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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 53

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 53

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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aklan PI WMTOT SFOJOM NO. 8 VOL. CVIII- OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, JANUARY 8, 1928 II A Picard Installation Builders Exchange Heads The newly elected officials of the Builders Exchange of Alameda County. Above (left to right) James Pedgrift, president; Wm. Makin, first vice-president; Sam North, second vice-president; below: H.

Beckwith, treasurer; A. B. Greenberg, secretary to the board. Pedgrift, Makin, and North constitute the executive committee. Plumbing, heating and ventilating in the Peralta hospital, in course of construction at Thirtieth and Summit streets, is being installed by W.

H. Picard Inc. P. Walker nationally known builders, are the general contractors. In pval is W.

H. Picard. Coleman IIPMTUEE TOLD OF SOUND PLUMBING ELECTED mm BY EXCHANGE W. H. Picard, Re-elected Head of Association; Tells of Modern Installations.

I James H. Pedgrift Heads Builders' Exchange of Alameda County. W. H. Picard, master plumber, and recentlyre-elected for the third time as president of the Master Plumbers Association of Oakland, Berkeley and announces the incorporatlpif of his organization as H.

pcard. Inc. the importance of the work being accomplished by the' association of local master plumbers, in its relation to the sanitation and heating problems of the community, Picard points out the increasing Importance of modern, plumbing and sanitation installations in all types of business structures, apartment houses and homes. Picard stajMlf. "The comfort eff 'a building Is In large part dependent upon sound plumbing and heating, to say nothing of the importance of safeguarding the health of the occupants.

It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the cost of installing fine plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment, is economical when compared to the life of the building, particularly in view of the fact that these various installations are all hidden from view and repairs, necessitating the tearing out of portions of walls, floors, necessarily expensive." Picard, who is responsible for many of the larger plumbing, heating and ventilation installations in the Eastbay, including' the Peralta hospital, Ray, Builders Exchange, and California buildings, and the The Builders Exchange of Alameda county, at its headquarters at Hobart and Webster streets, Oakland, elected its board of directors for the year 1928 at the annual election held the 28th day of last month. Since that time the Board has completed its organization by the appointment of committees for the work of the new year. A statement reads: "Representing and fostering as It floes, Alameda county's greatest Industry, it is not surprising that unusual outside Interest is manifested In the official line-up of the Exchange, Its attitude on certain questions affecting the Industry and the community, and its plans for the improvement of the business. "The new board of directors at the present time are facing no new or serious problems. The Exchange is now, and has been, united on such major questions as the maintenance of the open shop, and the reaffirmation of the wage scale for 1928, as fixed by the Impartial "Wage board for the year 1927 covering the San Francisco bay district.

"It mustte obvious that so great industry as that of building should be fostered and directed by some governing body. There Is, to combat at times, the lack of essential legislative laws jvhich Imperils the safety and sanitation of buildings, and at times a tendency to enact laws which accomplish little else than contributing to. higher costs to the investor. "These matters, together with the establishment of the best possible relationship between employer and the employed, the maintenance of the uniform wage scale and uniform hours ot building for permanence and security, and a clearer understanding and relation-shin between the building fraternity ancTthe community, are the conscientious endeavors of the Build-ersj Exchange of Alameda county." The following are the new officers and directors: James H. Pedgrift, president; William Makin, first vice-president; Sam D.

North, second vice-president; Herbert Beckwlth, treasurer; A. B. secretary to the board. Following are directors: William Maldn. James H.

Pedgrift. J. H. Fitzmaurice, Herbert Beckwith, W. J.

Wr.ley, W. W. Dennis, J. A. Sam D.

North, William Moehjmann, A. B. Greenberg, A. M. l'oulsen, W.

Tilden. OF GARRETT kMJhM IN 1 HIT Roosevelt and Mosswood Junior High schools, indicates some of the problems arising in these installations. He said: Chas.H.j. Truman Noted Oakland funeral director, gains recognition of national organization of," Morticians. Coleman "It is of importance that the.

PILE PUT building be finished on schedule to prevent excessive construction and carrying charges. This necessitates the prompt installation and testing of all plumbing, heating and ventjlation equipment. Maintenance, an important item in larger OF SERVICE EMPHASIZED structures, is reduced to a mini mum by the use of the finest fix tures and skilled labor. The mas The Garrett Mill and Lumber company are establishing a branch yard, on the. Alameda side- of the Estuary near Park street bridge, where they will have wharfage facilities sufficient to do an extensive lumber business.

