Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1954
Page 8
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STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS , Ocfotcf 15, 19S4 P'Xufr-", "•< g a I** 1 its ssdres 6f tinder tehiral control, Sifetft 8S Setting n f.ir rearhing lattettt In thS running of the 3,IS(),OOa-membef church. ". Hr.Wfll teafee tar greatc«- Soll- fflty/' '8'aid t»f. Firartklm Clark Jffy J flf-Sfew 1 ¥or5«, <eh church tores- aatj "It mfearts the total work of 'e* thtircB Will haVe more t.nhea ! MARKETS i of the' revamped pro- eeaures,earftfc, yesterday as the eli- jbftftetftS l|8nt of thfe eight day bi-j LIVESTOCK KATtOf&AL STOCKYAUD9. 111. dfl ttogjf' 9,500; moderately ar- tfve but later slow; 180 Ib. up 2550 lower; mostly Si-40 off; lighter weights fully 50 lower; sows 23-59 off; fnost choice 180-370 Ib 18.75 M; everal decks choice No. Is and 2s and a few lots including a few choice No. 3s 18.80-10.00; fe,v late 8.66( 150-170 Ib. 1825-50; few at BV?5; sows 400 Ib. and 17.00-1800; mostly 17 25 up: heavier sows 15 236.75; boars 11.00-15.00. Cattle 4.000; calves 1,000; opeti- ng slow; a load of hi«h choice and jflnie steer? 26.25; few good and choice at 22.00-24 00 abwt steady; sttle done otherwise; heifers and AftOUGH PftOOOCT SAVE MORE Largest Seller at W( >RE ON LARGER SIZES ennial meeting of more than 1.000 church representatives for the United States and Canada. The church It America'3 largest body, number lOUTHWISTfRN ' MI (JO, Prune Layer CAKE with fruit icing , Applesauce CAKE Blueberry PIE Brown 'N y Serve Rolls ' fresh Daily JOE'S CTY BAKERY yearlings opening about steady; little dor.e olhei-wise; heifers and mixed yearlings opening about steady; damnnd a Uttle less aggressive on cows but sales mostly steady: utility and commercial 9.50-13.00; cnnner and cutters 7.50-i).r>0; bulh and vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 11.00-13.00; canner and cutter bulls £!.00-10.50; good ahd choice vealers 18.00-22 00; few high choice and prime 23.00-24.00; commercial and low good '14.00-17.00. Sheep 1,700; lambs opening active and strong; spots 25:or more higher;' early sales choice and prime 20.00-50: one sizable lot 20.75 to- a shipper; aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.00-4.CO. NEW .YORK.STI.CK s NEW YORK 'ATh.j stock market presented a mixed appearance today with some outstanding areas of strength developing in the early afternoon, Most gainn and losses wero well within a point ranije. Trailing was restrained at a pace not far from the two million mark. Royal Dutch Petroleum, a second most active- issue yesterday up 2c, opened today on 11.000 shnres Another Story Continued rrom Page One chinery. • He has two new tractors plus considerable other equipment. This is "what his vocational agriculture i n s t r u c tor, Raymond Heimbachi had to say about the Star Farmer award: "He's earned it. Burd work's from S p'clcck in the morning to 8 o'clock -at night most days." A $1.000 check went with the Democratic Groups Pledge to Fa u bus LITTE ROCK iff) Two Democratic organizations last night pledged their support to Orval Faubus, Democratic nomintie. for governor, in the Noverftber general election against Pratt C. RemineJ, Republican nominee for governor. Faubus appeared as..guest at t\yo separate meetings one of the elected Democrat!'