Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1954
Page 7
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P^^^^^^'^ir- 1 'V^*'' J -^ : ^^t^^^^^T^^r 5 ^^?^p^^^ ,* ' -'"- ' M r * " • "*'••- *" J * ' HdPtSfAft, H0M, ARKANSAS , > ftttoto 14,1954 . . . | , Stale Sen. tack V. Clark of Miller „ <Srmniy sugge: ted 1 n c iW»Mmfent ift a- letter to Presi dfeiit / Eise»hftwef ^^ * the President: e. aibtiiht is qualified for tjie iSosilton t# training, education. tetefy%r«nent, age and JefltiS/* V ;O LARD MIX Boxes Only 49c MARKETS ifi barrows „ to IS lovvre; weights over 230 Ib mtfetly at full decline; lighter weights and sows steady to 25 lower; Choice 180-3*0 1h B.60-R5; weights over 330 1!) 13.60-65; about three decks choice No. 1 nnd 2 200-220 Ib )0.00-150-170 Ib 13.00-75; mostly 18 2.V50; aow* 400 Ib down 1700-75 ; heavk't sows 15.25-10.75; Uoars 11.50-1500 §t, LOUIS LIVESTOCK V GftAiN AND PROVISION OtfAL SfOCKYARDS. til. CHICAGO * Most gains had a rtog-i 9,300; fairly active; |firm tone on tho Board of Trade s ancl gilt's 130 Ib up weak ] today but .soybeans dropped back below the previous close late in. the closed '/4-c higher, $2.1(' l /.i-r». corn. Cattle 3,000, calves 1,000;« o)«c"n-!or. December 80c-. ryo ing generally steady; two choice 2i/ 4 higher, December $.36^ An early buyiiv; flurry senl groins poiinding MP d'.irini; thn.>first hour. When the IKu-ry sub;5irtnd, the market reireated from its best kvels. Only in soybeans, however, were all tlm early gnins lost. Wheat comber 'feft* ^i?3 ¥ ' All Flavors JELLO Special Only . 5e MIST FLOUR rfRS COFFEE 1.07 IP GREENS Bunch lc IAS • Lb. lOc Lb. 19c Lb. lOc AflARKET 53c RIB Lb. 29c Lb. 39c • iJtOUNP *T 5» Lb 49C HJCHOPS 49c & MARKET lots Steers and mixed ycanfngs 23.00-22;00; cows openint; steady, big packers inactive early; utility and cornrhcrcial cows 3.50-J3.0G; nannors and cutters.7.50-0.50: few Strong cutters 1000; brills and veal- rrs steady: utility and commercial bulls 11.00-13.00; few heavy fat bulls 10.50^11.00; carincr and cut ter ; bulls BOO-1050: good and choice vealers 1800-33.00: odd head high choice nml prime 23.00-24.00; commercial and low good 14.00-1700; culls 8.00-1000 Sheep 2,200; lambs steady to weak; spots 25-50 lower; top 25 lower at 2050; bulk choice ancl prirnG)e wc.oled skim 19.50-20.50; Rood and choice 18.00-19.00; few Utility and good 1000-1750: threw cuts and cullts 100-15; no clip lambs sold; aged sheep s'.endy; slaughter ewes !)0-4.00. l'/4- and soybeans 3 to 3'/i lower, November. $2.78>.' 2 -2.76. Wheat: No 2 mlxod 3.19. iNeW corn: No. 1 yellow 1.B4?; No. 2 ld4-'d.4iV«; No 3 1.58-50 Va; No. A 149-55i/ 4 ; No. 5 1.43'/ l -48: sample £rade 1.35-49 Olil corn: No. 1 yellow 1.C4; No 2 102!; Oats; No. 3 heavy mixed 82'/ 4 ; No 1 heavy white 83'i,; No. 2 83. Soybeans: None. t Borlcy nominal: Malting choice 1.30-50; good 1.31-351; feed 1.10-23. POULTRY AND PRODUCE LITTLE ROCK i.Ti Northwest •irea: -Market firm: Demand {{cod. firoilers and fryers 19-20. Mostly 20.: Batesville-Flora! area: Market steady to 'firm. Demand Broilers and fryer.-; 19-20. All prices F.O.B farm good. Independents File in Garland County LITTLE ROCK Spring* candidate ( CHICAGO UPI Live poultry steady to weak; receipts 822 coops (yeestcrday 587 coops; 174,474 Ib): P.O.B. paying . prices unchanged; heavy hehs 15-17; light hens 1212.5; fryers and • broilers 25-27; old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes ' KQ-32. Butter stcadh; receipts 756,016; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score • AA GO; 93 A 59.75; 00 B 57.35; 89 C 50.25; cars 00 B 67,75; 89 C 56.25.. Eggs easy; receipts 8,530; wholesale .bviying prjcess unchanged to 1 lowqr; .US. la'.