Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 6, 1954
Page 7
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pPt?flih ? ^l|lr ir .' ^.^t^'V^i^rt-a* 1 !,, 3-i * f £ I» H @ P £ * ARKANSAS ..v •,- >~~-n—^...~.-.....*. ~..^—~—*—» -* —•*• "* ~ ' ~~~ t m.jJAiLii^^^ •"-• • 'r.jr.r^-^J^,". i :..."^-~^ .~i A.-LI „ fW Play Murfr^sboro Again ffievins Hornets and tfti Murtfee- Sutlers will tartii^ for the sen time this season Friday af* l emoon at 2 p. m on ,the Blevihs *rfdiron the Hornets defeated tfee Rattlers 31 to 12 earlier ift the sfeasori. Coach ftussell Stephens has been drilling his etjuad on sofne new plays, and says the boys came out of We Frescbtt game in pretty good shape Blevms lost to Pirscott last Fsiday aiternofcn and til" Rattlers lost to the Arkansas School for the Deaf thai/ • S" »^^P^^?^«^'*'^^*^*"'"' TO "" < 7; "„.;:'' ^^vcs thcShellOil Rpflnety at wopa wvrt.Ill., m* ISC' a*on- *f&* Uil ,and lives ai Hope/Arlc He and fcli family had been visiting in Joliet tot a tew days. , Before gettmg'into the plaie, we Jhad filed .a flight plap ih the a)rpor,t radio "^tfice, showing stops at Franklin Grove 1 , peat Dixon, ill. and at Jortesb&ro, Ark., with ex peeted'tlrrte of arrival at Jones- bate, or "ETA 1 " as they call it in the coded jargon of the airways. . , - _ .A ._ Tnltvt *irt«»itfr\l*1 11 MARKETS III. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL 'EOCKYARDS, _ UP) .Hogs 7,000; moderately ac tive but later slow; narrows and gults 25-35 higher; sows strong to " , , , - «*» nnn 11_ 1fl H^.H* 1U <S higher; vide price gyration'? with rnor elhng based on disappointmei over West Germ any 'a failure t 33 head lot . th engine, pointed the nose ^ thl cr'afC, south by southwest and we began to gather speed, w e J W ci«hts were * airborne within a few «• g- , 17.50-1B.25; hoax hundred feet and the ground wsu suy cash rye yesterday. Wheat closed I'/j December $2.17, corn I O_QWJ1 JLI.UU-AU.*.', '•"-15,50-17.2; boars 1150 .ou- juu&i.y 1.0 Odown Cattle 3,500; calves 1,000; open ^ . .__ _..J V.nifAI*C JUA v»«»* r»* •• ——dropped away steadily'until welj^ 0 . "^"^"'{.V Odown had climbed to 1,200 feet and CflUle 3i50D; calvus headed northwest. This hop -- 7S . cad on fite(V . s and heifers mUes-by air and ,91 miles oi hard L^ gt acliyn on choice kinds 22nO driving by road — took us just 30 247g strint( o£ high choic , .^ l* 1 ^ ' w *. _i n/t nn. nr.^c minutes. land low prime steers .-RANDOLPH put the m - 0 derately active and ._i — i...«,*>i nrt/1 Vif»nrlpfl I n, T n^iri rtr\>i-imr»rr»iril fl.Ol . eraey a firm, u.U and commercial 9.00 12.80; can- i Two Americans Released by Red Chtoa By JACK RUSSELL PANMtJNOM, Kon; a (UP) —I he men Were alive and free merican marina lieutenant colo- el and an army pi'ivat" who were captured by the Reds after ie Korean : arrhisUcs. 'U. S. military officials withheld icir names,' apparently pending Otification to their families that •ie men were alve and fre. • The marine was a pilot who \vas captured when he landed on a Jorth Korean airstrip Hst- Feb. . after "losing his bearings," the Communists said. He -was flying a L10 liaison plane which also was eturned today. .The.'soldier stepped on a land mine May 25 near; th^.demililar- ized zone and was picked up by highe high POO '"LABOR" -Professor Kenneth Evett of Cornell U y «?nhlS? N Y ; works on the first of three murals for the " fl6'vvho competed lor the job. Ark-La Deal Blamed for Rate Hike LITTLE ROCK m - Ark . an "? "* Louisiana Gas Co.'s present^ financial dilemma" can be traced to a transfer of properties to art- other corporation a few years ago, an attorney charged today. Gordon E. Young of Pine Bluff, an attorney for industrial inter* ests who are protesting Arkansas- Louisiana Gas Co.'s proposed $3,654,000 rate increase, made tn» charge at the Public Service Commission hearing. , . !