Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1954 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 7, 1954
Page 19
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' HOPE .ST.A K, MOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 7, 19S4 wrtWlljr. OBpVlwW ^^n^^^ We.t for Sal* JTOfc^noN fML&MA. .. and Beauty in CLASSIFIED Ads Must fie In Office fca* Before " II * 7 ° 4.50 *.00 2.SO 7.50 3.00 9.00 3.50 10.50 4,00 12.00 4.50 13.50 5.00 15.00 "- .CLASSIFIED DISPLAY »„,..,...«.,........- 75e p*r Inch tlm«» ,....*,..« ........... <» 60* f«f Inch • 6 »lm« » .......... . ........... 50c pef Inch Rotci quflted obov» are tor con- Meutiv« inMrtiohi. Irreflulor or iklp- ddte ddfwlll take the one-day rat*. All daily classified advertising eapy • will M Accepted until 5 p. m. for . publication lh« tallowing day. the publishers retervs the right to r«vis« e>i edit ell advfertiiemehti offered fof publication and to reject any objectionable admitting tub- ' mined initial* of one or more lettera, fifdup* or figure* «uth ds house or telephone numbers count as one word. 'The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Ad* unless errdrt ire called td our attention •after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ;ONLY ?thi» ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star of Hooe U9»( Pr«u 1»J7 C«rti»lldand January It, 112* Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Painter, President Alex. H. Waihburn, tecy-Tre*. , •» The Star .Building . J12-14 South Wolnut Street ' . Hope, Arkaniai AIM. H. Waihburn, Editor & Publliker Paul H. Jonet, Managing Editor Je» M. Davit, Advertising Manaiet George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt, Entered as second class matter «t the Post Office ot Hope, Arkonsai, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau-a! Circulations Subscription Rates (payable in advance): By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns— Per.week 29 Per year, 13.00 ' By moll In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller counties- One month ..> 83 Three months , 1.60 Six months , 2.60 One year < - 4.50 All other mail- On* month Thro* months ...... Six months On* year 1.10 .... 3.25 ,... 6.50 ... 13.00 N*fl AdVirtUIng Representative!: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; 1602 SUfrick *ldg., Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas •onk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 E. 42d St., New York 17, M. Y.; 1763 ' penobscot - Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Oklo. ' , M«mb«r of The Associated Press: , rhe Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon ot all -trw local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP newt dispatches. Slj ftftd Cobb Mattfeis Co. th Washington. Phone Mar. 4-tf ATTENTION Cattlemen. We can sell you Range 'meal, Range cubes, daity feed, corn, oats and oil grain on your drough emer-. RCttcy feed certificate. Our prices tire right. Phone 7-2547. Hope Feed Co. 7-Ot For Sole Layawdy Open on TRIKES - BIKES AND DOLLS OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. TACrGERT seed oats, germination 90%. $1.25 per bushel Phone 7 4031. Mr. A. B. Enoch. . 4-6t HOSPITAL bed. See B. W. wards. Phone 7-3148. Ed- 0-3t For Rent THREE room apartment, private bath ! and private entrance. Near school. 808 W. Fourth. Phone 73132; 28-tf Out of Doods with Field and Stream By Warren Page The printer was up the other day, and during our confab . he isked me, "How come your copy IBS all those numbers and decimal points in it? Gives our typesetters fits . . ." The answer to that is that shooters by and large like numbers. They dole on ballistic informa-' ton,, bullet weights and speeds and energies, want 'em all and want 'em right. The shooting >M ^ FURNISHED 4 room . apartment. Electric' refrigerator. Garage. No children. Mrs. Anna Judson, 220 N. Elm. 1-tf THREE room furnished garage game, after all, is a relatively exact science. It's a game of engineering, where results aren't guessed at, but can be proven in the mathematical terms of measurable performance. Either the bullet drops 11.4 inches or it doesn't. The rifle groups 4592. 