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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 47

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 47

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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DEVEIDPMENT SECTIQM1 lE3 VOL. CVIII- OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 1928 NO. 15 EAST OAKLAND HOSPITAL TO BE ERECTED Aircraft Co. Occupies New Plant Aircraft Industries airplane manufacturing company of San Leandro, report large increase of business. This concern is directed by noted (li'ers.

Large plane shown is the property of D. Warren and is being completely rebuilt to Travelair specifications. Oval shows the "Comet 375-pound airplane engine, developed by the personnel of the company, and which is to be manufactured in their new plant. The company states that the motor develops 1 60 H. P.

and has passed all tests successfully. Below is the exterior of the new plant. Waters Ha'mlain photos. )erve gain P. M.

Sanford, unanimously elected president of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for the third consecutive term, and E. B. Bull, first vice-president, also the unanimous choice of the directors. JEW DFFIGERS TELL 1101 LAHGEBUSINESS VOLUME BY LAUNDRY CO. 11.11- PLANS New Motli-proofing System Meets With Public Favor, Says Weiss.

Structure Is Designed" H. Weeks; Leo J. Lesser Heads Corporation -V. a --7. 1 EBERHARD WILLI Pioneer Laundry Expands Service The Pioneer Laundry company has added the Spradlin system of odorless moth-proofing to its activities.

Another addition is the Glover Clarification system. At top is the original plant of the company. In oval is F. W. Weiss, president and general manager.

Coleman' photo. 1 if- JJ Mr Aircraft Industries Move Into Their New Home The Spradlin Odorless Moth- proofing System, a unique clothes- protective system, has met with instantaneous public favor In the Eastbay, according to F. W. Weiss, president and general manager of the Pioneer Laundry company, exclusive Eastbay representatives of the system. "The Spradlin system, which is not only odorless and colorless, but absolutely permanent, is not affected by washing, dry cleaning or vacuum cleaning and is being applied successfully to the most delicate fabrics, furs and feathers with lasting stated Weiss.

"It is affording incalculable aid in reducing the huge losses caused by moths. "The Clover Clarification system, insuring a constant flow of clean pure solvents to garments and bringing out the original color of all fabrics without injury, has been added to the dry cleaning depart ment of the Pioneer Laundry. Our large modern plant, central ly located at Sixty-third and Doyle streets, is devoted exclusively to family laundry service. With 150 skilled employees, the finest equip ment obtainable, including a blanket cleaning machine which thoroughly cleanses and sterilizes blankets without shrinkage, and with 27 routes covering the entire East- bay from Richmond to Hay ward with a twice daily fast delivery seri vice, we in a position to render a superior service. In view of the fact that all mending is done and buttons sewed on free, on all finish ed work, thousands of Eastbay fam ilies are taking our service, ranging from damp wash to de luxe finished I i City Plan-Conference Program Is Planned Tentative dates for the third an nual city planning conference of the California Real Estate association and the California League of Municipalities at Pasadena have been set for April 26 to 28, according to announcement made by W.

L. Pollard, Los Angeles, chairman of the city plan committee of the association. This announcement was made following a meeting of the program committee, at which a tentative outline of the program to be followed for the tw days and a half of sessions was made. A feature of the program Is to be an exhibit of maps, showing city plan work operation, and what is planned for the future. Parks, both state and city, will be another feature of discussion on the P.

M. Sanford Re-elected President for Third Term; Bull, Renwick Serve Again RICHMOND, Jan. 14. The Richmond Chamber of Commerce has launched Its 192S activities under the same officers who directed its activities last year with P. M.

Sanford, three times president, the unanimous choice of his colleagues on the board of directors. Serving with Sanford and also unanimously elected at the meeting of directors last Wednesday. January 11, are E. B. Bull, first vice-president, and Charles S.

Renwick, second vice-president. Bull is president of the Richmond real estate board. The other members of the board of directors are: Joseph F. Brooks: Otto R. Ludewig, H.

C. Creeger, E. M. Downer. H.

A. Johnston, Fred Caudle, Larkin J. Younce, TV. W. Scott, A.

L. Paulsen, W. T. Helms, M. Hays, James A.

McVittie. Ira Vaughn, Aubrey Wilson, Fred Newsom, Fred B. La Moine, George N. Hooker, T. H.

