Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1954
Page 6
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HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, October 8, 19§4 PRESCOH NEWS W. M. U. 3-fil! W ,M. U. the First met on WonA&'jf aftef" jheetteg ot ft „..., to members prei TRie president, Mrs. Koy StSttK ion, presftted and the meeting was •gBeUea "with tlte W, M. U. song far the year, "When 1 survey The WendrouS Cross." Mi's. W. L, Britt , (-Arkansas, ilttefl to the approval or ejection it •the devdtidttal though! on "Sorne* one Is Wfrtchffifi You" was given by Mrs, Stainton, Cfrile ehairthan, Mrs. Buddy Sar- tett, Mr!' JuliuS Adam and Mf^. JT. H, Ltflfcley, HSad ft list o'f their members. After other committee reports M«. "itainton dismissed the meet* ing with prayer. -"' i Mrs. Dudley Gordon ted ..... n* . , _he «m* shall be* Be CdftBtltutlon of the -ffiS here- ttfdr s% to\<5frcle 3 of the W. S. C. S. of the* Fiftft JtetHbdlst Church at het- Wtdftda'J' afternoon. Tiie itfcisihess was conducted by the chaiemah. Mrs. J. V. McMahan. The program on "Discipleship" was tSMstHt^tl by Mrs, P. A. Escal-re. Mrs. W. H. Mamljrig'ht spoke on the life of BisYiop G. Bromley Oxman' and Mrs. ii. A. DeLamar spoke on Dr. Helen \Kirn, a Korean Method- Dallas Go me 'to Attract Huge Crowd DALLAS t/n — The Southwest's" largest football crowd in history was moving- into- D.iJlas today for that 1st. \ wnre well-known "family' 1 gaitie vs Oklahoma. A Texas flavo; 1 ? Well, the game opens the Texas State Fair; the University of Toxas has only boys on it;; squad; Okla- fieleetiibie refreshments served to lO.membnrs and 3 guests. hdma ha? n Te . {a ., boys." Whichever way' Ihe battle may go, it'll W, 8. C. 'S. Circle 4 Meets Ih tosMe Of Mi's. A. L, \Turner Circle tfo. 4 of the W. S. C. S. of more or Idss remain in thn family. Gene Calrmc, tho T formation artist won't bo ablo to play and lhat makes way for another Tex- MARKETS St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK TOCKVARlbiS, II. Mags' ,7,200; tt-adidg ssow; barrows and gilts 180 ibs. up stfoftg to 10 hfgher; 'advance latgely-^ost; 170 Ib Strong, to 2i higher; Sows 25-50 highei;,. mostly 3,1 Tlighef: bolk chbice lflO-260 Ib 19.00-10.; lat- tei- most-freely paid price; around a point higher to a hundred v hsad mostly chdice 19.16: No. 1 several and 2 19.25: ower with the eruption of a few ilgher priced stocki Oils wera generally higher, rail- J-oads were up on balance, but the other major divisions were mixed o steady. T6 W. 8. C. 3, Circle 3 Mrs. Dudley Gorddn was hoS- legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL "AMENDMENT No.'« ft HESOLVED by IM House W tng First M^th'odist Church met Mdnday afterivobn at the home of Tcn . cll , ;l down tho roart from Mrs, A. L, Tufcrfer, with Mrs. J. D.| Dal , af . . vi ,, - bo t)lo -^ Stuaft as CO-h^stess. Twelve mem- wn£m thc bJK ,.^ d raf , d bers i and four vasltors were present No the natlon baltlo ,. Tcxag tomnrr f. w ' num /-atriount col- each cn"J8oU6'e" v Atfreeiwg. Thereto: -, TOAT THE,FOLLOWING Is, hereby twopolcd ,a¥ nA aincndmfint to ihc. Cttn- stltutibn * M, the State -ot _Arkanfe««, rind upon being submitted to .the elMtow .oJ.the State, for approval dr Tejectlon at the nekt general *lec- W Ur Rfeprosentatlves and Senators." a majority of the tfeotort voting thereon. at,.siich nh , eltfdtlon, •adoists such 'ame^nament, trie -same •rtlttU become a ".part, ot the Constl- 'tutlon ol the State ot Arkansas, to- """•'siiCTlON 1. The Executive bepart- mcnt -rt thl? Sta^e shall consist ol a Governor, Lieutenant GoVerhor, SecTC- taW ol Stntb, Tredsilt-er-of^Stnte, Auditor of State. Attorney General, end 'Commissioner, of State Lands, all of whom sh%ll