Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 6, 1954
Page 12
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rtrvlt** OHmd CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 13*;» *• - • < JiM^*k^*.»*;* M t A i : ff *?'••*£:?:* :i.^''l'':^^^.^'^yifei . ; .LEFRiGERATiON B/sy? ""V a, nbughf . YOU! Cripw You I 1 «• j.'.. T vP^^ ^^ $c ^" M J * ractors • " W>f ' TO l f .m ^ Wat.«,. . ...... .»... c p* nc ijtW«d obwt or* tor coft* jcdltive ms«rt!dn>, r Irragulor or tklp* dote adl will »ok« the oni-doy rot*. Atl dally classified advertising Copy wlll'b* artMM until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. th* publisher? ttxetve the right to rtvlic or Mlt all advertlsemann Of, «er*d i6f publication end to r«|*et finy ;. objfctlonobl* advertising' *ub- Inltloli of en* or mor* lttt«M, Bfoijp* or figures tueh o» house or t*l*phohe numben count as on* word. Th« Httpe Star will not be respon- ilblfl for errors In Want' Adi untosi ttntt i ar« called, to our attention ' dfter FIRST tntertlftrt 'of ad and th*n for ONLY th* ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star e».HoB« 1199; Coniblld«t*d January 1MT 1»2t 1 Publiihed every weekday offer noon by . ruoi ;" ITA R PUBLISHING eo. . > C, E. Palmer, President ' Alex. H. Woihburn, Secy-Trae, ,aK The, Star Bulldlnf 112-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkaniat Alex. H. Wathburn, Editor ft Publltkar Paul M. Jo«e«,. Managing- Editor Jen M. Dovli, Advertising Monegei George W.-Hoimcr, Moch. Supt, ' Entered' ai loeond elan matter «t ttie Pott Office at Hope, Arkantae, •nder the Act of March 3, 1(97. Member of the Audit Bureau •! Circulation! Subscription Rates (payable In advance): •y carrier In Hope and neighboring , ,town«~r i Par Week ............... . ......................... 25 Per year .................................... 13.00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LoFayette, Howard, and Miller coun- Flei — ' On* month ........................ Three* months fix months One year .......... .... ....... 85 '.^0 2.60 ,. "4.50 > .All.othir mall— i On* month , 1.10 rhr«« month* 3.25 • (Ix month <>.50 OfM year , 13.00 N«fl A4v«tl«ln| ' Mpriientatlvei: "Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick <ldg., Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texos; 360 N. Ban Ave.'/ Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. .„ Jt., New'York 17, N. Y.; 17«3 PtnotMtot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla." .M*mb« of Th« Associated ?.!*••' The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcation of a|l the local'news printed In this newspaper, of well as oil AP news dispatches, «ld . Cobb MaHretS Cd, Wft8h&lgt6fl. Phone " 4-tf *un6ral Directors FtJNfiRAL HOME , , AMStjLAMCE HAZEL- , . . PHONE 7-2123 AD4 Mb. TF CORNJSLtOS ASSOCIATION and Oldest in South Ai'kahsas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. For Sole > Layaway Open on TRlkES - BIKES AND DOLLS OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY -COMPANY. TAG0ERT seed oats, germination 96%. $1.25 : per bushel Phone 74931. Mr. A. B. Enoch. 4-8t HOSPITAL bed. See B. W. wards. Phone 7-3148. Ed- 0-3t For Rent THREE room apartment, private ba^h and private entrance. Near school. 808 W. Fourth. Phone 73152. 