Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1954 · Page 24
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 24

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1954
Page 24
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I* > { ' '-^t ' * "* ~""V" * ~* » 4 ^ -•>, ** *i "V ** * r 5 > w ' ! < " l ' if a HOPE STAR. HdM, AtKANSAI detebii- 7, t!S4 lolists form U.S. an Ka- -_.„ e Cott.!,& China" mainland with "" -ArueHcan officials todajr. l well ipialifiea feources "it i« w jgal Notice »^- . .. . . - -. •• .. W? i^notrtifc J& 3MENT NO. 43 5LVED by the Setiftt* ' ArkntiESs nrid by the " "ives of the State of All Mem- Agreelns r „__. to the Connie State : t>t' Arkansas. Being submitted to the ..ahe State tot approval ot 1«' thfe next general election 'eSSntatlves and Senators, II ity- of- the electors voting , ,tat 'such MI election, adopt aicndmenL the sumo shall be- HBaK ttl the C*tl«lltutlon at the ^'Arkansas, to-wit: ION 1. No ad-Valorem tax lf« levied upon property by the Incorporated "town .„. ... m«y levy a tax ^'lipon, fcfci&erty therein at Its Avaltte» Wf Uhd purposes and lib ' the restriction*' now pro- ifethe ConirtlliHIon; except that Jhe Bocfd « Equalization here- fetealed tins, for "tHe first nuaTlxcd the JiKseBsmenw of prop- n2«tiy-'tsdu/ity at its' market bfUflerliflcfJ sucjitifact as _.,,„„ Seotton S' hcreoff there- KCtex levied for any rftich local shall, ba a total tax for sei -and thai) not exceed thill* for Uhe epunty, eight ; foT>'any^clty or incorporated ...Klwelve tt2V mills for any BtstrtcV'Qri each aollor of the ~ " 'it tile, property there- .taxes levied bv 1m- • -* • of .^-..^ f«re that ttiero Is' d written agreement that the Natlotial- isfs hlttst constflt with the Arnerl- fnhS in advance ot atiy majiir *t- tacfe T but that is how th<S under- FtaiidJhfi works fnrt in faracticp." ll %«s pointed ottt that the Chi- fiese Natfotmlists have a good army, fiiit do not bavo sufficient Stir and naval strmiejth to support a mftjdf Jftvaslort ot the Ited-Held China mainland. "§0?' these source-, tolrMUnited PrfisSs "if the Chlnii Nrttlonalists* as the situation stands noW, waflt to launch a real invasion they will have to tell the Americans first. They will have to get American help." „•«. • These sources satd the Chinese Nationalists would heed American ships to get them to the mainland and would need American planes in Hie air to give Ihem protection against Communist China's Soviet-built jet air force. United Press dispatches from Taipei indicated that American Influence on the Nationalists may have been responsible for the reduced air attacks on the build-up of Communist-junk concentrations. Although both American and Cites Nixon's Contiftued froiri Page Ofi§ bills "taVdting the' wealthy." tor a voluntary father than a compulsory FfiPC bill, and ttt eut federal READY NOW! A&P's 95th ANNIVFRSARY CELEBRATION YEAR'S BICGfST T '" ' L — " --" I highway *Iid Nbton^ltatementS'that came un- t?'er *flfe trom Dertercfats ranged from the Maine etftctldn- to Communists in gbvernme"at. tte was quoted as saying before the Maine eleetlba ttMtfit "will have ftteftt signlfic^ce , Nationally." fiut aftef tJicbaJlbttng showed Democratic gafasv Gtmtedee. Gwnetfave Legal Notice .said thse GOP "lost nothing irt .Maine," according to the iberriocrats. the Vice President ,.. i local ttiwovqmonts li!8 as &uthort7"d by 87 of the Constl- _,'.however, there shall BO? ,atmualiy an amount Jie ..mfudmum amount col- •^the 1 " retirement of each Mslflnding bonds during any «.,^,Ui -the -year of the col- 46f/taxes wherein the aforesaid iirArjC-rotea' have ..become et- Sto'be'uSird fpr the retirement V .bonds as provided by the ereof:, and- the tax shall 'lefts, than ' that > necessary ce \8rtOh 'annual amount until js^'nave 'been rettied, or suf- Bnds^havd been set aside for ••—-"'•-it, '' •< ._ L .,..,.a,Issued t O«or the date iScertiflcatfqn Uiat assessments USllrcd Rt;rrtaH5Ct valup j,,.,™ the, mn^mlim lax rntc^ fovldba may not be exceeded • • • - to prevent ot jiwift"'' *> *" ra'assessrhonts of tjenetlta tn RE5...1.