| J. C. Hamilton, vice P re s ld ° nt ,.°h the company, admitted that thd company had lost about $1,000 000 in a transfer of properties to the Arkansas Fuel Oil Co., but he said that the transfer was ordered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, '" The Arkansas Natural Gas Coip. owns both Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. and the Arkansas Fuel Oil Co. Ydung then admitted that the f SEC order was binding but he » said that Arkansas' interests wzre riot very well protected on the Yesterday an official of the gas company testified that his company made nothing in computing unit cost to large industrial customers in presentation of a 19ol JCUCiJ l uv: J- y«*t *«» x.*-*-- -T i ^. —«- cr, December $L52V ] /-«, onts u changed to '/« lower, December ijgiA r y e i-2Va lower, DeccOTbor i>1.36 1 /4-$1.36. and soybeans 3-4-4V4 lower Novemker $2.63V(- 1 /:!. Wheat: No 3 yellow heard 2 10 New corn. No 3 yellow 1 CO; No 4 1.43. Old corn: No. 1 yellow 1.58; No 2 157V2-58Vj-; .No ?., 1.57; No. 4 1.5; sample grade 1.54. Oats: No.: 1 white Red troops. ... Both men appealed to ten in good physical condition when they walked to fredoni in this historic truce village at 2:30 p. .m. (I a. m. EST. They were ''.wearing '..the. ,. same style "blue Communist, uniforms vat American war, prisoners wore when they were freed by the Reds uring operation "Big -Switch' im- ledialely after the armistice. The soldier apparently had re- overed from injurius suffered the. land mine. "I got lost and was running out of gas when I saw a small landing strip and sat down," the pilot -hen he .. . No 2 heavy while -821,4.. Soybeans: aw !K«l5> F^Wtt Diane' Inio w turn and headea ily and commercial a.uu i-au; ^ • down towwa'what looked like a L ers and isUtters' fi.Jfl-fl,OC; bulls nwrpw^taS , iX P as t« re to me< Steady; utility and commercial . 5t OU 3tQ, vuoi.^ BO«*K "^ .*ti*v \ i UfVu AU. v , , „*.(«, f\,i none and " Barley nomin.nl: mlatini; choice 1,40-50; good 1 31-39; fev-d 1 CO-20 U lNHLluiiavx4.iw*v fc " *•":.-' , ~ meeting when they announced he? wlud release the two men The The average length of life of U. ney wumu ^ ^^ been ac- S. industrial workers has mcreas- is of being spies. Ud from 34 years in 1879-1889 to ...... *!„...., r,«™ p g g years j n 1953, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., statistics indi- ,<»V( '. i. CrW yhieh,thftre*we.re a *otnl of, -32,000 jrollep-jsize chickens, aohejluled to Jo- tHhaiKet. tM8' Vqrnetl day, ter 'ewes 3.00-4.00 NEW YORK 8TOCKS~ , NEW YORK yp The stock . k > f , got <>ut, of ttne- Aircraft, and met' by Hay 7 Ferry, , man"' ' and his -> 7 ager" Of iihis"' operation, wife. Joh^a^ a fajv^ ,nd looked 1 a>erW s^owtag market w»s in th3 eaily d oo ae ,e chickens had been ,f e a at the •ate of, a ton ^ dpy tor, each 8,000 .., Ther* ims durjng&tbe .„„,,„-, -• : , -as also a chart .showing mortal- y - of .leS^ '.than 2 A POT* cent, qon- idered exceptionally, good. AifTER JA jhitlf-Jtour we. jvtUA n.^*- ^'•n»« *"<? ' , afternoon today, continuing its c)imP into ppw hi£h tmvilory which it entered yesterday after a milk lenction of About n week. As a usual thins, g<ws went to around a point, but some extended their advantage- to between 1 and 4 points. French to Hold Continued from Page One manent rcpiesentatives of the 1< NATO nations voted unanimous! to accept the recommendations' o the nine-power London meeting This action cleaii thj way fo two NATO special storing;•• com mittees io start work. Both the special cor.imlttes me today, One group will explore.th German entry into NATO and study changes needed in the- alliance's said. . ,, . The L-19 the Marino was flying when captured was dismantled by the Reds, was packed on two trucks an ddelivered to the Americans. Jlcll lie O'.