Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1894 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1894
Page 4
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John Gray's "CORNER" ON SOMETHING NEW, VIZ: SHEETS AND PILLOW CASES. A FULL LINE OF THE ABOVE GOODS. WELL MADE, OF GOOD MUSLIN, JUST AT WHAT THE GOODS COST IN THE PIECE. P. S-COME AND SEE THEM. NO HUMBUG, NO WALKER STOCK, NO DECEPTION—NOTHING BUT SQUARE BUSINESS AND STRAIGHT GOODS. DAILY JOURNAL Published every day ID the week (eicept Monday by the LOOANSPOKT JOUHMAI, Co, Price per Annum Prloe per Month $6.00 . BO TOK OFFICIAL PAPER OK THK CITV. [Entered us second-class mutter lit the Logansport Post Odlce, February 8, l«ei FOB COAST DEFENSE. Carriage Which Pennlta Quns to Vanish Instantly. TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 6. WK havo had ono year of democracy. It is enough. MAKCII 4TH has pnesed. Year J, G. C. is ended. Record, 0, Henderson & Sons OP FURNITURE, f\ND UPHOLSTERS. IN the first inning the administration fanned out every time it came to bat. Cleveland made a gooso egg. Th* InTCBtlDn of Col. A. R. Hnfflngton and <:»pt. Wllll»m Cnwlar—DnoU tl» Wliolo World Once Mor*. LOST—A tariff reform bill, some time between March -1th, 1893. and March 4th, 1894. Findor return to Grover Cleveland. „. 320 Fourth Street, 3GANSPORT, IND. — t -CTOKY:— •us 5,7 and 9 Fifth Street. THE encouragement given to Republican candidates for City Xreas. uror indicates that tho people aro going to havo the books opened. THE crop bulletins at tbo end of the first year of Cleveland's administration shows the principal products of the year to bo exclamation points, depression and profanity. PBEMIKR GLADSTONE, utter sixty years of service, retires without tbo commendation of Queen Victoria, The indifference of the Queon has caused Indignation in England. NOTICE. Notice I* lipreby Riven to all persons interested iluit thfl COIIUIUKL t'ouiiclf of tlt*« City of Logans- iiort, at It.* rfwilnr session on tho 7tli d;iy of re&ruary, 1HW, pa.sstti.im>! iuluptMl Uie following n-.solutlon.s: UKCLAKATOltY ItKSOU'TION. Rf .solved, by the Coiiinon Council of the City of , Ind.. tlmt It b donmed netessar) 1 to CONGHKSSMAN DuNi-HY has resigned from Tammany and tbo announcement ban created consternation in Tammany circles. The cause alleged ia tbat Tammany encourages election frauds. Improve Witter street Irorn tlm west side of .-you- more street to tbe cit> limits (wrst) by gnullne, the sir-el and sldewalM ncvordlni; to stakes net by th« city dHl I'liyslueer uul Improved as follows The Improvement consists of £radliiK nnd KravellnK thw strent and sidewalks ami boulder- Ing the witters between salil iiolnts. The ImpruVttmeut to bo made to tho urade heretofore established for suld street. Th» sidewalksar» to be ten (111) feet wMo from thetront lln>) ot the lots frontline on the street to toe gutter*. Sidewalks to be of n height tbat n line drawn i'cross HIM street Iroin lot line to lot line will pass over the center of said strum three Inches above IUcn><vn when Improved. Sidewalks to «loiw three (.'!) Inches from thu lot-line to the curb-line of the gutters. Tbe street and sidewalks to be graded and Improvement made to stakes set by the city civil engineer anil muter bis direction and supervision. The gmvel between t he glitters to be eighteen Inches deep In the center ofsnld street, and six (6) In^hesHt iheoiit-rfdKe of the cutlers and all TO a oue gradually from tne center to tte outer «lge or the gutter*. The gravel on the sidewalks to be nine (!)) Inches deep at the lot line and six (0) Inches deep at the gutter lines. The gutter shall be four and one-half feet wide and n'-t less than one. foot deep at a distance of me and one-dinner feetlrom the curb-line, and thon lunsceniisix Indie* In height towards tun street-linn, and to be boulder-d with round beads'i stone, commonly called nigger heads or bould*rs Ho stone showing less than three (3) Inches nor more than (X) Inches in snrtai-e diameter and laid on a bud of coarse sand at least six Inches deep and set on their edges, und all to be well rammctl and covered with c arse sand to the depth df two (2) Inches. The gravel US-BU in innklnc this Improvement to be clean, coarse and free from soil and earth. IR accordanc- with protlle and ipeclncatlonH on Ale In the office of the city civil