-«e whites 42; mixed 39.5:. U... mediums 22; U.S standards 24; current receipts 24; checks -and- dirties 20 !,T) Two Hot liavo filed a Independent in the Nov. 2 general election one for the Circuit Judge ship and the other for prosecuting attorney of Garland County. Lloyd E. Darnell of'Hot Spring filed as an independent candidate for circuit judge of the ;8th' District against Judge Lloyd Huff Jr. Darnell lost'to Huff in the Democratic !Prirhary. Earl J. Lane, who says he filed "just because he wanted to run," filed as 'air Independent to run against H. A. Tucker in the race for Garland County prosecuting attorney, Lane, 42, never before has sought, a public office. Tucker s seeking a second term. NEW.YORK STOCKS ... YORK m,' The- stock marke J tran into -i selling flurry today : that packed enough) force to send prices "sharply lower. . .Losses went 'from 1 to around 3 points ' m many' •.instance's. When the excitement passed, cricks be gah a' recover frorii their lows.. :••'. ; Therer.-wi)'s no ''immediate cause assigned for the. selloff. BAR-B-p CHICKEN Sandwiches you asked for ^them and now we'have them. BURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear.A*.p and Kroger Stores. CATARRH SUFFERERS Relief at last from torture * of •• catarrh, and hay fever due to nasal congestion is seen today in jreporU of mecto-with a formula which baa the .power to muM nasal congestion. M*n and :wome« ; -»Mn agonizing uinus headaches, clogged BOitrOti earache, hawking and sneezing n«U«nr ifll of blessed relief after using H. KLOIlOKpIi coata $3.00, but considering result*, thir to not expensive, amounts to only penniea p«? dase. ' KLORONOL- (caution. w«- onlr •• directed) sold with money-back «u»r«nte« »» Cox Drug Store— Mail Orders Filled In Pure Wool Flannel Handsoni? is as, handsome does . '. . and this smooth, good looking-pure wool : flannel does very well ... especially when • combined with the lithe, lean lines of exclusive . ., Mayf'air tailoring that has, made Mayfau;s America's most popular quality-slacks. 13.95 to 19.50 Other Mgyfair slacks in sheen gabardine in the new dark shades. !•" MEKBERT J H.*- f^ft+wifNVt. j"( S^f fl&P's 95»h ANNIVERSARY MIGRATION CONTINUES TO THRIll THOUSANDS WITH You Save an Extra 5^ on the Dollar .. Because at A&P "Super-Right" Quality Meats Lb 59c Lb 29c Lb 43c CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS COUNTRY STYLE BACK BONES FRESH SPARERIBS FRESH PORK HAMS Sr u 49c ALL GOOD BRAND SLICED BACON SMOKED PICNICS SUPER RIGHT PURE PORK SAUSAGE PORK LOIN ROAST Rib • OO-, Loin OO*» , End . Lb. ^!7C End Lb. OYC Lb. 53c Lb. 35C 1 Lb.. oc r Roll 33C DOLLAR DAYS ARE FRUIT COCKTAIL «««» • BWWHI ^|^F^I"i» • "••• • •»»!»»••• DE Afll EC IONA BARTLETT PEARS >O NA WHIm • •§• • • • •»»»•»» iwn»» GREEN PEAS ^ CDAftllETTI ANN PAGt ^r .UU^BE • • • PREPARED . ..•>....;....... GREEN BEANS ™* DRIED PRUNES S$J£°.™ PORK 'N BEANS PIE APPLES =.»S,OCK NIBLETS CORN GREEN GIANT.... GOLDEN CORN SB, m. ORANGEADE SPARKLE D I^ KETCHUP P A A N G^ SAIL DETERGENT 95* DAYS 4 'c«r84c 4 "-- 05* .....3 ' "•:," 95* ., 8 '» 95* ..., 8 "£."95* 10 'fir 95* 3 i-ib. QC* Cello Pkgi. 79 ,,8 S- 95*, ...,;.4 ^"-95* , 6 7r 95* 8 16-ox. QC{ Can. Ti? T 4 «•••«• OC4 Cam T9 1 Asst. C Flavors Pkg. «JV- 14 Oz. TT- Bottle I/C Giant AQr Box. *f7C SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF HAMBURGER Lb. 25c Angel Food Cake . i ss A&P's Cheese Festival! MUD AMERICAN DAISY OR LONOHORN CHEESE u, 494 WISCONSIN AGED AMERICAN' CHEESE tb 594 AMERICAN OR rlMICNTO CHEESE FOOD CHED-0-BIT t' 0b , 754 JANE PARKER , CHERRY PIE JANE PARKER GLAZED DOMUTS JANE PARKER ENRICHED WHITE BREAD WASHING POWDER TREND 9!ant Size, CORTEZ Tuna Flakes 7-o*. Cane.,.. 