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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Friday, May 4, 1923
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, V . - ' : t .... TONE -: Oakland "and ' vielnity-Te iJ$hl and Saturday, generally cloudy and unsettled moder ate southwesterly wind), ir bUftttfcttomt tUwa ttrvVct ..VOLUME XQVIII-THUEE CENTSSUNDAV TfcN CENTS OAKLAND. , CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY EVENING, 3IAY 4, 1923 t'orrtrt. tm. k ' TRIhl'NB fubllshlsg Ctt 43 PACES. NO. 121. .A-W'V VXw r United i ) RILEY UPSET ALL BUDPET State Controller ' Will Not , Sign, Warrants For, Appropriations Not Contained in Measure Passed by Solons Throws Into Discard Old; System of Departmental Dependence Upon Unused Balance; lor General fund daring that h wtll not lgn a7 warrant for appropriation or 1 tirfa not In ,th budget bill, and ' throwing Into th Jicrd, with on , statement, the old system of depart. ' ctpUt dependence upon unused ' UliBCM of previous year. Ray L. ' Rily.atat controller. ha etepped Into the budget battle at Sacramn. t a-A- commanding ngur. The Riley , position, outlined In a letter tw Senator CUtee. Thalrman of the nanc committee In the upper 1 house, would work many change In accepted methods , of -state finance and would brine Into the open those ontlnutng approprUtlona atd' other Item which., heretofore, haw ot been "budgeted. . . " First, Riley demands that an" "eon tlnulna -appropriation Heme enacted by part legislature be Included In , tha.new budget'er at, lt ' ape-iMfln anoronrlatlon ltema for ' the present year. j- BALANCE TO GO l'TO" GENERAL FUND.. Second.. Riley announces that he wUt at one throw all balances re-t matninr ,1a the funds for seir-sup-' itnrfUnv agencies at the end OT the fiscal rear. Info the general fund 'of the atate. and that he will force altJiiUs Igt the coming blenhtum to he paid tout of approprlartdTis ihaff by the present legislature. Jn other words, ail of the-government 'Com-inlslonaeolleetlng fees and Jlcenees will not be able to aepena upon unamended 'balanaea remaining from tha laiit term, to make up for ahort apprOprlaHons this term. Those batancei will ko at once Into the a-eneral fund, and the atfenmea r- fected wilt have t. live upon telr aer approprlauon; y , STATE COJCTROMETC ISrPORTANT factor. ': 'vTilla hi legislature and ' the tttvfrnor have been wagingbitter warrare ow ouasm. !!. cvj-body haa overiodked Stqite Control. ' ler Riley." The- state controller has rather kept lrt the backgrou nds and let the war g merrltyvon unOl h' bonding company bpgan; to-.loolt lijto the matter. Whll the legislators and the governor and the State. Board of Cohtrot and 'various and sundry government officials 1 and' agencies were .lambajstkig each other they all forgot thtthe constltuw- ttnn had Imposed A certain powers and duties upon tM state control. ler,. and that ajiter .ne. legislature got through adiftlmt to-and Jht sov-rfior suhstractlng from; the bud ret ' that the state controller would still i have to pass 'upon theftrfalms that might be. presented. Ad ?a Riley ' has finally-ifleojafed hinjself, In the appended letter.. . 1 . . Riley's dedlelon was reached during" thla week upon a trip to the 1 bay clUea. where he conferred -with i tarlijns attorneys representing hlm-, aelf ind bJ bonding company. The ! rextj result has been a. decision to I force the legislature to live up to I thi fetter and.Ahe spirit of the new budget act, and include In the- gen. eral) or -special appropriation bills every JIIJl lO n.njnninu uuiiiib ' tha cofhlng biennlum. 'No coptimj-! lug) or perpetual'appraprTatlons will I ba.lreoognJjied tnl685 Included In the , newfhudget or In special appropriation bUWft-thJa session. 1 ROTE PnRPKTCAIi , ITEMS INVOLVED. , ; This lmmedifttely forces out Into the open soma $M90,ooo oi ar- i proprlatlona Inherited from former (legislatures who spread .tneir ap-proprlatlona over a term .'of years, ( ail of which Is i addition, to what. trier budget the legislature- panel an the governor may finally allow. -Borne of these Items are perpetual, i 'nth as the state's part df the wld- , ewi and brphans" fund, divided With the counties. ' Others are stat ' university appropriations. Including t2.00J.00 for Berkeley and 11.090.. 