Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 20, 1927 · Page 55
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 55

Oakland, California
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Sunday, March 20, 1927
Page 55
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MARCn 20, 1927 aklanD Crfbunt SUNDAY iiiii 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 " i; "' 1 ' ' ' Wm art ists By H. L. DUNGAN. 5-palnting In tt and there weje.tmaker of wonaejprul .street scenes irS plty thet art$2 'Jzl1Z.?1 many t were.: . whlchfr kna ooi.ff . i- CTTi- I . th wliidom of tv. rbaautv of line that i aiffi- exni -snappy nudes in tne rpass. Ottea h' 'use free eho.ijir One .work from efeBTculF . to sure By KOI HARRISON DANFORTH great detail, . butjhever femfngiy The Beethoven national centen In the Eastbay Musical News A bitlon of the Society of Sfirtrt the Oakland Art Gallery. There Is so much that Is worth while in the exhibition that the gallery should be crowded dally, but from past rial committee has arranged an International celebration during the too much. ,- . , Winkler's exhibition, a delight to all who have visited It, will close April -1. It waa- opened Tuesday everting by a musical program by Mrs. Winkler on the violin, ac Left to right, aboye: JANE CARY. aoprano of the Oakland singer of "gpirituals" ; GERTRUDE WEIDEMANN, Oakland Civic Opera. Association r BARBARA BLANCHARD.'who will Civic Opera!' meizo'f rigjht; MILDRED RANDOLPH Orpheus assist Orpheus club; TITO SCHIPA, fanied tenor singing today at 1 Club concert toloist : Below, at the left: A. BERNICE TUTT, Auditorium theaier. Center row: J. ROSAMOND JOHNSON, . Oakland fcirl who 'will make local debut this evening at Athens Club. UVUi,niMu ktj . . v ... ' Paintings of California mUtione made by the late Edwin Dakln will be shown at the Claremont gallery following the Winkler show. . - ft ft ft - Frederick Ruthrauff, formerly a resident of Berkeley, ha been appointed chairman of the board of art institute for Utah. The ap-oointment was made by Governor weeic oi Marcn zu.gH to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Ludwig van Beethoven. Thl committee, whose activities have been nationally aponaored by 'the -Columbia Phonograph company, have arranged for Beethoven concerts . in - service clubs and , schools, Beethoven lecture-recitals In ' musical .Institutions, and clvlo tributes to the great hiuslclan In all parts of the United States. Beethoven, musical activities ' have been arranged In all parts of Oakland through the endeavors ' and the hearty cooperation of local music ' lovers. Letters from Mayor 7 Davie a.n,d the' Governor of California evidence the cooperation that the Committee Is receiving. The Beethoven centenary movement Js one of the most significant member was admittea i-wunoui question and all other went before Jury,, The exhibition closed yesterday at the Don Lee building In an, Francisco. The following, were exhibitors; ', , .;. ' .Jean Abl.e.wHter colore, -f - pu ' Gertrude V Partington Albright, "an etching of Chinatown.' ' - Heath Anderson, flower studies, well: done. VV.V. .., Mary Arena, a still lif e..' f , ; Anna Dodge Batlhaeh;-a. "monotype ;and three olley including rXa femthp ati; co(i . log,". which was not too good. "'."' " ; r.-c; Bailie Benfleld,, three oils.. e , Cora. Boone., some1 well painted flowers and; a block print, .'' o-' J. Dor Bothwellj who W modern;?-.! Margaret Bruton, who r-palhta well. .