Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1954
Page 6
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^p^f^f^y^w^F^'*^' " "i."*" ^rrnsf"" ' '^' T . r t ^I^SW H8 HI STAR, H6M, ARKANSAS CIE'TY there will be art installation'Of officers for the , r. if%.i(j, Mat an's of th* ill meet< at of Christiah Methodist p. m. Mon Gary COOPER '";.: ifCHNICOLpR -. .- ' Botfy JONIS • Bobtrlo HAYNK. ei? 11. i 6i the church. jviti prc?rt»t the program, VJfgll Kiaeldy will giv9 M rfiwotioaaL Mfti Oexter Bail6y wfil 'jSP^alt on the i subject, "The tfftitect ' Nations and What's in If, For Us." A large attendance As urged, The Garland P. T. A. exectttJvV Xommittee will meet Monday, Oct- «bef 11, at 2:16 p. m. ifa the school ce. Please plan to attend as the Carnival plans will be fflrn Oil horticulture will be shown.' The Beacon Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, October 12, at 7:30 p. m. wittt. Mrs: A. D. Glass, Jr., 604 Johnson streeti for a business meeting and 'an, installation of officers. Mrs.'. P; J, Molt Will be installing officer. Wednesday. October 13 The Bodcaw P. T. A. will meot irt the high school auditorium on Wednesday) October 13, at 7 p. m. The program will be presented by Jfolan Caudle. The speaker will be Ode Goodwin. The public.is invited? and everyone who plans to attend is asked tp bfing a p.ie. . Marilyn's Act Impresses Writer fey B6S THOMAS HOLLYWOOD !/PI — WhehMar. The Fldelis Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have a party- at the church on •Wednesday night, October 13, at 7:30. ' ' » Business woman's Circle of thfe FV» !t Baptist Church will meet 7:45 in the home of Mrs at 921 Wesi Fourtb J. ' Tuesday"* October 12 The Lilac 1 ' Garden Club of DeAnn will meet, Tuesday at 2 p. m. in thf ^T** "**-*•"' ( ^ TKf.... T 1~ Tl..«1, n club,, room vs arid Mrs. W. ., ,. . , . tosses. Each mamber is urged to bo Mrs. Irvln Burke B'irke as co-hos- Ufaocp. «avf» •"--» -- — . present-and brii^S a table centerpiece, Carrying oti,t the autumn the- J'Ga'rland P V T. A.\'iH meet Tuesday night, October JA- at 7=30. Fa- ,thers.of.thei children \ ol Ga ]; li *!'" 3 school will be'in 'charge of the meeting, with Mr, Jame,s Pilkinton as' leader. The subject A' the pro- gramwill.be "Civil De&'nse. Preceding the P. T, A. noting at 1 'p. m. the mothers and \fatners will-have a chance to meVt tne teachers and look over ,the s«."A * *The Iris 'Garden .Club will October ,2 /Tuesday afternoon, October i/, ,» 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Charlas Vie LAST DAY * ««-BIG TRIPLE • PROGRAM :' I1:07-1:59-5i:04r7:56- WElSSMULLElr-i' a-. JUNGLE JIM John DEREK-Joan EVANS Patmos i?. T. A. will meet Wednesday night, October 13, at 7:30. A1J members are-urged to attend. Townsend—Vines Wedding Announced The wedding of Miss Bobbie Nell Vines and Airman First Class Lynn Townsend was solemnized Thursday, October.7, in the home of Mr. arid Mrs. Henry Force, 701 South Grady in'Hope. The bride'is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Vines of Patmos. Mr. Townserid.'s parents are Mr. and Mrs.' H. C. Townsend • of Spring Hill. Elder Howard White, pastor of the Unity Baptist Church, officiated at 'the ceremony; . F.6? her wedding the bride chose a pink frock with rhinestone trim slafe gray accessories and a : pink velvet hat. She pinned an orchid at her shoulder. Her only ornamen was a single strand of pearls, £ gift 1 of the bridegroom., Miss Patty 'Rogers of Patmbi was maid of honor ; and the-bride's only attendant. She -wore a dres of pale green taffeta and black as pessories. Her- corsage