Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 24, 1925 · Page 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1925
Page 11
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rf FIVE LIATCD VIRC NEXCT XERVICir MSOOATtD POS$ WrA ("hurtfy UNHID PRlfX-INTJKAIIOtwa HtW"-UrVlR"ALIPVtCl - , . CONfOtlDATSO PPCT., Harry PetersoNt stirrM TalesEarly California Exclusively in the Tribune aklmM Mm 1B1 il tWw trvW VOLUMti CU A OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATUKDAY EVKNINR. JANUAKYT2I, 1925 11 NO. 21. UAPAN FLEET VISITORS SEE SrFrSIGHTS Tliile Officers of Nipponese essels Receive Elaborate Welcome Men (iiven SIore Leave; I'rojirnni in Kustbay Testimony to the cordial relation existing between the United (Hates 1111. 1 Japan, three Japanese Cruiser ere I . 1 ; i V riding at anchor In San rnineiscu .av beside thren of th InrRcst it rrmt rin uk tit n of the United States navy. At the pmim of the foreign vessels flutter the Mjm hihI SliiM', mid frmu the flagstaff of the hav elms flutter the stinburi-t fla'N of Japan. This is In honor .f the fust time In history that a Japanese navel luadron ha entered the (lui.lni Onte fur nn official visit. The thrre vessels, veterans of the Bus-idon-J.ipiincse war. the Asiima, the Yakuma mi l the Mzhiiio, entered the gite yesterday iimrn'mr and dropped nni'lmr in man o" war row alongside the Wist Virginia, the Colm fiilo nil. I the Mai l land. T...liv la 11 i : ii jr partus from the Jatiatifv" VMi Is sivni iik-'I ashore to take 111 the fh'h's i'f San I"'r.i m'li. Cm Mi. ii. I iy thi-y wiil visit the E.ist-bav ii cii'Ih of tin- 1 1 aniatol chum bir of 1 i.l;.n.''l'i e, . Si!'-?! ii ti elaborate prok-tam of wer.iino has been nt ranged hy the bay ciiics that A lrn:i:il S.il.uro llvakutak" e-. : . 1 1 - Ii ii.ily ryiiM express h. 11 1 I J ect 1.1 t i 1 1 . apphi i 1 1 i nv aimirl. Fo!l" ing tl.e message ii t l.y the ln ,tt V to the pi-. .pie i f the k i "I 11111 very grateful for the re Ceptlon that Sail I 'l l tic.sri . lepre entuig tin Ainer;.'.in pc-pie, h: g'.M M our o.ii n1i ..11. 1 hn'e le.win through the Con-ul I'.'Mi.'r.il 1 your i-lai.-.r ate p. ms for ..ur en tertiilt, iii.r.i. It o... is m' to re Clve an c. ri.s.li.!i of the Wiin. IM" ful epinf. of the t I'l" of th I niteil Mate, and ci lally those f San l"i .1 1 1 1 -1 ) . 1 tnlee tho e.Tpref.' Inn 0f thl weirnine to our ii.nlii.n a.i none than a t.h..v of will to ti Cffl'-eia an. I no-n iiloi'.o it la an txprex-on to t l.f " k m i-i nnn-nt an. feo.t,. ,,f .tap.-tn. KT till", p- m lieartliy no've 1 .y your re eptlon. ' Jn 1 K f I firat vlp.-. San Fran !ro aa a ini.l'hlptiKin, iitol ntx-r ft I..111; Ir.'i-ival of thir:y-t'i y-ai I am now rumlim Park. When n rirst here I.nini-il manv ininpa ami tn.-K Pa. K to Japan many Intereytti.t; an I plr.i".int Bieriiorlea. I oxp'.-t that lov Ih.v III ha e the Hiiiii ei, ..ya!.li. ex prler.r aa a result of y-mr wmi d'rful hospitality. " til ri( 1 Mi t.ui.in in;s. The F.'J nff.rera of the auuailmn n.l i t r oli tM 1 1 . 1 .h ti.ornitiK wcr Off.ejally t. hi-l ly tin- mayo at t !: S,.n 1- 1 a nr. son city hall arti-r wiii.-n thy wiue quests nt linn her. 11 111. the I '0111 rue ! o 111 1 rlul Vhlle tl.i.si' off.-:al oot cmonl.-were In pr.. ureas the thmifian.l a.-a nien atiarhe.i to tin -esfif la wer nter!,iliif. l.y .IapaneH re.