El Heraldo de Brownsville from Brownsville, Texas on September 16, 1960 · Page 4
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El Heraldo de Brownsville from Brownsville, Texas · Page 4

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1960
Page 4
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IMÍ5R HF.RAT.t>~Fridll,r, ajptrmecr Eagles Host Rams, St. Joe's Plays Tarpons * * * * * * * Monterrey Boasts Strong,, Fast Team ,i«l>nvc nil very nsgrc.sslvc; thcyi Brownsville officials hi ever !oi up muí cvon Uny had tojpbtincd tn mnke the Monterrey<lo its best lo hoal ihem." Brownsville on nnnunl nffnlr ¡( Tne Brownsville K n g t c s.iiiliove all veiy _ng;;resrfve; theyj Brownsville officlnls said /ruslvnied in ijicir allempl ' C)r h|never !i ' ' ~ vieloiy Inst Friday niihl by Ran Bn>ilo Oreyhounds, go nfler Monterrey, boasting seven re- the gale lonighl Is «ood cnou»h luniiiig veterans from last year's team — some with three years of thrír first win of the 1S1ÍW lonfetit v-hrn Uirv host tho Mnn- (orii7v Tech «t rxprricnre behind j — will hi- fin to ulfd fo sinrt «t 8 p.m. Bui the- (ask «heatf is not CÍIPV one. Tlio Mntitorrfiy Hams, n rucj Inrd hilling |-v«m lfi.il has n of exuerienop nlrvi'nq Texas srhoftf teams, \vill UP roatíy throw o block iti tmnl of Ilie Kn- plrs and rouM very well Jmm 1 thorn 'h n ir second cnnhpnitiv lev: P. What is more, it could be an ollirr shut out. Brownsv il !c bo nd con ch 1 -loyd Parker and hi*; assist/Hit 1 ! snw* thr film of thc Monterrey Tech-Corpus Christ! game played last year at Corpus and camo out with the firm conclusion thai the will have lo make an "all-out" effort to stop llic Rams. "Tf wo don't huslle tonight," sakl Parker, "we arc going to pet R lesson on how it should be do»e. Those follows from Monterrey," — he íídded — "are strong nncl season. The team plays colleges from Saltillo and Mexico City and ntso several Texas high schools. Sportswise By ELOY AGUII.AIl llorald Snorts Editor and other small colleges in Texas. TortgM (lie Rams will bring an olhei Iher ex - Brownsville pi a y c r. m(inl OV(>r I'" 1 lerfamiarce n< »in -.•ickle Lino Lnndcros, a 6-2, 210 -'•"'"""'"-'"*"•"'""" Ranis Have Fans Tonight when the Monterrey Tech Rams come to Brownsville lor the first lime in many years there «-ill be quite a number of ians whose sympathy will be divided between Ihe two teams. One in particular will not even get to see the game, but I imagine he will be pulling for his old team.j rc >' 'fan' will not be a pushover. t . o Gus Zavaletta head coach of the| Tllc Rams have good coaches and o St. Joseph's Academy Blood-! are a S P'"I«1 bunch (hat hi(s hard',;,; hovmds ¡s a former Monterrey! 01 "' always hiisllcs. Against Cor- I¡T The Rams are coached by SnV vndor "Sapo" Mondiola. consid ered the best coach In Northcn Mexico. Tho team plays R wide-open kind of football naKerned after Ihe professional offense and thli will give fans an Idea of what tho game will be like since (h c Brownsville Kailcs also are wol known for their wide open of fense. Heading tho list of Montorrp; veterans is quartoibacl: Raul An aya, T three year man, with an excellent massing arm. After viewing the Ray-Mnntcr rey film Parker said thnl Anavr was a good power runner and ii terrific passer. Anaya will be making most o his passes (o (wo veteran ends Arlurn Cepeda, a two -par mnn and Hoborto Ollervicies, a o n < year man. A Ram that should be fanrliar. particularly to St. Joseph's Acid- cmy fans, is Lino Landoros a former four year lettermcn tr>c T <le al St. Joseph's. Landcros, n 6.2. 