29* LIBBY'S Roast Beef 13-M. Con LIBBY'S Corned Beef ia.»». con ..... .' 9 I MBBY'S Vienna Sausage «. Vt Can» UIBY'S Potted Meat No. '/, COM. MBIY'f Chili-Spaghetti 27< 1.9*. C«ui-< ANGU Facial Tissues ...25* ANP My-T-Fine Lb. TOKAY ' ; ••••--•;-.• GRAPES FRESH ' , Cauliflower 2 L b S 25c CALIFORNIA EXTRA BIG BUYSATA&P's Fresh Fruits and Vegetables! 'WASHINGTON STATE RED DELICIOUS APPLES ° 15c ,,„„„_, PASCAL . :. 10r! CELERY Lor !^ 2e 15c IW >- rFirn rc 9 i Lb - o^ r I tJ Am Pkgs. XtiJC IDAHO RUSSET TOMATOES Lb 19c POTATOES10 FLORIDA COLORAI ^,>._ ; Grapefruit -2u» 13c CABBAGE ~ ANN PAGE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 4c FACIAL TISSUES KLEENEX Boxes of 200. Boxes of 300. 37< 43< ANN PAGE GROUND Juit R*du<«dl BUCK PEPPER...JS ANN PAGE MAYONNAISE 4-ei, Can Juit Reduced! Qt. Jar CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP Libby's Frozen Foods CUT CORN 2 ] RS:27c GREEN PEAS 2 ] Strawberries 100Z. .Pkg. SPICIALI Morton 9 ! Salters 3 -;v NIAQARA Laundry Starch 13*9*. Pkf •« «• WISMNW 19* SNOWDRIFT 7<?.9ff Chicken of the Sea TUNA 35* 39* ftlet i $tores 0 Thursday, Ocrtb.r 14, 1954 HOPE STAR, MOPI, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday October 14 The Junior - Senior High School P. T. A. will observe Father's night on Thursday evening, October 14, at 7:45 in the Junior High aud- itoi'lPm. Special music will be provided, and Buddy Mhoon and his MAIN & COUNtRY CLUB • Tonight 1 & Friday • First Hope Showing! REGULAR PRICES! Sylvester the Cat Cartoon « SUN. &MON. « First- Hope Showing NOW AT POPULAR PRICES 1 Civil Air Patrol cadets will present the program. All parents having books they would like to donate to tho school libraries, are asked to bring them to this meeting. A social hour will follow, when fa Ihers as well as mothers may meet the teachers of their children. Guernsey P. T. A. will meet Thursday night, October 14, in the high school auditorium. Plans foi Halloween carnival will be discus sed. Everyone is urged to attend. The Adult Fellowship class of the First Methodist Church will mce 1 ' Thursday night at 7:30 tor a pot luck supper. Baby sitters .will be provided. Friday October 15 The Dahlia Garden Club will mco at 2 p. m. Friday, October 15, with Mrs. Dewcy Babcr. Mrs. Ross Bri ght will be co-hostess, Mrs. A. D Middlebrooks, Jr., program chair man. Arrangement will be an Oriental line. "Open house" will be held for members and their families at the Country Club immediately follow ing the Hbpe-Fairview football ga me Friday night. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young and Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr. Thursday October 21 The Ladies Altar Society of tfie Catholic church will have its annual spaghetti supper on Thursday night, October 21. from 6 until 8 at the Parish Hall on Third street. Tickets can be purchased from members of the parish or by calling 7-2601. Senior Ladles Auxiliary Of Unity Baptist Church Meete Monday At Church The Sfnlof Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church met in regular session on .Monday aftci'- noon at 2 o'clock at the church with 16 members present. Elder Howard While directed the songs, accompanied by Mrs. Howard Collier. Elder While led the group in prayer. The devotional, "What the Bible Will Do for You," was given by Mrs. Collier. Mrs. Tom Anderson read the special, a poem entitled "Buy Stock in