00 for Southern Cajlfornla. others il represent the state's portion of the 4nln rlttan rti1.roflfl "work arrled ' - . A mrt with f hir feds)I aovernment fl -Bat4 Riley upon hl recent rlslti ' ' "It washe obvious intent of th aew budget ift that the people , should be'given a, fun lew ;df all that is Toeing spent for government,' - and I shan Uke that view." f shall take tho position that every, ap- : proprUHon for", the tate , government, whether Inhe'rltea , from for- " iner legislatures or not; shall be-put Into tha Present budget, and. fthla Is not dona I ehalt force a teat case , to the Supreme Court, t There ,are - aome 5J, 009.000 'of thee conttau- f(CuWoPge 2. CoL IV Two Banks Raided ' By Missouri Bandits Kansas crrr, mo.. i& i?y Awortafea Pr:i Tb lwo banks ' of BucVner, 51o, sbout eiithteen . fcL'es from hre.vvtere rid4 by ' ro bandit shrtry before noon to. 1 ey. -ThT fled in a mo'T cmr :tii . jhort $0 ! and I2i, ' Ty.r.erl l.Viry bonis. i . PlansU.C. Changes dr. r. r. cam r bill, WWc4 mi Sm L'mhuruty, ukm impmUmA rAaagca ) XI : , a- Man Dying After Shooting in Puhlic Piajk; Arrest of Suspect Near. The name the man who ihl and probably fatally wounded Charles Neili, it, a painter, of 9l Twentieth street, in' Jeffersop park. Seventh anil Jefrerso trets, Qrtrbtfor 'njdaiatiaat night, la known to the police and his ar rest la expected momentarily. - Thla announcement was made at 4exec tive headquarters today regarding the search for the gunman. His Identity wae i disclosed," It a learned, from' frlehd,- and firtinl information-' famished the police by-eye-wltneFes to the ehootlng. Police refnso.to disclose the Iden tity of the man for whom they are searching -and also of . the witness wid suppllad. them-wlfh the Infer, matjbn. ' They- declared the man who fired the shot would be ln.cufe-today-hef pro night , ''- , SCOT BELIEVED FTRE0v BY VICTIM OP ROBBERS. That i.Nelli'.-waaf shot, by 'a man rwlBaIiad been the victim of roobera and had returneo.armea witi revolver seeking' vengeance and that he recognized, jpr ;1?t9ik,,;Nelfl for One of the-obbers, was pne;tnoory advanced tocfay by detectives, This. belief was. expressed after officers Interviewed M. Storey, a ' night watcTimah at d garage at SeVenth and Clay streets, who declaredrthal he saw a young man, answering, to the . gunman's , description, ' last night.- ' Tr" ,Thi man, Storey sal," stopped him on the street 1 apd told him that he had' been robbed' In the "park 'by several men.-a'nd- that now he was going back to "tlx tlem. This occurred "shortly before' Nelll wan shot. , .... Nelll is believed to be-dying at the East-Bay Sanatorium, as the re sult o his, wouna. , . . ' The bullet, entered, his chest and emerged throu'grh'hhi back." Injm-ately after the shooting' be- "Ws taken to the ' emergency hospital, where he was glveij first aid treatment, and ' then removed to the sanatorium. ' ' " V ..;' '- ' After firing the. shot, the unidentified man, who ar ieeri by several persons, turned ' and . ran through the Jpark to Sixth and Jefferson sreets, where he disappeared. WOrJTDFD 3IAX. DEXIES' AT CAVSE FOR SHOOTT5G. 'At tho mergencyij; hospital thlM morning In a 1y!cg statement made to Detective B. A. ,'vVallir.an. Nelll could tell no reason for the shoot-Irig. He persisted In bis statement that he Aid not do anything , that would give fhe man cause to shoot him. "and -that he had never seen him before. . ' v According to descriptions seenred by the police, the gunman wa about "fet ' Inches' In' height weighed about' IS pounds ' and wnra corduroy cap and trousers. Detectives , learned today , thaij v.m hail been in the nark for some 1 Ome, prior to the shooting. He was with several other men. -police tay, who were be eglrt money frfttn people