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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 33

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 33

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

THURSDAY -EVENING DiikhinD Ctibunt MAY 21 i 1923 CUES Uliv AM IMUMt 'HUI tl 41 IKHMS fOR SAIX-CmiIiw 1 FLATS AND AITS. tOR SALE rnUI SKTY row tuiAnUaV it MONEY LOANED 0.1 PERJNl II MONEY LOANED ON rrRS'M PROPERTY. 34LARIES. AUTOS. PROPERTY. SALARILS. AUTOS. I Si noltLS. AITS- ROOMING HOUSES FOR SALE AM) LEASE (Continued I ea4aaajeaaaaAajaAAAeawaeaji ICuailauedl AAA 30-ROOM HOUSE for PAIIr II ATS AV. vrv vr viv BKAUTIKL'I. 10-rm home, sleeping II EKE IT IS ynnlhltt Blvd. hn, modern bunf law, fttr Bly $I7S. Urnn 1MIXA and lB. foothill Hlvd. IContlnued I NKv i.r, 4 apt real barr. qulek aala, by owner. P. IJI4J. SPECULATORS, LOOK Thl aparlmenl hnuaa muat be sold (- uvntr leaving; town, must pi I once. former pi Ice SMALL HOUSE CHEAP Hair a spatial proposition build, in I -room hoiiaa, Hai.Uad Price (or bouae and big level only $11.6 Tarma ISO down. 1:0 month Wrlia (or details, lioi Tribune. ran be mad Into IS. room hoial; aa, Ut-iru'lly, at rain haat; lm proved grounds; 1 i0l0; on cor now idisd. auu raan migni handle. There nice profit In Una. Arl uulck. I'lione W. I Ihla werk; It la a real buy: averv room completely furnished and porch; I garages: will all rurni-tur and leaa home; a bargalDI near all tranap, Ijke. 8513. Hull AlTf 5t 7 cliy Hunny 6-rm. huuaa; 4 rma. rented! lent $40; leaving city, ra. LEA SIS and" furniture for ala or trade. Myrtle apartment t7 Myr 7t7Y7 vr zrs vry vr vy7 a- 'TS r-s f7 -V l.XN mq AUTO Lowett Ratci Resources, tlllnim neraoitalle. Lakealda Klj reined; Income lltta monih ner; Kara tor la rara; a law mlnutea' walk from Itlh and Hdwy. t.t ran borrow enough in properly In altar and furniah, allralion plana now ready: tan haudlr; full prlre MAX GIU.KNHKIUi, Si' at. Ijike jtll. Alameda till. Wliolfnalf Duuehnut Bulni-; I4 rl 3U0 MAXWELL PARK A flpculah riml. mMmi I Uie room; rg. I lit. Uige laundry, aer, ehruba. Iinuleuin, range iui (inar iiar; tlrs rloa.te; nr. car Una: location; foi quirk aala by evnar; down, ISO month fa Lakealde 701i. liver rr, i nvv, win iibum. MrC Von; 522 Franklin St. tranMCtlon' loo Una. Aa loan our own capita! and you caa make yoar payment rlfhl her. pay off finance eompanlea, dealtr. an amount, anywhere in ihe U. 8. No delay galacheck end drive ewsy. We dn business In eourieous. confidential, hank-like man. MARMO.N8 are aoinatltiirs reaold, always In "auloa." (Claaa 64.) 33 IIM. apt. house, constat of aunny furn. 7 garagea; nw ranges, runs, beds, etc. l.ady ha oilier Interests and will sell build-Iiik cheap or give good long lease and aell furniture, good Income. Mra. r'aUter. 1041 7th Oakland. xs LOANS Longest Termi. $1,000,000 LAKESIDE 6468 San Francisco 41 Franklin St. LOWEST IN THE STATE 16-RM. APTS. ean, coiy, gofcd all one floor, rlra. $30 and apt. -(1004) handlcV lke district X. per, and make no Investigation whatever. We write twelve to eighteen-month contracts and make tne payment when you caa meet Ihem. Ial with a Reliable Hue and Day Cafe. BANK REFERENCES LARGEST FINANCE CO. IN AUTO LOANS ON THE PACIFIC COAST Thomas Carney Co. Webster at 23rd St. Mrs. Von, 1522 Franklin St AUTO LOANS OPEN EVENINGS. Los Angeles 1352 So. Flowei St. OUR RATES THE paid Up Payments Reduced Money Advanced Immediately No Red Tap Tou Drive the Car Pay Us Back 'Monthly Strictly Confidential We Loan Our Own Capital. Make Payments Here. 3 all I MeaWa. 