210 pounder with thc power of a Sherman (ank fs one of the outstanding members ol the team Olher veterans are Victor Her- niixrillo, ccnler: Luis Robles, tackle; and Eduardo Martinez, guard. Eafilcs Look <lnod The Brownsville Eagles this week held what coaches Parker and Jack Schiilze called "Ihe best workouts we've had so far this Parker had voiced dlsapnoinl- pounder wlio played four years! for the St. Joseph's Acadcniylp n!i Bloodhounds under Xavalelta. IIE' Zavalctta believes the Monler-i' T ' STAKTING I.lN'K-Ur * * * * * * 'Hounds Seek Second Win The St. Joseph's Aendemv,ol tl.i? weakest teams in the Vfil- Bloodhounds will Iry to better ley and ave heavy underdogs in their record tonight when they the game tonight, hut they could meet the Port Isabel Tarpons o! slip up on St. Joseph's If Ihe iistríct 32-A at St. Joseph's Field, ¡'ll'jinids become overconfident Tlie game will start at 8 p.m. ¡and decide to take things easy. It will be Ilie Ihird game of the' Conscious of this fact, St. Joe's season for (lie Bloodhounds and mentor Gtis Kavaleltn put h I s their first ployed at home. St.jplaycrs through several rough Joseph's has currently a 1-1 rec-: practices this week nnd kept re- ord having defeated the Los Fres- minding them that the "weak" nos Falcons M-7 and lost to tlie (earns are the ones that upset the THIS IS WHAT YOU DO—Coach Gus Zavalctta of tho St. Joseph's Academy Bloodhounds exnlains a ])l:iy to members oi thc .Bloodhound bacluield during workouts Thursday. From left to right in'the nicture- ihu Kinzic, Mill!back i,nd number two quarterback: ,lmi .Tohnsnn h;ilfhii/>ir HnKHn it™-.-, *-,,nu« n i r - - ' Pi seph 1 ; John Kinzic, naif back i.iul number two quarterback; Jon Johnson, halfback, Bobby Binz.ftillback and Rav íriedmaiin, quarterback, i'he Bloodhounds will play the Port Isabel Tarpons tonight at 8 o'clock at St Jn seph 1 ;; Pielrl in the iJrst home game of tho season. Port Arthur Tech Ram having attended the school after graduation from St. Joseph's back in the 40's. ,'- , Gus will be having troubles of pus Chrisli Kay last year ,,, fought a close battle which wnslnil decided in Ihe second hall only'rinn because ol the depth of llic Tc.x- his own tonight as he sends his inexperienced 'Hounds against the Port Isabel Tarpons at St. Joseph's Academy Field. Others who will be rooting for either team are Prax Uribe. Sr. Henry Sanchez, and Joe Bridges (Sail Benito) Benny San cli ez, coach Johnny Cavazos, Joe and Pat Tamnyo, and Joe Zavalella. All attended Monterrey Tech on scholarships a decade or so ago and played lor the Rams when football was in its early stages in Northern Mexico. Most ol those Browsnsville and Valley players were later in the Service during the Korean conflict and one, former All-rilstric End "Sunshine" Garza of Mission vas killed in action. Zavaletl/t was miarierback halfback for the team and also a player coach. He was elected lo the All-Mexico team while pleylng lor the Rams. Tlie first time thc Monterre> Tech Rams came to Brownsville they lost lo tlic Texas Soutlimost College Scorpions 36-0. They also played against the Edinburg Junior College, Uvalde' J.1XO LANDKHOS Of Things And No Tilinga A large group of Brownsville fans attended the second Quarterback-Club meeting held last Tuesday at Ihe High School Cafeteria, giving tho organizers high hopes lor a good year. Tlie club will meet next Tuesday night at fl place to be announced later. Xnmo Jncli Complon Jumes Mnlkcy T.ui.s Moreno •iiH! de la RUSH Allierl Avnla •J n pit r.olt Stanley While Knv Knncrtln •liny Snnforil No. SO 71 Wet. 100 ini 1CB 170 170 2>S T55 ISO US 175 ISO In UPI Poll . vhole learn altnr Friday's "ame ¡aying they lacked team effort. Bears Meet Bobcats Bulldogs At Weslaco By llniled Press Port Arllnn and Swcchynlerf Firillg )( , m comi ,, ue on 10 val . (o e , ., , Wam - ors held firmly lo their No. 1 ratings], ey froms . ls R¡{) G ,.. 