-ii-tita ef the hay r-Kl"ii ni (P.I.I. 1 llatt park. Th!a evening the offlcera nn.l a.leta will he the fiiex'a of Admiral V lley on hla f latahip. When the ll:ora mine to thl Pie of the hay Momlay they wlil be welcome, 1 hy the rity officials at the municipal nuilitonum. after Which they will .e esrnrieil l.y the Japanese j eslji nta in nn nui.im bile tour of th" Fas! hay cluritif; wnicn they will Inspect most of U largest Industrial plants. Bringing Cargoes of Friendship' The Bay citiei are hoti this week to the officeri and men of three cruiieri ef the Japanei training iquadron visiting lliii port in affirmation of Japan'i friendship for America. In the photograph are ADMIRAL HYAKUTAKE. in command of the Japanese vef!.. and VICE-ADMIRAL HENRY A. WILEY, in command of the United Slatei f lect now in the haibor. In the background ii the Japanese flagship, the Asama. PD BAGKlCHHISTENSEN u-. rs L. ' SI .1 Jj!V,t ' lA-W k Ixvf V 1 J "if 4 Petition for Gate Bridge Launched KANT FKANCISt'O, Jan. 24. Circulation of a petition seeking the stahllshment of the proposed orpine across the Golden (late Is to hegin Monday, nccorillnx to plans announce. 1 nt a mt'etini; held tn the office of Mayor JJolph. at which Rlcharrl J. Welch, chairman of the briilKB mmmlitee of the board of supervisors, presided. The petition will ask that Pan Francisco Join thP hrldKe. district, the formation of which la a necessary IckhI preliminary to the project. In the event that 10 per eent of the local electorate ain the petition, an election will he ailed to decide whether this county will become a part of the district. Sonoma county has already slp-Blf'ed Us intention of joining the district, it was nnnounn.it nt the tneetlnp, and similar action Is ex- rectca snort ly from Marin "and npa counties. Dance Hall Closed By Berkeley Chief HERKKF.EV, Jan. 24. lierkeley has no place for cheap dance halls and "wild" women, declared Chief of Police -August Volimer today, following the closing of a "danclnfr academy" In Forin Hall, 1712 Al-atrnz avenue. Chief Volimer states that every ffort will he made to keep Berkeley as "clean" as possible and that all questionable places of amusement will he treated In the same manner. S. P. llennott, proprietor of the dance hall, suffered the loss of his permit after Mrs. Helen Ar-tledn, county welfare worker, complained to the lierkeley chief of the questionable nature of dancing "Instructors" at the place. Orientals and other foreigners are declared to have been the chief patrons of the dancing academy. The chief complaint as registered by welfare workers was against the character of girls employed to tench patrons to dance. ft ' a- V-fV , S:. , " '.-V.-. ' . ..... ' '! 'IP'S ft ft 1 s ' i t, ' K' "tfj -f I El 4" t " t' j fff -n-'mt'4 V '' v 'i i '.. !. '- '' . ' ' V -. ' v. si GIRL AIDS IN CONVICTED RAID flN ARK OF SLAYING Hiring: 'Stool Tipeons Dp. frntlctl if Other Means Fail Sa Drew; Albetl Boot-logger Tinetl $200, Appeals Jury Ilonrhes A'pement on MatIawliter ertlict, Ie-iiiC Out .Six JIur; Sen-tenrc to He Fixetl Later West Piedmont Folk Fight Sale 0! Park Tract Citi7ftn Off-r to I't-piirtha! Site Sobl P. (;. i:. f..r i m. mil- iiuuai m n-n-i. - - 219 FINISH nn unnrn in ii. ii ii n n r n i ii ii ii ii ii i ii in innii nnnnni nbraunuuf rirriMOVT. Jan. :4 Armise i over tne sate i z a pi.ri .ri -r i.iini i Parlt tn the Vaeifie f. ar,1 Ulec. . . ",c :.?mr i;'-f r . !(;ra.I.iati... hVme. HeM In site, ft .nT!,i.T.i i i .Jri.i i.o.j announce.1 tlifir t ''! . n rf at- temrttr-e tn bin I'S'k the yr-fffy, I whlh was f ! t some f . 