28-t£ FURNISHED • 4 room apartment. Electric-refrigerator. Garage. Wo children. Mrs. Anna Judson, 220 N. Elm. l-t£ THREE room furnished garage Stanford Center Linemen of Week y ffeb ASsoctstod P>eas SporUwrltef erfy Goldberg, 20-year-olU Stan ford senior center, was selected lodny as the first Associated Press lineman of tha week' 1 for the JB.14 football season. Goldberg, a 60-minute man, played a 'hiajor role in Stanford's FtifpHse 13-2 victory over Illinois in Saturday's nationally televised game frbrrt Palo Alto. He was the man mainly responsible for kep ing Illinois touchdjwh twins, J. C. Caroline aiu 1 Mickey Batc>s, bottled upv Stanford Cocha Chuck Taylor explained it this way: 'Otir whole rls(V>nsfl was keyed Goldberg nettng through the hol^s left by the Illinois gunrds pulling oil. t to run Interference. He played well on every play and turned in cno cif mist most solid games." Goldberg, a 195 -pounder from Hollywood. Calif., also lived up to hi<? reputation ns orm of the outstanding offensive linemen on the Pacific Coast. He snapped the ball well and did u topnotuh chore of blocking. Goldberg's selection followed the naming o f Lenny Dawson, Purdue Halfback, ns the "back of the wek" on Tuesday. Dasvson fired four touchdown passes that led Peiou ast euurd tirrp coov vrsrcy Purdue to fi surprise/ victory over Notre Dame. GOVERNMENT BUSINESS IS YOUR BUSINESS from .the smallest tbw'n school board to the laws made by Congress. And .when government business Is conducted In secret it becomes a national threat to the citizen's right to know. Newspapers werfe the first to discern a growing trend to "government in secret" and arc constantly •Waging war against It. Newspapers defend and protect YOUR right to know. Wisconsin, Rice Game to Be Televised By Joe Mooshll CHICAGO — (/P) The Big Ten's tick -for regional television, appear out of bound these days Three, conference teams have already appeared on ttw -national screen Wit'.i a fourth and possiby the best coming lip. Two weeks ago TV Jan's Iowa whip -Michigan State/ Last week Stanford humbled Illinois and on Saturday's menu is the Wisconsin Rice encounter. Npt only will the TV-Viewer see n Big Ten favorite up against the Southwest Conference defending co-champion and Cotton Bowl vic tor, but shaping ,up is n contest of individuals: Wsconsin's Alan Ameche vs. fabulous Dicky Mocgle I ready. 1*54 Bobkittens Play Here Thursday Night Coach Byron Thompson's Junior Bobkiltens will tangle with North Heights here Thursday night at 7:30 in Hammons Stadium. The local lads Will be tiying to make up for a 6-0 .defeat at the hands of Nashville last week. Meanwhile the bruised Bobcats are woikihg out in preparation for a trip to Crosselt for a conference game Fiiday night. The Bobcats have three losses against 'a single victory nnd are hoping to beat Out Crossett. But Conch Lawrence Martin reported today his boys were bahged up odd bruised. Those ailing in- * eluded both centers, Jhck Keck and Pur.tle; Duke, Honeycutt and Moran. . However, the team had a real good workout yesterday and (The Horse) most of the bruised boys may be X W *-. .. ^Ll j-1 ^ l *" t * I Bryant Says Aggies Can Do Better COLLEGE STATION, : Tex, W) — r"exas A&M already has won more than expected — one geme — but* coach Paul (Bear) Bryant says his apartment. Bills paid. Phone 7- ,. 4592. ' ' *-** boys can do bett'.'r than that "if LO\TELY air-conditioned one and two bedroom apartments redecorated" inside and out. A nice place to live fpr reasonable rent. J. L. ILIEBLONG REALTY co. Phone 7- 2228. 5-tf MODERN 3 room, unfurnished duplex. Conveniently located. , For showing, phone 7-3481 between. 9 and 5. . 6-3t NICELY furnished rooms, reasonable rates, private bath, private phone, utilities paid. Phone 73474,' ask for Gene Smith. 