4al. miaJ. MARINE VIEW I rmi, and alp. prh tnd bungalow; le, far. KI.I. IlllI.T. Ihe vlr vnuraell. I all Ijika Iti om 1 16. ir I'oover. WHITE BPOLLARP tlvi Vrt.lrr ai aaAHMoNat ara aomaiimra re-ld. always i 4 NEAR PIEDMONT AVE. Kar 6-room alucco bungalow; oak flra. Ilia bath, larna brkft. aarac: 1 Llk. to S. K. rar; l4S: very eaey irn llvl Hroadaar. NR. STEINWAY TERRACE $300 CVSH Balanra aaay; I rooma. Karaite: en-, ulna (umwood. hdd. fltx.ra. etc; fine hmo diairifl; l-hona owner. Piedmont JI. for tintilntreanr "NEW 4-R. RUSTIC, $3500 ferma Oak. fireplace, brk. nk 1 rab. tcaraica; -or. lot. A. J. Kllndt. I0l Koot-Klll. I'hone Kruit ti. JstAH TECii one block Key a ho pa, etc beautiful sunny i-rin. tueco breakfaat built Ina. baaemenl. car. Tertna. Owner. 41J Kmerald at. Pled. IIS fil-AR Falrfai ara. and 6. P. tralna. now bungalowa. 4 rm. and I rma. garagea. all for T00. A. H. M. Smith. 1K. KlCK home; of lake; large lot. Ke Oiei. iJiiain Ave. OWNERS WANT TO SELL Thalr darllnr llttls drsam bom with Its picturesque big lot aad atatiiy oia ireea. in, Tlaw alone la worth four tlma to Ineeatlt-ate: our bouao la an tnai small family deairea: price only 11450; vary small down payment. and rest leas than renu can own- ars, Mr. Cherry, Humooiai zivv, or Humboldt ll dally OPEN FOR INSPECTION Modern T-rm. horn on lot 40il00; double garage. 1141 IITH AVE. Will aell furn. or on urn. Prtc 14900. Liberal terma. ON GRAND, $9800 19 Ilka pew. Glen. IT. PHONE ME AT ONCE Cory llttls cottage," new. I -room, nook, bath and garage; ready to move Into. Full price. 2500. Paved elecu eras, 130 per month. I lot down. A an a p. FARRIS WHEELER 17th Aa, and FoothlU Blvd. Fruit 723. Pied. 436IJ. PARK 9 AVE. 825. 1 yr 8 basmt- Glc 6128. RUSTIC HOME AMONG THE TREES On lot 62x250 ft. Can mada Into a real paradise. Total pries only Si7e. Owners. Terma. email Davment down and 130 per -including Interest. This la near tranaporlation. with paved raa, elect- water, all In and paid for. For appointment call Frem- minT. Humboldt zivo. or trait vale 7720W eves. $4000 1st D. T. New bungr. close in. rin. oniy. run. suesM. 400 to 422 Hobart Street Entire Block 2054 Broadway Open' Sunday and "Evenings for your convenience ana your own i-riinin apartment; located between Telegraph ava. ana uruvi rioee in; price iiotj, tank lun H0o. 8v Ma today. Owner agent. Keel tlih atreel 4,10 SOMETHING CLASS Pr. of aunny 4 -room ftala: hdwd. floora Ihroughoul; bullt-lna: fine neig hborliootl ITlh aaal of Telegraph, 1400; half raan; muat be aeen lo ue appreciated. J. II. JOHNSON CO. 9414 Telegraph Ava. SKK IhU lovely f-flat all lurnlahed. with lloo mo. Income; rloee lit Iralna and locale: your own terma: 14000. l. Krvln on nrvmii.i Hill llarriv al ll.rh.l.v 1'huiie Oak. 141! -v A ai tTi ev aV A ffi J.tlUrU.r.; JrAlU I U13 Teleerraoh: Inc. f.i nee price I 7 rh. Iike. USUI. TKI.KtiltAPH Hargain: apt. 4-Je. lot 41x130; 111.000; alao alor and apt. fbOoO. Owner, fill Teiegrapn. $2000 WILL BRING YOU $50 PER MONTH 4 beautiful I -roo in flata, 4 blocka Hroadvvay, on Slain ICih lot 50x70. Income 4 HO per month. Taxes 3250. Balance of purchaae price 114.000 on Trust leed. owner broke, must have some Immediate money, losing $t000. Act quick. WALTER LAYMANCE ISS 17th St. Oakland 121 Rvenlng. Fruitvale 192 FLATS Being offered for Bale account 111 health of owner; 4 rma. ea-; large lot; finest renting; district; good income; close to high and ram mar schoola and University excellent shopping district, I banks, theatrra; S. P. and Key trains; price liz.zbo; can arrange terms. si K. fiurney. WHITE POLLARD 1300 Webbter at. Lake. 2700. I 4s, newly puinted. renovated, lot TixllO with 20-ft. alley to h). 14th rt. tioca renters. Tenants waltlifr. UarKaln this week Phone owner Oakland 4SS5 or Fruitvale 4171J. $22,500 LAKE DIST. terms. Owner, tilen. 2071 KM. apts. nr. Lake. Km. 117 Federal Miliar. I'hone l.iikr. 2127. 43A FLATS AM) AITS WANTED BUYER wants pair flats or small apartments, close in; ten to twenty thousand; principals only. Box M136265. Tribune. 45! HATWARD bargain. 37 acres, best loam soil, 6 rm. mod. house, pumping plant, chicken houses for 1200. barn-, elec, plumbing, near school, highway, 38250; terms to suit. Owner, 324 40 St. Pied. 6783, Bkly. 3724, eves. Redwood Canyon, at Canyon sta tion. 20 minutes to Oakland on S. F. and Sac. R. 4-rm. nicely furnished bungalow with 2 lots; electricity, bath, running water; can arrange terms. Ph. Pied. 2114. MARMONS are sometimes resold, always in "autos." (Class 84.) TWO ACRES Different kinds of fruit trees. Barg. Ph. 9405. R. 5. or write Box 496 Route 1, Berkeley. ACRES prunes and vines, 2 mi. from Napa. For particulars call bet. 4 and 7 p. m. 893 18th st. APTS EAST OF BROADWAY Income $10,000 per yr. Location choice. Price. $80,000. encumbrance $40,000. Owner about to retire, will trade for smaller apts. or good bung. HOME New Spanish 5 rm. a beauty, 1 blk. from S. P. and local cars. nr. Grove St; Take good car or bldg. lots and bal. like rent. 94 ft. frontage on Wisconsin East trade for late enclosed car or bung. WANT SONOMA OR NAPA CO. Owner of modern Income flat in Alameda, and a small business lot on E. 14th St. Total cash price $1600. Encumbrance $6000. Will exchange for small general farm In Napa, Sonoma or Tolo county, about equal value. E. A. 87. See Mr, Barnhart or Mr. Fagan. Fred T. Wood Realtors 417 16th St ACCOUNT of business reasons have to exchange or sell home in Broadmoor. Modern 2-story house. Lot 100x200. Lawn, all kinds of flowers, rosea, bearing fruit and nut trees and vines of all kinds. Will exchange for home in or near Berkeley or business property, im- provea or vacant anywnere in Eastbay. This property has been appraised at $12,000 and can deliver title clear or with bank mortgage of $6000. Principals only need answer. Box E2412a, Tribune. APARTMENTS DE LUXE Beautifully arranged. Radio wired in every apt. Wall beds, h.w. floors garages. 