1|1( , e Va , lcy in the United Press llllcrni coaches board schoolboy football ratings (his week, bill (here wns quite a bit of shuffling among the other positions after the opening week of action. Haylowii, which hosts Port Ar- liutr this week end in Ihe state's top attraction, moved up a notch football war moves into the Itih'd weekend of the 1ÍJGO season. In addition, four Valley looms will play on foreign fields. Throe learns have chalked up Iwo victories against no losses to date this season, the Calan AA I.a : Feria Lions, Ihe Class B Sania Warriors, and the and Evnesto Lopez to the tackle Olher changes include Ihe addi- .lon of sophomore John Po'-'s t^ thc number one unit. Poss will be he starter al right end with (he defensive unit. Jack Compton and Jack Loll will allcrn.ito nt the loft end pssi- '311 defensively. Offensively the line will have Loff and Comnton at ends. Avala and Mulkcy nt lacWes, Joe do !,•> Rosa and Luis Moreno at guards and Dennis McCahe al center. McCabe and Moreno be mlo and while little is known of crs Ihe Ri.renRlh of Ihe Tigers, they me; the Top 10 raliirgs were ^re pbving in District, 1G-AMA Galena Park, «p from a lie for 'his year and (lint means llic'i 10th to No. 9 spol in AAAA on hnvc a tough schedule. The Tiat- Ihe basis of its -10-T trouncing ofillers are reporter! as having one Houston Reapan, and El Campo, ol Huir host teams ¡n years nnd which jumped from 12th to ¡Hh! they arc rated ns having n better AAA alter whipping Akline 3G-j(|,.,n even chance of winnim;. Sania Rosa meets the Coyoles ll I,n Joya and nil signs point To mnkn room for Míese ncw^. comers, Boiler dropped from • 10th to lllh in 'AAAA, and Bay Cilv from Sill to lllh and Ncdci land from 10th lo La Feria Lions The Tarpons are considered one champions. Overeo nf i dcnce is the biggest enemy the 'Hounds will have Eo cope wilh tonight. After the 2'i-O loss to the La Feria Lions last week the Bloodhounds apparently lei up and looked bac' in their first two workouts, jbut they wore snapped nut nf the slump l>y uavatetla Wednesday. I The Bloodhound mentor has had trouble with his pass receivers and tonight he will have two new ends, Joe Rli/ondo al lefl and Darrell Wimlhaus at Ight. _ _____ __ _______ Wimlbaus awl Elizondo are two hoy football's ToVlO-rated teams! 0 ' lllc 'astest men on the squad Thursday night as the third week an(1 looked good as receivers in of play got under way. j tho workouts Wednesday and Odessa's seventh-rated Broncs 'Thursday. had trouble for the second' Tllc starting line-up will have straight week, but mana-rd '-lEhzondo at left end, Tony Flores gain a 22-18 decision over the n * left ti> cW<? .' Jimmy Perrin at I.ubbock HÍRh Westerners Thev ( ' cl: 8"arH; Oscar Pena at Center; Odessa, Samuel Set Pace By United Press International Odessa High and Dallas Sum- uell set n winning pace for seliooi- edged iveck Amarillo High 9Í last SamuelPs Spartans, ranked No. 10 in Class AAAA, turned in a 21-G verdict over Dallas Sunset in n cross-town battle that does not count The in the district Spartans beat standings. Beaumont South Park 190 last week. These two contests, plus a handful of others, set the slase for a nower-packed program Friclav night that includes