1 ari by th council, , Th" opp"r.er.t ef the hv j Three tini: Oualifv Oakljtul Iiititii-(Jramtnar I'upilf ftr Higher Crailei ' -1 " '" ...11. ,. ..i;'. V 1- v '-, i : rf. 1 r CMef ef Police Jame T. Prew anl Lieutenant i:. W. Prock today rose In defense of the- methods empl'.yid ty the morals aqua it to obtain' evidence against I tleg- p.-ra fi.llown k reports that th" city had financed n "party" f- r a "stonl pigeon" nr.. I two g:rls In order to g.-t evidence against an ark dweller at the fnot of Ii.rby street, "If It requites n man and. a woman to get evidence against violators of the dry law-, nnrcotu: act. or at.v othT law where an officer cannot get the evidence, 1 approve of the practice ft a man or woman, or loth t.elmr used," raid Chief firew. "However, there are standirg orders in the department to the effect that no minor fhall be ued to procure evidence against violators. "The nf.. tnation I have shows , ,ir:,f(.,j that t that one (f th.. w..in.n who went,,,. i.,fii,en.e gprriAi r vih 10 I lit : KtBl'M .s'iN"i;.v. Jan, out six h'.urs ai.d jury In the c.ia tenaen, caret .iKer M lino ipai Ch top ami"-. I of li.t:g Charles an liakl.ir.d fii'iuan, was 14 After belrg ininqtea, th" f C h .il.e Chris-at the ti.ikl.itil roar iir..U'!iinJ, K:j ke, f..iii. I flBHESTEO IP H LiOn SEIZED First Unit of New Hawthorne School To Open Monday A large quantity of liquor was seized and three men arrested by siiuad of Volstead raiders at Llvermore last night. At the residence of Carolina Ton- sonl the officers seized 600 gallons of wine and 600 gallons of brandy and took the woman Into custody. At the soft drink parlor and pool room at Second and 1j streets, Llv ermore, a small quantity or liquor was seized and Jack Gnrdella, thjl proprietor, nnd his brother, I' rank, were arrested. In Sari Francisco the prohibition officers raided two places where arrests have 'previously been made and where drinks are alleged to have been openly dispensed. They were the Kegina mnei, in ji).-ison street, where Joseph Hall and' Jo seph Painter were apprehended, and the Kagle's Nest Restaurant, 2374 I)l;imnil street, where there were taken into custody Anthony 'alllgrlnl and his wife, Clmrlotte. Dressmaking problems .solved In Class 1 r. 0 ("Want Ad" pases.) The first unit of the new Hawthorne grammar achool will be opened Monday morning for classes at Twenty-eighth avenue and Kast Seventeenth street. The new school is located across the street from the old Hawthorne school destroyed hy fire recently. The old building stood at Frultvale avenue and Tallant Btreet. The new achool has twelve rooms and with equqipment cost $115,000. Additions will be made as rapidly an possible to arcom- modate the Increasing demand for school facilities in the district, Fred M. Hun'or, superintendent, announced today."" The structure is constructed of brick. The old school was a wooden building. II. C. HOTTO ACT Oil PROTEST OVER L DRY LAWDE-BAT E Nurse Makes Three Attempts at Suicide Miss Jessie A. Cllne, 64, a nurse living at 1563 Pacific avenue, Alameda, Is under .observation nt the Emergency hospital following a third attempt at suicide in which she Jumped from a second story window at the County hospital. She was not Injured in tho fall. On two previous nights she Is reported to have attempted to end her life hy taking poison and slashing her wrists with broken glass. Wool Men of State Guests at Davis WOODLAND. Jan. 24. Sheep men attending the National Wool Growers' convention at San Francisco were guests of the Davis Business Men's Association at Davis today. They arrived on the 10:. 