Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 4, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAP'S Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. Our New Spring Goods are neat and tasty. They are ready for inspection. Our prices are within the reach of of all. Suits made to order from $20 to $60. Special Attention is called to our $20 and $25 Suits made to order. You should have one. Call early and avoid the rush. Tucker & Young ; The Pearl St, Tailors. Dower Purest^Best. PRICt 15 ON ALL CANS, TO Bf DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY MORNINR. MARCH 4. See our corner window for correct things ia wtvth goods.—Golden Rule. Our own importation of French 4r0*3 goods U now on exhibition and tale at tho Roe Hive. As usual, we show spring goodg Iret. Of course, our prices are the Jowoit —Schmltt & Heflley, February 12, 1894.—The average dally payments to policy holders last n«ek by tho Mutual Life Insurance «•., of New York, was (60.63469.— S. M. Closion, Agent. tVbal will make you every Inch a gentleman' 1 A Dunlap hat. What -will make you like a tramp: 1 A ihoolt. ing hat. Moral—wear only a Dunlap kat.—Dewonter the Hatter and Fur. mlther. Mr. 3. HcPherson, of Muncle,,who with hi* family have boon visiting In the clip tbe past week ha* decided to make Lognnsport his future borne and will remove here ID a few days Mr McPberson is a gai and oil well con tractor. New York Phlllmrmoulc Club. Wit) tho Philharmonic Cub which will appear at the Baptist church Tuesday evening under the patronage 0' tho LadU-s Ceclllan Musicalo then- h a vocalist of rare power, Mis* Marion S. Wi ed of whom the New York Figaroon May 27, 1893, said: Among the sololsti assisting last night at Soidl'H farewell concert In Mudiso3 Square Garden, shown with special brilliancy. Miss Marlon S Weed, »ho sang a number of songs with the greatest success, showing a floe voice and perfect method. The young artlet showed great versatility In her repertoire, which included Ben- ed'ct's 'LuCaplnera." with flute accompaniment by Mr Eugene Welner. The unstinted applause was well merited. Of tbe Philharmonic Club the Boston Post has said: The program was made up of compositions by the be-it composers, and the enthusiasm of the audiotico brought au encore to nearly each number. Tbe Club, which is Composed of soloists of the highest merit, plays with remarkable precision and purity of tone, whtlo the shading and phrasing of tholr ensemble pieces can not be excelled. The c-lub may be nure of a warm reception upon their return, A W»rld WldT Fa«e. Mr. B. F. Keesling yesterday re. celved the following very satisfactory communication which U self explanatory: Mr B. K, Creating. WholruK DruciUl. Logans port, Ind, I. 8. i. DKAR Sm: I have been shown one of your cook books, which Is In the pos- serslon of a friend of mine. I like it very much and wish to bare one, Will you let me know by return what the cost of the book would be and oblige Your» Truly FLORBNCKM DRAPMK. .SO Sandbourn Hd. Brookley, London England. TH* Has tastes medicinally, In keeping with other luxuries. A remedj must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, truly beneficial In e fleet and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If reallv 111 be consults a physician; if constipated he uso» the gentle family laxative Syrup of Figs Quaker headache oaptuls give relief In ten minutes. M06K MOCKED HER. T»V» Mtruiife Cue la Real Life Whlrb • ••mice Salt lor #IO,OOO In IU>rd An Vivid nx Flrllon. A remarkable case was brought t the light of publicity yesterda through tho filing In the circuit cour of a complaint for damaged wherein Mary Murray Is tho plaintiff an" Martin Moke, a Miami township farm or, the defendant Thu suit wai brought by McConnell * Jonklnes am Fanslor & Mahoaey acd will nltrac much attention when It comes to i hearing. Tbe plaintiff is a ploasan apj car.ng woman of twenty-six yean of ago. Sbe may lie remembered b; many as tho Mrs. Mock, whoso b»bi i-mothored to death in her arms while driving to town last winter, the fac of the child's death belnp discovered at the Trade Pa'ace where sh alighted from the sled and where tb wraps which had toocl'-ooly enveloped the child were removered. Shu alleges that until Novembe 1889 sho resided in Wond county Obio, and that sho was very poor and had three children