engineer. The total cost of said Improvement shall be aMouedper line*! foot upon the real estate abutting on said Water street, between said points, (except tba proportloi thereof occupied by street and alley crossings, which shall he assessed agalnuttbe CIW «r Logans|»rt). Said assesn- ments,'T deferred, t» be PBM In ten (10) annual Installments. A bond or bonds shall be Issued In anticipation of the collection of said deferred aseissmente, unless tbe property owners pay said assessment before "aid band or bonds are Issued. All as provide:! for In an act of tho general assembly of Indiana, approved March », low, and amendment* of Matcu 0.1891 aid March 'J, 1893 Property owners along the line of said proposed Improvement aro hereby nntllled tbat the common conMll will hear objections to tlio necessity ntr the iwmitnicllon of said proposed Improve ment on V/exInesday evpnliiK. March 7th, J8IH at 7:SO o'clock at the council chamber ot the city of Lo^ansnort, Indiana. Al.HKftT SWADKNKIi, City Clork. ly the Srst round Cleveland was crowded down In the corner onto the ropes. He seemed eager but power. lees, twico ducked two strong right handere. Hound closed March 1th without blood. Among the defenses employed for a natioii's'eoast jisjuinst tin enemy's warships are heavy uantion. These a hostile fleet wmiiil naturally try to dismount liyii few well-directed shots; and if, us has been customary heretofore, the g-uns on short! were visible over tho earthworks in which they were mounted, they would afford an inviting- target. Injury or death to the gunner is another peril that mustattend the first one. Hence the great value of a carriage which will, permit the piece to disappear instantly after firing-, und will brinff it up into plaee when reaily for another shot. The idea of mounting- ordminee in this way is said to have orip-inu-ted in this country, although Kn; r lan<l led tho world for a time in its development. A number of sncli pnn carriages, however, have been invented and tried on this side of the Atlantic; and one which is the joint product of Col. A. R. Uiifllnpton's and Cupt. \Villiam Croxier's skill showed, during- the tests at Sandy Hook last December, a decided superiority over anything-else yet produced. In this mechanism, when the gun is in a firing" position, the trunnions rost iu sockets in tho upper ends of a pair of massive uprip-ht levers, lump- so as to swing, and sustaining from their lower ends an immense counterpoise. This is lifted and sustained by a pawl and ratchet, when, after a discharge, the piece recoils and sinks. In tbe recent tests at Uncle iSn.m's provintr- fi-round an eight-inch breech-loader was tried, and a mass of metal wciffh- infj- about ;!7,000 pounds was suspended from the levers. This reaily.more than counterbalanced the Run; for when it wasxlesirable to faring the latter up for another shot, the weight was released and did the- work. At tho breech is a Hg-ht framework, also pivoted, wli9Ke function is to keep live pun pointed in JOSEPH KEPPLER. B* WM • Father to ih. Wbol* Y««n««r Generation of C»rtounl»M. Joseph Kepplor, the great cartoonist of Puck, who died but recently, is in- Nepambly associated wit), t j, e growth of caricature in America. He was born in Vienna about fifty years ago. His father was a fancy baker, and the boy fostered n love of art from ornamenting wiiddinjT and birthday cakes ivith quaint ami curious designs. He then ma>l« dipics of line costume plates, which hi- nllVri'd fur sale, and subsequently drew for the (iornian comic papers. Kindin^ this did nut pay he joined a dniinalic troupe and assumed at will the role of tragedian aud comedian. The company foundered, and he became a prestidigitator, doing tho accomplice and assistant act. Highest of afl f« Leavenlnf Power.—Latest U. SL Gov't Report, Baking Powder ABSOLUTE!