was made for it by the crowd and in an instant «TBty winoow-pano was smashed to atoma. A heayy explosion has jnst occurred, and it i.i feared that tho mob has reported to dynaralto to blow up the cars, as they have frequently threatened during the last two days. DEAT H OF RUFUS F ROS1 . tlnMM> 0«mlM la Chicago of » Ho* ton OBICAQO, March 6.— Rufus Frost died •iMMoaly in Ws prlrate car at the Union Taflway station just after noon. He was lng from Mexico to his henie in i' Ha had been sick for some time was tra-relinff In charge ot a Mr. Frost was one of the °l merchants in Boston. He millionaire several times orer. l-roet was Interested in big wool ilitJMliliin In the west and is reputed to >W M«\ior pmrtntr In a big -wool bnai- __ with • Peculiar Murd«r. , Ont, March B.— Thomas is in custody, charged with mrder in Moore'd raysre. at which 'Bol>ln!U>n is employed. During- the rush frow tho lecture hall to the theater Jarnon Walker, a hack driver, blocked the. way. Koblnson tried to eject him, and threw him downstairs. Walker fell against James Corrlgan, knocking him through ft disused doorway to tho 'floor, seven feet below. Corrigan was 'piolccd up unconscious and taken in an ambutaoce to tno hospitiU, where he died. __ _ fuiiiin*rcl«l Cubl»'« EarnlnKi. N«w, -YoBK, March «.— The annual nieeiing of the stockholdern of theCorn- meVcAal Cable company, better known •a^'ttn Wackay-Bcnnett cables, was held in the company's offices at No, I Broadway Monday. The annual report show* that the gross earnings of the company for 189S were 11,812,349; expenses, »T84,900, leaving a balance of 11,057,748. The net earnings show a decrease, compared with 1893, of 9*1,840. _ _ _ Kilted HI. K»tb.r. RIOMLA.ND CBNTEK, Wis., March 8. — Danfel Tracy, a young wan of the town of Blchwood, this county, shot and killed hi» father, Anthony Tracy. After the shooting he took his riflo and went into ihe woods, where for a number of hours he held tho officers at bay. Ho was finally induced by friends to give himself up. He assigns no reason for his crime. A Hlohlfuri HI loo Cloud. IguriCMINQ, Mich,, March 6. —The Mitchell mine, which of late years has been operated by the Winthrop Iron company, has retired from tho list of mines producing ore in northern Michigan. The mine has been in existence twenty years. Two hundred men will be deprived of •mploytnent. YOBK, March 6.— Henry C. Wilt•haw, alias H. C. Watklns, the United States natlomal bank of New York em- bezsler, KM been arrested at Buffalo- He disappeared suddenly from New York in November, 1801. Bis defalcation aa»on»ted to tM.»09- Mlnm WiM «>«lr Folat. CttFPLB QWCK, CeL. March •.-The Odd King. 8tr»«ir, Or»nite and Washington mine* hare resumed operations on elfrht-hour «bif to. ThU U » iub»t»n- tlal victory for th» miners, and they are sanguine of compelling every mine In the camp to adopt the eight-hour law. The Anna and Lee will commence work In a few days on the miners, term*. _ _ __ »'o tavutlcau '*«<!«• JeokUw. WASHIKOTOIT, March 8.— -The house has adopted the resolution providing for an investigation of Judge Jenkins' order preventing the Northern Pacific railroad employes from striking. Thon»nd« Thrown Oat of Work. PHOtNuvrtMt. Pa., March 6.— The Phoenix Iron works, whloh usually employ between 8,000 and 4,000 men, hs,Tt closed down. PANIC IN SUGAK. Wild Fluctuation in Stocks on 'Change in New York. Over 100,000 Shares Sold at an Advance of Twelve Points—Millions Were Made and Lost. SUGAJl SHARKS BOOM. NEW YollK, March li.—Tin-re was a jump in sugar certificates on tile stock exchange which took the breath out of the oldest patrons of that establishment. They sprang upward until twelve points hud been reglsterod in half »n hour. Tho stock of the sugar trust is not one in which undue sobriety of movement is looked for. Since the debate on tho sugar schedules of the Wilson tariff bill began, however, its gyrations have broken ull records. Short* Itun to Cover. Tho cause of the remarkable spurt was an inspiration from Washington in the form of a statement that the trust's pet product would not be disturbed by the senate. For thn last feu- days tho advices received in Wall slreet from Washington have indicated that the bill, :n amended by the senate finance committee, would provide for the protection of refined sugar. A large short interest was created in the slock ou the theory that tlie senate would pass the bill as it left the lower house, namely, without duties on either raw or refined sug-ar. Later advices soared the short interest