Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 14, 1954
Page 14
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• ~1< »<• ••-' '" ' of the Oerhocratic con- cfcmp?Sgh committed, £413 IhC Alaska election points to aft dveJwhclrfuns! Dejrrioeratic ifl Wovember." $»6t, he Said, the poltti- ms of the ttfptibilcnn and Oemoerallc fcftHies in the United Slates haV<J dldseJy followed reaitlts of 'the ,Alaska Hemscs of Rcpre- kfite re-tott in- ittkted jBatfteefdfe had won 22 _ i 'Mat?, reversing a sweep of two years .„ territorial 6dh hfc ifihdsliilfe Iti^saffl tt vie ago 1 . ttejitfblloan National Chairman :: JUfcnard W. Hall Insisted "no in* s lef^hcfe can be drawn" from 1he " Alaskan fre6Ult«, Istiues in the tcr- Kepufcllcan*- pooh of (O., .tar - iBfepvifiay iCdmfbrt L.t^iwlnjBicUche ' KWtk*ffi»,l«*»rt***'«n4Wi rltofy, He said, "had nothing to y with mir Congressional cam- mfen." Meanwhile. Defense Secretary QUtifts fi. Wilson sought to calm tne stwm kicked up by his off* hand "ftennel dog-bird dog" remark 6n unemployment. He told a COP ratiy in Chicago last night that his <sommetit was "inept" and a "mistake." . Wilson eald the remaiks had been ''distorted by our left-wing opttonents" and accused Democrats of "hitting below the belt.'" •it will not let our political as- gailattts get away with the charge ihat I »m unsympathetic with the problems of workmen or that the Vicious interpretations they have made' on my statements represent in any manner my teeling for or philosophy toward the woiking mdn and women of thi.s countiyi" he added. Democrats, labor leaders and MOIKlnMrtpiwsiitiam- JU»F«»«-» ««» *<»«•«* »-..- — -— GetDwui^Ufti todiyl, gO me Republicans have bitterly MOM ITAt* HGM, ARKANSAS ' fhiiriday, dctefoef 14, News Briefs RUATEMALA CITY, (UP A 70-mile gale accompanied by 58 hours of torrsntial rain lashed southwestetn Guatemala this week, causing considerable damuge nn some casualties ,twas reported today. First reports said Puerto C.'ham- perico and the village of Sin Juan Bosco were "largely destroyed." of the ex-President's efforts to retain food and clothing for conquered Germany just after World War II BONN, (UP Government officials said today "then; is a possibility" U S. ex-President Hoover may visit Western Germany sometime next month. They said Chancellor Konrad Adenauer recently has renewed an invitation to Hoover in recognition BANGKOK, Siam. (UP) Three members of the royal household were sentenced to death today -as principals or accomplices in the 1946 murder of Kins Anacla Mahi- dol, brother of tha present Monarch. The Supreme Court doomed Royal Secretary Chaleow Palumrot and two pages. Chit Singhaseni and Butre Patamasirin , completing court action on the eight-year-old case. TOKYO, (UP The Red r adio said today Soviet Communist boss N. S. Krushchev believes Russia and Red China "are in full agreement on all questions concerning our future development and the international situation. '* The Peiping broadcast quoted Krushchev, who left by air for Moscow yesterday, as saying this week's Sino-Russian agi-e emehts •'consolidate the impregnafalfe friendship between us and strengthen world peace." * LONG CHASE CONCORD. Mass., (UP Firefighters chased a fire 35 miles yesterday before catching up with it here. The blaze was in a truck load of hay. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (Vi Selected radio programs Suspense Drama; 7:30 Night Watch; 8 Rosemary Clooney ABC 6: 30 Silver Eagle; 8:30 Ralph lanagan. MBS 7:30 Crime FighteM "Police Douctor:" 9:30 MusicVf Caravan. FLASH REPOR T WASHINGTON (UP) — The Army has issued a new form for notifying higher headquarters of an atomic, biological or gas attack. While the form is t,'oinsi through channels, however the Army suggests it might be a pood idea to send headciuarters a "flash report" first. IN DAD'S FOOTSTEPS—John Barrymore III, four-month-old son of John Barrymore, Jr., has already shown that he has the stuff that has made the Barrymores a famous acting family. He Clayed the son of Moses in the television play, "The Son of Moses" In Hollywood, Calif. His father played the part of Moses. .