Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 10, 1926 · Page 55
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 55

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1926
Page 55
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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1926 NO. 102 L A R G E TOTAL S 0 L V E PROBLEM OF HOME ON MARROW LOT Distinction irilhe Modest Home 1 This home just completed at 6212 Racine street by the Better Homes corporation shows the possibilities in modest home design on a narrow lot. The house contains five rooms with the latest conveniences. The cost, it is stated, has been kept below, the $4000 mark. Homes in the Pines SIN Street scene in Merriewood, the" scenic subdivision of the Realty Syndicate company, where many homes are being built. - , ' VOL. CV ", V-;..-. ,a--- ' OFHOM MERRIEWOOD v Scenic Subdivision Now Counts 250 Homes, Realty . Snydicate Co. Reports; Completion ' of the hemes - now vnder construction in Merriewood Will bring: the home total in this ecenic subdivision of the Realty Djruuica.18 company up to 250. ac cording: to reports from the com pany. Merriewood is located on xnorn road - Just back of Pied mont and is within twelve minutes drive of downtown Oakland over Moraga road. A statement by the company reads: "Merpiewood is regaraea as one or tne most scenic communities in the Eastbay district. It is covered with a heavy growth of pines and eucalyptus, which, the company agrees to thin as desired by purchasers of the property. The usual and distinctive effects secured, by the home builders In- Merriewood are due largely to the variety of the set' tings which they can secure by leaving tne Dullding site heavily wooded, or on the other hand, clearing It partially or entirely. "Practically all of the homes in Merriewood have been built by the Realty Syndicate company. They are finished inside and out in at tractive style. On building sites that are slightly sloping, the Mer riewood homes have large unfin Ished basements which may be changed into two or three audi tional rooms, at a very small cost Such a. home may be secured for little more than $2450. paying a mall amount down and $30 per month, including interest. "Merriewood is one of the most desirable communities in the entire Eastbay, not only because of its natural advantages but also on account of the modern improvements at the service of its residents," states Raymond Binge, general sales manager. Realty Syndi cate company. "Fast local and ban Francisco transportation is available, a city water system is in-tsalled, the streets are paved and the homes are equipped with modern sanitary plumbing. Add to these the natural attraction of a ' remarkably even and pleasant climate, a setting that is like a vacation-land the year round, and a panorama of the San Francisco bay district and it Is easy to understand why Merriewood people are bo enthusiastic about their homes." PEPPIN STARTS ' THIRD UNIT OP HOMES HERE J. B. Peppin,'. Tsell-known Oakland builder, announces the starting of construction of a third; unit of eleven homes in the High Street Park tract, located just off High on Culver street. Peppin states-. "This new unit will be of standard Peppin construction with innovations in design and decoration. We have arranged with the Montgomery-Ward Company to furnish -one of the new, homes when completed and we will at a later date -open this house for public inspection. Sales in this tract have been steady, showing that the home seekers appreciate the type and value of the homes that we are building here." - Meet Postponed ' The San Joaquin valley farm lands conference scheduled for Modesto, September. 25, was postponed upon request of the .local board . officers. The conference will probably be arranged for a date subsequent to the Del Monte convention of the realtors, ''v ' . .' s ;"v . Of the entire number ,6f ' telephones in the world 61 per cent are In tha-TJnlted States, 28 per . cnt tn Europe and 11 per cent in other countries. V. " . .' . ' ' , ( ; '. :f.-' : n(f "Successful Aj . r --"- A -1 nil n ml i . ....... HkK service aw V J Under Supervision of thb vi : , Iff) i 1 1 j Statb Insurance Commissioner yr , .11 f (1 1 K t . . AN EAST BAY INSTITUTION . -. EAST BAY TITLE INSURANCE CO. Complete Title Insurance and Escrow Service 1430 Franklin Street Telephone. Oakland 7028 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA OFFICERS B. A. FORSTEREH " nSflDBNT . STANLEY -J." SMITH MARTIN R. GRBBN X, OSN. MANACtt , . . . - In The Fred T.-Wood Company reports great activity in this garden-home subdivision in San Lean-dro, on Foothill boulevard. Many homes are in course of erection. uiJL:'-. M E OF Persons Interested In engineering feats should not fall, to visit the Highlands of Oakland, where the last ste'p in the vast ,Fred T, Wood prograrnsof development is being rushed to completion, it is an nounced. . , The Fred T. Wood Co. states: Horse teams, hauling great shovels,' are slicing sections out of the hill slopes. What looks like a mere scratch, seen from the ,' center of Oakland, fifteen minutes-away, Is in reality a great platform, carved seemingly on top " of the world. Here will be the steel tank or reservoir now being Installed by the East Bay Water Co. "An intricate system of water lines has already been laid, and homesites on these scenic heights will be equipped with water about October 25th. "The remaining portion of the Highlands will sell speedily. The famous 100-mile view has inspired many persons to buy, not only for their homes. but additional land to ba held for rising values, . "Experts estimate , that the re stricted . Highlands of Oakland, with the . wonderful panoramic View, th beaptiful trees, and the location close to the end of Broadway, will be the desirable reslden tial district of a few. yeara hence." IMPOV ITS I HIGHLANDS OAKLAND V DIRECTORS HARRY S. ANDERSON LOUIS CLICKMAN W.F.D. BROWN B. L DiLAVBACA P A. DINSMORB , L. D. FAY B. A. FORSTERBR MARTIN R. GREEN LESTER W. HINK " J. H. L'HOMMEDIBU B. C LYON - C P. MUROOCR - Estudillo Tract National Data . For Building In August ugust building permit reports received by S. W. Straus' & Co., from 443 cities show a decline of only 9 per cent fromAugust 1926, and a 3 per cent gain from July this year. In view of the fact that the July building reports throughout the country showed a loss of 11 per cent, the August figures appear to indicate that building generally is not slowing down at a rate which is likely to have any appreciable effort, upon the building industry as a whole. The volume of building, in fact, is being maintained on a plane which should provide ample work for all of the available skilled mechanics in the building trades.""" The total for the 448 cities in August was $367,149,282, compared with $404,355, 541 in August, 1925, and 355,828,203 in July this year, Wheel Alignment Claimed Guaranteed True wheel alignment is guar anteed by Clench metal wheel con struction, according to .orilciais of the Clench Metal .Wheel, com pany of Pacific states. Four lock ing bolts push back the rim to its proper seat, making? misalignment impossible, they point out. . m, Key System Transit Company has applied to the Railroad Commission for a certificate to operate motor bus service as an extension of it's Fernside bus line from the intersection of East Fourteenth and High streets to the Intersection of Ygnaclo avenue and High street. Complete Plant Equipment and Modern Methods .( EDWIN M. OTIS D. B. PERKINS STANLEY J. SMITH B. M. TILDBN C a WILCOX - DISAPPEARING SCREEN GO 1 ANNUAL MEETING The annual convention of the Disappearing Screen and Shade Company was held Saturday, October 2, with representatives from five different parts of the state present. H W. Valentine, president! states: "The. demand for our product has been so great that we now have representatives in fivecenters and "will gradually add others as soon as we are able to handle the business. Since January 1 our business has increased 66 per cent and it no doubt will reach 100 per cent by the first of -the year. The disappearing screen has met with instant favor wherever introduced. Architects and engineers have adopted it as standard equipment on. many buildings. Likewise, one of the largest manufacturers of steel windows in the United States, after careful investigation, finds our product superior to all others. "The growth of the Disappearing Screen and Shade Company has been remarkable since its products were introduced a short time ago and can now be found on some of the largest and more recent buildings in Oakland, Including the new Providence Hospital, the 244 Lakeside drive apartments . and many others. The following representatives were present at the meeting: A. D. Maggiora, Petaluma; Chasles Ham il toh, "Ban, Francisco; Fred Burkhardt, .sales manager; N. Ari thur," . San Jose; B. L. Wilcox, Southern California; W. W. Kays, Santa Ana; T. F. Snyder, San Diego; Charles Topeke, Oakland; C. A. Carpenteiv-Northern California, and George F. Deathriage of Long Beach." TO BE L The first of the new Key "System Terryboats, the S. S. Peralta, will be launched on Thursday afternoon, October 14, at the Moore Shipyards, foot , of Adeline street, at 4:80 p. m. - ' . - "The launching will be ah Important event In the progress of the Eastbay district. Officials of Alar meda county and the eleven municipalities in the Eastbay district. Governor Friend W. Richardson, Governor-elect C. C. Young, Senator Samuel M. Shortrldge and other prominent officials have been Invited, together with all Improvement bodies, service clubs and citi-sens generally. Provisions have been made for accommodating a thousand people, It Is stated. ? Is shadow the real conductor of radio waves? A. J. Musselman of Chicago, after long study, Insists it is. He recently conducted tests at the government air mail field near Chicago, which he believes proved his "opaqueness theory." He thinks It explains why radio reception Is better at night than by day. NEW KEY BOATS AUNCHED Better Homes Corp. Completes Home in Racine . Street. "The Better Homes Corporation may well be proud of the modest home recently completed at 8212 Racine street, since" It Is a solution of that hardest of designing problem, an inexpensive home bh a narrow lot," says H. - A. Burton, manager of the Better Homes Corporation. "Securing distinction, correct design and artistic finish in homes, from $3500 to $4500, especially if they are to be built on narrow lots; is an architectural feat which Is the result of technical and artistic training. "High two-story houses on both sides of this 35-foot lot on Racine street added considerable difficulty for ' the architect and necessitated a design which would keep the small bungalow from looking Insignificant. Following is a description of the home: There are five rooms, a combination living and dining room, kitchen, large breakfast room and two bedrooms. The home has, all the latest conveniences of a more expensive home, tile sink bath, Pembroke recess bathtub, hardwood floors throughout, built-in desk and book shelves, conveniently arranged kitchen, etc. "The solid wood entrance and garage doors, the window box, the board and batten gable, the brick trim, the roof of the porch supported by brackets