Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 13, 1954
Page 14
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,r - \ ' ,»4 {, f t 'TftV fr" 1 « * •&'> ' Senior choir of BeeBee Memorial JME Church will rehearse Thurs day night, October 14, at 7:30. |?r •E Baby thicks , FREE Baby Chicks ^p&.Hk—r-'-.- ' •*J& OOK IAL OFFER 'j? ., rpii^'i ' b^vAs j * &|^V'' '' - i. 1 grade -A, F. A. Broiler . --hicks \i, Saturday, October 16 "' Fo^acn one of these #1 chicks yib buy at the regular price or 15c we will give you one absolutely FREE. There is no lifriit so come early and take Advantage of this special in- of fer. The Negro Community E, ARKANSAS , Of brlhq Item* to Mlu turntf at Hicks Funeral Horn* v^sSfa^fplnut Sh '*&£'it,* i **'"/*• 7*'£ <• * Co. Farmers Assoc. Hope, Ark. The Hopewell P. f. A. Will have a call meeting Thursday night, October 14, at 7:30 p. m. All parents and members are asked to be present and on time. Mrs. Mary D. Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Turner, formerly of Hope were killed accidently in Detroit, Mich., Sunday, October 10 .They resided in Albany, New York. Continued from Page One poultry, making crumb pie and pretzel bread, and they go well with raw oysters. "They have a relative low calorie contest only about 16 calories to a pretzel. "If the beer drinkers were our only customers, we'd have gone out of business during prohibition." in Philadelphia, known for its brotherly love, they even have a pretzel sundae-pmade of ice cream thick chocolate sauce, and crurn bled pretzels. Here are a few historical facts about the pretzel: It was invented, according to legend, by a monk about 610. He baked bits of dough, molded in the form of arms folded in an attitude of prayer, an gave the-m to children who had learned their lessons well. He called themi Roy Franks of San Francisco, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Franks Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jackson and children and Mrs. Hazel Smith and children all of Oakland, Calif., attended the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. Dora Cole on Tuesday, Ooctober 12, at BceDce Memorial CME Church. "pretiolas or little rewards/" and Austrians converted the name to pretzels. In the 16th century besieging Turks throught up a ha If-baked sceme to capture Vienna by burrowing beneath its great walls at night. They overlooked the fact that bakers twisted pretzels and baked bread during those hours. Hearing the scraping of the tunneling Turks the bakers quit work in their cellars, dug tunnels themselves until they met the enemy and routed them. To reward their valor, the kin§ gave them no dough but awarded the bakers their own coat of arm a stalwart pretzel upright between two menacing lions. This sign is still used by many bakers throughout the world as an emblem of their trade. The first commercial pretzel in America was baked by Julius Stur Sis in 1861 in Lititz. Pa., and today there are still 58 pretze manufacturers in Pennsylvania ilone. 'If all the pretzels produced his coming year were poured into •ne cellophane bag," said Tisdale, shaking his head, "It would weigh 180 million pounds. Think o£ hat!" Why just think of it? Let's do it! WRONG BUNDLE SAN FRANCICO, (UP ) Butcher Willie Lee reported to police yesterday he mistakenly gave an unidentified customer a paper Acid Stomach After You Eat? speed relief from gas, heartburn, acid indigestion. IMIOnl/tO* TUMS FOR THB TUMMT wrapped bundles containing $5,500. Lee said he held off reporting the incident 24 hours hoping the cus" tomer would return ths receipt:;. . ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Nbw you con have your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly Mr. and Mrs. Moses Stroughtcr of Oakland, Calif., arc visiting Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stroughter, and other relatives. Keystone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday niglit, October 19, at the regular meeting place. All members are asked to be present, and on time at 8:00 p .m. Beautician Chapter No. 16 will meet Wednesday night, October 13, at the home of Miss Adele White. Time 7:30 p. m. All members please be present. World production of cane sugar is about 35 million tons a year. WEST BROS. f^$lfi r »'v '•*" "? x ^I'SUi&W t A .ps^*"** ^ § fj'-mm^.