Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1894
Page 7
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READY RELIF The moat certain and safe Pain Remedy in the world that instantly •toi'R the most eicrnolatlng palnti. It la truly the great CONQUEROR OP PAIN and hag done more goad than any known remedy. FOR 8PRAIN8, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE OHE8T OB SIDE, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, OR ANY OTH ER EXTERNAL PAIN, a few applloutions rubbed on by the hand act like magic causing the pain to instantly stop. CUB23 AND PRKVENTS, Colds. Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, HkFimatlntii, !*<>uriilirl», Srlallo. Lumbago, Nwelllnir at thr Jointu, Faln» In Hark, Chest or MnibK. The application of thi> READY RELIEF to the part or parts wliwedlllknltyor palu exists will afford ea?tf and comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CRAMPS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, N ERVOUSN ESS, SLEEPLESS- NE8S, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RHCEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved instantly and quickly cured by takiuR Internally a half to a teanpoi. nful of Ready Rwlief in half teaiipoonful of water. MALARIA. Chills and Fever, Fever and Ague Conquered. There In not « remedial agent In the world that •111 euro Fever find Ague and all other Malarious, Bilious, and otber Kevera. Bided b; Railway's Pllli, so quickly as Badwaj's Beady Relief. Price 50c per bottle. Sold by druoolsts. CELLAR SUBSTITUTES. le Illnt» from mi olilo Farmer on an Important Kubjcu-t. In low, wet places, or where the surface of tlui soil is but little above the level of a stream or pond in the vicinity, or even ou higher land too flat to admit of proper drainage, it is uu- advisable to excavate a cellar, as water must gather and stand there, especially during a rninyoseason. In other localities, where but two or three feet of soil overlay the native rock, it is impracticable though otherwise favorably situated. As a placu in which vegetables rany be stored and kept from freezing through the winter is us necessary hrre as elsewhere, attempts have been made to lind a serviceable substitute for tho cellar. The old-time apple eave, with its earth-covered roof, has been tried and found defective in that it fails to keep out water in a time of rain. Due of the most successful efforts in this line is that of a man whose buildings are on the low ground near a riT- er. Finding it impossible to secure a dry cellar, he built a room adjoining the kitchen, making it as nearly frost prool us possible by the use of double walls aud ceiling-. Its cost was little more than that of a cellar walled with S»3H ML«N QPCI.05INC WINDOW FORWINTtfV ptL RAD WAY'S n PILLS, For tip rare nf ill dinordpm of Hie KTOH- ACH, LITER, ItOWKlS, KTDNKYS, DUDIIKB, NKBVOUS msKASKM, IIKADiCHK, CONSTIPATION <:OSTIV»:M:SS, ISDIGKHTION, BYSPEP- U, BILIOUKNKSK, FEVER, INFUjnUTIM «P THK BOITEIiS, PILES, and ill deruxe- •••to of the iBttnul Ylmri, Porelj nirrittMt ••UlnloR BO men-pry, ml»»»l> or DKLKTK- BIOCS DKCOS. Price 16 cent* rcr box. Sold br all Drug RADWtY A CO ,32 Warren St. N. Y. WBe >nrn and aak for RADWAY'S. La Grippe, Catarrh AND IN THE HEAD rtltoxd Intlully by •«• apjlkttlon rt 'i Catirrh Powder Mrnty « or ilmt by M. fan— l In «iij»i« «ffl»ud t »unh.i Hnr>l niniUu ], I -' // »ud /I r.cui- I A ™. l/v _ - C\ . /) O/f v . V JfAXi t^ 'IA, ' VtA Bav. FATiiieHCunKC.Itec'y to tba RL Rev. of Coluinoiw.OliIo, writes: flnTuu • :— 1 cannul HJ •uoutfh for your Powdp-. •and ID* ut »a afiravutftU «iuck of «iUrrh whoa •b, oould t-lr. m». AndMilhudwiihit. ill mrfcKadi to wk«n 1 (Jmiiiixind usayM "« uulmiulimiutu ov.rll. A>|OOd8ut«iiipeftkniO'<t»iicourAfftaitlyofthBtrKiaQr urn tk»B(»pll»<uiir!»rlluir e.iro. 1 will ilamjt!iln|loi|»«*« «at4 word far ttitf r«ruvtly to help other) ^^ Y».tiri irilh many tfntiik^, A BUliSTITUTE FOR A CKU.AII. stone, while it is drier, morn easily kept in