Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 4, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1894
Page 3
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SORROUNDED BY MYSTERY! A Great Mistake. A r-rert discovery Is that hoadacho, Jimim-b.1, dullness, confusion of the mind, -etc.. »ro duo to doransomeut of tlio uvrve i-.-nt«-M which supply tho br:iln with JHTVO foiw: that indigestion, Ui'spepilJ, neuralgia, wind In »tomarli, etc.. arise from the derangement of the nurve centcraMinplylni? those or- •anxwith norvo tluld or fore.-.This Is likewise true of many dlsi-a-.es of tin. lirari and lunns. Tho norv" iyst.-m Is like » tek'lirnph system. KM vlll to woii by tho accompanying i-ur. Tho llttlu • liirc line* n ro 1-hrt MI.TVOS whii'h convoy UiO UITVO fiir:>i from t ho »6i*vo rontoM to rvpry part of tlio body, ju*l at tho olectru:curn>ntl* conveyed alonz the tole?r:vpn vrlrci to « very Htatlon, lariru or <m»ll. Ordinary physti'lam fall 1*^ rt-itanl till! fuel; tnstoai) of treating ihenerveceu- lersfor ihecauso nf the disorders :irisinu therefrom fhoy treat the ji;irt atfoctnd. I Pr.inklln Mllex, M. !>., LL.H.. tho highly celobrated. ;* poc IftJ 1st and - — student of norvous disease*, and author •f many noted treatises ou the latterMibjecu long ninco realized the truth of the first itaumwnt, and hU Knstoratlvo fu-rvlno is propured on that nrlnclole. Its DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH 4. We still lead in low prices at tho Bee rtlvo. Foreign and domestic satteens at the Golden Rule. Gold initials put In every hat sold at Patterson's new bat store. Several dwellings for rent by S. M. Closron. No 319 Pearl street. It Is snid that there will be a Ladtoa Equestrian Club organized here this spring. Every one admires tho Dunlap hat; it Is such 11 handsome shape,—Da wentpr, the Hatter. Albo-t Cissube will lead the Junior Prayer Circle meeting this afternoon at 2:30 at the G. A. R. hall. Buy your hats of Patterson, and be will put your mark In with gold letter* so that you can't lose it. Alien i owls, tho contractor, Is out ngain after a serious and painful Illness of nearly throe months, For K«nt—Hoiisb within five blocks of Court House. Cheap rent to good party.—C. H. Slovene, 209 Market street. Tho oolobratod Now York Philhar- eraSW- i (noolc Club at the Baptist church next "°" pu 1f Sil'dted t"s!'lm, r >: I i-uwMiay craning. A treat to all lovers . er romndr for all uervoux dUoasc*. KUCII sa hoaiincho, nurvous debility, prostration. 4l<«nple>4nef*. dizilncM hysteria, si-Jtual debility. St. Vltus dunce, epilepsy, etc. It Is sold by all druggists on a positive K>iarnnt«c, -*rsent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co.. Blkhart, Ind., on receipt of price. 11 per bot- llr. sin bottles for K. eiprcss prepaid. Keatorutlve Nervine positively contains no .:>pi»Hw or danyurous drug*. Of alk human troubles, Sleeplessness is the most distressing 1 IUI, a* LIU) lllOUHUnll-* m U1I91"!.- '"• *• .^..,....-• L ... •-• mal.iin. pus.-HM!iioii of tlio company uiaiiurac- j , mus | c luring ilia remedy amply provo. Dr. Miles' KeatoratlvoNervInolsarclJable Balance Of Walker siock must, go this wook; table linens, toweling, frlnghatiis. etc., regardless of cost — G Iden Uule. They cannot touch us on the price of barging paper. Call at the Logansport Wall Paper Company Monday morning, and you will see wo mean what we say. Tickets for the Now York Philharmonic concert to be given at the Baptist churcn Tuesday evening, March Gib, ace now on S. B. Piittoraon. Ben Fisher. _— . The lUby's Host Friend—McLinn's , ,J| | n time, and while 0nloQ Syrup Rlvoa immediate relief Jfi i*§i h b0rn ° mtl - vbeovef and euros croup, colds, colic, and par- fl fL^Ml come, but sleepless- licular , y vomit | n g of curdled milk. .