'The last word in mod ern ants. Income $330 mo. at low rentals. Will exchange for clear ranch or other property, princi-pals only. Inquire FARMAN AND PAULO, 6915 E. 14 St. Elm. 2358. SACRIFICE 380 A. In Tulare Co. tor casmay prop. uai. ACCEPT bay prop, for 11 a. mod. prune ranch nr. Oak. Oak. 2710. CLEAR 8 room mod. bungalow, Ft- Hill Blvd. Double garage, tor clear lots. Box M1162Q8 Tribune. FOR EXCHANGE OR SALE acres, 8 miles from St Helena, In main Napa valley; 14 -ml. to 8. P. and elect train and state highway; 27 acres ln French prunes, Zinfandel and Savignor rapes; average net income about 3500 per large barn, cemented stalls: a modern 2-story shingled house of 8 rooms; hdw. fireplace and all kinds of out- price wants clear Property. See Mr. Derbeim, 2026 Oakland. NATIONAL REALTY SERVICE CO. FRESNO 8 2s and 4 3s. Furn. for bay prop. Glen. 6128. FLATS to ex. for home. Mer. 1035. GROCERY Maxwell Park district doing 130 to 640 a day; nice liv. with bath, 3 yrs. lease; will "lump off at $1900 or Invoice. GEO. L. YOUNG. 1906 Telegraph Ave. Oak. 4256. In Richmond, near city hall. rally improved. Exch. towsrd Oak. Impn-or vacant. Box R3796. MARMONS are sometimes resold. always in "autos." (Class 14.) Pine Two 49 A On $300 DOWN New 4 rm. made tunic, bullt-lna luilel. halh and mk. automatic water healer. hd I Kire. rlat-, breakfaat nook, laundry, in-ntd linoleum, sarae. bit ll. It rm. UmbIciI Iti (I. Htl ro-thiil HU1. at A $250 DOWN TECH HIGH DISTRICT 0ner (eating tuual aril ihia bttu-liful l-roxiit and bkfat nook bun-aalo; cluaa la rara and Kr itoute. See 6 nr on premiers, II? I'hrion of I Krviulaay. C. I r.rin. Oak 2412. $2250 TOTAL PRICE Old houee with flna lota. TiiK'l Treea and alirubbrry. Ilearl ff fine aerilon In tail Oakland n't t'ruilvale avenue. Mul Dili week. owner noing to rotmirv. Tertna. C. II. Myeia. lilv Krank-hn at. nit $150 DOWN A Orand new i roo in bungalow, ga- rave, large baaemenl, hardoid floor linoleum, and all fratur.a. liral pari of Kaat Oakland, rloae in Trice Terma lliu down. I'lione owner Oak. tilt, l-'vea Oak, alia. New 4 room bunga w. large living room, fireplace, pa nail, ouiil-in balh and Hiower iarge nen room dining room. caiinrt kin nrn. iiibk alnk. laundry, garare; 1 bl-k to r. V. 8uder 'Uealty 4741 Mth M. $3100; FURNISHED Fee thl one today. Cottage 4 all furnlahed; garage; cioae to minrm md acliool. A verv neat home; Immediate poelon: Term If dealred. hee Kudeii K. 14lh OAK LA NO. $3750; CAN YOU BEAT IT New 4 room stucco bungalow, two bedrooma, living. kitchen. Urge breakfaat nook, Ward furnace. 2S2 Acton St- Berkeley. Will take lot. filiO TEnMS to suit; new five-room and break, room, garage, tile sink and bath. auto, water heater, aunny; S. F. and local between Mills College and Foothill 220 COth ave. $100 DOWN New stucco bungalow, tile balh and alnk. In Ilroadmnor. Mrs. Laura Hale. Han Leandro SJSW. $30 CASH; MOVE IN 4-rm. mod. and 1 blk. 8. P. B. DEUBLE 184 O. C57. Pled. 4240J. I6 DW, 3 bunga. 1 blk P. Broadmoor district. UU5 Trlb. Tower. rikbMOPC L. 554 tvf. num. 3. ROOMS, bath, garage, near a P. and locale. 75th Ave. A bargain; plaatered. papered and elec. paved sldewalke. All paid. Thl-won last. Full price 12500 125 per m. lac Interest. Small down payment. Readr' to move in. Call I7tr Ave. and Foothill Blvd. owner. Phone Fruitvale 723 or Piedmont 43JJJ. 6-R00M RUSTIC, $5000 Large lot, double garage, built-ins fireplace; j.sw aown, oai. eay. a. J. Klindt. 