6-6t Real Estate for Sale DAIRY Farm for Sale. 90 acres on Paved. Washington Highway- nearly all open land, some good grass available now - A all fenced nice .five room stucco house, bath can get them to believing they can .beat anybody." The Aggies, most, thinlv mnnnecl squad in the Southwest Conference has seen in years, Saturday toppled unbeaten Georgia G-0 to 'the surprise of most everybody. They outplayed the'Bulldogs and showed perfect condition. They had to. "We used only 29 -- that's all the traveling sqmd and tho boys played hard all tho way despite one of the hottest days I over have sen," Bryant observe'.!. Not an Aggie came off with an injury. "Of course," quipped the. coach, "you never get hurt when* you win." Bryant came to A&M this year from Kentucky at the highest salary ever paid an Aggie coach NEW YORK (ff) — The .Canadian' 'ootball season has reached rough- y its halfway point and this seems a.likely pf>lnt at which to find out what the impact of th2 more skit ,ish brand of ball played beyind .he'northern border has been on ,he great American television pubic. ' NBC, 'which has so'nt out six games and has six to go phi the regular payoffs, is highly pleased the reaction. It mail is aver aging around GO per cent of that of last, season, whim the network handled the NCAA's college Game of the Week, the feature it is buck- ng now. to some extent with the rjanadian.vyiH'sion. 1 "The : figure is; more impressive when you .realize., that, we haven't Deen asking for written' comment Jie way we did last season." said an NBC official. .'We asked for it every g^ame last year at our sponsor's request, but have mentioned t only twice from Canada." While the thousands who have expressed ,an opinion' havo com$15,000 a year in an effort.- to' 1 niended the network by a i'«l-.nr4 tlirt T/-.rtfUo11 frt..t. ..*«.-. **e ...• — & &WP i'n'l fr\i- nr-.nwirlin cr fVif rebud football fortunes of wha once was a Southwest Conference: power; A number of players quit under butane gas - deep well and pump, the tough work Bryant gave Ihcrn Tile dairy barn-big hay and stock but hhc had what ho called "the barn - Possession now - % mile 'from city limits - Priced for quick sale - $8,500.00. IDEALLY located between Fail- hard-nosed boys who want to'pln.y" in starting the Beacon. •'. A&M took a 419 licking in the opening game from Texas Tech but the Aggies did IxUtoV the next Park and Garland Grade Schooljwek although st!U • losing 14-0 tci 4T l Fair Grounds, Black Female Cocker Spaniel, answers to name of, Je^tU Liberal reward. Phone MrS-.Jame? Cobb, 7-2822. 4-Ot Solesmon Wanted .AT ''Doaler r '}n' Hope. For particulars ,see ( 'A;L.,Mc?eth. 355 Pine SJ., •Stamps.^Ai'K., or write Raw- Jeigh'.s,' Kept, AKJ-641-R, Men* this modern two bedroom home with den. Has a nice large lot, garage, workshop and many other desirable features - Veterans meeting requirements can buy for $175.00 Cash - will also finance F. H .A. Price only $7,000.00. Vacant now. IN Beverly Hills we offer an at- Oklahoma A&M. That they had ini proved JmrnenseJy was Attested by the fact that Oklahoma. A&M tied Texas Tech last week 13-13. Then came tho Georgia gnnie. "I thought we might win it," said Bryant. Which ma.de him one of a very few. Bryant has a trayollnc squad .o| 30 if the boys are, all ' Hop* Builder's Supply Co, Phone 7-rMBJ SURPLUS "Folding Cots • New 0. I. •Field, Sljoes • New Navy ,H p.BcotB f New B-29 Army 'Feld Coats » New & Used Combaj Boots f Guns • Short and Uong f Gas Can t Jeep T0p? f QftQPft and Curtains t Cool Buckets • 1 ' of pther Items. \ REAViS BARGAIN HOUSE ond fAWN SHOP Acron, F,rom pott Off!«• Yp'n'r Cor R A I N T E P NOW! , $35.00 ore ye, con. t" work -«n yowr fcrqkes pr «V* $£ * with beautiful shade tree on lot. Attic fan, floor furnace, hard- WOOd floors, builtins in kitchen. Will 'finance F. H. A. or G. I. CALL FOSTEH REALTY CO. PR7-4691 4-3t Trade PURIST Court located on U. S. Highways 67 and ,93 in Texarkana. A real money;' maker. Should grpss $3500 per month. Will trade equity for Hope property pr farm. JBalance already financed on easy terms. Phone PR 7-4408, Southwestern Realty & Ins, Co, 3-3t ;iger, Troy Summerlin, who ' wa| pressed into service when Brynn; ran short of centars. Troy weigh" at dripping west 165 and is quit< willing,-.' But Bryant hasn't had t| use him yet. || It's nothing new for Bear to havjj a team lose several games to starf the season then coma back brilj antly. At Kentucky, for instance,, e had' teams drop' their firsl hree games yet beco'mo goot nough for bowl appearanpes. Th Centucky outfit that won the Col Notice :0?C'S Station at Fulton will serve Turkey dinners, Sunday, October 10. $1 per plate. Drinks extra. 