- : ! , s" :-!Y-:i - '"S';v Malka' Bryner, Louise Cedwala-der, J., V. CannOn, Alice B. Chittenden, Adeft J. Close. ' - Ruth Cravath, one of the com- experience - It Appears that - a - gallery la not apt to break down under a : rush . of . epectators . unless; .there are some new nudes on display, ' , William H. Clapp has - hung three nudes in the show, but he paints with such' rare delicacy that the canvases have escaped condemnation, the accompanying publicity and the throngs of the eager-eyed, it seems that we like our women tough. .,; The attendance at the gallery has been fair but not up to what it should bet The exhibition is far more entertaining than the annual at -i which the questionable nudes caused such a riot, but it is not drawing, , by a , long way, such j)ern, who recognized Ruthrauffs him am n Ai-tiA. Hmnr&uir IB I ikl . if l.'V: p.V.VJ . . general ' freight ' and . passenger agent' for the Southern Pacific at Ogden. He put in hi spare momenta, painting. , " . ., ft ft ft S '- John Howard will exhibit pairttr ihg and drawings at the Modere Gallery beginning Monday evening crowds as attended the annual. In addition to Clapp, members in musical history. It will enable thousands to become familiar with thje muslo of this great genius, and .. to countless others It will provide en Immeasurable boon of making the Society of Six who are exhibit lng young artists. ing, are Selden- C. Glle, Maurice: mem aware mat tnere Is a Beetho Logan, Bernard Von Eichman and Louis Slegrlest. The exhibition ven and that 'his work' has beauty Dorothy Duncan,- - a - portrait, lor even, the most unlearned ear will close April 6 and will be fol awkwardly modern. Marcla Gayle Fee, The . following- is Governor lowed April 8 by a display of can young's letter: - Amy D. Fleming, . a - "composi "My attention has bee called to vases by Ramon and Valentine de Zubiaurre, brothers and Basque artists. At present thirteen Zubi tion," consisting mainly of deformed woman. the fact that the week of March JO to. 26 has been set aside for an international celebration . of the aurre canvases are on exhibition at Helen Forbes, concerning whose paintings more will be said when she exhibits, at the Club Beaux 100th-anniversary of the death e Qump'S In Ban- Francisco. It Is my understanding that the paint - Ludwlg van Beethoven, and' that throughput the world during. that Arts. " ' ': Anne Foster, Enid Foster, Ma rlan L. Fox. . f ings are something pretty nifty in the way of Spanish art, but I felt no heaving of the chest when I saw and closing , Saturday evening, April 2. , ft ' ft ft V ' i "'Russell Cheney, whose paintings wore ahpwn; recently at the Club Beaux Arts, is exhibiting, at the Babcock'. galleries, New , York. Among his canvases are eeveral made In California. , ; ft ft ft ""H'"'...- , -i .Fong, On Mop. Kolm and Ting are holding an exhibition of paint. Inge at -18 Waverly place. Sap Francisco. : ' The young Chines artiste are .members of the Modern Revolutionary Chinese Artists,' Club conducted by Yom Visitors ftfe welcome-to - the exhibit which will he pen dailjr from 10 a. m. iv 9 p. m. The closing date i April i. : -- ' - " : Oft ft - 'r ' Three- block prints by William wee ueeinoven music win be featured., by orchestras, addresses and ermone'on- Beethoven will, be : Adoiphine Sutro Fullerton, a heard In schools and churches, and Beethoven concerts and lecture recitals, wjl) bs given throughout the good portrait In water color. -r Cor de Gavere. - .! - ';. Mre. Gildersleeve, a batik. them. They are well painted, no doubt, and deal- mainly with human beings in various activities. I am .told that these, human beings have tremendous poise and dignity, '"As'-Governor' of California , B. Shotwell :Goeller,-. Margaret (welcome any movement which will Weir Hamilton,;, Evelyn Henderson, wtrora tne people of this state an I Fernande L. Herrman, coloring and I trust some 1 competent judge will decide whether It is great calmness or plain 'Woo'denness that is the matter with them. - opportunity to Become more ia- good.':.. . .-.-! .-. r:-f-S.&. vL;,j,-, nniar with an that is best in tnu Evelyn Henderson.? Jessie . Short sjle, Beethoven, .of course, stands .Jackson,. Aim'ra. Juaaon, '.jsxsia aw- Anywaywe'll have an opportu pre-eminent among the world' ney, J.; Del KUts, Bertha; Stringer S. Rice f Oakland, have been ac nity to view them again jvhen they' arrive in Oakland-. , They ; will be Lee, Blanche i Letcher,: J lernlta cented, for the International prim freatest composers; and I am In earty sympathy, with a program which win enable, thousands to become better-acquainted with the Lundy, Mabel D. Maomtoshii . I I on exhibition at Gump's for one: and possibly two more weeks.' ' wqric ot; tnis great genius. -i there. exhibition-to be held in Florence", Italy.