4091 Foothill. Phone Fruit. 2495. 5 SLEEP. PORCH Runnv Fruitvale. 1 vr. old. rustic modern, rest. nr. schools; priced for quick sale, turn, or un furn. Princ. only. Fr. 2029J. 5-HOOM cottage with basement; large lot: raraire and all modern fixtures; near two schools and car line in feast uaKiana: priced to aell by owner. 1927 E. 14 at. 94 Avfi. Bungalow and Gar. 14500, new, small payment. u. a. ueuuie, sa la si. u. eai. lot 40x100. new: sacrifice If sold In 19 days. Fruit. 5970J. I R. HOME nr. 4th Ave. Hta. Will sacrifice equity. Mer. 103 (ROOM: hdwd. alp. porch; Fruitvale; near cara. Toorn. zmn. ROOM take car, some cash, Call 474 8th St. 2-STORY HOME Berkeley corner, nr. Telegraph; 36850. Winsor, u. ta, Aia. 4004W. $3500, $26 new 4-rm. 1 wall bed, cab. h. w. floors; lot 34x105; blk. to car, school, stores. Inq. 3934 Carrington car. 41A Cash bargains. Pled. BUlLltiw or Pled. S29. CASH at once for bargains. Henry Z. Jones, Oakland $430. CASH at once for bargains. Pelton Faustina. Oak. 2142. WHAT have you to sell, trade or rent. Mr. Hurley. Ftv. 217. SPECULATOR will pay cash for any Eastbay bargains. Oak. 288. LARGE HOUSE CLOSE IN. O. 2659 BERKELEY nr. U. not over 5 yrs. old; give lowest cash price; full partlc; owners only. Box M183183, Tribune. CASH for business or res. bargains Merkle, Ray bldg. O. 3319 HOMES wanted in Lake district. 4th Ave. Heights and Piedmont. See HENRY Z. JONES. 1420 Franklin st. Oakland 3430. HLARMONS are sometimes resold, always in "autos." (Class 84.) PIEDMONT home wanted with 5 bedrooms. Will oav about $60,060. All information confidential. Henry Jones, phone UaKiana 3tiu. 4 room bungalow, not over $3800, close in. Give full particulars In letter, location, etc. Box M1S8721 Tribune. WILL PAT $1600 down on 4 or 6-room modern house; must be reasonable; state price. Box A5869, Tribune. WANT 6 or 6 r. mod. home, Lake dist. or 4th Ave. Have cash. Mer. 1035. SELL your property for cash within 10 days by auction. Call Oakland $317 for appraiser. FOR SALE AAA-Combined Investment Speculation Strategic corner in fastest growing close-in business section in Oak- land, 100x120; Improved with one-story leased for 10 years; income will net approx. t. A real opportunity; $75,000, half cash. MARSHALL BURKS, Exclusive Agents, 1725 Webster at. Oak. $262. BUNGALOW STORE Nice corner, located near new Highland Hospital and very good residential district. 1 a E. at. Hardwood floora, breakfast room, tile bath; garage. Owner and builder, Olencourt $870. Terma. INCOME PROPERTY Elmhurst, near E. 14th st. 10 rooms. double garage, windmill with 3 rooma. All improved. Income $90 per mo. Full price $7350. A good buy. Phone Montelro. Elm. 2358. MARMONS are sometimes resold. avlwayg Is) "autos." (Class 14.) A On 431 This Park Just New 1 Close at E. 2 Bdw a C. A CLOSE IN HARGAIN Corner tSmllS. Inalda 4uih at, near (iiote. aloi I.I. Ig flat aluiva. condillon. Income al prrarni a year. I'rlca 1 7u0o. leriua. A. A. IIELMKE Kim Thorn wall 7 HI'S I NESS PROPERTY HANCROFT AVE. Siora and aparlmenta; rent J00 per or ice J.uvu. 3 atorra'and I rooma; rent 130 per prka J.ouo, near Telegraph. feel, building ll.00 