Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1954 · Page 22
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 22

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1954
Page 22
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* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS f hurray, Ocfoter 14, 1954 people where catches them. By Id Stropl 07ARK IKK HE THREW J( AMD HERE'S HIS HIS JACKET ) > CAP-BELIEVE ME C0ULDMT 6E.C. BUT THIS SIMPLE-UOOKIM' BOOB LOOKS ENOUGH LIKE OZARK. IKE TO BE HIS TWIN BROTH ea I'M GOING TO CgOOK? HARDLY, 5UH/THARS BEEN AMIXrUP,,,ROOAA • SERVICE . ' RETURNED ME YO 1 SHOES AN' RETURNED. YOU MINE/ A CHEAP . CROOK/ . you * OUT OUR WATT By J. R. Williams 6y Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lan« Vic FLINT IN THS NEISHR3K- PIVE HUNP(ZEC7 ATOUUPW'T . THIS IS THE &E6T/ 0KCTH&KS / HUSH,HAVE A L HOO1?. AM? I NEEP THE CLAMS.AMP 1 CAW IN THE -CHIPS/ WHICH (MAKES IT JUST A MINUTE--1 GOT MY HAND.S FULL O' » TOOTH PASTE/'THESE ft S1STEKJ& DRIVE ,K^O CCUGH PEFOPETHB RUST ALt. THE EASIER TO PUT TH& &ITE " Answer to. Previous JMMY, ITS AFtEP FOUfZ.) SHELVE THS PAC& AT LARCHt7AUE/ ANI7 SETTLE POWW WAITEP WHAT IN HEAVEN'S J VIRTUOUS MAME-- ,t——/"BROTHER. ACT HOW A?OUT TO THE PIAPER3 ANt?< UNTIL WtlPBB ClUg PtOUTlNEOMOfZNJ VOU'PE ALWAVS. t-^IN.6? ,. ,29 Scoria 47 Century plant OftSO-IVench river 48 New star *31 Fiber knots 50 Station (ab.) *" " 3411th month .'52 DbrhcS'.ic (ab.) slave 40 Storehouses 53 Soothsayer vet 42 River in"- , 54 Makes 25GlMiJame Manitoba * mistakes -I- .44 Bird's home 56 Before •wonp 46 Denomination 58 Siouan Indian By Leslie Turner WASH TUBBS PAPER,SHE STARTI? BETTER GET THI& U&ST 60 &'OVEK,,.BUr t CW BEING CURIOUS ABOU THAT BLONDE'S FUR-Y... IT. THEM TEAiRS IT FURIOUSLY AND PiW6S> • A «,, E u p THE f IWLE& 'OVBR,,.BUr THE PIEC6& IN A TRN&H 'CM ...... B ^ ROAD, EA&V fcjffiLP BEING CURIOS ABOUT STOPS FOR A TRAFFIC LISHfi AWP. l& VAGUELY AWARE OFAMMJ ON THE CURB. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople A PATCH OF IM VOUR By Edgar Martin AND HER BUDDIES BUGS- BUNNY HAPPED TO **$?. ( WADDAVA I AtN'T RUNNIN' M AV -I .AWAIT 'YOUR RETURN AND 'RIDE WMMM, A MOST/ PLACE T PARK- FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei FORTUNATE1 RIGHT IN FRONT ENCOUNTER? .' '^zz ^s&z*-'*'' "• T-y ALLEY OOP THEY WILL TOO PUSH HIM ALL RIGHT, THAT'LL MY.GQ5H, DO WANT I 5HOULP NO, THEY V.AROUNP/ HE'S A WON'T PUSH 5LAVE AND A PRISON- RUCTION '/ LET THE5E LUNK6 YOU AROUNP ER! THEV W1LL. NEITHER/ yCHAIN HIM AND BEAT HIM.' I,THE PRINCESS BRUNNEHILDE, 5AY IT' '» tulking to the missus! At least he's been on the >honft helf an hour and all he's said so far is hello I" GLANCIS By Golbraith '""Hold 'em not Jp discuss politics here — he doesn't like to hear anything good about Democrats!" By Nailine Seller Bv Al Vermeer PRISCILLA'S POP SWEETIE PIE HAS GOT TO GO SMOKINC5 MV PIPE By Wilion Scruggi THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE ill 1 ? OR, THE THE INSTITUTION SW9H FK>M/ .« TRACKS IN rYEAH,..WH0* remember ^ mwcrt '-i A V ' ^ ^' i J s*"«i; ' 'VV v * Ill&''^l££?ll4 4*f{ i v( f Vk$£r ~.'\ <:^>>/}>kSM , Ocfober 14, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS Wilson Always Speaks Plainly and Direct By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON i.f) Charle^ E. U'ilson, the secretary of defense, lias hunted with clogs, so it he had remembered a little more about them before mentioning them this Week he might h.ive avoided the situation lie's in now. In discussing unemployment in Detroit, Wilson, former president of General Motors Corp., snid: e got a lot of sympathy for a sudden but I've change always To Study Briefs on Segregation liked bird clogs better than kennel"You know one that will get out "You know, on