Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1894
Page 3
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*"THERE is but one JL way in the world to be sure of having the best paint, and th;>.t ji to use only a weil-establisivd brand of. str.ictly pure w!u<- ...;..'., pure linseed oil, and pure enter- .= : Tlia following- brai.tb ;;;••-• •' ••• • --- Strictl Pure Wh ite "Sckstein," ",'';'. "Kentucky," "Co.. i '•"• If you \vant colored ; . ,i:iy of the :-.!«.vc striuly i -. with N:itio!i.-.l L'-id '>', White Li-;ul Tinting O'' . . Tbe:ic culur-, ;;u; sold in oni.-i' <\n bcin<mliik-:i:!it to tilll I'.s ;.. J :i . I'ureWlilii 1 l.e.i;! Iheilcsircil :..i. .c no Il'lise ix-;i,'v-:inx«l pain: •.!•':. of perfectly p..a- colors in '.!•.,. II..IK. lint Strirtly Pur.; While Lei.il. Send ui a IIO^' T :I| card ?iu! ^ct o: paints ami color-cnrd, fix-.-, NATIONAL L'.'.v;; re . : ' hot." THB D1YI8 BRIDGE. DAILY JOURNAL. ^TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH Hear Stemen'a lecture. See Pilling & White's spring styles In footwear. The New York Philharmonic Club at the Baptltt ohuroh thin evening. You can't afford to ml»s it, U. Wl- ler A Go's opening sale of all the lateat novelties In linens. Loit—A. monogram bracelet of gold dollar*. Finder please leave at thin office and receive reward. New China silks, wash silks and Japanese silks, at prloee never heard of before.—Trade Palace. Bridge City Lodge K.. of P. meets In regular aeMlon tonight. Work in the third rank. All Knights are invited. Hear the celebrated New York Philharmonic Club and Mls» Marlon S. Weed a\ the Baptist ohuroh this evening. For Rent—House within five block! of Court House. Cheap rent to good party.—C. H. Stevens, 209 Market street. Ladies Interested in art needle work should not fall to attend H. Wller A Go's opening sale ut stamped linens. Five hundred aamplea on display. Lort—On W««t Side, Front street, between Market and Third itreet bridges, xllvor match box with monogram E. A. K. Leave at Murdook Hotel and get reward. Wall paper has reached perfection, and a wall no matter how poor, puts on new life and beauty when covered with Blrge'i Glimmers. H. Wiler & Co. exclusive agents. Ticket* (or the New York Philharmonic concert to be given at the Baptist ohuroh Tuesday evening, March 6th, »re now on lale at the stores of 3. B. Patterion, J. M. Johnston and •en Fliher The Baby'* Best Friend—MoLlnn's •Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief and cure* croup, colds, oollo, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For *»le by B, F. Keenling. Only 25 cents per bottle. Buajahn Broit. drugstore has been In th« hands of decorators for a couple of weeks past. The work of adornment l« now nearly completed and the effect It very noticeable. A handsome new aoda fountain is on the way to add to she general effect. We have heard men say "I would give |600 to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of b»lr produced." This desirable result "ill surely be brought about at trifling expense by tne use of the ExoeUlor Scalp Curer and Hair Producer to be sold by agents In this city. Wanted—100 energetic agents, ladles »nd gentlemen, to take charge of a business that pays from lo to 25 ,doll»rs per day. No risk; will bear the most careful investigation. People are maHing • fortune with It, Legitimate and honorable. Capital required from 50 to 600 dollars. Call at 414 North street, city. Otto Cllne, Chas. Grant, Arthur Keesllng. John West Nathan Rosa, Walter Closson and Lew Armstrong, members of the -Yellow Jacket Club" took <i»pln on ih<* Burlington pike Sunday morning, opening the riding season of '94 In this vicinity. They report the roadu as dry and In fine condition. Tho party took dinner In Cunden. A. musical treat la in store In the coming entertanlnmenl to be given at the Baptist church next Friday evening by the Ladles Mattlnoe Muslcale of Lafayette for the benefit of the Horn* of the Friendless. This ';lub of Lafayete ladles has a well merited local renown, and