price It. near Shalluck: all 4-rni. apia; JT J0t. II A. fl-IUCH. Center al. HOPKINS Ave corner Dlmond dial am leaving for eaai; mini aell aiyrea leaaed for i year; first year HIS. neit year Ills per month: a bargain si 112.500. owner, 3JJ7 Lincoln nr. Hopkins IK yon are looking for a Kood In. veatmenl In bualnea Income properly I have II on 14th In the rvultvale Ave, rtHtrlct. The lot la worth tin Son. the bulldina: 17500. Total III. 000. The building- I aed ror year yet to good tenant, with an average rental of IIIJ50 ptr n-onth There I a ilal loan of liiOO. at 4 per rent on the properly, and It can run Imlrllnllelv. I will aell the for 115.000, and It only lakes lilooo taah lo handle the deal. There Is sure tc he an Increnr In Ihe property values In thla block aa la rlwht In between 2 big new heater and other Improvement about lo ba bunt. Hox kissm Tribune Partner disagree. Will sell at sac- rlfne. 1 23 ft. corner on tMnt 12th SI. Call at 2015 Hopklna 81. LAKE $20,000 litmii) on Ijike St. In Oakland's! choicest apt. bouse district, cloae to business and transportation unver Kriiriein, Tribune Tower. PIEDMONT AVE. Iieart of Piedmont ave. business dial net. Stores and apts. Lance lot. vonderrul buy for specula tion, liumooidt 44(ii. SPECULATOR W'e hnve to offer a wonderful corner In the heart of Melrose, where property is rapidly advam-lntf. for iv.iuu oeiow real value. This muat be seen to be appreciated. SKK FARMAN AND PAULO. 6815 K. Mth st SNAP East Oakland Income prop erty. store and two flats; inquire owner. 48S0 Webster at, upper iiat. none icainoni 3ujU. SAX PABLO AVK. 23x100 rt. snap for cash, 1850. Clies ney. 524 17th sL Oak. 3458. TRENOR ST. future to this business thoroughfare; surrounded by homes and more now under construction; cutting; through HoDkins at. as sures high prices on this 50x100 root business lot at 11750. Will be worth 15000 shortly. Lake. 9785. Oak. 1036. GEO. ELLIS, 392 17th St. Acres; Foot of 58th Ave. Industrial site. Exceptionally well located for spur track from both S. P. and W. P. Level, high land Quick sale will be made at sacrifice. A real buy. Write or phone for further particulars. A. H. BREED SONS 1108 Oakland Bank Bldg. Phone Oak. 467 150 PROFIT TO BE MADE Within Three Tears. Only Required. BEST DOWNTOWN BUT. Harrison Near 15th. Pellaton, 306 14th Oakland. $2800; TOTAL PRICE Foothill about block from Havenscount, with amall improve ments, ine Dig lot. coming into business fast. Will double In value. C. H. Meyers. 15J0 Frank lin st. LaKeside zois. FOR SALE OR LEASE. A 60 RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF $1600.00 beside paying off $60.00 a month on property from your otner rents; a turnisnea. unrur-nished apts. in good renting district; lot 80x130. Total price income si40 a month; Property right In path of development. It won't last. So hurry. A. A. HELMKE 6126 Foothill Blvd. Elm. 3753. APARTMENTS, $10,500 Blvd. dist. Inc. $185. Not new good- Glen. 5128. BRAND NEW APT. HOUSE completed, consisting Of four 3-room apts. and 4 garages, near lane, win take cottage in exchange or sell on easy terms. Call owner, Mr. Baaker, Oak. 2412. Oak. 5145. A SNAP stucco flats. Just completed, and 1 4-room flats with