Heaven." Mrs. Ili- ley Lewullen led in prayer. Elder White then taught the lesson from the first chapter of He. velatlons. Mrs. Jesse Sinclair, secretary read the minutes of the last meet inc. and then dismissed the group Saturday, October 16 The Music Makers will meet Saturday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Susan Davis. Sunday October 17 Mrs. R. L. Gosnell will present her "Summer Class", in a piano recital Sunday afternoon, October 17, at 3 o'clock, in the Junior High School. auditorium. Mrs. Charles Garrett Honored With Shower Mrs. Harvey Foster and Mrs Mary Yarbexry honored Mrs Charles Garrett with a pink and blue shower on Tuesday night. The honoree was presented a corsage of rattlers and mittiature dolls. Camus were played with prizes being won by Mrs. Hollis Moses anc Mrs. Cecil Cox, Refreshments were served to Mrs. Odis Fagan, Mrs. Charlie the house is careful not to sit dowrt if hi>; clothes are soiled, and cooperates in every Way posible. However, he has three brothers, all married with large families, and they completely disregard all my nice things »heH t»ey Visit* They raid the cupboards, taking fruit and cookies intd the living room, and I have to sit and watch my furniture being ruined. What I do? * MRS. S. Answer: As a fantically housekeeper, you'll never adjttsl to anyone—not even to your owfl family — "using" the house as a home. By constant nagging, and reminding that you don't'llkd Ifte actions of your brothers-in-law and their families, you will eventually get the idea across that you prefer not to have them visit. This will accomplish your purpose *— and also drive quite a ledge twepn your husband and his folks If such is not your desire, reconcile they've when there 1 '! mage Itt ydtlf foe that oui COmS at MARY-EDNA 1168, " Relieve Stlffi Fast-Effectivetj rAI M COLLECTING—Unharmed after walking through flames, left, pretty Fortune a kSSiet of rosVfTrom her escorts, right who accompanied her on the fiery strolL « w ^ were demons trating fire-resistant suits In Newark, N. J. DOROTHY DIX Her Philandering Sp ouse 'ried almost 20 years. Five years galli, Mrs. Earl Ray Hunter, Mrs. j agt) niy husband was flagrantly Cox, Mrs. Minnie Moses, Mrs. Carlj unfaithful, and although he admits Thornton, Mrs. Moses, Mrs. A. J. Monday, October 18 The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday, October 18, at 7:45 p, in. in the home of Mrs. H. O. Kylcr, Sr., with Mrs. Joe Reese and Mrs. E. S. Franklin as co-hostesses. The program will be presented by Mrs. Ben Edmiaston. All .members are urged to attend. Tuesday, October 19 Poplar Grove 196 Woodmen's Circle will meet at 7:30 Tuesday night, October 18, at the home of Mrs. J. W. White for the monthly social. All members are asked to be present. Thornton, Mrs. Annie Boll Smith, Mrs. Inez Guilliams and Mrs. Henry Lee Smith. Those sending gifts were Mrs. Charles Grumpier, Mrs. Allison May, Mrs. Jen-ell Belk, Miss Patsy Kennedy, Miss Betty Thornton, Miss Jean Nash, Mrs. Homer Kennedy, Mrs. Finis WaJden, Mrs. James Lauterbach, Mrs. Dalton Garrett and Mrs. Earnest Andrews. from divorce sake of our it, I have refrained proceedings for the three children. He is. a good father to them, provides well, and they have no suspicion whatever that anything a the household.Weighing the pros and cons of the situation it seems to me the choice I made was wise, However I am very .unhappy and lonely person. Beyond polite formalities and inquiries, my husband does not talk, to me when he's home — which isn't too often I wonder if there's any agency through which I could fincl an