• */3O^S I10SSCrUSbCSltSV1C " For sale by B. F. Keesling. Only 25 •fl //ffjHN tilM rtlcntless1 ^ cents por bottle. B Wawf Ukillsasuscour S e St. John Commandery No. 24. K T., ^B *W7? f klll5t - . will hold its state'l conclave to-mor. .• B % \ JU5t ^ , tUere " row evening, at which time tho Order •Mil \ nothing that can f the T le wln be confer red. All ^^» # / take the pluce of ^^ J & ^ ^ ^ pro8eot ftt 7 o'clock, and a special Invitation la extended to all visiting Sir Knights.— J. L. Unville, K C. We have heard mon say "I would (five |500 to have this approaching bald now arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result « ill surely be brought about at trilling expense by tho use of the Excelsior Scalp Curer and Hair Producer to bo sold by agents In this city. Hunger, thirst, malaria mid bodily injury may be borne for n time, and while borne may be over come, but sleeplessness crushes its victims relentlessly-, it kills as u scourge kills. Just ns there is nothing that can t;ike the place of sleep to restore en- in the human body, so there is nothing that can take the place of Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER In making sweet, refreshing sleep possi- tic to nervous sufferers. If you lose sleep from any cause whatever, you need it. PRICE, »1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. . f r + .1 :*!.'..« *»«-i/*1j-»c! tirr £ut* r'Pntfl nq If not found, write us enclosing five cents salo at tho stores of J. M. Johnston and £E^^.^d^*£l W.nted-100 energetic agents. la ; stamps; i»r ^ f rec ndvice to any nerve a lea. and gentlemen, to take charge of U/a* nffor &KOO ,1 ;««»<.A mifTVirf>r<a All . ' . L _. .-, t*nm 1 £ *« 9A We offer $500 to»drpby"lcl»nor cbemtoi who can •howbr»n»lyiil«or othtrwl«e,lh»l thm reronlj contains morphine, opium or any disease sufferers. All welcome. • The J.W. Brant Co. Makers ALBION. MICH. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. W ANTED. i r.BNTS mak- $5 no a diiy. Kr«it«.t kitchen \ n»«i«it over Invented. Retails :(.«;. i to 6 KOIISHIW Rneri«tlc gem wanted for nVr6B W fll . St. P 4PKK HANUKRS OK ' 4PKK A AliKNlM WASTKD ' tonellwinl p»p«.«r from siimplH books. No «jt(«rlenc« " 8l .w»iiry; l»W»t commissions: lowcrt •rice* l»tMt pMtarni llnwt selection; no delay, Sandal oni-« f..r full piirtlenl.-ini Henry A, Wllion, went I3M 14u vr&iah AVB.. Chicago. M ANAOKR WANTKP -To appoint «-lesmen U' «J It « Iliipld DIsU Wisher. Washci and i lit -o . without ..««nw » ..- . -n • no cuiiltir ; no Ii ml work ; u >n m»k« «k. AddUs'w P. llairl.«n* Co.. o 14, Columbus. Ohio. _ a business kbat pays from 15 to 25 dollars per day. No risk; will bear the most careful investigation. Peo- p'e are making a, fortune with It. Legitimate ard honorab e. Capital required from 50 to 600 dollars. Call' at 41.4 North street, city. The Wabash Railroad Company are meeting all cut rates to California points, their present first-class limited one way rate being $38 80. Proportionate y low rates will bo made for :„,„,- 'Retails ssc. -2 to 6 round trip tickets. It is an undlipiit 'l'n"ei«rr hnuss. Hiimnlfl, IMWIIWH paid, live ! blo fact t h a t the time and equipment T * 11CJUK ' N ' c """ n "" ul - 0 ^ ' Lnlshod their patrons by this route la unoxcullod. Call at their office for detailed information. IB your bead clear ? Have you a good grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy In your blood P You can have both If you