keep "their offices at the seat 'of 'G6v*rnm&it, ahd hold the(T' off fees, for the term of two years tod until their successors are fefectetJ irtfl "itoiiltfied. • ; SECTION 2, The annual, salaries ,£f such/State officers, which shall be paid In monthly installments, SliaU be M The. Governor, the sum of Fifteen (5fIB,000.00)j the The meetin«\ was opened with fol . th(J rol . ty . nlnm time, with 76, the Singing of the hymn "0-Mas- 2 Q4 in the stands. ter, Let Me Walk With Thee. Mrs. Mary Shelton presented the devo- tidnal on Discipleship and progrrim siSeakers Were iUrs'. Wayne Eley dhd Mrs, Walter -.Connell who gavn talks , on the lives of Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam \and Helen Kim. After .the business, meeting, _ sandwiches ffnti Ritssiah tea were served. i Starting tackle.-; for Oklahoma are Don Brown of Kcrmit. Tex., nhd Edition Gray of Odessa. Tex. Jerry Tubbs of BreckenridgivTdX.. rnuy be the fullback. The nbsohce of Calamt! is causing thc bd.-lsmakui-i; to shift in fa vor of Texns and chances are the Longhorns will ba about n point "Mrs. Kl. N. danifcl Entertains .ffesbyterlan Clricle 1 Mrs. N. N. DartiJcl entertained Circle 1 «f th6 Presbyterian Chirr- eh at her home on Monday after- hdohi There Word 13 members and Mrs. Benfcberg present. The business was conducted by the chairman, Mrs. D. L. McRae ST., The Bible study on "Paul in Ephesus" was given by Mrs. Bob Rtibdrtgon. Mrs. D. E,. McRae Jr.. had charge of the conversation period arid Spoke on "Church extension." A delicious salad, course was served at the Close of the meeting. favorite at the kickoff at 'i p. m. (CST). . . :. . • . . ... The Oklahoma sqund flics into Fort Worth, just M miles ! wcit of Dallas, this afternoon for a workout and to spend he night. Texas flies into Dallas after afternoon practice at Austin. ie\V 270-3&5 -ilb i'S,26*19. ; 00: Ib 18 J 50-19..p6; sows 400 Ib down 17.50-18.2; heavier S&W* \a.7i-l\2n; bdars 11.50-1.00 Cattle fiOO; calves 500; fe'\v' sfnaTl lots steer and. ndfor about steady; mr.stly cciinm6r-ci.nl and good et 1700-21.00; cowS less active taVm yesterday; openlrtR sales about steady; utility and commercial 9.00-13.50; da'nners and cutters 7.00-9.00.; bulls 'steady; utility and' commercial ll;00-13,00 canner and cutter bulls 8.00-10.50; vealers and calves steady; good and choice vcalers 180-22, few prime 240; commbrcial and good 13.00-17.00; culls 7.00-10.00 commercial and good slaughter calves 13.00-17.00. few 19.0. Sheep 800: general trade steady; great bolk lambs.-choice and; Choice, to prime, wooled. skins 1900-50;. one small lot 20.bp; fow utility, and good, kinds ,16.'00-18.00; •fowjcdll to utility ,11.00-15,00; no clip " Jaihbs slaughter ewes ' 3.00-.4 00. •••-. ••'•;.'•'.• 5NE.W YORK ST<JGS • NEW YORK-0?! — Stees.-i.gath crcd in most of itho buying' v a'ften tion today in .- a sightly' toclt lintarkel. In ttte hroUghout the afterrieofl, list went Firm fd Withdraw Channel Request WASHING TN :.fl — Ar k a n s a s telecnsters Inc. is expected to \vlthdra\V its application for a /Ohsnnel 11 television station at (Little Rock, accordiii!; 16 an un- pric'es named 'Washington aUoi-hey. from point POUTRV ANb PftODUCfe 'CJnCA'&6 UP) ivc poultry about steady on hens; barely steady on yotmB stocks; 1.303 coops yesterday. 