Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1954
Page 2
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Sn»t. ai i«e»nd clan matur at O»lc« at'Hep*/ Arkaniaii Ac»"af March 1, 1W. . of tha Audit IMUIH at ' Glrcalatiant Subscription Rates (payabU In ad- r vance): '•y carrltr In Hope and neighboring f .. towni— ' ............................. - ...... .23 . ................................ 13,OQ • mall i In Htmpsttad, Nevada, UFayctt*, Howard, and Miller coun- "T- 1 iu. • On4t. roofjtn ' Tty*t ,• ptonthi nonth»,..,. ...I - 4.50 'All ot|i»r mall-- Oni-nwnth Throo 'months , llr, monthi "...; A*' V „ 3.25 6.50 .1 13.90 -'*8 v befor(i, lf*^<•'^ w Mit TER R.pr«i«ntaHv«: n»o»- Dollies, Inc.; 1602 Stcrlck .;^M«mphi» 2, Tenn;; SOS Texqi t »m," Dolloi 2, Texas; 360 N. "^ "-- 1, III.; 40 1763 0«trplt .2, Mich.; Okl^henwp City 2, frtsf y to th» U»» s Director! AD-1 Mo, TF MOM If A*, MOM, AfctANiAl ilc T-282J. *M Co. AffENftON Catttemea. We cea sell you Range Bleak fUag* cu> bes, dairy feed, corn, oats and all grain 6tt ywtf-dwugh gcncy feed certificate. OUr prlo e& are right, Phbae 7-B547. Feed C&. JCfi Cream-twelve fl^wrs fof your selection, eptn Seven days And nights each week. Coles Double Dip tcji C5fe4m fitore. '»-6t ForSolt Legal Nofice Layaway Open on TRIKES - BIKES AND DOLLS OKLAHOMA TIRE «« SUPPLY COMPANY. TAGGERT seed 'oats, germination 96%. $1.25 per Wishel Phone 4931. Mr. A. B. Enoch. 4-6t HOSPITAL bed. See B. W. Edwards. Phone '7-3148. 6-3t EAR CORN Good quality $1.40 per bushel at crib.- Phone 837-F-31, Henry Morton, Prescott, Route 5. 8-3t SPINET Piano Bargain. We have a lovely piano in this vicinity ORDINANCE NO. 73* AN ORfilMANCE CREATING AND ESTABLISHING A CIVIL DE:' FEMSE AGENCY^ PRPVIDING FOR A DIRECTOR THEREOF; GRANTING CERTAIN POWERS; PRESCRIBING THE DUTIES THEREOF; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES SB It ORDAINED B¥ THE CITY CiOtTNCiL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. POLICY AND PURPOSE ,<a) Because of the existing and Increasing possibility of the occtff- fcnce of disasters of unprecedented eiie :ahd destructiveness fesulting from enemy attack, sabotage, or ftther hostile action, or from firfc, liftpd, earthquake, or other natural [ej^jlBes, and in order to insure that fcfsparations of tliis City will be adefttiate to deal with such dis- aste'rs, ; and generally to provide for (he common defense and to protect the' public peace, health, and safety, and to preserve the lives and property of the people of this City, it is hereby found and declared to be necessary: (1) to create a City Civil Defense Agency; (2) to provide for the rendering of mutual aid to other cities Within the State of Arkansas, and those adjoining states, and to cooperate with the State Government with respect to carrying out Civil Defense functions. (b) It is further declared to be the purpose of this ordinance, and the policy of this City, that all Civil Defense functions of this City be coordinated to the maximum extent wjtth the comparable functions ot : the'•• State Government including its various departments and -igen- cles, of other cities and localities, and of private agencies of every type, to' the end that the most effective preparation and use may tye made of this City's manpower, resources, and facilities for • dealing with any disaster that may occur. ..••'•.!.• ,- (c) It is further declared to be the purpose of this ordinance, and it* frolicy and purpose, the Major is further authorized, and *fhpowered: : • •- • . ••' • (1) td rnake, amend, and. rescind the necessary orders, rules, and regulations to carrj- otit the provisions of this ordinance within the.limits of the authority conferred upon him hereih, with due consideration of the plans of the State Government. (2) To prepare a cdmprehensive plan and program for the CivU Defense of this city, such plan and program to be Integrated into and coordinated with thf Civil Defense plans ft* tht .State Government, and (ft other .cities and counties within the State'to the fullest exteflt. — • (3) Irt accordance' with: eucji plan and tJregrirn for the.JCiyJjl Defense of this city, t6 : 4ftj.titute training, prc-grams and 'public ,information program^, an$:t<»-talw all bther preparatory ' sttps •' in> eluding the partial or ,full : mobll- ization of the Civil Defense 6*,- ganization, in ; advanc£ 'of: actual disaster, to insure the furnishing of. adequately .trained 'and equipped forces of Civil Defense personnel in time'of need. • ]' make such studies and of the industries, re- thnt we will transfer to reliable party who will take up monthly Installments. Write before we send truck. 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' For showing,. phone' 7-84fcl' between 9 and 5. * ; fat NICELY fjirnished rexnns, reasonable rates, private ,bath. pr^altJ , utnities J>ald. Pbone 7- ask jtor'pe»S ftlth., 6-6t BETWEEN,, WgH ' eehbol »W ,, larid Grade school', nice two bedroom home, living room, dining room and kitchen. Vacant now. Foster Really Co. 217 S. Main St. Pr. 7-4691. 