—3—i jj.«i.,,( o)e based th" pi'nnorlv , r ..o<ies, Ihe Ri- S shell have the Julnre nsscps- IF tor this pur- valuation 1 ' In ^valuations havn reason of this PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. « BE IT HESOLVED by the HOUM p* Hepresentatlves of the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate: a'Major- ity of all the Members Elected to •Each House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THE . FOLLOWING is her«by proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of tho State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, If a majority of the • elector* voting thereon, at such an election, adopts such amendment, the ' i«m* shall become a part of the Constitution of the State ot Arkansas.; towit: - r' SECTION 1. The Executive Depart, ment of this State shall consist of a Governpr, Lieutenant Goverhpr, Secre- Audi- and .. not be exempted .... taxation. )<» hereby created " i which shall ralue property *• —blip utll- «S^ aiith- aforesaid General 'The total as- public utilities ,,_ to the various Incorporated towns '9 as Is now ot provided by law ; the assessments county, are equal- ihe proportion in of any utll- county, city, school district ipplylng there- marUet value determines prop„_ ot Equal-that all property Is required by law to to thlR end shall which the tax as- tary of State, Treasurer of Slate, A tor of State, Attorney General, Commissioner 6£ State Lands,. all 'of whom shall keep their offices ! at'the seat of Government, and hold their offices for the term of two years and Until their successors are elected and qualified. SECTION 2. The annual salaries of such State officers, which shall be paid in monthly .Installments, shall be.as follows: The Governor, the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00); 'the Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars ($3,600.00); the Secretary of -State, the sum of Seven Thousand ' and Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00): the Treasurer of State, the sum', of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Auditor of Stntei the sum (.f Seven Thousand and • Two Hundred Dollars ($;. the Attorney General, thp sum of i Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00); and the Commissioner of State Lands, the sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($U,000,00). SECTION 3. The above mentioned State".Officers.'shall' be elected by the qualified electors of the State at large at the time of -the regular general' 'election for voting for members of the General Assembly; the returns of each election therefor shall be sealed up separately and , trans: milled to the seat of government by the .returning officers not later than the last day of November' of : the year in which the election Is 'held; and shall be directed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Thp General Assembly shall' convene In^special • session on the first Monday in December of ;the year' in which ; the msmbers of the. General Assembly are 'elected and shall be in session for a period not to. exceed three days, unless called into special session by the Governor. At such session of the Genera) Assembly, and upon both Houses being organized, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall open and publish Ihe votes cast and given, for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, in the presence of both Houses of the General