was white carnations. Airman' Third Class Glen Town gend of Denver, Colo., brother o v the groom, served, as blest man. . Following the ceremony a recep .i<A"i was held. The tiered weddin cak\e, topped with, a miniature bricia. and'i? room ' coffee were -serv.ee by ]V!U'S. Henry For6e "and' Mrs. Bister oF'the bride; After'-^ wedding trip, the ;counj will be a* home. in COrdipolisv Perm sylvahia, where the; groom.: ; is Stationed W.ith the Air Fo'nce.," The guest Jist included Roy; Dud neyi Larry Ivlay. FarreJ Townsend Shirley Ann Diudney, Mr,s..,H%a rd White," JanettC. May, .^nrl^Town send, Leighton Craig, Wanda Perry Martha Nell Pearl Glover. Biddle, and 5 OF SERIAL African Jupigle " MONDAY PRICES! NUMBER CHANf-GE COLUMBUS, O., • CUP) •— Hay rnond Derns, 63, arid his wife Bes sie,'57 weoro arrested yesterday on charges of changing tlia number on horse race ticket 1 ; at Beiila Park* and collecting on them afte the race had been run. Track- officials asked the; sherif not to revea 1 the number charigin system. ilyn Monroe emerged from he hori- eymbdh house after two days of seclusion this week, she revealed a Monroe the public had never sen before. ' . . An hour after .Too DJMaggio had left .the hotiFe. and ioffnally ended their nine-month marriage, Marilyn came out and faced the 50 news men. She was frightened and emo tionally upset. She ciuflg to s lawyer Jerry Giesler and scarcly heard the riuesticms that were flung t her. Her eyes filled \vith tears. A far cry from the beauteous londe who delighted interviewers ith quote: like: "Sex is part C nature; I'd rather go along with ature;' Quite, .different from the irl' who/admitted she posed for lat calendar. Did she hava any- hing on? Her reply: "Yes, the adio." The real Marilyn, her friends ay, is the girl who was sqarei? to ealh last Wednesday and not the lamor doll who gives out sexy uotes and poses with moist, half- pened lips. That's just an act he fulfillment of the dreams of an rphan .girl; You get a different picture of Marilyn Monroe from those who have worked closely with her. Says one of her admirers, actress Lau'ren Bacall: "She's a hard girl to get to now.-:But you have the feeling that she wants to be liked. That seems Finds People dbritinued from Page One conditions .He has put in hundreds of'hours on crog dusting as* signments, and crop dusting is, for sure, g hazardous type of air operation. '' He made a five-figure net in one year on crop dusting, with five young pilots flying under contract to him. But he gave it up, almost gladiy, to go into the poultry selling business because he couldn't stand the nightly waiting to see if all his planes and his pilots, . who were also his friends, would return safe and sound. Bill is a graduate of Oklahoma A. and M., a highly rated institution in the field of agricultural education. He taught school for several years. before becoming a pilot, airport manager and charter plane , operator. He is a tall, slender Arkansan with black hair, dark eyes and an air of easy self-confidence about him such as. the gunfighters of the Old West must have possessed. BILL DROPPED us' off at the hatchery branch in Hope and we picked up a station wagon and then went down to check in at Tarpley's motel, a trim two- Story red and white building, with black wrought iron rails on the outside stairways and the upper balcony. Bill, of course went on to his home. The weather was cool, almost chilly, as we drove the 32 miles for- what Randolph promised would be a very fine dinner • at the Town House r^es- taurant in Texarkana. The