10 train from San Francisco and were taken first, to the College of Agriculture. Following a luncheon at the California Inn they will tour the ranches of the county where purebred atock are raised. Overheard at LEHNHARDT'S "For heavens sae don't let me forget my ice cream for dinner Jonighl." " That's the kick, just what I want for Sunday dessert!1' Special Dessert Granada Pudding "Something ntv and delicious" Oak. 496 Broadway Bet. L3th & 14th BERKELEY, Jan. 14. The possibility of official action, or a reply to the protest made by a local church organization because two out of three University of California debaters were not In favor of prohibition in the U. C. -Oxford debute, was precluded today by failure to deliver the letter of protest to President V. AV. Campbell, who is out of town. The letter was drafted by the Men of Plymouth, an organization of the Plymouth church. They stated they considered it "especially objectionable that- a great Institution shou4d--pormit condition of., affairs.' Thg members of the organization stated the impression had been created "flint only one spoaker.,of ability could be found in the University of California, to raise his voice in favor of the dry cause." state such a with the operator in this Instance Is married and the mother of three children. The othir, employed In a dance hall, nls) i of legal age." MM Til TFSTM IIIS. Lieutenant Frock refuted the statements that the operator and his companions had become In- toxicate.l upon liquor purchased with monev supplied by the city, Frank Miller, the operative, is allege. .i have test ifn-.r before polj.e Judge Kdw.ird Tyrrell, in the rase of Arnold Witchie, the ai k ihv Her. that th" condition of J himself and his companions when he drove away from the ni k was j sufficient test of the potency of I the refreshments he had purchased. Lieutenant Brock, head of the ,pecial service squad, denies that Miller testified that he and his companions became intoxicated. He said Miller had testified he knew the bottles he had purchased contained intoxicating liquor "by the effect." ItAID FOLLOWS. "I gave' Miller $3 to purchase three bottles of 'wine," said Lieutenant Brock. "In his affidavit Miller said he purchased three bottles of wine. The following day he swore to a search warrant and members of my squad went to the ark and placed Witehle under arrest. They seized 50 gallons of wine at that time upon the authority of the warrant." Witchie denied that he had sold any liquor to Miller, and said that he understood the money paid him was given as a deposit on a row-boat Miller said he wished to purchase. He was find ?150 on the charge of having sold the liquor and J.r.O on the charge of possession, by Judge Tyrrell today. His attorney filed notice of appeal. Police records show that the ark has been raided four times and tnat abatement proceedings have been filed against the property by guil'y of inatB-laiigltter. The vr-diet was ritiut.e.i nt II !"i a. tn. today, lh i.i was tried In Super!, r Judge J. T. It. Warnes court. Kipke was shot wl'h a rlfl" tn the doorway r( a cabin In the Mu-j lili ipal i amp nt s uut r ot k on tne night i f November 2. Chnatensen. who was In the cabin at th time, was taken Into custody. Testimony during the trial Is t.a:d to have In- 11! IS'i t.sen WIS under f tiqip.r "t th" time. It was fiN.i brought out that there had I 'i n no q.r.ncl between Kipke and 'hrl'-ti t.s. n. Sentence te pronounced by j i. .. xv.,-...v ... - M,- n 11 I red !j( .lei I. l . n r , . ... .1 gi en by t h pov ' I 'if! . ! gi l ! i: at r:cfteen pu-l t ..