Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 30, 1925 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1925
Page 9
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OaMiinD Cri&tine MAY 30, 1923 if SATURDAY EVENING MISS EASTBAY TO JO 1S.DUEEI 10 BEAUTY PAGEANT Auto Sedan, Filled Willi Most Fascinating Clothes, to Convey Her There. Borne In a luiurlotm sedan of latent t)P driven ly n ehnnrrr In livery, MIm Kmr-mlne I'lmk na "Mint Kastbny," clmi n fasHtmt-Ing cotume will enter the five-day mate, wide btaMty runtPRt at Santa Crui with ewry nilvniita;e a a competitor for the title of . "Minn Cnlifoniln." The HutlHon automobile that la to carry "Mlaa Ijinl.ny" to and from Hapta Cru. and provide her with transportation during her ty there, was placed In her aerv-lce yesterday by Hamlin A WUh-man, Kaatbay Umlnon and Eases dealers. The automobile will form the vetting for many of "Miss lunnt-bay'a" apKearunces during the beauty carnival at the bearh city. It will carry her In the Kreat automobile parade of "beauty queens" from nearly sixty California cities and localities The competition for "Miss California" will continue throughout the entire five days of the statewide beauty carnival, during which contestants will appear at ninny different typca or functions In various costumes. The three principal features of the pageant will be the port parade, evening gown com petition and bathing revue. In each of the events and during her tay In Banta Cruz "Miss Eastbay" will wear clothes furnished by A, O. Spalding & Comrny of Oakland. "Mlsa Eastbay" Is busy during her spare time now picking out the clothes which will comprise her wardrobe, and expects to have It completed the early part of next week. In the meantime, according to aewa from Santa Cruz, prepara tions are being made to handle ft record crowd. Reservations at hotels there for the five days of the beauty pageant, Jno 10 to 14, are rapidly being exhausted, and Indications point to the greatest beauty carnival In the history of the state. ' 1 - - Court Awards Dog To Oakland Woman After three months' litigation In the courts Miss Carql Cook, I'eralta apartments, has rlprht to possession of "Jackie," collie dog, also claimed by W. H. Quaas of Hayward. Judge James' Q. Qulnn awarded her Judg ment for the dog or $75 as Us value. j The court battle starteS before ' Judge Jacob Harder of Hayward, who gave the dog to Miss Cook. Quaas appealed to the Superior Court, retaining temporary possession of the dog. In both trials the dog was put through tricks by Miss Cook as proof of ownership. She was sustained In her claim by Attorney John J. Allen Jr., who said he trained the dog in the tricks. Factory Wotker Dies After Operation Alfred Oscar, an employee ot the Pacific Tank and Pipe company,- died last night at the Fab-lola hospital following amputation of his right leg. Oscar was caught in a piece of machinery at the plant late yesterday and received serious injuries before rescued by fellow workers. He . Is survived by his fwldow, lru. Annie Oscar, and a j'qjn, Albert Oscar. He was 59 years old; a native of Minnesota, , - ,i Will . Ride in State to Santa Cruz "Mi Ewtbay" (MISS ERNESTINE CLARK), t the wheel of the mw Hudson ttdtn. fur-nulied by Hamlin and Wkliman company, in which ihe will travel to Santa Cruz, A driver in livery will pilot the ear and will be at her ervice duiinu the five dayi of the ueauty paReant. ,.-'"'TJ j;r-J . r-f-u.-.. r ' ' , , .. ',! . . .i , '- tf i '"i" ' y' r i : ' . J . - ' V',ii : . . -a . I.-: 1 4 w.'r," : - - . i - . -A 'i ' .. I , 1 V , r I . -i f: CT--. -,-;r.rr..--. " ii , yvfv: . J SCHOOLED TOR Raymond Kennedy, low senior, was named editor of the Green and Gold, Fremont high school weekly, and Stanley Place was chosen to be varsity yell leader at elections held at Fremont high school last week. Kennedy was formerly an assp-clate editor and reporter on the Green and Gold and was one of four delegates to represent the hlorh snhool at Mth California I Press Association, if 1 rnnentlv held at Stanford Unl ver- JT Tier of tho sobool 'jfVj Jt crew. wai qtiar- P V- f Ft terback1 on the J jf4 ' X Vfc football team and t- VJ 'n ranking officer iJlZJfj AVVi,n the R- -T-C" . 