into covering, ami a big bull pool has been buying and advancing tho stock. x Story nf iliu Day. The Evening Post tells of the excitement in sugar stock as follows; "There was evidence on" tho nmrUet of sotr.o vm-y reiuuvkublo manipulation of tho 'news 1 from \Va»!ilnglon about the senate's Intention!" with respect to tan- tm ou sugar. Between 10 o'clock, when bUhlnuss opened, and 11;3J ubout 100,000 HhurcH changed hiinilh. and ilurlr.R Uieuo dealing the price of the Cf.'rtltlcate* rnovod or rather rushed from 88 to "100, turning lit par and receding as ruplclly UH they hud advanced ui i)~ After another upward spurt tho price seemed to sotile abuui 1)3. The excitement attMDdlag those extraordinary sales wan Intense!, aud the rtoallnt-s as re- tk-utecl In the Quotatlous were mout Irregular. For awhile all othur business seemed at a ftUiiultallL At one Limy, for in- •tanoe, the tape recorded eleven dfffei-out prices for suirar, showinR a variation of i.breo point), whilo fr»otlonal lots, sold simultaneously wltn lull lots, wero frequently throe polnia abore the price of tho latter. "After 11 o'clock »ug»r broke 2!i to 931-4, r»l- lied to toy,, sold down to 32% »nd recovered to B3. 7'ho preferred told off it per cant, to 8»J(. The xpeculktlOQ In the shares Is steadying gradually and has lost the greater part of tbo revorlihuoss whloh nas characterized the fl.nl oillngn therein. Mlllloai Maitn anil Lopt. "In the sugar crowd nearly SOO broke™ were veiling together and struggling to get to the middle of the pit. The Bight was a most remarkable one, but It wu easily understood when tho ensure In money values, u represented by the quotations, was taken Into account. The rise of twtlra points that took plaoo In tho stock represented an Increase la lb* value of the company's common (took ol (4,100,000. IV ta worvh fljhUllj for to, s"«t ft lUo« ef this." Serious Char*** Against Senators. WASHIHOTOH, March 8. -Stock Jobbers are making a football of the tariff bill and the senators are Joining in the fame. Sugar U the pivot on which the speculation turns. Every hour's delay In reporting the tariff bill adds to the speculative fever. 3ne leading western senator made 168,009 in two hours, according to the word of his broker, on the bullish movement on sugar. The speculators u and out of the senate are being roundly abused. Senator Voorhees, chairman of the finance committee, {row indignant on the subject and de* ;lured that false 'juriff schedules were being published almost daily to aid the speculators. Calls It a National Sc«n<l»l. •The base use to which tho tariff bill s being put is a national scandal," said one of the most prominent mem- jers of the ways and means committee. 'I believe that some senators are standing ont to keep the market in a quiver and not for the reason they al- ege, because the schedule is unsatisfactory." • Oiv«n •] 0,000 for • £*«. WEST SUWCBIOB, Wis., March 8, r'rederick Nelson was (riven a Judgment of 110,000 against the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railway by a ury in a personal damage suit. The jlaintiff's leg was cut off at the blp ivhile crossing the track at Iron Elver. He claimed no signal was given or whittle blown.^_ Confirm Ml. Ifareh «.—The senate in executive session confirmed the fol- owlnir nominations: Bugene Townsend, superintendent of the United States mint "it Philadelphia; John W. Arnold, ol Illinois, ***** <* *. United States, northern district ot Illinois. __ Gov. Altfcld Retains. 8PBHCOFIKLD, 1U. Marofa «.—QoT. and Mrs. Altgeld returned to the cap- tal shortly before noon and retired Immediately to the executive mansion for needed rest and refreshment. Thejr come direct from Hob Springs, which ;hey left at 8:07 o'clock Monday afternoon. , Kl-Cnlon Soldier Han ITS Himself. CKLINA. 0 March <(.'—George W, Sherrick, an'ex-nn.on *jjcUer'Who hs4, , nineteen months 1» AnaeriOB, vine and Libuy prisons. Hanged imnsell Monday morning. He hud grown despondent over the suspension of his pension of $12 a month. IN GLADSTONE'S SEAT, Ros«br«y Takn* Furinul I'msi-mlon of the LONDON-, March ti.