Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1954
Page 13
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HdMSTAft, MOM, ARKANSAS > Ot'fetMit 1 fffaati eu*e he Wlstef, ,. , held up her aerts. "You h«Ven f t hissed me at ali t*day." that ortilsstefl was easily and pleasantly, rtfftedted. Naney polfed away, smiled and v .a . .. ^. A A. * i^.4t* £%4'j* ff AiH . the to the tiuter office , Per been it's' past per- rieVer -forget shif "had „ the vl in the at- r , niade her the, death ot than . acci' your pre. Wlster?" Denver sal down 'What a stlftfeef! saidi U link W (.FMMirw. "Now you've Spoltei i«. But you did- say MiSS Wistef Ws»4 in love With me. Of Course 1 knew tl all the time, but I'm much too mwlest for my oWft gotA " "Jim. 'What's going on around here?" Dunn sobered instantly. "We're caught ; in the middle ot a family mess." "I don't sec how Agnes the sheriff?" "Vou haven't sen old Mrs. Oswald yet, have you 1 / Pnt Agnes Argyle alongside the old lady and you know they hiive a great deal in common, including blood." "Stop looking so sn*ug, Jim, trying to do fttte had,.deliberately )«*«** Hl e situation «6 someone w<wto make thal-vef> suggestion. But she had learned not to give it without a show of resistance, even when it was her own desire which had been Suggested. "Mr. Dunn is env pfoyed by Mrs. Kit." she said. "That fact might prejudice him in her favor,'* A r diamond-studded claw reached for a brandy glass. Jim took the opportunity to catch the old woman's eyei Me winked at her. Mrs. Oswald eoughcd. She put the glass down. ; Jiht looked at Sheriff Agnes. The woman's coffee cup shook In her strong fingers, but she voiced no ebjeetion. 'Mrs.,Kit Is hiy client, | Jim said. "I Intend to make a full ihvestigatoh a n y w a y." Dunn blftrtied the compdhy for the almost silted words. 'Mrs. "Oswald pressed ahead;. "However, if it was agreed among us. that you were ih .charge', certain information and facilities would be available. There Would be a cooperation .which t do not think you would have otherwise. Arkdnsonstd Arrive Home ». SAN FRANCICO foUowing Arkansas (UP servicemen j Chicago Flood Faced With More Rain By DAViD SMOTHERS CHICAGO (UP) Rain fell on -.-•• --•••-. -- , --,,- «_„,„„ Chicago for the fourth straight!Springs; Cpl. Chales V Bcasley, day today, but the water-logged El Dorado; Cpl. "—" T city appeared to be winning " T '~°"'"" 1 "™' * Little Rock; PFC Grady H .Fuller. Beebe; Cpl. Mack Garrison, Monticello; Pvt. James ft. Goodrich Holly Grove were among 2G4u Army . personnel who aarrived here from Korea aboard the USNS Gen. A. W. Greeley Sunday. Pvt. Jonn VV. Simmon, Cpl. Mikel Gray, Atkins; Cpl. Fi-ank Hampton, Warren; PFC flood waters. wind, Branton, Lcxa; RoOr.ev^lt Lowell to fall shortly after midnight as firemen worked through. the night pumpint; water from skyscrapers basements and mayors of outlying cities called for aid to fight the threat of rising rivers. . The U.S. Weather Burcnu predicted showers and thunderstorms for 1 the Chicago area today. Chicago engineers said the city's sew- crs could absorb another two inches Of rain, providing it doc&n't comedown in buckets. Chsistopher. Hoxl.