^'•", , ^^^ w&tyffym* ! '* - --'--^^k oreBros. »"«» 1896 — DIAL 7-4431 Week of Bargains SWEET POTATOES um BACON Skinless Weiners Two Brothers Meet After 65 Years CLARKSVILLE M Two brothers one 80, the other 84 were re-united near here by chance after a separation of 65 years. The older brother, Am on Wimmcr of' Mus'-togee, Okla., was driving to Jasper, Ark., last week and while crossing the Ozond Mountain saw a sign which reads -"Wimmer Road." ' He inquired about the name and was told where to find his brother, W. A. Wimmer. The younger brother had lived on Ozone Mountain till 1951, when lie moved to the udwig community. Five Arkanscms to Return Home SAN FRANCISCO I/W The USS Okanogan,'- arriving, here Friday with 811 Marinees aboard, is carrying five Arkansans reluming from duty in Korea and Japan- Included in tho passenger are: Cpl. James B. Redmond, Pine Bluff . ' 1st Lt. William R. Pearman. Bentonville a broad extension o f federal u- thqrity that is certain 'to create regulatory conflicts of the !gravest concern to thn gas pro'lucing states." They contended the decision was "in plain conflict with the expressed intent of Congress not to intrude upon state regulatory powers. WIN YOUR HEARTS DESIRE Whatever you've wanted, whatever you've wanted to do . . . Your heart's desire can be yours from Kroger. First prize . . . valued at $2000. GET ENTRY BLANKS AT KROGER! Court Declines to Reconsider Gas Rate Issue WASHINGTON I/PI The Supreme Court loday refused to reconsider, its decision that the Federal Power Commission should regulate prices on natural gas sold to interstate pipeline companies. The decision was announced last June 7 in a case involving Phillips Petroleum Co. Phillips and the attorneys general of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico then .filod separate requests for reconsideration. The attorneys general said the ?" P ^ ^L°^"*? pl ?,? THE GRAND NATIONAL FLOUR 25 Lb. Bag $1.99 Cpl. Wlllard H. Scatt, Holly Grove ,Cpl. Jimmie Wall, Blytheville Cpl. Lester M. WJsleyJr., Boone- viile assailed Wilson for the dog comment. William G. Stratton. Republican governor Illinois, has suggested that Wilson cancel the Chicago speech and nad threatened to boycott the rally if he did not. 'After -the high court's opinion last term, the Power Commission list in July 16 froze field prices of gas and laid down regulations based on its interpretation of; the June 7 decision. , Since then .the original order has been modified and clarified and original deadline for filing rate Pkg. PILLSBURY FLOUR 10 Lbs 95c PILLSBURY, SPICE, WHITE, or CHOC. FUDGE. CAKE MIXES PASTEURIZED PROCESS CHEESE. WINDSOR CLUB A FAVORITE FOR SNACKS OR FOR tOOKING HOOP CHEESE 37c 69c MADE WITH 100% PURE CANE SUGAR KROGER BREAD 2 KROGER BRAND BLACK PEPPER YELLOW CREAM STYLE DEL MONTE CORN 2 20 Oz. Loaves 4 Oz. Can 35c . YELLOW CREAM STYLE 49c LIBBY CORN schedules was extended from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1. Meanwhile, the commission has. announced issuance of some certificates authorising sales to interstate pipeline companies. It has also announced both approval and suspension of rate filings. On a normal school day, 115.000 sehoolbuses are used to take U. S. children to school. Charter No. 12333 Eeserve District No. 8 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ^ HOPE IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON, OCTOBER 7th" 1954 PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO CALl" MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRECNY, UNDER SECTION 5211, U. S. REVISED STATUTES '••"• ASSETS Dollars Cts. 'Cash,'balances with other banks, including reserve balance, „ and cash items in process of collectjpn - 1,398,083.00 United States .Government obligations, direct and g ^ ^ ^ li21l|84o!72 HORTENING KROGO For Better Baking Lb. Con LIBBY BRAND LIBBY BRAND CUT GREEN BEANS 2c 3 a° 3s 45c FRUIT COCKTAIL • Obligations oftates' "and political subdivisions Corporate stocks (including $13,000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) • Loans and discounts (including No overdrafts) Furniture and fixtures • Other Assets • •. • " 15,000.00 7015,970.30 1.00 10,342.48 303 Cans TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations • ••• • ••: Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United States Government (including postal Deposits 0 of States" aiid"politicai"'sub'divisions Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks etc.) •-•••••,•• TOTAL DEPOSITS $5,424,753.40 Other liabilities ..:.. TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 6,030,813.53 2,830,363.42 1,776,205.42 62,586.36 741,831.15 13,767.11 28,619.41 FANCY CUSTARD LIBBY PUMPKIN KROGER FINEST SAUERKRAUT LIBBY FINEST DEEP BROWN BEANS 4 H c2n S BANANAS 29c 49c ALMA BRAND. HEAT AND SERVE SWEET POTATOES PACKERS LABEL TOMATO CATSUP LIBBYS SWEET PICKLE 303 Can No. 2 Can Lb. 17c 5,453,372.87 DOUBLE-RED STAYMAN'S APPLES ILD/SWEET COLORADOS YELLOW ONIONS 3 u». RED POTATOES , total, par $100.000.00 100,000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS • r)77 ' 440 - GCi TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 0,030,813.53 MEMORANDA lion Ice Cream JO «' >- £* • ^f m Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes' • ;••' :•-.Louns to farmers (Hrectjy.guaranteed and redeemable on demand'by the Commodity Credit Corporation, and certificates of interest representing ownership thereot....... Loans insured ov guaranteed by Veterans' Administration —insured or guaranteed portions only • Guaranteed portions of Regulation V loans and other loans guaranteed by the -Federal Reserve banks or agencies or THEREOF'(listed above), which are fully backed or insured by agencies of the United States Government (other than ^'United States Government obligations, i direct and guaranteed") • - ;•,•;„:;Total amount of loans,:certificates of interest and obligations or portions thereof, which are fully backed 01 insured 6y agencies of the United States Government (other tjhan ''United States Government obligations, ' divept and guaranteed") 210,000.00 3,028.41 10,289.13 1,849.23 15,166.77 »w,»v<u.,, J, Thomas, I swear belief. „.„.„ 15,166.77 cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly t; is true to the best of »ny knowledge and Thomas E. Hays, Cashier -Attest; Lloyd Sw TT TV/I JAjt *fjt« l»^*»* •• »»"T"""'* 1 Pwectors, gtate of ArJwnsw^tjr nJJS.T p ± a &iJ'i 8 day o am ^f* lln" i Ripened to Perfection Lbs. CRISP CRUNCH Y. FRESH CARROTS FIRST OF THE SEASON FLORIDA ORANGES Lb 15$ Doz. U. S. No. 1 Color.ados Lbs, The fryer made famous by Kroger/ Ready to cut up. Lb, CUT-UP, TRAY PACK FRYING CHICKEN SERVE SMOTHERED WITH ONIONS PORK LIVER FINE FOR SAUERKRAUT NECK BONES LEAN, TENDER, SERVE BARBECUED. SPARE RIBS MORNING GLORY QR ARMOUR STAR. PORK SAUSAGE SWIFT ORIOLE TRAY PACK SLICED BACON SWIFT PREMIUM SKINLESS FRANKS HANDY PAIL PURE LARD 8 LARGE FRYING SIZE. SELECT OYSTERS 9 INCH LOIN ENQ' RQAJT. . PORK LOIN ROAST Lb. 59c Full 170z. Pt. 179 98c 59c Tentter, 7 Rib End Cut Lb, ( *' ^-^1^" ',,«,. t ', ,.r> - ' J, t , , . "v ,'/ \^ f Thursday, October U, 1954 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson XXIV That question about who might fcrant lo kill her brought the old woman's harsh laugh. She seemed to think that was the only answer necessary. "Did you have a talk with Miss Wister before you made your announcement after dinner last . night: And by the way, I thought >.frou worked around lo the suggestion of hiring mo very cleverly. Or was that rehearsed' ' "The poiirt," Mrs. Oswald snapped, "is whether or not you're accepting employment." "I'm working for Mrs. Kit." "That may be no hindrance," the old woman said. She plucked at the covers, pulled them higher. "You savecft my life last night. You owe me something for that. You're ,-,ffouni;. You can use money, and I "-"Rave plenty. I want lo know! Why did you save my life if you're going to lei my last ysai-s be clouded with fear and suspicion" Jim said, "All right I'll go on "You know you might have wrecked my car by misdirecting us" tears started running unheeded and unchecked down Sheriff Agnes' face. "She never knew. Somehow 1 can't beat that. 1 thought 1 had all my emotions killed, every feeling so deeply buried. I'd never let things touch me, not to show. I was even able to do my official without it—showing. you know who poisoned Philip shrugged. "I couldn't care less, chum." "Who told you to change the sign and not let us in the locked duties "Do her?" "She says I did. t don't know. Maybe I did at that. Last night I brought her up a cup of ohoco late, last thing. She likes it sweet. I put extra sugar in it from the bowl in the kitchen. She says that's where the arsenic came from.' with my invusligaton. But just