Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1954
Page 18
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J^.rfja-^f/l " * ' ' •w -j if r • 3(T/9., I .it) J-ti? JTf 20 fit n 25 It^l! 18 fr»,8 133 Z40 4.05 f&Sw&K l& I'lS *§8' <• ta. 50;! i^Or 3.00 SiOo. ,Mi iiB>r4! f&Jc 4.50 6.00 tl. 12.00 13.50 15.00 'Str tt ' . Rdfei $tofM oboV* or« for *cuHv*YrtJef-f«mfc Irreflulari br «,3S*'adJ will tak» .th« one-day rot*. , Alfc*«te cldisHtad.a^rtlsliifl.toby #iir WT «eenf«d'ufiiii S'P. m. f« ! tto .' Allowing; day. llihwfc rwerv* th* fight; to, «dif ,oJ|. ddveftHemwiti, of- ltotldn bnd f«f rtjtet e»Atfe«teSt" HJtfEttAl. HOMfe 'WSOft^Jfi i , r'AMBttLAMCJE) 2MB &'8£2iEL", ^iPHOKE 7*2163 •' --- •'•'AIM Mo, Tff ASSOCIATION Qtd«st In South gtmta our 1 Mo, For Sale th« vli«. ' 4 t 1 ' •«**»«*»» ifcWert *" $•*'£ *** v, i.\ \> nltlafo, of,.en** *> mow- !•«•«, or. fiiur«» ttieh ai house, or n count o» eft* word, will not b*. tMDon* in wont Ad*, units* ... v-,,.ftr m our attention :iRST Insertion of ad ond then the ONE Incorrect Insertion. iwuiprv; •«[ «T iMpMor* nu. \/«*•«<*** «lbl*< for. e effort" we«ft( foC 7-3431 Ldyawoy, Open, on TRIKES - BIKES AND DOLLS OKLAHOMA'TIRE & SUPPLY • ' - COMPANY. ---^^- - ' • -seed oats, germination 96%.. $1.25 j>er bushel Phone 7 . 4931'.' Mr. A. B. £noch. Oklahoma It Rated Best NEW YORK '.& — Without so much as nil. offensive huddle last, veekend, Oklahoma's S o o n e t- s climbed back into the Mo. 1 spot oday in the Associated Press col- ege football poll. The Cation's sports writers and teroodcasters, still trying to hit a winning combination in picking the lations top 10 ieahls, brought the Sooners up ft-ont again to»m, the runner-up spot after OUlahofha flaced its 2-0 reeofrl out of rea£h with on open dntf rfhtufd^y. CoacH Bud Wilkinson;.-? crew, ranked No, 1 in the opening poll slipped to rccond last week aftef Sfotre iDamc's impfrossivo openih Victory aRairtst Texas. But wit, Nott-<i Darrie knocked off. by Pur» due 27-14. the ballots again favored the Sooners, who collected 77 of the ( 153 first-plnc2 votes and totaled 1,309 points (10 for first; 9 for, second; etc.) The Irish werir shuttled- down to eighth wihle, Purdue mads, its debut in. the top 10 at No.. 5. .with', a rimnor-up number of fin.4t plaice votes (23). but not enough, support ,in total points. •ft *AYL«, TALiOT. NEW YORK Ot) — The American League only thoitgnt it had trouble when it met hfcre a weeic ago to try it bteathe life back into the Philadelphia Athletics. Nri one can estimate hdw long it will lake the younger circuit to recover fuly from the debacle of the WorM Series. It was known, of" course, that Pfesideht Will HaWldga'i? league. after Eeveh: straight years- of dominate, nart become badly overv , halhhced and seriously ^. heeded, to do sptfiothifig about the five weak ..ri it» its "sccohd .. diVWiofj." UhVQ-itie Giatils went to wo^k ofi Cleyeiafid's ill-gams win- /lete, the cxteht to which the en- life league Had deteriorated was not fully' appreciated 1 . Let us put it ihU way. In the the third, playoff, game, at Cleveland , when Hank ki substituted at , .,V -,* • ,-*.*' '~- f,' t 'i if :.' -v*, "r Jonyery,, !