passing through the park, t . ,. According to attaches at the emergency hospital. Nelll waa under the nfluenceHf Honor when h was brought la.:i ! ', "1 doat : know who he was or why he should shoot me." Nelll eatd In his statement to Inspector Wall- man. "I was etandlng In the park when -the man came along and pointed a mntor4t me. I reached over aad grabbed the gun and said: Tou shouldn't have that Tou are too young. ...... . "With that he jilted the iron hck and shcU'.Thafi all I r-jnember." . ' " . . - i . CAMPBE LD RECTOR MAKE Complete Reorganization of Affairs With View to In- . creasing Scholarship and Eliminating Friction, Plan . BERKELEY May 4. Complete reorganUaUon of the affairs of the mm University, of California .with., a view. to Increasing the scholarship and eliminating friction will be achieved by Dr. Vf. W. Campbell, president-elect of the . instltutiog,' Immediately. he assumes the chair of chlef executive. Dr. Campbell 'made his first, announcement today- aa to his Ideas on the university, and his plans for the future conduct of the students, faculty and administrative officers. Primary consideration will be given t schoTarslfip untr the new regime, according to the preetdentlal dlotui. . - ; WNOVATIOX TO BE INTRODUCED. , Am6ng the Innovations to he introduced, by Dr. Campbell are: 'Kl?ulrrment of twrlvo nnlta of "hlsfh masks luatead of tew. Abolition of: the post of ex. Cutlva' secretary. ' Abolition of the office of dean ' iof .tho faculties. ' SiCreation or tho office of vice. proaklrnt to be selected by the president with the approval, of ' the board of regents, with denies combining tbone of executive nee . rotary and dean of the faculties. . ": Curbing of the powers of the Academic Senate, composod of higher faculty members. Aholitlon of the Academic Sotlate its an fedmiuistraiive body. ' Abolition of the system of having tho Academic Senate recommend degrees to be conferred to the regenu. Vesting of additional power In the department heads as at Stanford ( Development' of a greater reverence of , truth. ' Dr. Camobell summarized manv of his ideaa in a contribution to the Blue and Gold annual, issued toda? by the Junior class, 1 , ,, PROVIDES OPPORTUXITT FOR HIGHER EDCCATIO.V 1 "The state of California owes no one a higher education," declares Dr. Campbell in. his statement, the first to be addressed to the student tody of the State university. ''It Simply provides through tho unt-terslty the opportunity-for higher education to any son. or daughter fvho desires It and can qualify for It, If, unforturiately, there ara any students who do not take their opportunities . seriously theyaKou1d not remain there; they are a load for the university to-carry; tljey reduce- the average of university merit; .they are in the way of deserving students. All that American democracy can be expected to say for equality. Is equality of opportunity."' , SEEK TWEDVE EXITS INSTEAD OF TEX. ".Dr. Campbell is declared to be in favor of a Ailing on the campus, requiring twelve . units of ' high marks instead of ten bow in effect. He. Is also said to be considering a plan for curtiing the powers -of the Academic , Senate, composed of higher faculty mem be- , between which body and President DavM-P. Barrows there was considerable friction. r Returning yeeterday' - ffofti 'the meeting of the National Academy of'Sclencei at Washington, D. C Dr-Campbe'll left Immediately for Lick observatory. 