—Lord Eosebery hab taken formal possession of the offices recently occupied by Rt lion, William E. Gladstone as prime minister of England. The new premier first visited the chancel lor of the exchequer, RU Hoc, Sir William Veruon Har court and then passed into Mr- Gladstone's rooms, where lie was cor. dinlly greeted by the ex-premier us his successor. Lord Kosebery afterward drove to his residence in licrkcley square, in order to prepare for the queen's drawing room. The Standard makes the following officml announcement,; •'Til'-' eiu-1 of Kiuluerley will usriurne tho for- elgu portfolio: K,:. lion. Henry Kow!ur tin; Indian portfolio: mid Mr. T. E. mils, now « lord of Uio treasiu'v. will be^tnu^ inurO'.uLgc secretary to '.ho treasury, su^ct-u^hi;,' Mr. Miijori- bunkH, tho HLorul -whip ' Tljo uppuinUDeut of Mr. Fowler, who Is now pri:M'<li'!it or Ihc lut'*l government, bourd. Is a surprise, but is regarded :H u (,'ooJ oiio. as h<;.lnw<»ii InforniftU upon the fluauciui Qtioallocs stud aifflcultleii of Indili." THE CONSULAR BILL. It Cnrrli-s »4fl,7i><! 1.,'ns Tlniii the Cor- WA.SIIINGTO.N. .March C.--The diplomatic and consular uppropriution bill was presented on .Monday to the house by Chairman MeCn-ary. of t'le committee on foreign ;iiV;iir.s. It appropriates a total of !l.r>1.".,7S.S, whioh is »40,TOC les.s than Uie amount of the last bill. With the prospective consular fees, \vhicli iLiiiunnted for tho lust year to Sl,UU!i,OliU, it is estimated that the actual I'Ost of the diplomatic ami consular service will be less than JSHO.OOU. The share of the United State.s for an intercontinental railway commission is reduced from loU.UOO to 82U.OOO. The report states that the practicability of the railway between the UiiKed States and South America has been fully demonstrated by recent surveys. MILLIONS FN VOL VE D. Washington Secure* Vitluubl» Property by the Derision Aifulunf. the Northern Fitelflc. TACOMA, Wash., March 0,—The harbor line commission estimates that 81!0,pW,000 worth of property is affected by the decision in the United States suprem* i court in the case of Prosservs. the Northern Pacific railroad which was handed down Monday. The railroad company had laid claim to a strip 200 feet wide on each side of tha roadbed. The North-' ern Pacific wharves, bunkers and elevators coming within these lines, the state, through the harbor line commission, looks forward to heavy rentals. Jn addition to bunkers and elevators W50.000 has been spent by the Northern Pacific in filling in wharves. DEATH AT A FIRE. Dynamite Explodes Kllllnr Two Meo at Cutln)»i>, Ala. CUL'LMAS, Ala., March 6,—Fire broke out at 10 o'clock Sunday night in the business portion of this city. The wind was blowing a gale from., the southeast and in less than 'five minutes an entire block was in flamea A' terrific explosion soon occurred. The fire had reached dynamite stored in Koppman & Qerdes' warehouse. The following were killed: Clabe Mitchell, clerk for Koopman * Gerdes; O. 0. Dinkleberg. Other persons are reported injured and missing. The explosion of dynamite shattered all the window glass in the city; BLINCTAND SPEECHLESS. John W. Ulna, » Prominent KeutuokUn. Victim of s> Peculiar Malady. FBANKFOBT, Ky., March 6.—John W. Blue, of Marion, past grand master of the State Grand Lodge of Masons, a prominent western Kentucky politician, Is at the point of death. Mr. Blue aud a friend were in Gov. Brown's office talking over a business matter when Mr. Blue fell out of his chair. When revived out of a fainting fit it was found that he was both blind and speechless. A blood vessel had been ruptured In the brain, Mr, Blue is 70 years old. Th» President Returns. WASHINUTON, March 6.-—The president, Secretary Gresham and Capt. Evans arrived at the wharf here at 1:38 p. m. on their return home from their gunning trip in North Carolina. The president looked remarkably well and vigorous, as did the other members of the party. Good luck evidently fell to the lot of the sportsmen, for there was a large collection of wild swan, geese and dusks on the Violet's deek. „„„ Maroh 6.—The attor* ney general sent to the senate a request for »n Increaee of the appropriation proposed in the urgent deficiency bill now before the senate sufficient to make the total not less than »400,000 to meet deficiencies already existing or about to occur in the United States courts in almost all the states of the union. FALLING EOCK. It Causes a Sad Disaster in a Pennsylvania Mine. Four Workmen Are Instantly Killed- Three Lives Are, Lost in a Mine in Ontario. FATAL CAVE-IS-. SCHANTON, Pa., Mareh 6.—Four men of a gang of mine shaft sinkers were killed in the Richmond shaft. The accident was caused by the fall of a shelf of rock from the side of the shaft ueai- the bottom, and a consequent explosion of g-as. The Vlcllnn. Those killed are Thomas Holwill, Richard Hughes, James Nurthen and Albert Richards. All were single men except llolwill, who leaves a wife and child. Five others of tho sVift made their escape. .