^; PFC_Louis. C. Rosie: Cpl " " ~ „ Rock: Pvl Everton; Sgt. Harold D. penttlsY Black Oak: Cpl. Marvin f. Eas> tcr, Waldo; Cpl. Jack I. Frazier, Blackburn Hannaford, BlytheviUe; Pvt. James E. Harris, Monticello; Cpl. Riley Haynes, Monticello; Sgt. Andrew Jacobs, Jr., Dermont Pfc Leo Kelly, Stamps; William H. KHsscll England: Col. Melvin C. governorship for a Demos Might Swap for a Senate Seat By JACK BELL DENVER (M Republicans Democrats might swap a Bollwortns Spread * to Eight Counties LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Arkansas state Plant Board has reported the spread of the pink boll won*. into thre more Bounties within an eight-county quarantine aren in southwest Arkansas. Five counties were reported in- and f cs ted with the dreaded insect s GOP Pau IH .Miller of Little Rock flood watnrs knocked out a fourth of the area's electrical generaling power. . ' The power shortagn also imposed n "brownout" reminiscent of World War what was .Agnes with, ffle?" 'Tre enough," .Jim- admitted The cily was still parii.-illy crijv "But suppose thert; would "be cM> r i cc | by the disustrous flood ectcd nn equal amount of cooper- which followed up the nine inches tion on my part? In other and o f rain Sunday. Damage in the lu'riter words, I'd be expected to area was estimtited at $25.000,000. ii*h*«M*<AH* A«*r4liin*<r -ntVi t rth Ufrtl ll/l V\*» 1 T»* J."...*„•_» _«, i_ ..._ * . would be Industrial plants wer^ "forced to •, 'cuddy ad" nt> raise 'at. the it 'Vet s.";«".. * **" ._j«on it .was iWUscle was f a blow >t come, ere very ,r,-, photo- 'incxora- ! , agonized ,-n.",' sah tell ( us sheriff had, not 'The way it 'looka, 1 ' Jim- went on, "AgnPs was to make friends with you, influence you into seing courso.' only one point of view. You were to turn t& her, believe her, trust her; 1 Instead of me. Of course that Was suppo'fiod 16 Infuilate me. Soften me up.'t'O to speafc. ao 1 would be ready tn-fall'Ihtn Mrs. Hilton's trap. And a nicely baited trap, I must flay*" i Understanding flooded Nancy's face. "But 1 What does she think I'd,be doing?" ; /'Don't • forget Mvs. Hilton wa watching through ..classes. She taw you in that dark and dowdy outfi of yours^. Why should she expec competition" from • iurh a frump' pho didn't even recognl/e you a first'as the sa'mo Woman, and sh "didn't like it a bit when she, fount Ut»f«=»»» BJ1JVIIU1R .YYAi.v,... nwwAV. ~** lliaUSirmi P13R _._ . „ onsidered detrimental to the Carl- lay off about 100,000 employes after night the rain on family?" ' "Not at all," Mr«. Oswald lied. 'We all want tho whole truth, of snapped, of mod but., Let that "be a les§oh to you to 1 always look, your best." i "A nice -family," .Nincy sau "But all this planning and effort ijim. That must mean they know it was murder." A. Meeks, Sgt. Tom Oilis Jedsbhia: Pic Ideary Pearson, Colts J Cpl. James 1. Philpott Silvan.* Springs Cpl. William J. Handle, Sparkman; PFC George A. Ray, 'Harrw-h; Cpl. Carl E. Reed, £1 Dorado; Cpl. Alonzo .-V/'tteynolds* Hyttig; Cpl. Jlmmic D. Robcrson Fountain Hill: Cpl. Timmic M. Smith enl of World flooghkeepsie; PFC Richard H. war u yrnrs. r,vurj ni-cond street stokes, Blytheville; PFC Harold L. light was blacked out and ihcaterjSwift, Monticello; Cpl. William L. . ..-..._ ...«*... -tin* t-tt nr4 \n tVld *V*. ..Ir.u Tl E«nM • Tttff~* _Yn inrt -1 *T*t il t» marquees were :liinmcd in Loop. Meanwhile hundreds . of children starched flooded base . . Risen; PFC James Toll- Tuck- !vcr. Rondo; Pvt. Percy school er, Atlllar;' Cpl. Henry ments for a t; classmate. Turr.er, , . . Marion; Sgt, Floyd B. -Tyler, Mng nolle; Cpl. William L. White, Pir.e , au u election battle thit also may alter the present even split of four House of Representatives seats. As in other states, leader of the' two parlies disagree on the trend. President Eisenhower seems to have given GOP candid&tes a lift by his presence .although dr- clinirig to campaign locally lor them. The Democrats have whipped together a tlckut topped by Son. Edwin C. Johnson, 70-year-old veteran of two terms In the Stale- house and 18 years in the Senate. They con*end it is the best they have offcml in Colorado in years. Nearly all observers here give . Democratic chief inspector of the state Plant Demociatic fi .