* PURE church barefooted and kneeling/.mil praying- from step to step up a, long flip-ht loading to the church doors. No doubt the priests would gladly have the monarchy restored with her for ruler. She was always a {Treat abolitionist and vised all her influence and—\vhen r*- pent—power to further emancipation. Notwithstanding her goodness slus is very generally disliked by the peoplu. DRIFT OF OPINION. THE Indianapolio Sentinel denouncoe Brlce, Gorman, Murphy and Hill and calls them "Traitor Senators". It quotes from democratic papers over the country to the same effect. This ii the party of "reform" crippled by the fact tbat It la dot a reform party. T. DEWITT TALMAGE has recalled his resignation because the Brooklyn people havo raised enough to get the church out of debt. Rer. Talmage preached at Maxinkuckee two years ago for $500. He arrived Sunday noon on a special and left immediately afterwards. The country has come to suspect that somehow Mr. Talmage has cultivated a fondness for gold. ril« LATH JO.TEPK XKITI.KH. About 18(50, feeling- that the country wns too small for him. he v.;uue to America, settling in St. Louis. There he begun to work in earnest. Most of his time was spent in making designs for lithographers, hut he was too ambitions for that \vorkaml induced some of his friends to aid him in establishing the Cierman l-'nek. ,St. Lunw was ;i poor city for such a paper, and the venture lived only a few months. The thwarted but not discouraged Keppler went to New York in 1S7J. His genius was at once recognized, and he and Matt, Morgan drew cartoons on Leslie's in opposition to Nust on Ihr- per's. He remained with Leslie until 1870, when, in company with A. Swnrtz- mann, he revived the German Puck, tho English edition of which appeared the following- March. Keppler was not mistaken, and tho paper was an assured success almost from the start. Lie had always been quick in appreciating young genius, and there was never anything- in the country too good or too expensive for Puck, which has been a father to the whole younger generation of cartoonists and a fortune to its owners. ADMIRAL DA GAMA. MAYOR B. C. D. HEAD has announced his candidacy. Mayor Read has alwaysboen a Btralghtout, uncompromising democrat ae far as polltlob goes. When the council stood five to five he refused to consult the republicans about tho makeup of the committees and he la quoted by the Pharos as being In favor of the gerrymander, intended to defraud the people out of their rights. la many respects he has made a good mayor hut he has been, as a rule, a mayor principally for democrats. Notice of Siilo 011 Precept. Notice I.H hareby ulven thiit by virtue of a precept to mt> Issued by the 'Hy terk of LOKIUW- porc, Indiana, December £M, 1803, directing ma to lovy upon and .sell TO'tnlii premises therein upecl- ileit to .satisfy and dlschurKO an assessment minis by the c >lnmon Council of said city iwilnst Hfiid premises for the Improvement of Humphrey utteet from Muln street to TtvUm street In to- gnnsport, Indiana. I biive this day levied upon the premises named In said precept and more imrtlculnrly hereinafter described and nonppeul having been taken from said precept within the time allowed b» law, I will on the tth day of March, W0>, between the honrs of 1 and 8 o'clock p. m, .n th« city (Mayor 1 !) court room in (Bid iiey Dtirsaant to the order and levy aforesaid sell at, public auction to the highest bidder tor cosh the following premises to-wlt: lot number slxty.fonr (t'4) 0 f Tabervllle owned by Patrick O'Mara to satisfy an ussesiment iixnlnst th« same of one hundred dollars and sixty-seven rant* ($10».«7) with intermit thereon from the 22nd day of December, 1883, fvetber «l«b -cants and charge* npcwrtnlnlnK thereto for the Improvement •Jit Humpbrer street aforesaid nDd between the points alaraMd. Dated tho I2tn day of February. 1991. fiKO. WM. BOKKMAN, Treasurer of the City of Logansnort, Ind. Notice of Sale on Precept. Sotlc« H hereby given that by virtue of a prompt to me Igffliec by the City ClMK ot Logunsport, Irifflana, December 'U&. 1S98, directing me to levy upon and sell certain premises therein specified to satisfy and discharge an mes-itnent made by the common Council of nald city anlnst said premUu'd for tne Improvement of Washington imetln Loenrnport, Indiana, I have this day levied upon the premises named In sulcl precept und mure partlculitrly hereinafter described nnd no »pppalhavli)Kix*n taken from nald piecvpl within the time allowed by law. I will on tne 8th du ol March, 1K)i, between the hours ot 1 and 3 o'clock p. m. In the city (Mayor's) conrt room In -Mid city pursuant to the order and levy aforesaid wll at public auction tc the highest bidder for emu the following premlstw to wit: Pt lot 6. lot 1 Bur rex, T 27 1 K 26 li« acre owned by William Henry or Maxley estate to satisfy an assessment nralnit the same ol lorty-two dollars am) nlnety- tfiree cents M2.93) with Interest thereon from the Oa day of December. 