-story of DIM DliAKtrj*. Tlie men were at work at tlie bottom of the- shaft almost WO feet from the surface. Above them hung a bell-like picc.e of rock which projected slightly from Uie Mile of tli* shiti'U This sholved downward itnd had bo.e:i some- u liiit loosened by blasts set oil bv a. previous sliift- Kor some as vet unexplained reason th" miners, who liud been of tlif; danger, failed to protect themselves aud HOOS1ER HAPPENINGS. Information of Especial Interest to Indian ianu. warn pro peri} sd the HAS yjiAMOiBco, March 0.—Mrs. Eliia Davis, familiarly known here as "Old AumtEliaa," died March 8, having lived 10S years * months and 18 days- 8lw WM a mulatto and was born a slave. hi I \\-nrk of re-moving the coal. Suddenly I tin; rui.'!« guvi; way. Three WI.TU ciiup :iu(j i.'riislitd to ijiiUint death. Charg MKin llolwill rushed aw;iy as Ihu f ("itiu;, willi live oilier*. Ho we I further into the opening- than fellow workmen. He still carried his united lump on his head. In stantly there was a sheet of Dame that enveloped him in it blaze, aud with cry of horror he sank down helpless and all afire. The others tried to put out, the names at their own peril, but before they succeeded he was dead. The after-damp quickly gathered and it was only by prompt aetiou that those survivors succeeded in reaching the foot of the shaft and signaling tho en ffiueer were hoisted to the surface. The flames pursued them half way up the shall. Mine Inspector Roderick quickly get about to bring out the dead bodies, but it was necesbary to clear the shaft of: gas before this could be done. Meanwhile forces of men were got ready to go down and bring out the bodies when this was accomplished. DIIMttr In Outarlp. BBUCZ Minis, Ont, March 8.— Three miners were killed st the Ophir g-old mine by the rock caving in ou them. The dead m«n were named Frank Percy, James 0. Heath and Anthony Sav HAVOC AT RIO. Yellow F«T«r'» K«T»K<» Anton* Political Prlioner*. Rio JANKIEO, Brazil, via Galveston, Tex., March 6.— The jails here are full at political prisoners, and yellow fever if working frightful havoc among them. Admiral da Qama'i fleet la in a critical condition, being unable to obtain provisions on account of the plague. Geo. M. Rollins, who yolunteered to act as an intermediary between Ad miral da Gama and the American merchantmen in the Incident which culminated in the United States cruiser Detroit firing upon the insurgent war (hips Trojono and Guanabara, died Monday of yellow fever. Capt W, A. Sturgis, of the American warship Santuit, which towed the pirating (Destroyer) from Hew York to Pernambnco to join President Peixoto's new fleet, also died Monday of the tamo disease. fV'hmt T»d> with China. /WASHINGTON, March 6. — In reporting to the state department upon the prospects of enlarging the American wheat trade, the United States consul at Hong Kong, China, says that little can be done at that place, as the Chinese use the cheaper rice in preference to flour. He believes, however, that the opening to trade of new districts on the Yellow river and the reduction of duties at Canton will re- •sult in some increase Took Hli Own I. If". NEW YOKK, March 6.— Julius C. Lally, secretary of the aqueduct board, committed suicide at his home, 34 West Twenty-third street* by shooting himself through the head with a revolver. For some time past Mr. I/ally has been troubled with nervous dyspepsia, and this, complicated with an attack of the grip, is supposed to have caused him to t»ke his life in a fit of temporary insanity. eon* to Bb R*w»rd. DILA.WAM, ft, March 0.— Bev. Dr. Frederick Merry, aged 84, who had been connected with the Ohio Wesleyan university, this city, for over fifty years, being president from 3880 to 18T4, died from the effects of a stroke of paralysis at his home here Monday. Hs had g Iven his entire life, together with property valued at 130,000, to tn « college. _ __ ~'i»«t»"oi » jjnuop. BimjL BABBABA, »:»'.. March «,— Rev. John A. Paddoek, bishop of Ta- eoma, died Sunday night at Miramur after an Illness of several days, taused by paralysis. Three daughters and Bishop Morris, of Tacoroa, were with him during his illness. The remains are to be taken home for interment Stole to Pay Funeral Rxpcniiff>«. GREKNSBL-RG. Ind., March 6.