'i'-hold'nK th8 tltl RAYMOND KENNEDT lieutenant, col-STANLEY PLACE onel. Wife of Ex-Mayor Gets 10 Years Prison HASKELL. Texi' May 30. Mrs Frank Collier, wife o the former mayor of WJchita Falls, Tex., was sentenced to '10 years' imprison ment in the State penftentlary, by a jury which early last night found her guilty of murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Elzie Robertson, her eon-in-law, on the night of February 14. .., .. .... 0?h fir -ir iff. , JUSTICE FROWNS ON ROBBERY OF POKER PLAYERS lOS ANGELES, May 80. W) There are unwritten ruli of poker that even a court of law can not permit to be violated. At least, such was the attitude of tho justice of the peice who held William Konyon and Walter Mc-Rainie to answer on a chnrgo of .robbery. Testimony showed that the pair played poker, and lost all their money. They left tho . eceno of the game without com-. ment, but later, witnesses related, they canio back with pistols and masks and took back all they had lost and by way of emphasis appropriated Also all that they might have won. LAST TIMES TODAY "Barbara Frietchie" Pantages Vaudeville With "Florence Vidor Edmund Lowe With -IB Barbler, Sims & Co. IB : . ( " DEVILS GJUilimr' "v I T?f Lr" RITA TOBTIEIXI wrwi 1 1 ' W iJIJLJ"--, V.fl tl HflvP I Famous Italian Prima Donna ssJ r ""T, - 'J ftjl l'i Ml " , J vies Bws- Kitner i f ijiJlJLJ I f Smiles s .immzm. M Keaney If 1 'j'? THREE SILVERS"-" E : 'Am.rloa' Banner Athletes" B EplpoaC. , B Society Matron Sues Broker for Divorce When Mrs. Doris E. Merklo, society matron of 102 York drive, Piedmont, remonstrated with 'John R. Merkle, inntirance broker, for smoklng.and drinking: so much, he resented it as a desire to curb his personal liberties and said if he died sooner it was his own business, according to the wife's dl-vorre suit. -Mrs. Merkle charpes cruelty, saying Merklo read the paper until midnight -and when . she talked, told her to "Ret to the point and cut out the unnecessary conversation." Property rights have been settled out of court, it is stated, but Mrs. Merkle asks custody of their child and $50 a month for maintenance. HR5 WILL GIVL WRECK VICTIM SUES. Damages of $30,102.70 for injuries she says she received in' the train wreck on the .Key System mole December 4, last, when ten people were killed, is asked by Miss Beatrice Walker in a -suit onfi!o today.- Miss Walker says she had two teeth knocked out, five others loosened, and that she was cut and bruised all about her body. A burlesque "Tdonervllle P.-T, A." meeting will he the feature of the annual spring - picnic of the Berkeley Federation of Parent Teachers' Associations Monday In Mosswood Fark. Mrs. A. J. Robertson is In charge of arrangements. Guests will In elude Superintendent II. B. Wll- Bon, retiring members of the bonrd of education, chnlrmen of the Fed oration, Federation r'eaidents from about the bay and San Francisco members. This year there will be but a single annual report, a symposium of the many offlcers' and chairmen's reports read in former years. The combined report has prepared by Mrs. WAllace been Wachob New -offlcers of the federation will he installed by Mrs. George Kell, president of the second district Federation of the -Parent Teacher Associations and Congress of Mothers. Taking part in the program will be the following: Mrs. Robert Hector, Mrs. , S. H..:.Klnney, Mrs. George Skllling, Mrs. S. V. Black- ledge, Mrs. Henry Green, Mrs. S. K. Thurston, Mrs. Lester Shee-line, Mrs. A. J. Robertson, Mrs. George Brown, Mrs. Alice Bayllss, Mrs. J. M. Dunifon and Mrs. F. P. Butterfield, Mrs. P. M. Jagger and Mrs. A. D. L. Hamilton. WIDOW