'He was accom- '(Continued on Page 2. CoL 4) Legislative Session Is Longest Since '62 r rrrxivaTioaax rrw izattct u" to rai-tnri. . , . - 1 BACK AM ENTO, May 4. Way It was fixed a the date of adjournment for th present session of the legislature tit the" senate '. today. The date anuM now be concurred la by the Assembly. ' J ! Adjournment on May If,- 101 dAye from the- convening of the legfel&Utre. will make the -preeent session the ' longest since 115, wh the .two hoores transacted business ia ltf dare. " , WILL - g " . . . . . IN SCHOO ROW HISSED Handclapt. Laughter, Other Pein'onttrationi Mark the Hearing of Charges Agairiit Superintendent Hunter Almost Everybdy To Va Connected Viih School Bond Campaign May ' Be Called to Give Teatimonv Pullewing yesterdays b(t1s of the board of education, and preceding the continuation of the battle" today. Director Georgia Ormsby today secured from the chief of police a aheaf of blank subpoenas which will be eerved on witnesses for today and ppsslbly to-tnWrow. c The subpoenas, it -is a II (red. will be used with a lavish hand. Almost everybody whohad anything to do with the 111 school bond campaign mar be called upon to tealify. it Is admitted. Superintendent Hunter, whone attorney ' yesterday showed the deposition of all the school children's Liberty bonds which Hunter was alleged to have "manipulated," says that he la ready now to "fight this matter to a finish." Todays meeting, at p. -m. was held In tbe city council chambera. LIBERTY BOXD PURCHASES TRACED. Drawing forth voluminous mathematical testimony, which traced the dates and pedigrees of all the Liberty bonds bought by personal school' funds from 1117 to 1111, Attorney Ha rr loon Robin son yesterday produced before the Board of Education a complete accounting M the travels, sojourns and rasUriavnlBces of the nubile school Liberty bond assets. In an swer i; to a statement by Director Georgia Ormsby made Monday, al leging1 r that Superintendent of School Fred . M. Hunter, hid manipulated th Liberty bonds of various schools so as to pay for the 191 school bond campaign ex petfseA' . ' Everv bond, aeeordlna- to Robin, son. Is accounted for. . Every bond said Robinson, has had Its history delved Into so that th most inti mate details of its inner life, are bare. No bond, said Robinson, was manipulated" by Hunter, br "manipulated" at all. Sbme bonds, said Robinson, were sold by school principals and -atudenta to help raise fund ' tcupay tor the campaign; but Superintendent Hunter had nothing whatever to do with It. CAMPBELL STILti EXCOITVIXCEP. TJIreetor Frod Campbell; a leader tn the antlHuntr forces, says he till doesn't believe It. "This, house I packed by Hun. ter's friends,"- sold- Campbell last night, at the hearing. "I move we adjourn " , They adjourned, till J o'clock this afternoon, giving the school boara some more testimony today. Yesterday's hearing was admittedly the blggent and most Intense spectacle , the board . of education has staged In years. Thc"tar4 meeting, room was overcrowded. The -meeting adjourned to the city council chambers, where president George, tfatch sat In Mayor Davlo's chair and the populace packed the room' and the galleries. There were educators present, .and business men, and Chamber' of Commerce And Merchants" Exchange and- Improvement Cliib members. All the cjty hill department . official appeared to see It. at Various Jlmes, ralargpolIeeman""wa present to lend official prestige. HISSES, 'LAUGHTER S DISTURB MEETIXG. Despite the policeman, the meeting was enlfrened by handclaps, Iaughteavand, toward the end, hisses. - ' It waa not a trial. School Director Georgia Ormsby, of the anti-Hunter force said so. She said she had merely Introduced a statement about alleged misuse of Liberty Bonds' oetonging to the " schools, and had asked the superintendent of schools for a report. That was all there was to It. she said. De spite th fact that it was not a trial, however. Director Ormsby later admitted that she had issued subpoena for witnesses. , i Th meeting began at t:tt p. in., when Attorney Harrison Robinson said he was present to ' represent Superintendent of School Hunter. APPUaCtC IXTERRTTT3 OPEXIXO OF HEAIUXG. 