observe the precaution to take, when retiring for the night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work next day you will feel ae If you could u 1 » train of cara. Be sure to get the small size. The Galveston schools closed on Friday, after a very successful and profitable terra. The teachers were Geo. B Davis, Miss Jessie Stanley, Omer Fickle and Miss Thomas. The latter has decided to close her teach. Ing career. The pupils of the Galveston High tohool have announced the forthcoming production by them of that popular drama, "Louva, the Pauper." The social given by the ladlei of the Woman's Chrlttian Temperance Union held at MM. Jowph Barker's Friday evening was socially a grand success both In number and the must- oal program which was «o pleasingly rendered. Aided by Mrs. L. Ashdon the president, the Old Oaken Bucket was beautifully rendered In panto mine with Mrs. Wtlaon, at the piano. A recitation by Mrs Wright added much, together with'fine Instrumental selections given by Dr. B. L. Carter, of Boston Maas., and duetts rendered by tbe Misses Cusbman, the "Lullaby 1 song by Miss Grace Barker and last but not least, the song of early days sang by Mrs. Dr. Caroline Taylor, who alto presided at the piano, all o which maketh the memory of the evening pleaiarfl. W ANTKD-A wiles an, 130 to ISO weeHlr, can b* ro de with our good* In an/ lo> ahtj, will BRmttorf rt-lt 110.00, Snlaryor comnvnoii, iToV^re" TlSi re,u;t» of a Uhoa,'. wort often equal a weeH's "TURK .1! oe --_ FACTUftK.18," P.O.Box , Bonton, Mou. A OKNT8 W ANTKD-A wldo-nwakf man eon i«»«• make moiier milling our good* If ht will W« *int » llrelioiitlCT In thli vleln- »«• make moiier millin k for It. W« *int » llr bundle tbe b«it wllliiK line lt'M In the world. No Tiard time* wl C 80o.li. EwrjbodjDOjithem. No c»p«i iMDMlMiM required. Writ* al onw tor pan! 3_» • A. J. ConroT • >. 3p6-7.ll W»it«tb St., _ l:i ' SAIFSMENSJS WKEKl.T, eiTIO>8toGOOD MKN. SPECIAL BNT8 TO BKfilNNKHd. EXCLUSIVE TKR- lTORT OIVfcN !»• DKdIHKD. Write at once t t»rm» to •fie Hawks Nursery Co , Hocnes er, N, T. WORLD'S PARLIAMENT OP RELIGIONS! Out tbl« coupon out and keep It un. til you have taved nix similar coupons then bring or »end them together with $9 00 rou CLOTH «DITION $8 fO roi fHBKP EDITION to the offloe of THE DAILY JOURNAL Where you will receive this magnificent book. CUT TH18 OUT. Pan Handle engine 600 left tbe shops yesterday, and engine 353 was takoc [n instead. C. H. Hamer has resigned his position at the Pdn Handle repair tracks and will go to Peru to live. Friday in the Hmry County Circuit Jourt. John II. Gi 1 z was awarded (12.000damages for the killing of hie ;wo children noar Kichmoad about a year ago. Employes on the Philadelphia and Reading road in all departments had jholr wages reduced 10 per cent, yesterday, the reduction extending to tho shops o' the whole system. Two theatrical companies will pass throuph the ottv over the Wabash today, the Llllputlan Opera Company from Detroit to St Louis and the Algerian Opera Company from St. Louis to Detroit. A lodge of the American Railway Union comprising mochaoics of all the railroad shops In tho city was in Btituted at Indianapolis la*t evening. he new organi/ltlon fltartf out with largo membtrshlp. Rates to Sun Francisco have boon materla'ly reduced owing to the fuel that the Santa Fo and the Southord :*aclGc are Ogbtlng ono another. A flrai ciaes one way ticket is now sold bore for $38 while tbe reduction on a round trip ticket is about f;iO. The grip that the Panusyvania has on the Vandalia 1* getting more ap- parf nt. Tbe foreman in the lalter's