430 ccops: 172,064 Ib; ifeavy hens 15-18.5; light liens 1213.5; fryers arid broilers 25-29; oid roosters 12-12.5; caponcttes 32-34. Butter easy; receipt? G67.3CW: wdhlesnle buying prices unchanged lower, 93 scon; A A 59.5; H2 159.25; 90 B 7.5; 89 C 56.2; e&'l's 90 B 58; 39 C 56.2.'i. Eggs 'firrh; receipts 10,613; wholesale bilyihg prices unchanged lo 4 higher; U. S: lartje whites 45; mixied 41; TJ. S. mediums 24; U. S. standards 25; cut-rent receipts 24; dirties and chocks 30. The expected withdrawal of the nppUcation would leave Arkansas Television Co. the lone applicant. Some of the stockholders of Arkansas Television also own stock in radio station KTHS, while Ark a rt s a s Telecasffcrs represent some KXLR' interests. Some of the stockholders of Arkansas Television nbo own stock in radio stations Hearings on ions had been day. GRAIN ANb PROVISIONS CHICAGO W) Soybeans and- vahced .several :ce'hts at times on the Board of Trade today bat the rest of : the grain market was not abe .to make much forward prog- there ..was a it- ress. .In other cereas te \yek end evening up with cor. siderabe profit .taking goin;; 'on in Oats, '•'.-. Wheat closed lower to KTSH and the two applica sot for next Mdn SLIM BY CHRISTMAS CHICAGO, (UP)'- About 10n Chicago women have formed an organization called "Calories Anonymous." Their mas.' slogan is "slim by Christ- higher, December $2.10, corn 7- lower, Decm'cber S1.53-- oats l" n lower to % higher. December SO 1 '.), rye IV^ lower to \\ higher, December S1.37 1 /,. soybeans 3>,i- 2 higher. November $2.73-?2.74'. NEW YORK COtTON NEW YORK W) Cotton futures -were mostly lower, reflecting a higher government cotton crop report. ate afternoon prices were 8f cents a bale lower to 30 cent.3 higher than the previous close. 34.80, Dec 34.83, Mch 35.12. Oct. TOO EASILY TEMPTED w,r,;:y«r ^v 7 T ' nS^f^^^^y^y^-y^i'fK s ^ sr v Friday, October 8, 1954 H0f»l STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M, TEMPTED TO OVER-EAT... Vheh suffered acid stomach I Like many people she wrongly "i'ets herself go" at times—eats too much—then suffers acid indigestion. Turns neutralize excess acid almost before it starts. And give top-speed relief from sour stomach and gassy pressure pains. Turns require no water, no mixing. You catt take them instantly, anywhere. That's why millions always carry Turns. Get a roll today. So cconomicol—onf/ |0f! a tell 3-toll ftkg.: I Calenddf Friday October 8 The Rose Garden Club will meet Friday afternoon, October 8, at 3 o'clock with Mrs. Garrelt Story at .(03r, home, 421 W. Second. Co- hostess will be Mrs. Ray Allen. All members are urged to be present. This will be the first meeting of the ensuing year. . P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet at thc High School, Tuesday, October 12, at 2:30 p. m., where they will [Bad Colds Relieve Suffering ftetwith Y^^ToRuS entertain the senior girls with tea. Monday, Otober 11 All members and associate members of the Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church, Mrs. Reddin, teacher, will meet at tbe church at 7:30 p. m. for thc regular monthly and social meeting. This is to be a pot luck supper. There will be an installation of officers for the new year. The Woman's Society of Christian Service of tho First Methodist Church will meet at 3 p. m. Mon clay, October 11. at the church. Circle 5 will present the program, and Mrs. Virgil Keelcy will givo the devotional. Mrs. Dexter Bailey will speak on tho subject, "The United Nations and What's in It For Us." A large attendance is urged. Halloween Carnival plans Will be discussed. The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday at 7:45 in the home of Mrs F. J. Burroughs at 921 West Fourth Tuesday October 12 The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn will meet Tuesday at 2 p. m. in tho club room with Mrs. Irvin Burke and Mrs. W. H. B'irke as co-hostesses. Each member is urged to bo present and bring a table centerpiece carrying out the autumn theme. Mrs. Ray Allen were co-hostesses Mrs. J. M. O'Neal presided over the meeting. Mrs. J. J. Battle spoke on nursing from 1861 to 1865. Mr Lex Helms. Jr., Hempstead County