In tendering their services and talents to aid In so worthy a cause as the Home of the Friendless have done well. TosOibt Of the celebrated muiloal club which will appear at the Baptist ohuroh this evening under the patronage of the Ladies Ceoelian Muslcale the New York World s»ys: One of tho pleas*nteut of the series o( chamber music soiree* given by the Philharmonic Club this season was that of last night. Chlokerlng Hall was comfortably filled with a sympa- thetlo audience, who been me enthusiastic when the performance rose above the level of neatness and accuracy for which tho Club Is famous—and this occurred more than once during the evening. Of the same club's appearance at Memphis, Tenn , the "Appeal" uaid: The third In the seiies of the concerts of the Wagner Club was given last night before the elite of the concert-going public, who evidenced their appreciation in loud and continued applause of the first number by the New York Philharmonic Club. This club, the first among ensemble or ganlzatlons In the United Slates, renewed their acquaintance with the Memphis public by a perceptible Improvement In unison. In promptness of attack In breadth, sympathy, feeling and expression. The performances by these artists were beyond question the greatest treat the Wagners have offered the public The Lftt* nr*< U*rz At a meeting oi the Hebrew Ladles Aid Society held March 2, '94 at the residence of Mr*, b. Wise the following resolutions of respect were adopted: Wnereais, It has pleased our Heavenly Father to call our sister, Mrs. Ester Horz to her eternal root, It is our sad duty to offer some fitting tribute te her memory. Whereas, We feel that God has claimed from our circle a devoted oo- worker, who at all times on every occasion promptly responded to further our alms In dispensing sweet charity and assisting readily toallevl- *,te those In distress; therefore be it Resolved, That this evidence of our respect and sympathy be forwarded to her bereaved children who have lost a loving mother and our society a kind friend. May consolation and strength be given them to bear their great loss. Resolved, That tho foregoing be spread on the records of our society and a copy Inserted In our daily papers. MRS. M. MICHAELS, MRS. J. HECJIT, Committee. Lopfansport. Ind., March, '94. Obtinitrv. Mrs. Hannah E. Van Camp was born on July 12th, 1820 In Marshall county, W. Va., and dled'on Feb. 23d 1894 at No, 240 east Washington street, Indianapolis, Ind. Rev. D. R. Vanbusklrk officiated at the funeral last Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock. Interment waa made In Crown Hill cemetery. A husband and several children survive. Mrs. Floyd Richardson, one of th« daughter* resides in this City. Deceased united with the Christian church when she was sixteen years of age, since that time she has been a faithful Christian. She was a kind mother, a devoted wife, and ft faithful friend, "Life's race well run Life's work well done Life's crown well won, Now comes rest." ««M!I« Foundations Dlieorered. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: In discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoe« twelve Inches long. Your blood needs regulating In spring. -Lafeld Cabinet Port" ls nature's own blood purlfler. Mild and mellow. Price quarts, $1; pints, 60 cents, For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 326 Market street, Uogansport, Ind. Notice-W. O. T. W. The regular meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance Union will be heldto.dayat the Baptist church at 2:20 p. m. It Is desirable that every member should be present aa business of importance comes before this meet ing. fly order of the PRESIDENT. Karl'a Clover Root, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and cle»r*e«i to the complexion and cures constipation; 25o., 60o. and $1 8oW by B F.Keesllng. Beecham's £& Pills \^./ (TMtdtM) SOOOOOOOOO < tr 1'oleman Pr»nou-c«» ** Faulty •»* Wi-«k—The Comtal*- •ioner» Evidently "Done." Mr. Hwry F. Coleman, ton of