1803, together with craw •nd charges «ppert»lnlng thereto for the Improvement of Washington street aforesaid. Dated this 12th day of February. 1894. GKO WK. HOFFMAN, City Treasurer of Loiansport. | THEnamo of J, G. POWELL, or "Cy'. as he Is usually called, ia announced in this morning's Journal for the Reputv llcan nomination for City Treasurer. Mr. Powell was born and raised in Bethlehem township, this county. While residing there Mr, Powell engaged In merchandising at Metoa and also held tho position of postmaster. Ho was also elected assessor. Eight years ago he came to the city as head salesman at I. N. Crawford's hardware store, a position which he has filled ever since. Mr. Powell Is a popular young man thoroughly qualified for tho position to which he aspires and ho will receive the earnest support of a large number of friends. THE Journal this morning publishes the report of Engineer Coleman, of Cleveland, on the Davia bridge. It also publishes an interview with Mr. Coleman. Mr. Coleman 1s a eon of Dr. Coleman of this . city, and he hai made quite a reputation in his profession. The report and the interview show tbat the bridge is unsafe. It Is apparent that it is a "light" bridge, that it does not conform to the specifications, and tbat the specifications were not what they ought to have boon. The commissioners apparently made a mistake in the original action and someone apparently ueed undue haste in paying the bridge compacy almost in full before the bridge waa examined or accepted. The bridge seems to ba a miserable failure from a solentlflo standpoint and from a practical standpoint «v»ry who uiee it li afraid of it. farmer DIBAPPKAIUNO GUN CAKBIAOE. exactly the same direction, in whichever position it may be. It Is possible, by the way, in aiming to depress tho gun five degrees below » horizontal, and give it an elevation' of fifteen: Besides the counterweight, which takes up only one-third of the recoil, there are two hydraulic cylinders to receive the rest. These latter are placed In a horizontal position, and are movable. Their pistons are stationary. A few weeks ago another disappearing gun—with a ten-inch bore—was tried at Sandy Hook; and ten shots were fired in about fifty-eight or fifty- nine minutes. This is an average of about six minutes to a shot. The projectiles used o,t that time had a weight of 675 pounds, and the charges of powder 350 pounds. The eight-inch rifle fired from a Buffington-Crojior carriage took only a 400-pound shot, »nd just half the powder required In the other tost. Seven rounds were fired in eight and one-half minutes, nnd ten in twelve minutes and three sccondn. In ono case, fifty-five seconds were consumed ill loading, five In raising it to a firing position, ono in firing and one in the recoil. This was better time than has been made with stationary pun carriages, and the reeord has no equal, cither at home or abroad. Stealing Lund from tho Sea. Enterprising men have a way of. growing land along- the marshy (shores of Delaware bay. Tho plan is to cut the dikes and let the tide rise nucl fall for a course of years over a considerable area, including some upland. Ft is found after awhile that the dikes may be removed considerably out toward the Jow-tirle line, and that many acres of arable land have been gained at small cost. Marsh companies nsnully exist for the purpose of cooperation in Rueh work, and there are many quarrels, over tho land of men that refuse to join the company in milking a temporary sacrifice of upland for the purpose of reclaiming submerged marsh. The land thus reclaimed is extremely fertile, but it usually yields a crop of malarial fevers wliun first brought under cultivation. Chlncte ItterrliijceH Are Legal. Judge Bellinger, of the United States district court of Oregon, has decided, in the case of a Chinese woman who desired to land to join her husband whom slid had never seen, that ft betrothal-at tho age of two years und n marriage six months ago by sowing 1 together two cards on which the purtic- ularsof the engagement had been written was a valid marriage according to the laws of China and must be recog- nixed by the United States. In rendering this decision Judge Uellinger said he vi-as aware of the danger of imposition