^m^J _ ^ Car X-Ray That Can Save You iSndreds of Dollars on Your Next New Car M4$rtBji what cars you may be considering, come SAS'.Jj g^ t y our Q.QQ C0 py O f this amazing new r, ~ ; f ir the first time you can get all the data on _„ jf ill leading makes, Shows you how ./areftuilt. The'weak points. The strong points. d||h details never revealed before. It's the book * : *-'y,Nash dared to print! isfash Dealer will be happy to give you your " tout any obligation whatsoever. YOUR FREE 2O PAGE OPY TODAY AT YOUR it* „ . i DEALER'S Nuh Motor*, Division of American Motors SHOP EVERY DAY THE ENTIRE STORE AND SAVE!!! 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William Slratton appcareed healed co, day in the wake of Wilson's pojp- gy for "bringing up those bird The Republican g-jvornor intro duccd Wilson at a SlOO-a-platc Re publican rally last night, despite his earlier. Hiyseslion that Wilson cancel his .'-pccch. Wilson told an audience of 1,500 "I am sorry I made inept remarks" while talking about uu employment. "I admit that I nwclo a mistake an unfortunate mistake bring p ing up tho:;e bird clogs at the '5§Same time I :v;\s talkiny abou people," Wilson sail. He then accused "our k'fl wing opponents" of "liittini; below thi belt" by "cluliberalti misrepresentation" of his famed renuuk aboul bird dogs r.nd kennel cloys at a news conference in Detroit. Mich.. Monday. Wilson tolf) the news conference he had "a lot of sympathy" tor unemployed WOI-KCVS, but still -. ..liked bird ciogs bettor than kennel 'd'dogs" because a bird dug "gets out and hunts for food rather th:u: sit on his fanny an-i hell." Stratton said after tho speech he thought "tho secretary did a fine job cioariiu; up any inisur- derstandint;." However, he rii.l not say wheti," er be still stoad by an earlier statement that .called Wilson's •'bird dog'' remark "unfortunate" r.nd said Wilson was not in a , DRAWS DELUGE — Defense Secy. Charlis E. Wilson has drawn a deluge of criticism for an off-the-cuff remark he made to newsmen in Detroit Monday concerning the jobless. Wilson remarked that while he has "a lot of sympathy for the jobless, he always liked bird dogs better than kennel-fed dogs." Elaborating, Wilson said, "You know, one who'll get up and hunt for food rather than sit on his fanny and yell." — NEA Telephoto Spring Hill Road to Be Blacktopped LITTLE ROCK The Ar « t;ition to tration's rally. Wilson represent views at th-i the ndrnlnis- Chicago commented last night kansas Highway Commission wil let $2,200,000 in highway construction contracts Oct. 2fl including two projects' which will conmlclo an rill-hard surfaced east-west route scross the state. "even some Republicans, including your illustrious governor, were disturbed by some incomplete press reports ol some recent remarks I made in Detroit." Stratton had already praised Wilson in a brief introduction as; & man ''big enough' to sight against misunderstanding and partisan at- j. tack when he believes himself doing " his best for .his country." Wilson -'returned' the comp'imcnt in his speech by lauding Strutton's administration- Robertson Says Nationalists to End China Raids By UNITED PRESS American Assistant Secretary of Hate Walter S. Robertson flew hack to Washington today from ormosa and reports said he held ". promise from Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek that Ihc Nationalists would cease raids on Red hina unelss provoked by the Communists. Robertson and Chiang conferred for seven hours in the. past two days, but American and Nationalist officials refused to reveal the sub- ect of the discussions- except thai U. S. aid to .Formosa was involved Informed sources said, that Robertson eased some of the tension caused between the United States- and Nationalists over what some quarters called tht ."renoutrnlizat- ion" of Formosa. The Nationalists promised to go nlong with tho American aclvine to let up on the raids on Red China for "a definite period of time only." This time-limit was not elar- fied. The diplomats pointed out that saw the reported agreement as an Amercan effort to a'void nn all-out conflict on the Chinn const. The diplomats pointed ou tthat by holding Chiang's forces on defense the Communists would bo fully responsible for any sction taken if they pushed their plan to "liberate" Formosa. Reports from Tndien island, midway botwecn Formosa nncl Red- held Shanghai said that 'a' Soviet built jet fishier was damaged yesterday by Nationalist -anti-aircraft batteries when it swooped low over he island. Flights of,. Communist elfighters and propellov-driven pat- ol plane.