Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1954
Page 6
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f * ' ;AK, H O P fe , ARKANSAS , October 7, 1954 REPH ANS.. »£ear-otd Judy Reteertian gives -a -thor- - f,ihilk b using a Baby -bottle. near -Lexington, Ky. Judy* S.OWS 1UO-270 -price and I,and butchers -sows Spectacular Fire$Htt Industries I By The Associated 'Pr-ess Two sepavate fires h.avc Arkansas industries sending 62,000' gallons of oil up it a roaring flame at ?E1 Dorado 'and destroying-85,-' 000 bu.«hels of rico in a smoulder- in,g fire at Tuckerman. Scenes o.f the fires were Lipn-Oil Co.'s 'bulk station pn r the south, fringe of El iDorado and 'the Tu.ck- erman Elevator ,and .Storage Co. warehouse .in Tuckermqp in Jackson County, Only one casualty was reppi;ted ,|n Jhe twp gigantic blfl?es. At Bl .Dowdo-a fireman. KentiethiGeorge, was hospitalized for .treatment for heat .prostration.' iTjie i blaze jtartQcl -ifi i\ groi)p flf ,o4 ,s,torj»ge ,tan"ks at the ;Lipn sta- 1jon shortly afternoon, ,Fire,men fough,t .the ,blaze two ;holirs jbefpre they ibroyght it .under .contrfll. . , John H. .Gray, public -relations' dir^cqtorfor "Lion -Oil, s^d .a total of ( 62(ODQ gallpnsjpf gasojine, ker,o- May Collect Tflxe| on Big Pfofi! 1 By J&Mfl CHAOWICK r WASMtfJfcfrdfo ! Jf> — Internal tteVetttMKCommissionef T. J. Cole- mah Andrews -said -fortey -the -government has better- than n fighting ice .to .collect additional en "windfall profits" from postwar 'bultdihg projects. .Andrews gave this appraisal to the .Senate /Banking Committee, in months/othcarinss -has d millions in profits by builders Who go*. gDvernrnentrln- Ipahg in .exceed of ,thejr ^construe-- tton costs and :poek$te£ the difference. "Without disclosing exactly <vhat We ipropose to do," Andrews said, "we think there ^are aspects .of all 'these cruses ithai Jive Us better • than a -fighting ohance -to get at this income.'; . Chairman Canehart (H-lnd sold a tjuestion repeatedly asked by the ^vJerage tperspn as a .-result of the cohimitie'a investigation was "are ve going to be able to jet .any ; of his money back-/?' The Senhtor said he didn't know whether any ,&)£ laws bad been Violated, but called .Andrews to Sc yjhut might be dene. Andrews--assured the committee . i .vyas just .as anxious jas anyone ,o.c*plie.ct;any additional-tatos possible on jhe'se profits.. Ho' said the qtiild'ers' >;neth"bds, 'as -outlined 'to lim, werc % upparently .-followed in fie expectation 'that they offered loopholes in the ta^ laws. He added, however, that "there arc, 'a*, lot • less loopholes than .most people, think." 'William Simon, counsel s for .tho commitiee, sajd in advance of the hearing "I can't help -but feel there sjill are income tax problems' for some builders -who reap fat -returns .'from :the-"rental 'hous- ir)g -program, Additional -testimony also is expected • about -the affairs of Ian Woodrier, a Washington and New York »buildcr, -this tinv> from Fiank- lin XD. Richards:, 'former 'Federal H O'li s i-n «-Administration (FHA) commiss5oner;and,no:w avreaLestate Consultant.', The ,dapper Woodnor toicl the committe yesterday 'he had hired Richards; shortly ffter his <psig- . as JSHA commiiftloncr, to kelp him win FHA approval to " n.apqrt- ;hp,tel ^project -lie was ,bijild- ,reque$t .w.as granted despite •contrary of .pplicy on its in- suited projects, in,a letter signed in 1052 -by ' v Qb'.4e >L. Ppwell. ousted comm^s!jioj»er after 20 .years wHh the agency. •how,e.ve.r, IJtat ..ppliusqcl the d<?ci- sion but was overruled by las »V%4 , ,rna-' tt?w> .a, ipt J " °" , Was ^.destroyed and tvio qthor tjally .destroyed. Jo.gt to the wejlrfed were a corrugated steel warehouse ' hftuse, .a sales ^office, -.three days a car. of the fire is npt Ht^own. -maid