«, _ THREE- Mbm apartment, private weekday., afternoon by »n»Mift«-eoj C. l.«B«lm«r,» Rrtiweiil , ,» «.» « ;'Mr»»r'|,;PiiWI*e» Pent H, Jonti, Managing Editor lest M. Pevli. Advertising Maneget George W.- Hoimtr, Mech. Supt. For Rtnf . Not so fortunate as Notre Dame 4.6 following a losing weekend was Maryland, last yoax's national champ and sixth n wok ago! The Terps, beaten by UCLA, fell out lird base for ailing At Rosen, tb.e hampiohs.of-the American League /ere playing men at third, short" top, first base and in right field vho; could hot arr>6nf? them, win n egular. job" on any ciiib in. the Na- iohal. League. Ah official of the c'ighth-plape Pittsburgh Pirates .aid: he couldn't use any of them, md that-should be fairly conclus- sive. : ''.... So what does this portend the of the top 10 while the Uclans .•nnuiu-rooin uputmicm, *u.*v«i.u — — --*- - - _«..,_j bath-and: private entrance. Near moved from fouith to second. s-chook'808 W, Fourth. Phone 7-1 Also missing, despite a 13-0 vie- ,,,aa • 28-tf tor y over Syracuse, is Ponn Mate. " The Nittany Lions dropped, to 12th from; 10th. • , The complete lop 10 lirteup be.— hind Oklahoma: 2. UCLA; 3. Wis- 220 N.'Elm. 1-tf consin; 4. Iowa; 5. Purdue; G. Duke; '7. Mississippi; 8 Notre FURNISHED.. 4 room apartment. Electric" refrigerator. Garage. No, children.' Mrs. Anna Judson, 67 West " Inter***; ei* iteendE ele«« • mattef ^ 'at, ' ***» 1 ... KM f»« ' OWea ato Ho»e, glider the Act of March 3, Mernker, e»tH»* Audit,. Mfeea el I *- 7 ; I ^f ClrcMlatlem/ ' ':. * • • *- • JJUKC; /. Mississippi, « «u«« THREE room furnished garagej Dame; 9 Southern California; 10 apartment. Bills paid. Phone 7- Ohio State, 4592.- * 5'3t The leading teams 'with first 34--iMB»M^M»l™™^^^*«^—««^—*—™-*"^" 1 "~ — •"•"••^*^'^^^^"~~ J]*; ( SjIbierlpjIpn'jReitei'(payabl^ In ad- fe i^eorrjirrin 'Hopej ond'. rwl V^fejJ l 'v/r4%<. s <-1°*rt*— • • ^ . I(WW i \_ x. V ; * f mm •iVOne mofith'j......*.;.........™...... > '••9 ' "Three mortthi i....'.. l.*0 ^,^^ i: airjconditioned one an.. (] two, bedroom apartments redecor-'g* UCLA (20) ated inside and ouU A nice place ^ wisconsin {17 , to live for reasonable rent,,J, L. . tLIEBLOI^G ' REALTY CO.' ,/ Phone 7- 2228, 5-tf Real Estata for Sole DAIRY, Farm for Sale. 90 acres on - --•' Washington, Highway- Iowa (15) Purdue (22) Duke (3 Mississippi (12) •Notre Dame USC , _, ..,. _ - Ji( xxiuc open land, some good 12 Penn Slate 10. Ohio State (1) 11. Rice > and Balers 1140-R ; - ' - • TW OttWT^IftOil*"- " ' One month 1 .'....- 1-JO , Three'months', 3.25 , llx months" „„.;, 6.50 , On* year ...'I..'...".... ils.OO ; eNefl* Atfverthlnt' RepreientetJveil •|AHwta« Qoll(f«, Inc,; 1602, Sterlcle. \fildd8 Wemphlit2; Tenn.; SOS-Texoi', F•«*?-«ll4a ( i; Do Iqs- 2, Jexas; 360. N.., &4K«WK?'V!* t<! J 1 ^ 0 ^ U- "i l! ' *A^ 142dS»,',, New, York 17, N. Y.; 1763 •*Periobieot3*B!do?/ Detroit 1 2, Mlchi; Terminal Bldfl., Oklahoma City 2," Okla. , ,' ' ,., Memker ef'.The, **«npi|ted rreut The Associated Press I js entltlw-ex- ' tlu«lvely'*toyhe M» t <pr 'repybl eotlon of all 1he local new* printed In thl» newspaper,,«' wej|fe.a«f a$s^P new» 'dispatch**. , Paved nearly _,.