a sanitary condition and much easier of access at all times, saving many steps and much labor both in storing away vegetables and in daily use. The prime object in the construction of a building for this purpose is to shut in the summer warmth and prevent its radiation into the outer airdurinp a season of cold weather. The best nonconductors of heat, such as wood and paper, should bo employed. Dry air in confinement is one of the very best of all non-conductors, and this advantage is fully secured in the double walls. Here are two dead-air spaces in the walls, entirely cut off from communication with each other or with the-air outside. Above, there is such a space inclosing the joists, with the space between this and the roof, which is carefully closed at the eaves by a cornice. The floor is double, and beneath it the air shut in by the foundation wall. Uuilding paper may be placed in the double iloor, around the walls next the outside tvnd over the joists in the ceiling, adding much to the service 1 of the building and a trifle to its cost. All the essential details of construction are presented in Figs. 1 and -2, showing a. plan of the walls both in horizontal and in vertical section. Any person of ordinary mechanical skill may build it for himself at but slight expense above the actual cost of material. All the inside lumber should be tonuTie-atid-grooTe-floorinK, free from knot-holes and open cracks, but it need rot be first grade. That side of the room adjoining the dwelling does not need the double wall, but it is already sufficiently protected; and, if it be built against the dwelling as a narrow lean-to with a length just twice its width, a given space will be in- closed at tho least cost That tho room may be opened to tho fresh air and warm sunshine of summer, it is desirable to have at least one window. The frame of this should bo finished as shown in Fig, 2, with two narrow ledges, A A, a few inches apart and faced with strips of felt or woolen maTPmfllonprFx-Ow. Ji 11 ItoYD,of Nob., wrltai: Oimjii»:- I h iv» "'"•' »•'""• C.r«rrli»l Fawjtr ^rimiilly Vrrytrwlj »'iur,, — i^ tf. K. ypwncnos. custodian U.H. Appralaot 1 * Stow*, •^*t fM «—Ilcui/aliiioBtrr.'Irrlj de.frurtlHimlwroffW* ^tud,.>.hn( no nlinf (ri>»l rnuiy M-c.ll*! turnI whfcb I " lu'liic'il by . M"tnt In try Dr, Binuj t COUinU my do»fnci«. llJ»« r.coY.rtit my >inrniif .n- hi i"" i.»Ti"«""»«»"=>• »'«i°'»," "•'« lmlroiii ii.y«Jr. I b»k uton U U . podUv.mir. IU d«Afnr« .nil tiav. IKvmu.cluM 1U uio hi Uiinj ef mj TbMikftilly fonri, MAtferjnherebjr draff lit • Or dlrtet br ml. M do you p«y $3 to $5 lor • wUrrli ron»dy, whm (fit popular prk«) Birne's Catarrh Powder ~ !• better thin nil others? «.rlrrlUtinfc effects. KulUI/flbottloofJ ••wdeirAnd blower, complet*. Pn*t-p»l<l ,. MMl ncd compact ; cuabe carriod la vest Birney Catarrhal Powder Co. . ertrjwh«ro b; dnfgUt* or dlrtct bj u. Sold hy R F. Keesllnt; and J. L. Unison. Lo- Ind. , ANTAL-M1DY ThcBo tiny Capsulca tro superioi Ito Balsam ot Copnlbo, I Cubcbs and Injections. J ll»ey euro in 48 hour» the irlthout Bii IOLOBYALLD I . ttt HOW TO MAKE AN OVERGHOUND CILLA* cloth, asfainst each of which a frame of board just fitting the opening- i» faateucd during the winter season These, with a tijrht shutter on the outside, make the window practically * double wall also. If conveniently situated, use may be made of this window as an entrance in the time of storing vegetables for the winter, thu» avoiding the otherwise ncoossar* truvcl back and forth throuffh tl># (Iwelling- apartments. While the cost of such a toom is ordinarily preater than that of a cellar oi the same capacity, it« serrice is. also greater, und it may well be considered a close question of economy In making choice between the two; and where a cellar cannot be made, it Is almost • neces&ity.