Assembly, The person having the highest number of votes for each of the respective of- flees shall be declared duly elected thereto; and shall immediately begin his term of office: but If two or more shall be equal, the highest in votes for the same office, one, o( them shall be chosen by a joint vote of both Houses of the General As- X *1C T *UW •*• * •»•*•** — *•». •• — — jj_ quoted as saying that If the Democrats had listened • to Ffll Chief J. Edgar Hoover "the Communist threat would have been nipped in the bud." The memorandum qupa- ed an earlier statement by Hoover saying lhat prosecution of the Communist leaders was "unquestionably the greatest blow they Uhe Communists) have suffered. ' The committee said the prosecution of the Red leaders took place under the Democratic administration. In another example, the memorandum quoted Nixon as saying in a speech last April that the administration's forelitm policy "Is based on strength,, firmness, consistency, and non-surrender of principle at the conference table."] By way Of "comment" on this statement, the memorandum quoted GOP Senate Leader \Vii4iam F. Knowland .(CalifJ .as saying, in July that the Geneva . agreement oh Indochina was. "one of the greatest Communist victories of the present decade.?' v Nixon 'was . ; quoted; in a .March spech of this year as saying '"we have finally-seized'tHQ' ideological offensive frcrn the Communists all over the world."--The' Democrats said after'that •speech" the .European Defense '..-'Community, Pact failed, .the.'Frehch Ipst.'iDien:Bien Phil in Indochina,', find the -Indochina, truce ;' r -Avasv;; signed. •-under which 12,000,000; persqfis went under- Communist cbrilrol. ; : .: • .:";'"' ANN PAGE SYRUP (Maple Flavored — 12-ox. Btl.) AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE MIX (20-oz. Package) BOTH ONLY. 43< AH this month at A&P you'll find scores of Special Values In your favorite fine foods. It's our way of thanking you for helping us have 95 birthdays. MILD CHEESE TOMATO SOUP PRESERVES WISCONSIN AMIRICAN ANN PAOI ANN PAOI STRAWBERRY .Lb. 101/2-ex. Cans .l.-lb. Jars EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE NABISCO CRACKERS 3 289 TAMALES HY-POWER Lb. Box 25,: BALLARDS or PILLSBURY county has failed to • and hearing by The Board of Equal- allze the assessments each .county at its end for ihat purpose W iproperty according to herepf and Income there- jtprepare and prescribe 'n ...WmwlB tor use by It and •gessors pf the various coun- 'inWD? tlie market value or , classes of property! eassess" property not os- -jeordance therewith, after Hearing by the Board. Each 5tho property In any coun- en "equalized, at Its market iln' provided, the Board „,. \ f shall certify such tact 'county clwk.' TjQJf 8. Within the time «nd ..provided t>y the General As- Miy, taxpayer or any of thr 1 ' "ificnJ subdivisions affected „„ from pny order or de., th.e Board pi Equalization hancery Court of the County ,'Jl}? 1 property affected Is lo- cept that any opnea) from Or decision affecting! prop- -"ilic utilities assessed by " i Board shall he taken Court of Fulosk! Coun- ic?ry Court shall try "pause de novo, Either appeal from apy adverbe »the Clianpeiy Court to _,^ T .B CouJt of Arkansas where J~]>e hcara 4o uovp on the reo- 1, The Governor shall entree resident electors aa mem- ' 'the Bonrd of {equalization, 'respecjlvely servi?, as de- by lot four, eight and ?year? from the date of their '—nt, and shall appoint a fcuo each, who shall servo for ,^t 'twelve years; which ap- nts. Including appointments In M»(t pf a vacancy, shall" be • t9 cwlirm^tion by the Sen- members may be Impeached id from office as provided )5 fit the CoiiBtlluli()n. '* ^. The totnl I'xjjenillture {or all purposes by uny