cthat will get out nnd hunt for his food ralher than sit on his fanny and yell." But bird dogs don't hunt for their if they're trained bird dogs. Thoy just smell out wh«r? a bird and. when the hunter shoots it the/^rctricvc it. But n trained bird dog'™i>ould never cat it. Wilson's statement brought a stormy protest for union leaders President Walter Roiither of the CIO and George Meany of the AFL nnd Democratic politicians. President Eisennower quickly Said he had never found the 63- year-old Wilson, a millionaire, "in the slightest degroo indifferent to human misfortune.'' And as the storm roared around hirrA Wilson himself explained he had'"meant no jlur against jobless workers in his.off hand remark about dogs at a news conference, i Since the remark was made -in the midst of a political campaign, one of the reporter.* interviewing Wilson when he mentioned dogs quickly asked him: "In the last 20 months, Mr. Wil- I believe you were criticized for not knowing very much about the^rts and science of politics. Do you think you have learned anything?" Wilson, who has sometimes start- Washington by his frankness, aid. "No. Not in that' area." If now politician, at least Democratic politicians, accuse him of putting his foot in his mouth with Detroit statement, Wilson can it would not bo the first time he had been accused bf it O.!^ Nov. 10, 1053, in a talk to itional Press Club, Wilson told this story about himself, a United States senator, and a General Motors official who had worked under Wilson before coming to Washington:: : 'A senator decided his Plymouth car was getting old and out of date, and he wanted to buy a new auto- LITTLE ROCK W The brief presenting Arkansas' stand on the matter of segregation will be studied by the state's affected school districts within the new month. The districts plan a study of the I brief before it is presented to the' U, S. Supreme Court by Arkansas Atty Gen. Tom Gentry. Marvin E. Bird, chairrnan of the state Board of Education said. Bird said that some eastern Arkansas school district have employed R. B. McCulloch of Forrest City to do pcrliminary research on the brief. . During the meting of the districts, school board members will be asked if the brief covers all the problems they expect to arise from the anti-segrogation decision, Bird said. About 220 of the state's 434 school districts opornto separate schools for Negroe and whites. The briefs presented by various slates, are to be reviewed before the high tribunal hands down its decree for implementing integration. They are due in December. Sportsman Survives Snow for 48 Hours ASPEN, Colo., (UP) Forty- eight hours in the high, snow-swept Rocky mountains wothout food or warm -clothing a sure recipe for death if i a man panics Icfi rvealthy Aspen Sportsman Leonard Tomas, 47, with little more than a keen appetite. Robert Craig; one of America's leading mountain climbers, led search party into snow-blanketec Hunter Park northeast of here yes torday and found Thomas working his way toward Aspen. Thomas, tress Diana knew where half .brother of Ac Bavrymorc said "'. I was all the time.' Beware of Festivals Stars Warn By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD ;/T) Rock Hudson s back in town with .a warning or his fellow stars to beware' of nternational film festivals. The stars might have Jearned his- lesson from Robert Mitchuni's ?xperiehce. .At the Cannes Film Testival, he was tricked he says with Simone Silva, off her top for the eager photographers. Mitchtirtt is stiil living that one down. : Rock's experience at the Verilce Film Festival this summer wasn't sensational as just ad bitter Mitchum't about it. Hut hto posing ivho stripped The tall, handome Winetka. 