fo ryour information. If Mrs. Kit is guilty of murder, 1 won't protect her. Or any of your family." There was the familiar glint of macabre humor in Mrs. Oswald's eyes "Conscience." she mur- fjj|nured. She wen: on, "Better include Philip. He's almost a family member, by by" apparently she couldn't think of a word she wanted lo use. "The first thing" Jim said, "is that I'll want to know the exact relationship that exists here." Mrs. Oswald nodded. Sho lot hoi- eyes half close, appeared on the verge of sleep. "Agnes Argyle is your daugh- "Angelica asked me to," Philip went on. "No matter what you think, I liked Angelica. She always had a raw deal ns far as I could sec. She tnld me she wanted lo get something out of The Spires and didn't know when she'd be able to get away." "She knew someone was coming to The Spires" "We al Iknow that, chum." "Mrs. Oswald is going to give orders for everyone lo cooperate with me." "I'm n crcat little guy tor taking orders." "Why" Jim demanded, then went on to answer hi-5 own question. "Don't tell me. Let me guess. Money. An attractive woman. An easy life." "You're catching on, chum." Philip said, smashing his coffee cup in Ihe sink. Mrs. i"Yes. I suppose she blurted ihnt out last you the nigh'. Wi-11, let her loll rest of the sloiy then vxv Agnes Argyle's eyes were cloudy with n review of the past, with a search for tome point al which to begin. They brightened at last with decision. "You've seen the 'Carlson Conscience,' the framed relic. It wasn't in the glass cane whr.n I was a child. Not when Father was alive. He believed in that creed, inscribed now on the case-, and he practiced it. He was a tyrant _'vhose word was irrovooablo law. And the slightest breach brought punishment" Acnes licked hoi- thin dry lips as Kit was In her bedroom, pacing the floor while Sue Gelstrap overflowed a small dressing table chair, when Jim obeyed « called summons to "Coma in." "How's Mrs. Oswald?" Mrs. Gelstrap asked. ' "She'll live." Jim said curtly "But it's lime now for some facts." "What do you mean?" Mrs. Kit demanded. "I think you know what I mean want (he truth about th? vfalalion- ship between you and Mrs. Gle- strap." "All right," Kit slid defiantly. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. We're sisters." "Stepsisters," Mrs. Geltrap corrected whcezily. "And we're livi proof that stepsisters do get along. Kit was always the pretty one/' "But you have the brains, Sue,' Kit said. Mrs. Gelflrap accepted that as the equal truth to the fact tha' Mrs -.Kit had the beauty. "I got fat in my teens." she went on "Glands or something. But Kit nnc 1 always got along, we nevci fought like members of some fam Hies. We made plans. Wo decidet on .wlvit we wanted in life. We made plans to get it." Citizens Highway Group Reactivated LITTLE ROCK (/P). —The Citizens Highway Committee, which influenced much of the new high- Way legislation massed by the 1952 General Asrembly, has been reactivated to suppor; the policies of the present highway commission. The committee hope to retain organized two years ago in the wake of the 1952 Higiiway Audit Commission hearings. Herbert L. Thomas of Little Jock, Fayetteville and who was hairman of the Audit Commission. Iso was chairman of the com mitlcc. He had declined to head he group this year because of ill icallh. John Rudisill, executive director f the Arkansas Public Expend! ures Council, is acting as tern ..roary chairman until Thomas' uccessor is-narnad. The commitle hope to retain he right to hire and fire top c,n iloycs for the Highway Commis ion boarder authority in obtaining nnd designating right-of-way for ulure construction. Poor Aggie. She; really went to pieces, didn't she Bu t I'll give orders. They'll talk to you, tell you the tiulh or they'll answer voice did not change, as her words to me." Jim went • xxvi An echo of Philip Stoneman' code flashed through Jim's mind "You planned for money, a bus .J, . .. .. I « J 1 -T J. t'U IJ*Cll*l.V.V» l\JI tll»^*tVr^l " *.1.J if tasting the bitterness. H-.-I- U. and fol . Mrs Kit( anc , an cas _ Mi-uiiy hands clenched and llr '-jijf e ?" clenched, yet tho monotone of her ' "-y.^ >< to the kitchen. Ho found Philip Stoncman pmlcring around with a coffeepot. Philip got a cup and lilled it. ^ "There isn't any craam," Philip -•said. "And I've been a busy boy dumping out all the sugar. I've 'heard arsenic mixes well with sugar.