— John P. Howard, of Jennings county, is in jail here under sentence of two years in tho penitentiary for embezzling 4TO from his employers, Cohen Brothers, «f Lawrenceburg, Ind. He will *>« taken to .leffersonvi.lt; the lant of tho week to serve his sentence, bn» owing to the cireiirnstances of the case Judge Ewing:ind Prosecutor MeyersM- sured the prisoner that they would do what they could to secure his pardML Two of Howard's children died of diphtheria, and being without funds he appropriated enough of kU employers' money to pay the fnneml expenses, intending to make the amoont good as fust us he could earn it, II« w;is arrested before he had any opportunity to carry out his intentions. ... Cuplil HUH Fun lit Munrlx. , MUNCIB, Ind., March G,— -Mrs. William Pash three years ago found a letter in her husband's pocket which was a message of love to a fomig woman ;it Red Key, Jay coo»ty. Mrs. Tash si-cured a divorce as a result. Soon afterward Paifb marrwM the woman who wrote the love letter. Recently wife No. 2 brought suit for a divorce on identically the same charge as that made by wife No. 1. Wife No. 2 had found a love letter of recent date in her h«s- band's pocket addressed to his fiml wife. The divorce was granted and Monday William and his first lave locked arms and took the train for liellefontaine, O. There they are t« be ennited in the town where they courted over a quarter of a century ago. Trlen to Brain lilt Wlfi>. JBFFBKSOJIVIM.K, Ind., March C. — George Carter, who is possessed of an ungovernable temper, made a desperate attempt Monda;, to brain his wife with a brick and then cut her throat. Ho also threatened the life of his 18-year- old daughter and other members of his family, but the timely arrival oi the police prevented him. For the pas! six months Carter and his wife have not occupied the samu domicile. Carter appeared in the police court, was heavily fined and sent to jail in default ___ _ _ Trial or White Cuppeni Continued. COLUMBUS, Ind., March 0. — Tho case of the State of Indiana against t!n. Chris Schnider, Mrs. Annie Vbnstrohe and eight others for the whipping- of Mrs. Andrew Schmder was called in the circuit court Monday morning: The state's attorney dismissed tho count in the indictment charging white capping and the defendants filed affidavits for a continuance, which was granted. Chris Schnider, found guilty as a party in the same case, was dented a new trial. __ __ PoitmMter Arrated. TERRK HAITTB, Ind., March 6.— P««t- master Alfred Miller, of MacksTiBe. was arrested Monday on a charge oi embezzlement of 1700 of government money. lie says the post office w»i robbed several times, and In the ajr» gregate of $317, -which he made g«Od, and that he was informed by the poat office inspector that he would not b« further called to account. GOT. Matth«w* to Clou Hobj. IHDIANAPOIJS, Ind., March «.— <iov. Matthews intimated Monday that tin career' of the Roby race track wenld soon be at an end. The governor baa ' cen in correspondence with official* oi ^ako county. He does not think Ml* investigation by the Lake commty grand jury will bo carelessly made, a* Judge Gillette is not in sympathy with the race track. ___ __ ___ Judgment Againi! Jonnion. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind,, March «. R, G. Phelps, who was the widow of the lato Henry C. Catherwood, got Judgment Monday for WT.OOO agaldSl Congressman Tom Johnson, tho dere- land street car magnate, for 388 share* ol stock in the Citizens' Street Railroad company of this city. Ntrlk* »t HtmmoncJ Knded. HAMMOND, Ind., March 6.— After a* ing out a week the Ea»t Chicago strikers decided to accept the r«teo- tion, and nearly all the men returned »o work Monday morning. Tire fcon ana steel mill will be run day and night to make up for lost time. Pythian* to B« loitrnct»d. RICHMOND, Ind., March «.— The grand chancellor of the Indiana Knight* «1 Pythtas has concluded to coadvct im the state a aeries of district ateetfcuni /iiMr »• for the purpose of ezem secret work of the three ranlm. Killed bj • Nlokel iiriitts) «WSI. W ABASH, Ind.. March 6 —Samuel Steffle, a well-known farmer resUOnc 2 miles west of Claynool, wan eerij Monday morning struck by a trails s>Q tho Nickel Plate railroad siear that point and Instantly killed. A Lo.t Boy. TKIWK HAUTE, Ind., March «.—!*• partnt-H of Chauncey Moore, I* jeai» old, who ran away from his ho*B« ti this city, offer a reward of H0» fee information that will lead to Uis return. New Work* Start »t KekMso. KOKOWO, Ind., March 0.—Tho Great Western pottery works and the Vdion fiber works, recent acquisitions, tetran. .perations Monday. The former ha* tx. unmiitv of 400 men. the latter 100.

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