.' offic-2 holders nhd another df the Women Democrats of Pulaski County. The meet- wholesale buying prices unchanged to 3 lower; U. S. lurgfi whites 42; hiixed 39.; U. . mediums 23; receipts 34; checks and dirties 30. U. S. standards 1'.4: current up >/i at 67. Then it took off with a rush.that carried Its Rain to ..a little bettor than 4 points. Oils were mixed as a group. Chemicals , wer,e quietly s-teady. Railroads were higher on balance Going lower were th° stools, motors. coppers, rubbers, and. aircrafts. POULTRY AND PRODUCE. CHICAGO I/W Live poultry barely steady on hens; steadier on young stock; receipts 587 coops yesterday 1,141 coops; 191,898 Ib; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 15-17; light hens ''$213;5: fryers and broilers 3S-27; Old roosnrs 12-12.5;', caponcttes 30-32. Butter steady to firm: receipts 799,576; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 'higher; 93 score •AA 60: 92 A •>5.75; 90 B 57.25; 89 C .56.25; cars 90 B 57.75; 89 C 56.2. Eggs weak; receipts 11,018, GRAI NAND PROVISIONS CHICAGO .(ff\ So ybeans made a modest advance on the Board of Trade today while other grains .lung close to previous closing prices. It was another session of routine dealings without any important price stimulus developing, A forecast of light rain for parts of the northern soybe'nn belt, was Hie main reason for the advance In that cereal. Rj'e fell several cents at the outset,, responding to news West Germany had postponed cash rye buying, but recovered later. Corn was somewha tweaker than the rest of the list. Some traders felt the possibility of high moisture corn would'be bearish. Whefit closed unchanged to c higher, D e c e m b e r $2.10-2.16V 8 , corn '4 lower, December $1.53T-, oats yj>' lower to V n higher. December 79-80, ryo 'i- lower, December $1. 34-$1.,'iD, and soybeans 1 to 3 cents higher, November S2.79-2.79'/ 2 . Wheat: None. New corn :No. 2 yellow 1.61'4; No. 3 1.55-58 1 /,;- No. 4 1.481/2-53. Old corn: No. 2 yel low 1.62-631.4; N.T 3 1.62K,. Oats: Sample grade heavy- mixed 75; nward. What's Burd going to do with he money? "Why, I'll reinvest it in the arm," he said. "That's what 1 ve tried to do all along—plow my earnings or a good part of them jack in the place. "It's been the secret of whatever success I've had.'' No. 1 heavy white 83'/i; No. 2 f CQIT'S 77th ... in* ,*»i\ttj» St ^t - 0 v 10 BIG DAYS STARTING THURSDAY OCTOBER 14th SAVE! NOW! HH^SSK<JS .Cjsiebratirig -Buflar Brothers''^7thi-Anniversary Sale starting *®B^^/Aoj'nfing r/ 'October 14 t qpd. lasting th rough ^Sqtgrday, October 23rd,• ^^^tflliP/jnie.to Save at Scott's. Come in andjqol< over the many money p^jjggWalLTes'Wp have for you throughout the-stoje during this-Big Anni- - w- M j' • -•- ^ ) 3, r ^> O'MVi *>•"* , . • •» + yVith handle and a regular r.l If I , tfm i " "* valuer,. ^r coyered ond 98c iPlassfic , ' GARMENT BAGS These are 8 dress size garment bags. 54 inches long. ^ Regular 1,29 values. ' " SALERIIICE , . , 97c Ladies NYLON HOSE First quality, full fashioned nylons'in new fall shades. 60 gauge, 15 denier. i SALE PRICE 59c Cotton and 'Rayon Luncheon Cloths These cloths are 50x50 and in pretty assorted colors. SALE PRICE 67c Buy Npw Christmas Cards Buy ypur $upply of Christmas s now at this special price. Regular $1.00 V gJue BOX QF 50 CARDS ' Extra Special KIDDIE PURSES Here is a real savings. Regular values to 98c. While they last. SALE PRICE 37c Men's HANDKERCHIEFS Colored borders. These are 17x17 size" and at this extra special price. SALE PRICE 12 for 98c Ladies Rayon PANTIES These are regular 49c panties, A real savings during this sale. SALE PRICE 3 for 1.00 white 78; sample grade medium heavy white 77. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting ' choice 1.30-50"; good 1.31-30; feed 1.10-25 ing of elected officials was held atjty," he said, "and 1 siy that the, Albert Pike Hotel while mem- because I don't know it as well bers of the women's organization niot at the Marion hotel. Faubus told his audiences: "I'd appreciate it if you Would talk to your friends and let them know I'm not the so-and-so some people think 1 am." "I feel certain that I'll carry every county in the state with the possible exception of Pulaski CoUn- Wednesday, October 13, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS SIMPLI DIARRHEA Get fatt, Soothing Relief with P1RCY MEDICINI FOR QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty .at.all times. .Call .PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug 225. S. MAIN .....* for that modern touch Magazine Rack . :• » i . . • •• i • It •' . : Sturdy Frame 12" highx 16" wide • Practical! • Useful! • Decorative! SPECIAL Thursday Only $1.19 EACH Rubber tipped legs to prevent marring! '"-. Buy Now ^ Pay Later: I SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. provided.' U viili Calendar Wednesday October 13 The Bodcaw P. T. A. will meet in the high school auditorium' on Wednesday, October 13, at 7 p. m. The program will be presented by Nolan Caudle. The speaker will be Ode Goodwin. The public is invited |and everyone who plans to attend is asked to bring s pie. Friday October 15 The Dahlia Garden'Club will meet at 2 p. m. Friday, October 15, with Mrs. Dewey Baber. Mrs. Ross Bright will be co-hostess, Mrs. A. D. | Middlebrooks, Jr., program chairman. Arrangement' will be an Oriental line. ,_ Thursday October 14 District Cub Scout Leaders Training Ciourse for all den mothers, cub masters and all parents interested in cub scout work will be held at the Presbyterian church from 1 to 3 p. m. Thursday, October 14. All Metol WASTE BASKETS 77c 97c 26 Quart si?e Reg. 98c value . , 35 Quart size Reg. 1,29 value . . Tlie Fidclis Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have a party at the church ou The Junior - Senior High School P.-'-T^ A. : will observe Father's night on Thursday evening, October 14, at 7;45 ill the Junior High and- Wednesday night, October 13, 7:30. at Patmos P. T. A. wtu meet Wednesday night, October 13, at 7:_30. All members are urged to attend. TURN UP CURL for that Qrowing out stage. Come in today . . . at MARY-EDNA BEAUTY SHOP ' 115 S. Elm Ph. 7-2615 Sunday October 17 Mrs. R. L. Gosnell will present her "Summer Class" in a piano recital Sunday afternoon, October 17, at 3 o'clock, in the Junior High School auditorium. . Monday, October 18 W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, October 18, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Edward Aslin, Mrs. Orval Taylor, Mrs. Woodard Cox. Mrs. Windle H. Thompson is Jie teacher. Refreshments of frosted punch and assorted cookies carried out the Halloween motif. The following members were present: Mrs. Gene Thompson. Mrs. Lillian Arthur, Mrs. Betty Jane Barrett, Mrs. JUdy Brents, Mrs. Rose Hubbard. Mrs. Freda Leverett, Mrs. Margaret McLain, Mrs. Sue Robertson, Mrs. Janie Taylor, Mrs. Lena Massingill, Mrs. Dee Turnage. Associate members: Mrs. Margaret Martin and Mrs. Annette Rogers. Mrs. P. J. Holt was special guest, and the hostesses, Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Crosby with little 'Penny Glass. Wednesday October 13 The men of the church of the irst Presbyterian