De Lap. An announcement reads: "These men represent Richmond's widely diversified industrial, commercial and civic interests. There are bankers, merchants, the superintendent of schools, two city councilmen, the city manager, the general manager of the Standard Oil company's refineries on the Pacific Coast, In the board of directors." "Sanford and the two vice-presidents were placed- in nomination by Director Brooks, general manager of refineries for the Standard Oil company, seconded by Director De Lap, prominent attorney and legal adviser to large corporations. "These men have served the amber of commerce and the peo-mi of Richmond well," said Kl-ooks and added: "There is no reason why we should change them." President Sanford outlined the policies of the chamber of commerce for the new year briefly: "The year just past has been one of compelling accomplishment. The year ahead looms as an even greater achievement year.

chamber of commerce has an ambitious program to aid the industrial and civic growth of the city of We plan to work harmoniously with our neighboring cities. We are keenly interested in bringing the great industrial traf-fice artery along the bay shore from Richmond to Oakiand to fruition a plan originating with our own city planning commission and our city plan advisor. Dr. Carol Aronovlcl. De have the street car transportation problem before us which the chamber, working with the city council, hopes to solve for the benefit of all.

Our harbor work is well under way and the government has ordered a re-survey, as provided for in our harbor bond issue of $690,000 voted last August, for channels and turning basins of an approved depth of 32 feet as against 24 feet as at present. "The location of the Doheny oil interests in Richmond with work under way on a great oil terminal, which will represent a $3,000,000 investment when completed, came late in 1027 and will be carried on during 1928." "Then there is the combined wharf and cargo building to-, be built jointly bv the Citv nt Rich mond, under the harbor bond issue and me x-arr Terminal tion. on tne Inner harhor. Thi cility will cost approximately Plans and specifications are ready and work Is expected to start shortly." "The chamber of commerce is prepared play its part in attracting and locating industries in Richmond." LDINDSAY B. Rooke, independent packer and shipper of Lindsay, Tulare county, has a contract for what is believed to be the largest single export order from the Lindsay district.

The order consists of 10,000 packed boxes of Tulare county grapefruit, shipping period from November 1 to March 10, 1928. This fruit goes to European markets. LOANS PLENTY OF MONEY FOR IMMEDIATE LOANS ON NEW CONSTRUCTION. REASONABLE FLAT PERIOD AND PERMANENT INSTALLMENT LOAN COMBINED Prompt Seroke Reasonable Costs Assets over $20,000,000.00 COMPANY The growing East Oakland 'dis-' trict will soon have its own 'prl-; vately owned hospital, it nounced. Through the medium of a $120,000 issue of first (doted) mortgage 6' per cent fifteen year', Sinking Fund Gold Bonds, under--, written by H.

G. Lane local financial house, the hospital -ing corporation will shortly erect-at the corner of East Fourteenth' street and Twenty-seventh avenue, a large four-story building, of steel and reinforced concrete construe-' tion. with a capacity of 50 beds', -divided Into 40 private rooms and -two wards. The bonds will constitute a 60 per cent loan upon. the.

completed project. Site, structure' and equipment represents a total Investment of J25O.00O. "The new hospital, designed by-' W. II. Weeks, architect, will be the ultimate in design, construction and equipment and fills an actual need in the growing Frultvale section'." said Leo J.

Lesser, president of the Hospital Building corporation, owners of the project. building will also be readily convertible into Ueveral alternatives, such as office. apartment or otuce Duuaing. "The entire building has- been leased for 25 years to a group of Oakland according to an official statement, issued by- the' corporation. The lessees will op-? erate the hospital, assume all upkeep charges and pay any increase.

in taxes above prevailing rates. A "The history of every aged hospital in the Eastbay. is a record of consistent earnings and, expansion. Lesser added 'The general policy of the East Oakland hospital will De that sot 'an open staff; this means, that all recog nized doctors will be given full In addition to general' business, the hospital will be avail able for the industrial and' emergency business of industries adjoin. ing the Estuary.

mtMm Action! You get quick action with an Electrogas floor furnace because it takes the cold air from the room at the floor level, heats it and again distributes it in the room. Sold on Easy tPayment POLLARD SEAGRAVE CO. 320 13th Street Near Webster Green Stanley J. Smith Mauler Serury.Treasarer Bill of national repute acting as con sultants. Chaplan and Jones, law yers, are nanctnng the legal busi ness of the corporation.