-.. .grass available now - all fencedj 13> Maryland nice five room stucco house, bathu 4 ' p] or ida (1) butane gas - deep well and, pump, 15 ' Texas Lo»t )!. Tile dairy barn-big hay and stock barn - Possession no\y - % rnile •from city limits - Priced for quick sale - $8,500.00. IDEALLY located between Fail- Park" f*nd Garland Grade School this modorn two bedroom home with den. Has a nice Iqrge lot s gauage,..workshop .a'neUirijwiy' ot, lier desirable features - Veterans meeting requirements can buy for $175.00, Cash - will also finance F. H? .A> Price only $7,000.00. Vacant now. •- r IN Beverly Hills we offer an attractive rnodem 3 bedroom home wl(l»,,beautifiil'shade tree on lot. 1C. West Va. (5) 17. Stanford 18. Minnesota 17-20. Tie Navy. Va. T^ PAIR eye. glasses wittVp'mber rims atiFair^Park Friday Afternoon, «'found call 7^4534, " 2-3t 1,369 1,245 1,000 1.073 1,011 , 021 54: '4G' 29 S7< 24 14 130 115 Ha veto Play Better, Wydttt Porks By tHe Associated Prse8 To hear, .the seblft talk,. things never looked darker .'fof the "Southwest Conference in itite};se.ct football- thnri they do 'lliiirwerJl ...The ,cloak-andrdngy;cr bovs of the conferohce painted ;» gioorriy''pic- ture Monday for three of-.the five conference teams which'go-outsid? the loop for opposition this wek"- end, when Rice will take oh Wisconsin, Texas Christian -will pla> Southern California ahd Southern Methodist* will meet Missouri, Baylor faces Arkansas; in a con fcrenco clash, Texai! plays Okla lioma, and Texas A&M goos eanins Houston in the cither games. Rice scout Jo<3-D:wU called third Mays to Play During Winter NEW YORK I/ft — Willie Mays, 23>year-old sensation of the world champion New York Giants, figures he has a lot to learn about playing ceniei-field so he'll pay winter baseball in the Puerto Hi- can league. "There are n lot of things, I have iti iearn ab'itit playing ecntei-fiold." said. Mays yesterday after receiving permission to play with the Sahturce club. Ard this from the National Lcagurj batting chnmpiofi whor. made "the" catch of the Wofld Series in snagging Vic Wertz'S 4SO--foot fly at the Polo ounds in the first game. Willie, however, Will not hav? a chance to pet over-worked since By, BE.N OLAN ' NEW YORK 'Jfl — SrttHUpnxV Johnny Antonelli posted the lowest enrned run nvcf ngn among major league pitchers' whil e producing 21 Victories and sis Shutouts for tilt; New Ywrk Giants diir* ing the regular 1834 season* Antonelli. who. had- hii! talented left hand in two. of .the C-lnntd'' World Scriesi ttiiimpl\3 ovefc Clove 1 Jnncl, permitted . Ofl earned fufis ifi 259 innings* for a 9f>afkHh ; f? fc29 c-arned-. run mark, stntistlc.4 aortv tnance 10 gei ovcr-wur-Keu MIH.-I.- -. , . the Puttftir ' Rican letigin tchedule piled by the Associated' Press c:al.ls fofttnly three games a week, -'---•' *-->—• goocl it Will probably be the . Big Seven's prahge Bowl rc|ir«s<jnta« live New Year's Dny. First and ciosed. today. Mike Garcia of the Indians, •10-gnme winner, captured the American lit'flgue title with a 2.64 average, bnf-ely edgittg Chicago's- uve «ew xeaiis vi\y* rirsi aim ..... b S7 ."Srfcfe Jlf^Wh.Ilrt^ Garcia ',m up 7fl: earned n,n S easy Moridoy while ttu* third team got a strong dose of fundainentalSi Coach Bowden Wy'att tol:l his Arkansas Razorbacks Hint they will have to play bf?tt.e,- ball -it' they in 359 innings and Conseugt<a with a 10-3- won-lost recdrd, allowed 4d in 155. J.X1H-- ft\,Ull t UUV,'- L/i I v f •» V.tllitri.lLiiiit --•-.