Incprpciuted town or it, shall not exceed the the budget for that year,' ' —' -•* revenue, svhlcgever be nocessary v,illd levels, fio a county, fity. in- rn or achoul district im- '.kw l?ecn approved by sembly, and a majority : of all the members elected shall be necessary The General Assembly A e fid ejectors The budget oi approval elation .ejfcept heanng with Uwfreot -l| the _,. ^rihcomjSag' Jrom m ™$gS#n$tw& ""-''.blribat wMch ift otgvtae the fmrtred a« .t*jr.t,J-- ay g5^^j e bjj. to a choice. SECTION 4. shall meet In regular session -of; id- ty. (80) days, which need not.'be continuous, at tho seat of' governmedi every two years on the first Monday In February o! each odd ourrtljered year until said time be changed by law. The members of the- General Assembly shal) receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dollars ($2,400.00), except the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who Bhall receive as his salary Twenty- five Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($3,650.00), for each period of. two- (2) years payable at such time and * In such manner as the General Assembly may determine; and -In addition to sucn salary the members of the General Assembly shall receive Ten Cents (lOc) per mile for each mile traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government over Ihe most direct'and pr.ictlcnble route: and provided, further that when sniri mumpers are required to attend an extraordinary or special session of the General Assembly, they shall receive In addition to salary herein provided, the sum of Twenty Dollars 1820.00) per day for each day they are required to attend, and mileage, at the same rate herein provided. SECTION 5. There is hereby created a joint acl Interim committee of the General Assembly to,be selected from its membership, as may be provided by law, for the purpuse of conducting research into governmental problems and making audits of State agencies. The General Assembly shall fix the amount of per diem and expenses of •. committee members and the compensation and expenses ot the committee's employees. SECTION 8. (a) The Genera) Assembly shall from time to tlnje provide tor the salaries and compensation of the Justices of the Supreme Court and for the salaries and expenses of the judges of the Circuit and .Chancery Courts of this State; provided, that suph salaries and compensation of the Justices of the Supreme Court and the salaries and expenses of the judges. ot the'-Circuit and Chancery C.'ourU Khali not be less than now provided by law. (b) The- General Assembly shall by law dctcrmlno tho amount and method ot payment of salurtts to the Commissioners of the Workmen's Compensation Commission; provided, that (he salary of any Commissioner shull not be less than now provided by <c) The General Assembly shall to law determine the amount and method of payment of salaries of county officials. Nothing herein shall be con- fitrued as abrogating any rights of the people of the State of Arkansas under the Initiative and Referendum provisions ot the Constitution or the statutes of Arkansas. id) That Section ?3 of Artie)* xix of the Constitution and Section 2 of Amendment IX to the Constitution ol the Slote pf Arkansas be and the fame are hereby repealed. T ~'$CT{0|i TTTbat Section M oj cie 7 of the Constitution c? the Chinese -.Nationalists bfticia1? were silent on (he subject, one newspaper in Taipei ; cornfilained -iftat a "new Yalu- fiver. ,5anc,Viiai'y'.'; had apparently:: been •'set-,Up...-along the South China coast to guard against the "little •Wai 1 .'! - at ''Qiien1p.V 'igniting a-biggct'eonffict.,. •.:',.'