^ ^ dospH , r , g , d quarantine controls the weevil was nivllltt Il/I «> IIH£»f**tl/i ^loooni"- 1 -' .»«••*- .»w-.»-i —t .. ,«»nil boy Thomas Grochowski, 9, has Blhff; Sgt. John D. Williamson, not been son since Saturday, the I Hamburg; and P*C effcrson t,. hti. Willis, Crossctt. found for the first time in Little River, Lafayette and Howard counties. . ".' . . . , Jf, The quarantine Was Imposed lasl- year- in eight counties when the pink boll worm wns discovered In Miller ,ahd Me'mpstead counties. Included in the quarantine area wore Little River, Lafayette. How- nrd, Millar, Hempstead, Columbia Nevada and 'SeViur counties. . over Son. Johnson a deftaUo edK« youtMul Republican Slate Donald G. Brotemaa in the race to flU'thc governor's chnlr being va catctl by Republi^.in ton. Thorn- On the .other hand, there is solid segment in twine of opinion sha Democratic places in wvuii; n't." *^c*nww. «...%-. ,— -- — that Republican Lt. Oov. Gorfion AlJftt may. be able lo take .the measure ol former Hep. John Carroll in the contest to fill the Senate place Johnson irt vaunting. ?,ns« ikfd a,wlnkiat Nan~3 twlnWe in c^tVlce} a ' Because -for eir -m'eeting, the "sheHff will -Happy. He of a, barrier ay, tjiat he away from ngs.with his XXMI Mrs. • Oswald, rattled her demi- -tasse, us'cdjt as a gavel to call the 'meeting to order, , "I hslve been thinking this matter .Over," she announced. "Out- Aider's are' present and must be completely satisfied. We do not cafe to have mora talk later. Therefpre I have decided that Mrs. Argyle is incompetent to bunale the investigation. TowOrrow I intend, caljlint/ in the State Police. Or .nt least some outside compe- Jim Dunn '.awakened suddenly from a restless, dronm -ridden sleep. A gla'nce at his luminous watch told him-'it ; wris' two-thirty. 3e blamed the ,ghastly hour, fpr ils anxiety,' for Ms sudden 'wakefulness, his owl-eyed 'awnror.e'ss. Beside him, Nancy' breathed softly. , He decided hn might..as.r'well get up and' have a . cicarct r Tlic.. d.e cision must have brought' relftxa tion of sorts. He must havc.-dozedi because. .Nancy- was. shaking him. , "Jim! Jim Wake 'up. • Quit snoring. And there's sotreonb at tf.e doOr." lie flipp0d ' 011 'a. light, struggled into his robe, and stumblqd to the door. Agnes Argyle st.o.6d , I h e. r. e, brought into, sharp relief; by the Dunns' light. "It: it'3. Mother." Agnes said. "It's Mrs. -Oswald. Shu's ,taeen poi .56ned." 'Almost as shockirif; as the words she >liad tent- officials.! ''/tin ' . v«n inten • 0A*A>«V« » jTainingi [)-yJed' to rcve,al " ottaclt, mu-e, i^y',fcack uii- with-Jhn'Dunn," i:wn ,,J, at hVr hands itched'Nancy's-face, K$i tional bombplrell wh«$n it was tops- ed. He tr,ied to read the meaning of -the various' expressions of surprise on - faces which qu)ck!y assumed the blanknqs<! Of diappoint- mcnt and a disagreement which must at all costs never be express- d openly. t ' . He waited for ShtfHff Agnes to protest, but it was only Mrs. Hilon" ' who ventured ' a question. 'Reqlly, Mrs. 