Town House, a brightly lighted 'place With pleasant pastel tones on the walls, is located -in PRESCOTT NEWS i and the chairman of the different communities reported on their trt Servicft Club Has Progressive Dinner The members and husbands of | work. A good social service rep*t the Tri-Service Club entertained!was given. It was voted to have with a progressive dinner October | the Second Study Course on Octp 5. Guests arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Worthing where they were served Hor D Delivers from the dining room table, covered with a linen cloth, centered with a lazy Susan containing in attractive assortments of canapes and appetizers.. Vicki Ruth! Oct. 5, at the Cora Don* rtell hospital. Mr. pnd Mrs. Granville -Colcman of Memphis, Term., announce me arrival of a daughter, Jan, on Oct. 3. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Otis Coleman. ber 21st at the church and also to have the November meeting on November !! at the home of Mrs. Lela Hays. Mrs. Charlie Thomas hart eh&rge of the program and study course. The devotional was from 145 Psalms and the study on Christian- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McNeil Atlanta. Ga., announce the arrival of a daughter on Oct. 3. Mrs. Hugh McDaniel is the maternal grand' mother. . . . mportant to her. Her instincts are l ° ne * on me waus, is lou-ieu^ -m u_.x _« >. V,!^.^i- ™t a ,*nnv the Arkansas section of Texarkana .hose of a nice-gal, not a phony. She's wary of people and probab- y with good reason; she's ben stung by many of them." The press agent who works closest to Marilyn-has this to say: 'To understand Marilyn, you have to study her early life. She was taken in as a little girl by a group of religious fanatics who told her 'God will hate you' because she was singing and dancing. Then she lived with some Britiuh. vaudevil- liajns who taught her theatrical tricks. She also-lived with an' elderly woman.a lawyer and others. She's bound to be confused. "I think-her rough • childhood is why she's always late. It's, part of her basic insecurity." From all I can observe, a picture pf two Monroes emerges. One is Marilyn, the movie queen, the walking image of sex. By the shrewdest brand of publicity she has ben built into a Iving legend. , The other side is a girl named Norma Jean Baker. She led an orphan clyldhood, unwanted and unloved. She grew up painfully shy r and f«ar,ful 'of- people.. Yet- her ambition to be liked drovj her to iiniversal -prominence. .The Hollywood know-it-alls have guessed at .-the, real : cause, of the DiMaggp-Monroe split. They're stab bing in the dark, because Marilyn has told no one. Pnrhaps slia never will. Only one person ever came close to gaining her complete confidence and that was Joe. Now he is gone. It .may take her a long time to recover. ipart or ine town, as '""JV^eu "* present. Mrs. W. F. Ligon and Mrs its name, is in Texas). "What would ^ eTen i mifh „„,„ Wp1 * ed as neu you like?" asked he waitress. "I thihfe ' I'll" have the fried chicken." said John. "Sounds good," said I.' The chicken heaped on . a platter with french fried potatoes was excellent; The total was '$3.10. Asks Observance of Veterans Day DENVER 1 WP) : President Eisenhower today called on all Ameri (part of the town, as indicated by Julia Miss Marguerite Avery taking part. It was voted to send flowers to Mrs. L. O. Lee and Mrs. J.W. Gist who are ill. This bo'lni* the birthday month of the Guild an offering was collected. Delicious refreshments were served at the close of the meeting. Games and television were en-jlty