^jJb'vvi .v". >-fr • ujijjiuaiuu, wi The Communists surprised unit- _ ood health, fl Nations officials enr-ljr today at ana* Newsmen and pholograpners were not allowed cis«p to the men at the reception point. U, N. officials said the soldier's back and legs were scarred from the mine explosion, but he appeared in D LaGrone head of the com- Ipany's rate department admitted the mistake during cross-examina-^ tion by Young. . Young said that mistake amount|ed to, 20 billion cubic feet of gas. The moon has no appreciable at- |mosphere. • Committee—the nation's highest military planning board—became known to the Communists m fuji detail within 36 hours after corn- meeting were held. French Blame U 6 S. for Leak of Secrets PARIS, (UP) —Pudgy Jacques __ Duclos No. 2 man of the French Only yesterday « ^~~~~.-Communist party, tried tonight to double agent and leftist journalist blame the United States for the Andre Baranes, told the investiga. , _t !_.. I,..._l TT^orv/-!! He>- Cno triVlnnnl that WhBtt hB g3VC lacU >Jjf L**V j.*»-*.»fc*. —— . •- — .«••• The 'two men Wer'o flown from Panmunjom to 3th Army headquar- . . '_ , -,—.i.. ,TcUUlluii,|V.» k "" . - - crs in ; Seoul shortly after vere released. : Rear Admiral Thomas B. they Brit- jtCal rvuiii-i*- t*i ' *••—«- — , .. tain, senior, '.U.;' N, member of the -in 1 -;..,, n'i«vnic'iinn : P!imh"lISSlOri Sclla cate. According to a researcher, superstitions are becoming more numerous — rather than dying out — leakage of top-level French de fense secrets to the Reds. Emerging from a 90-minute session before a military court of inquiry, Duclos told newsmen: "The organizers of the leak of the national defense committee secrets are on the payroll of the United States. They seek to fight and to bring down in France %11 elements who refused to yield to the dictates of the government in Washington." The inquiry has established that decisions of the National Defense ting tribunal that when he gave Duclos a copy of secret defense committee minutes, the Red leader said he wasn't interested because he already had the information from another source. me aviui">t: I.AJ*-- ••••—-- . _» came lost on n routine; migsiory WEST BROS. set up to admit the 13th member. The other group is studying thu problem of extending the Brussels pact lo include Germany'and Italy. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHJCAGO 1$ — LiVJ poultry taaiely steady to wouk; receipts 598 coops yesterday 704 coops; 317 $62 }b: f v o-b. paying puces unchanged to >/ 3 lovw'S heavy hens 12-13,5; fryer? nnd bro'lers 25-29; old roosters 12-J25; eaiionettes 31'4> W ej pvuwy^, receipt* 605,902; wholesale buying prices unchanged 1 «.. & & /in «£• no A KQ '?T* 90 B *^*KfeS pvyrt w »^» * vv ******"*' ' ***"* 1 whplessle buying prtees unphane- p4 to l l /a higher; U. »• l^J'f? 0 whites 41; mijfe «141; U, S. mediums 21; U. S, standards 2o; current receipts 32; dirties 19; checks _ , •93 sooi« AA 00.25; 93 A 99 -^ S(J; Bp C 5(12|5; cars 8. 