-', have stopped up their egislative Group Tours Hope Experiment Station The Legislature Budget Council ot the Arkansas State legislature toured the University of Arkansas Experiment Station here yesterday for a couple of hours to get first hand information on just What the state-tax supported institution Is doing. Dr. John T. Caldwell, President of the University, led the group oh the local tour. The council is visiting "all state supported institutions prior to making up budget sUK* gestions to the legislature, Hazel packing whirled coast at and raised capes NAAWP Hits Back at Chief Antagonist WILMINGTON; Dei withe N tional Assn for '.ha Advancement of While People tuis struck, back at its chief antfi'toiv.U, State Ally. Gen, H. Albert Younp. Tn a tcloRrmH to Gov. J. Caleb The commission yesterday advertised for bids on the federal aid construction. ••;'.>;•• A project for hard -.syrfacin" a section of the Dierks >New Hope Road in Howard and Pike counties, which would hive'; made the contract ietlihi;: a ?3,0fp,000 affair, was withdrawn-• because' right of way requirements were not fulfilled. * ,-, ; Comi>Jetior> of •work ^ofrMwo projects on U.S. 62 will cxtcnc' the i-t'ate'si,cast-West route from St. Francis in Clay County to Sum mers in Washington County. Jobs by counties: Hempstead 2.378 miles of blacktop, Spring Hill-Hope Road Highway 55. Baxter fi.39r, miles of black top crushed linciitonc base, Nor fork-Calico Road, otalc Highway 5. Sharp and Fulton 10.02 blacktop Ash Flat : Hardy U.S. fi2. Stone f>836 milos blacktop ' anc three concrete bridgBS. tm Leslie- Mountain View Road, Highway 06 Fulton and Sharp 1H.21 mile blacktop, Salom-Ash Flat Road .atrols over anrl ni?ar. the island n .the past wcpk. the reports s- id, Large concentrations of Comm'un- st gunboats and invasion craft vere reported around Shanghai ,nd tho Chushan islands. Red troop •einforcements also _, were reporte: n the Shanghai nroa. ' Bogg yesterday, tho'NAAWP's Dol awaro 't-hapler cloni.-indecl Young's removal from office. The attorney rjeucral \\rcr, initial- ill/ ed Ipcal proceeding^ to rcv.-ke the NAAWP's charter, which was u- Road on , CTPR I PVEE National guardsmen and civilians, wade in swirling flood'waters'of the little cflumet River in Hammond, Ind., bolster levee with sandbags after If threatened to give way under floods pressure" AnT Army ' DUKW, background, was .used to .transport sandbags to danger points along the levee. — NEA Telephoto • • Neighbors Act to Free Youth, Return Dog MONROE, La.. (UP) Aroused neighbors and friends pledged an .•ill-out fight today to free a fatherless 10 year old boy from a reformatory where he was sent for pointing'a 'loaded shotgun at two school officials who, he said "were going to kill my do?." The Rev. W. T.'HumphilV pastor of the. Apo-tolic cluiich heic. said u large group ia 1 volunteeicd co nppeai m defense of Joe Coopei at ia- second hearing on the boy's case tomoriow ' ' 'We have an attorney employed >nd with the Loid btindmg behind us weie going tc do our best to get the boy out,' lip said The boy -was convtted to .the Louisiana Tiamm? In ti'uts Jlast Friday foi attempting to save'sms dog, "Tippie," which followed him to -school .-yyore gonu V' dog," the. boy said. "He's the only thing T own." 'Joe said the pet was taken from yhort dog, ..sort of a collie, about a foot high." "He's not much," the boy added, "but he's mine." Joe said the pet was taken from him and Ihcked up after some o. his school mates tried to kill it "The teacher said she could lei him out at noon, but she didn t and my dog doesn't like to be lock cd up," Joo said. "I rode home oi my bike and got my gun becnuje Texarkdna Minister Dies in Acident 1 TEXARKANA, Tex, Ml A Nazarcne church minister was killed near hero last night When his car crashed into the. rear, of a trailer loaded with cotton. State police idenliiied the man ns- Rev. William W. Jerntgnn, 49. pastor of the Nazarena church nt Ashdown, Ark. He also was employed' as a printer by the Texar- Icana. pazettc. Officers said Bob Banks, 59-year; old Texarkana Negro, was Jiiver 'of the tractor which wa.