1 objecV. said Mrs. Ormsby. "It I my privilege to Introduce testimony la support of my allegation. and then: receive a .prompt report from th superintendent. X should first be heard." . , . An accusation has been made gainst Snperiatendent Hunter' Leersonal character," said Robinson. - We demand th rlaht to. answer the accusation." ... ', -tk,, i The' apptana of. the . audience m nelledi by President Match.. !' thia case to be triedIO tbe newspaper or th board of educa tkar asked Director Ormeby. "I deniand the right to proceed. "An accusation has been made. said President Hatch, ruling against - . . - (Continued on Pgr IZ. Col 4) Girl Prefers Stay In Jail To Probation Virginia Parettl, Acued of Working Charge Account, Seels Independence. "Gl me liberty, or give nis Jail!" In these words lt-ysar-old Virginia Parettl. arretted last ntglit for trying to solve the problem of living away from home by charging goods to ber mother's account nhout permission, today Julned the revolt against authority, parental or otlterwla. Rather than serpt release on probation. If thst mnt that she ouJd have rarenU and to live with nr accept dictation aa to ht friends she hould have. she would remal.. In Jail. Mle Parettl declared to Tor.ce Judge Tyrrell this morning. Mlas Jarettl Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parettl of S01J Grove atreet. and a graduate of an Oakland .uol. For some months psst she hss refused to reside at horn. anrm been living with a girl friend In the Roslyn apartments, 47J N'lne-teenth street. CHARGES CIOTHIXO TO-SfOTnER'S ACCOUNT. Last night ahe was arrested on a warrant sworn to by Tbomsa F. Joyce of Kahn'a .epartment store, who accused her of having charged IISS worth of clothing to her mother' account without th latter perroliolon. This morning In Police Judge Tyrrell's court , she pleaded guilty. She explained that ahe had been out of work for aome time, and that she had found another position only a week ago. She Wig reduced to the necessiry of replenishing her wardrobe somehow, ahe auld. She didn't want to atfbeal onenly to her parents for help', for that would look as fl though she were still dependent upon (hem, and she didn't want them to get that Impression. So she decided to charge the goods to her mother's account tempor. arily, and pay for them later. WANTS FREEDOM , 50T PROBATION... . Observing that Her parent were not in court, and that she hid no one to speak for her, Judge Tyrrell, told her that he would refer her oas to th probation officer. Then Miss Parettl startled court official and spec-tators by announcing thst she didn't' want probation, unless It meant perfect freedom. but would rather slay In Jail. She persisted In this 'declare" tlon even after Mine Eleanor Underwood, Jail matron, had 'showed her other women prison er peeling ' potatoes, scrubbing fiobrayand washing dishes, and told her she would have -to do the same If she stayed. ' "I'd' rather do It than have to (live at home," ahe declared. "M mother and father both mean well, and I have nothing whatever against them but their views don't correspond with mine. Rather than give up my views and live according, to theirs, I'll stay In Jail." The question whether Mlns Parettl Is allowed to stay In the city prison or Is compelled to go home, will be decided Saturday, ""M8fy 12, when the probation offi cer will make his report and recommendation to Judge Tyrrell. a , i . , . , , . fiKH-IS READY-TO E Oakland and Napa Wine Man to Surrender; Will Not Appeal. Theodore Oler. Oakland and Napa wine dealer, will aurrender to the authorities late today and begin a sentence of three months. recently imposed on him for violating the prohibition laws. It was announced today by' hi attorney. It was said that at ho time had the defendant contemplated ap federal court, as had been re. r ported. Sugar Boycott Urged By Kansas Governor TOPEKA, . Ka.. May . 4. A public proclamation -urging a "sugar Boycott" becan of prevailing price, was Issued today by Governor J. M. Davis. - H advo cated tna oe cameo oui in mu spirit or u'Toreratner or Boston request not only to th resident of Kansas but to tho of th nation a, well. . . s NEW TORKi May Raw surr -future-price continued to tumble on tbe New fork co3e and sugar exchange today as iv,-At ' vere - being marshaled for a pretest parade against th high price of th refined product. Struck by Hood of selling orders that cam In over night aa a result of rwtwdayr drop, future fell II to ti point la th forenoon trading. ... BEGIN SENTLNC RECORD FOR II. S. FLIGHT IS REFUSED Lieutenant MacReady, Kelly Denied Official Hecogni - tion by Technicality For New York-San Diego Hop. Aviator! Planiuns VTorld T f l IV I 1 I i our, j uric .i nraeu ror Trans-Nation Trip to S.'F.; Flyeri Civen $2500 Each WARniNC.TON. May 4. (By tho Associated Pcrs.)