7-3t the policy of this City, to organize its Civil Defense organization in conformity with the Arkansas Civil Defense plan as directed by Act 321 of 1953, which is cited as "The Arkansas Civil Defense Act of 1953" • SECTION 2. DEFINITIONS As used in this ordinance: Cal "Civil Defense" shall mean the preparation for and the carrying out of all emergency functions, other than functions for which military forces are primarily responsible, to prevent, minimize, and repair injury and damage'- resulting fiom. disasters caused by enemy attack,- sabotage/or other'hostile auction, :or by fire, flood,—-earthquake, or other natural causes. These functions include, without limitation,' fire fighting services, medical and health services, rescue, 'engineering, air 'raid warning services, •communications, fadior Jogical, chemical, 1 and-'other special weapons defense, evacuajtion ; of persons from-. stricken •'•' '^r*as, emergency 'welfare services '<eivil- jaij' ylrar: 1 z)i<J)," emergency trauspor- t'&tibrC- exis.ting •'. or properly assigned .functions of plant protection,'temporary restoration of pub- ljc, utility, service, and other fiinc- tjons"•rented to civilian.protection, together 'with : all other activities necessary or incidental to tlie preparation for and carrying out of the foregoing functions. SECTION 3. POWERS OF THE MAYOR The Jiayor of the city shall be rft- sponsibie for end have general direction and control of the Civil Defense of this city. In addition to the powers and duties the M^yor now. has, he shall have such additional powers granted and conferred by tliis ordinance not inconsistent with other ordinances of this city. SECTION 4. DIRECTOR OF CIVIL DEFENSE (4) To surveys sources, and facilities in this city as may be necessary to ascertain the capabilities of the city for Civil Defense, and to plan f or the most efficient emergency use thereof. • : . •'• ' • (5) On behalf of this city, to enter into mutual, aid arrangements with other cities atjd counties within: this state, and;.also with Civil Defense; agencies''ibr 1 organizations in other states, 'for reciprocal Civil Defense'.aid'^d assistance in case of •disaster, tc>6 great to be'dealt .with umissjstedl Such mutual 1 aid - arrarigerne^ts may be made',subject 'tQt.tlie'ap- proval of the-Governor^or-of-the State Director : pf '.Civil : p'Sf.^'iisa'i: (6) To delegate any. : adiTninistra- tivc .authority y-yeSfed '. in ; :; him under this ordinance,',.aij'd 'lo.ipror vide for .the s'ubdelegatipri'of ;ahy such authority; V : :'.,.*. ;'\ •'; . ". ; (7) To cooperate 'with, 'theAGpV- ornor and : the Arkansas 7 Office ,of Civil Defense /.arid other : appr<?- pri;ite State .offices and; agencies', and with the officials.-and"agc'riV cies of other"'cities 'and. counties, within the State, ; pertaining* to Phillies 1 Fate to Be Decided by Club Owners icijftCAGd UP) — The meting of American League club owners in Chicago Tuesday to try to decide what, is going to happen, if anything. td their poor relatives the Philadelphia Atlantic could be a stormy one. • At present the man of mystery tt'the • Bidding for the club's franchise is \ Tommy Hichardso-i of \fjliliffisport, pa., president of the J$4$illlffl'League and a member of the; A's' bdard for directors. ^H* ; is • mystery only to the ex that nobody seems certain h, really has : the backm.--; of eilth#-friends to the tune of $3,td match the bid of Arnold JpHflson, the Chicago financing who wants' to move the A's to Kansas city;;:.' .-.-. 'The Chicago Tribune today said it", has learned that Richardson ;.;has,told intimates he has sue- CC^dcd in raising funds to meet the'$3,750,000 purchase price." Will Harridge, American League president, told the Chicago Sunday Times: "I talked to Roy Mack several times during the day and he made no mention of be,ine able to raise the-rhoney. Nor did he say anything' about Tommy Richardson gaining .enough Philadelphia cspi- f&l'-'to-buy out the club and keep fththere. The persistent and tireless John- sph,..meanwhile, is waiting for reports whether there will be time tp".double-deck the Kansas City stadium before the season star's Football in -April, - ,^i'H- there .isn't time. I'll withdraw ; 'rfiy offer declared John- sqij, ''Sept. 15 to 20 was supposed tosbe-'the deadline for starting \yorfc-;;'; .. : •'•• pn also said he expected to .' reasonable amount" to the Yankes for their Kan- s'ijs. -City : American Association Icr- ritoi;y. ; The Yankees had threal- qned^tq join the Washington Senators ; arid Detroit Tigers to block ;the proposed shift of Kansas City urjless 'payment for territorial fights was • adequate. ..'Six --of eight league club'3 must approve 'a franchise switch. the Civil including Defense, of tfie.'.State., the-- direction " or. con RED Jersey bull yearling. 7-2445.' Phone- NICE south bedroom, adjoining bath. Conveniently located. Mrs. J. A, McLayty, 303 S. |>ine, FURNISHED apartment, 3 rooms and private bath. Bedroom with bath. Dial 7-3184. *002 E!. Third. 8-3t trol of (a) blackouts arid practice blackouts, air-raid drills,' mobilization of,-Civil /Defense ; force's, and' ptheiv tests! and 'exeriiis'ei; (b) warnings', and signals, >fc)r drills,or attacks,^ an'd the rnechap- ical devices to: be used'in: connection thei-evvith;', (c) : the '.'. tive .screening' or ; extin'guighi. of all 'lights''.an'd.' lighting Device's and appliances;'; <d> shuttU?'g..oif water mairis,' gas rrtains^electrjic power cphhectidns •• a ' speneion-ioi. all 'other yices; (e) ' By the Associated Prfcil El Dorado 18; Pine Bluff 12 Liltle Rock 28; Fort Smith 8 North Little Rock 35; Russellville 6 Texarkana 9; Magnoia 0 Nashville 20; Hot Springs 0 Fayetteville 32; SpriCigdale 7 Arkadelphia 6; Fairview (Cftffl- den) 0 Crossett 0; Hope C (tie Fordyce 33; Smackbver 32 Muntsville 24; Rogers C De Queen 13; Subiaco 6 Van Buren 13; Bentonyiie ft . . Newport 40; Augusta 8 '-, ' ; j Blythcville 35 ;Whit6haVeri, %flfl Van Buren 13; fienttthvilUs'&'"• Newport 40; Mavefn W . Caindcn 42; Mavcrii ; 13- . ..,,;; Blylhevile 35; Whitehaveitt, f.ejtfl Benton 13; Bauxite 0 '' lj ; Marianna 13: 0 . .. ,ij Marianna 13; Forrest City 7 Piggott l!i; Mountain Home 13 Beardcn 10; Junction City 7 Eudora 13. Hamburg 13 ti» Watson Chapel 19, Star City 6 Gillette 27; Barton 0 Rison 20; Whitn Hall 7 Searcy 38: McCrory 0 Holly Grove 38; Eaine 12 Brinkey 7; Hecna 0 Mcna 13, Paris 12 Hartford 27; Atkins 13 Boonevile 7; Mansfield 6 t. Anne's Fort Smigh 26; Char k-stoii 19 Harrision 33; Alma 0 West Memphis 41; Burdette 0 Dumas 46; Goul dO Dicrks 39, Strong 7 Clinton 20; Heber Springs 0 , Corning 0; Marked Tre eO tie Batesville 19; Bald Knob 0 DeWitt 21. Warren 7 Parkin 13; Hughes 7 Paragould 33; Walnut Ridge Stamps 18; Norphlet 13 • Wynne 13; Stuttgart 7 Lnke Village 27; Dennett 0 Lewisville 40; Horatio 6 Blcvins'21; Murfresboro 18 . Morrilton 19; Carksvila. 