Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 26, 1928 · Page 45
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 45

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 26, 1928
Page 45
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SUNDAY aklanD Cribunr FEBRUARY 26, Z923 APTS. Aladdin Apartments Open J. B. Peppin has completed the structure at -5058 Fruttvale avenue for Girl T. Petersen. There are twelve apartments, Frigid-ire equipped. Rip Van Winkle wall beds were selected. Interiors of Surrey Home v This delightful home in Estudillo Estates, furnished by Breuner's of Oakland, is an example of the "worth while" from the artistic and home viewpoints. Correct blending of soft-toned colors in draperies, walls and furnishings has been a foremost consideration.- One finds an old English chair, a Governor Winthrope desk, a gate-legged table, Persian rugs, floral placques, cretonne hangings and a late model Kolster radio in cabinet style, among the features. Fred T Wood company are the developers of the tract. ON FRUJTVALE fllE. COMPLETED in or WOOD GO. 1 Structure Equipped With All Up-to-Date Features; Has 12 Units. Residence Is ... Furnished Throughout by Breuner's; Visitors Welcome. Plan Is to Mate'tocal HeM . Best Lighted Airport iq ' United States. f ALAD01H MODEL AIRPORT LIGHT STIHE INSTALLED HERE V V t . . ' Carl T. Petersen Is the owner of an apartment structure, to be known as the Aladdin Apartments, located on Frultvale avenue nar School street and just complied by J. B. Peppln, the builder. A description reads: "Comprised In the structure are twelve apartments, eight ot two rooms and four of three rooms. Hall of them furnished. Two-room apartments have Rip Van Winkle wall beds, whik in the threes, owing to the bedroom, this facility is not included. Genuine Frlgidaire electric refrigeration and gas ranges are provided for ach unit, also steam heat, hot water and incinerator service. Every convenience is modern with bathrooms and kitchens up to the minute In both finish and facilities. All rooms are large with numerous yindows; lighting fixtures are in harmonious design, while In the Jiving rooms is a finish of exquisitely colored stucco. Bedrooms are papered and the kitchen finishes are In white and green enamel. Hardwood floor have been used throughout. Plenty of closet space is provided for each apartment. There is a rear trades-men entrance also for each apart-tnent. At the rear are individual fireproof garages. . "Furnishings comprise Chester-Held sets, floor lamps, rugs, chairs, bedding, bedroom sets, drapes and curtains, all kitchen utensils, etc. AH main hallways are carpeted. Ttentals are announced as extremely moderate." traITbureau GIRLS JOSEilTE A group of Travel bureau Information girls from San Francisco and Oakland returned last Sunday night from a trip to Yo-emite where they were the gueste of Fiqnoer Stages and the California Transit company and the Yosemite Park and Curry company. The girls now have first-hand information to dispense about Yoeemlte as an all-year playground. It Is pointed out. The party Included: Miss Erlckson and Miss Reed of the Ask Mr. Foster Travel Information Service, Miss Linklater, Miss Klrker and Mtjss 8eemnn, Travel Information Eept. of the American Express company, Miss XJebhart. Peck-Judah company. Miss Llnd. Crabtree's Travel Office, .Mrs. emeitzer and Mrs. Lyman, World Travel Bureau, Mrs. Calder, En Route Service. Mrs. McKeown, Fairmont Hotel. Miss Williamson. Whitcomb Hotel, Miss Hunt, Travel department Bank of Italy, Miss Becki. Travel Department American Trust company, Mrs. Jones. Yo-emite Park and Curry company and Mis Longfellow of Pioneer Stages. i r i 11 : i t f -1 ? . i h I 1 1 ."i ? i, Lr si 11 The Fred T. Wood Co. In pre- ntlnv annthftr mnilAl ( urn isVi prt , " " 1 " ... . . - f' Vi n ri o n t ITatiirfllln V.atstAa. rannrtd that in the last ten days over three thousand persons have Inspected the property. Itis stated: "Williams and Wastcll, Oakland architects, designed this home especially' as a display model, and Walter Anderson turned out the completed house strictly In accord nice with their plans. "The finished house was then 'urned over to Breuner's, who took complete charge. i "The home has six very attractive rooms in which has been Installed every modern feature. The fireplace. Instead of being used for the living room only, serves both the living room and the dining 1 room, both for warmth and cheerfulness. The living room and the Baqk From Yosemite Showing group of Travel Information Bureau employees'-' who recently visited Yosemite Valley as the guests of the Pioneer Stages (California Transit company) and the Yosemite Park and. Curry Lighting Fixtures .of Superior Design in ihe ALADDIN APTS. from GREENHOOD ELECTRIC CO. 2088 Broadway Oakland 3685 l f i s- f 5 ' - ,!