and rafter ends, all tend to give the home an individuality of its own and make it different from the usual bungalow of that price." PLANS COMPLETE FOR REALTORS' Plans are completed for the caravan of automobiles in which more than 80 . Oakland realtors will travel to the twenty-second annua convention of the California Rea: Estate Association at Del Monte, October IS to 16, it is "announced, i The caravan will form In front of the Oakland Municipal Auditorium Tuesday morning and at 9:30 o'clock will leave for the convention city. There will be at least fifty automobiles in the line-up, it Is estimated as a majority of the eighty delegates to the convention will drive their own cars. Cos Williams, chairman of the badges and Insignia committee and Bruce McCollum, chairman of the Caravan committee have completed arT rangements for decorating the cars with flags and banners advertising Oakland and the Eastbay. The parade will leave Oakland headed by an escort of motorcycle police. At the rally and luncheon at the Athens Athletic Club tomorrow, Fred R. Caldwell, president of the local board willpreside. - Europe is twenty-five years behind the United States In number of telephones per hundred people. AT and CARAVAN : 5 We can make loans running for a term of 8 to 12 years, of which the first 3 to Vi years are FLAT. We have a special-FLAT loan at unusually attractive terms for the more recently constructed residences appraising over $10,000. Life insurance is not required. . Jamieson -To wle -Willoughby Corporation 662 Mills Bldg., S. F. Phone Doug. 941 'BETTER Rock Ridge Highland Homes Almost sold out completed homes last week. Some newnes finished and ready for inspection today. ' Selling from $8500 to $10,500. A small payment ilown,-balance like rent .Located in an excellent district which lies between Piedmont and ClaremonL Also some very desirable lots for sale in this district. Go out Broadway Terrace to 455 17TH ST., COR. BROADWAY opposite , Phone. Oakland 441. S?- ..: . - V;-; f- ' v ' ' P r MUm",,iim1ilt -,; i .. p'-y - y -fn ir H tta lumtmtMiiir,it(i0immWfM'VimM0ntf , Hundred Homes In Fernside Ground was broken last week in Fernside, the Fred T. Wood subdivision in Alameda, for the one hundredth home. ... "it mmmm ..... VOLUME BY r A recent statement commenting on the Johnson Gear Company's expansion, issued recently by F. B Drake, president and general manager of the company, reads: "The extraordinary Industrial growth of the Eastbay has brought in its train a demand for a multitude of services vitally necessary to the operation of the various plants. The proper servicing of gears has been found to be a requirement of prime importance, of such vital need thta other repairs are generally subordinated to it. "In the Eastbay a complete gear service to the various plants Is being rendered by the Johnson Gear Company, Eighth and Parker streets. This company has for twenty years specialized in solving the gear problems of diversified industries. Its volume of business LOANS 393 17th St., Oakland Lah: 1980 BUILT end,t Rock Ridge car lii line. IN Qcent Realty Service Postoffice . Tract pnwie. Humtalt 7977 - JCIM - ,i .y is continuously growing, keeping pace with -the expansion of the Eastbay cities." Drake added: "During my recent trip East to attend the national meeting of the American Gear Manufacturers' Association, recently held in Detroit, and which was attended, by every gear manufacturer in the United States, I found that practically every member of the association was seriously considering the . bay district for either a plant or eales agency or both. Leading Eastern papers are printing interviews with noted industrial leaders in which they discuss the growing importance of Pacific coast markets and the advisability of locating divisional factories here in the near future. Your Doctor Is Consistent J For the same reason yonr doctor recommends the sunlight and fresh j air to you, he seeks it for himself. The leaders of the medical pro J5 fession are always to he found sdnitary buildings, where they fan Such a structure is the new Latham Square building, 95 lighted from the outside, and with glare eliminated through the selection of te tures and tones in facing and fjinishing. .' . - Special plumbing, electrical and compressed air installations, meet the requirements of the medical profession; while the .central location amidst public of fices& municipal and federal buildings, with the aceea--sability to all street car lines, makes the building unusually desirable. , Two parking basements are provided for the use of lessees. The Latham Square 1R lTTl it fiiCl9 The directory of tenants is confined strictly to discriminating professional and business people; the first eight floors for the medical profession, and the upper floors to commercial lines.-Information regarding, leases at office of building. - ' v LATHAM SQUARE CORPORATION rr.. ' ; ' , , OWNERS . ta,Xvi. ... A Conference Is Well Attended The second legislative conference of the California Real Estate As--soclatlon.twhlch was held last week" at the Blltmore Hotel, Los Angfclea, was weihaiienaeo, praciiuaiiy eipj hnard ;rrmTtfHTie' tn .roll call. Numerous .legislative matters-were discussed, the most Important being definitely acted upon and others left to the discretion of the legal department tor further consideration and Recommendation. Of all thetelephone companies In the world; 71 per cent are owned by. privatfcapital and 29 per cent by governments. : : in light, airy offices, in modern operate with maximum efficiency. S5W 16th, Telegraph and Bdwy. T 1

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