Dr. Colemao, was in the city yesterday. Mr. Coleman Is a bridge engineer of considerable experience and la now living at Cleveland, O. He was employed by t&e C&88 County Comtnle- stonorB to examine the Davis bridge. His report which was made a few days ago IB SB follows: MK. COLEMAN'SRKl'ORT. LoGANsroiiT, Ind., Jnnuary 24, '94. Totue Honorable Board of Commi.silonem or Cass oouiuf, lud. GKNTLKMKN—In accordaace with the request of your honorably body, the writer would eay that he has examined the "Davis bridge" and respectfully submits the following report: The spans are 157} feet long (and not 169 feet long an shown- on plan), 25 feet high and 17 feet anil 2 Inches wide, center to center. The roadway Is 16 feet. For a load of 100 pounds per square foot or 1,600 pounds per foot run, the stiain in the end post 1* 92,000 pounds closely. The allowable strain per square inch for Iron la 5 200 pounds, requiring an area of 17.60 square Inches, or, if the pout IB Iron, showing a deficiency or rather more than 100 per cent. on that basis. Supposing the post to be built ot Bteel. adding 20 per cent, to the above 5,280 pounds, making It 6240 pounds, and dividing 92,009 pounds by this, we flnd that the required area IB 14 70 square Inches, or a deficiency of about 71 per cent, on this basis. Or putting the matter on tho usual ba»ta, if the bridge is built of Iron, Its actual capacity Is about .'J5 pounds, and If of steel, about 45 pounds per square foot or floor surface. Some portions, but not many, are up to the 100-pounds leading, but the strength of the bridge is determined by the strength of tho weaker parts. If the bridge falls, through the failure of one of the weak members, the strong parts are of no advantage. One beirlng on the center pier Is In bad shape, as the spans are too short. The plates and angles placed under the bearings are an Improvement but but will not stand much bending. All things considered, I would hardly oall 40 pounds a safe load to put on the bridge, but 1 give this as an opinion and not as a fact, as it is hardly possible to tell exactly what the plates and masonry will or will net | stand, in their present condition. It certainly detracts from the strength, permanence and safety of the-bridge not to have a fair bearing on the mv. aonry I am, gentian-ion, very respectfully youia, HARRY F. COLEMAN. ThU report was not what the Commissioners wanted and another engineer wa» employed who brought in the report published last week. Mr. Coleman was asked yesterday by a Journal man concerning the action of tho Commissioners: '•I was employed by the Commli- sionors," said Mr. Coleman, "to inspect the Davis bridge and report to them what It would safely ca'ry. I made as favorable a report ad I consistently could. I was not aware at the time that I wa« expected to pronounce a eulogy on the structure, regardless of the facts, or I should have declined to examine it. I measured it carefully with steel tape and calipers, and reported It exactly as I found it. As It is still there any one who llkei can de the same. Several minor alterations have been made and the bridge 4s shorter by three feet than it should be. Quoting from the report of the "Engineers" published in the Journal of Feb. 25, they say that they find the strain in the end post to be 82 600 pounds. Taking Into consideration the long and short panels at opposite ends of the truss." This is exactly true, a» near ai I can figure it, for one end of the truss, but taking Into consideration the long and short panels If they will figure the other end of the truss they will find the strain to be about 10,000 pounds greater than this. In other words they have apparently figured the end of the bridge on which the least stralm comes, Instead of the end on which the greatest strain comes >o« account of the long md short panels." In their report they oall the tquare of the radius of the end port 10. As a matter of fact it Is 1\, and a reference to standard works by best brldga engineers wlllskow that this Is true. These