chairman of civil defense, gave an informative talk on a civil defense program for Hope and Hemostead County. There were 17 members Dresent. Garland P. T. A. will meet Tuesday night, October 12, at 7:30. Fathers of tho children of Garland school will be in charge o£ the meeting, with Mr. James Pilkipton as leader. The subject 6f thc program will be "Civil Defense." Preceding the P. T. A. meeting at 7 p. will in. the mothers and fathers have a chance to meet the The Garland P. T. A. executive committee will meet Monday, October 11, at 2:15 p. m. in the school office. Please plan to attend as tho TUWS FOR THE TUMMY. Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and. Six Huhdrtd, -poilars "" Secretary ot State, etit 'or 5ttFirfc J --- . ife-ft^'. pttperty plui'Uons - hav* IS^t^* LhereBy-'createa' fe*J%h, W.vUU.UU/, ( Wl« «^*.*tfc«»J w» "izT ' „.<! surrt of Sfeven Thousand and TWO HunHred Dollars ($7,200.00):-the Treaa- urfer \oL, Staje, , the Bum of Seven (SSusanct and Two Hundred Bollars ($7,200.00); the Audttor of Stitc, the Bum of Seven--Thousand- and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00): the Attorney, i General,, the sum of Eight .ThousSndilPBllars ($8.0M.OO): 'and the coitinfisSlom-Sf -State'uaarfsi ihe'wM M Six Thousand Dollart "(H6.000.00),, SECTION',, 9. r The. above, mentlonja State Ottipers ,%h«i 'be ..elected by She qualified ^eleclors *f^the State--Kt 'large at the time of the regular general Election for Voting for mem- 'bers of «the General Assembly; the ireturriS ^l-eaBh'eleotton-tHerefor sh'all be sealed up separately and trans- imltted to the seat of 'government by 'the returning officers riot later than the., -last-. day of November of the .year 'In -Mitch the ' dleotlon. Is held, and,Shall'be directed_tg, the Si as- l public ,'utilities ^-^thcr'.varttuf' ^jpwporated towns rwt» ! ^*lW' tl HS-" l t>ow. or pyid by ' law. sme.nts l-dete nes prop- er -of,, the ffouse i o(. Representatives, •ffib derieVtfi ,Assenrt>ly sh.'aU convene in 'epeclal-f session on the first Monday in December, of the year , In wh(ch. the menfliers 'of t«e General Assembly 'are elected and • -shall be ln_ses*slon for a period not to exceed, three, days, unless called Into special 'session by the Governor. At • such session of tho General Assem- and upon both , Houses being ed. to Speaker' of the House of 'Representatives shall - open and publish ,the votes cast and,, given for each, of the qfflders herelnbefbre Mentioned.' in-thfe 'presence-of both Houses of the General Assembly. The person having the highest .number pi Votes,for es?h 'of the,'respective 'offices shall be declared 'duly elected thereto; .and shall immediately begin hlfe t^rm-of otflcc Vit If 'two 5r -more shall bfe equal, -the -highest In votes >for the sqme office, one of them .shall be chosen by ,a joint vote 'of bdth Houses 'of the C'eneral Assembly, 'and a 'majority -of all the member? elected shall be necessary to B choice. * i '(SECTION 4. The General'Assembly shall, meet in .regular, sessKm, of six- ^sys, which,need not be con; nt - the, neat ot, gbvornment two •• year's, on the first Mon- Presbyterian Circle 2 Mfeets In Harrell Hovne 'Seventeen members and Mrs. I T. E, liogan, presidetnt, met on Mdnday afterhoon in tBie homo of ilrs. Jack Harrell with Mrs. Archie Johitson co-hostess I lor the October meeting. -The'Chairman, Mrs. S. 0. Logan. called the meeting to order and M*S. T. E. Ubgan voiced the opening prayer, •-During the business session ir was 'announced a study on Church 'Extension Will be held at the'chur- ch on October 18. at 1 o'clock The -Bible study on "PSul in Ephesus" was in charge of Mrs. Carl Dalrymple. Mrs. Tom Berms gave ari interesting talk on Church Extension,'| ' "During the sdcial hou^r the hos- fc'sses Served a dainty dessert 'course. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Durbin and family of Memphis have been tho> gueSts of Mr. and Mrs. Floy'd Wren. BSfih KifleetW law, -iiie merober* 'ol the usnerai Assembly, Shall receive ps. their salary the pum of Twenty-four Hundrec) Po)- fara -tsa.MOIOQ),' except the Speaker •01, the House ot RepresentBttves, who shull reoojve as hia salary Tweiw- five Hunflrea^ and Flto Dollars, («.- Mrs. Roy Garner has had as her guests, Mr. and Mrs. Connie Friz- zale of Rodessa, La. Mr. 'and Mrs, [Roger Owen and JVIiss Audrey Owen of Fort Worth, who \vere -enroute' "to NQW York for seveval months stay, visited friends here v Monday. SEE IT AT GCJlliER TIRE & BATTERY SERVICE Roy Case and daughter, Kitty, are the- guests of hor mother. MFS. S. B. Gee, and grandpa: ents, Mr, and -Mrs. Lee Rogers while Lit. Carr is attending school at Scott Field, Mo. >1QW, j"ft. ri*^ ;j/e"t»ken (fsW..Oow. Wer r e«*e to 'here r«c- «H«M »P, s?. mem- "W COO'), tor ebch period of two (2) syears payable at. such, tjme and in manner as the General Way determine; and In -..=.--, such salpry the members of the : Assem bl y ? hatl rcc ^y? 7 f, n Cents (lOc) per mile for each tulle 'traveled fii going to etifl returning from w* the mpst Bfld' tirovli exlraordinary" or""speolajy aeVgfon jii the General Assembly, they •shall- receive in'addition to salary herein provided, the sum of Twenty Dollars are ' required, age, at the -'same vidod ' SECTION 5. There Is hereby "created Friends of Mrs. •i-egret that she is Donnell Hospital, ill O. Lee will at the Cora Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Nelson and son havex; moved into their new home on East 3rd St. . ^,, rate herein pro- MAGIC NUMBER TOt'EKA, Kan,, (UP)—Mrs. Ed- ga'r Den gave birth to a daughter weighing seven pounds seven ounces at seven minute? after teven last night, Oct. 7. Legal Notice lelhs end imfcking aud.lt? agencies. - The General " the' amount of PW -—- — --, pen'sei « committee memUew ; and foe s»nipen?at!on, 9n a expenses of we ""': rtnfe. M*W *» , My •<*»)} itrom time to tjroe pro- vtde for the salaries and cprnpensp* " ot__the Justice* £_$» Sterne ^ by the Senate of ^,— of Arkansas and by the ige pf Bepi-esentatiyps, a Major... 'ot all 0»a Membprs Elected to Each «oug,e ftgreetng Thereto: . TJ»et the follpwing is hereby proposed •s an amendment to the Constitution of the Slaw of Arliansas, and upon being submitted, to the electors of the State for approval or rejection «t tlxe next General Election for Representative §n4 Senators, 1* a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, ftdopt sucli amendment. same shall become a' part of cSjsMtBtfco o* the State pf Arkan*'"" rf " the lendment, U>9 term 'Goveriwr o| the State shall bp .four years, and not be eligible ^yoviSefl how- iBll pot apply ONLY 69.95 $fSHOP for value: '.'Ji^vr'?' : - i»'(]pinpatiblt', i'.nginccrcil lf>i ia-si i i^Jclironie'-- reception oi all programs ^IpyltiifJing COLOR! viij^lp'firji.jquatity al prices so low ui >i\, ; ','ifford' a set for cvi-r.y room! 3»^fa«^ii^^»r t ~-' t -=' i --'=-- ;0"Pb"wdrful, built-in, pre-tuned antenna ; ?v'tiQ"<^td6<)jf;UiH-nria required in most ; v J6calities! at the picture! Look at the style! the salaries dge?Tot shall .w, eneft mine toe amoun, , ot salaries to the fit We Workroen's ovided, , CpmmUsJon; provided, TOBt zStjmy Commtostoner shall ss Jh now provided by efleoUve date f 'an scwva favor of "-• Ni'\v, pi'ffci ted (.'im-vision Sirrr ;!'you a'piiturc «) clt'tii. so ilMr/i . . ;\ think''you're al the movio 1 •'f .: i. ''. '•;«,'MiracIc Picture lock holds iln- H ;. 