'Oswald, Is that nee- mT ^»> the f boathouse to the edge o he*lake., Nancy stopped when the 1 ) themselves was' the-frist' that Sheriff A-gnes was cryinp. It was.full dayjight, a morhin.i? pf .blue sky filled with broken.Avhite clouds pushed swiftly by a , high.] altitude wind, ' before-.flic /doctor pronounced :Mrs. Oswald out of danger 'and'ready to see ; Jim'Dtinn Jim's drastic emergency- measures of the night before, the fact, that arsenic used in the '• taxiderrny work had suggested -..the tpOigon, and the oircumstsmQfc of the ! doctor himself being hnpdy>ln Creek Junction, had combined t6 'make the swift recovery" possible- When im v^ent in'th« hugc"bed» room in the old part'of the house, the dim light made it almost impossible for him to see the small figure in the huge old-fashioned bed with its solid cherrywood head nd foot. Mrs. Oswald'was an al- nost imperceptible mound in the xpanse of white blanket. Jim drew the curtains aside. "1 wouldn't do.it otherwise " the T ,d,'woij(i'an snapped. "I want this natter cleared up entirely, Mrs. Hilton. I want no after-effects " A member of the family dead, Jim, thought.' And the remaining members who might be involved sat' ove'r cups of coffee and :>lanned coldly. NO sl$n of gtief Were thqy too hardened or too well schoolc-d for that? Mrs. Hilton looked across at Jim and smiled. "But is it necessary to ,call in "more 1 outsiders?" she &sked, "We havp Mr. Dunn witl us,'"who I understand is a -profcs «l A >.n1 ' 1iru4* *AA.f ln+ Ktrw r^^cilri^ ii»ltn sipnal n°t let him make w)ia .investigations you feel Aggie is in capable pf Conducting," For the fraction of a second Jim saw u gleam of triumph i Mrs. Oswald's eyes. He realize Mrs. Oswald showed 'l(Ule sign, o£ her ordeal except a new touch of ragility. "You keep yotir supply of arsenic locked up" "No. Anyone could have goUen some. Everyone kno\ys I use it. It's in a paper bag right there on •ny studio workbench." "Perhaps you got a .quantity in your mouth by accident?" "I haven't the strqcgth to waste on silly ciuestions." (To Be Continued) Theclab'orate iron grlllwork seen on many homes in ^avannah, Ga. was introduced by French royalists who fled there when revolut\sn erupted on the island of Hispanjpla in the West Indies. STUDENTS STILL HAVE TIME TO WIN $1,000 SCHOLARSHIP IN LION OIL CONTEST 1954-55 Scholarship Program Offers Awards For Teachers, Too .>. » October 15 at midnight tnark> the lor eligibte higj M iwl - feoy* and gu-Js IR ^he &»w«i to eupmlttheif entries in the surrent " W90 PU Schotenrtup Contest Ipjr -' r ' nts, awordlpg to C. ., Ijrsctor Pf -^ enters an essay in thi contest, the director pointed out. And teacher- sponsors of $1,000 Scholarship Award winners will receive 1200 cash. Sponsors of merit award winners Will receive $25. A tea'ure of the essay contest again this year Is & $100 award to escfc Scholarship winner's school |or th> purchase of library book?. Tb« contests are open to all high boo} students in public, private id p*r<J?W«l school id desig' ited aregf served by Lion OU. Vnrtw IW "three *onf" wstero, te compete only with the »?ime wn*, and thus h»ve a mter chsnpe ol Binning. When a teacher wins a $1,200 Scholarship, the school at vhich he or she teaches will receive $100 cash for use in purchasing DOCKS for the school library, • To enter, teachers simply write an essay of 1,000 words or less on the subject, "How I Can Prepare My Students For Successful Living." The teacher-essay contest IB now under way in eacb zo&« an* closes February 4. J955. Fond Now !« 5U» V«if This is the fifth successive year in which Won oa Company is sponsoring a series of e»ay contest* for Southern *tud*nU teachers. The Won Oil »Wp Fund w»j 5? and has already prizes worth 8>or* The director Fund SHOP WEDNESDAY .... DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS .•..'. IN ADDITION TO ACTUAL —_. DOLLAR SAVINGS —YOU RECEIVE DOUBLE ^ MM k4rtDC S&H GREEN STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY — ON ALL PURCHASES OF $2.50 OR MORE U. S. GOOD T-BONE STEAK u. s. 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It shows signs now of being a mean and angry issue. Late last year after his program •to get security risks out of the government had been operating some months, EisenhoweV expressed hope that by tliii year's election time Reds-ln-governmeht would no .longer be on issue. , Just as Eisenhower ,had predict ed, the congressional election campaign started off with practJcally nothing said about subversives or ' settirlty risks in government: But recently Vice 'President « Nlxoii blew the lid off with a statement the • administration- was re- 1 moving "CommunisU. fellow trav- tte'r* and security risks , « not by th* hundreds but by the; ttiou-* Bands." Stephen A. Mitchell, chairman of thfe Democratic National Committee. • accused Nixon of lying .and challenged him lo namo a single Communist let out under Eiscn hower's security program. The President on. April 27. 1953, ^issued an order-.setting up a • pro- 'cram to get security risks off tl;e government payroll A security risk could b& a drunk, a sex pervert, a man Who tnlked; too. much, • a|' man with a .crimiiifil record, or one who had been, a ••"member, of the Communist- parly •or an organ- isation sympathetic',-.-*-'? JLU:. : In October 1953, Fiisenhow^i announced • 1,456 , security.'inks had been separated from'• 'the., government. '••.. •-•'.- .'• .':•• . •: . • . • ;Ho upped this .figu.Do to"._2 S 200 in liis State of. the -Union: me;--3F.f,'o to Conjjrcss last .lanuiiry. Domo- crats began to."dernnhd . a • breakdown to show just how many hf the 2,200 wore, aciu&'lly-subversive. They chorgbd ih;U Republican speakers who commcm<id- nn Ei senhower's .figures; \vorc- IcyiriM to j:ut over the idea .that .most ol the 2.200 were Communists or subversives lelt from the, Truman' administration. ' ' , . 0 'In March 1954, .Philip .Young, chairman 'of the Civil. Service Cqm- the Prescott Lions Club was held on Thursday at the Lawson Hotel. The president, Carroll Bratton, presided and it was announced tl clubs walking blood bank was now functioning. Miss Sue Keeley, accompanied by Miss Simone Golden at the piano sang "The Happy Wanderer.' Several piano solos by Miss Golden were also enjoyed. B T, U. Has Welner Roast •The Adult Training Union of the .First Baptist Church enjoyed a weiner roast at Suckles Lane on Thursday evening. ... A.devotional was given by Mrs. Loyce Anderson and J, D. Hines led in prayer. . Approximately 30 members wera Mr. and Mrs. James Hbwell of Little Rock were the weekend guests of h«r parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Murry. THE QUEEN AND THE CROW-Pretty Lorna Pettis holds Hopper a tame desert crow, as she sits next to a prickly cactus, to Victorville, Calif. Lorna is now reigning as this year's Sweet* heart of the Victor Valley Future Farmers of America. PRESCOTT Mrs. H. H. McKenzie and Mrs. Sid Purtle attended the Livestock Show In Little Rock Friday, Rev. W. G. Beusberg and Cuss McCaskill attended Presbytery at FerncfiXf Wednesday and Thursday Mrs. J. V. McMahen and Mrs Russell Moberg were Thursday visitors in Tcxarkana. Mrs. J. C. Marsh has returned to .Birmingham* .Ala., after an ex tended Stay .with relatives. . Wednesday .October 13 the home of Mrs". J. V. McMahen. • The 'men. of the church of thei First "Presbyterian Church willj meet Wednesday evening at'6:30 for supper and a program. The .Prcsco.tt Musical Coterie will meet' Wednesday at 3 p. m. for the first club' meeting of the year at Thursday 'Octbfaer 14 ' The monthly meeting Of the- Parent Teacher's-"Association"'-'will be held on Thursday'afternoon at the Park Elementary ' School.'