quantities are pub- llihed in the form of tables, and any one who cares to look at them can easily do so. Assuming the strain of 82 6«0 pounds to be correct and that It IB allowable to add 3SJ per cent to the formula printed in the bridge company's specifications there Is still, even on this basis, & deficiency of over 40 per cent of metal In the end post In regard to the matter of Iron and Bteel I will say that after the metal is painted, it is impossible to tell rolled steel from rolled Iron. It requires a break or fracture in the body of the metal to enable any one to tell which Is which with certainty. It does not require an engineer to stand on the bridge and feel every piece In It shake aod vibrate when a single empty team passes over It, or to see that the shoes are in the edge of the coping, and that the coping li, at one point at least, badly cracked already. As far as building light bridges IP concerned I have built some about as light as anybody would care to have them when so ordered but thlB one "raises me out of tae game." It Is flgurad lighter than structural work in roofs and buildings U usually figured. Probably I have made a mintako In examining the bridge at all. but thla Is the only mistake I have made. I could not accept money for professional per. vices and make a report essentially different from tho one I did mate. Comparatively the actual strength < f the bridge Is a little more than one- fourth that of tho Cicott stroe' bridge built by the King Bridge Jo. of Cleveland, and probubly somewhere In the neighborhood of one-third of the strength of the bridge at the south end of Third street built bv the Dotroit Bridge and Iron Works of Detroit, Michigan. The best time to employ an engineer U before the plans are accepted (and not after the bridge IB in place) and then employ a good man and pay him what his services are worth. By doing this the county will get better work and more for its money FOB TUKA9DKBR. 1 will be ft candidate for Tmnanrar of the city of I.ouansport, subjoct to the will of tun Kepnbll can City Nominating Convention. Loimnsport, lud., February 18, 189-f. I win be a ciindMatn !or Trcrwuror of the clt5 of r.onansport, snbjBjt to th« will of tlw Republican Cltf NoiairiiitliiK Convention. i. LONG. LoKansport, Ind., February 16,1HH. [will be a canJIdiite for nnmlnn'lon fortlw ofllCB of Cltf TreiiMirer subject to tun will of the Republican Convention, i. D. ALLISON. Logsnsport, Ind., Keunmrj 19,1«M. I will b« a camlldnte for Trwi.inrer of the oltr ot Lonniwuort, »ub)frct to th« will of tlie Republican City Nomliaung ConvenUf" LogRnsport, fnd., March D, It Lint of Advertised Letlen. BemalniBg In tnfl po»toillc« at Logansport for the week ending March 5, 1(W4. GKNTS Brlegs Ceorge Mitctel Mr. Hvim LADIES. DIpertMm. Allls Rno'V« Miss Minnie Ingall Bosa I'owell Mrs. Carllne Persons calling for these letters please say aiJ- ertl8e< l. T-OJliNNiWiLT, P. M, flOO Kdirard, *100. The reader of tnu paper will Im pleasert to lenrn thnt there le ftt least on« <lr«u!«l diseases that science has been able to cure In all Its »taees | and tna- Is Catarrh, HHll' • Catnrr i ( nre Is t he only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. ~..'.£X. ^ ft con.stltutl»nftl<ll«e-is«, reaulres a coni.uiui.unu. treatment Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blond and mucus surfaces of me system, thereby deslro Ing tha foundation of the disease, and uivlnu the pa- tientstrength by building up the constitution and !i'_ BI i'.?i 1 -™*^ 11 . e ' Iri doing its work. The proprte- faith In ' ld br drugielats, Parti Worth Knowing. In all diseases ef the nasal mucous membrane the remedy used must be non-Irritating. Nothing satisfactory can bo accomplished with douches, snuffs, powderaor astringents, because they are irritating, do not thoroughly reach the affected surfaces and should be abandoned as worse than failures. A multitude of persons who bad for years borne all tho worry and pain that catarrh can inflict testify to radical and permanent