in such cases, but added that such danger exists in all cases where Chinese aro landed and must continue to exist until exclusion is made absolute. Correspondent* In Washington. The current work of congress U looked after by 141 regularly accredited correspondents in the press galleries of the senate and the house, and they serve 171 papers. New York is represented by twenty-one eorreipond- who serve fifteen papers. I Ti >n Tb* BrmilHftu Insurgent Leader Ard«nt Alnnardhll^. Rear-Admiral Kaldanha da Gama is one of the most able and influential officers of the Brazilian navy. Ho is, and always has been, » strong monarchist and was greatly esteemed and trusted by the late emperor. For some time after the present insurrection broke out ho remained neutral, and when he finally decided to cast in his lot with Mello and the other insurgents hfs decision gave much additional prestige to their cause, bis incorruptibility and moral influence being undoubted. His recent monarchical manifesto proves that he has the courage of his convictions, be they right or ill advised. It was not considered politic of him to issue tho manifesto at tho time he did no. Before joining the insurgents he was the superintendent of the naval GSTHow do the democratic farmers like to recall the campaign promise, ;n ISM, of "$1.35 wheat" as a result of Cleveland's election?—Tole.io Hlade. C6'"H Prof. Wilson aud his free-trade cranks e.in hare their way the great majority of the people will be receivers —of free soup.—N. Y. Recorder. EST'What the democrats seem to need is a patent elastic, self-adjusting-, detachable tariff made of the best quality of india-rubber, perspiration proof, and warranted not to gall.—Chicago Tribune, E2r"The coming- tariff discussion will not develop anything new on the subject, but it will emphasize the fact that the democratic method of raising revenue is to impose war taxes in a time of peace.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. ES^Dc-magogic, unequal, impracticable, sectional, unpopular and inquisitorial—the income tax will not %e accepted by the American people, except as a last resort to raise revenue for a hopelessly bankrupt government.— lioston Traveller. CS^'After all it is very fortuuaUj for Grovcr Cleveland that President Ijole declined to accede to his demand for the reinstatement of Queen Li). Failure in that line of policy may be mortifying, but success would have been a crime.—Chicago Times (Dem.). t3""Ui)presentative Horse, of Massachusetts, estimates the shrinkage of values of property, and actual losses to worUingmen because ot the free trade policy of Cleveland, at fifteen billion dollars. Rather a high price, to pay for the sweet boon of Grover Cleveland!— Toledo Hlade (^"Democrats call it "a revival of business" when a machine shop starts up, and never stop to ask whether thff reduction of wages is fifteen or thirty per cent. Hut the fact is the unemployed workmen would be plad to work at any wages that will buy bread for hungry wives and children. —Chicago Inter Ocean. CyThe farmers of Xew York aro making the democratic politicians howl by signing protests against the Wilson bill. The democratic party never looked for so much opposition to come from the farmers of the country. But they are more clamorous for having the McKinlcy law let alone than even the manufacturers.—Iowa State Register. tyjt is absurd for democrats to shake their heads over the sugar tax and express grave apprehensions about the damage likely to result to the party from an interference with the "free breakfast table." The free breakfast table gnat ought not to causo any inconvenience to persons capable of swallowing the income tax camel.— >". Y. Times (Dem.). ESTThe democratic party is certainly j a party of extremes. I! cJer its man agement of tho affairs of the nation grain elevators aro bursting wit wheat, the price for which is the lowes on record; the vanltM of the banks ar bursting witli money, the price fo which is also low, while the stomach of the workingmen arc pinched b want of work with which to get th money that will buy the wheat.—N. Y Tribune, om:, but prodiKV.-. a liiml of moral :intt mental irold do:i::lio. We gasp a little nt lirsl, but uvi- ;ill the- stronger for it r.ir churi.sheil notions that :);• :is idols are rudely <le- •t'i! <-ur most saered in.'-.U'.u- \r, lutvo a very eS'.