-" Jim sipped the black coffee, was a rela- her ,-rf-J YOU CAN EARN MONEY PRODUCING EGGS! rTW^ - Only about 38 per cent of Uic •adiation receives by the earth rom the sun is in the form of light that can be seen. ATTEND "POULTRY DAYS 11 October 15th and 16th .„„- ^r, Demonstration Farm, Blevins. Arkansas (15 miles west of SEE — Poultry houses built for Arkansas and built for less than 35c per square foot —houses that will permit you to get high egg production summer and winter. — that grows strong, healthy pullets Capet eggs summer and winter. elusion qnd Jim, as an apparently disintereslcd wilncss. would wield a big brush in applying the coat of hitewash to the remaining Carlsons. "It's a simple enough and usual enough silualion. My folks never had any money, even though there was the kinship to millions. But Ihey tried to koeo up.They broke their hearts trying. I made up my mind early I wouldn't make that mistake at least. I made another just as bad. I was fool enough, after my parents died, to go to Mrs. Oswald for nelp. I wanted to yo to college. She suggested a secretarial course. She arranged a part scholarship for me in such y school, and she t;ot me n job waiting on tables for th'e rest of my tuition. I never a,;ked her fcr any other help." "Gregory Stoneman tion of yours" "Brothe rWhen he died, I took over his job." "Including Mrs. Hilton" Philip nodded. "If you want to put it that way." <4 "go now, you're almost a mem- Tier ...pj^jthe family" ...:J^,^.. .:..-.- Philip grinned. "Just on the Carlson fringe, you might say. When I'm really in, I won't have to use any self-discipline. Like the rest, I can just let myself go, show my truly sweet nature to the world at large." "You'll develop tho Carlson Conscience" Jim demanded. "Working on it now," Philip ad•%i milled. "Really working on it. * Haifdy place to have your conscience, in a gluss case in a summer place where you don't oven have to se it 11 months out of the year." "You think your brother was murdered" Philip hesitated a little on that one. "The Carlsons themselves are to blame for my suspecting one at them killed my brother. They all acted as if tlvjy had got- 'A ten away with something. Don't make any mistake about one thing, chum. The .Carlson women may fight among themselves, but they keep it that way." •Jim nodded slowly. He remembered Mrs. Kit's statement she wanted evidence on Mi\;. Hilton for use only "in the family circle." He knew now that his employer thought Mrs. Hilton guilty of the California murder. Stoneman appeared to read his Jt mind. "And don't count on Mrs. Kit, chum. She'd toss you to Ihe wolves in a minute if you do any llltle thing the Carlsoii.4. and old provided a commentary on mental pictures of the past. "We had it well drummed into us that the only law . was tho Carlson word. Everyone has something, some power they feel they must answer-- to..With us it was the Carlson law, represented by my father at this time. Nothing higher, and no appeal. "T started runninu away from home in my very early teens. Not with any hope of escape, but with desperation. I was caught and brought back. Father whipped me. J_ used to pi-ay thnt he would die. Anally he did. and I though things would be better. They were, in a flrs. Oswald -p-never on us. She 3d been Kit answered, "You tr to make it sound horrible. I don' M . , , , ,.,, . •*,• w know why you should. Sue and I; Jim decided to fil m Miss Wis were left ulone when our parents tor's long pause with a question. YOU CAN BUILD AND EQUIP A LAYING HOUSE FOR LESS THANJM YOU CAN BUILD AN EGG ROOM FOR LESS THAN $150.00/ XOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN FEEDERS AND NESTS ' ~ - — — - ' • V/e've built our demonstration farm to meet the conditions in Arkansas. The farm hat been producing results far better than we expected. We would like to share our experiences — share the lessons we've learned. That's why we're holding this open house. You are invited to attend on either Friday or Saturdav. mother • actually used, had it frar s'6 well and Ih.te'tfiresjt was Most of the lime, but when I was 17 I ran away 'again. I had planned well and I had help. Toby. My husband. We were married and I wos pregnant by the time we were found. Mrs. Oswald war.hed her hands of me. But she told me I'd never break away completely that I'd always remember my early 'Iraming. 