cures wrought by Ely's Cream Balm. Your druggist has it. _ Invent Tfonr Ch»ge. A silver quarter Is about as much as some people care to Invest in medicine for immediate use. Spend this sum for a package of Simmons' Liver Regulator powder. Its the woman's friend—cures sick boa<!acho In the right way and quickly too just as #ood for biliousness. To prevent oar sickness or headache and to give restful sleep, so dlfioult to obtain while traveling use Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzsr. Taken at bed-time it quiets the tired nervw, insuring sweet sleep. One dollar of Ben Fisher. A MIRACLE. What Plielps' "Four C" Remedy I>1<1 lor Miss Jennie Basset. Laat Friday, Due. 19th, my attenaiiii? physician stated unlew 1 wai Dettcr by morning Ho could do nothing for my r«lltf. That night ! earn- mencedt»UngPh«lp'3 "four C" remedy; stopped all other medicines. The first dose stopped my cough; slept and n»t«d well; H fe* more doses removed MI soreness from my lungi: tho second d»y I WM up; the third day I was out on the porch ind today was MP town purchasing holiday goods. MISd .IENNIK BASSET, Washington Aye. and Summit St. Croup Cured. One dose of "Philips' Cough, Cold iind Croup Cure" Rave my child Inti'ant relief when attacked n ltti the croup. W K MOORE, of Moore Bros. 1 (Grocery, Arkansas City, Kan. I Kimmntee Phelpl' "Four C" tor LA (JRIFPE, A9 tmna, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, etc. BEN FISHER. "111 'OOVOIHO "03 v HNvaaivd • s «X«id 01 paSanqs «J not pay tt dVOS When Your Watch or Piano NEED5 REPAIRS Do yo'i let n blacksmith or carpenter tinker •vilh it ? No. Better lei it alone than do that! !!o\v about your nerves—your very Hie prop? Tiii". delicate mechanism gets out of order, and v.-im shall repair it? There .ire fine mechanics who cainiot repair -.v'ltch'js ; there :iru f^oorl physicians who cannot ;ix u'j Uie lu-rvi-s. Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital- i/.er is a sife iui<l positive cure for every form of ne. vu ilebi'.ity and nerve exhaustion if used , f .iithfnl1\- according to directions. 'flay Be It's Just What You Need It is, if you suffer from Chronic" He»d Sleeplessness, Debility or Prostration ! These are warnings—it neglected mn- co Paralysis, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or I- Our Vitali/.er does not slupify—it • builds up—cures! d.'l>y analyult or irphim-, opium, o'hvwisi-, a IB.rtirU- cf ni.irphim-, opium, j ?oa,i.. t , , oi ai.y harmful clrux ... ll.isrcmrdyl .'.fUiMis, Ttiich. Prrtv siui:;!e for co:iviii'in:;irial of any drnf- gist, OT- direct from us on receipt of 5 cenM (sta - :t;is; for n-turti post.iye. The doctor will t;ive free advice to any who ask it. Ail are welcome. One dollar a bottle '.it druggists. When found write us. For sale by x Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. The Keeiey Institute, MfVRION, IND. For the cure of the Liquor. Morphine/Tobacco, and all other drug addictions. Absolute Freedon, No Suffering, No Sore Arms. No Impairment if the Health. The Institute at Marion, Ind., is authorized by Dr. Leslie E. Keeiey, and the treatment is identical with that given by him at Dwight. ills 'Write for terms of treatment and other information. . *'j^.^*:«i All correspondence strictly confidential. THE KEELEY INSTITUTE CO., Marion, Ind. SUCCESS AT LAST! The World Moves; Selena Is Triumphant! But Its greatest triumph Is In tt»* cure of disease, and Its greatest inc. cess is APOSLOLI'S treatment f«r Diseases of Women But to be successful It must be applied by the skillful band of the SPECIALIST. Tho Physicians of The logansport Medical And Surgical Institute Have been using this treaUnont with the GREATEST SUCCESS .»d b,-I* havo In this vicinity, restored hundred, of Buffering women to he.lth «d h«,plne,B after phv^clana had failed. It 1. not painful and no exposure 1^ necessary. They also treat all Chronic and Private Disease.. CONSULTATION FREE. CALL AND SEE THEM at 417 M.rk.tSt.

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