7 Monticellml9; McGehee 13 Carlisle 1; Lonok'j 7 tie Cabot 20; Engand 0 Marion 14; Kciscr 13 Ox.ark 2G; Danville 2 BiFinarck 14; Mablovale 6 ' Dardnnello 14; Grenwood 7 Ashdown 7; Mineral Springs (tie) .... ing,' prior,' '«jn' drifts of, Attack;.'.Jf};|: ings or" gqitb.e|in.g^j s ; .;-.(.g}".'U!i'e' ' ' B. ^iyfi;AL."Af& (i>) The IP'irectQ.r .61, thS ;dr|»a- ization fpf \Civil 'Deiens^' ".ian^7, : f 'i» TiyiTY PROHIBITED '"•Nororganization for Civil Defense established under the authority of this- ordinance shall participate in any : .form'.-of political activity, nor shall, ^it 1 be /employed directly or inHirectly. for political purposes. : jSECTIC-N 12. CIVIL DEFENSE PERSONNEL ' •. '(a)V.: No person shall be em- any person .ployed; or i associated pafcity. in; the Civil Defense orga'n- '' collaboration- with othpir. public ;aiji<i private ^ agencies ^within" jtHis' fita.ei of., this .city, established . this; p '.ordinance, who advp- cate8_er has advocated a change by ". tor Jvielepce in the constitu- l:iffl?nJ...Qf. tlje Government of jjile^ States, or of this state, thigi.cify, or the overthrow of -..government in the United ••jsy-'Jqrcc or violence, : or who convicted of or is under or information charging aiiy 'subversive act against tho 'd' States. Each person who ; appointed to serve in this or- ipizltion'for Civil Defense shall, bfeft?r? ';• entering upon his .duties, ' o^th in writing, before a administer which oath EAST Hofslra 43, Bridgeport 14 Potomac Slate 30, Salem 7 (WVa Hope, Crossett Bottle to Scoreless Tie Hope and Crossett battled to a. coreless tie last night at Crossetti t was the first meeting of the two earns in recent years. • The Bobcats muffed their best coring chance in the opening quarter' driving to the Crossett five. icfore stalling. 'Crossett's best _cbr|ng chances came in the second «id- final- periods when time ran oOU' TMy tiaS'thfe"' ball.on Hope's wft'.'iH both drives. : J*?. •• It was a bruising contest with most of the^action taking place,be- twee'tt.'th'e'aO'ya'ftt llhesv 'The Bob" cats wJht into the ; contest badly iruised'and came out the same Hfope gained' 107 yards < rushing . and 35 by passing, penalized 30| yards. Crossett gained 212 yards 15-by passing ahd-was chargcd- with 40 yards in penalties. Hopd: 1 made 14 first downs while the agles made 19. Outstanding for Hope was Hud-, dleston, Duke, Johnson, Marlar.,, Mullins and Cox. For the Eagles adbcrry, Braswell. Dooley and Bolder played best. "; Boone Farmer Has the Best Sheep LITTLE ROCK W — A Boon* bounty livestock farmer's entry today -^raptured th.j lop award in ; the -.:• s^heep department of the Ar- tansas Livestock Show. Deak 172, a .ram owned by C.W. Deakins of Hilltop, v/a& judged the grand champion rum in the Hampi shire. Division, Another Deakins servel champion rain, entry, Dea 170. was named re- Deakins exhibited the grand champion.; ram here in 1952 and his entries have won the grand champion ewe titles for the past six years. ' ' FOR . . BULLDOZER WORK Land Clearing — Dirt Moving and Pond Digging. Call TOM DUCKETT 717 W. 6th St. Phone 7-3794 ;deyej.pj>£<J v Htlp Wonted WHITE or Colored — to solicit house to house with fast selling Hems used in every home Liberal 'commissions. Apply 107 S. Main. No phone calls please. 6-3t ^^^^^^B ™, w, ^^^^ H«pt IwiNtr't Supply fhone 7-2381 Notice COX'S Station at Fulton will serve Turkey dinners, Sunday, October 10. $1 per plate, Drinks extra. ' ' 5-3t MAC'S Restburant Opens. New h,ours: weekdays—4 p. m. to 11 p. m. Sundays for Ighch—10:30 a. m. to 4 p. in- Mr, and Mrs. Moo, Dale, . B-4t Instruction* ,Havc Your Cor PAINTED HOW! CLASSES in "tap,' acrobatic, ballet and toe. Katharine^ Windsor. 104 E. 14th. Phpne 7-3327. . 22-1 mo. «i you ar« having ybyr cqr painted we can that worH on your mstot, iaraKes or body work? tort m*5hgnt<;5 Always Qvqi.lpl?lf. _ L , IXTRA •2ft OFF "ft f9 9«r Htf ulnr Cwi»9mf ri Yflur ISSO Negro Community qr American wW not The Mayor, with the consent of the City Council, is hereby authorized to appoint a Director of Civil Defense, who shall perform' such duties 'as are imposed upon him 'by this ordinance, and as are delegated to him by the Mayor when not contrary to other ordinances of this city. SECTION 5. DUTY OF DIRECTOR The Director shall coordinate the activities of all organizations for Civil Defense within this city and shall maintain liaison with and cooperate with the Civil Defense agencies and organizations within the state and with the State Government. SECTION 6, ADVISORY COUNCIL There is hereby created a Civil Defense Advisory Council consisting of not more than ten citizens appointed by the Mayor, who shall advise the Mayor and the Director on all matters pertaining to Civil Defense. The Mayor shall serve ns chairman of the Council, and the members thereof shall'serve without compensation. ; SECTION 7. DUTIES (a) In performing his duties under this ordinance, the. Mayor, or the Director of Civil Defense when such authority is delegated to him by the Mayor, is authorized to cooperate with the. State Government, with other cities end counties, and with private agencies in all matters pertaining to the Civil Defense of this city and of the Stale. (b) In performing his .duties under this ordinance, and to effect <J?velop or cause . mutual aid "ar'rangemehts ciprocjl Civil Defense 'aldj- sis'tancfe in i case Jof .' di^stfr ' .' ttijfr .great to be : dfealt'with;'un96SJst«a. Such arrangements .' sh,ill be. consistent with, the State Ciyii: Defehse plan and program,' arid iii. thine of emergency it shall, be; the. duty ; .6.f each local organization for;. Civil Defense to render assistance, in ac: cordance with . the • provisions of such mutual aid arrangements, ,, '. (b) The Directpr r ot the organization for Civil Defense may, ; subject to the approval of the Governor, enter into mutual aid arrangements with Civil Defense. agencies or organizations in other states for reciprocal Civil Defense; aid and assistance in case -of disaster -top great to be dealt with unassisted.. SECTION 9. ;APP'ROPRIATIQNS AND AUTHORITY TO 'ACCEPT SERVICES, GRANTS, .AND LOANS person authorized to 03thsi in 'this state, shall be substantially as follows: ....do -sbl?aTinly swe3r (or affirm) 'that I will..support and defend the '.. 