5-3t apartment. Bills paid. Phone _ 7- lts shots into one-and-a-half inches or it doesn't. The result is that shooters are inveterate collectors of dope. Or mebbe data is a prettier word. j"T' With some gents this doting on ^ n ' data shows up in the form of card LOVELY • air-conditioned one and two bedroom apartments redecorated inside and out. A nice place to live for reasonable rent. LIEBLONG REALTY Phone 7- 2228. CO.. .. 5-tf f es ' or booklets such as those - 1 keep which record every shot MODERN 3 room, unfurnished :lu-|ever fired at a target. This isn't ,plex.' Conveniently located. For , string-saving, because such load phone 7-3481 between and sight-setting data is exactly what you need every now and again. With some of the powder-and projectile-minded the amassed in- showing, 9 and 5. 0-3t NICELY furnished rooms, reason-.- . . . . fvi uj w i_ ti n_-i i I,IIH^V_\A bite a. u iLi.^ot;v-i in- able rates, private bath, private formation shows up as great stacks utilities paid. 3474, ask for Gene Smith. Hope Favored to Defeat ; f Crossett By RAY STEPHENS LITTLE ROCK 1,11 — The Arkansas Raze-rbacks riding high on the chest of two victories ruri up ngainst a tougher opponent in Fnyetleville next Friday and the Porkers quite likely will meet theirs first defeat. Taylor undoubtedly is smarting from tho 19-13 loss they suffered &t the hands of nn underdog University of Miami last week and the Razorbacks should provide a means for the Owls to solve their grief. So with the football season well underway we'll make our first football prediction in favor of the visiting Bears who should bent Arkansas by at least seven points. Arkansas' freshmcv should fare no better against :t Littlo Rock Junior College team which seems to be improving with ngc. With a little luck the Jaycees should spoil thc Frosh opene r by n touchdown. Here's the way we see tho Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference scrnns on tap for Saturday night: Arkansas A&M over Henderson Reddie Coach Duke Wolls doesn't have n lino good enough to contain the .defending AIC champ's attack and we'll lake the Aggies by 13 points. Arkansas Tech .over Ouachita there may be an AIC team that can stop the three-deep Wonder Boys and Ouachit.a's injury-riddled crew can't do it. Wo KO another' for Tech by any score it chooses. Alabama State over Arkansas State --the re building Indir.ns played a terrific ijamo against powerful Mississippi State but the loss should have softened them up for a six-point loss to the Alabamians. Southern State over William Carey — Southern demonstrated that it has one of thc best starting teams in the AIC in holding Tech to a two-touchdown victory and that should be enough for a triumph next Saturday. Southern by 13 points. i of outdoor magazines and shooting ^9r_Gene Smith, 6-6tjj ourna)s , al j neatly p jled up as to BETWEEN high school and Gar- dates and indexed from Ammuni- land Grade school, nice two bed- tion to Zipper, room home, living room,'dining! Ask a magazine collector what room and kitchen. -Vacant now. j thc bullet diameter of the slugs Foster Realty Co. 217 S. Main-St. 'used in the .35 Smith & Wesson au- Pr.7-4091. 7-3t tomatic. was (the answer isn't .35) and he'll blow the dust off a back NICE south bedroom, bath., Conveniently located. Mrs. j have the answer for the straighta- "THIS IS THE MAN"—A 35-foot figure of Cuba's President FulHencio Batista smiles down on motorists in Havana. Below the figure are the words "This is the man," Batista's campaign slogan in the presidential campaign. At right in the background is the American embassy Classen Likes Baylor Over Arkansas Arkansas State Teachers over Central Oklahoma — After thre losses the Tutors now have the law of averages worki.ru; in their favor an dthey ought to win by a touchdown. Ozarks over Hendrix — Coach. MUSCLEMEN—British Tommies, on maneuvers at Salisbury Plains, nonchalantly hoist an enormous tank on their shoulders and move it to another part of battleground. Don't get excited— the tank is only an inflated rubber one, skillfully used to baffle the "enemy." SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE TAL301 NEW YORK VF1 -- In all the .thousands of sports page symphon- Frank Koon's team has held South-lies which have been composed in ern to a one touchdown victory |recent days to immortali/a thc adjoining num bor midway of the pile and while Hendrix is always lucky to j feats of the New York Giants, not '• •• „„ ..