- j - S.jivi , ' V s , x , t :w-rh -:;r x: J J ;H f------------M'm-nmwnT '" nr-JMTiairitw'MMn:t.jtii ttisi-Oiimimmsjbwsimmsi -- V , .... Building Total For Pacific Coast During January Is Announced A grand total of 10,101 permits for new buildings to cost $28,685,-560 were issued during January in 98 Pacific coast cities, acordlng to official report of municipal building inspectors tabulated In the National Monthly Building Survey o 8. W. Straua & Co. Los Angeles, Issuing 2665 permits for buildings to cost $7,609,681, reports a 13 per cent increase over December's figures, but a 7 per cent reduction from the January total of last year. The Los Angeles building volume amounts to more than one-fourtb of the Pacific coast total. In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, exclusive of Los Angeles, 14 municipalities Issued $2,866,744 In building permits during January, 17 per cent more than for December, but 17 per cent loss than for last January. San Francisco's January record of 611 permits for 43,710,925 of new buildings is 43 per cent greater than the December figures and 5 per cent above the total for last January. RIP VAN WINKLE WALL BEDS Built for. Peaceful, Restful Slumber, are installed In the ALADDIN APTS. Rip Van Winkle Wall Bed Co., Inc. T82-796 32nd St., Oakland ij. B. PEPPIN BUILDER Let us. finance and build for you on your vacant lot. Plans drawn and estimates given. 1736 Franklin Street . Room J607 Phone CUtu 6464 . A. All CEMENT WORK -in ALADDIN APARTMENTS done by Carl T. Petersen " - V ' , ' ( ,- . . v . , " - - r Jl f Cement Contractor 3041 CHAMPION STREfcf ; V : OAKLAND - -Tel FruiW 353- In the San Francisco Bay area, thirteen municipalities outside of San Francisco, issuing $2,493,906 in January building permits, show a 13 per cent increase over Decem ber, but a Z4 per cent reduction from January, 1927. Seattle reports a gain of 110 per cent over December's figures and of 16 per cent over last January with 720 permits for $2,692,680 of new buildings issued during January. Spokane shows a January reo- ord 48 per cent above that of December and 16 per cent above that or a year ago with bo permits lor $174,140 of pew buildings. Portland, Issuing 569 permits during January, for buildings to cost $983,200. shows a reduction of '12 per cent from December's total and a reduction of 71 per cent from the January total of last year. Vancouver, Britisn Columbia, Issued permits In January for 278 new buildings to cost $587,640, 89 per cent less than In December and 53 per cent less than for last January, Point Grey, with 115 permits for $343,690 of new buildings, gained 29 per cent over last January's total and 176 per cent over that , of December. LOng Bench, Issuing 385 permits for $816,800 of new buildings, shows a January total 62 per cent below that of December, but 88 per cent above that of last January. San Diego's January total of $06 permits Issued for buildings to cost $1,072,611, Is 7 per cent below last January's figures and 25 per cent below the December total. Hollywood reports a 15 pe cent gain over December's figures and a 58 per cent gain over the January 1927, total, with 118 permits Issued for $11,133,676 In new construction. , Pasadena Issued 192 permits for $546,916 of new buildings during January. 