= pullin; he 1 trailer. He escaped injury. Rev. Jernigan moved to Texar- aria from Nashville, Tenn. aboul jeai ago He is suivived by a on and daughter of Nashvihe. Forestry Available to County The schools of Hempstead, Howard, Lafayette, Little River and other counties will be offered a revolving-free-on-loan sound coloi forest and travel movie library, it was stated here last week by W. L. Shaddix representing the South crn States Forest Fire Commission, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Inc.. who has been visiting in this|j ' was af ra jd "they would kill my Mississippi — Seven 100 feet re inforccd -concrete bridges. Critten cion County line, IVTbsouri lin P.oad, US. (51. Poinsett — 9,854 miles blacktop, peni'cci in court Tuesday to plead in behalf of 11 Nojjro pupils who wore ordered back to a segregated school after a briof and stormy 'attempt to integrate them in the high school nt.Milford. Del. The National Assn. for 1he Advancement of Colored Peoiilo had filed suit to havo'lhe-11 pupils restored to the ' MiUov-1 scho >1. No decision has bcn-n. reachi-cl in the suit. The Young NAAWF tcbaram s.iic! 'has misused his office by sued in Delaware-. He also ap- Beasley-Lepanto Uoad, Highway 143. Marion — 1,551 miles blacktop Flippin. Airport Road county road system. . - .:^ .-.._ area with school authorities for some years in the interest of tree and game protection education. The films are lent by various Foundations, commercial, lumbermen, insurance and other agencies and as a supplement to the visual aid program being directed by the state and government departments, Mv. Shaddix stated while here. Among the donors are the Dierks Lumber and Coal Company, Kansas City whose "Pine Mountain Trail" was made in Sevier County Presbyterian Women Plan Day Meeting Monday The Women of the Presbyterian Church are planning an all-day ... . .. ....,, ..meeting Monday. They will con- retusmg to reprint the Milord l vcne at ,„ a m _ Mvs . Frank Qerig speial school board in the 1".es-| of . Al . kade , hia will , ead a sludy on i" ' .. day court hetirin^" am 'm turn. |lhc Letter to the Ephes i ans . A pot- used his state offu'o to filo, as friend of the court, on In'half oC Ihe National Assn. fir'- iho Advancement of Colored People, luck luncheon will be served at noon. Special invitations have gone to dog. But honest, I wouldn't have killed anybody. 1 ' The boy was committed to the reformatory as a juvenile dclin qucnt five hours after he pointed the shotgun at Mrs. Tiny G. Clark principal of the school, and Truari Offcer M. C. Griggs. But a storrr of protest persuaded City Judg Howell Heard to set a new hearing for one tomorrow. Hemphill said the boy, wlios father died shortly after Joe wn born, had a good record in h i and the Southern Hardwood Produ- neighborhood, Ho live* ..with hi cers, Memphis, who offer free "Southed Hardwoods — Yours Forever'' movie made in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Also the Ford Film Library, Dearborn, Michigan, the Sears Roebuck Foundation, Peorhi, Illinois, and the Association Films, Inc., Dallas, Texas are offering free lists on application, Mr. Slwddix stated. The Commission Is a non-profit Women Doing Fine Running Emerson Additional U.S,Milkfor State Schools LTTTLE ROCK (UP) Educa< tion Commissioner Arcn Ford today signed nn agreompnt with the United States Department of Agriculture that will enabts' Arkansas school children ,",to.drink more milk and Ihc dairy farmers of the slate to «if}ll more milk. Arkansas will receive a snaxi- mum ot $1,120,000 annually 'for the The! vcre purchase of milk. If the enlhe By RAY STEPHENS EMERSON, V?) , Less than year ago, .an .unknown man"started a write-in campaign for the election of five, housuwivc'i 1 ' to the Emerson City Council. Since no one ever had taker, active interest in the .affairs of .thi.v litle village, it was ,'a great gat;. But. the women won the dec- tionby as