and Wealth, .was given by Mrs. joyed before going to the home of i Thomas with Mrs. .Vuel Chamber VIr and Mrs. Carl Dalrymple where j lai n. Mrs. Lola Hays, Mrs. 1 " 1i " the main course was served fromjGahn, Mrs. J. A. Eagle and Individual tables centered with roses: Other arrangements of au- ;umri flowers and fruit were placed throughout the party rooms. Assisting Mrs. Dalrymple were Mesdames, Vernon Buchanan, Bob Yarbrough, Bob Reynolds, and Frank Haltom. After dinner the guests arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bemis where they were served a delectable dessert course. Other guests enjoying the occasion were: Mrs. E. Adams, Mrs. Eugene Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guihrie Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. V. McMahan, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Franks, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gray,' Dr.and Mrs. C. P. Arnold, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Rouse, and Mr. and Mrs. Milford Daniels, of Magnolia. , Mrs. Imon Gee Hostess To W. S. C. S. Circle 2 Mrs. Imon Gee was hostess to Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church at her home on Monday afternoon with 13 CHICKENS TURN UP , for that out stage.. • In today Convict Author Reprieved Again SAN FRANCISCO L?l Convicted kidnap-fapist Caryl Chessman had another tenuous lease on life to-day and .another legal victory in his six-year fight to avoid the gas chamber. ' The State Supreme Court yesterday refused : to vacate the state of execution one of' 'its members granted'•••'the - 32-ysar-ol& author of "Cell 345, Death Row*' on July :29, the; eye of his most recent date with death, That" means Chessman's case is again-v.ih the-hands of the Supreme Court ;of the United States and he cannot be executed until at least 6- days- 1 after that court acts. Chessman's, attorney, Berwyn Rice, said he understood the .high court-plans to: cofisider the case Wednesday. M. L. Smith were welcomed as new members. The business was conducted by the chairman, Mrs. Adam Guthrie, after which Mrs. L. C. Gatlin gave, the devotional talk on "Peace and International' Order" based on Psalm 127. Mrs. C. A. Wynn spoke on "The Life of Helen Kim". Mrs. Gatlin told of "The Life ol Bishop Bromley Oxnam." The meeting closed with prayer Miss Evans Bride-elect Honored Mrs. Meltie Robinson and Mrs. Wesley Lindsey as.sisted by Airs. Clifford Johnson and Mrs. Watson .White, Jr., honored Miss Sharlie Hae Evans with a . miscellaneous bridal shower in the dining room of the First Baptist church Tuesday afternoon. Long wiiile streamers marked the honorce's chair. Mrs. White presented Miss Evans a corsage of pink roses. Mrs. Roy Stainton had charge of jthe bridal games in which prizes •ere won by Mrs. Loyce Anderson and the bride-elect. After the gifts were opened displayed dainty carrying out the pink and color note were sewed by Anderson and Mrs he table spread with a lace cioth jver pink. A crystal bowl ivith clematis and.pink lilies form d the cenlerpeice. There \yei e 35 guests. Those from the First Baptist who attended tlic B. T. U. by Mrs. J. Delicious served during the social hour. Wi Teeter. refreshments were cans to -observe-Veterans Day, Nov. 11, .by remembering "the. sacrifices of all 'those who fought so valiantly" and through rededication "to the task of promoting an enduring peace." The President signed a proclamation 'noting that Congress last year passed- a resolution changing Armisticfef Day, which ' commeuo-, rated Wo'fld War 1 dead, to Veterans Day, in honor of the service- j men of all America's wars. Mrs. Warren Cummings Entertains Presbyterian Circle 3 Rev. W.G. Bensberg voiced the opening prayer when Circle 3 of the Presbyterian Church met on Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Warren Cummings. The chairman, Mrs. Max Bryant presided and conducted • the busi- ' ' meeting at Beech Street Baptist church in Gurdon Tuesday evening ivere: Rev. We.