5-3t MAC'S Restaurant Opens. New hours: weekdays—4 p. m, to 11 p. m. Sundays for lunch—-10:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. JVU'. and Mrs. Mac. Dale, 6-41 Instructions CLASSES in tap, acvobatic, ballet and top' Katharine Windsor, 104 E. 14th.'Phone 7-33.87, 224 mo. Wanted to Buy pay cash for complete stock of merchandise. Any bargain con sid.er*id, Star. gox "?t", % Hope, - '""• 4-3t Help Wanted experience or b«sinj?8 college training. Phpne ^xpgj-iment Sta. Of CPlore4 — to solici ! jyith Iwt seiun every home. lab The Negro flr Community By Helen Turnar Phpne 7-5830 Or bring ltpm» to Mlf« Tvrnir at Hick» FMn?r«il Homt SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE TALBO7. for providing the .afternoon entertainment split wicley on thcii likitig for the .C-maclian game n? co'.npai'eci with its jSirn.brican -forbear. Who knows but \fhat' : their' reaction vvil result one day in bringing tho two games more closely together. •'The American viewed especially likes .the absence of timeouts in Lhe Canadian game. Ho aso likes the Canadian rub which makes it mandatory to try to rim the bal out when it is kicked into the end zone. He likes the rouge — the single point scored when the bnl is kicked out of the end zone and which is largely responsible for the fact that there has not keen a tie score in the past 104 games played M 'the: Canadian League. " On the other hand, the American fan'isn't so suro that he likes th,e three-down .Canadian rule. Some do, but as many others corn- lain 'that it gives the attacking team much less freedom of action than our four downs do.-They suy the Canadian offense is too prpne to settle into a run-pass kick routine on each secjuecu of clowns 'What the American fan misses most is downfield blocking anc •blocking in front of the receiver of;punts. They like to.see the bal carried get a chance for his life They are not too keeii on the Cana dian system of penalizing a down for a rule infraction instead of stepping off yardage as we do Broadly, though, the average Ameican set owner sems to 'be wiling to go on watching the Cana dJan brand pffootbaI so lona as 'It-helps keep him away from tumn yard work, au Baseball Members of the Church Of God In ihrist is honoring their pastor, Eld- j. C. Washington with their third Anniversary, October 6-10. of Rice. Mocgee is the same,, younster Whose runj so :nfuriaU5c! Afabcma in the Cotton BOWL last .January that a 12th man got off the bench to tackle the Owl speedster, when he was clear nnri away .to a 95- yard touchriown jaunt. Moegee hasn't'let up since. Against Rice victims Florida and Cornel this year, he has averaged 13.7 yards in 16 carries. The first four times he got his hands on the ball against Cornel he swept, for touchdown runs of 18, 44, 10 and 78 yards, telling the Chicago football writ- Rice publlcitor Bill .Whitmorc, leing the Chicago footbal ' writers about Moegle yesterday, l-i ought out that. LioUy was quite a player even before the bowl game "He was sixth in rushing nation aly last .yuar with i!;33 yards," said Whilemore. "Of course he was in the shadow of All America .Kosse Johnson, our fullback la'it year. Johnson ruslied' for 944 yards but he had 73 more