«_,. ., ,..., : _u._ field 11. men. Ozarks J. A. McLarty, 303 S. Pine. Notice Lost COX'S Station at Fulton will serve "Turkey dinners, Sunday, October 10. $1 per plate. Drinks extra. ' . ' .... 5-3t MAC'S Restaurant Opens. New! |way. (It's .321 in case you're cur- 7-3t ions.) I notice that in recent years this packrat tendency to pile up gun information is cropping up in a .new form, that collecting the annuals like The Gun Digest which John Amber puts out every fall from Chicago. At the club last Wednesday I AT Fair Grounds, Black Female Cocker Spaniel, answers to name of Jett. Liberal reward. Phone Mrs. James Cobb, 7-2022. 4-6t hours: weekclays-4 p. m. to 11 bumped into a pair of shooters who Salesman Wanted WANTED AT ONCE—Rawleigh. Dealer in Hope, For particulars see A. L. McBej.h. 355 Pine St,, Stomps. 'Aj'k., or write Rawleigh's, Deptt AKJ-041-R. Memphis, Tenn. 6-lt Funeral Directors see MS, OAKCEEST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE NP * .HAZEL, . , , PHONE 7-2123 ,> , < , AD-l Mo. TF JARANTEED *" *' "' |n*p?ctfon Coll tt, '« New Q r,T*l>8/*• 'Door 8l 0ruj I'^ffSP 1 WftW* 11 * V ™ p B + 1 i. < & y, 'l$PfflV Items.'' 5Aj |£S ., mm * M If w" !*f 9 CORNELIA BURIAL ASSOCIATION , Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 {or our • ' agents A23-1 Mo. Strayed Jersey bull yearling. Phone- 7-3t Hope Builder'* Supply Co. Phone 7-2381 Have Ypur Car PAINTED NOW! $35.00 White ypy ore having ypMf <:pr pointed we can do thgt work on your mptor, brakes or body Jytpert PXTRA SPECIAL T« our if||i|«f Cwi^mf ri Yewr I5SO Pettier ,«i^ p. m. Sundays for lunch-10:30 a. back numbers of that W* ill. U HI J«J M J t> »V/«- JH.lU\*l*—t ** • iiv tli . ... i A i • i m.Cto 4 p. m, Mr. and Mrs. Mac. ipubhcation like a couple of kids j) a j e ; ; 0.41-swapping those ballplayer cards Instructions Help Wonted that come with bubble gun. Not surprising, bacuase there's considerable dope in those two-buck CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet I volumes, not only just the ordinary and tpe. Katharine Windsor, 104 ballistic dope you can get for free E. 14th. Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo in a publication like Winchesters i Ammunition Handbook, but all 'manner of extraordinary stuff. Like the story on the Hawken rifles WHITE or Colored — to solicit which Jim Bridgers and the other house to house with fast Felling 'Mountain Men favored back in items used in every home. Lib- buckskin days, (or the why's and era! -commissions, Apply 107 S. wherefore's of French proof marks Main. No'phone calls please. 0-3t or the methods of modern gun en,'/ .,' ..;' •'•,-•-•"' '..-•!.:• ' — —- (gravers, and as complete listings of aR modern sporting weapon models as are printed in any one chunk. (Distributed by NEA Service) The Big Seven spores two con- 'erence games Friday night and he clash betwen El Dorado a)id Pine .Bluff should go a long way toward deiei mining which of'them s a loop power. •By tossiiis a coin we'll take El Dorado but just by n touchdown or less. Little Rock back on the winning rack after two straight losses 51-obably will take Fou Smith by wo touchdowns. Hot Springs' luckless Trojans laven't ben able to tally a touch lown to date and they should end .hat string against Class • A Nashville. On the other hand Nashville could win by six points. North Little Rock victims cf El Dorado last week will stage a comeback against Russellville and we'll take Texarkana over Magno- ia. The others in brief- Fayetle- yille over Soringdale. . . Rogers McQueen. ... Van Wh'ilehaven Tenn. City over Marianna. . . Newport The Negro Community By Helen Turner 7-B830 Or bring Item* to M lit Turn«r *t Hlcki Funeral Homo There will be an Eastern Star turn out at Church Hill CME Church, Sunday October 10, commemorating Peaks Memorial Day. The Saratoga Chapter and the Fulton Chapter will turn out jointly with the Church Hill Chapter. The Rev. Anthony Jones of Washington, will preach. Funeral' service for James Otis Jefferson of Columbus were held Thursday, October 1, at Macedonia Baptist Church with Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Funeral service for Mrs. Dora Cole of Hope will be held Tuesday October 13, at BeeBee. Memorial E Church with burial in Cave Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Sarah Briggs of McCasklll died in St. Louis, Mo., Wednesday October 6. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Top Rodio Programs pro. 7-30 Swnd A Million Quiz; 8:38 Senor en Music; 0:35 June Piccms. Suspense Qv&ma; 7:30 J:15 Mr, and Mrs Wight Watch; ¥«L%. Unemployment Faces GOPs in Michigan By DON WHITEHEAD \ DETROIT (/P) — Unemployment in the automobile industry .tear of more job losses, and • grumbling among dairy farmers from a triple menace today that is .frightening, to Michian Republicans in the campaign for control of Congress. GOP lenders in this normally Republican state are wary of the turn of economic event's which has given Democrats their most ef ; fective campaign amniunition in years. One out of 10 workers is idle in Detroit. Automotive and defense plants, booming a year ago, have laid off workers. Th«J pinch of unemployment has been felt in most of Michigan's industrial cities. The state's jobless totJl has ben estimated as high ns 30.0UO. Michigan's Employment Security Commission suys the peak if unemployment appears to be past and that indications are workers will flock back to the plants as hew model production begins to roll. But the politicians say any such improvement in employment is corp'ing too late to he-IP the Re publicans at the p«H« in her. ' '•".-• And upstate, there is reported political ferment among the dairy farmers hit by the Eisenhower Administi a lion's cutback on piic? supports for dairy products. Fordyce over Smackover Harrison over Alma. . . Benton over Bauxite. . . Butesvillo Bald Knob, , . Para'soukl Walnut Ridge. . . Seai-cy over Me- The Democrats, by Gov. G Kaye Serenade; Mermen (Soapy) Wiiliurns anJ hav support, |:W MB$ »-| 7:8P Crime Fighters, arc hammering li^rtl on the theme M V»e0«ntry Sheriff;" (J:30 Author that a Repub,h\pau ' "-**- "•"• .ouchdowns or move, by three one we have seen mentioned the man .who r.robnbjy had more to over Huntsville. over Subiaco Burcn over Forrest do . with . fashioning the four-game victory over Cleveland than any other. Fellow name o( Carl Ilub- bell. The groat southpaw who 20 years ago this summer struck out Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig. Jimmy Foxx, Al Simmons ancl Joe Cronin in. succession in tin All-Star Game has since 1944 been the quiet director of the Giants farm system. With scarce exceptions, it was. a Texas Hopes to Hex Oklahoma By JOE BENHAM Associated. Press Staff The red candles came out at the University of Texas Wednesday as tile student -.body, tried to put a By HAROLD CLASSEN ' NEW.YORK W — Last week's record of only 33 correct guesses in 49 chances suggests the possibility that mnyhf Dnstv Rhodes should be sent in to pinch hit for the regular forecaster, But a bat. except in periods of extreme difficulty, is the wronrj instrument to use on a typcwri* Jt.-. Last week's puny success dropped tlw year's average to .701 wilh 90 right and 11 wrong. Here are ths weekend's selections: Olnhoma over Texas: Thc Sooiv ors hnd two weeks lo get ready for this one. Duke over Purdue Even when you win from Nolro Dame, as Purdue did last week, you aren't quite the same the following weekend. Southern California over Texas Christian: Joe Arnett gets better and better as tho season goes along. A Friday niisht contest. Wisconsin over Rice: This could be an Amcche vs. Moegl-; and the pick still would be thc same. . Iowa over Michigan: Michigan has a hospital list: •''.': Noire Dame over 'Pittsburgh:. Pitt has no Len Dawson. , Penn State over Virginia:'..Lc- high almost defeated Virginia '_ and Penn State has downed Illinois. Skipping over the others without comment: : . Friday Night Davidson over Presbyterian, Denver over Montana, Miami (Fla over Holy Cross. Saturday SOUTHWEST: Baylor over 'Ar- . kansas, Houston over -Texas, A&M Texas Tech over Taxas Western. EAST: Army over Dailmouth, Boston College over Virginia Military- Fordham jver Boston University Brown over Rhode Island Colgate over Rutgers, Yale over Columbia, Cornell over Harvard, Temple over Delaware, New Hampshire over Maine, Princeton over Penn. ; SOUTH: Florida over Clemson, Maryland over Wake Forest, Alabama over Tulsn Richmond over the Citadel, Vllanova over Florida State 'Mississippi over Vandcr- bilt, South