'steady! . . • Only Emrrson gives vou six "1 V. '' cabinet finishes that inaicli your l •exactly! to the high fidelity performance! •limefsouVfiill fi'li-hu ioniic.] .systtnV recreates the .irtiii : 'in your ho;"e' | Oy/t"'K.//<ji;'S'nii[)!iiiuiii tuning '•locjis in soutid and iccurc, •*!* ! 'i , '' SEEDS Holland Bulbs Fertilizers — Onion Sets. Supplies. 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The Hebrew saints, prophets and poets, who have given to teachers and look over thc school Wednesday October 13 The Bodcaw P. T. A. will meet in the high school auditorium on Wednesday, October 13, at 7 p. m. The program will be presented by Nolan Caudle. Tffi& speaker will bo Ode Goodwin. The public is invited and everyone who plans to attend is asked to bring a pie. Pansy Junior Garden Club Elects Officers On Thursday afternoon, October 7, members of the Pansy Junior Garden Club met in the Oglesby school auditorium with their leaders, Mrs. Joe Reese and Mrs, Tvoy Grccnlcc.' The club consists of the, fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and is sponsored by thc Dahlia Garden Club. Mrs. Greenlee led the group in repealing the Harden club creed. An election of officers was held with thc following being elected: president, Sara Cox; vicc-orcsident, Bonnie Walker; secretary, Linda Pettit: song leader, Margaret Cash; and reporter, Janet Roberts. Margaret Cash led the group in I singing the "Arkansas Traveler," Candy was served by thc leaders. The next meeting will be held the first Thursday in Noverrnbcr. the world the heritage of the Old Testament, the thirty-nine books of our English Bible, faced Pay Hike, Title Change Is Illegal LITTLE ROCK W> — A charge of title and a $3,000 in salary .'given to annual boost . director of administration al (ho state hospital today were declared illegal by Atly. Gen. Tom Gentry. The opinion, prepared by assistant Kay Matthew-*, snid that the hospital board was not authorized The Fidelis Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have a party at the church on Wednesday night, October 13, at 7:30. Notice The dinner meeting of Circles 1, 3 and 3 of the C. W. F. of the First Christian hurch has been postponed until October 19. Lex Helms Jr. Guest Speaker At U. D. C. Meeting Thc Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy met Thursday afternoon, Oct- the mysteries of life and death. j by * , aw to change . the title of Ken of pain and suffering with thS| W N ewm£ m- s job from assistant hospital administrator to director same honest and courageous realism with which they recorded the acts and characters of men and women. They dared to por- of administration. The opinion also said that he board did not have tray loric even the national and heroes with their sins his- and shortcomings as well as in thu strength and achievement thai made them great. And with know all the the same truth, they zeal to refused Paisley P. T. A.' Meets A large group ol parents attend , ed the "Father's Night." meeting^sounds a note of sad and program of the Paisley P. T. the to glass over the sad and perplexing experiences of life, sufferiufi and death with shallow optimism and sentimcntalism. They faced the facts with a aucst for the meaning of it all, and a place where it cuuld be found. It is thus that the Psalms particularly range through all the gamuts of human experience. The Ninetieth Psalm is a con crete illustration of this. It be gins with man's awe in the pres once of God and the universe; it the power to i-aisfe salary fr&ta $6,5W6 Tne hospital board changed NeW- man y s title and raised Ms salary this year. The opinion said that "neither the title nor the sdlary tot the position" could be changed, except by the legMalurp. Rep. .A. Gipson, Saline County, asked for the opinibn. The