*, .« ,.-.^4, "-;;- — ••• ranked Wisconsin the. best team in expect to lreep_ 'their..unbeaten rec- the country aftor soint; 1hc Badgers play-Marquette and Michigan State, an dRice coach Jess Neely put the. Owls., through, an px.tr.i- stiff workout on tho strength of the statement. The Owls probably will be ; in better shape for - the Wisconsin clash then they wore fnr Cornell. Neoly didn't-ned'.-.-.tscklo OrvilJe Trask, fullback Mac Taylor ard ord intact. The first string got off. early in reward for tho 20-13 victory over TCU last week, but Wyatt worked the reserves long ahd hard in preparation, for Hay- sad shw,qing'Up• -.if .n. club .which lad broUen'even with!the Yankees md CHlqii^o '•. White. 'Sox over the 1 egular "Reason wliile slaughtering ts lesser..-league rivals A National, ^i^^ix, *I.U*WMV,I> i»mv. . K-«^A.,I M *.... league" figure, not'..connect-id, with | ends John Held-and.;Marshall CraW .he Gialfts,' "who .Wii's 'd^iil? tome *"-•' •••»"•« <w» ni,>i,. ,,,v,o,,t™,i rw. celebrating after the filial;: game^. said this'';., .-.,-• "• "EVcry team in our league will feel the i difference . at the .gate. Take N-ew ^Yprk, -Whiclv has some- [hing Ilke'"50 : ,'p0b ' visitors every day of the season...'A lot of those people mt to;.^see a big league game, _.id a big' majority of them have been going to Yankee Stadium. Now. they'll want n 'J.J to -the Polo Qrounds:=to watch Will'e Mays, Johnny Antonelli, Alvin Dark and lor. ford when the". Owls whacked Cor- riellt but hp'll 'welcome them back for-„ th'is" 'week's tussle. All were ailing last Saturday. ' : TCU will face.a multiple offense which backfielil coach Wal- ,er Roach calls "throughly resourceful!' when the. Horned-Frogs meet USC Friday ''night. • Roach told the team USC is "bit;, rough and fast" as the Frog:: went to work on their defense. Sophomore sensation Charles Curtis, injured last wek, returned to a:-tlon as . . ., .. Texas and Baylor both r face ( tin- pleasant injury problem!! as the Longhorns nnd Benrs moved into ii .hew .wek of training. The Long- hoprns have, lost center Creighton, Younger for the season with shoulder injury, ' Langford Hank Thompson., '"We'll all 'feel it when \Ve ; pay .there, and we'll feel it in our home parks too, because ovu- fans \vi know they are looking at.the best If there. Was any-question about those fellows getting the Athletics out of Philadelpnia ihvi e won t be any now 1 The Phillie- iume at tendance 1 should jump a quarter million easily " , Sh'eed :for ,thre woks with another sore wing, .full baqk Bill Long with bad teeth and halfback, Delano Womack with a log injury. Long arid Womack might make it back against. Oklahoma Saturday. Baylor will face Arkansas with out the boy considered their best bet for All-America honors half back L. G. Dupvcu — who went out of last week's game with Mi- anii for a five-week stay "Vith a broken ankle. Tackle James Ray JUBl WU1V, 1UIU1 Il'-t! HJ «• liuil a.i •-• —•• — -• "- — the Frogs worked out without padp-.