- Lieutenant n. L. Maughan, of the army air service, probably will begin his prop"! da)llchl tn dark flight from No York to Ran Francinoo on June II nrit, the lnnaHK day In tn year. Tho date was selected because of the Increased daylight possible. Ry A. L BRADFORD, I'nltcd Press Staff Corrcwporxlenl . WARni.NCTON, May 4. The Amcrkwn army air service some time this snmmcr will attempt a flight around the world. Brigadier (kMtoral William Mltrhcll, amlst. ant-rhlrf of the air service, an-nouncctl today. The non-stop transcontinental flight Just completed waa a "treat aoootupIKh-mcnt." OeiM-ral Mitchell said, hut this country' pioneer of tho nlr will not rest on the laurel tliu eslnbllkhed. Washington! My 4 fRy tht Associated Press. ) Headquar. ter of in National Aeronautic Association 'announced today that, because of a technicality It could hot fully recognlre the non-ston distance record set by Lieutenants Kelly and MacReady In their flight from New Tork to Ban Diego. It was explained that, although there was no disposition to discredit th feat of th. twoavatora. the regulations of th .: association require that In every official tt. the plan muHt return, to it original base. Official said steps would be taken to modify,, the rules so that similar situation will not srlse. "While Lieutenants. MacReady and Kelly nold the . world record for diets nee, mad t Daytun In April, when th T.-.S made 2110.66 miles during a duration test," said F. IV Lahm, chairman of th con test commltio of th association, the federated aeronautic bodies do not recognise for record long dis tance non-stop airplane perform ances. "TEST OF AIRPLANE! AND , PERSONNEL BY ARMY." "The flight to San Diego, there for I a test of airplane and per sonnel by the army air service, so far as world recognition I con cerned. A petition hss been filed with the federstod seronautlo bodies at Paris by the national aeronautic as sociation for smendment of the rule requiring In flight for distance and duration that aviators return to the point of departure. -This rule, in effect penalizes the United, Btates, because It Is possible to make long distance non-stop flight across the continent." At headquarters of the associa tion, it was said today thaT in ap- nroeiatlon of ths record perform ances of Lieutenants MacReady and Kelly, and of Lieutenants Maughan. Peariion, Harris and iockwoou. 01 the Army air service,- ana irvino, of the Navy, a plan was on 1001 i nreeent to these fllfrs in tne nexi few weeks at a puIc ceremony In Washington "material tokena to mark tbelr wonderful performances in the air." FINAL PROOF OF .nT "COiNTUAPTION'S" WORTH. BAN DIEGO. May 4. (By the Associated Press). Some twenty years sgo at Kitty Hawk field. North Carolina, a croWd of curious spectators stood around a strange machln known as an airship and with one accord declared: HuhT That thing . will never leave ihe grottd: BJCJt did,' Under the guidan! jar0M falterlngly and spent" few ! 01 urvuifl it - - 1 minute In th air, groaning anu , (Continued on rage 4. Col. I ; Aviator Killed In Auto Accident SAN ANTONIO. Tex May Captain B. R. Jacobl was killed, and Second Lieutenant James Gardner wa probably fatally injured today when their automobile overterned near Fort Sam Houston. c , , Jacobl was member oi Guard and th - lnJll) N,tJonai had completed his primary flying training. Lieutenant oaroner s horn is In Waro. Tex. Harding May Go to Panama; Porto Rico WASHINGTON. .May 4. (By the Associated Press) President Harding ha under consideration among other "plans for hi Western trip .proposal advanced by Secretary Denby that h return from Alarka on naval veseel