'Constitution of the United States, and- the Constitution of the State • of ARKANSAS, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that .1 will'bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and I take - this- -obligation freely, without " any mental reservation or pur- .•pose of'evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to SOUTH Miami (Fa 2q, Holy.-Cross 20 Presbyterian 10, Davidson 7 . Eastern Kentucky 14, Term Tech" 7 , / . ' ' •••'':• Maryland State 34, North Carolina - A&T 13 » MIDWEST . . Kent tate 52, Baldwin-Wallace 7 • ;.:•.:.;• Missouri Valley 66, Central (Mo) 0 -• ' '.'','.-Fort Hays State 14. SfluUiweBt- ern (Kan)7 ' " •',••• Milton 20, Concordia »IU ^ Northeast Oka A&M 13, "Graceland J C6 .-'.-: Westmar 36. Dana 20 Doane 10, Neb. Wesleyafc 5: Kirkdville (Moj 24, (MO 20 Washburn 14, Emporia Static 6 SOUTHWEST College of Ozarks 27, Hehdrix Arkansas A&M 14, HeMerson FAR WEST Texas Christian 20, Southttrfl C?- ifoinia 7 Denver 19, Montana 13 San Francisco State, 13, in Diego State 10 ;. You'lT enjoy ,our . delicious SALADS SEA FOODS FISH Prepared and served ' tne way you like . '' ( them. Doily Lunches ; 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA its regular mou- J?, PC Mfs, (j, Tu^a Jo. vj?|t hep , Optpljier Jett Sat- fiepBee Uiapter ' Order of the 10, Utiy Hera.ori.aj ff. J. 4o the preaching. (a) Whenever the State Government or any agency 1 or officer thereof shall offer to this city, services, equipment, supplies,, materials, or funds by way of gifts, grants or loan, for purposes of Civil Defense, the city, acting through the Mayor, mqy accept such offer and upon such acceptance, the Mayor, may authorize' any officer'or the city to receive such services, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds, on'behalf-of this city, and subject.to-the terms of the'offer and the rules and -regulations, If any, of the agency making the offer. (b) Whenever any person, firm, or corporation shall offdr.'lo this city services, equipment, supplies, materials, or. funds by way of gift, grant or loan, for purposes of CivH Defense, the city, acting through the Mayor, 'may 'accept such ' offer, and upon such acceptance the Mayor of the city'.may. authorize any officer of the 'city to receive such services, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds on .behalf .of the city, and subject to tne terms of.;the ptfer. ': SECTION 10. UTILIZATION Of EXISTING SERVICES'AND F" The Humming Bees of Texarkana w.ill give a musical prograro a v Bethel AME Church Sunday night, Octpber 10. The pubjig'is m- Vitcd, ' •""•••'- "And'I do further swear (or affirm)' that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any political party or organization that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States, or "of this state, by force or violence; and that during such time as I am a. member of the Civil,Defense organization of Hope, Arkansas. I will not advocate nor •become n member of any polit- leal" party or organization that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States, "or of this State, by force or violence". • •SECTION 13. This ordinance shall not be deemed to repeal any existing ordinances on this subject, Hit shall be cumulative thereto. SECTION 14,- SEVERABILITY If any provisions of this ordinance or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held nvalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions' or applications of the ordinance which can given effect without the invalid prov.isiqn'v.or application, and to ihjs. end the provisions of this ordinance are declared to be'severable. SECTION 15. ENFORCEMENT U shall be the duty of the organ- jzation'for Ci.vil Defense established tb'lhis' ordinance, and of ' SEEDS Holland Bulbs Fertilizers Onion Sets. Supplies* MONTS SEED STORE There will be an Eastern Star turnout at Church Hill CME Church. SwMja'y October 10. comroemor* ating Peaks Memorial Day, Th,e fhe Saratpga Chapter and ttje opter wU| t«rn p»t toe In Carrying pyt the provisions ol this ordinance, the Mayor is directed to utilize the services, equipr ment, supplies, and facilities pf existing departments, / oJStices, a«d> agencies of the city, to the maximum extent practicable, and the officers and personnel pf all such departments, pfflces, and agencies are directed to cppperate with, aw ext.cn?} such services and facilities " Maypr, ancj to the CivU P,e. f^tfto city the officers 'thereof, to execute and enforce 'sych orders, rules, and regulstipng, as may be made by the Mayor under authority of this ordinance, S\ich organisation shall have avsiJible for inspection at its "" ' all prders, rules and regu- '"'-• by the Mayor, or lations under his authority SECTION 16. This ordinance shall-become effective immediately upon it§ passage and approval by th'e Mayor pi the City of Hope, ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you con hoive your Home Rewired to meet rrpdern conveniences and nevv fixtures. All on . 12 Easy Payments • . .'...'", ,*, * . ; No Carrying Charge?-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly '•', '•.. •' . '.•. f i • i-" •. .. PASSED ' Jphn L Wilt.on Mayor WROM1 JrtS* mmm Leonard G, Wright, StrOM* Associate W«it Third Str*tr ti Phon*; Hope, Ark, f ^» "»"' *¥: •>$.