such Top 10 Pos. matches as Port Arthur nt Bay- lown. Abilene at Swectwater and LT Brrckenrfdite nt Wichiln i'alls. There were Iwo pames played!" Hint count in district standbies in'," 0 1-AAAA where El Paso IIith| RT downed El Paso Jefferson 2R.fi' UE tsteven Alvarez, at right guard; Ra v Garza nt right tackle nni Windbaus nt right end. In the back-field will be Ray Friedmnnn, [[unrlcrback; Jon Johnson and Bobby Ruiz h s 1 f- hacks u ml Mike Lopez, fullback. John Kinzie, who started at half back for the 'Hounds ¡n Ihe past two games will alternate with slight lavorite to chalk up their Ihird straight victory. La Fcn',1 is fcii'orerl over Rio Hondo due to the fact thc Lions can bonst of having th? Valle'i's leading scorer, Jim Hudson. Tb Lions have scored 5S jjoinls in the two games they have played to date and held the opposition to eight points. But lliis iinnu.il grid contest t'ould very easily fro cilhpr way due to the old friendly rvalry that has existed for years between the two schools. The McAHcn Bulldogs go to Wcs- laco for a clash with the Panthers. The ISulldogs are smarting under a loss last week and may try and take it out on the Weslnco team, also a loser last Friday night. A game at Pharr holds hi-;h in- Icrest to unpcr Valley fans. Tlie Tri - City Bears pla*i host to the F.dinburg Bobcats. Last week the liohcats defeated thc Falfurrins Jerseys and the Bear'; won ovei McAllcn. This means that two undefeated teams will collide and Ihat means anything can happen. and Fl Pasi Austin defeated El Pnso Tech 23-0. In other action Thursday ntehl. Houston Jones romped past Houston Keatran 3?-G, Houston Sam listón heat Houston Lámar 8 5 on Raymondviltc and Mercedes nn-1 Cuptiins; defeated Jackson- holh undefeated, meet at Mercedes and tfie game appears to be a tossup. The Mission Eagles host the Donna Redskins and this is another Valley grid contest that very TEUKEY TECH II nrid if and I and if... SAX HKNITO OVKRHAKUN GEN' - Tlw Greyhounds are sure of victory. PS.IA ()\'Klt EIHN'BlinO - So were flic men of Ihe Sevenlh Cavalry. DON'XA OVER MISSION* . Like rrext week, meaning that you will have all the football you want. ITow do you keep up with all '.his? The AFL slarled last week, the] l -' lls l<-r said: "where all those Soulhwcst Conference slarls thjslindiniis come from?" weekend and Iho NFL kicks offl AIOAIJ.EX OVER WES1.ACO. The Bulldogs bettor siiow something this time. EWSO.V O V K It. AI.ICB. . The Coyotes did not fare too well against Miller. TA FKKIA OVER, RIO HONDO. "You are n poor loser", said the winner. SHAHYLA.VD OVER I.VFOIin "Have you ever seen a rich one?" answered the loser. ItC.V OVKH f.AUKDO • Only be ca.ise Laredo lost last week. Í.A JOYA OVER SVNTA 11OSA Buck lo Ihe reservation Warriors! By the way, does anybody know If the Vnlicy is going to gel any TV games Ihis year? Tivo fellows «'ere drinking at a Imr and one \\ns snyinn: "Von think you cot troubles localise your ivlfo u'jinls to lenve you for anolher tciiy? ... I nm the oilier guy." Eagle line coach Jack Schul/e had a pleasnnl .smile wlir-n hc¡ SAX DIKGO OVKK F.f>s came in the athletic office Thiirs-jNOS - A slah in Ihe dark, day, and was grecled by center ST. JOSEPH'S OVER I'()I:T IS Dennis McCabe who "Coach I think t mumps." Schulzo's smile disappeared, his knees weakened and his cigar /ell to the floor. An examination later discovered McCabe didn't have the mumps and Schulzc began to breathe again. , The •) - A "powers" upset this proguosticalor last Friday. McAllen lost to Pharr and the Brownsville Eagles lost to the San Benito