89 C 6.25 Eggs' steady: receipts GRAIN AND PROVISIONS turned sr late Mn the session of the Bfl8.rd cf Trade today on the pos- sibllWy flf .huge export sales over matrn , sold under the previous plot* ss weather ii* \vnt\- orn tM central JHinois celared, raising yw prospect harvesting U'c new crop woulrf OP resume Rye went ihrauflb some fairly Onion Set*. . night to Wept per many. Other c reals couJd not returned to thp plane and got set for the take-off. Randolph pressed the starter button, and the propeller made a half turn W4 then stopped. ,fe pressed it another hatf turn. A«ei five or six more tries he said, '•Looks like she isnH going to start." I thought, "Oh no, Here are in the middle of a clover , 4ownward Woman Killed by Hit-Run Vehivle BENTON, I'TI — An unidentified woman hitch-hiker was killed by a hit-and-run vehicle last night on Highway 67-70 east of here. Sheaiff Pat Beriy said he talked to two men who told him they gave the woman t i i»de fiom Little Rock, to the junction of Salom Road, dropping her off about 10:30 hist night. He said a passing mot- lotist found her body near midnight. The sheriff said, the. woman must have ben about 30 yean old. He said the men who S'»v,, her a ride i-arlier in the night toid him that she said her 'mother lived in West Virginia, Berry said the only item of pos Starts Thursday-Shop West Bros. Shoe Depart, and Save! sible identification on the woman was a biblo ' she was • carrying which had a notation inside the cover-saying it was presented jto a Mary Crouch. . No clues on the hit-and-run ve hide had been turned up by thi morning, Berry aaid. Ladies Better SHOIS These are nationally advertised brands. Casuals, loafers, saddle oxfords and others. Extra special You'Ti enjoy our SAUADS SEA FOODS FISH Prepared s,n4 served the wqy VPW therjn. 75c DIAMOND iTJTo t A A BBWED Values to 5.95 These ladies shpeS; inc;Iude loafers, oxfords, and Gasual^ value buyi. Values to 3.95 $ 2.00 Men's SHOES Shoes from our regular stock reduced to sell. .Moccasin toe, plain, cap, wing, and loafer styles. Values to 8.95 CIETY ^ Calendar Wedrtesaay, October 6 "Civil Defense." is the theme of the program planned for Fathers' ' Night to be observed by Paisley '••• P. t. A. Wednesday, Otober 0, at 7:30. Haskell Jones will be in charge of the program. Guest speaker is Lex Helms, Jr., new director of the Civil Defense for our area. Families of Paisley students are urged to attend and all others are invited. *' Pat Cleburne Chapter of the U. D. C. will meet Thursday at 2:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. J. A. Haynes on South Pine street. St. Mark's Auxiliary will meet with Mrs Clyde Hill, Wednesday October 6, at 7:30 p. m. bers of the Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church, Mrs. Reddin, teacher, will meet at the church at 7:30 p. m. for the regular monthly and social meeting, this is to be a pot luck supper. There will be an installation of officers for the new year. Wednesday October 13 The Bodcaw P. T.- A. will mee Thursday October 7 W. S. C. S. of the First Metho dist Church will begin a study o* "ft India, Pakistan and Ceylon, Thurs* day. October 7, at 2 p. m. in the basement of the church. Mrs. John Gardner wll be the leader. All interested persons arc welcomed to attend. Hope Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Thursday at 8 p. m. in the high school auditorium oo Wednesday, October 13, at 7 p. .m The program will be presented b Nolan Caudle. The speaker will b Ode Goodwin. The public is invitee and everyone who plans to attend is asked to bring a pie. Notice The dinner meeting of Circles 1 3 and 3 of the C. W. I' 1 , of th First Christian hurch has been post poned until October 19. Mrs. Amos Hostess To W. S. C. S. Circle 2 Circle 2 ot the W. S. C. S. ot the First Methodist Church met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. W. Amos with 14 members and one visitor present. Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, the circle leader, opened the Friday October 8 I The Rose Garden Club will meet 'Friday afternoon, October 8, at 3 o'clock with Mrs. Garrelt Story at her home, 421 W. Second. Co- hostess will be Mrs. Ray Allen. AH members are urged to be present. This will be the first meeting of the ensuing year. P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet, at the High School, Tuesday, Oclobei 12, at 2:30 p. m., where they wil entertain the senior girls with : Monday, Otober 11 LibraceSays Not Ready to Get Married By BOB THOMAS HOLtYWOD OR - Will Lib- ace get married. He says no Holywood wonders. The matinee idol of TV has been •showing up at parties and premieres Soanne with a i danctif named Rio. Three dates Often lJUOiil.IV; AliAVSi *ii».*.w «.— .__ rneri an ehggement to Hollywood man and reports have circulated that Liberance was on the brink of matrimony. . , . ' I'm not ready t8 get married now," he told me. There are too many things 1 want, to to.. 1 want to play in Europe and make meeting with prayer after which Mrs. R. T. White gave a very interesting report on the District Missionary Education meeting held in Texarkana. Mrs. Earl O'Neal tfave a report on the work of the Assembly In Milwaukee. Mrs. Agee gave the rto- votionnl on "Jesus Christ, the Way." The members were served punch and cooUiss during the social hour. Circle G of W. S. C. S. Meets Monday Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock W. S. C. S. Circle G of the Metho- r ..._... dist church met in the home of Mrs. nob as a dancer-at ^ n_ T».,..i,« t,.;Hi TV/FTC 'n.nvirl T^r.inre. formerly Syvelo Burke Mrs. David fcV" JJ4CI.7 *.» ,^»M~ --,-». — . - - T- movies. My kind of schedule wouldn't leave'any time for marriage." • . • • ' fi The question of marriage hasn t been discussed." Jianne said. "We are very fond of each other, but it hasn't become any more serious than that. Lee is a busy man, and I have my career too. Besides he is leaving for a fiv>wek concert tour." Despite their denials, a member of her family indicated the ro- 'mancc was getting seriou.l. Anoth cr intimate declared the pair will wed if (1) Libcrace feels a marriage would not ruin his immense popularity with American females, and (2) he can break away from the close ties with his mother and family. : At any rate, oanne seems to be the only thing resembling a love affair in the pianist's life since he rode to fame as the candelabra " What kind o fa girl is she. She is pretty, ncaring 23 and the offer vescent type, in contrast to tht Foft-spoken Liberaco. She has ben around show busi ness all her life. Her father, Ed die Rio, was a song-and-danc man and is now local head o AGVA, the vaudeville union Joanne btgan acting at 14 an lias appeared in TV movies an night clubs. Recently she took _ I. '. , ... linn MOUll Carroll's 1VI On Ua y t W LUUC111 >~Jj v *-»«« «-.«. --— ,.--.. All members and associate mem-1 Waddle as co-hostess. r-. Mrs. George Murphy, presid* 'ed over the business session. Mrs. Jack Gardner aniunincod that, a study class would begin Thursday. Acid Stomach? Get TUNIS Quick! Top-speed relief for gas, heartburn, Rouge, formerly Earl But she says she is quitting th show to return to her "first love, acting. •acid indigestion Stiff only TUMS fOVL THE TUMMV October 7, at 2 p. m. at the church. Mrs. Raymond Peace gave the devotional, and Mrs. L. B. Toolcy reported on the Assembly of Me- thodist'Women'held in Milwaukee l^st May. All members present took part in the discussion The hostess served a dessert plate to 13 members. JS-V*§jr*L'—-J mt f|N $«tWF^ Jmemw* ofhef Gredrt Cdlirtfy *omr RfSmmei wilt visit ^ fii -.td&s Wfedttesday - attd fc tiled to be In ARKANSAS TOtttfO, '(tJP) * * . —-Ralph W. Zwicker sdd tatty hte Is "personally <|iflte. pl^ed" *" committed tepdtt tteedftime 1 censure ,of Serti JbseBh "'R« jCarthy (RAVis.), \. Zwicker, wtio had -„-... H by McCarthy" afe "ttnfiUO otfider's uinforjtn," Was d wi«fie^ before the cetts'ufe eommltt*e. H arrived here Wday to take com is *?