*>,& *ij' « To City Subscribers: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Star Artahsas .. v .. v ., v .« ifi t£3lfeni& % v sUsttferM mostl^ WL--,.^-.-. Experiment Station ,_. 54-hoxirs eliding ft 4. «,High«9, Low el. , 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 304 to/ of Hope 189$, Pr«M Consolidated Jan. 18, 1*S» HQf»f> ARKANSAS, MONDAY, O^TOBIft 11, 1954 the A««6elal«d PrtJ* I AttlM'Butts* A*. Net P*W Clttl. 6 Mo*. IMIns S*p». 18, 1»S4 Hope One of 4 Tiwns Sought by Industry An industry seeking a plant-site In the South was reported this week- Rulings by Stale Supreme Court j LITTLE ROCK tfl The Arkansas Supreme Court today handed down these decisions: Thomas V. Harris versus Arthur Emmerling and others, appealed from Puluski Chancery Court, reversed and remanded. L. A. Mashburn, collector, versus Auto Finance Corp.. Pulaski Chancery Court, affirmed. end to hnvn whiUlcd the list of Thomas W. Morgan versus G. W. potential locations down to (our Hill, .Teffcrson Chancery Court af- — Hope and one other in Arkansas, firmed. onc^in Louisiana, and one in Miss-1 J. D. Downs nnd others versus isfllpru. • C. B. Miller, Columbia Circuit Industrial .p);mls usually retain Court, affirmed. Accidonlial Life Insurance Co., of California versuy Mini L. Sam- jrions, Pulaiiki Circuit Court, affirmed. Grace Million versus s'.alc, Union Circuit Court, reversed and re- mnndud. Akansas Bar Association versus Union National Chancery Court, Hank, Pulaski affirmed in part r.hd reversed in part. Charlie Graham verses state Hempstead Circuit Court affirmed. a professional "finder" organization to spot new locations for them. BO tin; first thing a community docs in bidding for new industry is to arrange Tor local properly which is acceptable to the "finder" group. Hope did that the first of this month when a group of local men purchased a 116-acre-tract" west of town on the Missouri Pacific rail- rouw, which a nationally-known "finder* organization, approved in advance 1 . . The land was bought in the name of R. M. LaGrone,. Jr., Trustee, by the following: j Albert Graves, Frank McLarty, R. M. LaGrone, Jr., George Robison, Alex. H. Washburn, B. W. Edwards, Vincent W. Foster, Lloyd Spencer; Roy 'Anderson, Earl O'Neal, George Peck, N..'T. Jewell. amf.R. D. Franklin. , Real estate operators arranging the transaction were: Mr. Franklin, Mr. Foster, and J. I. Lieblong. The property, comprising 116 acres, was bought from R. F. Butler; but it is widely known as thc> old W. H. Robison home place. Its j circuit Court this mornine on a proximity to town, railroad switch- j charge of first degree murder .in ing facilities, and ready access to i connection with the death of her 'husband. Osby Cole, June 29. The state' charges that she put rat-poison in a drink which she gave her husband on June 28. The death was originally believed due to heat-stroke. The body was exhumed on July 3 and; sent to the state medical xaminer "at Little Rock and his eport affirme dthat Cole died from oisoriing. Circuit Judge Lyle Brown igned the. order for an autopsy af- c'r police said they had an alleged lonfcssionfrom.. the_ doman.j j A statement admitting poisoning tcr husband was signed by tjiei w HE FORGOT TO -FROWN — In rare good humor, usually, dour-Andrei Y. Vishinsky, Russian delegate to the United Nations, drinks a toast in orange juice, to Mrs. E. N. Pan Kleffehs, wife of the he'wly"elected president of 'the United Nations General Assembly,' at a reception sponsored by. the City of New York in honor of the UN. — NEA Telephoto V cr: - -' 1i?43liredby U.S.asBad WASHINGTON The Elsrn- Pro-Segregation Leader Is Arrested But Refuses to Turn Records Over to Officials Woman to Trial for Poisoning Her Husband Annie Juanita Cole, local Negro Woman, went to trial in Hempstead utilities made it an ideal industrial- plant site, the professional survey lip reported to the local men— on The strength of which report the purchase was made. Members of the purchasing group have pledged that no profit is to be realized by any member in the industrial-site operation. Nat'lB&PW in Progress National Business Women's week, Monday through Saturday, is observed each fall under the auspices of the National Federation of the Business and Professional women clubs. The thonic for the 27lh obst-rvan- C(ifis "Adventure in Achievement" arm its purpose is to focus public y tention on women's contributions to all asnt'els of community lifo A banquet will highlight th week's activities anil has been do- cianated guest night. Mrs, Kilcer Johnson, southwest district chuir- m,an of Toxarkaaa, will be cues speaker. . . The club is plunnine devotional.-) over KXAH at 7;30 a. m... cacl over K.XA11 at'7:30 each mornint Mrs. J. W. Patterson rs. Hoy Slephenson will jn-ar un television Wednesday noon. : . i (n Father's Night Planned by Junior, Senior PTAs Kather's night will be observe! bjSthc Jr.-Sr. High P. T. A. Thurs clay night, October 14, at 7:45 in tin Junior High auditorium. Program chairman, Mrs. Georg Robison, has provided for" specia music, and will present Budd Mhoon and his Civil Air Patrol ca dets in a timely program of interes to all parents. Each year the P. T. A. takes as a secutor Louis Grain, Lt; Harold 'orlerfield and Sgt. Milton Misler if the State Police and.Alvin Willis if the Hope police force, officers said. Witncsseswere being heard in Circuit Court this morning and it's ikely the trial will be completed ,oday. '„ hoWer administration todny raised to 1,743 its official count of Cedcrnl workers fired or resigned with subversive data in their files. The figure was up 1,314 since last March. Th6 number was reported by live Civil, Service Commission as of last June 30 and covered the period since President Eisenhower's new security program went into effect May 28, 1953. Ttvfe, count has become a hot political issue. Vice' President Nixon has said repeatedly the. administration