-I..11 an t W . t e I t A d U h inlrr.t Of v I . , st i lent . r.. . I nmd i .'i at tha f j . . 4 teri:i. ,.ir f, ! la th.it . r. e I t .,.." J n Vr huh. .v.'.".. ,M '!'.eUrV .! u r b.fch. an t li. . ..ii t l 1 their lit Vi I l !!. .I ill t. pti .grain t in the h... I Km. T ic hell h . !l"ie. ad I milia rs weia ill-e i-bih. . s of University Thinoj fhcy Ask flu? Tribune AuOtMJ O 'HtrORNATIOM" .11 refer to authof Is of Fran- Chief iJrew. Two Legion Women s Lodges Seat Officers SAN LEANDRO, Jan. 24. A Joint Installation of officers of the Hayward Women's Auxiliary of the American Legion and the San Leandro Women's Auxiliary was held last evening at the local Odd Fellows hall. Mrs. C. Dutcher, Llvermore, state district denutv of the auxiliary organization was Installing officer. Officers of the local auxiliary Installed ore as follows: Elizabeth Nlcholls, president; Eleanor Robin, first vice-president; Mae Furtado, second vice - president; Marion Victor, chnplain; Agnes Carden, sergeant-at-arms; Jaunlta Ra-vekes, secretary; Jeanne Cormack, treasurer. Following are the new officers of the Hayward auxiliary: Miss Minnie Teason, president; Mrs. Bertha Clemens, first vice-presi dent Mrs. C. Teason, second vice-president; Mrs. E. E. Christiansen, secretary - treasurer; Mrs. Laura Frank, chaplain; Mrs. Laura Dekites, sergeant-at-arms. PHILOSOPHY AM) FACTS CHICAGO. '."I thought every man was a bit or a devil, but I found mine was all devil," testified Mrs. Janet Strews In her divorce suit. JOKE It SENDS COFFIN. CHICAGO. A practical Joker had a coffin, wreaths nnd mourning crepe sentto J. L. l'axton at his club. of most sickness is faulty elimination. To be as regular as clockwork, each day some way enjoy ROMAN MEAL a properly balanced food MM .Doing your "daily dozen" helps you stay fit physically; Going to church each Sunday helps you keep alert spiritually. Turn to today's church . pages, choose a church and GO I "Sn-cne, Indifferent to Fate, th sittest by the Western gate." Tin" ithoe quotation San J'ranclMO and the Bret llarte. The Information Bureau was asked for the above quotation. Other queries received are: "Kindly tell me in your column what Vressini " is?" C'rrsslnl Is a crisp crusted bread made by the Italians. "Please publish the length Twin Peaks Tunnel In Cisco." The Twin Peaks Tunnel Is a single horc 12.0(1(1 feet long. It is the largest niiinl-lpnl tunnel In the world devoted to rapid transit purposes. "How much postage does It take to send a letter to the Leeward Islands '.'" The rnte of potngt for a letter to the Leeward Islands Is 2 cents an ounce or fraction thereof. "Which Is the proper word to use in sneaking of a woman writer, author or authoress?" The word authoress Is very seldom used. The word author Is correct for both sexes and Is the preferred weird. "When will Neptune Beach open for the summer season?" v Neptune I each will open April 15. "Was William Hart, the motion picture actor, ever on the regular stage?" William Hart bepan Ids career on the legitimate Mago in New York City at the age of 19. He appeared In a number of plays before lie took up a screen career. "Is there an Assay Office In Oak land where one can have some ores examined. A list of assayers can be fonnd In lie classified, section of llic TRIBUNE and of the directories. The TRIBUNE Information Bureau will answer all questions of a general nature except school or legal problems, debates, trade and time of day. If answers are desired by mail stamps must be enclosed. Quick replies can be obtained by telephoning to the bureau. If you have any problems of a general nature to solve, ask The TRIBUNE Information Bureau, Lakeside 6000. asked that the fi.iim :l . pqrr bae t T" Vie. 5-1 at, 1 the land from I hem sluuil they ' , f ,..rt.tv. ."