--:Th International show at Los 'Angeles- has also accepted three1 of hi prints and he le represented 'at two exhibits ' in Phila O O if ,'-.. , Dr. Arnold Genthe's photography1 Constance Iacky,':twO'portmtte; one a Japanese, girl,; a loxely thJnp, beautifully painted, ? i h ':-' f-- Blanche Bajdwlp McGaw-, J ' V-T ; i Edith McGuire'J whose "Mlsstoh lore- am pleased to express my hearty approval of the efforts of our committee." k ?& ' 14 iXft I'M'' f'Tj' L y vTSJi'-I ' ' kK.--." f;f 'Xu ' j M I voe' rouowing Beethoven pro. is too well known to need com-! ment. He is exhibiting' at Elder's views pt qld. Sections of New Or-1 leans,; now . fast vanishing. His Carmel,,;I does .not '-come! .Up; toc her': delphia;, one at' the Art Alliance ami the other" at the Print Club. ram wMl be given in Oakland dur Usual powerful jsaiet colors.. , . lng . Beetnovsn centennial week M. .De' Neale v Morgan, Esther " ft ft ft ' ' " " Hal: Boyd, Oakland artist, is ex through thS courtesy of the Co- Morley,: Elizabeth" Norton,- Mildred I wmnjd pnonograph company; Luncheon Kiwanis club, Hotel hibiting at the Berkeley League of Fine Arts.'. Some of his canvas.1.-! date back three - year and some TOakland, March 21. Luncheon Lions club. Hotel Oak. . land, 'March. 23. q. Oestermann, -Leonora :N." 'Penni-man, Isabel Percy, - ' ?-' ' Ina V. Perham. two self portraits in oil, both caricature and one not as well, done as the other. Lucy Pierce, a portrait,- rather nice at that. . - Vera A. Randall, Nell Rawdon, are of recent date, and among the recent canvases I notice, the influence of the modern school.- Bov. Luncheon Rotary club, Hotel exhibition , will close. March .14. Etchings and . pastels - by. George Elbert Burr of Phoenix will be shown at Elder's March 29 to April 9. Q ft IN all fairness one must say, but probably should not, that - the second annual exhibition of. the San Francisco Society of. ;Women Artists was not up to the standard of the first. There were some good 1 golny -In for "organization" an Oakland, March 24. - Concert Mills. College, music de. parttnent, March 23. Concert Hotel Oakland, ball room. Friday evening. Maroh 2&. "arrangement; He Is young: am. ther Is gr-eet- promise in his worl' bttt ie ias i yet ia' find himself, 'l Julia E. Raymonds Emm' WvsRejr-sor, Fanny McClatchy Richardson, N, E. Rodger, Alma' Ri Rohltfs, Lunchepn Optimist- club, Hotel Dims -works, nis liranite Coin,. vtiKiana,. waron 20. Mildred Rosenthal.' ' ytry;'l painted "three years ago, u Geneve R.' Sargent,' ah interest OAKLAND SINGER WILL MAKE DEBUT, $i-obabIy the best. It- shows mountain lake surrounded by lii, !) ing study In1 yellows and greens of could scarcely helghten'his fame-, he extended it, appearing on the Pacific coast, Canada, and ; new points in the south and middle west. . .,..... . a. mountain town. : ' ' Celia Seymour,, Marian Simpson granite walls,' and? In it he has ca tn-tured something . of the great. Sierra. Several 1 other mountain Scenes are good, nut his "organiza ' Tdhight at the Athens Athletic club members and their guests will witness and listen , to the professional debut of one of Oakland's own' daughters., Miss A- JBerenice by Tours. Bhe will also sing A mL lift, Florence Alston Swift, Minnie C. Taylor, Eleanor I Treat, Florence inglesby Tuft,. Caltbear Vivian,' B; Cojlett Wagner, E. Lievert Wein Kreisler's "Old Refrain" and "Le Mlcoir," a composition by Gustave- tions are far ; from satisfactory. ThO exhibition will, run anoth. l Tutt, Mills College graduate who Serrarl. berg,. Mts. Charle B. Wlngr and recently returned from a year of Instrumental features will in PAUL CORNELY TO GIVE FIRST RECITAL. On Tuesday, March 29, Paula A. Cornely,- mezzo-sporano, will give her first recital at the Soros's Club hall, 636 Sutter, near Powell. Miss Cornely, who studied in Emelie W. Wynn. ; - -.