has removed "Communists, follow travelers and security risks" from the government payroll, " not by the hundreds but by the thousands!" Democratic National Chairman Stephen A, Mitchell has challenged Nixbh to name a .singlu Communist let oitt under, the program-. Mitchell contended Nixon is limping real subversives with such persons as loose talkers and drunks. The new tabulation listed the 1,743 "separations"', as cas6s in Which the employes' services were "terminated," or. who . resignrd, with' their files containing "infor- matron Indicating in varying degrees subversive, activities, subversive associations, or membership in subversive organizations." Altogether, the , new tabulation showed 2,611 cases of ."termination for information under 8 A." That lefercnce was to^ tlie section of the Eisenhower security program .covering such matters las • sex perversion, felonies and misdemeanors, an,d all other typas of derogatory By Bli. LbFtUS MlLFOllD, Del. MV fcryatil Bowie,, under arrest on charges ot conspiring to break Delaware's education law, sAid today his pro- scgregaUoh organi/ation will refuse to turn over all of its financial records to the stale attorney general. "I'll turn theSc records over toj" any authoizcd court that requests them." fiowles said, "but I'll not turn them over to the attorney general. "Besides, trying to get tho records of all the chartered organizations in the different stnt.cs on such short notice is Impossible." Bowles referred to subpoenas issued last Friday by State Ally. Gen. H. Albert Young calling on the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) to hand ovor the data on their finances and operations. The NAAWP officials were scheduled to meet with Young in his office in the nearby state capital of Dover today. Bowles, a 34-year-old Marine Corps veteran, faces other troubles in his fight against the IT. S. Supreme Court antlrsegregation edict. He was arrested twice yes- today on charges of conspiring to violate the state education law by loading a boycott of Milford's high school, where. 11 Negroes were admitted to classes lust month for the first time. Schoolmasters Meet Here Tues. A meeting of Southwest Arkansas Schoolmasters will be held in ttopc High School at 7 p. m. Tuesday, it svas announced today. Cecil Shul« Held, Nashville, president of the or< ganization Will preside. High Court Upholds Local Court LITTLE ROC K IA1 Th-; Arlcfln sas Supreme Court today said tha' only the Legislature has authority to dispose of valuable property osvned by the state near Springs. The unanimous decision revcrs cd a ruling of Pulnski Chancery Court, second division, which' salt that the Resources and Develop ment Commission Ind such poVv material, along . \yith relating to Eubversion. information the same ."8 A" heading 4.315' were reported, as having .resigned before, 'determination of theiri cases. '.','•.'."•'' . . ..' That total of ,6,023 separations compared with .3,480 reported last March. By RENE TOPEKA, J. CAi'PON Kan. Stepping crs. The property, including 3J acre! and a ,partly completed industria Westlnghoufce Electric Corp. on plant, was given to tho s"tate by Dec. 30, 10b3 after the compsns changed plans which had led t start the construction. Overall" value of the proportj has been estimated at a rouir' $600,000 or rnon. The formal deed conveyed th acreage and plant In the Resource .. .. ., first figures put-;out in tobu- 3or f(jrjn last ilarch 1 showed only 2^427; off the government . payroll undeEirthe^'Eecurlt^program^ 383 of them -under th* subversive secV tion. The table, however, did 'not include: Defense Department figures, which came in a couple weeks later. :-.. ; , softly' but taking long strides. Kansas , school officials are moving rapidly toward complete integration of white and Negro schools. The atmosphere has been one of great clam. , The South has ben deeply stirred by the Supreme Court decision .last May that segregation in public pehool<5 is unconstitutional. Integration steps in the nation's capital, in Baltimore and .other .commuities huve produced parent protests, students strikes eyeji Tplnxir .riots. ,y '•Here Irt Top^ka, a step-by-step integration program has' caused f ipple ?ol debate-much Vc '' ** state's agency charged with task of developinjj^'AvkansaSrii •Irially. < l , The commission planned to lease or'sell the property'for industrial purposes > although \\o prospective leasee was ever disclosed urider,authority of,Act, 317 of 1937^ This act impowers stata boards and commissions "having supervision of affairs of institutons of the state" to dispose of anjr FTCAccuses U.S. Coffee Exchange WASHINGTON, <UP The Federal, Trade Commission toduy uc- usad Uie New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange 1 ,' its officers and members with engaging 'in illegal trade practices in leading in coffeu futures. The coinmssion issued a complain stating that the exchange unlawfully restricted Incline on the coffee futures marked to coffee im« ported from Santos, Brazil. Coffee imported, from Santo-; amounts to 10 per cent of the coffee consumed in this country. The commission said that use of tin's restrictive contract "contributed to and promoted substantial increases in the prices which the consuming -public- has been required to pay for coffee." The complaint was the first result of .thy cqmmiiv.sion's long investigation into the sudden rise in coffee prices earlier this year. The commission attributed the CHARGED IN BABY-SETTER MURDER — Kenneth Chapin, 18, is guarded by officer William Kelly en route to his arraignment In Sppjnafleld, Mass., in connection with the knife slaying of a neighborhood baby setter, Lynn Ann Smith, 14, and her four-year- old charge, Steven Goldberg. A one-inch piece of crocheted thread found at the murder scene was traced to Chapin's home, and Springfield police say Chapin, who acted as a pallbearer at the murdered tjlrl's funeral, admitted the slaying — NEA Telephoto Some 52,000 Arkansdns Get $20 Million Annually in Social Security Payments By GORDON BROWN There are X^auti judi LUC A . j. . .n, i.cuxi-o oa « . . .. , , * project the most needed service f lse m a , n e «rt«r report to-specula- »t tiv» Ef -hnni TT-nr th» «»<=*.