Church wiH meet Wednesday evening at 6:30 or supper and a program. Hospital Notes CivU Air Patrol cadets will present the program. All parents having books they would like to donate to the school libraries, are asked to bring them to this meeting. A social hour will follow, when fathers as well as mothers may meet the teachers of their children. The Study Course on the sdionl aye child entitled, "Sonic Gi;t A- lonjij, and S6me Don't - Why?" will bu presented at Brookwooil School from 10 until 11 on Thursdiiy morning, October 14. This arliflo is t;ik- en from the October Parent - Teachers magazine. SAENGER W! FEATURE AT < 2:00 - 3:54 - 5:48 7:42 - 9:36 1. LATE NEWS 2. "Fine Feathered Frenzy" 3. "Do Someone A Favor" Thursday October 14 Guernsey P. T. A. will meet Thursday night, October 14, in the ligh -school auditorium. Plans for Halloween carnival will be discussed. Everyone, is urged to attend.- The Adult Fellowship class of the First Methodist Church will meet Thursday night at 7:30 for a potluck supper. Baby sitters will be Wray, Pauline Tyner, and HiiHon Davis as co-hostesses. The proeram eader, Mrs. C. V- Numi. Jr.. will present a playlet entitled "Echoes of Jesus' Ministry" enacted by Mcsdames Wayne Russell, Jud Marlindale, Homer Jones, and Mrs. Nuiin. Special music will be rendered by Misscss Susan Davis, soloist,, and Carolyn Strong, pianist. The devotional will be given by Mrs. W. M. Heinhardl. All members arc urged to atlctul and those hav- ', birthdays ill October are reminded to brine your birthday and pennies for the Life Membership Fund. Etha Claypool And Auston Ellis Are Married Miss Etha Claypool, Mrs. Garland Kidd, Branch Admitted: Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Kidd of Hope, announce the arrival of. baby boy on Oct. 12, 195'i, Julia Chester Admitted: Florence Marie Polk Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Thomas Hays Hope, Mrs. Leo Arnold. 111. 1, Hope Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. CTald well, Columbus have n son bon '):!!() p. m. Saturday instead of ; daughter as announced Monday. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Claypool o£ Dardanelle, and Austin Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burton Ellis of Emmet, were married Saturday vening, October 9, in the home f Mr. and Mrs. Little Rock. The MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RD. * FINAL NITE * BARGAINNJTE • : A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY 50c! SAVAGERY...TEMPTATION...FURY MICKEY SPILLANE'S <*: JTHE JURY s • introducing ( **-' BIFF ELLIOT-as MIKE HAMMER, i Fusion FOS1ER • Pewit CASTLE • Mnptt SHERIDAN • Alan REED I Always a Color Cartoon « THURS. - FRI.' FIRST HOPE SHOWING . •. . PECK-GARDNER f'Jl f^ l«M«8T HtMIMOWAV'S | ™ES NO WS OF REGULAR PRICES! Doyle Ellis at Rev. Richards. astoi- of St. Paul Methodist Chur- h of Little Rock, performed eremony in the presence of the the mmediate families and a few re- atives and friends. The couple left for a wedding trip o California. .Hope Delegates Severn! delegates from Hope wi! attend the Circuit Assembly of Je hovah's Witnesses to be held Pine' Bluff on October 15-17. PRESCOTTNEWS Thursday October 14 The monthly meeting of the Par- nt Teachers Association will be eld on Thursday afternoon at the 'ark Elementary School. The Choir of the Presbyterian Jhurch will practice on Thursday Vening at 7 o'clock. Mrt, J. B. Hesteriy Hostess To Canasta Club Mrs. J. B. Hesterly was hostess ,o the 1950 Canasta Club at