-v '': O ft ft elude RubensteinlJ "Kammenol voice culture , under European In structors and artists. Ostrow," the Bach-Gounod version week.-.T'.--r' - W--.' -, y '-'"' -ft ft o ,- -; .'" I" Goemans, v Belgian artist, . i& a recent, addition to the Berkeley art colony.-- 1 . ' : ' , - ft ft ft ' "I am a native son," said Stew Miss Tutt's dip. into, professional of "Ava Maria" and Cadman'a "At A LARGE exhibition of European art to. be held in 1928 at the California Palace of the Dawning." Germany, has given numerous con life Is being sponsored by the young women of the Orion Trio of , instrumentalists who have' Legion of Honor- In Lincoln Park certs in Europe and South America, has been arranged for by Mr. Cor MARY CARR MOORE IN BERKELEY CONCERT. COMPOSER AND SINGER art Robertson, who arrived In California from London, four year.?. nelia B. Sage Quinton, . director. oharge of the Sunday dinner eon-certs at. the Clay street clubhouse - w ' . ' I II ! The exhibit will include 250 of the The Berkeley Flano . club on WILL PRESENT PROGRAM. A recital byi Bertha Weber, com ago. At least, he added, Calif ocn in wilL be his future home, iRo ru finest t canvases . of present-day The instrumentalists declare Miss Haste street will provide the set artists, The pictures for the. Euro Tutt is. one of their very own "dis ting for an interesting concert to poser -and pianist, and. Katherlrie Coolidge, soprano, will be given in the Paul Elder Gallery Saturday be given tomorrow night by the coveries"- and are already planning pean art show will be gathered by Horner Saint-Gaudens, director of son saw four ..year of the "nd ; was gassed. London climate did i not agree with him so he made a trip to. California and decided to California, composer, Mary Carr Moore, and assisting artists. afternoon, - March .26, at. 2:30 o'clock. The program, selected as Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh, who will visit Europe for Opera excerpts will be given by remain. - All of which leads up to the announcement that he Is ex- an afternoon with Alaska, France, tne purpose of examining- and se several singers who took leading land, has had previous experience abroad, and appeared successful at the Constaza theater at Rome, the leading operatic center of Italy. Mme. Gertrude Weidemann, one of the leading singers of the German operatic stage, has been engaged for the role of Venus, in Tannhauser. While Mme. Weidemann has won fame abroad, she is not unknown, in the bay district as she appeared but recently as the soloist with,., the, San ; Francisco Symphony -OrchestraL . Italy and England, will Include an active exercise of the singer's talents; both before audiences in . person and over ihe air. ' Among the songs Miss Tutt will lng;. tonight at the Athens club will be a new musical version for the voice of Joyoe Kilmer's loved poem, "The Tree," a composition lecting the pictures and arranging roles when the opera "Narqlssa" moiung a group or portraits at mmmmmmmii&mmmmmmmmsmmmmmmmmmmmM wltb the artists, for .their display. Morcom' in this city. : Robertson Alaskan Legends and , March of Triumph, written by Miss Weber as presented in San Franoisco In this work he' will be assisted by paints a faithful likeness. Including during Diamond Jubilee .celebration. There will be separate solo ijumaume lerolle, hi European after a visit to the Verdun battlefields, for the piano . and French that mysterious thing known as personality..' . ".',.... anecdotes of noted musicians he has . known ' in person. representative, and Jby. Ilarlo Nerl in Italy and Miss Margaret Palmer pastoral ditties and old English and Instrumental numbers, all works of Mrs. Moore; . . Also-he paint beautiful hamis. The Etude Junior auxiliary Is melody, together tylth an Italian which, is saying a. good deal for in ttpaln. , .; ;-, t - ft a Oakland Auditorium- theater next Tuesday evening,: March 22. Tlte guest artists wfll be,, jhIiopiliaEr" Barbara Blanchard, soprano, and M. Anthony Llnderr,' solo, flutist of the San. Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Mildred. Randolph, the un The singers will include Mrs. , While the list jpf; baritones and aria from "Travlata" for the singer. doing some highly creditable work and the program given two week any artist.. .-: ,: . ,.. .-' . Charles Ayres, Miss Florence Mc-' THE forty-ninth annual exhlbi bassos Is Imposing, chief Interest in the bay district probably will be Several -of , the portrait he is JOHNSON AND GORDON ' ago was enjoyed by a large and en tlon of the Saa Francisco Art WILL SING SPIRITUALS. V thusiastlc audience. A varied piano' centered on Antonio Nlcollch, of the ..INTERNATIONAL COACHING SCHOOL ', Primary tnreurt college, day tad areold elaiaea. AM taaebera Colvaraltj graduate. Foe-4lfB -.UnguiB". IndMdual lmtrnctios. . 8tadeatH may enroll at any tima. fiend tor booklet 14 IBTH ST. , OAK. 103V association will open March 28 at Eachron, -Mrs. J." E. ;.Iiaidlaw, Grace Minty,' Albert Gillette, James Gerard,- - Harold Spaulding. - Nellie; showing are of local persons and 'others are of Hollywood moving picture personages. - , The Negro singers, J. Rosamond program was -given by six of the tne California School of Fine Arts. Johnson, baritone and pianist, and Chicago Opera company. NIcoflch was a member of the San Francisco company last' season, and his San Francisco. On the opening day members. ' . The exhibition will . run this Hughes Bennett ' will play a' group of 1 piano '" numbers. Orley See, i Taylor Gordon, tenor, will give mere win De a private view and re month, Robertson will , be here concert of the finest eld spirituals cepuon Beginning at z:30 p. m. Arthur J. Kent, violinists; "Walter IRISH TENOR WILL GIVE CONCERT HERE ' for some time longer to fill com of the South here Monday, March rnereafter the public will be ad Hawkinson, violinist; Dr. Arthur missions he has received. mitted tO the exhibition daily. The Rev. George Maguire, heralded 28, at the Auditorium theater, un der the Seckles-Oppenheimer man A. W. Best' "After the Storm. as one of the leading tenors in Ire engagement by the Oakland organization Is the result of the favorite impression he made last fall. A. number of minor artists, many of whom are from Oakland, were listed by de Vally, and additions will be made later. Sopranos Helen Krinkels, Opera Closing day Is April 8. . The Juries are as follow which was exhibited at the, Bohe Weiss, 'cellist, and Mrs. Moore will Interpret quintette , numbers from her Incidental music to browning's "Saul." Orley Seewlll play, violin land, will give a concert of old Irish ballad's and classical numbers mian Club annual. Is also beinc Jury of selection and haneine aement, Although the rythm and harmon lea of the Negro spiritual under usually gifted pianist; will- be. accompanied for , the s evening,-; and Edwin ; Dunbar ,-Crandall the director. The full program follows: 1. The Lost Chord Arthur Sullivan 2. The Clock (Humoresque) .... Mark Andrews 3. Last Night... .A.. ;..,;.Kjenlf 4. Flute : (a) Romance..,. ...Ch. Wldor - , . (b) Scherzo. . . . . . . ,Ch. Wldor M. AnthonyLlnden ' 5. Off for Florida. .Charles P. Scott 6. Slumber Song. JVC. Warren 7. Soprano " ' ' ". Mad Soene (Aron gl" Incenal) - from Lucia di Lammer- ' moor Donzettl (with flute obbligato by -. M. Anthonv Linden)' ' Barbara Blanchard 8. Dance a Cac-huca, Fandanpo, ; Bolero (Finale from "The committee Geneve Rlxford Bar-, 8b-own at Morcom'; at the'Ebell auditorium in Oakland solo. geant, chairman: . Gottardo Plas- lie -modern jazz, there Is nothing of Wednesday night, March 23. Comique, Paris; Jane Cary, L'Opera The clubs sponsoring-the event Jazz In the spiritual. . It Is really zoni, itay Boynton,' C. Stafford A student of Gaelic and a master are Berkeley League of American uuncan, Luclen Labaudt. Alter a sincere expression of a