breakfast nooks and garages, wall beds, oak floara throughout, gas heaters, linoleum in kitchens, breakfast nooks and- bathrooms; all nice aunny rooma; close, to Key Route and local cars; for sale by owner and builder. Phone Pied. 469. EXCEPTIONAL, value Alameda apta. Fine location, lot 60x190, 3-story frame bldg. Bank loan $7800. Tearly gross Income $2520. Price $13,500, including furniture. Cash $6700. HOMER G. BISHOP Sl 17th St. t-Ph. Lakeside 201. Res. Ph. Ala. 2207J FLAT BARGAIN to Key Route, grammar and high schools; pair fine flats $6750; can arrange terms. See Gurney. WHITE POLLARD 1300 Webster stfl Lake. 2700. HOME AND INCOME flats; nice district; Rock Ridge. Owner will sacrifice with small payment Bee Wood, 1225 Room 12. JUST COMPLETED Already filled with tenants. 6 real beauty and handy to 8.K. and local transportation. A small payment down or clear lot or bungalow buys this. Full price $22,600. D. Ervln Franklin street Phone Oak. 2412. Humboldt 4635. MARMONS are sometimes I resold, Always la IClan 44.) 4 A IN 6 A A. LOT 10 ACRICK. clear, between Klorklon and AloUeaio; want noma or flitla, Oakland; will aeeuiue. Ilabrock. Iegrand ntT lal Nai lUdif. 14110; 11 farm aecurlly. i.rarand JO. I 1st iajda. changs on bungnlow, be Ul. 4(4 SI Pld. u74J. luK honies and ranches a I Hayward sea H. K. Koblnaon. T4 Caelro of I e- UARMONH are aometlmea Id. alway In "autoa. It laaa ONE DOLLAR A DAY BUYS THIS LITTLE HOUSE on a big self-supporting 60s 200-foot lot. containing sev ersl line, full-bearing apricot, trees, city water and gal; new atreets: garden loam suitable for berries, flowers, vegetable, poultry or fruit. Large living room, bedroom, kitchen, bath; breakfaat nook acreened In porch across entire back. Fine plumbing, well built: near highway, not far to street curs and schools. Total price $3u50. Two other similar liouaea to select from. lo cated near K. 14th Street, be tween San Leandro and Hay-ward-new, never occupied. R.F.IIOOD Castro St. and Sunset Boule vard. Hay ward. Calif. Phone bet. 10 and 4. Hayward 700. Open every day. Includ ing Sundays. OUT OF A JOB? If you had your own Ittle poul try ranch, your worry would be over; thousands are making money from poultry out; so can you; let me sho; you how a small amount of money will start you. If you want to build your own house I will place you on the land without a down payment; or If you want a new 4 -room house right up to snurr i win place you this beautiful house for a very small payment, then pay the balance like rent. Don't write, come out and let me show you. Doxey, E. 14th at Castro Valley road. near Hayward. POULTRY ranches or small homes. sale or excli. What have you? A Shirley. 525 Castro Hayward. Quarter-Acre For 1 2 Down Near Foothitl Boulevard! bal. $12 month; save rent; temporary house allowed; close to stores, schools, etc. Oakland city water sure to increase in value. SEE MR. HAMMERSMITH. FOOTHILL TWO BLOCKS WEST OF CASTRO VALLKV ROADi PHONE HAYWARD- 540. P. 403, HAYWARD. 'A Workers In East Oakland ATTENTION, $150 DOWN Pay only $22 per incl. Interest, less than rent. Own your own home and thereby sharing -in value-Increase as a landowner. This is Hayward's best year. plastered bungalow, living; room, bedroom, kitchen and breakfast, bathroom; large lot with bearing cherry trees, city water, gas, lights, sewer, all Installed; 4 blocks to center of town, schools, churches, stores, street cars-. 