.. : .The "Chiiia. siltialityf":has grown more critical a$;a'.result';p£ renewed Communist clahtiSithey' intend- to "liberate"-Formosa.;' \."' ••'' Some AifiQrican'otlicjals' in; Asia bclievs" the TTpi'jTiosaiv invasion)' but believe the ' cuvrent' decJarations primarily are '{or •prop'a^anda purposes. " •''•'.".'',',. -.'•" '''•': ;"'.-':' ''•'•' Intelligence . ..reports • from .the China, mainland ..indicate 'ith> .Chinese Co.mmurtlsts; ; .areVha_ylng plenty of trouble with s'pmo segments of the population;-'.especially./.South- China;- tradltlpnal. spawning.' place of revolt in ; China; - '• " .-.;'.! ' •• '" Some American cfficfalS;: believe "there is a good .cliahce'.'.';,tliat a Chinese Natiorialis : t' : attac'(C-on • the mainland might restljt 'in. S\JCCCES- fully establishing, a'j'beac^ljead. '"The big questioh-r' 'one official told United Press, ...is -"what would hgppen after? the beachhead is established. 1 '. "V v : '" This well-qualified student ' of China affaU's viewed' :th'e situation this way;. ":,..;>.-."/.:>;. ; , 1. It probably would :.l?e ..possible for the 'Chinese Ndtibrtalists' to establish a beaciihtBad"'oh'-'the vSouth China mainland -'••!• -.'^V--''"• •• •"'•''• Z. They-prbbflblyytio'uld: hojd this beaphhead prp'yided wfei'Artiericans p'rovided ; Ipg'is'fii-. : •:suppprt.' 1 While ''in America .. , U.S. grpuiKT';foiMesv'-/it•••::.„.,. would t>e nijce,si5aifj'.-. ; tojniak'c considerable use of ;IJV?S..' ! ; silt; artd' naval units. . v . 1 ,-' : /;-.'-v^V-.'.-'V-; v .-:'';.. ,,'• '.. •' 3. The succesg ^qr'^J^ttjnje'.i.of.'ithe beachhead operatlqijv- 'would -depend on the number ot: dQfe.ctlpns .from the Communist torcts?, i»nd on : the amount of. qqopefatipri;. veceiyetl from the people beliind the,'front lines.' • :'•-•••• ' ; :',;:' ' ;v/-, '.' '• 4. There Is reason '.to .believe, as the.Chinese Nationalist insist, that n "winning" beachhead operation would attract many mainland supporters. ' 5. There is no way of. really knowing what would happen until it actually is tried, Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL. AMENDMENT NO. ,44 BE IT RESOLVED, by «* Senate tt the State o<',ATk«huw w»l by tb« House of aepi-eseiitsttvss, .» ' ity ot nil tne M*i ABVWtal Up- M aa amendment to W< K< el the State < «f Ac.tcww**, en b«ln« submitted .*» ttie of the SUt •—- '— i — m "" at the next „ seiitjiUvB and ot we elect«ri T ...,.„„...„, . aa election, »d«pt njcU «n»*n,ument the same shall become * p*rt tlie Cunstitutivfl ot tb« Stat« cas, tQ-wit. . • - • SECI'ION ). I'rwa MM <»n*r the •doptioQ ol tut* ,»jneota>e«t. toe term of office ot QoverMliNp ttl -tt»f SWt* of Arkansas cbaU be few ye«r* knd the Governor shall not b* eUgibl* to succeed himself. Provided UPW- ever, lliiu ttnwndment *h»U wet »PPly to the perspn elected <M Goveraor at tho General Election fe be held tn 195*. '•" ' SKCTION t. After th* e««tty* 0»t« of Uils amendmeijt, " be prohibited from part or uslitg bis or against any Sp«ci«l or Gene only where the be »utowrl*»!J|." t»"i own ueh«U. 4 Uon ihai) Nt •' whlph . u»? G«y«« immunity from »n «flfav Slate ot §s lollov "For «very ere ?haU be «y» hundred elected one J «vcry COTJUW *. 'fw» viwagt to tars* ufli«r iGT »4o L^ftf. *«»»w8. iegluative »t «4 - k. i.-JuftinuamiiiiMLiiu ^JM^^HTSTjMl • t- " *- w « <•*• ^« *wBI "SUPER RIGHT" PURE PORK SAUSAGE 35c •Lb. Roll BISCUITS LUNCHMEAT WHITE HOUSE MILK 'AGAR'S' CARTON PACK Pkg». 120z. Cans Large Cans Ann Page "Sweet" Sale! ANN PAGE BLACKBERRY JELLY ANN PAGE BLACKBERRY JAM ANN PAGE CHERRY JAM ANN PAGE RED RASPBERRY 12-oz. PRESERVES gS 1 ' Your Choice 25 ANN PAGE Ketchup 14-oz. Bottle. Ann Page Quality Foods ANN PAGE PEANUT BUTTER „ .!