board planned to pay Now man's salary out of cash funds. father thftWt^ By ihe Ing patients. for CHICKI ASPIMN the rejection of false and- plausible theories, and reliance ttport the>i faith and conviction: "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" (Genesis 18:25) and Job's declaration, "Through he slay me, yet will I trust in'Him" (Job 13:15). Haynes. Mrs. Jerome Smith and A. held Wednesday night at 7:30 i the school auditorium. Mrs. Haskell Jones, president, presided over a short business session. The group repeated the Lord's prayer in unison. Mrs. Alvin Gordon read the secretary's report. Committee reports were hnard, and it was decided that the P. T. A. w.ould sponsor the re-decorating of the school lunchroon. Mr. Haskell Jones was in charge of the program, and introduced Mr. Lex Helms, Jr., the new civil defense director for Hempstead County. By means of diagram and explanation, Mr. Helms outlined me- etfective civil defense lit for Hope. He stressed the need a local unit and urged parents become more "defense" consci- us and be willing to assist in the peration of a unit. In event .of an ttack, preparation is vital; we nusl co-operate and learn our role order to help avoid panic and isaster. sin, contemplation disaster and of the suffering, shortness of life, and the fear of God wra'th and anger. It is man's You'll enjoy pur- . delicious SALADS SEA FOODS FISH *• Prepared and served the way you like them. Daily Lunches 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA THEATRE fe-^r Mam & Country Club Rds. • FINAL NITE • BARGAIN NIGHT A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY 50c! • JOHN PAYNE • EVELYN KEYES 99 RIVER STREET" l."When Fish Fight" 2. "Muzzle tough" Cartoon Saturday Only Double Feature ALSO • JOHNNY SHEFFIELD AS BOMBA "GOtDEN IDOL" BUGS BUNNY CARTOON SUN., MON, I James A. Michener's EPIC OF THE STRANGER WHO- STORMED A VIRGIN ISLAND — AND MADE IT A PARADISE! Gary COOPER i* '"Return n» ' in rebelliousness in first and honest reaction to death and trouble. Who has not felt it in the presence of sorrow and death? But who, in that hour of deepest despair, has not found an answer? The Ninetieth Psalm rises o a profound note of faith, the satisfaction of God's mercy, re- oicing all our days, "the beauty of the Lord our God," and establishment of the work ot lands — this last a passage to compare with the closing verses of St. Paul's Fifteenth of I Corinth- Coming and Going > Mrs. Kate Ames and daughters,Irs. Murrel Nevens and Mrs. Mary larice Kindcll,- of Plainview, Tex., ave returned to their homes fol- owing a visit with Mrs. Ames' ister, Mrs. Durham at Washing- on, and other relatives in Hope nd Sutton. err Hospital Notes Admitted: Mrs. W. E. Jones Hope, Matilda Ann Fulks, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Billy Uay Brown, Waldo, Ruby Fay Ogden and son, Hope, Roosevelt McFad- Mrs. Dick. Watkins, den, Rt. 4, Hope. Branch Admitted: Hope. ; r Discharged: Mrs, Lucy . Hope, Mr. Joe Hargis, Rt; 4, Hope. ^ sense there the our But it is in the great drama of o Book of Job that the mysteries of life, and especially the systery of suffering, are faced with insight and pow6r. It must never be forgotten that the Book of Job is a drama, with various actors speaking .their part. Dr. Richard G. Moulton, who iir* his" Modern Reader's Bible has presented the various f>arts of the Bible in their modern literary form has stressed the importance of this. He pictures a zealous, but undiscriminating Bible reader turning to the Book of Job for comport, finding a supposed comfort, in some .passage chosen at random from a ''"""" ,of the'friends of th*e 'fact that Job's Jriends are represented by the Lord, later in the drama, as "not having spoken of Me the thing that is ngnt, as My servant Job hath" (Job 42:7K . With powerful setting the auth- br sets forth, Job as a victim of the Battlef deepest tragedy. His friends offer him.the sp'ecious comfort that Job •rejects. - then, the soUrtion? no solution. In but FOR REAL ESTATE BUYERS for all classei of land and typ«. of business plates arriving from- "very- —— — — — where. Yearly lnindreus>of Uiousam-; ot CatalOCT circulated by advertising in over 500 newspapers, 90 highway signs and through STROUT Big City Offices. LIST your property Nmv and enjoy the- benefit'of STROUT'S successful Natfonal m at no additional cost. 'l?Q,SALE r- NO PAY. Booklet HOW mailed free. } ,'i STROUT S . , STROUT REALTY AGENCIES World's Largest O//ice» CoflfWp'Coojl SEE, WHITE OR PHONE _ Stow 1900 Leonard G. Wright;, Strput Associate 600 West Third Sl-reet. n Hwy. 67, Hope, Ark. Phone: PRospect 7-4626 Paradise IECHNICOIOH IHIS IS FIRE PREVENTION WEEK. It is not enough to be careful for just one \feeK, then let down one s guard for the next 51 wcelits, Fire never lets down: it's ready to strike when you, give it the opportunity. Don't give it that opportunity, Be careful with fire. R • -. - - • EMEMBER THAT a fir^|riepk$ out somewhere every 20 seconds — day-gtij$vd day. out. While you're reading this, remerat&r* that before the day ends, fire will kill 28 Americans, disfigure or injure 60 more, damage or destroy 700 homes, 139 stores, 80 factories, 7 churches, 6 schools, 4 theatres and 3.. hpspitals. tl< v CAN HELP"-prevent your family and home frBcn being among the victims by being careful. For 90 percent of all fires are preventable IF you inspect yoyr property regularly, detect fire hazards promptly, 'correct those hazards immediately, build safely and well, limit what there is to burn, safeguard all sources of ignition. Keep in mind that a clean property geldom is the victim of a preventable fire. Equally important, know what to do if fire should break out, Uet'§ make EVERY week Fire Prevention Week. D I §URE/ too, to keep amply protected «gpin$t fire by insuring with ROY ANDERSON & CO. EXPERIENCED tURN ui^ for that 6Ut stafl In today at MARY-EONA 81 1168. - FOR OUAillTY and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 .p. m. Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN You are invited to hear - , **;,, ^ Missionary Garreth Ml at Fresh Banana LAYER CAKE Brovyn Sugar Fudge LAYER CAKE Old Fashion & Fudge Topped BROWNIES Fresh BROWN 'N' SERVE ROLLS . Daily JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main FIRST BAPTIST C SUNDAY- 10:50 A. M. r •p JlilP l«ft , ^'.s#>p« < «, .,!WpJ^"tJ ; "V 1 *s$?^%$$ If you were to come across a rtandsorhety do] and artistically shaped bottle that had no we doubt very much whether you would $ risk sampling its contents. ' ^ > Yet, so many men come across suits and coatsjMt are attractive to the eye and not only do %;? try them on-but they actually ptfrqha's^t%in! without really knowing a thing abo'iitthenv ^ Fortunately, there is a labelling act which'fiisistst the properties oi the fabric be stated^mewrjeri on the garment, But there is no lawth&tflel explanation of the inner constructfonjVif We do not handle unlabelied bottles. Whe show you a "BOTANY" ''5Q0 1 '*; Tailor^ b you not only know that you are getting th finest fabrics loomed today: 6ut the exjlwR "Botany" "500" )^-RAY TAG tells ypU;% «|ol value and finer wearing qualities,', J always a Chevrolet! Here's why in q nutshell. You and you save when you tracle.^ of its lasting good logics, ^bu'll^ car features for finer you'll get the deal let ua prove it to yqu! YjiiAW AFI'^U rEAR, TUAN Xf' 40I.i;,v.?*'4 iVj

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