SUES KEY COMPANY" Mrs. Mary T. Griffith, the widow, asks $25,650 damages for the death of James T. Griffith, in a suit filed against the Key System Transit Company, She declares Griffith died Tuly 5, 1924, from injuries re ceived when he was. struck by a street car at East Fourteenth street and Thirty-ninth avenue May SI of last year. '4 -A Miniature .Fashion - Revue" Funnier than , "40 Winks," the story of a popular young bachelor who turned woman-hater. A million dollars couldn't persuade him, but when he saw the girl, that was different. STARTS TODAY Last Time Tomrhtl " F E A I D OAT" Bee, Snndr Mutln-s Tometrawl . , LOUIS BENNISOK in 7. Hunter Manners' T'neet Comedy .. "IHE HOUSE KEXT POOR" . ' . with BUTHENICK ; ' ' rtine lakeside It BKOAOWAY . Today "WHT TOmit KEMAHKT'" "IHE . LOVE MASTEa" .' TomoTrow "TOT WHITE MOTH" "THE SHHLEK OT ARABT" All 8&ti ISa Any Time 1 HOME Or PARAMOUNT tTCTUf? S OF PEUM TO PBQVIDE L LIGHT ' FOUNTAIN Elfctrical Display Being Sponsored ly Mutual Business Club. An electric fountain In the center of Lake Merrltt! Thhi will bo one of the distinctive features of the third annual cele-bratlon, August 17-18-29, directed by tha Dons of Teralta. the organ-Itatlon representlnB the seven East-bay cities Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Piedmont, Emeryville, pan Leandro and Albany, Tha Mutual Business Club of Oakland haa taken over this particular feature. W. A. Doctor, architect member of tha club, Is designing tha fountain and heads a committee of club members to arrange details for the display. According to Raymond Salisbury, president of the Mutual Business Club, It Is" hoped to make the elec. trio fountain a permanent Lake Merritt feature. The cooperation of other service clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Itenl Estate Board and other organizations of a clvlo nature, la looked for by ; the Mutual Business Club, according to Salisbury. "Such a fountain will harmonize with the wonderful necklace of lights to line the shores of the lake." said Salisbury. "It will give Oakland and the Eastbay distinctive advertising and publicity. It will add to the natural beauty of thla wonderful tidewater lake In the heart Of a great metropolitan area." In constructing the temporary fountain the Dons of Feralta will assist the Mutual Business Club. In contrast to the two previous celebrations, every event this year will be free to the public. There will be pageantry, musical events, a great athletic carnival centering at Lake Merritt and embracing motor boat races and a grand ball In the Auditorium arena. RESEARCHERS ELECTRON 5 OF SEEK SECRETS OF STARS Pasadena Scientists Nope Probing of Atom Will Yield New Facts. BY AISOCIATLD FilCSi LtAstU W1KL TO IMIbONE LuH ANUfc.LEH. May JO. Prou-Ing the Infiniteiinitiil Interior of un atom may solve the secrets of huge stars ahlnglng billions ot miU-s away, Dr. Bobert A. MlUikan. Nobel prizewinner and Internationally-known physlciHt, told an audience here last nleht. With the aid of a discovery made In electronlo receach some ten yeara ago. Dr. Mllllkan explained, he and an associate, I. B. Bowen, have been able to predict within the past year precisely tha type of light wavea which would be emitted by atoms which had been stripped of their whole outer group ot so-called valence electrons. "We have then found experU mentally," he added, "In special sources of light set up In the Norman Bridge Laboratory In Pasadena, precisely all these types of radiations, hundreds In number. "By finding whether these radiations exist In the light that comes to us from the Stars we now can gain new Information about conditions existing In these stara and compare them. with conditions existing In our artificial courses. We can tell wth certainty, for example, whether the atoms which give rtae to a certain typo of radiation (that Is a given set of spectral lines) have had one or two or three or four