1Z per cent less than De cember's figures, but 18 pe rcent above the comparable figures of 1927. Sacramento, Issuing 149 building permits involving $395,119 In construction costs, shows' a 62 per cent Increase over Decembers ngures, but a 27 per cept reduction from last January, San Jose's January total of 79 permits for $162,425 of new buildings is 80 Per cent above Decem ber' total, but. 46 per cent below that of January. IV2I. Santa Barbara report a 60 per cent ram over .December ana a v per cent gain over last January with 110 January permit Issued for 8218.768 of new buildings, Phoenix Issued 110 permits during January for new building to cost 8378.920. a 4a per cent reauc tlon from the December total, but a 67 per cent increase over the 1927 January figures. Salt Lake City reports a 200 par cent increase over December and an 81 per cent increase over last Jan uary with 65 January building per mlts issued involving $338,480 in construction costs.. Of the 98 cities reporting, 62 show reductions from the January figures of last year and - 46 show increases. Among the latter, the more notable gains were made as follow: In California: Alameda. Burllngame, Colton, Culver City, EmeryvlHe. Eureka. Fullerton. Huntington Park, Modesto, Mon- roviu, Montebello, Piedmont, Re-dondo Beach, Salinas, San Mateo, San Ilafael, Santa Cruz and Whit- tier; in Idaho: Boise, Idaho Falls and Marshfleld; Logan, Utah; In Washington: Hoqulam, Olympia and Yakima; in British Columbia," Burnaby, North Vanoouver, West Vancouver, (lew Westminster and dining room have leaded windows facing the street. . In these two rooms Breuner's have placed extra heavy English drapes which blend perfectly with the mahogany woodwork. The kitchen and bath room each are finished in a new tile. One bedroom on the main floor has been so designed that It can also be used as a library. Breuners have taken advantage of this. fact, and have made it an attractive room." AIho there are two bedrooms, elevated above the main floor to give perfect ventila tion, and providing a large bright and dry basement. The property Is reached by driv ing out Foothill boulevard to Estudlllo avenue. SALESMANSHIP COURSE SHUTS TO ID I Realty Prospects Held Good in California Returning from a tour of the San Joaquin, Sacramento, bay and coast counties of California, Hal G. Hotchkiss, president of the Cali fornia. Keal Estate Association, asserted today that prospects for a year of unprecedented real estate activity in California are of the best. The realty president, with State Secretary Glenn D. Willaman, at tended and addressed meetings of real estate boards in more .than twenty, cities of-the state. The tour was made in connection with the membership campaign of the association, which at the present time 1 seeking to increase its strength and service to members. ".Business u good, Hotchkiss declared, "and prospects are that it will- be even .better this year than during the past few years, which although they have been satisfac tory, might have been better, we confidently expect to see the real estate interests of California take great' step ahead this year, both in business and in organization for better service to their customers. "We received the heartiest coop eration and support in all the cities we visited. Members of the boards are anxious to see their organizations strengthened. The real estate board has grown into an lnstltu tlon for the communities of the state, with centralization of activi ties in the State Association." "Making More Money" will be the theme of. the second 1928 series of lectures on the Fundamentals of Mpdern Salesmanship offered free to men and women. The lectures start tomorrow evening, Monday, February 27, according to an announcement given out by WIckham Havens, Inc., In whose auditorium at 1510 Franklin street, the lecture will be held. The announcement ream: ' "The classes will writ on Mon day, Tuesday, Thuranay and Friday, from 7:80 to 980 p.m. These four classes complete the course In the principles cf salesmanship. No pharge of any kind will be r.ade and no obligation will be Incurred. "The decision of Wickham Ha vens, Inc., to repeat the successful January course will be of Interest to more than a hundred men and women who applied for admission to the January classes after the Heating capacity of the audltorjum had been exhausted ana were therefore prevented from attending the lectures. : The subjects for the forthcoming series of lectures will be substantially the same as in the January course and some of the same speakers have been persuaded to appear again. Among these are Geo. H. Kberhara, president or tne Geo. H. Eberhard Co. of San Francisco; Ray U. Brouilleti sales counselor of San Francisco and C. D. ArmnMOng, president or tne Arm strong College of Business Admin istration in Berkeley. Other authorities on If) 2 8 salesmanship who i' (' ' L 4 1 Why Better Homes Are Being Built in OAKMORE HIGHLANDS Of .course,' there are more distinctive homesltes in Oakmor Highlands, 1 