<» • When the sun shines on the moon surface temperatures,reach 200 d_ grecs above zero, but when the surface is in darkness temperatures may drop to 250 degrees below ~- Northwest Arkansas is the stetton where «8riin' and fun seem to be the major industries. The land W thickly splotched with lakes and rivers, which gives rise to some of the best bass, bream, cat and trout fishing in America. The rugged terrain provides scenery unequaled anywhere in the state. Three state parks (Petit Jean. Mt. Nebo and Devil's Den) exist in this section, each with its own peculiar attraction* for the tourist, including Wmthrop Rockefellers new home atop Petit Jean Mountain (1), wicrd rock formation's at Devil's Den and a. host of breathtaking views from atop the park Site on Mt. Nebo. Eureka Springs (2), is variously called "the stair-step town," "Little Switzerland" and other cognomens having reference to its precarious clinging existence on the sheer sides of the steepest Ozark hills. The honeycombed limestone hiljs of the section are riddled with caves and dripping with water .. -starting as springs and merging into countless streams that beautify every turn in the road. Marble f Falls (3), in Newton County, just outside Jasper is the spectacular product of the ever rushing Water from high in the Ozark hills. And where there is water there are fishermen. "Floatm'" (4) i.i the traditional way of seeking out the finny fighters winch inhabit the clear, cold streams of Northwest Arkansas. In recent years it has become an industry which has grown into comfortable profits for guides and boat owners . . .'and'-a way of showing fuprmers the real beauties of some of the back country of Northwest Arkansas. Arkansai Publicity and Infprmatlon D«partm«nf THIS IS FIRE PRtVtNTiON ^6t» to be cdreful lor jusrt,6ne WdeMhfJ guard for tMs next, 51 - weeks. **"•* " it's ready to strike Wherj ypU ' Don't give it thabbpportunlty , ' t R . k * , " EMEMBER THA' every 20 seconds you're reading-rhU, ends, fire wil kill-28 —it^zza 60 more, damage oddest/ok 700 ?l 80 factories", 7 ehurcheii, ojMnofl 3 hosnitals. *"' ,V VU " ", ' .J,,-H^ zero.- "BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" CAMPUS STYLES they're RUGGED... they're RIGHT.. they're Style 25476 Popular new Andees Brown (Shrunken) grain-leather $8.95 to $12.95 Poplar Grove 196 Has Installation Of New Officers Poplar Grove 196. ;iocal Woodmen's Circle met for its regular monthly meeting on -Tuesday. October 5, at 7:30 p. m. at -the W. O. W. Hall. I Miss Lucille Walls;, national committee woman and state manager of the W. O. W.,xpresided during tlv short business session. At the op|n- ing of the meeting, the flag wfcs presented. Each officer was at her station. The following officers were m stalled for the new year: President Charlcne Wiggins; vice-president Marie Coleman; first vicc-prcsidcn Pat Faris; second vice-president Nettie Tittle; recording secretary Dorothy Norvel; treasurer, Nettie Rothwell; auditor, Pauline Sanders chaplain, Ruth Ellis; attendant Chloe White; assistant attendant Omra West; musician, Joi Am Hartsfield; captain. Lurlene White, reporter, Ruth Hartsfield. Mrs. Ethel Thomas, a new member, was also present. It was announced that the next social would be held in the home of Mrs. White on October 28. DOROTHY DIX Bibulous Spouse Dear Miss Dix: I am very much n love' with Clifford, who is ; my econd husband. I know he feels the ame about me —./when he's sober, When" he has been drinking, he .says he most abominable things, 'even accusing me' of infidelity. These insults and accusations arc said no -natter who happens;to be present. It's true, alter my divorc.e'I'did Boyle Hospital Notes The styles young men want at prices that go easy 9.0 the budget! THE Will Y«M i . '..