—B. P. Shull, in Rural New Yr,rU«r. THE SAFEST BUSINESS. Acrlrultnre tli« Ouu Linn nf Intluitrr Thnt IM Nut Ovbn<rui«<Iod> "Not less tliun 95 per cunt of our fanners inalto u success of farming 1 ." Those ui'e the words of an Iowa farmer who spuku bofoi'i' tho Io\v;t senate com- mitten on agriculture. Statistics show very convincingly that m busiut'.ss pursuits only !> per rent, of those who un- dcrtalcu tho diiVcrent lint's arc successful. There is. then, u vast difference .between furnihij,'- and other kinds of business so fitr us :L surety of achieving 1 Buccess is ouiiCLTiicil. There is so large a difference that comparison should convince more persons chat to till the soil is practically the sure road to success and, consequently, tho best. The lute extreme depression in business has hardly been felt by the farmers, and even where it was manifest to them it was noticed in its effects on the surplus which was to be put aside as savings— not being 1 noticed so far as the enjoyment of necessities and comforts were concerned, On this one particular point the farmers stand so far in advance of strug-tflers in other ventures that comparison is almost impossible. The difference between absolute safety aud possible want is too much to put into language. Figurescuu never compute it. Artists cannot .paint it It must be felt to be appreciated, and to feel that sense of surety is to enjoy more of life than even the abundantly successful business adventurer can feel in the height of iuilutiou. The words of the Iowa farmer may seem overdrawn, lint oven if tlipy are by 70 or SO per cent, there would still be a heavy balance in favor of farming. The conclusion is easy that agriculture is the 0110 line of inclnstry 1 not over- crowdoil, which, in fact, cannot bu overdone in this country within tha life of any person now living. H will take years to strike a balance between M and .'> per cent., so that fanning 1 will be on IL par with mercantile pursuits as to uncertainty. Asa ruattor of fact, tint time need never bi: expected, .Meanwhile every effort put, forth to keep younf; men on ihe farms or to get families out of the towns on to the farms is in tin: interest, of permanent national pro,-perily, to -s;iy nothing 1 of personal comforts and safety. Kvery day the tide is turning toward the rural districts. The prices of farms will gradually go up as the flemand for such homes increases. That has always been the effect following a financial depression. The value of suitable stock for beginning farm in LT operations will also rise as the popularity of farming grows upon the people. The necessity for immediate action can be easily recognized under the existing eircum- htancer,. The prophecy will hardly be doubted, that there will be H), if not fill, per cent, less "abandoned farms" in New Hampshire at thi 1 end of this year than on this date. If that, be true tho financial difliciilties will not have come upon the people in vain.—Manchester (N. II.) L'niou. .Everytng connected tinrns. pat'.vs. nii--, he \vasiii:<! \viih Pea at the s<>,ii.,v,i in oi;-!v: t; i'\-.:\.i <^i\- not,hin> dsc: in ihr\\:>riJ can. 'I'liin-s m;r. seem 10 !;•: c.'.cnn wru-r. _, .. . \ \vaslicil them in th<- ;»:;:;;;! v.\iy; b;.; use Pearline, ami ;;••<•}•• r<-a)!v arc* dc;m. It miorht niakr nil the <lii' fu'Oncf;, sometimes, between ^(X><: butter and bad. \Yheivver you want thorough Hennlinr-^, (,n- warn _ to save your labor, tin; best thins. 1 do is to use Pearline. C?fkftx-1 Peddlers and sonic unscrupulous proccrs will icll you " :lus is as good as" tJCllU. or "the same as Pear j inc." IT'S FAI.SK—Fear line is never peddled, 1+ VJ 1 and if your t,' roccr sends von something in p'.rux- nf IVnrliin-. !•*• " JtiaCk Loncst-.™,/:/^/ 1 . " 393 JAMES VVI.H. New V«V_. USED BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. HMD'S PACT Subdues Inflammation, Checks Hemorrhages. Relieves PAIN Invaluable ifor Catarrh, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Piles, Chilblains, Sore Throat, Inflamed Eyes, Toothache, Earache, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Crip, Colds, Hoarseness, Bruises, Female Complaints, Etc. SOLD ONLY IN BOTTLES WITH BUFF WRAPPERS. Fac-tlmlle of botllu (enclotsd In Buff Wrappsr). TESTIMONIALS: (~>»g f-*! IgC * ».»