simple, of the old folks songs of -Ireland de Llsbonne, Garda Malre, Chicago Opera company; Rudolphlne Radii!,' Constanza theater, Rome; nates: Edgar Walter, Gertrude Pen Women, Pacific Musical Soi which he resurrected after yearsof Partington Albright. religious people who seek to make their slavery more bearable by singing of happiness in the next study and research work, Father Alma . Leschke, Charlottensburg Jury of awards RalDh Stack. Maguire is on a tour or the United Germany. ...... pole, Gertrude Partina-ton Alhrihr world. Mezzo-Soprano3 and Contraltos rj. opencer MacKy, States In behalf of the establishment in Ireland of a conservatory of music. ' When a loy he was a '-.Johnson is a foremost authority The following prize will be on Negro music. Gordon also has Rose Florence, Municipal Opera company, Geneva; Gertrude Weide dety, chapter D of the -P. E. O. Sisterhood, Dames of ' the Loyal Legion. Presidents of these clubs will head the receiving list. They are Mrs. D. N. Lehmer, Mrs. Frank B. Wilson, Mrs. Fred Davis and Mrs. Thomas Cummlngs, '-' The concert Is open, without charge, to the public. The hours awarded choir mate of the famous John had a fine musical education and The Anne Bremer Drlzes. estab. is equipped to sing spirituals at mann, Berlin; Elsie Julllerat, Oak land,.. . .. ' .' McCormack In a little Irish village, but it was not until he was 82 lished by Albert M. Bender: First So So ft their best. price, izoo; second prize. 8100. years old that-.he began tve serious Gondoliers").. Arthur Sullivan (two piano accompaniment, Evelyn Holcomb . assisting) 9. Huntsmen's Chorus. ,, .Dr. Party 10. Flute i- - (a) Badlnerle;T: . ;-..J. S. Baeh - (b) Menuet and Dance of the ... . Blessed Spirits. .Chr. W Gluck (c) Caprice Viennols.. ..... f. .... . . Kretsler-Linden . M - Anthnnv Linden Tenors--Themy Georgia Opera Comlque, Paris; Guiseppi Resch-linglain, LaScala, Milan; Rhys SCHIPA NEXT ARTIST Medals and certificates of honor stuoy or, music. : OF BERKELEY ASSOCIATION. able mention may be given in the Father -Maguire was wounded & r-So White are set of 8:15. Guests will have opportunity to grfeet Mrs, Moore. Morgan, Conent Garden, London. A second appearance of Tito and gassed in the World War while rollowlng classes: Baritones and Basses Ivan Stes- following the program... : . Class A Painting: One medal i flrrdnT"aDcHopr. Schlpa on this siae of the bay will take place Thursday night, when he appears as the third artist this chenko, Petrograd; Howard Pres 01 nrst - award. Certificate of serving as chaplala of an Irish reg-iment on the French front. TITO SCHIPA SINGS THIS - " ' 11.- The Old Refrain. Kreisler-1-.lnaen ton, Chicago; Antonio Nicolieh. ALAMEDA COUNTY MUSIC - Honorable mention. . 12. Tm Gwine to Sin in tne v JJearfy every woman who sees iliein envies me my hands. They ask me how I keep them so soft, so Chicago Opera company; Hans Class B SculDture: One mortal H,avn V I holr. . . . . season of the -Berkeley Musical Association. This recital will be given TEACHERS IN CONCERT. AFTERNOON AT AUDITORIUM. That'Fat ....i...... Harold V. Mtlligan Niederhoffer, " Manhattan Opera or nrst award. Certificate of hon The March meeting of the Ala in Harmon Gymnasium Thursday 1, Cnn-ann Tito Schlpa, favorite lyric tenor company. orable mention. jvhite, so young. They know tljat I travel all the meda County Music Teachers' as evening, March 24. Admission will of the day, sings in a special con (a) Verborgenneu.HUBo " " ' b) Er Ists.. Hugo yolf Class C Water Color Painting Minor, ' Role Claire Upshur, Selma Mayer, Bernlce Tutt, Keenla sociation will take place Tuesday at cert this afternoon at the Audi be only by membership ticket in the association. . ; How Easily It Wait : One medal of first award or cer (q) A Memory. .Kuaoipn uani iA T Wniilrf Weave a Song - 8:1 B p. m. at the Berkeley Piano torium theater, Oakland, in an un tificate of honorable mention. Th Counties people, all about you. are- for Tou.... Geoffrey O'Harar usual