111., actor had been in Ireland making "captain Lightfoot." When he was invited to attend the Venice affairv it sounded like fun. "I was invited," h'e emphasized, guest yes? Well, so soon as the bellboy deposited my bavs in Jny hotel room. I wa on my own. 1 never heard from anybody. I was to be their instructions oil the •wasn't invited to any- aged to get seats to the daily showings 6t movies. They were in trie second fow. The Italian society people took all the good seats in the middle of the theater. 1 saw three pictures and had to give up. I didn't want to lose my eyesight- Most of the parties he attended were dreadfully dull, he said. Toward the end of his stay, he found himself planted at dinner between two women who spoke no. English. lie tried very hard to understand them, then something in him snapped. He started giving them a long dissertation about JSfea tar pits. He told the them La all "That means "I had ho events. thing. I couldn't even find anyone who was in charge. 1 finally man- saber-tooth tigers, etc., while they himself. about that Los Angeles landmark binck oo2e, the statues of DIVIDED TRIESTE. (UF^ When the new frontier 'be' I" we 6n triests nnd Yugoslavia toSs set ddwrt by trfe London Italo-Yugojlav settlement. it cut through a farmhouse, it w&s discovered today. The yello\y ifamtsJcl line srt dow?H by U. S. and British army en< nccra cut the farm in two leaving an olive ^ grove.: one room and kitchen under • Italian administration and two' rooms, stables and a backyard, under, Yugoslav rule. nodded potftely."' The cf owning : blbW. said HOCK, came when tie Checked out of his hotel. He was presented With a S400 bill, artd ha had to. pay it Cab Cdnij , Arsoeel* Ruling uifTLfe ROCK t* m * i _ and WUfte fa*ie*b ,C& fce|*l . appealed to Arkansas Suircme fcdurf a Puiaskl C«AJtt cision granting $Uj,5fiOi damages to ,«^^ c Batley, ftsfte?., the wtfftah S6UgfSt|^.W <_.„. ages for fflfttHeS Jfee$Vea *ne1t &Wg . - • ^j,i- S*Ji-k ..._» * £uf£* i. t Was struck by S cab Nov. 2.1. 1953. The company contehdS'i 1 woman was guilty bf negligence. QfeTS CAUGHt AGAIN DENVER, (OJP) Arthur Dickens, 28", was eohvictej irt 1941 of rifling an auto aftet< polled foUUd mobile and took up the with one of my General matter Motors friends, asking which one of the products would be best to .V ' . "He said he did not want to buy a Cadillac because that mi^ht make him too conspicuous. My He was following a stream bed ir approved woodsman stylo, anc complained only that he was hun gry. Thomas was hustled to an Aspen hospital for a checkup and a rest. He had nothing to wear during his two sub-freezing nights at the 12-foot level except a light aen- im jacket and trousers and a pair o£ canvas shoes, without socks. A stock holder in Sky High Uranium, corporation, Thomas set out for an afternoon of uranium prospecting on Bald Knob in. Horse Park with a Geiger counter Sunday. "I. wandered -away from camp arid got so intent on the readings oh my Gciger counter that it got la,e before I realized it." Thomas told his rescuers. "As I started to work my way back to camp, snow began to fall Then I decided I'd. where I was until better camp morning and GM friend said they wore all good suggested that he try one with an automatic transmission. "The senator said: "Well, maybe that would be all right, but when there is no clutch pedal, where do I put my left foot?" "My General Motors friend said: ^i it in your mouth like my former boss does'." Wilson's public relations have not always been happy He got off to troubled start as secretary of defense in January 1953. After Eisenhower ha tl named him for the job, Wilson balked at selling his GM stock. There is .a federal law against government official having slock a company with which he does business, and Wilson, as secretary