carries than Moegle." • • • • -. , • ' Whitemore said he believes the Wisconsin {.'ame wil bo a matter of Rice offense agant Wisconsin defense, qualifying that hp ; wasn't seling .the Badger offense short. Wisconsin's anwer, of course, is Ameche, But that's not as , Badger quarterbacks Jim Miler and Jim Haluska are passing- at a .760 clip this season. . . Crossett entered District 4 competition for the first time this year and is currently hiting o .BOO record. They beat Arkadelphia 6-0; took McGehee 20 to 7; lost to a good Magnolia eleven 20 to 13 and /•» was soundly beaten by Monticollo VJ last weekend 27 to 0, TURNABOUT OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklp. .(UP) — Turn about ig fair play in Oklahoma politics. ' - ' William O. ^Coe beaten for the Democratc gubernatpral nomna- ton, announced last week he was supporting Republican. _Reuben Sparks. Yesterday Joe H. Barber, who ran second to Sparks n the GOP primary, said he was backing the Democratic candidate, Raymond Gary. Legal Notice . . LEGAL NOTICE PROBATE COURT NOTICES 0 HIYA—Pretty Gerry Johnson,, of Nashville, ; Tenn., recently i chosen "Miss T e n n e s s e e" waves a cheery greeting as she arrives in New York City. She will represent her state in the coming Miss America contest. DOGS PARA-CAT GAME—Wake up. let's play Putty Cat/the parakeet tells its 'playmate in the home of Mrs. Marvel Rene in Excelsior Springs, Mo. The first aid kit is around—just in case the game"~gets.rough. ! There will be an Eastern Star urnout at Church Hill CME Church Sunday October }0, conrimenorating Peaks Memorial Day. The Saratoga Tuesday's Minor League Baseball By The Associated Press ' LITTLE WORLD SERIES (best- W-7) Syracviso (II) 6, Louisville (AA) 3 ^Louisville leads 2-1 :hapter and the (?liapici will turn out jointly with the Church Hill Chapter. The Rev. Anthony Jones' of Washington will preach. Mrs, Dora Cole of Hope died at ev home Monday, October 4. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Fights Last Night By The Associated Pros s MIAMI BEACH, F!a. — Charlie Salas, 151, Phoenix, outpointed Chico ' Vorona, 150, Havana, 10. Boston — Ed Sander i 210 Bos- Pheorah Burton of Lewisville died Monday, October 4. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Verger Band Mothers Club will meet Wednesday night, October 6, in the music room of Verger High School. All members arc asked to be present and on time at 7:30 p. m. Mayme p. Verger Horace who. has been vl§iU"§ W' mother, lives, hss to her home in oi 1, ti T,W £?„, ™*. ^.. WW"^"' J86 «' nelwS. Norkus, Powell Fight Tonight SAN FRANCISCO TO — Spurred by the announcement that tho winner will be considered a contender for a shot at \Rocky -Mar ciano's- title, heavyweights Charley Norkus of Port Washington, N.Y., and Charlie Powell, San Diego battle it out hero tonight' in a schedued .ID-rounder. It promises to be a brawl. The pair are swingers with not much in the way of ring science ?The fight will be nationaly televised from the Civic AucUtorum, starting at 10 p. m. EST. ove CBS iCard Trie" '' ,.;-?!'•: •'•':•! •'•• . , We heard recently about a poo- li that dctually ulayed dominoes with his master, but we hasten to add that we cannot vouch for the story We can, however, testify that many dogs can .perform •<•; cnrd trick that amazes ail wi'.no&'scs the first time they T20 it. ; Let's assume your dog can do this trick Sometime when you have visitors you. casually ah nounce that Rex knows a new card trick Everyone, of course, will warn to see your wonder dog perform just make it l.;ok ha<-dor, you lock the dog out of the room and hand a deck of cards to one of your guests Than you go through the business of picking a card You show the cavd to everyone, put it