"The company has recently re- Dunt a Travel Air Biplane for D. C. WfrVib'iplying with Travel Air specifications! consisting of welded, seamless steel tubing fuselage and iaoric covering. It nas undertaken the complete rebuilding of the Waco plane for the Atlantio and Pacific Airways. This plane was constructed with an Oakland i developed motor, known as the Comet Airplane Engine.

The engine weighs 375 pounds and develops 160 H. P. It is reputed to be one of the great revolutions in Aircraft engines, and may be inspected at the plant of the Aircraft Industries, in San Leandro, "The company is now building a large cabin passenger carrying monoplane tor Maj. Livingston Irving, and other major repair jobs, The plant is open for public inspec tion on esunaays. "The expansion program of the aircraft industries is to build a cus tom airplane that the people want, durable, economical of fuel and safe In construction.

The company nas access to tne uomet motor and will build 'a medium priced sport ship. "It Is stated in aeronautical circles that the potential demand for modern aircraft will exceed more than 100,000 airplanes at this time. Twenty-one per cent of the aviation development Is now In California and it Is believed that a large portion of this development will be in Oakland. The Standard Oil Company report that 39 new airports were established In the West from June, 1927 to September, 1927, and many new airports are now under way on the Pacific coast. "The personnel of the above aircraft company have made big strides in aviation construction during the past few months.

Their plant is located at 931 and 935 East 14th Street, San Leandro. TALK AT SCHOOL George H. Eberhard, well known as a business economist and authority on merchandising, vwill be heard in an address to be delivered to students of the Wickham Havens Salesmen's Training School oij January 17. This is one of a series of lectures on the Fundamentals of modern to which the public are invited, as already announced in the TRIBUNE. An announcement reads: Eberhard's career is an example of what can be accomplished by consistent study, determination, hard work and salesmanship.

"Eberhard is president of the George H. Eberhard company of San Francisco and has bankitT and other business interests throughout the west. For the past 25 years he has made a study of business economics and his nniiiinns and predictions are sought, by many large business interests. He is active in the organization and leadership of advertising clubs, sales managers' associations and other t.ade service groups along the coast. "Many other authorities on modern salesmanship have accepted invitations to give talks before the open classes in the Wickham Havens school next week.

According to school officials these classes, which begin Monday and continue daily, from 7:30 to 9:30 p. until Friday, January 20, constitute a complete course of instruction In the principles of salesmanship and will be of great value to anyone engaged in sales work or who may contemplate entering the selling profession. "There will be no fee charged for the course," says W. S. Wallace of the Wickham Havens organization, who is in charge of the training school.

"Nor will anyone who attends the classes be asked to buy property or to otherwise obligate themselves. It Is simply a "good will" offer, the same as we made a year ago. At that time several hundred men and women outside of our own took the course and pronounced it highly successful. Just as many more people were unable to take the course because we could not accommodate them in our auditorium and It is primarily for the benefit of these disappointed ones that we are repeating the course at this time. All those desiring to attend the classes must register at our main office, 1510 Franklin Sunday or Monday, before 6 p.

S.S. Vessels Make Way for the A notable trend In ship construction was evinced in 1927 when a total of 118 electrically-propelled vessels were placed in operation or were under construction. The largest of these was the Panama-Pacific liner the (S.S.?) California, launched this fall. Flat SALESMEN active an Realtors throughout the state are looking forward to a year of sound business and unusual activity in the ranks of local, state and na tional realty organizations, accord ing to Ralph A. Knapp, well known Oakland realtor who returned tnis week from the annual meeting of the board of directors of the California Real Estate association at San Diego.

Knapp, who is vice-presiaent or. the state organization and a direc tor of the local Real Estate uoara, went to the San Diego meeting as official representative of the East-bay district Hal G. Hotchkiss of San Dieeo was installed- in office as president of the state body at the meeting witn xormai inaugural ceremonies- He succeeds Harry B. Allen of San Francisco as chief executive of the state realty organization. In outlining plans lor nis aa- ministration at the San Diego meeting.