|Smith and guard Henry Rutherford Things were hardly on a jovial have less serious hurts-. Sopho-- more Reuben Saage will tako over fullback chores against Arkansas as Weldon Holley moves to Du- theme at Southern Methodist, either, as the Mustang coaches hit the team with a one-two punch consisting of a ; resume of : last week's loss to Geii-Ria Tech and a preview o! this week's- clash with Missouri'. Scout Red McClain told the Mus- A pitcher must work at least 15* nnings to be considered' for the crown. Low Bitrdette ofc Milwaukee: wound, up a. poor second, to An- tonolli in ihe Nationoi: League, giving-up 74 earned runs in 237: frames for a 2:81 slate. Lew won is games and lost 14. Ruben Gomez of-tho'Giant*, another World Series victor, finished third with 2.84 on 70. carried'' runs in 222 innings. He had a 17."9' won- lost record. : Curt Simmons of the Philadelphia Phillies was;, fourth;'with 2.02, followed by Robin Roberts, also of the Phillies with 2.95 and Gene Cbnoy of Milwauko with 2.97. Early Wynn of Cleveland ended up; in a third-place tie with teammate Bob Lemon in the American League; Each had'an average of 2.72.- Wynn. permitted 82 earned runs in 371 innings and Lemon, T8 in 258. Steve Gromek of Detvoit v/as the fifth with a 2.77. Next came, vir Trucks of Chicago, 2.78, and Whitey Ford of ihe New York Yankees, 2.82; pre's Halfback spot. Texas A&M, still jubilant from its upset over Georgia last week didn't 'even have a workout for players- who figured in the tri- tangs to expect'.a team that's so'i umph. Coaph Paul (Baar) Bryant kept them around, long enough to praise their defensive play and then went to work on tho freshmen, who met the TCU frosh Wednesday night. The Aggies were to get back in harness Tuesday in preparation .for Houston. Little World ; .Series Underway *' LOUISEVILLE, Ky." (>) —• John Meyer, the strikeout king of the' Intcrnation.il League, gets hi?, chance tonight to try and cheek the march of Louisville toward the junior woria series baseball title. Meyer's Syracuse mates fell two games behind lasit night as the wlth,,beautiful shade tree on lot. games behind J.ani nigm as me Attic fan, floor furnace, hard-1 Chiefs were beaten 3-1 in the sec- t^-rn. --tn-r-- -j 1 - V"---. :- —-J--I-- ----- ''i - --------.'AM Fair liGgjundSj Black'' Female 'Cbcklr v SpSnlei; answers to narrte of'-Jett. Liberal reward. Phoi>e ' Mrs. James ' Help Wonted •VV***^* * *^TT T'.-'Ar •* ^~-*J* Ji |> <• 1 -. periencftJ," Qf, » bu|in^ss -, college tlon, 74458' for t appofotment; 30 "*, ** uMm ' , . ^ Hop. Bullder'i Supply Co, Phone 7-2381 wood floors, builtins in kitchen. Will -finance F. H. A. or G. I. CALL FOSTER REALTY, CO. PR7-4C91 4-3t Trade TOURI$T ( Court located on U. S. Highways 07 and 82 in Texarkana, A real money maker. Shotild gross $2500 per month. Will tj>ft^e equity for Hope property, or-; farm. Balance already , fin.a.ri£e,d'' on easy terms. Phone PR 7Hh*68, Southwestern Realty 'o. ' ' 3-3t Notice COX'S Station at Fulton will serve Turkey, dipneps, Sunday, October 10» SJi' per- plate. Drinks extra. 