1 1 remembered. "And then our little girl was born. Times were hard for us and Toby was sick. It wasn't his fault, it wasn't mine." She looked up at Jim then. "We- i;r.in,-> to terms with Mrs. Oswald, turned our baby over died. We had t oplan because we had our own way to make. Sue went to work in a private home, worked up until she got gogd money as a cook. We didn't see each other much, and then only :'n secret. We'd decided I was to have schooling. Sue made the money to keep us alive, but I wovked hard too. And now, well, I'm married to Peter Carlson, and I could pretend to hire Sue as my cook, so we could share." Jim said. "Didn't the San Francisco police find out your tiue relationship?'* Mrs. Qelstrap giggled. "No, they didn't. We covpred it well. I kept .the- background,' gave money ' to her. "Why?' Jim demunded. Mrs. like." Oswald in particular, don'i proving Angelica was murdered" Philip's smile was a sneer. 'Now •4) you're beginning to act like u smart little man." Dunn asked bluntly, "Have you made up y o u r mind now as to "Many reasons," Agnes snid. "They seemed to be good reasons then. I don't know. I thin-t c perhaps I would do the same thing under th e same circumstances. Yet you're right. It isn't easy for a woman to give up her first child. But my brother Hilton had married by then, married with Mrs. Oswald's blessing. Tho "l-.aby, Angelica, was to be brought up as then- own. She was to have all the benefits of the Carlson money. 1 thought my brother would be kind, thought ho had suffered enough. And Toby needed an narration so desperately. Mrs. Oswald was right on hand with the money-provided The alternative'. 1 Nothing. Nolhing. Maybe she didn't, mean it. Maybo she would have 1 helped. I don't think so. And Angelica would have everything I realized Toby and I were never going to be able to give I—I made the deal. "1 thought I was doing right at tho time, and for a while, for almost 10 years, everything s-'c-emod to be working out. 1 thought I had whether dered" your brother wa.-i mur- "Yes. I've mado up my mind. I'm not things." too stupid about some "It was you who turned the siyn around the night I first carne to The Spires? It was ou who put the strategic and advice while Kit ..." she hesitated. "Shopped around?" Jim suggested. "That isn't quite the way to put it," Kit said seriously. "Sue always said it was just as easy to fall in love with a man with money. And I want you to get one thnig straight. Peter is my husband now, and we're very much in love." "Why isn't he around to help you now?" "Peter is afraid of Mrs. Hiiton. Actually afraid. You've seen thnt horrid whip. He Peter has told me of his mother's sudden rages, of the beatings she gava him as a child. Beatings for him, and for his sister Angelica too." Jim was much interested to iearn that Mrs. Kit was far enough outside the family circle so she had not been told that Angelica was Agnes Argyle's daughter. "You brought up the fact Mrs. Argyle was in California at the time of the tragedy there. Do you suspect her?" "Something's wrong -vith her," Kit said. "Something happened to her. She's too hard." "Do you two taaliove Angelica's deal was accidental?" "Angelica went to The Spires because she had something of great value hidden there. Something worth a second attempt to regain Possibly something which would give her a hold, an upper hand over Mrs. Oswald or Mrs. Hilton, "You were supposed to come up here with a report. I gather there is such a icport?" 'Yes. And that's one reason I gave you my resignation. I'll still give it to you if you wait. But I couldn't tell you what actually, happened. I was afraid you would teli everything to the sheriff." Jim askec: gently, "You found out that Angelica was Agnes Argyle's child?" Miss Wister' let out a sigh of relief. "Yes. I'm so glad you know. But can't you see how I saw things? I couldn't tell you the truth about what actually happened without telling you at the same time about Angelica-so you wouldn't tell everything" to Agnes • Argyle^ Oh, I suppose that sounds mixed up to you, but it isn't. Maybe there's too much Carlson in rny make-up after all." . (To Be Continued YOU WILL SEE —• POULTRY HOUSES '<• RANGE SHELTERS • LAYING FEEDERS AND NESTS - VARIOUS TYPES OF WATER FOUNTS • VARIOUS TYPES OF -ofcrlcrnii FEEDERS • COST FIGURES ON ALL EQUIPMENT BOTH HOME MADE AND MANUFACTURED^CO|pl|J| ON LAYING HOUSES AND RANGE SHELTERS ..