Carolina over Furman, Georgia Tech over Louisiana St'rjpj Auburn ovru- Kentucky North Ciir- clina over Georgia Tennessee over Chattanooga Mississippi State over Tulane, West Virgin a over George Washington William & Mary over North Carolina State MIDEST: Ohi o State over 'I11N nois Minnesota over Northwestern Missouri over Southern Methodist Nebraska over Kansas State Oklahoma A&M over Wichita Michigan. State over Indiai|i -Kansas over Iowa State. voodoo-style hex on the University of Oklahom i the Longhorns' Sa i.ur- day afternoon foe at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The burning of tho scarlet tapers traditionally hexes 0112 opponent a year for the Loiv.jhorns. ' Last year it was Taylor, which took a No. 3 national rating into th-2 game Hubbell-built.tcam that scored one anl \ erne rged a 21-30 loser. Texas Coach Ed Price would have none of the black magic, of the astonishing triumphs of World Series history. Of the nine 'players excepting!however, devoting himself instead the pitchers — who struck down'to a realistic search for a left the Tibr, only one, shortstop Alvinj halfback. With regular Delano Wo- Dark, was not a product of tne inack a doubtful starter, at best old "Meal Ticket's" assflrnbiy .Jine and second-stringer Chester Sim that stretches clown through the ick nursing a shoulder injury, minors. Arid Dark was obtained in | Price is digging deeper than he d trade for players .who did go-like in an effort (o find a replace through the Giants school. Branch j merit. ' ' • • . . ' Rickey, the man who invented the Tho -Longhorns spent Wednesday farm system, must never have in pass drills which Price rated I weak on cyffenso but strong c.n clone much better than that. over Augusta. Camden over'?' 1 *! 3 The six pitchers who combined defense, to riail down tho world champion- nut bear quite the same Malvern . . . Fail-view over Arka-| Hllbbe11 stamp. Tlioso who wrestle de,lphia. . . Hope over Crcssett! witn . such abstract problem; might ; V. Fordvce over SmnHrnvnv know why a Hall of Fame pitcher Crory. Pocahontas over Oscc- Morrilton over Clarksv.Ule why would have more success turning out infielders than men who can throw curves, but wo don't • get paid for that kind ot work. Johnny Antonelli ;in;l Don Liddie, winners of the secoivl and fourth . . . Paris over Mena. St games, never met Ilubbell until Anne's over Charleston. ' He'ie-i tnis season. Again, though, it ivas na over Bi-inkley. . .Stuttgart over' one of Hub's prize pupils. Bobby Wynne. Gehee. Monticello over Mo- Grid Pickers Con Win Tickets, Gas ."Winner of this week k s KXAR football guessing contest will be awarded: two tickets to the Mississippi- football game at Little Thomson, who provided the brut that caused the Milwaukee Braves to go for one of tho most lopsided j trades on record. ! Ruben Gomez, tho third-game winner, was available because thc head .Giants scout, Tom Sh.cch.an', flew down to Puerto Rico two winters ago to him pitch and came back babbling that he had seen a screwball as good as Hub, bell's used to be. As th:-it was all Rp'ek October 23 and ten gallons of i President Horace Stoneham need ed to hear to start reaching for his checkbook, we cfan at least more economic distress. *'** J hc f « rm diro:tor an assist t,,rEK^^ -!»-«« FAR WEST:. UCLA over Wash- ngton, Colorado over Arizona, Utah over. Brigham, Young, California over Oregon Wyoming, over Colorado A&M, Navy over Stanford Washington State over Ore- GON State. with a knockout r) — Charley seventh-i'ourcl over Califpr- Norkus Chills Powell in 7th SAN FRANCICO W) Norkus, technical nia's latest heavyweight sensation, Charlie Powell, figured today he had earned a place in the ba'clc row of contenders for th-3 title. The Port Washington, N. ,Y., spoler put the crusher on Powell's ring aspirations when he battered him r in a wild seventh-round last night at Civic Auditorium. Norkus .''weighed lt).1 ; Powell,*'of" San Diego, 212, .-. : situation. Patrick V. McNamara, the Democrats' U, S. Senate candidate, in an interview: "The No. 1 iss'.i« in the race is lief, came up through the Giants chain. Even Marv Grissom, the veteran whose brilliant relief*.work stood out in the first game, was a 1 lit; *i U. iiaJ.lvTfii^iic-i.itv-^iOj „ . . , K SSKAT .r-a-lK ^AWt5Syf*i2 ii,» u..