it would be before the comiwny Payvell superiors. - And J»e denied tnn.t m fttytitiK iv mqre ,^hgn -JO '.rnt\|lQt> doi- Iprs 'of FHIA" insured mortgages on various projects' he ever paid any Bribes to..Eowell. ! Powell yesterday lost an effort Ip blo^k;. t n grand jury .investigation of ;hi£ qc.tivjUcs w^jth ^th'e • housing . ag'ency. . ,kQflw the eopt of the,4arr(Bge. the -Won Oil r -430 IP/2,i P"' light fear a rebiith of llu< blaze did. $250,0.00 dqroa.ic man EJJevator qnd ^Stprafic (Co, Newport ,Pire Chief J3111 cap- 82 w/r .tCotton ^ k >today -in'' slow dua ftec-iflf "Wiy -selling hedging mm to-20 pcpts high; «05, "-Wch «5,84. • close, Opt. If*, an 'iflye 'No. >Z Wlilte • w *v*»f if* 1,WBQY 4 ; No 4 y^l- Soy- . ^mouldering rewwins of the house, .He < r explaJne.d thst -rice .is capable of exploding r Jnto a new, ,any time ,yp to ,a',v/ek HP -fire apparently has .dipd. ,' . ,N.uoHool paid • tho origin '.of 'the jjice bl»?e was not ,hn»WJp« '' ,-',>> J. K. Carr, owner .of -the mU}. qaid the loss was covered' tartly by, Insurance, i U.S. Tro0,pis Pulling Out {IJP *— fUnitcrt States t?<w'ps)beB4n»pulUng; oUt.of Trieste joday lending a nine-y^ar .occupation 1 of the ^trat<a}ic • Adriatic port ' ' News Briefs t TOKYO (UP) — An overcrowded bus skidded off n rk\n smed mountain road .in Southern Japan today and plunged 60 ,f^et mto a ravine, killing M and seriously ir>- juvme 25 of tlie 34 persons aboard. Th,e accident oc Burred fieflr thp w naval-pbrt of Sasoho on (he Japanese island of Kyyshu. lius, with n rated capacity ,pf -50 persons, was carrying 8? passengers, a driver and a wo,ma,n tpker. PA, BolivH (UP) Mines. Minister Juan Lechtn has resigned the B8pjn.ot for undisclosed reasons, ar.d is expected ,io ,-re* eijme his previous post as chiqf qf th,e miners' union it WBS reported tpday. Pa; prpbably wij: assign thsjninqs, min istry tp ftlarjo Terns, in(l cjqso c.oUaJjQj;atQr of it wqs pot certain Americans,' -qnd the, '3,000 ccupation of (thfl ^riestp area by ' |ji London .{Jispiite flyer .army an, parp Italy P . V, 'S.' 'force leaving .that we.je ,»r.c ., . _;ho?n, in central other smeniher^ o.f .tl\e ,«arr,isQn left Jn • w|th ,.an , . W(aj.,-qe»: Jphp- A, .day "a,t 4n6ther by Tqes-' would .^tart .the U, .S. 38t,h Pivisipn^ SA.1 rgglm^nt ip JPack.ed and .neatly ,*P .^ay.p. Spc v qf the the garrisons taoka stand rep- d.y at ,the Trieste rai}ropd .sJsUon for shipment -to "Leghorn. The two British .battalions In Tri- hpyr notice tojeave, shilt of troops fnl ,low.ing ihe agreement to partition the Trieste free UJfrUftry reflected tho AUied Military government's confidence -that Italy will over .one A P( .the territory er the exrminlster will regain his ppst he.pd 'of the nationalised. mining corporation, ' fVP •— Pofe«niu \,f> met , , the y.B.'f ioanced .exporjstPn tt( 'Ko tl»ey wilt Ue .gjajl -to leave, «<Fr»nWy J think .mpst pf the men will he glad -(o BO," said Lt. Col. -WJllar -^3^6, of Perryton, s. '$ U hqd hapRpnert suddenly, last October -for example. it might have ,ben difterent." here. re ' C|p w ;$700,000,OOQ rep jRrojrarn ^provides {UJ«}3 -tor H 10-divls'on qrmy reserve j}»d v#r- factories. Deluge ir»Jp" ls seid tljo inst«ll«tJon8 1?e bwilt will include $ .steel plant and factories equipped "to gun .of -the British a n,d .troops stationed |>ero "But fqr the jUst' »pep ^l»an.trit (o .move," was American •Italian Gwin-sf „ ,, «e Ren?i when he -arrived yester day (o arrange -tlw -take-over pf trpops /fpon> 4he the of that v?Wm'*ff f /fiif<if 'In?' '^ ;'•'.• r,i 'W --,.-— -.