• f»w tlon a^, among other things to the school. For the past few nas ai ded in the building up of tb* school libraries. If the schools are to keep the North Central rating, the libraries must continue to improve. w At this meeting, parents are asked to bring any book they may have that they would like to donate to the libraries. It' in doubt as to Yvhat type books can be used, please ' ,-, contact Mrs. R. L. Broach, P. T. A. " C. W. Barries, 31, Succumbs in Hope Hospital .Charlie W. Barnes, Hope resident,' died Sunday in aj A tabulation prepared by the Dc_ p .jpartment of Health, Education and WAHINGTOJ? in Arkansas soim sa.OOO persons receiving monthly payments under (he federal old-ago an.l survivors insurance program, more popularly called the social security pro- 81-year-old gram. local hospital. Welfare shows that during 1333 the He is .survived by a -sister, Mrs. | Arkansas beneficiaries under the Stella Francis of Little Rock. ibig insurance program received a Funeral services were to be held j total of $20,002,000. at 2 p. m. Monday at Herndon- Cornelius Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. Virgil Keeley. Burial was to be in. Rose Hill Cemetery. Active pallbearers; Robert Cos- sells, C. M. Cox, Harold Marcum. Olen Parris, .Harrison RflSS and lion and, ymung uuici uuuK ft « tu wieii x-axiia, -iiat. the exchange's method of trnding.lDavid Stephenson. 'abernacle Women ~to Sell Chicken Dinners Oct. 73 '., A chicken dinner with ?H the ^ trimmings will be'giyen by the L.a-j become dies Missionary Council pf Hope business Tabernacle, Wednesday, October Getting to the Point Where All Civilization Bound by Some Type of Red Tape By HAL EQYUE. NEW YORK ( Everybody 13, at Fellowship Hall, n. 321 pioeeedb will go to Rev, and complains about .the red tape in government. But we're getting to the point where our entire civilisation soeins to be held together by one type of tape pr another. In slightly more than a quarter of a century tape making has undergone a tremendous revolution, a 200-million-dollar-a-year ..^ Some 300 kinds of tape are now irwde for household shop and Industrial use not including tho "legcndaiy red tape of pu reaucracy- Mri> Walter Haydus of Guatemala) <'Some 150 kinds have been ' " ' " "" " for fuimshings in the Bible School Pormitory for the boys. Lunch w»ll be setved from 11:00 9. m. to <S:QO ThS pri?es we; Ml plst? $l.QO, and snttfj"? plate velopcd since the end pf the second Word War" said W. E. 1 inann, ao executive pf the. . sots Mining & Manufacturing Cp., which la^t mil)i«n year ot turned tape. This Last December there were 51,581 Arkan?ans settiti:; monthly checks and they received a total of $1,737,988 that month. Mendes Pushes far Vote on German Issue PARIS (/r>) —Premier Pierre Men- dcs-'France ..pushed, ahead today with liis drive for quick National Assembly endorsement of the London agreement to rearm Germany He claimed an "important" majority" would back him tomorrow in the parliamentary vote, which would unseat his government if he lost. The National Council of the powerful Socialist party, which holds 105 seats in the 627-member Assembly, scheduled a meeting tonight to set the faction's policy on the nine-power proposals. The National Committee of another major assembly group, the Popular Republican Movement (MRP) disapproved the, London accords yesterday but left their Deputies Committee a final decision on how the 33 Assembly members from the party should vote. The MRP, whose leaders former Foreign Schumand and 6 .Topelta's ' Board " of Education was a defendant in the segregation case 'before tho Supreme Court, but . it was a Jess thau enthusiastic Jitigant. In fact, it jumped the gun on the Supreme Court ruling last year and decided to merge the. segregated elementary schools in the state capital, Today Supt. Wendell Godwin re ports that 12 elementary schools have been fully integrated, two more partially. Tha Heaves only five school districts for completion of the program. and Development Commission, th 20 Dead 'By , CHICAGO :ay mopped «nt the Chicago' kyscraper basemehu dreds from'the'lt ' t& " uptcd Flood eat ta llcted netropolit«n| suburbs, '""- a aboVe that,',. Fourteen ,d nnd five |)thi of .the. deaths attacks and^ accidehtS! and, highwa.^ The~, t torrer£f night'' city.,t Bureau derstor'ms * and tomorrow.' By DAVIC CHICAGO; jred today lf frp1 the ChicftgoJJTO scrapers forced spns from partial pa,,, transportaupnt* , The flqod ^wa< Heaviest vSfitttt" 'invaded' 62'' r sufeL two major Chlca the^the. Union.^t 11 ,wh4re jsonjff* trains we're^i perty ' V>i?; 'vf */ "I nm deeply grateful'to the The those bulk of persons the recipients are over 65 receiving Ministers Hopert Georges Bidault, community's seiiHo of forebarance, tolerance nnd sclf-diMciplin?," lie told a reporter. "Coopoialion .iaa been perfect, I don't know of a single unpleasant incident." % The principal of one large school integrated this fall in northwestern Topeka said' the system is working "just perfectly.; 1 "The kids took to each'other,'' he' related. "The parents cooperated splendidly. As to the teachers — well, one teacher accidentally wasn't assigned any Negro student's in her class. She came to me asking for a rearrangement. She was afraid people might think her attitude esponsiblc." Segregation hps been something of an anomaly in Kansas. Only 10 major cities maitiuned separate schools under a permissive state law enacted in 1807, and even in those segregation has been generally confined to elementary. "But, whether