5-3t ,*: Folding. Field Shoe* • New. Nj»vy. H Ip BopU , • New B-89 Vrmy 1 Fl«ld CQ,at? f New A U»«d Combfrt BPPts • Gwn*,, f Short and Long • Oa* Can . . Curtains t Cpp|,Bupke.t»,. f |h"ndr?d? e« pther 41 Items. REAVES PARGAIN HOUSI Instructions! ' CLASSES 1n' c tapV acrobatic, ballet and Jpe, .Rathprloft Windsor, 104 E, 14th. PJj;Qj),e.7-3327. •' 2?4 mo. Wanted to iuv WILL pay cash .for complete stock of merchandise. Any bargain considered. Write £ox "X", % Hope, Star, ' ' 4-3t /MQnjfcrYoiirCar - PMNTED ore having 1 d we con „ ,.,.,. on yQ«^r ^roKJ?s or The Negro Community •y Heltn Turntp: ~ Or brlna ujrn* t« w|w-TMrn»r •t HipKi Funeral, H«ni» seryjses ^»r^A.-G. Allen wHl»,h«tt"Wednesday. October 6, •at S§rr¥tft:h«pe1 'Baptist Church with b,wja.) in St. |y!ark Cemetery at 3 p* rn, l '. * M4 WPi-V If TTF-rr-^ —-TT-u- * - T ---r^ ^ - * TTi-R-T l.v^—i'Si r bus d}ed Saturday. Oct<ppi- 3- Fun- l arrangements are Incomplete. J^odgp JCp.* 43 will meet October S, at the j pjace. AH wei»^ to be present at 0;30. ond game of the series. Bill Werle continued his superb playoff play in last night's game. He limited. Syracuse to four hits an'd chakccl up his' fifth victory in the post-season series, including both the Association and the series games, ..f As matters now stand, Syracuse tallied only the second run in 42 innings of post-soa«Qn play'off the crafty lefthander. He allowed one run in'pitching 33 innings against Columbus and Indianapolis in the Associaton playoffs. Norm Zauchen clouted a third> inning double' to semi homo the 'two Louisville runs that were: [.neded for the victory margin. " Fights Last Nhght lyiONDAY NIGHT'S FIGHTS . .,. By The Associated Press NEW YORK — Moses Ward 160 V4 Detroit, outpointed Billy Kilgore 105'':,, Miami Beach, 10' Brooklyn — Lulu J'otez. 133",., Brooklyn, outpointed Bobby Woods, 132, Spokane, 10 Los Angeles — Don Jordan 134 Los Angeles,, outpointed Art Ramponi, 135, Oakland, 12. HARD CONVINCE BOSTON, Mass. (UP) ~ Hundreds of Bostoniang watch.ed breathlessly last" night as polcic tried to persuade Ru.ssell Oatman, 27, of Marblehead to come down from his precarious; perch on the Park street church steeple, 150 feet above the ground. Police finally r c a c h o d him through a belfry window and canted; him to the pQliec station. Once there he convinced police he really was nn architect measuring the steeple for repairs. According to estimates, there are somewhat more than half a million persons in the United States with "cerebral palsy. is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Major Thomas, and other relatives. mark X / r irculation (M.IV In the same way that STERLING on silver signifies a standard of known valye, so is this A,B.C. = emblem a symbol of FACTS about the circulations of newspapers and periodicals. It is the emblem of membership in the Audit Bureau of Circulations* and is assurance to advertisers that the circulations of member publications are measured, audited and reported in accordance with the rigid standards that have been mutually approved and adopted by advertisers and publishers, Here's why our membership k v, iiji-the-A.B.C, is important to ovw advertisers sind^ourselves: At regular intervals one ofthe Bui-eau's large staff of experienced