-c\4^4.^-'i^dsU^ '••."'«-• .s'-v FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE „ "Where Good Shoes are Fitted CorrecHy 113 E. Snd Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 Julia Chester • , Admitted: Mrs. Leo Arnold, Rt. 1, Hope, Ark., Mr. Billy Ray Brown, Waldo, Ark., Mr. Joe McBride, Rosston. „ ., Distcharged: Rev. J. O. Gold, Mrs. Paul McRee, Rt. 1, H Ruby Fay and Charlie Ogden, Hope, have a son born at 12.50 a |m. Tuesday. . Branch ... I Admitted: Mrs. James_ Boyett Washington, Mr. Joe Hargis Rt. 4 Hope, Mr. T. S. McDavitt, Hope, Mrs. R. L. Levins, Washington Discharged: Mrs. Carl Kicks, H Mr.' and Mrs. James Bnyctt of Washington announce thc_ arrival lot a son born on October a. Continued from Page One dium," said Red. "The lack of time is the biggest hurdle, "lime ... everything in comedy. You need it to polish your material, to per feet your performance. If.you don put the lime' in, you end up wiU a lesser .product.'.' •••••• Red Buttons, .who has a boyish' face but a wrinkled .''mind; was born Aaron Chwatt on the lower East Side 30 years ago in a neighj borhood so tough he spent most,of ils boyhood with his hands knot- ,cd into fists. : 'I was 13 before I rcially knew T had fingers," he recalled wryly. He started at 10 .'as n singing bellhop that's how lie got Ue name Red Buttons and .learned the -comic's trade in burlesque, un around quite a bit and got my- elf talked about but Clifford knew „!! about that When he married me When he sobers up, he's sorry, ajid denies everthing. I can't make him stop drinking because I do it my self, to an extent just as everyone we know does. Is there a solution'' Offer, An Example Answer: Yes, my dear, there is] a solution, or at least a definite direction in which you can find one. Stop-drinking yourself, and you'll be in a-position to make the same demand of ' your husband. If you J can'.t both make the determination to give up alcohol, you will find help through Alcoholics Anonymous, Tho excuse that you drink simply because everyone eh>e does is stupid; To take'"a- chance of hav-1 ing your home broken just because you haven't the. courage to say I 'no'> to the offer of a social drink s. senseless. You have been India-1 creet enough, between your marrl- ages, and should be making an ef-1 fort now to redeem yourself, rather than sinking a bit further .into a I noral quagmire. Two young people m love, with no material worries,) certainly ought to make a better adjustment to life- than you two] have. . • i The next tme Clifford is sober have a serious talk with him. Ask Top Radio Programs NEW YORK W) — Selected pro grams tonight: NBC — 7:30 Bill Cullen quiz; 8 Groucho Marx: 8:30 Big'Story. CBS — 7 FBI Drama, •Carnival Act;" 3 Perry Como; 8:30 AMOS and Andy, ABC — 6:30 Lone Ranger; 8:30 Whileman va rieties. MBS — 7 Squad Room drama; 8:30 ^Fitmily" Theater. Y ' ,OU v«r^ *.*?*•*•', *h" UYV %' from being ajjidhQ/theij/jicj 90 percent or ignmpn. !\eep in jmnu ,••"; seldom is the victim of.fJ.preve importttnt, know what to aoyM 1 Let's make EVERY* weeJ*Flte_$ * "''. ! t w-' V B E SURE, too, to keep;amply RWtl by insuring, wiMi^^,:^!!^ ROY * SAENGER* TODAY & THURSDAY LI1U l»Ul(iit> «3 K* t.»