much as 26 3 and now iheie isn't a snicker audible in the-town of 503 pfrsons. The new councilman,' who didn't To Explain Irrigation Lpan Program To develop irngation facilities and other soil and water conservation measures is the purpose of the recently enacted Federal loan program to • be explained Wednesday night October 20, in the Hempstead County Courtroom stated County Agent Oliver L; Adams today. .' Representatives of the Farmers Home administration Frank T. Br ; odie, State Field Representative, and Bill Reinhardt Hempstead 'ounty Supervisor, will explain the provisions of the Soil and Water Conservation Loan program. The program utilization in Hempstead County will be directed by the untjs^;FH A committee composed of'Shirley Robins of Ozan, Richard Arnold of DeAnn and Brint of Hope. In a series of eleven townships meetings conducted during the month . of September in Hempstead County there were many questions regarding the loan program for ir- know of tho" write-in move they showed up at the until polls. promptly took their new jobs and themselves seriously. It's generally admitted that they hove done more than .all of their predecessors to -improve the town. "Of course we didn't have to rlo rlgation Adams. development says Agent mother who receives $55 a inont in state welfare "His mother attended my a few years ago wtion she lived All pf these and others will be answered by Mr. Brodie and Mr. Reinhardt Wednesday night. All farmers, earth moving machinery contractors, well drillers, and other y church interest^ individuals are invited . near it," said HomphUl, "and I know nothing against her. Citizens living within half a block of him (Joe) have never known him to misbehave whatsoever. People rill around, three or four blocks, say the same thing." privately financed school forestry Reformatory officials snkl the group organized in 1939 to furnish j flender, .blue-eyed boy had boon free material as aid to teachers in B'von a crew hair cut aflor he was classroom conservation work. admitted to tho rc-l'orvnutory They classroom conservation One fourth of pedestrains killed 1953 vancemcnt of Ciuoivd People- an the ' LaiUes of the FuUu n Presby-| In U. S. traffic accidents in 1953 organisation wiiw.vw not a pa, of c Washington'had been drinking says the National th «i nD vlcw^° iK ^V-'tho'tk. ^esbyterian f hurch. . .' Safety Council^ - ___ Indian Olympic Champ of a Few Years Ago Finds Big City Has Too Many Non-Indians About {.'ram continued, "wo strongly urge you to suspend the attorney general from the duties of his office and prosecute him for maKoasanc-u in office to the fu)It-it , extent of the law." Ike in Good Health on 64th Birthday Bv MRRIMAN SMITH DENVER, (UP) — President Eisenhower in glowing good health, celebrates ):is C4th birthday tonight at a .Fmall steak -clinner with his family and jlose friends. Mrs. Eisenhower and her mother, ho told thorn he like:! tho formatory, "but I'd rathor home." They said he told them he meant \o harm with the shotgun. "I wouldn't luivo shut anybody/" ie said. "I like my teacher very iiuch. I didn't have tho strength r> cock the gun. I couldn't have By HAL BOYLE, NEW YORK l-¥i Louis Tewa- r.irna, a wrinkled Hop! tribesmen who in his youth was one of America's greatest distance runners, has decided he doesn't want to live in New York. 'Too many no-Indians-here,"- explained the octogenarian racer, at- the Brown Palace Uotbl to bake a' ter two da >' s ot "Shtsemni! amid Manhattan's tall ston-. 1 tepees. tw'anima prefers Iho mighty mesas of Arizona, where his peo- email cake, adoi nt- 1 with a single candle, foi the Pr,«->Hcn\ial payty . Sixteen persons, including Eisenhower art hor .mother, Jphn S D»Md, will toast tho Mrs. Mis President while he savors a char coal broiled fctodk A hotel spokesman snid "nothing pretentious ha}, beep )jlann ple have I'.welt as peacefully as keep it well," conducted by the Helms Athletic Foundation. He came here to attend a func'-raisinp dinner f;,r the 195G Olympic team, aacl the old fellow was quite touched to oe remembered after all the.