her home on Friday afternoon. • The rooms arranged for the pla ycrs were. beautifully decorated with arrangements of pink roses. High score honors were wen by Mrs. J. V. Fore. Mrs. W. V. Dcnman was a gueSl Other mehibcrs included Mrs. Jim Yancey, Mrs. Imon Gee, Mrs. H J. Wilson, Mrs. C. G. Gordon, anc Mrs. Homer Ward. A delectable salad course W3: served, Mr. and Mrs. Barrel! Hines, fir. nd Mrs. Jack Barrett, Mr. and jtrs. Doyle. Books, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Buchanan, Mr, and Mrs. frank Baltom Jr., Mf. and Mrs. Sd Cottingham, Mr. and Mrs. Ba« er Brilt, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ya^ jccy, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Phillips. Vlr. and Mrs, Hansel Herring, Mr. BIBLE REPLACEMENTS CHICAGO, (UP; The C h icag Bible-Society has announced it wi replace free any Bibles damage in.the city's weekend flood. "We don't want v>ny home to be without the comfort of the Holy Scriptures in these trying times. ' the Rev. Don Norman, executive secretary of the society, said. Center H. D. Club Meets The Center Home Demonstration Club met on Friday afternoon in th home of Mrs. Horace Jones for th October meeting. Mrs. Jones gave the devotiona for the afternoon. Mrs. Olin Wells, president, con ducted the business. Roll call wa answered with a title of a goo book or article each member.ha just read. The following officers were clec' ed:~ President, Mrs. > A. P. Jones Vice-president, Mrs. .Ed Clark,'So cretary and treasurer,'Mrs. 'Lord flaftiri. An interesting talk on ,;'Dryihg lowers arid Plants For Winter iouciuets" was given b# Mrs. Fells, A dainty dessert course was sefV- d by the hostess. and Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mfc and Mrs. ft. F. Yarbrmigh, Mrs. Karl King Jr., and Mfs. Ltieie Lee Gruse were amWig tfiose frdna PreSCott who attended the Prfes- cdtt^-durdort JEootBall game lii don Thursday night, music the' Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cofield and family of Dallas were the Sat* urdfay Attests bt Mr, afld MrS. rell riirtes, . BemiS tee€ the day* Ofoo fiuy tiaw Ihtffl ind Mttow* ttj Fidgetlhf, nose-pluklng and * tor- ttienOne rectal Itch art often tell* Ule signs of Pln-W»rtn«...ugly mar be victims and not know It to cttfldof tln-Wotou, *w« testa must not onl/ be killed, but killed In the large utteittat whin th*» live and maJUoiy, That'* BJ- »ctfy what J»frn«'ifrW UWeU do ... and,her*'» hot* they do It J -n scientific ooatlrift oar- ricn the tablets Into the bowel* before they dissolve. Thm~lura>'» modern, medically-approved In- eredlent SOBS right to worlt-fcfll* ' Pin-Worms quickly and easily. Don't take chancu with. thl» dangerous, highly contagious condition. At this firnt »lgn bf Pin- Worms, ask, yotir druggls.t for pentnVe Jayno'i P-WVermifuge... the small, e»»r-to«tahe tablets *er- feeted by famous: Dr.'D. Jayne ft Son, apecltlfofe in worm remedlce for over 100 yean. Mrs", d, H. fotnpkihg and MfS. J. T, McRae were Thursday visi* tors in Tesarkana, Mrs. C. H. Moore,-Mrs, O, G. Hirst, Mrs. Joe It.* Hahitltofi, Hi6. J. V. McMiihbfl, MfB. t>. i. Brysoa and Mrs. C. C* Thonias'attended Charts* No, REPORT OF CONDITION OF; CITIZENS NA tf tins' »A«M(, OF Cash, bftiahce* with other banks t - •*^6«W'» . ....... Obligation*-'; (>1 StaWS ahd . PoHtical . sabdtvii Corporate stocks (Including $16,000.00 stock ' . ....... Loan* and discounts (including no jpy Bahlt brtrhises owned $0,18?.00, $17,629.25 ......... .....UK..;...