mint sbop in Terro Haute has been et out and a Mr Growo, of the Pan handle shop of Columbus, appointed ,o fill the posltloa. Rtilroad men who or years have been observing the ways of tho Pennsylvania raanago- ment say that lg a short time Pennsylvania men will bo in charge of all mportant departments. Newton County Eate-prlHe: A co'py jf tho Logansport Journal before us contains an elaborate write up of John Truman, engineer of the passenger hat p-sses through hero daily. Mr. Truman Is one of your o'd timers, laving 1 entered In railroad service In 852. On tho 26th day of February, 809. ho accepted a place with tho P. 3. C. & St. L. and has remained with his company since that day. For welve years he has made tbo tun between Logannport and EtTner. Jnclo John Is in our judgment one of be best onKlnBoi-s boarding a train. A passenger boarding a train knowing hat ho Is at the throttle, fools as safe as If he was in his own homo. In his entire service he has had but three minor wrecks, and In each Instance ,hore was no loss of life. Thoursday Thomas'Howell, a saloon keopei of Indianapolis, purnisheed ihlrty-two engineers, llremen and .rainmen of tho Big Four to secure the pajment of liquor bills. The fact was >rought to the knowledge of Division lUperlntondent Bender, who referred t to bis superior officer. Tbe latter ordered the immediate discharge of the offending employes. The division superintendent is seeking an nmollora- ,lon of the order for discharge, but ,he men will probably have to go. Tho penalty for garnishment is dismissal. The same penalty is prescribed for visiting saloons and other low resorts. Howell. who brings the suits In garnishment, was formerly a Big Four engineer, but wag die* iharged. Eight of the thirty-two men in disgrace are engineers. The Iron Age published in New York, says, regarding tbe Iron and metal trades, that tho big Iron markets are pretty quiet BO far as foundry trtides are concerned. Increasing depression characterizes tho southern producers, who have a tremendous Hght on their hands against the cheaply produced irons made In the districts which run OB lak» ores and Connells- villo coke. The soft steel trade Is dull and prices are sagging away again. Thus far «15.60 Pittsburg seems to be the lowest price accepted. For finished iron and steel the demand lg fairly good, but it is yet far from enough to stop the frightful cutting of prices. The. steel,rail trade con- tlnues exceedingly dull, eo far as the standard sections are concerned. In light sections competition In exceed, ingly lively and low prices are being made. a $100 R«TT«rd, (100. nuuinr of thW pap« will b* pl«a*ed to ""toMM it IWHionB dreadad dUra«<M has been able to cure m all Its stages "^YhiTircatarrli Hall'» Catarrh Cure Isthe nnt. ndat'ltaeure known to the nwdlcal f raternltj, onl>po«i'iTBiuioi|ii ^ wqulrtw a SffinUoWiStment. Hall's Catarrh Cure U oonitltattonai vruKim directly on the blo-id and L. . ... u *Am thui-Mh* doRtro Ing After the ball l«o»er,afw the brehlr of morn, After the dancer, leaving, alter th« etan on MMiaheadli aching, Iffou oat knew It all, Take Smlth'f Bile Bean* on wttrtng attw the boll Aifcltt SMALL HM. OHIO [Cut showliiB UIB ron-eor the proposed L«K« Kt\f. Lake Mlchlcan and (iulf of MerlcoShlp Citlllll.J It Beetiis d i Mi- cull for somu of our members :o underbill d wily ibe cert llo.ates of memberablp wore ^^^^^ fact that owing to tho loosune.-a of the old contract ranny indumnitl.-s wero paid with H. un ( r,:or (Joubt in them but, tho director* had no refource. A ur».-;iuiU:r sent out this woelf from N:iVKiniil headquarters commending tr.'