but that alone tell only part of th story-t The other part Is found in the reasonable prices which make it possible to spend more in the actual construction of the home. Visit Oakmore now see the new homes note th distinction of - the environment, the magnificence of the setting and the artlstlft possibilities of the sites. ' The WalterH. Leimert Company Te rack reprtr ke fallow Park BoulTrtl eT 14. Minx ex' riae Ina -Mm OaklaaaV , - ,46v v make Oakland' airport the best . . . . . . . ugntea airporx in inn uuiwu - cently installed, the flrs unit of single light standard cast by ins , Best Steel Casting company ot , which H. H. Whiting is the preei- aent. unis company aiso cw un double standards installed in Oak- , land's business district. 'V- The airport standards were Installed under the direction of Cart v. Hardy, city electrical su'perin ; .. tendent. . 0 i ii i : MERCED'S BIO PROGRAM. . The city of Merced, which has a population of 7200, is surrounded - by a good agricultural district win plenty ot water for irrigation and, other purposes, has a building pro- fram this year approximating 1,000,000. The improvement Include two hotel projects. Portland. .$13.50 - Sestde, 117.50: Vwcoum, B. C, t2f leave 9:00 .m. DUt Make Reservations Early ' : - Lot Angeles . . $12.85 Kouad Trip 10-Day Limit V . $16.00 . Leave Daily at :10 a.m., 9:23 a.m., ):10 pM 8:10 p.ro., 12:10 a.m. . . Fresno. .$5.80 Round Trip 10-Dav Limit ' 87.7SV leave Daily at ' 7H0 a.m., 8:10 a.m., 9:2) a.m., 12:10p.nL. 1:10 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 8:10 p.m., 12:10 ( Reduced ; ROUND TRIP Fares will address the classes are Leon Lang, sales manager of Sherman, Clay & Co., Oakland; J. B. Duryea, general agent of the Penn-Mutual Life Insuranci Co., San Francisco; Prof. Arnold Persteln, instructor in public speaking at the University of California. "We are very fortunate In securing such a distinguished group of men to give the lectures," says W. S. Wallace; director, of sales for Wldkham Havens, pl Inc. "These men are all successful salesmen and sales managers and are thoroughly qualified to teach the values of human relations as applied' to the newer school of salesmanship." It is pointed out by-the school officials that all those desiring to attend the classes must register in advance at the main offices ot Wickham Havens, Inc., 1510 Franklin street. The offices will be open today to accommodate those whose employment or failure to see earlier announcements prevented them from calling during the week. The Department of Commerce announces that during the four weeks ending Sept; 10, 1927, automobile accidents were responsible for 526 deaths In 77 large cities of the United States. This number (626) compares with 668 deaths during the four weeks ending Kept. 11, 1926. Most of these deaths were the result of accidents which occurred within the corporate limits of the city, althoVjh some accidents occurred outside of the city limits. Vausjo Martinez LlVIRMORI Nam -Stockton Sacmminto Modesto Sonoia Visaua BAKUSniLD t .90O.W., I .90 O.W.. ftl.U O.W., 1.2 O.W., 2.-50 O.W., 2.80 O.W., 2.8 O.W., J.00O.W., .0J O.W., i8.80O.WM 11.20 R.T. 1.20 R.T. 11.55 R.T. 1.70 R.A. . R.T. I3.7J R.T. 3.80 R.T. ' K.70 R.T. 19.40 R.T. $11.73 R.T. TAKE HER TO. SEE IT NEXT SUNDAY ,D ENGLISH HOME W&t Butty Furnishec! by Brenner's OPEN TO VISITORS Sundays and Week Dajt There could be no more pleasant way to spend a Sunday than to visit the new ORCHARD HOME C OX M UN I T Y ESTUDILLO ESTATES at San TeanAxo FRED T,WOOD COMPANY, Inc. 1801 Franktia Street Lakeside 242 Drive out East 14th St. to Estudillo Avenue, turn left or on Foothill Blvd. to Estudillo Avenue. TAKE HER TO SEE IT NEXT SUNDAY Sf,Retiable Service ' '' PIONEER TAGES UNION STAGS DEPOTC , 20th and aan Pablo Aa. Plum LakMi4. 919V M s ssstfssssJsk SAN FRANCISCOi S3 Fif&Strt Phoaa Donilas ii2 F mm. jf 4 V wwlka-" "-rw mm i J The Surrey- An English Cottage-type Home of the Estudillo Estates on Bridge Road, between San ' Miguel and San Rafael. Completely Furnished by the Decorative Studios of Brenner's of Oakland Visit "The Surrey" It combines beauty and practicability of gen-, eral appeal. Every home-lover will glean something of interest from its artistic furnishings. OAKLAND 15th and Clay Strcc" Victoria, ; '1" . - . ti ' . . .... V ' ' v ' ; ' . j .

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