by way of ih Pasama Canal and Porto Rico., Hunted . ALU HILLS. i ties ar rest! M lJ cAik caerfs tAi piling es e tvWeMi ie I'eiver- My L'aiiuraU, it if tou$kt U connect ion uuk A aWiA teigaie) Mautu, umjul st 'rtA reoern I lvrtitY. ' 1 t OAKLAND GETS 2 Great Plants' Costing Millions Come to Pacific Coast. Motor Center. Closing of negotiation for sites for two large new Eaitbay Industries, to be1 followed by expenditure of more than $1,100,000 In new .factory buildings, were an nounce today. On ' hehalf 'of th L.' A. Young Industries, Inc., ' of -Detroit, on of th largest manufacturers of motor accessor! in th , United State five aores of land on Kovanty-thlrd avenue between- the Southern Pacific and Westc n Paclflo tracks passed to th control ef Thomas Ms honey, the vice-president of the Young company, who ha been on the coast for the last month, de termlnlng on the, best location for a western plant. Through ,Wllllam Watkln. its president, three acre of. land In Emeryville, on Holll street, were purchased by. th J. R Watkln Company "of 'Winona, a, 110 000,000 ocean-to-ocean food and toilet article specialty manufacturing concern. The negotiations for these transactions were conducted by B. B. Field and Company, EARTRAY RF.OIOV . IS MOTOR CENTKR. The coming of Young Industries-marks the growing Importance of the Enslbay region as a center of the motor nnd motor accessory ln- oustries. The Young concern specializes on cuNhJona and cushion springs, valves and clutches, and in lis line Is credited with 75 per ent of the production of th United Slates. It already supplies much of the accessory ned In thla line of the Durant plants In the east, and this .Is' believed to be one of the motives behind Its purcliaee of a all so clone to tho coant plans of the Durant and ?lar cars. Immediately upon the close of deal for the site In the eastern section of the city. Mahonoy an-nourion that construction of a group of two-story concrete buildings will begin at once. The company hopes to begin production before the close of the 'year. LARGE DKPOT IS PLANNED. Tho Watkln purchase is a pref-see to the Immediate construction of a large wholesale distributing plant for its 600 or more agents on the Pacific coast. ' The depot will cover one acre of ground, whll th remaining two acrea of the li quired will be reserved for a large produbtlon plant the company plans n mm coaxt. Th Watklns ComriAnv w tablbihed In 18,68. . jt has at pres- imiKioriM tn jw york. Boston, Chicago. Winona and Montreal; uisiriouiing uepota at Kanaa City, -..,v., TsIM.-uuver, ti. u ana Hamilton, Ontario. The company make flavoring extract, apices, toilet articles and soaps, proprietary remedies and a line of motor accessory specialties. . Th pendlture for ground and construction of th new Watkln building planned In Emeryville wilt call for more than $1,000,000. Japanese Is Hanged I For Woman's Murder .SAN RfFAEL; May 4. Calmly resigned to hi fat. T. Marul, Japanee, of Monterey .mounted the gallows at San Quentln tbl morning to b hanged for th murder of Mr. Tsura Shlntanl, at. Monterey, October 2 8. l2l. The trap, was sprang at 10:11k and Marul .was officially pronounced dead by Dr. L. L. Stanley, prison ' physician, at IS:!. "' . - - , i t ' Marul wa convicted of the killing of Mrs. Shlntanl and th wounding of her husband following a controversy over th , purchase ef a 11.1$ oalr of trousers.- according to futtlmony brought Out at tbe UialJ Ttr ri'i : wvu mm ' - - , I ff 1 : NEW INDUSTRIES DEATH PROBE SEEKS Mill! IN BERKELEY J. Allen Milla, Northwestern Univeriity Freshman of 1921. Sought bf Chicago Off icialt in California Many Witnesseg Are Quizzed Iy Authorities Trying to Cet Facta Snrroiindiijg Ui Death of Hazed Student Pelvlng into the mystery surrounding the dnath of' LoigKton Mount. 