.' work done by Mr. Noil Mu- Jaul, Chairman of tho National Kill- road C.iiDiiiiltO'.'. gives reference to many of ibo western roads Issuing week-find tickets which are very con. venluflL to the commercial traveler as it enables 1.1m to ^pund Sunday with hie family or eweetheart. and return first train Monday morning atone faro for the round trip. \N hile this is very 'valuable 10 the drummer, the traveling public us a whole will ap- precla'e it, and a few concessions of this kind will pain for tho roads grant- log them confidence which can be gained no other way and which will increase their business in more ways than the one appearing on tho euvface. The idea advanced as to increasing dues 01 making assessments was not in the power of the directors. But the constitution does give them the right to prescribe the nature and form of cerllQcates which" they have done to the satisfaction of those who wish the association to prosper. It was decided at a meeting of tho State directors held la the parlors of Post F last evening to hold the State convention tho first Saturday in May at Lafayette. Frank E. Stone State director of Fort Wayne, and J. Y. Home of Syracuse, N. Y., were visitors at tbe parlors last evening. It may not bo generally kuown but the Hon. b C. D. Bead, mayor, is an honorary member of Post K Post F. T. P. A. cigar comes out this week with autlon lable, POli TIUASCHIEH. 1 win k< a candidate for Treasurer of the city of rloialTsport ," iibjnot to rh* will of the Hepubll can City Nomlnatl,* Oouventlo,^ R ^^ Loimnnport. Ind., February 13, ISM- I will be a oamllim'e fur Treasurer of the city of Loiiansnurt, wib]«3t to th- will o[ the Bepnbll- can City Nominating Convention. loganaport, Ind., February 10, 1891. r will boa oanllilnte to- nnmlimUon for the ortlc«rtfClty rwi-uivr subject to tlw «»lj rtlle Republican Convent). m. .I.D. ALLISON. Loipuuport. Ind., Keuruary 19, ISM. The nidwlucer Fair Excursion tickets via Pennsylvania lines good returning until July 16th. Tbe special low rate excursion tickets to San Francleco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and other California points, now for 8ale »la Pennsylvania lines will be good returning until July 15, 1894. Eiour- glonUts can neleot any route from Chicago. For particulars apply to J. A. McCullough, Ticket Agent. 10- ganaport, Ind. •UI)T« FoiniUtlOM Dlicofsred. Chicago citizen* in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurement* that there are some lady residents who can wear sho«« twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating In ipring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" Is nature's own blood purifier. MUd »»d me llow. Price quart*. $1; pinto, «0 cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, pr«, or |ption druggist, 826 Market street, Ind. CunrtNoiiN* %ri'hl'«Tlnre. Rochester SonUnel: The Lngansport J.iurniil has a chapter on court houcO buiidiog which is very tennible and it publish --S tho opinion for tho benefit j of it.) court boufirt building neighbors. Too p-iut of thourticlo IB fully in lin«) with tbe ScnMnol'* i:ft. rnpivit'-d arpu- menia tbnt, "a cciurt house should Improve In tho pn.-.VHiling Hrcbllecture of the town but, r;0t, to excess. It should have an .•iiipearmicrt of solidity rather than nf jM'j.i'n.'-tiH and it should b missive nithi-r ifca'i Inrgc. 1 ' Thin Is the i-uii ttat must prevail In Fulton county 'v-fori! we (ret a new court hou-f. I'h- tvk of a hundred and ti'ty 1-housn.nd dol'ar court house is nnnsonee. p»r«; »»d f'im[>:o. Such A mnkllnff itoMl.i \w out of proportion to 1*,3 Hurro^ioiliinrs for tho ntxt half •ntiiry in Roehi-tt.'r. H'ilf that much :non..