- — Buy Now use our Lay Away Plan You'll find new Idll end winter clothes for £he entire family at Rephan s at prices you like during this October Harvest of Savings this week end. Come in now and select the things you need now and for cold weather ahead. Shop this week end at Rephan's and save. Ladies fall and Winter Smart new styles and colors in wool and rayon gabardine, wool tweeds and others. All sizes in stock. Select yours now. 16.98 to 32 50 .USE OUR LAY AWAY Ladies Panties Extra Specieal Prs. I Iv Corduroy : New colors for fall. 79c •anch98cyd. Gabardine .42 inch in-fall colors. 79c Yd. 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See them now. m W •pl^B '* m 4^^k H ^§ ^Hp wms mimw October 7, .1954 HOPE L SOCIETY Chons 7-3431 Bfetweeh S A. M. and 4 P. M* Calendar A.'s of the First Baptist Church *u,,He^ a ,, n,»/>i,.. -r ' 1 met for art election o£ officers on Thursday October 7 1 Monday, October 4, at ihn church, r , n i -n , • St Metho " The following officers were elect- dist Church will begin a study o » ed: President, Mary Alice Caston: India, Pakistan and Ceylon, Thurs« vice president, Dora Ann King; sfl- day, October 7, at 2 p. m. in the cretary-trcasurer. Jean Page: 'pro- basement of the church. Mrs. John ! gram chairman. Mary Virginia Gardner wll be the leader. All interested persons are welcomed to Attend. Hope Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Thursday at 8 p. mi Friday October 8 The Rose Garden Club will meet. Friday afternoon, October 8, at 3 o'clock with Mrs. Oarrett Story at her home, 421 W. Second. Co- hostess will be Mrs. Ray Allen. All members are urged to be present. T0is will be the first meeting of the ensuing year. P. E. O. Sisterhood' will meet, al the High School, Tuesday, October 12, at 2:30 p. m., where they will entertain the senior girls with a tea. Monday, .Otober 11 All members and associate members of the Friendship Cla.is of the First Baptist Church, Mrs. Reddin, Firs t<l|c t<l|cher, will meet at the church at 7:30 p. m. for the regular monthly and social meeting. This is to be a pot luck supper. There will be an installation of officers for the new year. Wednesday October 13 The Bodcaw P. T. A. will meet in the high school auditorium on Wednesday, October 13, at 7 p. m. The program will be presented b.V Caudle. The. speaker will bo : Goodwin. The public is invited and everyone who plans to attend is asked to bring a pie. Wednesday October 13 The Fidelis Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have a party at the church on Wednesday night, October 13, at 7:30. Bowdoii; community missions chairman, Sandra Galloway; librarian and mission study chairman, Joy Ann Davis; social chairman, Tommye Power. The installation of officers will be hold Monday, October 11, at 4 p .m. Mrs. McPherson Hostess To Delta Kappa Gamma Society The Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society held its initial mooting of the year in the homo of Mrs. B. B. McPherson on October 5, at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. R. E. Jackson was associate hostess. Reports of the society's workshoo held at Mt. Petit Jean, August 2223. were given. Those who attended were Mrs. R. E. Jackson, Mrs. P. I.. Perkins, Mrs. Joe Amour, and Mrs. Lawrence Martin. ter and daughter, Nancy, Ernest Porter, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Browning and son James Clyde all of Hope. Mrs. J. B. Rowe has returned home after spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Calvin J*ear- cc, and her mother, Mrs. M. T. Buck, in Arkadelphia. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Olen Calhotin, Prescott, Mrs. James E. Lattier, Rt. 1, Hope, Mr. Joe S. Daugherty, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Linda Aylett and son, Rt. 1, Hope. Mr. and Mrs.. James 'E. Lattier, Rt. 1. Hope, have a son, born at 2:24 p. m. Tuesday. Branch Admitted: Mr. Nea'l Cornelius, Dallas, Texas. first vice-presi- that the general ^lotice The dinner meeting of Circles 1, 3 and 3 of the C. W. F. of the First Christian hurch has been postponed until October 19. Lou Pemie Mein G. .A. Elects Officers The Lou Demie>Mein Junior O. BY REFRIGERATION * LAST DAY 2:00 FEATURE TIMES • - 3:49 - 5:39 - 7:27 - 9:16 LAND OF THE HUNTER and the HUNTED! VAN HEFLIN • RUTH ROMAN HOWARD DUFF ; - A UNIVCPSAl-IHTfRKMlONAt PICTURE .'