! s icree.1 In l.uvitg It fr t i th I r. c i I h . tt ! P. k IT. ned pine It ' n .!:, I ),- ( . ! fu'ure bond issue i.s my p.r.; iei..'.i.l gimi..r property. i t t :. , ! t ., r Headed by William Wood. pres. rii '.- if.r I. .it I lent of the West Pi..''cnt Dn- t.-,., ..!g ,f t ... prni itiiftit club, a ft ei';. At, i K' tl.e i f. ! .: 7' lis made the above e i.t hj? , e. I.-I I i ; .1 , if t iet.t ,ef.,re the u'V conn. I This I i !. t- I.-.- i. v ., Is th sei, nl line that the c-i :n. ! ,1 ,i;..f I. I'le.lmi i t li.l.l.v h is w ired on the ;.,. ! i : . m. J i'.mi'.i il ov. r the s ite of the p iri; v ,l ir,..r Inn I. i H i ! r s, . .. rs .' .me weeks n go th-y appeitred f'. ir i vi i k b'foie the board, and demandel bli.li mcl I...U I :t tl.it a-t. on be taken to ricpd i) iqe.-i,... lat I :g .i of the land, on lh grounds u i:t.. l'i lu, that It was cmv pirk land, ant their ohteitton to the conieruction i f a s ih-ta,i.n. f r which th prf .erty w is pur. lni ,l. Th-y I time. then that they had n.-t lr en luforic.e l of the council's In-t'ntUn and wn opp..s.-d t, the tale. They were told thit ti-re thi! the f.ile was nlrn.lv nade. etid that nut only had t -e Wet Pied-P.. n:t Improvement i l ih I.e. n g:in l.dvonce notice, but lint pi ins of the building w. ;e s ibtnifed to I. i ,V l.i, a l.f It... -!.. ti.w n . r.f if. t Mayor f-llver LlNaoMh r-'plie I ".rlv, th.v iioull e the latest request t f the clul, " l S "r "n '""" " s iylng: "We 1,-l.f ve the cl l rms 1:IRTIIIY I I I. I Bit TLD. i f Wi st Piedmont are Misinformed ' The l uthd iv anniversary of th us to the type of structure. It is P.o.isevi it huh i-ho.d win cele-to be a transformer house, not a brate.l yesterday when the puplla sub-station, and we baie been gathered In the assembly hall to promised that it will be mijsc. s. h. ar addresses by Superintendent and conform in architecture to our Fred M. Hunter ami Assistant public buildings. If, however, the Superintendent Lewis B. Avery, people buy this property back and Greetings from the student body wish it placed on a future bund is. ( were brought by Anna Lukanlsh, sue, the council will provide for it Jack Sue. II. erg. Iris Young, Mar- IiU h s. h... 1 t tor.iii.i t p i nr. rk.ng tl." lurk. I 'rf I. l:vi red th-t i ! l;s w i r tr; p .r e-i a :. 1 i ' Mi. i, i . !, !, At p.: re. -i-.il-! C took part In n t h i i-' t :t.ie a f ' .ci s of one . t in t.'it i! ' . f tde" I'l. ill pr:r .1) ,. bv a. I, o.-l audi-t a pti. grain il of their i E. 1'iuh i! ad-Ires and rnnc.pil F. H. : 1 1. . j --; r;-r W. J, I I !!-.!. 14 pU - i lr (l.pl.imns and program marking r t heir four yeat i, i:!i.r a metn- at the next ritv election," s ii. STHICKE IT GDMVEHTION. DIES BERKELEY. Jan. 24 Edward C. Mnrliavc. 