-i»«=» mA ,, ,,,,ct,,(o hMv» hnpn un '46-47 before he got away to the busiaessij>en upstate have been as hard hit general'.v as the working mwj. It's a sort of chain reaction." Republican? counter with thc argument- that the eponomic letdown was the result 'of shifting from a wartime txi a peacetime economy. Sen. Homer F6r£us'on. chairman of tho GOP Senate Policy Committee and a candidate for rejection, said: "XU e Uewwcrats are making unemployment the sole issue, but I say the issue is peace or war. Of course, \vu could have jobs for everyone if we wurvt to war with SMM8- 9w* that isn't the way to got to bp patient and i m*-" the American League. It was King Carl's knowledge • of tho veteran (Slating back to that time caused the Giants to grab when the Boston Red Sox cut him loose last year. Fights Last Night By The Asaclated Press SAN FRANCISCO Charley Noy- kua, 163, Port Washington stopped CharUe Powell 212, 0 Piego. 7. Manila JVUnjla, Benny Escobav Roy ,, ; r., TASSEL CASUALS laces with a tassel decoration add 9 jaunty new air to these sleek casuals by Crpsfcy Square. And they feature, of course, the ? luxurious leathers, the fofifcjjejaxing corafp-ft for which all Crosby Stjujue Shoes are fsnjQys., Thurirf.ay, Otfobef H,0#ifi .Sir**,, tHfctNE, Report f§ Eisenhower By MERRIMAN SMITH DENVER (UP.) - Vlco .'president Richnrd M. Nixon flies here today to report -to President Eisenhower on his •.pr.i'-etecHbn toil) 1 of the nation. •"' He probably will confer with the president tomorrow. The vice president's arrival at the Denver White House ..was timed to precede by two days a major tiplitical speech president Eiseh- jfcwer is scheduled to make Friday night. The President's speech will come as a climax to the Ropitbican party's national "precinct day" program '.from the st:i;4i! of Denver's Municipal auditorium. Nixon will appear on the program • after the President. The propram was billed by the-White House as "the most important tingle event-in the ••Republican campaign." ••Nixon is compielinu his second political tour of the nation during the pre-election period. He benan the tour 'last .week' in New England, appeared in -Now Jersey. uert then moved into tho Midwest :luring the wckend. Ho spoke last night at Mason City. la. During •the tour-he has studied the political situation in many critical states. , , . . : Soeawrtoaive your child ahis orange flavored aspirin. Buy it : today. 'J World's Largest Selling Aspirin For Children. ry Hand at •Directing THING '— ) struntion Soes on, Rdber.t ' Olive, f '"". •"" ' '•'"• MONEY AND .TH'.IS,.TO.O MOUJNT VERNON; ia., cyp)...—'; Charles' 'Horn' '.'donated• • a • 'major, portion-of the. money for: v a SG36.V 000 men's dormitory at 1 ' Cornell college.;.; ,... ' . . • • ..''•' :..•. - : In recognition • of his gest.'>r-s he .was made .an .honorary .stude.il. .At ground breaking - ceremonies yes-' terday. he, was forced'*to ;.wear a freshman's "beanie'.'/ and, carry, a fraternity.. initiation, paddlo;. •-•,•• I For AH Your Visit Your 6&B Superitiarket COFFEE ' FOLGERS and MAXWELL HOUSE 1 .Lb. Can J .07 PURE LARD 8 Bucket " Mellorine Fre Zert i <3al. CORN MAYFIELD YELLOW 303 Can ,. TCRYSTAL RED SOUR PITTED CHERRIES TUNA FISH Southern Star Fancy, Solid Pack 7 Oz. Can 2k Cans 45c XX • ,,At; 'first,:,Jim thought he had entered':,a?huge.- : underground cav- . ern'. A .'second .look showed that perched on a high stool beside a 'itp.':'in,-^what'-;must once have bon the .ballroom of the original stone structure. : The ' old woman havself 'vns By BOB THOMAS HOLYWOOD 'Jfi — ,tose Ferrer, that man of many trades and -maser of most, is '.akin;; a whirl at directing his tirst movie. Puerto Rico-born Ferrer is star- •ing in and directing "Thc Shrike " vhich he also starred in, directed and produced on Broadway. I dropped in on his s<H to see how ie is coming along. 1 found the balding, energetic ac- lo'r pacing down a ward representing Bellevue Hospital in New York There were no light.; or cameras, because he was spending the day in rehearsals. Tho initiates of the psychiatric ward looked unfamiliar having been imported en masse from the Broadway cast.