. , 1. Bugs Bunny Cartoon 2. "Seeing Spain" • FRI. &SAT. • BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM JOHNNY WEISSMULLER ..s JUNGLE JIM MAN- EATERS • ALSO • Ht OARED TO RETURN! OUTCAST; • JOAN (VANS CNpfer.5 Q* Serial & Wo9«(y Woodpecker Cartoon •*i STAITS SUNDAY! IT BEGINS WHIP "TH! Mrs. Perkins, dent, announced subject of the programs for the current year will be "Professional Growth through Leadership." Mrs. Jackson, president, was in charge of the meeting. The hostesses served a dessert plate to 14 members. Fay Nichols To Wed Charles Foreback Clubs The McCaskill Home Demonstration Club met at the club house for their regular meeting on September 24. Mrs. Gordon Prescott, president, presided during the business meet' ing. The meeting was opened with the group singing "The More We Get Together" Mrs. Orval Wortham gave the devotional; prayer was by Mrs. Ross Shuffield. Mrs. Cloid Bittick called the roll with nine members answering with "My Biggest Storage Problem." • Mrs. Lorraine B., Wylie, Home Demonstration Agenti gave a der monstration on "Adequate Storge Space in the Home." She also showed several simple shelf construction patterns that the homemaker could make with very little material and ability. A discussion on helpful household hints followed with each member giving her favorite hint. Mrs. Albert Rowland and Mrs. ^ n "°""^ 0 ^ is ..T ade .. loda L Of Robert O'Brian were now members Refreshments were served by Mrs. Lynn Moss and Mrs. Loy Rogers. the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Fay Nichols and Private First Class Charles Fore-back. Thfi bride-elect is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Nichols of Texarkana, formerly.of Hope. Pfc. Foreback's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foreback of Pcnn. Centervllle Mrs. D. M. Collier, home management leader, gave a discussion Dorcus Sunday School Class Has Meeting The Dorcus Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met in the home of Mrs. Cora Jackson at 503 South Elm street on Wednesday afternoon. October 6. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs. Singleton, the teacher, led the opening prayer. A very inspiring devotional was presented by Mrs. Hugh Jones. ; Officers for the coming year were elected, arid plans for the coming year's work were discussed and outlined. <, • -• Refreshments eight ' members were served to and two guests, Mrs. Jim Embree of Little Rock. and Mrs. Hugh Jones of Hope. Coming and Going Aubrey, Anzie, Lawrence and James McDowell, all of Fort Worth, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell, when the Oenterville HD club met for its September meeting in he home of Mrs. Carl Richard Sr. Mrs. Vernie Coynes, was in charge of the meeting. Each member answered roll call by tell- ng her biggest storage 'problem. Mrs. Denver Goynes and Mrs. David Waddle were appointed to ,ako care of buying the gift for the Home Demonstration Club party. Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, using pictures, showed various ways to solve problems on storage shortage on building closets and tables. Each • member gave a useful lousehold tip, with Mrs. Wylie giv- ng several that were very useful. Several received gifts from their seciiet pals. Mrs. W. M. Collier won .the,surpris^ package. : '"The club honored Mrs. Carl Richards Jr. with a pink and blue shower. The hostess served refreshments o the following: Mesdames: Sid Skinner, R. C. Snelgrove, P. F. Campbell C. R. Faught Carl Ric- nards, Jr., David Waddle, Denver 3oynes, Bob Linaker, Vernie Goynes, Hugh Bearden, Manie Sanders, •Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Alford of ^Odessa, Tex., spent Sunday with lis sisters, Mrs. J. S. McDowell and Mrs. C. C. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Porter and son, James Edward, left Monday or their home in Petaluma, Calif,, after a week's visit with Mrs. W. Porter and relatives. Mrs. J. B. Rowe; Jr., and children, Mrs".. Lacey Rowe and gon, James, and Mrs. Loys Hampton and son, Donald, spent the week n Arkadelphia, visiting relatives. Capt. and Mrs. Dennis H. Crafton, formerly of Ft. Meade, Maryand, are now at home at 402 East Second street in Hope, Capt. Craf- ;o'n will soon report for duty in Germany. Mrs. W. L. Porter had as her guests last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porter and children, Robert lole and Martha Jane, of Arkadel phia; Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Huddleston and children, Tommy and Rebecca, of Magnolia; Buddy For DR VE m* mm THE THEATRE fe.-= Main & Country Club Bds, • TONIGHT & FRIDAY « BARGAINN1TES A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY . . . 50c John PAYNE f SHORTS f A SUCKER FOR A PRETTY FACE - Life has Us lovely moments, even for calves. MGM Starlet Rota Lee, vacationing on 'a Tucson, Ariz., giiest ranch, found her favorite .chore was. tending bottle for a herd of .hungry, bawling calves.' DOROTHY DIX Indifferent Beau Dear Miss Dix: I am seeking advice on the Correct procedure to use in breaking an engagement. I have been engaged to a young man for two years, and he has been the only beau iti my life up to now. Since I was 15, I have always pictured him.as my future husband;, he has all the qualities I want in my life's mate. The only trouble has been over social life. He likes some forms of entertainment I don't care for and I have come to the conclusion that on this point we will never agree. He says he will not change just for me. I feel that i'f his love were strong enough, he would do anything for me. Furthermore, though I have considered myself engaged to him, actually he never got around to asking my parents' consent to the marriage. Recently I became interested .in another young man, whose sole interest is in pleasing me. He has called at my home, met the folks and asked for my hand in marriage I know, he will make me happy. My problem is, does an engagement exist between me and the first young man, since he did not consult my parents about our marriage?, Then, how can I break it if.we are engaged? • ADF.LE M. Cupid's Mistakee Answer: Some poor- girls can't get one .fiance and you can afford to clutter up the landscape with them, Cupid is certainly an unfair Joe Leaves, Marilyn Goes By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD IE- — It's 1 the "Seven Year Itch" lodny fen Marilyn Monroe with no Joe Dl- Maggio tb scratch her back. And there, is no' joy in Fisherman's Wharf today even though the mighty DiMaggio has struck out for three. -' • Marilyn slept alone last night in the $l ( 000-a-month Beverly Hills home that. pile and Joe, rented She plahfled to report for work on her picture al 9 a. in. DiMaggio left her ' yesterday in about as final n "departure ns Hollywood ever has seen. He camn cut of the house Wit.li his bugs packed and a grim smilu on. his face. Marilyn, for tho first time, lost her composure ttcforj tho pi ess J'osterday and had nothing to say. She sobbed almost to the point of collapse. Some cynics culled them phony tears but Marilyn would be the first to admit that she isn't a igood enough actress to .play the scene the way .it was pinye'.l. Her departure from the house was 'billed as n return to work .