*A>- . --- . . -• musical comedies, night clubs, and thousands of club dates. ,' Now he's in the top financial brackets in television, but he sill looks wistfully back to the days, when-he did sketches in burlesque and vaudeville. "Burlesque was a great training ground," he' said: '"They let yoi alone. You 'had to find your """ laughs, build: .up: your sketches. You had.a chnnco personally creative. In vaudeville it took from on to thro years fo put together a- really good act,- but. then you had. something solid that could last you. FEATURE TIMES: 2:00 - 3:49 .,. 6;39 - 7:27 - 9:16 OF THE HUNTER AND HUNTED Main & Country Club Rtls. • FINAL NITE • ABRE CT IHCOlOR (l w Ci't «i »"<«». Robert STACK:Coleen GRAY Wpo'dy Woodpecker —•—»«~«Mi^»»^*l^^'" i Thurs, A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY 50c BARGAIN NITES * 1, BUGS BWNNY t % t JQHNPAYNE "GO RIViR 99 STRfiT" ancjj ' cc- for years. •Look at Smith nnd Dale eir 'Doctor, KronHitx-' KKII: ••cj've been doi'v.; it for !50 year's, —' just think of. it, .50 years and s "still funny." But Red fuels tho .day of ?etehos and the great sketch Hans is slowly coming t" an : id. Anwrjfi the firtiKtK of this •afi" he listc-a Willie Howard, W. C; reield.s, Bert ' L;ihr, Bobby| lark, and Olsen and Johnson. •"In television the only way -you aa' ! live is to-follov/- a story line nd'-.develop a .iituation comedy, id Caesar,. Milton B<;rle. Imogene Coc.a. and Jakie . Qlaasoi had to witch to situation iacl to, too. It 3M" •'•— •—, vantage of having familiar charac- ers to build up week after week. him if-he wants to make the effort to establish a good We for you | both, with your full co-operation. Personal counseling might be necessary; you may get it through] your • clergymen (though I bet hasn't seen you at church in many a moon i, a family service agency, or an Alcoholics .Arnonyrnous representative. The' picture of what .might happen if you don't straign- ' ten out, isn't a pretty one, but I m lure you can visualize it enough to sidetrack it, no matter how great the effort. .Dear Miss Dix: I'm 38 years old and divorced, /flmiigh I'm of aver- ago 'looks,nnd intelligence, The MANOR $10.00 seem to'find a girl who fills the it- ciuii-omenls I'd like in a wife. Is it possible to meet a nice gill who jiUes sports? , • ' ... R - °i ?'Answer: A.good-looking man ot 3§ needs no assistance ,to find a Wife Join a bosvling • club, rod and giirvplub, or any other group con- cprnt'd svith sports and I'm sure yo.u'll find tlur lady of youi dreams, Further than that I can't holy ypu, since arranging correspondence, meetings .or marriages is beyond my scope. comedy. I've you the ad- 'Television echnique' as uses the th* movies. People :> pear Miss 0ix:, My husband and I- lived alone until my sister-in-Uw decided to return to school, ahe and her three phjldren then moved in. with us, and she leaves the youngsters with me all day while sht. at^nds classes. She wasn't in- von't go to tho movies any more ust to see a man tell'm! jokos. They'want a slory situation with their humor- Tlicy want it on TV, too." Red Buttons, the funny man. looked sad, Like all evouiles.que performers ho misses the fun had in baggy pants — th- w»«^* youthful years spcnj taking the pi<? in th? face, the seltzer water QR the h,ead, foe brpkjjjj eggf in, tfte tut, • -; -;.. w . . vited, nor did she even consult me about the arrangement. "SELF-CONFORMING HATS with the bather tbat really gete around- in COMFORT -i No two heads are shaped ^lik^that'J impprltnt to your hat insumtiy eonfcro Answer: This is one of those s»_ tuations that calls for drastic and unpleasant action. The pnly way W remove unwelcome, but peys^stant, sweats is to declare that thp visit fs over awd they «ms$ leave, -Pre' lady has ggroeplaca ^ ' is ^ ""' wBverie«c«

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