>lay Lindsay and Danny, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buchanan, Mrs. Brozie Haynie, Mrs. Loyce Anderson, M.vs. A. S. Buchanan, Mrs. J.' M. Duke, Jr.. Mrs. Wallace Purtle, Mrs. J. D. Hines Mrs. Roy Loomis, Mrs. Harolc Lewis, Mrs. Thull Planning and !oy Braden. Those attending : the Central District meeiirtg of the Arkansas High School Press Association- at Hen- ness. { ; i • y, Grandeur, Pleasure, Passion, Splendor that was Rome! • 9 * Statement of'Condition of . FIRST NATIONAL BANK HOPE/ARKANSAS ' ; At the Close of Business on October 7, 1954 TECHNICOLOR RESOURCES Loans • C, C. C. Cotton Loans ., , • Fgrniture.and Fixtures -• Other Assets • Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Bonds and Securities • U. S. Government Bonds Cosh and Sight Exchange $ 762,947.89 3,028.41 , 1.00 10,342.48 15,000.00 1,211,840.72 .2,629,570.03 1,398.083.00 HAY WARD UEBKA HAGH TOTAL $6,030,813,53 LIABILITIES <\. -• • - •« Capital Stock - 100,000.00 Surplus 400,000.00 Undivided Profits •' 77,440.66 Reserved for Taxes • 28,619.41 Peposits • 5,424,753.46 TOTAL - - '$6,030,813.53 Officers Dti W. Kandall Lemley Vice Pceeldent Vincent W. Fo?t«r 9y^ M9M»llh g^c, Vice President W, H- aunt*p '"*' Thprna,? E, H8y§ » » » .QftRhlep, .Tft9JB9lJBj Hsys """ J- Q'fitAtlt » * A»»'t baahl«p i' j" . ... W*WM < 't Cashier (irsy^pn Anthpny $ 10,099-00 Majsimwm Imurqncj fe»r Elch OF FEpgRAl RBSERVg y "• y&Us end,all Lemley McMath |, McWII FO'N??! Spenoer r,. '.v^** -:-. ^^^r^^^y^'-'T^^^^^^n^^i^ ,4!- v ', " ' " V "" "'«•*"• V-'J?*' 1 ': ' «* *' , October 9,1954 H 0 P I STAR,. HO PI,.ARKANSAS 07ARK (HI IWASAHALF- HOtiR LATE TO V/ORK THIS MORNING BECAUSE VOUR KITCHEN CLOCK WAS SLOW WHEN THE SXTN WAS /D* IT •IIHll»a I KNOW IT- BUT t GUESSED ABOUT WHEN IT \WOULD BE DIRECTLY BLAME MV;LITtLE CHRECTty ffivtRHEAD,V VESTEROAX --- "••" IT BY THE SUN VEStEROAV HEAOY tO EAT While they last . BURT'SBARBQ Reaf AiP and Stores OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wllllamt NO 5EN5B IN MV GOMINS IN THEW, UIMMV. WeuU,.THERE'SOWE Answef to' Previous Puzzlt i«»n-.,, ia Plunge It? HOPEl? \VB OUT- WHEM THE HOMELV OMEfe PUTSOSUJWOM ACROSffN' 1 4 Consumed 1 One of 5 Whirlwinds Panama's e u Poh (law) chief exports 7 Three times is *~i— (comb, form) 6 It raises a lot 8 H °P S ' klln of 9 Retinue j 11 Harangues 10 Gamblin£ ! 13 Woody vine Same 14 Most mature 12 Stupefy . 15 Ascended 13 Walking stick 26 Promontory '42 Tidy i 16 Paid notices 18 ? oad ( ab -> 28 Military 43 Girl's name i in newspapers 20M °st rational assistant ..45 Youths, ,17 Footed vase 21 Click-beetle 29 Equal ' 46 tet it stand 1 19 Number 22 Reiterate 3 a Strays .- '•' 47 Scatters. 20 Dispatchers 23 Divests 38 Notion '49 Auricle '24 The 24^ish 39 Six {Roman) 50 Cornish town I across this 25 It has an——40 Redact > (prefix) i country is of 28,575 4t Pewter coins •• 52 Low, haunt vital to square miles o£ Thailand 53 Compass point world trade • ' * 27 Storehouse at MARY-eONA BEAUTY SHOP 113 S, Elm Ph. 7-2616 WASH TUBBS % .^i .......... . ... ,.