of Defense, might have to do business with GM. The reason he halted was the loss he would suffer through taxes to be paid on stock she sold. It was reported he had ,2'/ 2 million dollars worth of stock. Eventually he sold his stock. It was estimated he had to pay several hundred thouand dollars in capital gams taxes. come back (into Aspen on my own. . . , I built a small fire and stayed there (about a mile downstream from the hunting camp) all.night on a bed of spruce boughs. I intended to come in Monday morning, but I was so bushed that I didn't get started until late." He had no more matches "so Thomas made his bough bed in the lee of a spruce tree Monday night. He was following Hunter Creek toward Aspen when Crai?, a member of lasy year's unsuccessful American attempt to scale K-2 in the Himalayas, tracked him down. Thomas gulped some sandwiches and a little brany, and the rescue party brought him back to Aspen. His wife, Artist Yypnne Thomas was flying here from New York. Thomas owns Apsnc's he,ated swimming pool, popular during the ski season. He is the son of Authoress Michael strange, the second wife of the late John Barrymore. . FOR QUAUTY and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty at all fimes. Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 ja. m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN Woman Suing to Get Business SPARTANBURG, S. C. Lfl Mrs. Vera Cook Alexander is suing her uisband, Alonzo B. Alexander, for $500,000 in a case hera, charging •hat he had her confined to a mental institution in an attempt to gain control of her business in Malvern, Ark. The Alexanders have a home hi Hot Springs, Ark. and another residence 'in Malvern. The business involved in the suit is a brick yardv In yesterday's courtWssion, letters and a Chritrjias card critical of Mrs. Alexander's husband were introduced, She said on cross-examination that they represented her true feelings at the time of writing. The husband contends he had Mrs. Alexander committe'l to the hospital on advice of physicians, psychiatrists and attorneys. She has testified that three court appointed psychiatrists found her competent following the forced confinement. There are two million handir capped children in the United States, the National Education Assn. estimates. ^^?^l^T7/^''' "»Y'J WTt7FJ?vW'' ENJOY THE LIQUID SUNSHINE OF, TANGY, NUTRITIOUS FLOMtSAORANGES DURIhW YOUR PIGCiLY ^* ' - ••••-'.-... - - • .*...-',! ' , , ^r \ .- . -t ,\ . ^ P. «i YOU RECEIVE A VALUABU S GREEN STAMP ON EVERY DIME YOU SPEND AT YOUR FRIENDLY PIGGLY WIGGLY STORE. DOUBLE S & GREEN STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY — ON ALL PURCHASES OF $2,50 OR MORE. FROZEN FOODS PASCO FROZEN ORANGE JUICE l t Featuring Top Quality Florida Hamlin Seedless Oranges j Yes 'mam! There's just no substitute for delicious, taste-tempting orange juice squeezed from ripe fresh juicy oranges, and there's no worry-about calories when you satisfy your thirst with fresh citrus fruit juice.' Stock up this week end at your Piggly Wiggly store . . . and say, start your day right witrl a tongy half of Florida Marsh Seedless Grapefruit... . better arid more economical than ever at your Piggly Wiggly. this week end. And remember, you "save as you spend", with valuable "S & H" Green Stamps on every dime you spend at Piggly Wiggly. HEY KIDS! Tdrn ^In Your The Piggly ' Saturday, O So Hurry! Winner. ; WMJS PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY & SATURDAY - OCT; J5 0. S. NO. 1 FLORIDA >»*,v BELL Vt/l-fi^Htsrf 1 <" _£&• DRISSCOLL STRAWBERRIES 6 Or. Can 10 Ox. Pkg, U.S. NO. 1 FLORIDA U. S. NO. 1 RUSSETT HOME CENTER VALUES ALKA SELTZER PEPTOBISMOL WOODBURY LOTION WOODBURY SHAMPOO . 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