There Is also rail transportation into the yard. W. F. Garrett states that business has grown so fast In the pa4t six years thfr the company has-steadily expanded until now it owns and occupies over two blocks of land at East Fourteenth street and Sixty-eighth avenue. ter plumber1, should satisfy himself that the 'layout' as designed is the most practical ana sanitary lor tnat particular structure.

Vigilance is 1 ZtJlj MAmgisismm necessary in order that the multi tude of minor problems arising on each installation be immediately and economically Every Picard job carries a. written guar antee for one' year, covering every nliase of the work and materials." "The rendering of a high typ tt funeral service Is a civic duty no less important than other major civic essentials. Oakland and the Eastbay communities are given ft high rating for superior service and facilities," according to a survey conducted by the National Funeral Directors association, nati6n-wid organization of leading Mortician. The Importance of adequate funeral facilities In a community, is pointed out by Charles H. J.

Truman, noted local funeral director and member of the association. He said: To keep abreast with the steadily increasing demand for high-grade structural material, the J. H. Baxter pioneer pole, piling and creosote timber producer and has. recently concluded plans for the second enlargement within the last two years at its plant, located on the Alameda "side of the estuary at the foot of Walnut street.

An announcement reads: "The plant covers over twelve acres of ground and, in addition to having the most modern facilities for creosote butt treatment of cedar poles, carries large stocks ot western red cedar poles and Douglas fir piling, also creosote oil for drum 1927 was an excellent year for his organizaiwn, Picard adds, and an excellent season is" looked for. New Hospital for Fruifvale District A large fouretory hospital will be erected shortly at E.4Jth St and 27th by the Hospital Building Corporation. Leo. J. Lesser, president of the corporation, announces that the structure will be financed by a $120,000 issue of 1st (Closed) mortgage 6'2 Sinking Fund Gold Bonds, which will represent a 50 loan upon the completed project.

W. H. Weeks, architect, has- completed the plans and will supervise the construction. H. G.

Lane local financial house, will offer lh. bonds during the coming week. SHRADER JOINS FRED T. WOOD COMPANY or tank car trade. "Creosote oil is a coal tar derivative and is conceded to be the best known preservative of timber.

Al SALESMANSHIP TO BE GIVEN though the creosoting of poles, piling and timber increases "cost, lengthy service records have proven its economy and each yeaa. finds it more extensively used in high- grade construction. According to a recent report of the San Fran nni'iniiiiiii' iMiiiiiiniiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiwi(ir "I'tirwnatti cisco bay marine piling committee. the known life of creosoted Douglas fir piling in San Francisco bay is at least 2 0 to 30 years and as much longer as present installations will The Fred T. Wood company announce that they have just completed arrangements for the association of Bert R.

Shrader twith their organization. For a number of years, Shrader has operated in Oakland and the Eastbay as a realtor and home builder. He is a director in the Oakland Real Estate Board and has built a number of residences in Piedmont and the Lake district, and has just completed foureven-room in the Claremont dis- exist. H. Baxter Co.

recently sup DIRECTORY IHICHI1 plied the creosoted piling in the new Grove street wharf and the Golden Gate ferry Berkeley wharf. "Service should be the cornerstone for all human activities. Tha maxim 'Those who serve are served' is no less true today than it wan in the past. Particularly should this be true of funeral direction. The thought must be ever kept In mind a thought which has been indelibly impressed upon the minds of each member pf our staff that there is no mere 'routine business' in dealings the bereaved.

Thoughtfulness, thorough attention to each detail to the end that tha family be relieved of worry, should form the -background and basis for conscientious Truman stresses the fact tha "complete funeral" idea, sponsored by the national organization, ha succeeded In lowering costs consld. erably. He points out "that under this plan, one moderate charge covers the entire cost. In keeping with the motorization ot the equipment of modern funeral directors, the Truman organization now renders service over a radius of two hundred miles from tha Truman states. Among his other activities, Truman is president ot the Mercantile Building and Loan association, vice-president Associated Realty Operators, director of the First- National Mortgage company.