70. field secretary for the California Goldsmiths' anil Silversmiths' association, and pioneer j resident of this city, died last night I at his home, 2"37 Lincoln street. Marliave was stricken yesterday while attending a convention of the organization in San Francisco. He was a resident of Berkeley 3 8 years and had occupied the Lin- ( coin street house during that time. ' At one time Marliave was postmaster here. He was chairman of the Republican county central com- ' mittee several years ago. I Mrs. Alice Marliave, the widow, ! and three sons, Warren, Chester and Edward Marliave. survive, The funeral will be held Monday. I rations of the ballroom. giret Mii'ombs, George Levering and Mary McNaughtoti. The Boosevelt orchestra furnished the music and a splendid program was carried out by th combined student body. A hug birthday cake, hearing one cant'.le, was presented by Jack Sivedherg. Seven girls and two boys are on the Boosevelt honor list for having made perfect records In their studies. They are. Bosle Bostick, Alice Cox. Edith Kroenider. Margaret Seaner, Pauline Lesohlnsky, Jessie Walters, Bernlce Wellman, Abraham Loty and Lysander Logan. CAKES rilESENTED. A keepsake and a home-mad cake were presented to each member of the faculty of Lukevlewr Junior high school by graduate and mothers of graduates at th commencement party last night in the Oakland clubhouse. Two hundred guests, including the three scoro joung people who received their diplomas from Lakevlew Junior high, participated in th brilliant occasion, which was arranged by the class mothers. White and green the school colors were combined in the deco- A grand "STRONG MAN" DROPS DEAD. BUDAPEST. Ignace Marsetch, regarded as the strongest man In Hungary, dropped dead In a weight lifting contest. Consult "Needlecrafts" (Classification No. 150) to solve dressmaking problems. h y r . ... j never ta tted such Chocolate Cake nth a filling and icing made from Baker's Chocolate rwis.fy By all, means the most satisfactory chocolate for cook ing and drinking. WallerBaker&CaOd. I tSTABUSMCO 1760 . 4. DorAesletMass. MonlrealCon aoonnof CHoict RtciPtsNTrfttt Berkeley Robbers ! Loot Two Stores BERKELEY, Jan. 24. Foodstuffs and a collection of electrical appliances were stolen from two Berkeley stores last night. At the grocery of Ciraulo Bros., 2152 San Pablo avenue, three hams, -four pieces of bacon and a collection of canned goods valued at about $28 were stolen. Electrical appliances valued at $50, as well as $10 in money and a fountain pen were taken from the Hawley Drug Co., 1013 University avenue. Doors of both places were broken open. the program of I march opened dancing. The surprise of the evening wai when Joe Hirklngbotham, on be half of his fellow graduates, mad I tho presentation speech, preliminary to bestowing upon Edgar Muller, principal, and faculty mem-! bers, gifts from the class. 'Muller I was given a gold fountain pen. Mrs. H. G. Hill, representing- the mothers, presented the 68 home-mad cakes to the teachers. I SKELETON HUH ROOMMATE, j . LONDON Dr. Mary Luca ;Keene, the only woman professor of ! anatomy In the world, keeps a I skeleton In her room all the time. tne u i t on. Make Your Money Earn Your money when placed in a "Guaranty" Pass Book Account is SAFE, free from market fluctuations and worry and it earns 6. Our Pass Book Accounts have behind them as security first trust deeds upon approved real estate, and the pledge of our permanent paid-in capital-surplus of $200,000.00, and safeguarded further by rigid state supervision and control. Resources Over $2,700,000 A Pass Book Account may b opened or added to at any time with any amount. Interest at 6 commences atnce. AH or part of your money may be withdrawn at any time with little or no notice. " ' Call, phone or Tvriic for our folder. 1632 BUIIDINGA-lOAfl ASSOCIATION Franklin St. (at Seventeenth) Telephone, Oakland 1133

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