*••*-'• —"I have long known iis vuluv in bleeding piles. Itisiheprinc!: of remedies in all Cornisol' hcni- nrrlioids."—Dr. A. M. COLLINS, Came- ruu. Mo. —" Have been a con- BUnt suflwcr for yrari (rom severe colds in bead and throat. Tried most every known remedy. Pond's Extract relieved IH* wonderfully, and 1ms effected almost u radical cure."-FBEDERIC E. K1NCK, Wcw York City. —"Itactilikcmac- ic in ophthalmia. _ ] like ft co much for tore eveI"-Rev. M, JAMESON. —" I strongly rec- orrmend Pond's Extract for lame- new and use it constantly."— MICHAEL DONOVAN, N. Y. Athletic Club. . •" Pond's Extract n.-u been used with marked benefit by cur inmates In many cases of bruits, »nd has nlway. •roved verv beneficial/'-LIT'l I.E SISTERS OF THE POOR, New York City. —*• Had my left hand severely burned, and lost the uieof It completely. Secured relief by DM of Pond's R»trart in twelve i hours."—Mre. A. SHERMAN, New Voi k. Hemorrhages. —"Am troubled with Hcmorrh.ipes from lunfffl, and find Pond's Rxtnct the «nlv remedy that wilt control iheiu/*— GEO. W, WARNER, Scranton. Pa. The Hon. JOHN C. SPENCER, Kite Secretary of War and Secretary of theTrc;isury. wrntc as far back as 1848 : " It ii a remedy perfectly in- valiablc," Sand for our Book (maiM fru). It mill Ml you all about it. USE NO PREPARATION but THE GENUINE with OUR DIRECTIONS. POND'S EXTRACT COHPAHY, 76 Fifth Annvt, How York. Thf Befit Show jar the .Least Money, W.L.DOUGLAS 53 SHOE GENTLEMEN, 80, 84 and 83.BO Dress 8ho«. 83.6O Police Shoe, 3 Sold*. 82.OO, 82 for Worklngmen. 82 and 81.70 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, 83, 82.00 82, $I. CAUTION—If ma Offer* yon W. L. •hoe* »t • reduced or Mjn he h»« them wl oa% th« nnmfl itamped on tli* bottom, pot him down M a W I nnUCLAS Shoes arc slvlish, WSJ fitting, and give Wtliirtton at the pricci flvcrtiscd than nn r other make. Try one pair and be £#>• *nced" The stamping of W. L. Dou-lns' name and price On the bottom, which »uaritntec» their value, saves thousand* of dollars annually to those who wear them. Staler, who push the .ale of W. L. Dou E | aB Shoes gain customers, which help* Jo rea»e the sales on their full line of goods, Thcy o»n «ffo"I to Mil mt a In* «~«t- '^aasK^ J. B. WINTERS. \\ TlllPf If HELPS OVER HARD PLACFS Solace For Tired Spirits Are All Afforded in the Superb WORLD'S ART FAIR PORTFOLIOS THEY ARE WELL SPRINGS - A E«« AND A PERPETUAL DELIGHT. Don't Fail To Clip Every Coupon To Secure Every Back Number To Secure Every Future Number - MAGNIFICENT ART REPRODUCTIONS, COVERING 256 EVERY FEATURE OF THE FAIR These Views are the Most ARTISTIC, AUTHENTIC, ACCU RATE, and In Every Way THB BEST. PART 4 NOW READY HOW TO SECURE THESE SPLENDID PORTFOLJOfc Bring or send 6 coupons of different dates,, from page one, with 10 cents, to the Portfolio* Department of the Journal, and you can secure any Portfolio the week after the issue of each number. In sending do not include any/ other business in your letter but state particularly the number of Portfolio wanted. Address, PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT JOURNAL, LOOAN3PORT, INDIAN.4. BEFORE. AFTEB. I have taken the agency for the HERO 8HEBP PROTECTOR, »od b*T«* * full stock of the goods in sight. These protectors are guaranteed to g!ve- protectlon to the sheep as against dogs. We have received our Seeds for the season of 1894, anc have them ready to sup- oly our customers on demand, we handle nothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all jf our old stock has been burnt, our customers may rest assured that they will get fresh,, clean goods. We have a full variety of Garien and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and Sporting Goods. In fact we have everything: that goes with a horse and carriage. Don't forget the old place, 424 BROADWAY. Qeo. Harrison.

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