-so years Running is natural to him, as it is to all Hopi Indians. Through an mtei peter speaks halting English-82-ycar-old Tewanima explained: "It is p,nt of our lolisjion. Tl.e body is our temple, and we must the outsidu woild vkoulJ let them for moic than 1 000 years. This was his first visit here 42 ycais,, unce no ictuined to tlic ut tad,: of cake. bPok and b " luservatian after plac to the As a boy Louis, who is now t high-ranking Hopi piiust. trained by running to caith jackrabbits vild horses and antelop? He ran them down on fopt. cakes books' and the lO.QOO-metej race Jij^ths 191? "Catch jsckrabblt m tow mm Bias tJrth«Pm.|Olympics at Stockholm—at aboutjvtes," he ?aid gravel/. "Antelopt . _* , «..:_«j. ««j thr-na ,-or.nj in hi» p,iri>or h<? failed catch horse. Horse Set tU'ed." *' |V^* V * **f»fc* +**lt* I > fc m **»**- -r— - '- 'r*- '- -•• •• 1_J JHQU8.C. The gifts of his friends and three race,* in hi* carver he failed tho nation (to win k^t wcvel the HeconUy h« ww immed a v W husband,liei- oJ »b,o eW-tte<! V- fe- ' HF * wwv " w catch horse, Hprse get To pvove he hud ro-K'hcd man hood entjtiecj to 'irecl it." Joe said the dog \vh ; .c.i has been noculated. licensed and returned lome from tho city pound, first Belonged to a friend of his. "I wanted him so Jjad that I asked him for thu dog,"-Joe said, "and he gave him to me." Appeal Cases Are Heard in Local Court The following appeal cases were heard in Hempstead Circuit Court yesterday by Judge Lyle Browi}; Ned Brunson. possession of untaxed liquor, 30 days and cosjs with a 60-day stay of execution Nash, selling an<3 untaxed beer, two Arthur .Lee possession of counts, one dismissed and the wer court fine other. affirmed on the WjJUam Jienry Jackson, charge with m,pre th an three ^n a, " ' seat. to the Wednesday night meeting. Phoenix City Racketeers Bargaining By REX THOMAS PHENIX CITY, Ala. l/Tt Phentx City Racketeers have started bar .(lining for negotiated pi ison terms ather than face trial before vicvf leanup jur.-j which have yet to iccjuit a defendant, Seven indicted gumblors, • includ ing retired slot machino kings Uoyt Sh'epherd and Jimmy Matthews beaded guilty yesterday and drew >enalties ranging from two months n| prison and u. SSOO fine to 30 months imprisonment. . Others still awailig trial were reported to liave soundefl out <=lati: prosecutors for possible settle nents today, including perhaps Jodwin Davis Sr. and his tougli- liuy son Godwin Jr., who once masterminded a $15,000-a-day lot tory syndicate. The panic took seed a week ago fjfter gambler E L Cook, who hac gqne unprosecutcd for more than three yean:, was given life im nj-isonment foj- murder. Eleven o the 13 jurojs icpoitodly voted foi the death penalty on the firt bal lot. Yesterday, ll.e negotiations quickly gamed momentum jSafecrackcr John Betiefield, w!v >)a& spent 1C of his 44 years undo prison seutenccj an who has bcpn tagged by the National Guards at 9 "professor of buiglaiy' teach ing otheiv his trade, was copvict ed of upsst A ssing burgl«»y topis. &e was fined $100 «uvJ senter 1 "" moj^s, the masimunn much to accomplish that,"- s,aid Mis, Sam COir,'owner'of Claudette's Beauty Shop and one of the five council ..members. The first order put out by the women, dubbed by townspeople as' the "Petticoat 'Council," called in true feminine fashion for a clean Ford up campaign.' Then. Mrs. ; Cox and her fellov councilmen turned to the village's most pressing problem lack of revenue. For years, Emerson h,ad operated its lethargic government solely on small turnback 'funds from the state and its share of general county taxes The city did not assess a single tax against it residents. The net result was no paved streets in town, no law enforce ment no recreational facilities except those provided by the schools Times are-'changing. One of the first orders of this "Petticoat Council" ,was to require Emerson auto owners to buy ci+.y tags at $4 a year. Then, the council 'set out to pave its streets. So far, -two and a, half Tiles of'streets'nave .been''paved, nd it hasn't cost Iho .city a nicknl 'he council prevailed on properly wner to buy '• llu> rnaiorial and •rov.ide free right-of-way, pml Col- imbia ' County supplied the labor ind equipment. Only Main Strat till in't pav- d, but it will be within n few nonth, The council also has -acted, tp ob- ain natural gas and dial telephone or vice for Emerson, which Is 12 amount