program of his best songs, ivanorr, M. A- Van Der Spek. R. B. Cooke, E. N. De Prez, N. P. Wilkie, M-. Lerenzlni, Paul RIegger. . CONCERT IS GIVEN character of this award Is left to clubhouse, 2784 Haste street. ' Mrs. B. M. Woods, hostess for. the .eve Dapli.r, RlnnrlJird Jose Echanla Will be the accom BY SUNSET CLUB. . ii rn ti-in- T.ove. .Mendelssohn tne discretion of the Jury of awards retting slender figures now. Vou see that in every circle, What is the reason ? Strcntjous cxer- ning will be assisted In receiving panlst. Following Is the complete Lnder the auspices of the BaD- 15! Chorus of Bishops and Priests to determine. tlst Young People's Union a con program: Class D Graphic Art: One by Prof. B. M. Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Strauss -and Dean (From "L. Aincaiii ......... Meyerbeer The' Vesper Stara,.George B. Nvn medal of first award or certiflr-.ta las nd starvation diets are no more L Sento nel core. ...... .Scarlatti . Non posso dlsperar. . .De Luca 16. Donaldson. T to s"h na of first award. The character of common lhan were- Thttt must this award is left to the dlscrtinn be something else. cert was given last Friday evening at Ebell hall by the Sunset club, directed by Walter Horace Bundy. Several solo and ensemble numbers were given. Manan (Ah, fuyes douce IL The artiste for the evening will INSTRUMENTAL QUARTET TO APPEAR FOR ELKS. The Orpheus Instrumental Quartet,, under the direction of Harry L. Tallman, will give -the Sunday evening concert at the new Oakland Elks', club. These Sunday evening concerts SINGERS ANNOUNCED FOR OPERA 6EASON. - " Image!) ....... .llassaaet of the Jury of award to determine, I T". KrMt reason is Marmola Jre- be Zelie Valssade, soprano, ,. and Esther Hyelte. pianist, assisted by Mme. Helene Krinkels. prima u a 9 iscnpuon laoieLS, now nsea ior Painting by Mis Helen Frr rears. They are based on scientiic re-' Tito Schipa Bcherjo ....Chopin Jose Echanii! -La plalnte......V...Lagorgue III IV. donna of the Opere. Comlque at Paris, will sing the leading roles MUSIC CLUB nAS INITIAL MEETING. who returned recently from Mexico, search, and act to correct the caue. '' will be shown March 24.Anrll . 1 I Countless umts have Inmrl tint thev tome. My ataj;e work encounters all lorU of grime and dirt. In most cities the water is hard. Yet the most iheltered women rarely have aueh hands. They never chap. 1 The reason lies in a hand lotion Jerfeeted lof me by great experts. I fpply it whenever I wash my hands. it is not greasy or sticky. It disappears at once. And it overcomes alt that water docs, all that soap does, all tint grimej does to the hands. 'Also all that weather does, all that the years do. My own bands form evidence aupreme. This band lotion Is now supplied iy all toilet Counters. It Is called I-dna Wallace Hopper's Youth Hartd Lotion. The price is 60c t I tirp;e you to try it. I think I have Iried nearly everything of this kind, tut nothing compares with this. A frusrantee comes with h. Your dealer Ji-ill return your money if it does iot please. Go gel it and see what it neans to you. The Berkeley Junior Mfyirrfub Carrie Emerlch, accompanist; and Grace Hyelte. pianist. PLEASING PROGRAM BY THE ETUDE CLUB. In "Faust" and "Lalrtne,- aurmg the May season. It was announced started in July. 1826, and their popularity has proven such that the club plans on making them a was organized yesterday afterrtoon at the studio of Mrs. Frederick C. Lee, 1801 Walnut street. A number at the Club Beaux Art In San not only reduced, but they brought rev Francisco. An evening reception to vitality, new youth. They have tol 4 the artist will be given March 88. others, and the use of Marmola has. yesterday by General Director An-tolne K de Vally of the Oakland' Opera association. Mme. Jane The Etude Club of Berkeley held regular .evening attraction during the dinner hour..'