Greyhounds and our average dropped, I hit nitre of twelve Valley fames last Friday but things appear f Illlle rougher Ihlj iveek. One lesson I learned last Friday was never to make thc San Benito Greyhounds tho underdogs again. Never, . . . never ... Not this season anyway. On wllh this week's prediction. tol<] him AHKI, - Cold Wooded murder. have Ibei KDCOUCII • KI.SA OVEI! DEN' ' HHOWSSVIU.K 1 AVIOKS - Because of their speed Like the fellow said: "Those predictions are the opinion of Ihe writer snrt do not necessarily reflect his stupidity. linebackers on defense and Wayne Jones will be at the right guard position. The offensive backfield will ¡lave Bobby Burns at quarterback. Stanley White and Ray Sauceda at half tack r.nd Ray Sanford al fullback. Sophomore F.meslo Cantu will alternate with Sauceda and Bobby Cantu will alternate with While. It will he thc first lime that Sauceda plays the half back posi- ion with thc offensive unit. The lefense specialist has been prac- llcing hard for the past four days ind looked good ns a ball carrier. Parker said the team had improved considerably although be added jnkinghj that niter the San Benito game, that was all they could do- improve, ' Good weather and dry ground are expected to help the Eagles with their aerial attack. The team has good receivers fn the persons of Ihe two Jacks. Loft and Ccmip- ton and Burns Is a good passer who only needs a little more ex pcricnce. Rene Rubio, the number t w o ilitar'erbick will alternate will Burns. Rubio is also a good pass, er find handles his backlicld well. Tho gates will open at 7 p.m The ticket booth will open nt • p.m, ON' HOME TV DAYTON. Ohio (UP1) - The Unlvcrsilv of Dnvlon-Ohin Univor- sllv football ga™ c n( .v( Rn(urda-i will be televised ove" WirO-TV Tlie Top 10, in order, in AAAA: Port Arthur, Fallas, Highland Park, Clirisl) Hay, Abilene, High, Corpus Chrisli Miller, Galena Park and Dallas Samucll; in AAA: Swcctwaler, C I e b u r n c, 3rowmvood. Kilgore, Cairollton, Phillips, Minefield nnd Breckenridge lied, El Campo, Mount Pleasant. This marked upward jumps for Baytown, Odessa High, Abilene,l ( j anc ¡ ng ovcr || le typewriter keys Phillips and Breckcnridge ~~" dowif\\ r nrd revisions for V Falls, Miller. Samuell, Carrolllon. „ ¡ (c [oolhall headliners! - Lilllelield and Mount Pleasant, unrriimph Siveclivalcr received 15 first- ' D ,", ri t ^ off scason Dr r . M . aec ballols and Broimyood o,ie! !nol . bu =J m , Prof QuonMn z|nbot . wlide Port Arlhur E ot. nv lc( , s(udcnts of lhc stars •-rumph! Here Comes The Major lly MAiIOl! AMOS n. HOPPLE jPIIUbllrgli 22, UCLA 8 l-'irst Mini in Motinn ¡Xcnv [Mexico Stale W, Tulsn 21 Greeting;:, millions of g e n 11 e Nn - P'irolma SI. 17, Va. Tech. 7 readers! My lingers have been fairly e and m mv nn xlcly to give you the au" lc ' 1 ' la 'thm'it:illve line on this season's 12, Wicliila Kails three and Highland Park one. In addition to the Port Arthur- .ioinefl mo in devising some football formulas using astronomical Baytown clash, there are (wo r equations. (Ed. Nole: gastronnv other games mntcliinR Top W •aled teams—Swcotwnler nt Alii- rne and Breckenridge nt Wichita Falls. Tulsa Oilers Clip Buds, Win Playoff TULSA, Okla. (UPD—The ical ones, too. no doubt.1 We shall pass iilonr; Ihe results of our studies to you in the nature of huge upsels. Indeed, Sept. 17, wilh the Infant season barely under way, the llonplc System is in mid-season form. Tlic oflen low-flying Eagles of Boston College will soar lo new heights as Ihey vanquish vaunted jVavy. In Ihe muscular South- easlern