&£ ANN PAGE MAYONNAISE ?.'; ANN PAGE ' PREPARED SPAGHETTI 2*& ANN PAGE . - A SPAGHETTI „ ,.X 104 ANN PAOE j^ MIB SPAGHETTI SAUCE 2 8 c.V, 254 ANN PAGE J» . . BEANS with PORK..... 2 X ANN PAGE GROUND MM BLACK PEPPER „_. JSZ 234 ANN PAOI IMITATION MM VANILLA EXTRACT , !KT. 234 Extra Specfciff ANGEL FOOD CAKE ^ 39* JANE PARKER STRAWBERRY PIE JANE PARKER ICED SPANISH BAR CAKE JANE: PARKER fAITE fflAUIITC «HPIW,SU«A«ID CAKE DUNUI9 OR CINNAMON...... JANE PARKER ENRICHED WHITE BREAD B«x 20' DEODORANT SOAP DIAL Regular Bars DEODORANT SOAP Bath Ban 33* DETERGENT VEL Giant Size 69* DETERGENT Giant Size.. CLEANSER AJAX 194 14-oz. Pkgs B Mi PETER PAN Peanut Butter 13-oz, Glass..,. PETER PAN SALTED Peanuts ^^4 71/4.01. 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William. W/TH6NIAHAY IN THE LAST 8,OCKEl)INA TENSE P/TCHE8&' DUEL BUGS AMD S£M.SALtf<£ BATTLE TO BREAK A Tit: IN THE &C/0WG ?TH GAME OF THE • BUBBEKtS . ! HEU>ATW/Kfa> Animal Antics Answer to Previous Puzzle I ACROSS 3 Venture ' 1 North African 4 Upper limb wild sheep 6 Indian social system 11 Looks fixedly 13 Used to clip sheep's wool 14 Let 15 Tries by the tongue 5 Divinity 6 Talisman 1 Roman bronze 8 Cloy 9 Allowa'nce for waste 10 Essential being 12 Stop (slang 1 * 13 Pigpens 28 Burrower 16 Compass point 18 School group 29 Afresh 17 Malayan (ab.) ungulate 20 Hardens 19 Summer (Fr.) 21 Scanty 20 Formulated theories 22 Hollow- horned ruminant 25 Possesses 26 Cougar 30 Sea eagle 31 Presently 32 Poker stake 33 Irritate (coll.) 34 Piece of track 35 Fourth Arabian caliph 38 Meat dish 39 There are many animals in the world 42 Age .45 White poplar 46 Small (Scot.) 49 Bullfighter 51 Click-beetle 53 Clothing maker 54 Philippic 55 Type of cheese (pi.) 56 Challenges DOWN 1 Snakes 2 Indians CARNIVAL 22 Part of a machine 23 Trieste wine 35 Bower 36 New Guinea port 37 Bay 4u Edible rootstocks 43 Highway 44 Sulo part in an opera 46 Asterisk 47 Native of Media 48 Greek god of war measure 41 Frozen 24 Against <2 Feminine 27 Distinct part suffix 1 II W Ib 2Z 30 $•' 34 I n 4Z 19 W bb . 43 i 4 9, \iO 2.4 | 1 • •i V\ i>i 9, W 5 1'? ^ n n ^ 10 15 II 25 W^ m y> b f m 26 13 li ^ m 37 bl ^ 50 Shade tree 52 Brazilian macaw E> ^ < m, ^ 41 bb 1 ^ L\ 26 31 33 28 0, bl 8 1 Z7 • * 9 28 47 » 29 4& 7 LIFE'S LONGEST MIWUTE VIC FLINT tty Michael BNOUX&H SBAKJ& FOR A [wi^HAP 7WIS USt OP *~\ PIKQT MB,TH6WtHe pAWBCuevic, WEASEL'S JURORS WITH wM,Puwt) PROSECUTING AT- OOWWA PO TMe'PdR A mji HE COULFW'T c?i6 <TOKMey, PISIAU.V LOWS WE/M I UP PlACKAAAII. PAITOM J THE JUKV. G&T t£ an OKJE op , THEAAi ^ J HANt? |T T0 vvSASBL |gyPl.AlM5 THE gOMg/yf ...W6 PlPNT^MjSS ~ ^T- fe> W <t^ 1^ \^r L P fSk \^, WASH TUBES OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople By Dick Turner T. M. Rig. U. 8. PM. OH. Cop f . 1S54 by NEA Ssrvice. Ino' M AIM'S/ OVER ft LETTER HE RECEWBt? AM JU^J BBFORE.HE.WENT. TQ Jam* MVUMBP 6AMCHO/TOJ AND HER BUDDIES • I €.61 W\VV\P»V\ '^ ^ "S^'^^li ^ -' ; r ii f.« BUGS BUNNY 'Kvi'o' w\vx\f\VA's/t;*lvpV ty.^iss\o^S',,om^civ Cv ^ •*$ i*^-'ja '»»••' it j FUNNY BUSINESS By Hcrihberget "You say you'll repay me if it's the last thing you ever do, eh? Let's make it a.lot sooner than that—okay?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrnirh T.M.R.3.U.S.f«I.OII. eopf .,9 S , b . NUSm , c ,. Irc . i "This one the custodian uses to make hot coffee for his I coffee break!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selzer : i SOT A CUSTOMER MINUTES/ AN 1 1 CANT ALLEY OOP CTW' TURBAN J ' REALLY IMPRESSES TH SUCKEBS J I s. -60TTA DO C 6OMETHIN'.,. QUICK]. ^.-.JAINLYNOT,' ARE YOU REAPy\lU HAVE VOU KfJOW.SIR, PDISCILLA'S POP ...I 5HAUL NOT NOW^ NOR AT ANY FUTURE TIME,EVER LIFT/- AMANDIN /BUT, MINE VIOLENCE TO R3V, IT'S- THE WOMAN I V THE LAW My teeth need a general overhauling, re name of that dentist of yours yoy said was busy ii| ;- C«7 - ..... M-t '«<, '. THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI

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