. - - - ROLAND HAYES HAS of young people Interested In various sorts of musical expression Claire de Lune.. .Faure La Mandoline .Debussy Tito Scblpa - Llebestraum Llszt-Schlpa La Jota De Falla Mi vieje amor. . .Esparsa-Oteo Tito Schlpa . - . . Caprlccetto Schlpa Viva Navarra ........ Larregia-Echanls JoSe Eclianii If I gave you a Rose. .English The day hiv drearaa tome VL i rorDer exhibition gTwn fo verv hrpe proportions. . the club will show work of art by The slender figures yon see tvtrv. J -members 1 of the Iuly America where now are larelv du-to Marmo V Society of ,e York. This evhiM. xy. ... ; 1 ".v. ,1 . ru regular annual program of religious music in the First Presbyterian church, southeast corner were enrolled. A program was Cary. of the Lisbon P.oyal Opera company will be another of the principal sopranos, while a third Is AN -UNUSUAL CAREER. i given by Doris Russell. Authene of Dana street and Channlng way. yet under consideration. Vir,. -.ap od cto w diet, ret the weight came down ari VIL April 1C, Monday evening. A delightful pro De Vally announced a nst or down. ft O t Yon should Itiow Marmola. sbnc' j OHN W. WINKLER n., ..v true ...Bateman Tito Prhlpa VHL Werther-tOasIan fiong) more than z sincere, including many of the leading singers of Europe and America. Two more. J gram was offered under the chairmanship of Mrs, George Cummlngs, and the Etude club was given a cordial' applause by the audience. watch its efTectj.- It means ruh:-- -n that is real, if only a few pwv! a the best of, thr U1nr Mehers. His print are on exhibition week. It means new vitaHty. Co y. One of the most enjoyable Etude Roland Hayes, Negro tenor, who Is. to sing In the Oakland Auditorium theater March 2, stands by. himself as an Individual force In . the Interpretation of song. Critics ef Europe and America agree that there Is nothing la the world Just like the magic of his "half voice," his control and commend of style, hie power of emotional Illusion. Roland Hayes American tour In 1SJ8-24 was a series of crowded recitals and appearances wltH the Massenet Tito Schlpa Schlpa appears under the local management of Seckels-Oppen-helmer. . . for your own sake, w:at one box Trial Tube Free - the Hotel Claremont art gallery. There are sixty or more of them all delightful tudle. Among them are scenes la Saa Fran. Norton, ranee and Betty Malefyt Announcement Is made of a concert to be given tomorrow evening In the Athens club loan? by the Piedmont High School Glee Club, an ensemble including sixty voices, forty girl and twenty bors. It will be under tbe direction of W. G. Alexander Ball, composer and head of the music department of th chool.- Members of the club and their guests will be admitted. Announcement ! made fcr the Amnh on ciub cf a ronrrt to be riven FrMay everlr st th- Twentieth Century club la Bexkckj-, , d . - - E-lna Wallaee Eomtr, club study programs of the ' year was given on Monday afternoon.' March 7th. under the chairman hJT I mr. PVvmnv .-e one a leading tenor and the other a principal soprano, are yet to be enraged. '. ,'. Two singers who now claim Oakland as" their home are listed among the principals. These are Mile. Elsie Julllerat, who will sing Martha, In Faust, and Mrs. Benson In Lakme, and Mme. Ra- lrc tntl taU ml Yoo J Via. ORPHEUS SELECTS INTERESTING PROGRAM. The second cemrert of the thirty-third season ef the Oakland Or cbw-o's Chinatown and more recent etchlnrs made ia Europe. Winkler is probably at Ma bst in hts rronplrg cf human r.arures. Thtn he hand'ee In a rharm- 8jrM) try ii f.rrWB t eat . pr hgt. L ywqf dVseUTM M O L W . a t th M bhj urom ktf fat nr. f APfOI,. j- rcr toe '.cm " V' i,-i i - - -- t ship of Mme. Sofia Meustadt, Mrs. Charlce WelkeU Berkeley composer, talked Informally on musical composition. Illustrating with some pheus, the famous, aranlzatloq of' lea am orchestras. In his next flolphlne Radlll. a soprano. Mm(. f his ewa work aad giving many male singers, will "be civta la the ' lUdlll, while bow living la &ak- Americas tour, last season, he ing listluO, be is '

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