to support having been-left destitute by i maH namc'd Swonner who had as she though legally murried her seven yoars beloro but she, Qcding out after that lapse o time that be had deceived her am that ihey wore not legally marrk-d demnnded a correction of the wrong done her by a proper and legal mar rlago and upon ills refusal to do thli had taken ht'r children and left him Sho avers that at that timo the defun dant WHS an old and wealthy rosidec of that county and a married man with a grown up family. That November, 1893 be catno to her and rc-preei-nied that ho had bud dltlicultj with his family and had decided to 'eave thi m and move to some otier part of the country and requested hat she accompany him declaring that when ho had establish ed himself at another place he denlred i.hat who shruld become his house keeper, represc-nting that be was old Hndlbalas ho had alWa.vu been I firmer he intended to continue in tha occupation and that he would neud me one to look after and oare for his bouse. He agreed that If sho would iiccompany him and perfurna for him tbe iluiio* of a housekeeper he woule uke care o' her and bur children am hut. hiri property would b« hers at his ileaih. She avers thatat that lime he made no improper proposal to her »n( waa understood by her to mean noth. ing improper or Illegal She says that Moke knew of her unfortunati condition acd of her poverty and took advantage of it, Iniiuci g her to mo p e with him. She duclarts that in the whole transaction she **? perfectly i nocent Sho ngr. od to his propoul mm and In tbo fall of '89 she loft her home ii Ohio and came with Moke to Uogansuort, he reprtseuting thit ho was going to buy a fium in thl vicinity and that all he desired of her was that she act as housekeeper and that he would repay her by giving her the land purchased by deed or will: When they arrived hero she and her children were taken to a hoarding houue and ke engaged •oom for them, she Supposing that the •ooni was to be occupied by h»r and lor children alone, but that in the V/it Weat/tcr Today— CU'ar ami -ir-arm. ADDS MATERIALLY TO THE APPEARANCE OF A WELL DRESSED MAN. CAN AFFORD TO SACRIFICE APPEARANCES FOR SUCH A SMALL SUM AS WEWI-LBELLYOU A NEW SPRING SHIRTINGS RECEIVED YESTERDAY. THE I1ABEBDA8HEH SHIRT MAMR, HATTEB AND FCBNISHKU, t Gss Circuit Coin. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee. I will sell, under order Cass Circuit Court, tbe entire stock oi Overcoats formerly the property of Otto Kraus at about half regular price on a CREDIT OF SIX MONTHS, WITHOUT INTEREST, each garment marked IN RED showing the assignee's price and the former price. The reason of this extraordinary offer is to make room for that part of the Shoe Stock remaining unsold after March 31st, as the lease of the present quarters expires on that day. I do not want to move a single pair of Shoes, if possible, and have ordered the Shoe Salesmen to REFUSE NO REASONABLE OFFER. The finest goods are still unsold. A. G. JENKINES. Assignee P. S.—200 pairs Ladies Kid Button and Lace Shoes worth $4.0O for $1.50-- following sizes only: one and one half to threes. night bo came to the room and ln« sisted upon occupying- it with her. She refused to permit this and remonstrated with 11m and declined to allo'w him to remain in the room, whereupon he threatened to turn her and her children out of doors. Sbe was penniless and final! 1 consented and from that time he called her hi8 wife, introducing her as such | and representing her to be his wife nt the «amo time changing hie time, but don't forcet to bring: you Invitations. Salt water was struck in oil well No 2 at Royal Center on Friday and the- well wan abandoned at i depth of Sl!