- Ferrer had them run through, a few lines, then halted the pmcod- ings and conferred wnh cameraman Bill Daniels on camera ; angles fur the sceno Throughout :the rehearsal, lialor;ui; director Leon Charles stood in Ferrer':; place and iead his lines. While giving directions, Ferrer referred to Charles as "me." Ferrer, who wore grey slacks pale yellow sports phivl, dark bhrj sleveless sweater avid a light blue scarf around his neck, was all over the set. He moved the actors like chessmen, conferred with scrip writer Kelli Frings and sought ad vice from technical atllvser Alice Riddcll, a pretty- nurse from Los Angeles-General Hospital. "Well, this is a psychiatric I ward," Ferrer explained, "and you (lion of tho polico, Now a woman I all have some reason for being dies or is killed in the basement .of i here. Some of your are ovcriy ner- thc house Mrs. Kit occupies. Onecjvous, others are more serious." again she is alone with her faithful When the company broke for cook, Mrs. Gelstrap Coincidence?" lunch, .Ferrer told me how he is hildren ^in Colonie, N. Y., iare probably waiting l, hut their schooling continues White con- .classes in one .of a shift of buses, bottom, By Hugh La^vrence Nelson 1954 by Husk LmrreiKt flM** Piltritnlsd lj NEA Smic*, he / "Angelica could have been killed perched on a high stoo oosicle a i person who movod thc body might |-20-foot-long-worktable. -She •-looted [ have had ., grudRU aWlnst Mrs. j up when the two entered, glanced KU You can see hlat( can . t youi ,, at her ,.wa|ch .and then wont on The old woman waved a gnar led methodically with the work ut| hpml ,. y don - t !)avi , to be ob- hand. .Because h? had seen it be- by the accidental fal of that elevator." If the death was accidental, the I s assembled ancl the sequence* is. filmed. Ferrer moves on to an- ..... . , vious with me. Of course I SQC it, foce, ,m .a .more pleasing shape. Another body, wouldn't' look so good Jim was able to recosr.i/.o the trout I for lu , cUent j hoal . Miss . Wistcr even-though it was now turned m-; has ' the Carlton temper? Who side out. j would have expected it of her?" The table itself, and every avail- 1 . t . . able, S pace on ':lhe walls, was filled| J ' m Snve up rym^ to, direct the doped out in advance. with samples of Mrs. Oswald's tax!™ 110 "- - "** relaaon filming the picture. Ho takes one sequence and rehearses it for a day :or two. Then tho entire crow other rehearsal. Although this method seems cost- jy, it actually saves money, Ferrer declared. Actors who appear in one sequence only can be disposed of, instead of keeping them on salary throughout the , filming. And "the shooting, moves much faster, because the action has been well rehearsed ancl the camera angles ., Mlss Wlster to Mrs. Oswald cackled. "From PREMIUM CRACKERS 23c :Lb. PET and CARNATION • 4 Large . .Cans 45i: SCOT TISSUE 2 Rolls 2k WHIP Salad-Dressing Quart iBORDENS LIGHTCRUST FLOUR 45c iderjny. A .peculiar odor of boih preservation and decay filled the whole room. At the far end of t!ie what I've been told ths ...relation:' tabje from the old woman a gm at'ship could be purely mui-aerous. honned'owl-grabbed frantically and' Angelica saw- Miss Wister dcca- ppside.dy at a 'papier-mache 'sionally. Sneaked off to see her, toRsidetiy at twisted and misshapen'Just as she-sneaked sway lo marry talons. that Jones man. After we had.,a Mr.s..,Oswald dropped her brush, suitable m.irriago arranged for • her pushed aside the fish skin. A'ppar-[too!" . - • '• ently she had 'followed the direc-! "" she hadn't sncnkc.! away to would you have let her?" tiori of Jim's glance bacausi shn marry, would you went" -on,'' ; 'N.ot. one of ,my.- bettor i "That's none of your .business.' efforts, that owl. In the first place I The important thing is that An- I didn!t give the insido of the skinjgclica may have seen Miss Wislcr a thick coaling of potter's clay." once too often." j She sighed. "But then, it wouldn't There it was, .out in tho open, [have mattered. I tried to get fancy i An .accident, or suspicion directed instead of--using Graves'" mixture towar.d Miss Wiater. of arsenic and alum." Sheriff Agnes Argyle said, "I'm sorry ,about this, Mrs. Oswald. Your granddaughter." The old .woman .looked down at her gnarled hand, closed it care stitution: fully- arid exp'erimentary. Sheision "rainin 1 cats anil doas ' .'has winced at the pain from arthritic i almost .passed .from use Cilice the knUQkes; Whe she spoke again herlftreat drought hit ;Pe?cas. By t Mrs voice'had regained'its customary W. M. Reynolds here has.