Morris Plan company, Eastbay Title. Insurance company, president Oakland Y. M. C. A.

and International High Twelve clubs. In addition, he is a trustee of the College of the Pacifio and director of the Camp Fire Girls. 1H i MiPETwiMllllllMlWffllMKIIIfflmMlllllffMMIffl ii I 'Him ln.i. 1 1 i. SK8S JK- t'i Si-VS i i SSSS5 1 and is said to handle over 75 per cent of all creosoted piling and tim- trict.

oer used in the state. "Twenty-five years ago J. Baxter brought the first cargo of western red cedar poles into San Francisco bay that ever entered the harbor, and since that time cedar poles have been used in constantly increasing quantities, and now, "Residents of the Eastbay are to be given another opportunity to' acquire a practical knowledge of the newer methods of selling without cost or obligation and without loss of time from present employment," a recent announcement reads. The vocational department of Wiekham Havens, will again invite the public'to attend a series of lectures on the "Fundamentals of Modern Salesmanship," to be given in their SalesmensV Training school. W.

S. Wallace, director of sales for Wiekham Havens, says: "These lectures are given to the public in a spirit of good No one attending the lectures will be asked to buy property or to obligate themselves in any vfey whatever. I.3t year's course was so successful and so many interested people were turned away, owing to the limited capacity of our auditorium," that we have decided to repeat our offer to the public. These lectures will be helpful to everyone in whether or not they are actually engaged in selling something. An announcement of the speakers and their subjects will appear later.

The speakers will Include such men as George H. Eberhard, widely known as an economist-lecturer; George McShea, vice-president of the International Correspondence schools; 'John S. Gor- poles treated with creosote oil are the standard. The movement to free international trade from the burden of double taxation will probably be accelerated as a result of the drafting of standard conventions by an international committee, according to Mitchell B. Carroll, department of commerce, in a trade bulletin issued today.

This committee, which met in London last April, was composed of authorities on taxation from eleven different countries, including Professor T. S. Adams, former adviser to the treasury department, as the American member, and Carroll as his assistant. Seven pages in the new Richmond city directory are devoted to the story of Richmond, including numerous illustrations. The article was prepared by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and analyses Richmond as a business, an industrial, a home and an educational city, possessing all the advantages of the larger metropolitan cities.

The article is headed: "Richmond, the Fourth Manufacturing City in the State of California." Copies of the directory are found in every library in the larger cities of the United 'States. ham, district manager of the Alex ancler Hamilton Institute, also a well-known authority on the newer salesmanship. The classes will meet on five con secutive nights, beginning Monday, January 16, from 7:30 to 9:30 p. m. in order to avoid contusion at the doors, the school officials have WASHINGTON.

D. C. The de stated that admission to the classes partment of commerce announces LOANS that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manu scrolls work, fretwork, grille work, carved woodwork, and similar commodities turned, carved, or sawed by scroll or jig saws from wood, reported for 1925, products valued at $35,406,581, a decrease of 7 per cent as compared with $38,077,098 for 1923, the last preceding census year. will be limited to those who have previously registered at the main office, 1510 Franklin street, and have received a ticket for the course, to be presented at each have a variety of mortgage factures taken in 1926, the establishments engaged primarily in the manufacture of spools, bobbins, handles, brush blocks, bungs, class. loans to suit the convenience and purpose of nearly every type or borrower.

OFFERED FOR SALE FLAT LOANS Principal repayable in three LOANS plenty of money for immediate loans' on new construction. reasonable a Period and permanent INSTALLMENT LOAN COMBINED Prompt Service Reasonable Costs Assets over. $20,000,000.00 years. New, Berkeley Branch 2029 Shattuck Avenue MQNTHLY PAYMbNl LOANS PorvAhln over a Deriod of DO NOT BUY ANY PROPERTY WITHOUT HAVING THE TITLE INSURED THE FOLLOWING MEN SAY YOU SHOULD HAVE THE EAST BAY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY INSURE IT FOR Ybu $1000.00 Mortgage Notes years at the rate of $10 wr $12 1st LOANS' 1. 270 per $1000.

CONSTRUCTION LOANS On a flat or installment basis. Special short term (6 months) loan for builders. SECOND MORTGAGES Flat or installment second loans made or purchased. Quick Action Reasonable Rates Phone Berkeley 200 8 Flat 11E5TABLI5MED mi B. A.





H. WILCOX E. C. LYON Executive Vice-Pres. O.


L'HOMMEDIEU E. C. LYON P. MURDOCK Security Double the Loan Oakland Mortgage Finance Co. 1432 Franklin Street Lakeside 2866 6.

(Head Office, Salt Lake City, Utah) C.H. McEntyre District Manlger 1930 Broadway Oakland Jamieson-Towle-Willoughby Corp. 393 17th, Oak. 662 Mills Bid, S. F.

1430 FRANKLIN STREET OAKLAND 2045 Shattuck Ave. BERKELEY California i-.

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