Conference, where I h e ling starts early, Kentucky will prevail over Georgia Terh and Alabama over Georgia in Oilers today rclcpierl as co-cham-jwhat must lie classed ns utiexpcct- pions of tlie TOXÍIÍ; LCÜRIIO wilh ed results. the Rio Grande Valloy Giatils nncl Other lh''oc - star Hoopie spe- boeanii» Die team to represent the **'^Is are Texas A. and M. over circuit in tho Pan American As-Í n ' w nys stroncr Louisiana Stale nnd Central Beats St. Joseph's playoffs. Tlie Oilers wliinpod Victoria 2-1 las! night in 10 inning lo win the Play-oil title with Ibree strnlghl Carnes, Harry Krister got Hie winning marched 1 * 1 ^ n ^K 10 ."' 1 »? 'I 10 n ^<: s loa ''- in Dnvlon. it was re 1 Central Junior !H R h . '.'¡up and (town the field freely"" 1 ' nt drovo m I " lrllor I!ol) ]3|riy ' ''— - • flCÍ!. by a jofm .innntmremrnl hi' Ihe university. Ihe TV station nml sponsor. ENTERS TITr.F, HACKS TRKS'TON, N'.J. (UPI1—Al Kcl- i'\ Thursday.nighl as II downed the 110 ™' V s St. Joseph's Junior High -12-G In Tl ' ls!1 luiished Ihird lc llhe first game of —-*- ' ' tl10 ' Halfback lorenzo ler, of Green Acres City, Fla., a no'cd ho[-rod(Tef for ?:2 vars. will compete on e:ich of lh" nexl two Suntfays in lile natfoinl tillo auln the scason for Torres led (lie Cenlal attack scoring 26 points on four touehciouTis nnd two extra Ramiro claoln ctnoln et.ioln poil.ts. Ramiro Garcia scored two In the regular season, but under league rules beco/no.s co-chnmpions with Vallev »y winning Ihe plny-offs. The Oilers downed Vnlicy three games to one in the play-off semifinals. Tulsa (ravels to Mexico Cily tar\iinnvá"s'w. TC.VBÜi"rhrí'slinn 12 Now i\Ie\-iro Slate in a squeaker wilh Tul«n. In an inlersectional contest which taxed the Iloop'e ^VKlcm lo Us liinits it will he California 8, Tnlane 8, These are hut a few of the surprises wo have for you this week. Ho on wilh Ihe forreas!: Alubamn ;S. firovgln It Hoslnn Collree '¿I, \i\\y i> rr-mi Slnln 23, Boslon V. IÍ Arinv 'is. Itufhln B Talifoniln 8, Tnlntle 8 1'Iorliln Stale 3(1, Hlrhmnml 10 Florldn 23, ficorfie Washington 7 Kriiliirky 21, Oenrgin Terti 10. " 3<3, Houston fi OVKR MOX- Fair. incrs nt Ilie Kevv Jersey Stale touchdowns for Central, one on'the opener of Ihe sevei cnnie Texns A..I'M. in, r.ouhlnnn S. 15 Pun American series Tunsday Jlirylaiul 2'i, '.Yr.st Vlrclnln" :1 Ions '¡0 yard puní reliirn. Tomas Canul made two c.Mra I points. apitnsl Ihe Mexico Cily Tigers,[Missouri 18, South. Methodist 9 'winners of the Mexican Lcnguc. Texas 4!, Nebraska II, Hoople Dares All To Outpick Him STAIÍTI.VG 1JXE-UP Tony Flores Jimmy Perrin Oscar I'm a Steven Alvarer líe.)' fíjirz.i Durrel Winilttnns liny Frledmann •Ton ilolmson MiUc Loncz Wgt. 150 ICO 150 153 1511 195 110 150 150 15S 140 vi'lo B 32-0. Tlie 1 brings teams In AAAA. while Sweelwaler!'Hounds'.' Frieilmann, Kin?ie is a senior with some experience and Znvnl- etta derided lo use him ns qnar- .rllnir-Baytown clash,terback to help Frledmann who T '.^,,^ s -j l .™«. 2 ^ H™ C ™'W »'o M !<»• «'« owns the No. 1 ranking In AAA where Brcrkenridgc is tied for No. 7, and Wichita Fails and Abi- SCIIRDUt.B llrtrlhignii at Snn Tlenito Slonlerrey Tcrh al Brownsvlllo Edinbnrc nl r-SJ-A Ií:\yniondvillo nt Mcrrcdr-s K. C. r. nt T.nreito Ilonnu nl Hussion Slmrylniul nl lo'Eord J.os l r resnos nl Snn Dirgo Kdconcli-Elsa nf Hcnnvlilcn l.a Feria al í!!o liñudo Su nlii liosa ;it T.n Jnyn Purl fsnlicl nt St. Joseph's, (Brownsville) Ecllson nt Aline ***** lene rank No. 3 and R, respectively. In AAAA. Most of AAAA's other fop-rated clubs face tough opnosillon, nl- thoiiRh