. Mr. and Mrs.. Dtto Holloway; o Rosston were- Saturday..visitors -it Prescotl. . Mr; and Mrs. Norman Whitak'e: U,S.toAir Views on Plan to Disarm ; By TOM HOGE UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. WPI The United States prebared to air Is views on disarmament today in the wake of Russian demands hat the Western Powers match Kremlin "concessions" on the controversial arms question. • U. S. Delegate James J. Wads' vorth was slated to lead Off 16- Jay's debate in the U.N's 60-ha' ;lon Political Committee with. a half-hour speech spelling out ..the geiieral Aiiierican position on'dls* armament, Wadswortn indicated he would Have little comment on Andrei Ylshinsky's two-hour speech yes' terday In which the Russian again yielded ground on-the old Soviet demand for an Immediate ban on atomic weapons. • Observers noted, however, that wlille the Russian delegates answered a number of points raised by Britain's Selwayn Lloyd and France's Jules Moch, he carefully steered clear of the key question: Will Russia agree to on-the-spot Jr., and son, Whit, of Sinackovcr were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker and Mrs: S. T. White Jr.: ' < gy 4 WILLIAM U !*?*«„ AF F6re!gn New* ArtMytfV fHe Moscow announcement 'of new agreement With Reid s an event of great glgfltfic-mcfr Among other things, it hint*; a i he existence of strains in Mascot elpirtg relations end cfforU' to i-ase them. Since the Russians are hotoiloXls ly unwilling to get out of any-place once .they have a foot 111 the'dodh .he announcement that they''are eaVlng Port ArUtur by next Mr. and Mrs. :T. E,. .Logan Mrs. W. P. Cummlngs were the Wednesday and Thursday guests_0l Mr. tind Mrs. Bob Pincher 1 in Jones.-, boro and . attended the ' Arkansas Synoclical meeting of the-Presbyterian Church. DOWN THE HATCH-Joan Brownell, 18, dtughUf <tf At- tornty O«n«r*l tiMbert Brownell, .will 'reJgn as Queen of the President's Cup Regatta, th« annual boat races to be held on the Potomac jUvw later this month- She enters Dickinson v College soon., inspection; of her,arsenals? Vishhisky made the, fqllowin main 1 pointcj i ' • 1. Instead ot an immediate ban on nUclcar weapons, the disatma Russia, China «*. i*^ ^ • ~^**& ^ Relations ^- u ^, K , f ijfr^t VJ* L Be Strains can mertt program can start With auction of conventional arms a armed forces, the prdhtblttoii ot atomic and hydrogen bombs can come In the second phase, after & control or^ln has been let 'up, 3. The control organ- Must not mve power to cloie plants tri any country. Such authority must' Ja accordance with the U. N, Charter rest , with the SeeUtity , Council 3. The Russians accept the' fi Ish-French diaarmamen} recorn mendatlons ot last spring at' a bash for discussion, but "that does not moah that We accept 'them 4. Russtit will not object Co an International disarmament 'conference If the other U N.' .members Want one. ' '' British sources said the Russian!, still appear unwilling,,f6r'tlje, c)pn Uol organ'to havtt any'renl^ power of enforcement. They pointed ou that RUssia holds tao vet,o ih th Security Council and co,u)d tuocl any tnove Which llioy did /lot If" strains . && H8& with i - if )< ''*i T. V. Charlie by "Vic" Cobb Females, phpoeyl I wish we had one of those swell T. V. sets "sold by Vic Cobb. .They ,always have cowboys on them, .