^ .._... ..... i .A...YOU SEEi HE KNEW YOU'D BE CRUSHED WHMT ABOUT OLP YjO R£AP THIS {#BlCIL tO. PAPERS? WOUICGRAMPPArHER!5 Will. . ' • AT iNK6*ttriN<3 • fi,DAY LP our p — • ^HH LET '& FOR QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY 31 Amphitheater 32 Snooper 33 Set anew 34 Kind of duck 35 Antiquated 36 Mimickers 37 Three-legged .stands Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 for. speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. . BODPLE.-fMATS, 41 Blackbird of cuckoo family STY AWU/-1 ALWAYS POETIC LOM&IN6 FOR BEISUT AFr£EMOOiS/-~TlfAeT0 TAKE LD HAMIAOCk? -~ H Crescent Drug 44 Accomplished .45 Type of. boat . IM TW& HOPS 1 ' 51 Form a hotion 225 S. MAIN ;54 Italian ! condiment (55 Ministered to • !56 Fixed look 57 Birds' homes DOWN 1 Feminine •5OOT5 ANDHEK BUDDIES 2 Dry 3 Head coverings CARNIVAL By Dick Turhtr derson State Teachers college Tuesday were Prune Layer CAKE with fruit icing Applesauce CAKE iyn Lee, Judy Haynie, :Frances Wooley. Ligon, Shirley Jewelle. Herring, Caroline, Sue An Margaret Phillips and.Ju 'Blueberry PIE BUGS BUNNY Lt. Col. and Mrs. S. B. OF tue OUTDOOR Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Blakfly, and Mrs: Mark Justiss spent Tues day in Hot Springs. Brown 'N' Serve Rolls fresh Daily FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbtfrget THIS ANYTHING, / CLEANINS, I. PETUMlA! —< .. .150 AWAY! Mrs. L. C. Dill returned Tuesday JOE'S CITY BAKERY to Hot Springs her mother, Mrs.. Brad.- Hamilton IhTTEBESTBD Bryan Ritchie 'motored to kana Tuesday for the day. and Mrs. Dawson Henry an 216 S. Main and approVec Statement of Condition of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK HOPE, ARKANSAS At the Close of Business on Oct. '7, 1954 ALLEY OOP ..HOWEVER, I'LL TRY 10 GO ALONG WITH TH5Cy$TOM5 OF VPIDR PEOPLE, A "\ RATHER IT " FETCHING tOa ONLY MY SKILL AS /PON'TWAm WARRIOR?/ TO HURT NEEDEP TO ESTABLISH "On th? other hand It must be njce fp kr>9W wat yw r» at least half right all theitinfi(jJ" By Golbroith RESOURCES $1,532,913.56 26,811.25 1,000,000.00 1,657,643.94 15,000.00 127,732.05 25,000.00 1,099,215.34 SIDE GLANCES Loans and Discounts Banking House and Fixtures United States Bonds Other Bonds and Securities . Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Demand Loans on Cotton Other Real Estate Cash and Exchange "This is our first appeal 1 ." By Neriine PRISCILLA'S POP $5,484,316,14 LIABILITIES 150,000,00 350,000.00 359,679.56 13191458 4,6/0,722.00 Capitol Stock Surplus Undivided Profits . Unearned Interest Deposits >m:8* '*' n&wSpi THI 5T9RY OF MARTHA WAYHSJ $5,484,316.14 Director , T. Jewell O. A. Grave* . M. L^Qrone, Jr. C. p. 8praali\| 8 Hnynei ^ r Mrs. Floyd Hubbard . presented the. Bible study on Acts and showed color slides of the life of Paul. Miss Julia Logan had charge the program on "Church Extension" and told of the city Churches she had visited. A , delectable salad course was served to 12 members and Rev and Mrs. . Bensberg. The Wesleyan Guild of the First Methodist Church met Monday ni ght at the home of Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain. There were 19 members and three guests, Mrs. J. W. Tee ter, Mrs. Tippett, and Mrs. Green oresent. Mrs. Julia Gann. vice president, presided in the absence of the president, Mrs. L. O. Lee Minutes were read 0. A. Craves Chairman of the Board R. M. LaGrone, Jr President C. C. Sprafllns — Executive vlce-Pres. plln Lewie Assistant Cashier Raymond Jones Assl$t»n£'Ca8hier $10,000-00 Maximum Insurance far Each ._ MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BttvA ' ' ,<- ,. ,- ( . t ' , . *, . * , * j, A Oi, T t' *, t, l t H V

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