is not used. Ford said, the remainder will revert Xo the USDA for possible reassignment to school.? in other states. However, the commissioner said it is unlikely there will be any lock of interest on the part of Arkansas schools." Signing of the agreement added Arkansaq to the list oT states already taking part in the Agriculture Department^ program to increase the consumption of milk by children in high school grades and below. The USD A 1 s Agricultuial Marketing Service will advance funds to the state, and the state will reimburse ' the schools for part of the- .cost of additional milk they serve the children. Tfi - compute additional servings, a "base"''has been set lor each school representing normal consumption dui> ing the laH school year. Schools which did not serve milk last year will-be reimbursed f 'at a rate up to three cents per halt- pint, f on school . (M fclh'tyvY knnsas 1 , Northwe Thes s' rim f,oiig: enitt'(?{'! Norlhwe: 00 miles Tenn., til, Is.from.ji2 1 <», k i&i Stopnv DaVts sal around ;$H „ blew,j mjgi$ •'Oun'be4y;est aac ur, Schools which have b$en serv ig ; milk -will bo reimbursed at the rate of four cents per half-pint for all the_ additional milk they serve over "their base consumption, said this higher rate recognizes that consumption increases may be more moderate in 1 schools which already serve milk, and that these schools must divided all reimbursement received among t .all milk servings, including their original base consumption. Ford sad that all , non-profit schools of high ucoool grade and below are Higibty to take pait_in the program. Participating schools must agree to operate their milk and good service on a non-profit basis, and to serve fluid whqle milk, unflavOrod which meets local and state standards for but- torfat and sanitation. Ford said that since stnlo law prohibits the Pcpartment M Education from disbursing funds di- icctly to private school;?, tj>e milk program will be administered in such schools directly by the USDA, Ford, s.akt,that full details , of the new program we're being mailed to all school -aciminjstrh* tors along with forms needed for application to pnrticipfUtj in 1 " iho program. northf no created f ordered^ ,,,- ^ ~ T -..,^ capes * to Gharleatonvl «"p]ipu^iiaf was? of rnoye Icnt'siQlnjrj *rf.t9« J-o.^ft NO FORM'AU SAUNAS, Calil, (U? Max Anderson, six-foot, three-Inch, 230 pound tncldo for the a ... ' .. IIUIMm fcitv-tt,iJ *vf* ,,,-- +»»»v»n» f* T'-i miles south of Magnolia near tho j ge foolbil u leatni got a lot nf slip Arkansas-Louisiana line. A fran- fa • r hise has been grnntod to the Ar- ;ansas-Loui&iana Gas Co., and an telephone no-op ha-5 . frnnchis-j to-'install tlw dial ays em, port as a write-in caiuUdntc for cnicon, Ha missed bet found ing a finnlist by ono vote, "It's a goo;l thinrf I didn't qualify." Anderson said,' "I have u formal.' • All Around the Town •y Th» »t»r A breakdown issued by the.Ar. kansus F-ire Prevention Associatiort re-veals 158 persons are known, to have diud in home fires ia Arkansas within the past year. Hempstead had two deaths by fire,- and Howard County had twq. most home fires occur in the svinter irom November through April Within the next few days the Star'will publish a list of simple i'ulps to follow, uiies which wiU help prevent fires. Texas-Arkansas Air Days wU} be held at 'fexarkana municipal ab> poit, Sunday, October 2$ and pjan.s are being made to handle 25,009 visitoi s. , . , spme of the performers wil) be MarJop, stunt pilot, Roy Co^e. , Timm, "Up§(d,e4owu" will Ije two p$ rnany making praohuto jumps walking, raping and the air, Jet event whiph to thei", "WJruJ; force* ~"6 con sis fetortn * State .Savings and Loan League a meeting in Little Roclf this syeek. A very attractive m,enu arrived in tho morning mail from th§ Confederate Inn and Colonial -•"•-•— of GuJipoi-t, Mississippi, ing that Bill Watson of Com Belt Hatcheries is a guest a^ the inn? REQUESTED; Dove season . ,., which started Sept. 15, js over Qc$. IS',A 24. daily bag limit i? eight. , , f lfnr season, Sept IfeJan, ing FO.H bus i an* Ian. ,s8)t t JJWJU&'J&P "^ i last njgty.-FftUTju^. limit eight Dec. 91, limit eight- . period, Nov. R*}3, ond (LITTLE:

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