#.• •.COW'S.'. Radio & TV Service mission,- '.-came, up . with a breakdown which raifiiid • • to 2,'1UG the nurribef.'of'sc'curity risks separated frpm. the so.vernrncnt. . More-than half o£ .thorn had resigned.-But-Youny said'that of the total 2,486 claslfied -as security risks. 429 ;ha'd- inl'ormation in .their ;iles indicating subversive . activ- ics oi' associations. ' But, ."he ,'concudiJd, he could ; n-il y' that- this -information about .subversive, activiljes or associations'-had results in the • firing or resignation of a single one .of the government- workers. Yesterday, the Civil Service commission "announced 9,926 persons have been separated from the government under tlw security pro- gramand lhat' I,'i43 were fired or" resigned with subversive data in -Wi*>)pV fltfi"K>- ' :;i;i The choir of the Presbyterian Church will practice Thursday; ev-\ ening at 7 o'clock. ,That figure 1,743 was .1,314 more than'the 429 who, Young Said in' Mgrch, hid subversive .information jin 'their flies and were let-.out, •.••••• The commission said that out of 6,926 security risks no longei on the payroll, 2,116 were fired and 4.315 resigned ' "before determina- tion'was completed in cases where the 'file was known to contain unfavorable information." Democrats accused the administration of a "hoax" on the public. Mitchell' haa argued that Nixon was lumping subversive cases with others who, under.'the President's program, 'might 'be called security risks but were not. disloyal. This is a.fight ,which seems to.be just starting'. W. C. T.-U. Has ' . October Meeting The October meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. Jim White with Mrs'. 'F. E.'--Mur-; rah and' Mrs. "J.'C.' Woodul assist-, ing hostesses. Lovely arrangements -"of. fall blooms decorated the rooms. The president, ;'Mrs:' j:".T, .Mc.Rae, presided and the meeting \va.s opened with prayer by Mrs. D. S: Jordan. The. worship theme'on "Say it With Symbol's" based on Deut. 11:18-22 was given .by Mrs.. S.. 6.'Logan. . . Mrs. Joe R. .Hamilton. reviewed a chapter of the study book "Fruit of"The-;Vltie. ll < • ---•••-»--•*,-'•• "- •.--••-::•Mrs.. Theo Elgin, assisted by Mrs. A. L. .Turner and Mrs. .Lige Martin, presented the program on "Visiial Education — Radio and Television."-, • : • During- the.business session .Mrs. Burke Shelton was .elected delegate to attend, the. Djamond Anniversary Convention and. the -W. C. T. U. at Winfield- Methodist -Chftr- ch, Little Rock .October 1244- Mrs. Logan and : Mrs. McUae will also attend. ,-..'. The meeting closed- with the Aaronic benediction. ' '•-.-' A delectable salad course -was served to 21 members. ARGAINISONLY -—:•.' ,?^ Mlsspe Keeley and Golden • Ulon Club.QueaU ,;.;.., ' The weekly luncheon 1 meeting ot J.'-V'O 5 i ?V»i Wednesday Is Remnant Day HALF PRICE REMNANT SALE Tables of Remnants in Wanted Fabrics JUST PRICE One Day Only-Wednesday *t^Kf*^^^^& D*pfrtwtn* itfM NO OTHER CAR offers "you'so much for ypiur mono)-. Advanced styling, a Brilliant nciy 16J-lip V 8, ... and,'those other famous Mercury extra values: economy, stamina, low upkeep, plus th,e highest resale value .. .ITH FEATURES AND HIGHEST VALUE IN ITS CLASS, OUR YEAR-END DEALS/ARE THE BISI YOU ACT IT PAYS TO OWN A •t miss thfj Ma televljion hit, ««T< I Hi

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