he realizes it or not,".said Zimmermp.nn, "tlio aver= age man now uses some kind of specialized tape from liie cradle to the grave." lie isn't kidding Bcfoie a mother-to-be enters a delivery room, the nurses use autoelavinij tape to marks bundles of towels and dressings. The hospital employs acetate film tape to cover and preserve the baby's footpiints on h, s> birth rec ' prd There ^ shoo tape in h's fust footgear. An acetate fib»e tapo helps. ^>»d i^ sphool writing pads 'l'-H )C J ' : used to seal the box of canJy he buys hib firbt girl old age pension checks monthly. In this category in Arkansas last December were some 20.290. The remainder are survivors-children widows, parents, etc. who receive payments upon death of an insured breadwinner. Nationally ther? are nearly six million persons getting monthly checks under tho program at a monthly rut last December, of $253,893,000. During l!)f>3 these recipients got '.a total of slightly more than three billion dollars. I The department's tabulations for Arkansas counties show that Pulaski County hus' tho greatest number of ' persons getting social security check-some 6,361. These persons got a total of $237,£70 during December Of tti.it number 3,312 were gettiiu; old age chucks, the "• remainder survivors' insurance checks. By- counties, the figures for last December were (total number receiving checks, number getting old age insurance checks and total paid in the county, in that order); had led the unsuccessful fight for Assembly approval of tUe Euro. rean Defense Community (EDO The party contends that the Lon» don proposals do not contain enough of the international- con* trol of German rearmament which EDC would have provided. Columbus Day to Wtm$, & ,enwgh to Jeaph «Y9 Umes tP the The rest of his life he is sur 4'gunded by muJMijlying types of They are jn his'home, his. car. ftis televteipn set, his is ciufes. fhe jnsuvanv^ agent Paisley Class Fifth Grade of Paisley will celebrate Columbus Day Tuesday, Oct. 12, with a program in the auditorium at 10:30 a, m, Tommy Boberts will take the guarantee from Crossett but meals part pf Columbus m the pl^y, "The cost $58.05 and transportation $88.96 Map, Msker." King Ferdinand/ will ' total expenses of $147.01 • . « Jeav^ Aikansas. 5 1, 2cM. Ahh- i««¥rV4fvc;^v «^ u?ed a mending t?pe tp attach ley 573, 260, $20114; Baxter 419 315, $5,403; IJpnton 1,5*4 t&o $55,650; Boone 518, 281, $17,180; Bradley 65f> 288, $21,110; Caftoun 208, 107, $6,657; eairoll 414 $15,700; Chjcot 423, 218: Clark «85 439, $87,3158. BOW LEG CHICAGO. THREAT (UP) An exhibit at the American Academy of Pediafr rics warns that children who spend too much time squatting Indian style in front of television sets may end up with bow legs. Uve director,,,^ and membei-s cpmrriission^in a test-to trte,t(_ Continued on Pag^e Two" Navy to Probe Disaster That Killed 37 NORFOLK, Va.,' (UP) ,A threq man naval board* of inquiry opqns preliminary hearings todny^ on the sudden sinking of the ore freighter Momaekite. The lisaster caused the deaths of 37 of tho ship's'48-' man crew., ", The- 6,214-ton ship sank'so suddenly last,' Thursday after gales, from a non-easter shifted its ore cargo that crewmen didn't have time to send an SOS or lower life boats. , •,' Eleven survivors and '12 bpdios of crewmen were bipught here early yesterday by the ftestrbyer Escorts U.S.S, B«cb and V, S. Eaton. The survivors were reported in satisfactory conditipn after fighting exhaustion, sunburn'and sharks fpr more than* 50> hPurs while clinging to mako-shift rafts fashlpned frpm flpating debris,; The, inquiry into the-disastQi\ wiU bo heard by Capt R, M. HoylR, chief of the filth naval district Jn Norfolk, Others on tho board will be Comdr, W, J. Cpnley and ' Lt. Cmdr, M: E, M-?«kins , Most pf tha suivivors nnd bodies were blucfced from the sea Saturday by the little Crck. ship Mace*, dona. The Maritime-, Trader and the Monroe Victory also picked'up some survivors ' a-u| transferred them to the destroyer escorts, W *'m r ef WASHINSTOT Amerlqan 1 T A ^ tion r has./ct Vates'^owl ...vpf- vide 7 a de^tm'ctiw^l ley ''Awthpf' tion's officj its iCurrent the' contra* w Rpssjx contract ..iWpl "yardstiek; f* p-tttem',v j ''' nitimate TA, pj># ivtp Wi^i £m •".-?$&& fteiWM 'Wt' " |9»M|fi All Around th? Town •y Tht ft»r tUff Two football games last week netted the Athlet|c Department only $110.72 the Junior-North ghts gate total $91.05 but expenses amounted to $33.32 or a profit of $57,73 The Bobcats got » $200 played by Larry Betty Rateliff will be Queen Is a, will'total expenses Walker and.Jng a net profit of $53.1 this ^^••^•^•^^•••^^•••nnVMIIUlTI^ ij-jlfc.1 l^Bfil'W » port ou| prgani?ation has . r from ypur newspaper,. your sett WO members of rypur statt, . >' It Is gratifying tp all Pf us 19 salute ypu, first, as we observe oyu: omv> year as a dub here an4 J>>r'' in this annual observance. are emphasizing in this electien year. Other children in the play will be ABAC Ward, Patsy Beard, Vir- fiinia Church, Charles Butterfield, David Barwick, Linda Ann Clark,. Dwlght Hampton, Lindii Ward,' E}« vin Neal, Michael Braden. Bdward Lamb. Danny Kay, Q. W. Mariner, Larry Houeycutt, Via Pean Mary Virginia Bowtfen, aq,4 Jloy Atphley Nelspn wUi be stage managers r pu^erlie^wWresd " PU8 Pfiiena. "" iefft fer the program wttl week's homecoming game will pair pope against J'airview, Hempstead' S Doi) Ray Brown received a $300 scholarship given by John Cella of Hot Springs a? a top rankjng 4-H club Stock J3b,pw. the State Don. a at the University of Arkansas, was named champion showman in djary division, to. win a $0 A note from th this t9 day: "A§ w <?iufc iolu #14 W9-WO V, 'I- Hjghway pepartment pgen the new pavement lea.4iflg fa tp TexarXnn? on '•'" this the exception of a few miles, jju,at wesj riyer y l? thdn -7PQ i

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