back in the deck and ask your guest to strew all 52 cards on the floor. Then you call in your dog and say. "Rex, find my car.1," and Rex proceds to nose through the scattered cards If all goes well he'll pick out your card and bring it to you it he can 'manage to pick it up. Amazing. It really isn't, and any dog With ,enough obedience training to have progressed to the "scent discrimination" test can,,-do it Tho pnly "trick" involved is tor you to mske sure to rub the card batwecn your hands so as to get your own body scent on it Ideal conditions call for a bran.l new dock of cards Then the card which carries your scent will stand out liks a sore thumb to a dog with a Rood nose. The dog that played dominoes II..; name was Brjclc. he was owned by a Frenchman and it is reported that he frequently beat his. master at the game Unfortunately.'' this canine marvel performed this feat about 100 years ago, so that we can't produce a single witness who saw him do it! Notice is hereby given that the following Executor and Guardian have filed their Final and Annual Settlements with the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, for approval and confirmation, towit: Final Settlement of Orville Herman Hoelscher, Executor of the Estate of Minnie W. Hoelscher, deceased, filed September 7, 1954. Annual Account of Syd McMqth, fy Guardian of the Estate of William Alfred Smith and Wanda Lee Smith, minors, filed September 29, 1954. And all persons interested in the above named estates are ordered to come forward and file exceptions if any they have within Sixty (.OOJ days from the date ^said settlements" were filed; or'they will'be forever barred from excepting such accounts or any .item thereof. , Harry-Hawthorne /') " Probate Clerk of Hempstead " County, Arkansas. .$:/ By Arthur C. Anderson, D. C. Oct. G Legal Notice LEGAL.NQTICE cr ANNIVERSARY TIME LOS ANGELEvS UP ~ The FBI and the Los Angeles police helped Melvin H. Logan, 33, obsserys a notable anniversayr yesterday. The law officers arrested Logan on the first anniversary of his ex- cape from Oregon State penitent. ary. Ballimore, 10, Sacramento— Calif. Rumon Fu- :ntes, 147, Los Angeles, outpointed Ernie Greer, 147 Oakland J2, hx20 BETT VNTVA BRIEFS JOE AND MARILYN JfEW VORK tUP — The Prook- yn chapters of the Joe DJMaggio and Msi'ilyn Monroe fan clubs which -considered when the couple married, severed relationships yesterday. joint ten, gowl in 1953 w$s like that night tho oj Hi>u^to«. that win \\e says Houston is much Sowing ' Al wejll, manager of Marciano announced hers yostertlay he would consider the wjnenr a cor, tender for a possible crack at tlie crown next summer Marciano is here to defense take a good look at the main evonters. ' ' Powell' a 6-foot-3 fast puncher wil be making MI '-TV debut after scoring knockoyls in his last 10 bouts. He's strictly on the green side, with oflly 33 round 1 ! of fighting behind him, but he throws leather swifter than any heavy sen around her? in years. 6 feef 1>X... will give height and weight but it Doesn't bother hhn H§'s had a i more e^evienpe and hqs faced better ^sitjon than Powel.. Notice is hereby given that In compliance with Act No, }93 of the General Assembly of 'Arkansas f<Jr the year 1945, the following personal property belonging-to Hempstead County, Arkansas, wilK be . sold to the highest and best bidder upon sealed bids received by' the County Jiidge at his Office in'the County Court House, to-witr ,. • One Link-Pelt Spe'ed.er,^»51 Dragline, Serial No. c 60200, with Caterpillar D311 Engine, Serial No. 7S6516, ' Appraised value of $8000.00. Terms of Sale; Cash. .