Hotchkiss urged. that all real estate boards throughout the state and their members, take an active during the coming year in an puoiic matters, panicuiany tax problems and laws, Knapp said. Every effort will De maae, ne saiu, to keep the real property owner from bearing too great a burden of the expense of government while other interest! are eitner exempi from taxes or are taxed little. The directors, at the Ban Diego meeting, ratified the agreement with the National Association, of LEflSESSITE Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise company has leased quarters at 2360 West street, Oakland, for the distribution of Blue Ribbon mayonnaise, sandwich spread, thousand islands dressing, Gulen's mustard, and Hellman's horseradish. Five men are now employed and four trucks are used for local deliveries.

The investment in stock and equipment is approximately $10,000. A new building is now under construction for this company at Eighteenth and Market streets, which will probably be ready for occupancy on February 10. Within the next twelve months it Is expected that the number of employees will be doubled and that 8 or 9 trucks will be in use. W. L.

Kennedy is manager of the local plant. The real estate transaction was handled by H. G. Terry, Ray building, Oakland. Real Estate Boards, the local vice-president of the association reported, which will make every merftber of a real estate board affiliated with the national organization, a member of the state association, also.

This is known as the "three way plan" whereby realtors in California will enjoy membership in their local board, the state association and the National Association of Real Estate Boards. The known Aircraft Industries, well-airplane manufacturing company of San Leandro, have moved into their new home the. company will build and construct custom-built The company has been In' business for some time, building and reconstructing airplanes. They will also do a general major repair business, operate a complete aeronautical supply depot for the Pacific Coast and handle a general line of aviation and flying equipment, consisting of flying suits, helmets, goggles, coats, boots and gloves. Spaulding aviation equipment will be featured.

An announcement reads: "The Incorporators of the, company are J. F. Long, A. R. Wild.

J. L. Berney, and Chas L. Henck, all experienced men in the aeronautical field. Long formerly was with the Douglass Aircraft company of Sapta Monica in an engineering capacity; Wild has for the past twenty years been associated with aircraft activities in the capacity of airplane construction and before the World War was with the well known Art Smith as a pilot and mechanic.

During the war he was an Inspector of aircraft with the government. He was chief mechanic of the "Clty of Oakland" in its flight from the Oakland air- port to the Island of Molakl In the Hawaiian Islands, and was also in charge of the Woolrac, the winner of the Dole Transpacific race, Berney for a number of years has been closely associated with aircraft development and was trained in the U. S. Army. He was also with the Forest Patrol service, and was the builder of the "Alona," the second prize winner of the Dole Flight.

Henck joined the Army air forces in April, 1917 and was trained in England and France for war service, He is a pilot and was connected with the Second Pursuit Group during the war in France. In addition to the Incor porators, the company has in its employ, eminent aircraft engineers LOANS We have a variety of mortgage loans to suit the convenience and purpose of nearly every type of borrower. FLAT LOANS Principal repayable in three years. MONTHLY PAYMENT LOANS Repayable over a period of years at the rate of $10 $12 per $1000.. CONSTRUCTION LOANS On a flat or installment basis.

Special short term (6 months) loan for builders. -SECOND MORTGAGES Flat or installment second loans made or purchased. Quick Action Reasonable Rates Phone Berkeley 200 E. C. Lyon, Executive Vice-President THERFS A REASON FOR OUR POPULARITY New Berkeley Branch 2029 Shattuck Avenue OFFERED FOR SALE $1000.00 1st Mortgage Notes COURTEOUS TREATMENT QUICK ACTION COMPLETE SATISFACTION LOANS 1 72 AND AN ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE THAT THE TITLE TO YOUR HOME IS PERFECT INSTRUCT YOUR BROKER TO PLACE YOUR SEARCH WITH THE Security Double the Loan Oakland Mortgage Finance Co.

1 432 Franklin Street Lakeside 2866 6 (Head Ollice, Sail Lake City, Utah) C. H. McEntyre District Manager 1930 Broadway Oakland JamiesonTowle-Willoughby Corp. 393 17th, Oak. 62 Mills S.

F. tfcfcfafc fch 4.4. Forsterer Martin rmideat General 2045 Shattuck Ave. BERKELEY California 1430 FRANKLIN STREET OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA.

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