^....,.. (Banlt premises owned are subject t assumed by bank) / Heal estate owned othct than bank the nationally famous, v ^ '•••"• PLUS: Sylvester Cat Cartoon P. E. 0. Sisterhood. Entertains Senior Girls With Tea Chapter AE of the P. E. O. Sisterhood entertained the senior ;irls of Hope High School with a ea on Tuesday afternoon. Slide pictures "of Cottey College vere shown to the girls. Afterwards they were invited into the lunch- •oom. The lace covered tea table icld an arrangement of mixed red 'lowers and matching candles. Punch, dainty cookies and mints were served. Mrs. W. Y. Foster, Mrs. Claude STunn and Mrs. L. D. Springer were charge of the social hour. Following the tea, the chapter met for a short business session, with the president, Mrs. Jim Me- Kenzie, presiding. -,>-.. ^.v--, . ASSETS ...» LJABILITIES t>emand deposits of individuals, corporations ., , ..,.u.iTi-z,i,i Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, am Deposits of United States Government Uncl ' • savings) •. , i« Deposits of States and political su 1 Other deposits (certified and cashier's che . TOTAL DEPOSITS i Other liabilities' (Unearned Interest), ,.j 1; TOTAL LIABILITIES '. :,,, CAPITAL ACCOUNT Capital Stock: ' ' '''"*" {'i Common stock, total 1 par $150,000.00;,....^.... TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ..:.!...'..... TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL -ACCO i» ^, -" A-frf, "-' ; "-' MEMORANDA"-)/ Assets pledged or assigned to secure .'liabilities aSa|foiffs other purposes ....! .'. J ^*mim& purposes I. Dale Jones, Cashier of the abOve-n'amedTl that the above statement is true to the 1 Beacon Sunday School Class Meets In Home of Mrs. Class The Beacon Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday evening, in the home oC Mrs. A. D. Glass, Jr., with Mrs. John T. Crosby as co-hosless. j Mrs. P. J. Holt installed the officers for the now year. She used flowers to represent virtues, Conning a bouquet from the "Garden of Life." The following officers wort installed: President, Mrs. Harold Brents; enlistment vice-president, Mrs. Bob Massinyill; fellowship vice-president, Mrs. W. M. Barrett; secretary. Mrs. Dec Turnaue; group captains, Mrs. Kichard Arthur, for a " 'J I, I Wiiv Additional merchondije will be put on fate daily, Shop EVERY pAY and get in on thf '!>' * Lewis "Me La rty , fl , ^:»Ss- ; F IS J*«'«w i i"""iSi>;,*-i'"'«"'.' i "*"• ,,«,»«••«« '"" i«""»W ,. { THURSDAY SPECIALS New 1954 100% All Wool. 60 inches wide. On Sale Thursday Only .00 LIFE BRASSIEHES Discontinued Style, Sizes 32 to 38 White Cotton, Close Out, , .. Friends and neighbors) your response to our Dixie Lily Flour Special OfferJs terrific! SEAL CORRECT — -i 'State of (Arkansas, Cou Sworn to and- fiMbscrini October, 1054,' an,d £f officers or director, , ,„ Commission , ,» ' », .^ O. A. Graves R. M. LaGrone, Jr .'... C. C. Spragins Dale Jones ..,>.. O. A. Graves R. M, LUGrofae, Jr, C. C. SpragWi > Dale Jones . MEMBER QF t10.000,00 M S. L: Reed\ J:A. Hayriei? Attiert Grave* Remember 7;*. for a. ; limited time only ; the Blackwood Brothers \ .•.:**if and Dixie Lily Flour '• . ' • are offering this 3-piece 39.98 mixing wldlbrt |d«ol far mUln« , , , , «". b««klngl » » , ..... ,* «H * » « W»^*» \ ^ complete set . — . *^r* rvr- - _^^rt% \ v v .< with purctese'of ahylfcTSarpB J)®U^FLOl|R • . '* .•4*' J 3 v i 4 •'•cfli There's twlpe M'awv pxpwt Jr\:thJs si --'- . —* • r . 7 fi I 1 * M. *m I I ** get yours at your grocers today - **\

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