> feet. The drll will bo moved and preparations immediately begun for etartl anew well. Worl: Ou well No. t'la progressing very favorably and both I the quantity and quality of the oil name i that is being pumped is \;p to the from Moke to Mock. Ho chortU after j most sanguine expectations, bought a farm 'of one hundred and; Muncio Times: Ron. W. 1>. O*eu sixty acres In Minmi township and | o f ^ogansport was in the city today. they moved on to it, living &B husband Mr\ Owen Is a candidate for the and wife, she doing tho work of the Household. She complain) that she was continually abused and ill-treated, and that in February last year he threatened to turn her and her children out of doors. She refused to go without a settlement and he gave her #500 but with the assistance of hi* son who followed her and who held out false promises of marriage induced ier to return most Of the money. She ived for awhile tnWabash and then returned to Logansport and is now Iving on the West Side. Tho complaint seta forth tho above and more, and demands of the defendant the <um of (10,000 damages for her ruined ife and character, and for the tup sort of her four children, one of whom s also his. ADDITIONAL, MM'AI.M. To M. Joaea and wife of the West Side, a son. To Williard Shuoy and wife of the Went Side, a daughter. Power'g "Ivy Leal" il the next at .raclion at the opera house. Don't forget the date and place of ho engagement of the New York 'hllbarmonlo Club it the Baptist church next Tuesday evening. James Shiun and James O'Conriell will contest with Treasurer Hoffman or the nomination of treasurer while George W. Fender and Major McFadln rill give Mayor Read a tussle. Friends will arrive Monday after- oon with the body of J. C. Amosa. ormorly of this city, who died a few ays ago at New York an<l Intermett wM be made in Mt. Hope comnery. 1'be /moral of Mrs, K, Her?, will be bold from her lute rebidenco on Tenth treot this afternoon at 1 o'c^ck, ser- Ices conducted by Rubb! Caddeo of lafayutte. Interment will bo made In he Jewish cemetery. The next dance to bo givon by tb« 'ort Nifc'ht Revelers will ho ft grand loverly ball at Kreuzbi'r^t;r'« hall • ue aduy evening. March l:). Coma in aoverty ostumo and have u. pleasant I Republican nomination for Secretary of State. As an orator and debater ho has few peers in Indiana, Three times elected to Congress in a Democratic district shows his standing at home. Mr. OWOD was hero to make tho acquaintance of the people and hopes for favorable consideration from delegates whon the Siato convention meets. They waat tbe Il«*i. ••The people of this vicinity insist on having Chamberlain's. Cough Remedy and do not want any other," save John V Bishop, of Portland Mills, Indiana. That is right. They know it to be superior to any other for colds, and as a preventive and euro for croup, and why should they not insist upon having it. Fifty cent bottles for sale by B, F. Keeslinp. druff- Carminative Balsam, the great atom ach and bowel remedy, is still working wondM-s. For sale by all druggists. VarB for HtpL Apply at 209 West Broadway. LOOK HERE! If jou want to buy or dell a bouifo :^i lot, If you want to buy ot sell a farm, If you want to boy or nell a store, If you want to trade city properly 'u; a farm. If you have any cheap honoes fur S'.'c. Call on M.M.GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Logauepoi l. loc" Real KRlalfl Tr»«»fer». n »t of transfera of real ertale In Cns.-. > .-r.r/.; reported b; Frank H. Wlppnrmuu absirarier o: titles, conveyancer and notary pvbllc, iiiMir:i:i<v and loan atient, titles to M»l Mtat* c:.:,i.,.:.<^: and defective titled perfected. Mm*; :• lowest rates. Offim 200 Vcvtt itrert opposite Court Bom mti Bennda A. Tmer *• *«*>> •>• ' ™Uf>M!4 DeerOrcrk tp _ » KHz Wllltanwf B et il to lien. K lenncli f Uj . CJ . ,. JOB Ice to C. Me»dba«i Mid T. Elliott 'ot 2>1 Flfuanl Hll DM toMt. Hope....— „.„.... 6. A. VuaxhntoMoroFvnroiW tnut on Toledo utresje of Ktk «rrrt k«k to caiul> NewU.n 8p»rk« to J. K LnMen funl KlfApt«Vkn«Vl ne« 28 Miftmt tp . w. Monn«n anil wife t* BIIOH 5. M»r»hpt»e>4 -MSCliy tp I,nma J. Wilt to L. '. Truuiin lot 10 Pmlrl« .PHrk mb LaltOMi Madd JiilinK. |i«k U Kite H»ll hit 28 K rrenliour »*» Vi Altonw John 1,. Conn tor A. Durum imu ni'i.i flcSl. Bowie, tp A. y~ RuO.iftaoKh to-B. f. BloentnmV qr pt nvrgr pwc.91, " ,n. Ind 1SOO fr. 27UO |)i. 60 («' 1125 n: 40flO 00 235 CO 000 (XI TO HOBKB OWNRBft. For putting a horm in a floe b :ondition try Dr. Cady't Ciifi' wderSv They ton* np the tv Hid digestion, .cure, lorn- of »i>| relieve oonetlpation, correct k disorder*' «nd destroy worms, t aew life to an old orerworked nur 25 cent* per package. for r*k- B. F. Keeslinjr, i.it» Merchant Tailoring. We do it, and we do it right. That is, we guarantee reliable fabrics, correct fit and modest price. It will pay you to SEE US when you get ready for a new suit or overcoat. CARL W. KELLER & CO., 311 MARKET STREET.

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