•but actually it n«vi:r. was intended to be; Sho wasn't in the mood to play comedy hnrf ute driv* ler's aftife* Joe said asj(fe, lftf 'San tny hofii'e." SttuHes and at aft eartter, marksman, As far as I can gather ffoni yoUr involved letter, here a- briclged, the first engagement exists only in your own imagina- Ion. The "fiance" in that case seems to have made every effort to lose you, and will, no doubt ba glad to learn he's succeeded. Since lance,.No. 2.fills all your require- nent, grab him, but make sure; of lis sincerity. . Assuming an "engagement" merely on the grounds of close associa- ,ion over -a long period, during the ate. teens, are apt to be unstable, emotionally, and can't be expected ;o have the same ideas at 20 that ,hey had at 18. This is when many .ovelorn maidens weep, After bliss- 'ully weaving dreams for a year or ;wo, they, awaken suddenly to the fact that Johnny or ..Jimmy just wasn't ever serious. A little wariness at that time would save a broken heart and pride. Dear Miss Dix: After (four years of marriage, my husband and I separated at his request. He said lie just doesn't care for domestic life, but he mighi come back to us D. M. Collier, Guy Linaker, and Mrs. W. C. Beck and two visitors, Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Gwen Ramsey. The October meeting will be with Mrs. W. C. Beck. 'no seams fp^vvorry a l'_yejallenjor_seamless'jsto<:kings by 1 later (we have a two-year-old child) Would I be foolish to date him if he asks, or let him return when le's ready? . • • . ,;.'... BETH L Answer: Whether he likes it or not, he's legally bound to. suppoit you and his; child, Perhaps if this fact is 1 - 1 brought ;; home to ,'him It .might awaken his dormant sense of responsibility. Dear Miss Dix: I am fond of a boy who sings in our church choii\ I rarely get a chance to sec him, but when I do he's very friendly. How can I get to know him better. ... .•••• ., S. A. Answer: Whether you can sing or not, make an effort to get into that choir. If you are tone deaf, get into .some other activity of the church. There's-no-better way to become acquainted. TURN UP'CURL for that growing out stage. Come In today . . . at MARY-EDNA.BEAUTY SHOP 115 S. Elm Ph. J-2615 AT SCOT Parakeets Just received ahoth6f ship ment. Th?se art colofed birds. $2.98 WIRE' Bird Cages $359 Qd ' P Neckerthief ' , in' ttiahy cVlors: 1 GIRLS' RAYON Panties In white, rrtaize, and blue. Sizes' 8, 10 andv 12. 6 For $1.00 Sheel A BUTLER BROTHERS STORE J • DI>\L7-46T6 or 7-4617 'We Give Eagle Stamps 33 C SUPPOSITORIES GLYCERIN. INFANT OR ADULT (Limit 2) ., ..... . PROPHYLACTIC TbOTH BRUSH , 59c size .... 2 for . tO^SWEETHEART 3 TOILET SOAP. BFG. Slit m m i, i\ ** TOILET SOAP. KEG. SIZE 23° Paper TOWELS 9 ; ruetiiup /cn.cuccT on;ic /n m u -,\ •• R CHEF LINE. MOLLS 2) HAIR CARE Beauty Buy TOBACCOS Friends, Granger Ceo. Washington Fletcher's Castoria "• 69' •' Bromo-Seltzer I-or stomach distress .... Glycerin-Rosewater Hand lotion. 4-oz '. 80° Mineral Oil Wa|green> Tasteless. Pt.. Zonitors Suppository Feminine hygiene. Box 12 , Now Swings Priced 35° Epsom Salt-Lb. Selected crystals.. Medicinally pure. 39 C Camphorated Oil Save now on 3-oz bottle . , $9 f C&ycerln Skin Ivbtioant. 3-PUnce , , 25° Mercurochrome For minor cuts. 1-oz. , . , , 25° Sulfur Powder <t f, Medicinally pure. 4-oz., ., I I Sodium Bicarbonate OOp Aidsocidindigestion, ib.. . Uw Doctor High Scoring OFFICIAL FOOTBALL White 49 C DR, WEST'S Miracl* Tuft TOOTHBRUSH Water, RQfi, prpo/., &JSK NEW ULT HOME WAVE popdj 4 .1 50 Control^ Your 1 Formula 20 -^Htjn* .A • ;«,,i Tampax °'39 ( ECONOMY per MEXSANA FREE OFFER." 35p Skin Cream Ff<?e #• If you buy 79o Powder J 07#i

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