eq- Anna Whitman and Brenda Hamm. Ctrl Scout Troop 3 Elects Officers Girl Scout Troop 3 met on Wednesday afternoon, October 13, and elected the following officers: President, Anna Whitman: vice- president, Elaine Thomason; secretary and treasurer, Sue Moore; and reporter, Kay Gresham. Mrs. Jim Colo is the leader of this troop. Members arc Ann Cole, Mary. M. Daniels, Kay Gresham, Norma Hughes, Sue Moore, Barbara Myers, Elaine Thomason, BY REFRIGERATION * LAST DAY * • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:54 - 5:48 7:42 - 9:36 TAILORED CORSELETTE Sheer Wool Lined in Taffeta . $25.00 For a good way to look this fall . . . choose the pared down silhouette, in sheer wool underscored, completely, with taffigtg to insure,Jh.pt wonderful effect always. We hail tine designing genius of Tailored Junior for working out the details for yog, §p prettily, with a jabot at the neck, empire detailing to the bodice, neat fly front. Corgi, turquoise. $i?es 7 to 15. Many other styles in tailored Jr, Dresses just Arrived. Come in and see them. HALL-MCNEILL _ « f_,i X. _ H_ A.*M fkmt MM«Mk. • i ' ' "* •*, til I * 1. "Do Someone A Favor" 2. "Fine Feathered Frenzy 3. Late News • FRI. & SAT. • Triple Program ually lonely, unhappy man whom. I could correspond. with G. S. Iris Garden Club Meets Tuesday The Hope Iris Garden Club met Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Charles Thomas on South Main street with Mrs., C. P. ToJleson as associate hostess. The president, Mrs. A. W. Martin called the meeting to ' ordei-, and the club collect was read in .inison. Mrs. Martin then introduced Mr. Davis, district manager for Swift and Company, who showed a most interesting and informative ilm on horticulture. Following the showing of the film, Mr. Davis held i short question and answer forum. Mr. Davis appeared on a pro- ram arranged by Mrs. Waddle Cunningham. . , • . Mrs. Martin conducted a short Diisiness session, and heard reports rorn the various committees. Mrs. J. M. May, chairman of the year-, book committee, distributed the new yearbooks. Mrs. W. I. Stroud placed first in he flower arrangement contest. At the close of the meeting, the lostcsses served a dessert plate with coffee to M members. Seek Women Friends Answer: Correspondence with a strange man is not the answer to your problem; the hurt pride and deep heartache, the natural after-' maths of a husband's infidelity, will not yield to so simple a method. Your loneliness can be' better helped through the friendship of other women, through welfare work and above all through your religion You will awaken to the true Slate of things in time, U they haven't already. All thoughts o£ writing to, or dating, another man must be shelved until such time as a legal separation or divorce is in effect. One member of the family fallen from grace is enough. You must keep yourself above reproach. Even if it does mean loneliness. Otherwise you will jeopardize the chances of getting support or even the custody of the children, when, and it you take legal action against your husband. I agree that you have taken the wisest course in dealing with a tragic situation. You have your cross to bear now; your Husband will have his later, with the added burden of a guilty conscience, Married playboys may think they're having fun, but when the years take toll of health and looks, the realization of what they have lost sinks in. Regrets for happiness deliberately thrown away are not pleasant, So, Mrs. G. S., avoid temptation by taking no chances of. entanglements. must make boys not to companions of the extent -thai your they become too dependent on you emo r - lionally, bat sufficiently so that they will understand when they realize what home conditions are. It's a foregone conclusion that they BECOMING TO YOUR TO YOUR FALL Slim and smartly* detailed . . . jrour foot* WARD #" fine polished calf,' And yott'Jl di$cb% Aic §J$J£ provide a good looking pump. It « of the cushioned sole, gives you heel hugg]ng;fi|Your|j?Bt in shoe fashion— with a bonus of comfott. >1 , . ,«.,! ™« Dear Miss Dix: My husband and I. both like nice things, .well, kept, and are teaching our 3-year-old son to love his home..My husband takes off'his shoes before coming into SHOE 'STORE .HOPE Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin of Pine Bluff visited Mr. Martin's nieces, Mrs. J. S. McDowell and Mrs. C. C. 'ollins, last week. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Owens and children, Carolyn and Terry Lynn, of Dallas, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Weir Owens. Mrs. J. S. McDowell and Mrs. C. C. Collins had as guests last weekend, their brother, E. H. Alford, and Mrs. Alford >f Stephens. For Fine .... Cosmetics Come to Cox's Dorothy Gray Helena Rubinstein Faberge Elizabeth Ardcn Barbara Gould exclusively at Cox's Cosmetic Counter. JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings agency DRUGi-iSTORE " ; For Lovely, Soft, Si.iootli 8-bz. jar Jv Dr. L. B. Trone of Pecos, Texas, will arrive this afternoon for a brief visit with his sister, Mrs. L. W. Young. Dr, Trone is enroute to New York to attend a seminar of the United Nations. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McKinley of Dallas, visited Mrs. McKinley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins, last week-end. Hospital Notes Wendell COREY • Margaret LOCKWOOD .. . Forrest TUCKER •' -•"""•• o ALSO • TIM HOLT RAY WHITLEY 'SIX GUN GOLD" CHAPTER 6 OF SERIAL. & COLOR CARTOON t SUN,- MON. -TUES. t JACK WGjiLfSSSSiJ Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Ambrose Robinson, Hope, Mary Ward, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Charles Caldwell and son. Douglas Kittrill, Columbus, Mrs. T. II. Butler, Hope. Mary Ward, Hope, has a son born at 5:24 a. m. Wednesday. Branch Admltlfd: Bobby Story, Hope, Mr. Guy Chism, Hope, Mr. J. A. Williamson. Hope. Clubs Green Laseter Thirteen members' and three visitors of Green I,aseter Club met Thursday night, Oct. 7 at the home of Mrs. Herbert Hartsfield. A song "The More We Get Together" was led by sons leader. The devotional was given by Mrs. Hartsfield. Tho Home. Demonstration Club Creed was read by the group and prayer by Mrs. J. D. Bullock. There were three new members, Mrs. Ruth Johnston Mrs. Carter Button and Mrs. Wright. After the roll call, new officers were elected. Mrs. Lloyd Collier, President; Mrs.' Carter Sutton, vice-president; Mvs. J. D. Bullock, Secretary, Treaivuer; Mrs. Herbert Hartsfield, Reporter. Mrs. Sam England gave an Interesting talk on cancer, and Mrs. Ernest Cobb gave a demonstration on makhn. simple furniture. The surprise package was won by M,ys- Howard Wfight during recreational period. After the I ASPIRIN Tooth CAMAY KLEENEX Hydrogen Peroxide Tfncfwrc GREEN SOAP Social Security Get PLAYTEX BABY PANTS FLASHBULB SUPER BARGAIN Fluffy Baby's Own Washcloths 20c Seders 10« SAFETY PINS < t Assorted sizes on card ,.. , JOHNSON'S Powder Specially foi baby 9-oz- 50' Formula Pitcher . Heavy gloss Quart. GILLETTE ) SUPER-SPEED MEHHEN BABY OIL * AQ mce, ,,*?*! TEETHING RING WARMER I 69 KOLYNOS TOOTH PASTE BOX QF TEN

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