-• a SUb' iqrshnessi "Well, you're the ofli- cJal. Wl)at're ypu going to do about ir Y ;:/:•-• •; . iT-here was .an understanain" be- iween.', these two. women which Went -b'eyonU the usual, far beyond the - relationship of an .sleclive of- fippr in' the press.ure of the power, th'at is. ' TOMATOtS Lb. CARROTS 'Urge ;.Pkgs, HOME (|Rg>\yN , String Beans •.^'.VtfSisK LEMONS SIEWMEAT 33c STEAKS Club; T-Bone, & Sirloin Ib. 45c (To Be 'Continued) RAINING JELLYFISH AUTIN/ Tex. ifl -.-. Tho expres- After that harfe -rain - dny," she said, "I found .two jejly fish in my frpnt yard, J : mepn Just that old jellyfish from- the Another Movie Couple Divorces SANTA MONICA, Calif WP) —Guy Wladison, the cowboy actor, spent loo much time home on the range, ie complained in winnim; a di- vprcc yesterday from actress Gail Hussell. ^..Madison testified it was often necessary for him to cook 'ineals and ''clean" the house because his v.'ife "had no Interest in keeping up the home, wouldn't allow servants .and showed no interest in my work." .The 32-year-old actor won an interlocutory decro on a eross^com- plaint as iMiss -Russell, 20, drojjped her suit, Her attorney said she was too emotionally upset to appear .'-in' court..,. The coupio mairled in 1949 and separated last year. Madison agreed to pay his" wife $12,000 cash, plus minimum alimony of $2. 400' a yeai for the;iiext 10 years, or until she remarries. -StISPICIOUS CABIE. SAN FRANCISCO (UP iRob- ert Barham, -20, tipped a taxi driver $4 'for fare to the Gplden Gate bridgo. The cab driver called police who prevented Barham from leaping to'his death. ''I'm a little suspicious of. big tippers," the driver said. TERRYLANP .«' -v r' t "Nfp> "-i ,* "n^T^'p^^r ^ i•* %"i Tjk" '''fr^'ifp^'sT'^'T'^'w*"'""; j^7r7f^\%yT?v;?v?ic« f >/ »•>-'> « 'Mrs. Oswald deigned to notice him again. '"What are you doin," here- Why aren't you o.it threatcn- ing/other old woman with a spanking/' She made the cackling sound \\;h.i<?|v passed with her as a Ui-.i.^h. '•-ijle^s; ."a.' private dot.ictive," Agries said. ^ Mrs. iOswnld's shrewd eyes probed. • ; "So," M'-'s. Oswald said. She .turned .again .to Agnes. ''Kit?" she asked. 'Yes. She hired him. And his y.'jifcr" -.worried about that California -.bHgiijess, is .shn" "You can be impersonal about s.uspieioji," Jim said, "until it touches .you "yourself." •"What have we h:>:e" Mrs. Oswald demanded. She lifted her hpc-cjed .eyelids for a clearer view. •lAgirt^s, tell Mrs. Hilton I think she's a tfool." "Yes, Mis!' Oswald." ',Ji.rri did not ..sec how the two remarks followed each other. never mind. I suppose hss told yj'i what we all were doing while my granddaughter-died" "Yes," A6 nes said a^ain and this time in her office voice. "Do you C9»robor,a,t£ his story" 'Thje.re .w»s that h-irsli cackle again. "Of course I do. Didn't I tell "him what to say And for yo,ur -feerifliti Ml'. Dunn, it's tl;e Sheriff Asnes 3aid, "Could you thipk of any reason why anyone' ivant to kill Angelica" -put a sudden and uuaccus^ —, quavor in her voice."I'm pjd, old woman and I wou)dti*t j,bout such things, Sheriff." MSffey Should she have gone. , to The 'Spires in the first place." Wi I sever did. That's the reason it 40, $£?$& $ S ave "• t° ? e te hoi^mo^n. But Mrs. I£tt ysome at all then." carefully. • 'My client, m the death >Jft CAtifornia. That was Quick 'n' easy to few minut , ,, Qoqfej In just a few minutes you'll have white, tender, fluffy rice! Tempting. . .delicious , - . - ;. .-• __, <-rrr-n»— ; % .- , K >i J !, ' > ?# RED HOT DEL M HLOOK'l Worry's not crazy .... He wants you t these Del Monte Items at these Low, Ld w DEL MONTE YELLOW DEL MONTE WHITE DEL MONTE ENGLISH Monte TjOrriqto, JUICE Del '/v\ohte IFrujt COCKTAIL 2 c 3 °n 3 s 49c Del Monte Sliced or Crushed PINEAPPLE 3 &2 89c Mpnte,S(iced c BACHES Kernel Corn Del Monte Chili Sauce Del Monte Dried Peaches Pel Monte Dried Apples :il Savp Del Monte ITEMS v Pel MeHt? Whole ,Figs Pel Raisins GODCHAUX 89c FOLCER? , COFFEE ct 1,10 RET MARKET SPECIAL Extra JjpecioJ Fresh Dressed 39c Fresh Good .and Tender Chwick Roast u 2fc ,90 SAUSAGE 4 u bs $1 STEW MEAT u!9c P/ JWW^fl fei^ |si\ wiffiS 1 ^

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