fourth-ranked Highlnnd " Hay (CO) nl Snn Angel Alamo Heights (SA) ler (CO) Carroll (CO nt Brynn Ilrmosjiort nl Virtoria likeiv nat lie decided the final whistle. Mission has lost Park and fifth rated Corpus'Oiris- II Ray seem to have easv foes ¡n Grand Prairie and San Ani resnectívely. Corpus Cliristi gelo Miller, No. 8, , . , entertains Alamo Heights, ninth- Defensively Oscar Oarza will go. in for Oscar Pena and Tommy Esparza will replace Jon .Tolmson in Hit; back-field. Julio Ronzalez will also go hi for Mike Lopez. Comí Dofcnsp. Tlie Bloodhound offense wns weak in the first two against Los Fresnos and La Feria. Only Hip strong defense anchored hy RcynnUo G'irz,i Jr. and Tony Flores has prevented more scoring against the Hounds. In the game ngainst the Falcons? ranked Galena Park tackles tom;h two weeks ago Ihe Rloodliotmds Port Kechps nnd lOlh-rnted Dal- played most of lhc second half on as Samuell meets Dallas Sunsetitheir own end of the field but In games that could provide up-jstonpcd several Fnlc-on drive's anrf S T AAA " !cn rccov(!ro<1 " fumble deep on In AAA, second-rated Cleburne shouldn't hnve too much trouble wilh Irving, nor third - rated slopped T.a Ferin's (!¡<>hly-totitod I3ro\vnwood with Killeen. But.lwrlerha'-k Jim Hudson particu- llipir torrllorv. Tlie Bloodhound defense nlso fourth - loitghie ranked Kilgore Texarkana h.ns ns has sevenlh-ralcd Liltlefield'ivilli Sem inple and ninth-ranked El Campo with Deer Park. In ¡he AA and ICovolcs divisions. '3S-J5. larly in Hie second hall of the game. Tlic Tarpons lost their first •ame of Itm season lo thc la Joya s last Friday nt La Joya things may get tough for Ihe one fíame ¡md Donna has won onc'' lighly ' I ' atwl (cams, too. nnd lost one, Brownsville will entertain Mon- icrrcy Tech nnd the home-standing Eagles nre favored to come out on top of the scoring, l.iille is known of the visitors but the Except for OIney, the No. 1 favorite ¡n AA. Tlie Cubs nre idle. PISTOXS SIfiX C1IIAIÍD DETROIT (UPn-Clnnrd Quick must lake on thc winning side oí the lert-er after losing the opener to San Benito last week. Sh.iryland plays nt I.yford and this appears to be n game in which evcnlv matched teams will meet, Edcolich - Elsa goes fo B^n- rvirtcs and Ix>s Fresnos lo San Diego. St. Joseph's A c a de my of Brownsville is at home against Ihe Port Isabel Tarpons and the Bloodhounds are favored lo win. But, Class A's mvorite, Stinnelti|^ n!lle . wllil nvera-jcd 11.2 points Basketball Asso- last season, has signed with the Dclroil Pistons. Guard Cene Sime nnd forward ... Karl Llo.vd are Ihe only Pistons games ngainsl_strgng_AA rivals, who have yet lo sign. — rolcnl i>>h-"-i.|in SS Nalional Q-owell meets wintcss hut rugged elation games Quatiah, New London plays Gil- " mcr, San Augiisline tackles Kir- Eagles will be anxious to get back bwille an,l AÍ , p i • oil ihn winning «M n nf .),„ !„,!.„„ b> ^" le ™'\ All ° ml! ^ *"& ¡n <MrO«1l» tV THf IUCKIMGHÍM COIPOR»riON, «OCK It pays to stop Nematodes with Nemaq SOIL FUMIGANt '^ i When nematodes put the bite on your vegetable roots . . . hit back fast with Nemagon Si Soil Fumiganl, íl : Nemngon Soil Fumignnt is easy to use. Apply || it 'n free-flowing granular form wilh fertilizer f spreader, or as a liquid wilh gravity-flow or pressure feed equipment. Or mix it with for- v . liliwr and fumigate, fertilize and plant—in ono'C ! labor-saving applicalion. Make this season's vegetable crop a bumper ; crop. Knock out profit-stealing ncmalocles with i Nemagon Soil Fumigant. 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