>y c>iri>,iiilly in.O honestly Invested in u subMi.-intKtl (i-ust-ed brick and anno. builJinjr wjil not only give us nil of tbo huilcing wo need for fifty years but will furnish and complete it ready sor the 1 rlliiicrs. Kliciinittlioiii U"1'MV Cured. Three diya id a. v c ry short lime in which to euro a bad case of rbeuraa. llsm; but it CIT be dono, if the proper treatment Is adopted, a* will be seen lyiho folloivlng from Jimos Lambert, of New Brunswick, 111. "I was badly afflicted with rheumatism iu the hips nd logs, when I bought a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cured mo In three days. I am all right teday: and would insist on every one who is afflicted with that terrible disease to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm and get well at once." Fifty cent hot. ties for sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. _ A forty Ulllfi Ride. E. R. S»otnitn, o( Fairfax Station, Virginia, says: "A party came forty miles to my Btore for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and bought a dozen bottles, ftio remedy is a great favorite in this 1 vicinity and has performed some wonderful cures here. ' It is Intended especially for coughs colds, croup and whooping cough, and is a favorite wherever known. For sale by B F. Keeping, druggist. To IndlnnupolH •( one Faro For round trip, via Pennsylvania lines, On March 13th and 14th, the round trip rate to Indianapolis will be one lowest first-class fare from any ticket station on tho Pennsylvania lines in Indiana account the Prohibition State Convention. Tickets will bo good to return until March 16th. Apply to any Pennsylvania line ticket agent for details. Vandalla Line Kxnurftlona To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until Jun9 6, 1894, Inclusive. One fare round trip. C*H on or address any Vandalia line agent and ask for Information contained In circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. La Grippe Vanauished. DTJCl D'C A r I" B SURE SPBCI- 1 HhLr O T-t FIC to this drnadftd disease, as raont am resident of Arkanifts CUT can teltlfjr. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. MB. B. K-nn-™^, t, lke gteat plewwe In Nallee— K. of H. All members of Wabuh Lodge No. 1881. K. of H , are requested to be present at t&eir hall on Monday even. ing, March 6th, fo- special business. Yours in O. M. A., LEWIS EPSTINE, Dictator. SNIDH.R, Reporter. Kemp's Balsam will stop the ooufft k t ono* ritadoo BiKK&geman. A Santa Fe Engineer's Story mi friend». e Ballroud. TIT in DC A r In sold under a guar- PHbLl J 3-(s antue to (tl?e pertwt •atlsfacilon or monej »|war» returned 07 BEN FISHER. Tboreh SMTH*** To-4«r. CUMBERLAND PRESBITTKEIAN CHUKV. Sunday -cbool at 9:45 a. m. Pre*ok- Ing by Rev. L. W. Midden of Chicago, at 11 a. m and 7 p. m. also at Cumberland chapel north of town al 3 p. m. FIKST PRESBYTERIAN CHUBCH.— Rev. D. P. Putnam, pastor. Mora- ing- services at 11 o'c'ock and "otem- ir,g service at 7 o'clock. Sunday school at tf;80 a. m. A welco«» for ail. CHURCH OK CHRIST—Services will be held in their new rooms in the Magee block, corner of Sixth and Broadway, preaching at 10:30 Sunday morning. Sabbath school at 11:30. All are cordially invited to attend. A. M. K CHURCH.—Rev. L. W. Katliff. pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7::iO p. tn. Sunday school at .1 p. m, C. S. J nea Supt. Hev. Homer Kessler of the Broadway MotbodUt church will 811 the pulpit at 10:80 and Kuv. E M. Cook at 7:30. The presence of all mem here is desired «t each service. ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHDRCH— Thurtj will be preaching- services next Wednesday and Thursday evenings In thle church by Rev. G G. Ciark as a candidate. Members are urged to be oMTit. Sjnday school at 'J-30 a. m. Junior Soc ety of C. E. at 2 p m. Y P. S. C. 3. at 6 p. M. USIVBKSALIST CHURCC—Bev. T. S. Guthrio pastor. Services t^day »t this church ai 11 a. m. and 7:tO p. •. by the pastor. Morning subject. •Religion in its Fourfold Expression." Evening subject, ' Sin Against tbo Ha\t Ghost. What it i» and when Committed." Sunday School at 10 a m. All are cordiilly invited to tbe*t; services. BROADWAY PRESBYTERIAN CUUKCH. —Rev. E S. Scott pastor. Quarterly communion service and reception of members this morning at 11 o'clock. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. service at 6:30 p. ID. Led by Miss Jeannette M. Nell. Eveniig service in connection with Christian Endeavor meetltg. Come and welcome to iho-<e services. CHRISTIAN CHURCH—Corner Ninth ami Spear streets. Rov. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Services at 11 o'clock a. m., and 7 p. m by the pastor. In the morning tho fourth sermon of the serioe In the ••Jerusalem church" will be delivered. Sunday School at 9-30 a. m., G. N. Berry, Sup't. T. f. S. C E. meeting at 5:45 P- «• A welcome for all. WHEATLANJ) Si. M. K. CHURCM— Rov. M. A. Hirlan, pastor. Hour of prayer 8:30 a. m. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. W. O. B. Th.-mpson, Supt. prwchinjf »y pasior 'at 10:45 a. m. followed 'y the reception of class In full connection. Junior Epworth League at 3 p m. prayer at 6 p. m. Services at 7. The public will reaolve a cordial welcome. BROADWAY M E, CHURCH.— Rev H. J- Norris, pastor. Service! today at this church at 11 a. m. and 7 p m by the pasior. Morning the«e ••Being u ado whole." during wblek some reference will he made to the •Gold Cure," Sunday School at9:45. a m , and Epwortb League at < p. m led by Miss Harvey. Topic" "Tke Beloced Prophet" A welcome to all. TRINITY EPISCOI'AL CHURCH—Rev. Douglas I. Hobbs, rector. Sarviees today as follows: 7 a. m. Holy Communion. 9:40 a. m., Sunday School. 11 a- tn. morning prayer and sermon, 7 p. m., ertnlng prayer and sermon. The Rev. J. J. Pureell formerly pastor of the English Lutfc- eran congregation In this city will preach both morning and evening. A hearty welcome will be given to all. MARKET STREET M. E. Cannes— Rev. VV, R. Wones, pastor. Preack- ing at 10:45 a. m., and 7 p. •-; Morning theme, Second sermon em Heaven. Evening theme. "Rejoice that your name U written there." Sabbath School at 9:30 a.m. Cluo meetings at 11:46 and 6. p. »• Junior Leng.ie at 2:30 p. m. Epworth League at 6 p. m. All will be welcome to these service*. BAPTIST CHURCH—Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, pastor. Services to-day *t 10:80 a. m. and 7 p. m.. preachlnf »y the pastor. Morning "inject, "Deliverance from the Present »»H World." Evening subject, "Bondsfe to the World." Sunday school »t 12. Meeting of the B. Y. P. W. U the lecture room at 6. Leader, Mr. Silver. Subject, "Not far fron tmo Kingdom of God." Matt 12:34. To prevent car slcknesi or headache, and to give restful sleep, so dlfflo»tt to obtain while traveling use Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer. Take* at bed-time it quiets the tired nerves, insuring sweet sleep. One dollar «f Ben Fisher. _ Karl's Clover Root, the new blood purifier, gives freshnes* and clewMM to the complexion and cure* oomtlpav tlon; 250., 60o. and f x SoW fcy »-. F.Keesllng.

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