circula- i tion auditors, makes- a thorough inspection' and audit of our; circulation records. The result? of thjs exacting audit show: how; much circulation we have; where it goes; how it was obtained; and many other FACTS that advertisers need as a sound' basis for their advertising investments. This audited information is published by the Bureau in- easy-to-read' A.B.C. reports which are, available to our advertisers pn, : request. returned- severs! wi?eks vls- Cuicago, W., ajso BeeBee Chapter Order Eastern Star No. 418 Tuesday night, October 5,, d* pee Memorial CME Chvpe* members are asked to be* and on time at 7;&Q jP- W *Th«. Audi! Byreou of' fiir?u- -lotion*. of>which thi* h«Wfp«p«r i» a memb'er, '* a cooperative- nenprc-flt-o^ipeiotloo pf-3,575 odvertiwrs, fldveryjino ogencies ond publisher*. Or- ggpized in 1914, A.B.C. broyght prder put Of qdverlijing chaos by estabHihinqi A de> fUiltion for paid «ifc«lalion;, fv'M ^prf *tqndo,rd» for qwd.itini «nd rep9r»in« th» j 9f newspaper? ond Verger I»n4 will meet Wednesday n»gW, 6, In the My«i» IVwip fl*« High Sc^pol. AU members ed. tQ he PIfsenA »n:30 p aster ' ' v ".'•*'i \t* „ -.' .y^^iV; $u\ a te woi'i.svriipwA*' •^P U I P U K OtAlK mi; I'D RATHER WAUK; AROUNDA By J. R. Wllllimi OUT OUR WA> to Prev/6ui P THEY'LL SOON HAVE. TH' UP so HI<SH you WOW'T SEE ANV ; BUT TH' LAPIES' EAR. .'THEY Versatile Actress SURPRISE, vie ISKWOCXfBP 1 Radio actress, 1 Waits on Douglas table 6 She also has ' 2 Concord appeared on 3 Perch, the: , TV 4 Drink made and in films with malt 11 Infirm 5 Fiddling 112 Armed fleet emperor / /H I I*.IPJU^7. ' ' I ' >V,V MUST TAKE ^T T. ALUTH 1 REST ^ ' ALONG JUST 21 ' Sea: hymph 36 Greater in of ' ^'jfelfr J t[r ^j t t> NeA BtK)c J| nc ,<M Bti^fib 4 V>t CM SSukT 9 &^ oulhed ?^-H^ i -:';p) ac «:, '•: r , lo ? kers 27. Short barb 40 Hastened. 20 Mexican ' J°Edamatous 2 9 Extinct bird 43 Part of a^, . ' WASH TUBES 11 Pace 32 Click-beetle churcri,. ft 22 She s heard a enus 33 Tel1 46 Prohibit ; • .22 She is heard of her bs 34 Gibbon, 47 Assist . •>•> R^»,. 18 Dower 35 Sewing 49,Roman b •24 Scoffs property implement 50 Dative (ab.) ;27 Circular plate OOW'T Rl caice ARRIVE .. HBL6V". fX)LlCE BEHERESOOlJ MOP l-STOR ,28 Beam ;29 Entangle i30 Before (31 Worthless table bit 32 Goddess of discord 134 Dormant J37 Winter vehicle 36 Parent !39 Biblical name J41 Companion :42 British money ' of accpunt ,44 High priest ACROSS THE OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla Yerwrrn mjti-A WOT* AND HEK BUDDIES ;45 Moorish tabor 48 Oar [51 Sell in small quantities 52 Closed* as a letter 53 Tears 54 Compound ether CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS.BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS •n •^ ALLEY OOP •t •. t/-n- l irtr*»tM!ft:ip«* u T. M. R.j. U. S. ni. W. Ccpr, 1»M b> NEA S«r»lc«. Ine "That reminds me—I must do something nice for John! A He was up until 2 a. m. balancing my checkbook!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrojth catching passes! By No4«ne,Sel««i/ MISERABLE! IR. BOTTS HX TAKEN TO BETTINC3- fIsi THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI

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