-r.iiy :-orm of our plorio.is. was Conceived ill -,it;- sivag-e: the nn- :ir archbis';o;> u' u • i- liail-uiiiii.Mi ID lnst,tT !Nr i-<v SWAMP-ROOT D. H. BILQER, Esq. BuImcv-iUc, Pa. CURED WHEN ALL ELSE FAILED! La Grippe The After Effects Cured READ WHAT MR. IHLGERSArS; "I had the O HI PI'E in the first place: caught cold and grew worse. It lodged in my KIDNBYSaod LI V Kit, und Oh 1 guch pain and mlMry in mr back and legs. I was all run down and discouraged. I tried everything without benefit. Physicians «mvc me up to die. J commenced to use SWAMP-BOOT, and before the flrst bottle was (roue, I ¥clt better, and to-day am just as well and strong aa ever. HWAM!M«)OT Bared ray life. It fe the erroatcst remedy in the world." B. H. Uilgrr. M»*t«« — Uso content* of On« o, if ;ou wo n«t beae(U«d, Drar"I" nJmd to you the prtca ixkL t« H*»Uk" free OoniulUlion frep. Dr. Kilmer A Co., BlnrfuBnloa, N. Y. At VncdiU, Me. •»* »>.»• MM. Dr. Kilmer's PARILLA LIVKK PILL* are the best. 42 pi, Is, 25 cent*. DA GAMA. academy at Rio. He was born in Kio, but is descended from the noble Portuguese family of Da Gama. He has visited the United States— a country he is very partial to— several times and speaks English with fi-reat fluency. In his recent action it is believed that ho was somewhat influenced by the clerical party. It is strange to observe the seeming quiet and apathy of that party —an apathy that can scarcely be other than seeming, considering the great perquisites and privileges it enjoyed under the empire, when the state in great measure supported the church.. Princess Isabella, Countess d'Eu, is noted for her devoutness. Strange stories are told of her walking to HABITS AND CUSTOMS. Some of tho JicvchittoiiA of t.he Study o Arctiirologry. Man at a very remote period )earne< to be imitative, conservative and grc g-arious. Hence habits and customs. For an act often repeated becomes habit, and a habit widely imitated be comes a custom. Thus habits and cus toms form the larger part of the his tory of mankind. Could \vc actually know them, then the ingrained ideas and feelings of 1 lie people of the past would be palpably presented to us. The growth of action and the lines of thought would bo cleariy defined. And by starting from primeval and savage life to the present, by comparing habit with habit, nnd custom with cuHtom, by following their OMm their additions, suppressions, mutilations, aud conversions, we should discover the oripin and meaning- ot many existing institutions and idea" tbat would otherwise have beeu inexpltca- hip. The investigation is a salutary Highest Honors-World's Fair. D*PRICE'S The only Pure Cr«tm of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No A'*3U Has made many friends. Why? Because it is the : best and cheapest lini-; ; ment sold. It kills pain l: SHLVflTIONOIL j | is sold by all dealers for2Jc j i , Subltilulrt «re mostly chup imiu- i i lions of good unicles. Don't Imkt i i them. Itikiil on E«ttif-lt; SALVATIOIT i i OIL, or you will bt disappointed. | »»»»»»«»»»»»«•»*««»»*»» LXNOE'S PLUGS, n* 8r»«l T«L Anliiolt I—l>ric« W CU. »»' «.''•'«,•* It's the Part of Wisdonr Tunes may be bard and monej cl»>>» b«t thBse Urines have their compensation. Wo 0»C' sell you watclw* and will, nt very close flgom to. get th* money. Come and see- what you <u do with little money. I am liniloiu to sell n«t only wfttchM but other good*. Diamonds, Ctock>, Silverware, Spectacles and Noveltlw. I «n: tgem for the Lytle Safe and Lock Co., Clnclaiat* Ohio. Call and tee ft small sample, D. A. HAUK, JEWELER AND OPTICAN. STORAGE. For storage In large or »m»l'. quantities, apply to W. I). PRATT. Pollard * Wilson warebowe. WANTED. GENTS makf »5.00 a day. Greatest klMbmr L utensil ever invented. Retails 35c. 310 C lu ereiT bo«»«. SnmplK, «into. KOHSBXK * McMAK , . qnclnnalH. ,- ttre H.u. tK AA to $15.00 PER DAYa» borne p.). UU LlKbtnlnff Plater nnd platinx Jewelry, watches, tableware, fit- Every boune ban Koofe- radlr« plating. No experience; no capital;. no- alKlnc. Some Ji«ent* MX makluK t'£> a to»- •ermiment posltloii. Address H. K. Deluoft (*.. olun-bns, Ohio. All) WKKKL1. PERMANANT M«J PAM KOSITIONStoGOOD MEN. SPKIAL 1NDIJ XNT8 TO BEGINNERS. EXCLCSK K 1 IJORT (JIVBN IK DKSIBKD. Write at «n «terms to 3w Hawks Kurseiy Co., Rocnes.er, N. Y.

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