1, Nortnwentern.'Unlvtr. slfy frenhman. who .disappeared during th claaa rush In Septem ber, 1 1 2 1 . and whose body ..was found Monday undtr a pier at Rvanston, III., aothprlties today turned th light of Investigation upon th activities of J. Allsn Mills, who was held in.th Berkeley jail In February on a spurious cbsok chsrg. A state-wide search has been Instituted fop him. , Mills waa' accepted as a member of the Sigma. Nu fraternity at th University, of California, after showing credential that he had beon pledged to that fraternity at Evanstoo. He said he had been , expelisd from the eastern unlver slty for becoming Intoxicated. II wa arrtited by th Berkeley pollc ' on a description furnished by th Colleg National Bank, wher he J wa declared to have put over a bad draft for 1150. H wu re-lasd two day, later wJien - no ' formal charge war 'bref erred against him. - MILLl piSAPPEARm ; AFTER HIS RULE A 8 E, "' t" Information from Chicago todnr ... reported Mills to be serving , sen- tnc in a California penltenilary for check forgeries, but th name of J. Allen Mill doer cot appear V on any of th Btat prison records, . "Mill appeared frightened and disappeared immediately after hi relsase," Chief August Vollmer of the Berakeley police department aid today. "He left behind at an express company office a valuable trunk, tontalnlng, as remember , It, among other thing a .45 calibre revolver and much valuable elothtng." . A veiled accusation against -Mill by .William McElwaln, hi tornier roommate, wa th most tangible clew that developed , In th Chicago qui.. McElwaln de. -dared that Mills returned to his rooms, dripping wet on th night of th cUss flgTit ahd seemed worried. , I ' '.' V' . Th new of Mount' disappear ' ance, according to McElwaln,-seemed to increase , Mills'' dlstrlo- tlon, and he often asked' about Mount. - !'' vl ' ! ' ' , GIRL BRANDS CLASS . . S , FIGHTS Ag "TERRIBLE." ' . John Scott, eon of President Wal. ter Dill Scott, nephew bf Preal. dent' 'Scott, were "among th tu- l-dent who were questioned. Both declared they had . only a very v small part -in the class skirmishes. . A subpoena waa Issued today for Mlsa Audrey Londqulst, ' formerly . wife o,f Fred Scott, nephew of Wal ter Dill Scott, president of th Northwestern university, Her shbrt- lived romance of last January ter. mlnated In an annulment at th be heat of her parents. She Was a tu dent of , the university, -last year. ' What the state's attorney' offlc hoped to learn from her wa not ' divulged. MIhs Lonnqulst painted, a lurid Picture of life at th college. "It s terrible," , she said of tbe - class fights, "to have boy who ar . perfectly sane turn Into a yowling mob. Th cup burning last year was perfectly terrible. The boy went out and .they fought police . men and had guns. They lighted a fire under a street car and did all sort of things!" The girl who left the university last Christmas, said . , the. co-ds were simply, disgusted with the i hazing activities of the' , mal students. j..: . " . A sensation of th Inquiry was the calling of Axel Lonnqulst, rich contractor and recent father-ln- " law of Fred Scott, who declared when he sought th annulment of his daughter's marriage to young Scott, that If he told what h knew of the youth that It would create a sensation. Officers are also seek. Ing Arthur Perslnger,-another stu-dent victim of th claaa rush, who wa reported to have been tied in a precarious position to a lake pier," and hope to obtain valuable testimony from him. British Insist That France Negotiate " By FRAN K, E. MASON. . International New Service Staff . Correspond" n t. PARIS. May 4. Franc' reply to the German reparation offer of 10,000.000,000 gold mark is a flat rejection, and does not contain any counter-proposals for a basis of future negotiations." it wa learned today from an authoritative source lord Crewe, the British ambassador, called upon Premier Poin-care and told him that while England approve of France's rejection, th Bfitlh muet fnelst that Franc engage- in general conversations on the reparation Iseue, The Brit'.H believe Germany may be. led to make better offer later If Franc and Belgium will cont-Et to ne;) Uatlon now, i i J.

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