or five or six or seven of their outer electrons stripped off from them by extreme temperature conditions." All of these laboratory researches Into the mysterious birth of light rays from atoms, Dr. Mllllkan went on to say, strike at the very heart of what Is perhaps tho most fundamental problem of- tho physical ip fou Netf er see another- seow at least see i n mr r A' ' Of At ersn7 m ' SOUTH SEAS. WITH Ton nooopE PAULINE STARK Wallace beery DRIVER ACCUSED OF DELIBERATELY HITTINGVICTIM William Sundin was booked at the city prison on a charge of battery following an automobile accident laat night. John ! l-lereon claims that Sundin deliberately ran him down. The accident occurred at Fourteenth tree I and UroaJ ay, 1'lvrauu. who resides at t65 Telegraph avenue.rharges that Pundln did not attempt to atop the machine. 1'iernun was stiKhtly Injured. Hiitiilln was relensrd on the de-poHlt of 130 rash bail, lu will appear Monday morning before 1'oll.e Judge Kdward J. Tyrrell. Hundtn reHidts at 3033 Market atretit. PKNSIOY CIIITKSS SKIZICD. SAN rUANCIMCO. May SO. Ito-land Hteffen, 17J9 O'Karrell street, waa held up near his home early today by two men. They took 155 In cah and eight government pon-alon checks for $50 each. world, namely the nature of radiation Itself and how It is that energy can be projected through space from an atom In tha sun to another atom In our earth. SEVEN DIE VJI1ETJ HDMETflKESFIRE SULLIVAN, Mo., May ft-4,n-; Seven persona were burned t 1 death In their hom-hr y"" day. The dad are Mrs. WiUIam? Allen, three granddaughters, t " grandson and two greut-gran'; daughters. The residence waa be. ' lleved to havo been ignited by l fire In the kitchen atovo. f Woman Has Barber i Arrested as Flirty George Frenr,' a barber, was ar rested on a chnrue of disturbing the peace hint nlaht becatno i.Ui. I It, Crum declared he had stopped her and asked her to i take an automobile ride. Bhe ob-; Jected and called Patrolman Bar. ney Cm ran. Mrs. Crum rldes at H30 Union street. lie will sp.j pear In court Monday roorn!ng. Ha Is at liberty on $30 cash bail.; NOW PLAYING 3 Feature at 12:50. 8:05, 5:28, 7:40, 10:00 The Laugh Monarch in His Famous Riot i of Screams -IN - 4 1 I pdsiTiva iHe f uwliesr comeo ll&o emnm V0UU5HRC(AfM0 rJOWL VOlTH LAUGHS !!! ' McKINJVEV'S STRING EJSEMBIE . 1 WALTER C. BEATON, BARITONE NOW PLAYING i I v s. J i TDaNn. SUNDAY SURPRISE TURKEY UNNEfe, $1.50 DANCE EVERY NIGHT S10 17TH ST. 8 TO 1 A. M. NO COVER CHARGE PEERLESS CAFE 416 13th St. 510 17th S: TONIGHT Fireworks i Special Deeornttoa Day Program 8T.IDH 0?T THE NEW - WATER TOBOGGAN Heat . Tclo Cot-taae the kvarfet by ta week. - aaatk- X if FANCHON & MARCO Offer Sammy Carr Kelly Sisters and the Ejery Popular .... MAI7V!i" : Ti BROADWAY Hear 17th 1 , 0& Starting Tomorrow (Sunday) Matinee 4 Phone 0klnd Til Last Times Today DOROTHY JARDON NITZA VERNILLE &CO. DOROTHY ARNOLD late Feature of Zierfold Folllei THE M0SC0NI BROS. (IiOni, Charles and Willie) and SISTER VERA America' Toremoat Daneinr ramlly NEIL McKAY "THE REAL MoKAY" Matinees Eio. Bun, ft Hole, 2. 25c (ITnreaenred) LOGES reserved 40c Duci de Kerekjarto Koyal Viollnlit Virtuoso Margaret Young Phonograph Artfsttv Nights Exo. Sun. ft Boll. S000 Fine Beat! (UNRESERVED) Orch, and Baloony 50c " RESERVED Orchestra Section ft Reserved Logos, Including tax, 75c BRONSON & EDWARDS "NONSENSICAL ABSURDITIES" 4 The Two Baby Orandt ' , I Jane & Katherine Lee ! In thetr " oomedy "A DAY AT THE 6TTBIO" il AESOP'S FABLES TOPiOSMKW ) On the Screerri-rirst Oakland Shewlac ''She Wolves A Vivid Picture of parislanr Kifht life ' ALMA REUBENS JACK Mt liHAf,!, dud HARRY TWrYP-nt s Broadway at Twelfth TODAY ONLY "TOP OF THE WORLD" ' with' ,' ;; , AKJf A . 'HTTiMOV.' JAMES K1HKWOOI). RAYMOND HtTTOt , PARAMOLT 1 It 1 1 Hl mm LAST TIME TODVi RICHARD DIX in Too Many L! with FRANCr s f ' Also WILLIAM i Our u:i ,v... Y

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