^. COST FIGURES ON EGG PRODUCTION.- \ ,,< Representatives of^ major feed companies will be on to discuss their,programs with those interestedf; y^OU WILL GET FREE INFORMATION^^"FREE BUILDING PLANS; * \FREE EQUIPMENT PLANSJ^U FREE COFFEEAl^REE BELT HATCHERIES Ofc ARKAN! ' \ HOPE, ARKANSAS or both. Angelica about giving up done right, that my for Toby the barb vvre in place" "The sign, yes. The wire. no. Just lucky chance it was there, T guess." and, yes, my actual fear of the Carlsons had led me into doing the right thing. But after thp.t 10 years, Mrs. HiHo:i had a son Thai's Peter. Belore, Angelina liad been brought up as a true child, made over, maybe spoiler). Peter's birth madu a diffarencs." The simple statement brough up a vivid picture of heartbreak. "When did Angelica find out you were her mother?" ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCE A NIW PQUCYJ Now you ?|n hove your Horn* to meet modern conveniences fixtures. AH on new 12 Easy Payments 10% Dawn Nymtnt wasn't happy husband, even if she did do it for Ihe Carlson favor." "You and your sister," Dunn •went on, "have conic a long way on the path you chose. The success of your plans is very close indeed. What would you two do to keep anything from happening to spoil youi plans now?" All's. Gelslrap giggled. 'We'd do most anything. But not something .stupid. Killing would be stupid." Miss Wister handed Jim a sheel of paper with a few lines of typing on it as soon a.s they were alone in the small sunroom. Jim tore the paper up. He smiled at her. "So much for the resignation I don't know for sure what you've done to feel you should quit. But at a guess, I'd cay it was because you moved Angelica's body?" Miss Wister looked at the shred of paper. She sighed. "Thank you," she said. "Yes, one of the things | have to tell is that I moved Angelica. \ wanted to sec if I could do anything- I couldn't. She was dead, and the elwvator platform \va? crushed down on her. I had to raise it to got ho,' out" "You said you were going to havt, a taM? with Mis. Oswald. Did you tell her that?" "Yes." Jim co«W understand now why the pld wpman had been so eager for Uirft jft^fiiake the investigation teil Wm W E'RE shooting for the biggest October in BuicK history and we're willing to go all out to make it. Right now, Buick is outselling every other car in the nation—regardless of price class—except two of the so-called "low-priced three." So you know that it has the combination of horsepower—room—comfort—performance— and styling too good to miss. And it isn't hard for you to figure out that Buiclc dealers must be offering the kind of prices and trade- ins that the public goes for—because you can't make record sales these days unless you have everything it takes to make a winning combination. Come in and see us, and you'll know what we mean, ,.#,:<»•>•'•" •&v ''* Es **v. $$2415^0?] BUICKV8&PECML Mere's the big 3-Way Bonus we offer in Buick today , 1, Advanced Styling-the very look of tomorrow, WJ$ !on#> low glamor lines, sports-car snap, and that trend-siting jjang* '. jramie-.windshield that most other cars won't have tHI; or later. 2, Better Buy — a lot more automobile for your room and power and ride comfort and solidity plus the higher resale vqlue of a car thgt will stH^be new-looking well into the future, 3, Top Allowance-from the tremendous yplumeji Buick into the top 3 of the nation's best sellers, benefit of our soaring success in the form of a allowance on your present car, Come in and »2-doo', »-posieno(r SPKIAL 5«<Jgn. »«W«I <30, iliuilfoi«d. OpHonol equipment, a««s:ari«*. Halt oiid local io««, il OTIV, q<W,ll|enal. PtU«i may vary jlighilv in odiolnlia communiiies due lo ihlppino chaian. All prleji lubiecl lo chonuo wiihout nones L.en tn (nilal!,d pAlral you moy wonl gr« bo/gams, luch oi: hooici 4 dolioil«r , . . w WlTpN JfJli STARS FOR liyICJ,5»iTb» ?Mcl;M» SfcowAli*. rwoftnwH pi mfvwf. W4j wi * ? .i. SID ROGERS BUICK CO. *».-». . F •• 4 ?A" «wf fr >$™$

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