~ Time of Sale: - Bids will be re. M ceived until: 2:30-P. .M,, October 15th, 1994, County Judge reserving all rights to reject any and all bid's received by him. Witnessed my. hand, and seal of said Court on this 21st day of September, ' 1954, " ' ' U. G. Garrett County Judge of •/ Hempstead County?' Arkansas. ' ^ (SEAL) i* Sept. 22, 29, Oct. 6 CHICKENS READY TO EAT last, $1.55 S B BURT'S BAR P Q A&P and FOR . , , . BULLDOZER WORK (.and Clearing — Plrt Moving and Pond Digging. Call TPM OUCKITT 717 W. 6th St. Phgn* 7-37?4 '^ ' " V ^\3ig'''^y^ ' tf**t,ff*1>tY- SL6N5II I CAN'T WAKE DADDV-UP FOR HIS VOU'LL BE LATE FOR WORK OUTOUHWATr By J. R. WlMUm* Teammates Answer to Previous Puzile, 1 Uncle Tom and Little 7 Encountered 4 rand Eve 8Rajahs'wives 9 Employer 10 The acid • 11 Corned beef 17 Woman adviser 19 Badgerlike animal 25 Beverages made with malt . 26 Ibsen's " Gabler" 11 and ..Naomi 12 Operated 13 Narrow fillet 14 Bewildered 15 Also 16 Stateness 18 Notched 20 Circumference 23 Insists 21 Rowing tool 24 Peel 22 Hints 24 Agreement 26 Hitler 27 He and 30 Claim 32 He defeated . the Midianites' 34 Staggered 35 Merited 36 Worm 37 Poems 39 Assists 40 Small bottle 41. , amas, amat 12 Supplied' weapons 45 Overcomes hostility 49 Outbuildings 51 Electrical unit 52 and Lady 53 Poetic island' 54 Three (prefix) 55 Greek .porch 56 Let it stand 57 Pacific island DOWN ! I Ages i 2 Weather j 3 __ and the ) lion I 4 Perfume 28 Cultivated 29 Finishes 31 Hypothetical earth representations 33 Play 38 Most aged 40 Aboriginal Ceylonese 42Pointe4 implements 43-Plant part 44 Philippine native 46 Unemployed 47 Metrical time • - unit : 48 Clip ' 27 Longer service 41 Property item 50 Prdnoun Ib IB 30 y\ Zl bi 5? , 50 r ST Ib Jb 1 10". II >''. ' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. p.j. u, G. P«t. Off. Copr. 195« by NEA Str.ice. Inc. KlAfUftALLV LlkE tO SEE n; 6Ut TO SHOW OFF BEFORE TH* LADIES DOW'T GET SO VIOLENT WITH ME.' LOOKS TO MAKE IT EAS.V FOfS. HlS> AcSE HE'LU. .FALLOW ME AM' HE BUMF'S NOSE IN TH' ONLY OPEN SPOT 1 LEAVE AN 1 \S HOLLERIW 1 .' WHY MOTHERS SET fiRAV c , p , ,„. „ „. „,.„. «,«,..„ ,,„„ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople AlrA'T-YOO-'THC WIZARD HEUP5D 6IM6TSIM 5PCAY WE FD65 PUT Of W6 THEORY OF A FE\M j • ^ BLOCK YOGI? (Ni- FOK TALKIN6 BACK ALWAYS CLIMS tOTH& . Af?e vou eoiMS TO POSHED FUNNY BUSINESS By Henhberf^i "Well, you'd look beat-up too, if you had been potmds'd on with a hairbrush as much as that book has these last two weeks!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "I'm not interested in Junior getting out of jall-r-igst f 'n< > out how he could paint the town red on a buck and « ha|f{" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine - ' "^ ^^^ ^^^H > ^^V ^9j^F -^f flB fl^ WP '^^jff ANNOUNCES A Niw ,f» ? W}$9i modf rn cpnysni^nsM Qnd n§ w «twre§ f All on% <> 12 Ejsy Pajmenb M* Cawyinp Char$e-10% Down 8ol»nc« Monthly ji j •», V 'iff $ *•"••* OXARRIRI '«as> ••— Vic-f LINT vie, HIS SfZJP WEAKEW- PULLS UP TO THE \MMPOW WASH TUBES nii.iiif.>..^.i« .iii.iiiin • r , , .,. ., - ._• - .. TB .,B-. ^ . T" "" •*!,! iinii l^HH^BBHHB^EM^MiiLuiUMfcShJ IWM - t ' l , \ ^?'V>, *W'i*ai*3 :r~.ra^rf-rr*-- - *. *< » '^....^^^^^iM^fM WBETN CMTAIM B^6yS HELP, WS'CMtH TH60gi\,N0 ii»*L i MMFI irk IIM.UM. *......... . w' . _^i iWJTlt 1 * *ri~y._.* *I*J T ^^^ ii—inw ++r~,*rf^r IIBHI we wn>v>n J !*&•«»'&'uivv i niiULSJ «8»^»!fc^^ NOBODY OPEN& BALPWIM'5 PAPERS TH& POLICE > iRE, POTTER] tOOTi AND HER BUDDIES ,; ';^-K - ' ' \ .. . \ BUGS BUNNY I SOT A CUSTOMER^ WAITIN I WIUUi 6IMAAS'" HAND? ICE CREAM STORE ALLEY OOP BUT WE HAVEN'l MY GOSH, AS1F 10 } VpWt THING HE ( PICKIN 1 MOOSE A LONG SAVE YDUSN MEAT HACKSAW ( YOJR TEETH.! BLADE FRISCILU'S POP IP YOU HEAR THAT, Mrfw C5 *2>.'pWl^ iZllllMi i j * w '/XSSSWsgp. TH! STQRY OF MARTHA

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