6 blocka to 8. P. trains. Commute $1 per month, 30 minutes to fac tories: American neighborhood. Full price $2250, balance $22 per mo. inci. interest, uasiro iiay Ward, Also open Sundays. 491 -1 Six New Bungalows These homes range In price from $4760 to $5650, with small down payment a. 1 termsjess than rent. These: have five and six rooms, basement and garage. Near all transportation, in a well developed new section of Berkeley, with schools. Roy O. Long Co. 1114 Shattuck Ave. Ttiornwall 70. MAKMONS are Home times resoJu, always in "autos." (Class 84.) NpRTH U. C. neighborhood; extra fine. 8-apartment building; one 5-room, one 3-room, one 2-room; income over $2000; always full. Although it is worth over $15,000. $12,500 gets It and good terms can be arranged. RUSH REALTORS 2074 Allston Way. Ph. Berk. 6874. Call M. MAHARRY Eves. Berk. 2084M. SEE THIS SUNDAY new homes, one not yet flnr ished; 5 rms. and b. r. English type. On premises Sun-. day. 1401 Gllman, cor. Oilman, Berkeley. vveaajaeaayaeaaaeaa, SANTA CRUZ Santa Cruz Properties" CHARLES H. WEST, THEATER SANTA CRUZ. CALIF. 1 7JafilH7A SMaMMaevaMMMaaaaaaae BARGAIN $1800: 6 rm. cottage. Leaving cltv. Sm. down Davmerit Apply 1919 Mlnturn- Alameda. liOrtEX -LOANED ON DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY. WATCHES laaf fUM Diamond and old rold bought. California's Largest Pawnbrokers. $33 4rosdwsv S-W corner l' iXfruuij'LiJxri''' i QUICK ACTION Building and Flat Loans A. N. MACDONALD CO. 24 1TTH ST. OAK. 2 A We 100 OUR I RMS, $500. Located cloae In, right of Tela- fraph; rant $60. CLEARS around ill and an apt. GEO. L. YOUNG. 1900 Telegraph Ave. Oak. 4264. to K.MS. Good low rent; cheap, a no I Market, c-or. San Pablo. 55 HOTtl.S. APTS- ROOMING HOUSES FOR SALE AND LEASE LEASE and furnlahlng of apart ment noiiaa in -clnals. Hox Ml 36630, Trlb. A nr. awwaaaj aaie AUTO Painting. 'welding and radla tor works and auto lop ouainea: loc. In a le. garag: owner wou Mk PARTNER; one who would like this line of buslneas: owner understands the trade and all 'ta branches and Is anxious lo have a man who will work In with his wsva of doing bualness; $60 week drawing account arranged and hoir nt-nflta- I'lOft. 472 19TH NR. BROADWAT AUTO repair shop psrtnsr wanted, In Berxeiey: an ainos oi iin. Will teach right Proce $300. 4o8 12th rm. 202. AUTO washing and polishing best location in ti. urnim amt. will handle. See Howell, 4r.ri0 K. Mth st. Al-'TOMOBILH toola. two late patents; for sale, trade or otherwise. By Inventajr. Box MI36399, Tribune. BARBER shop, cigar stand; wonderful buy. Box M140828. Tribune. BATTERY shop, also equipped for auto electrical repairing In connection with super service ststlon. See Woolf. University Service Station, cor. University and Grant, Berkeley. BEAUTY shop fully equipped for rent. 618 15th st CONFECTIONERY, ice cream parlor, magazines, cigars; loc. In a northern suburb In a goo tosl-ness have 3 living rent $30 sIcknesB of owner wife comnells great sacrifice: $860. RELIANCE REALTY COMFANT 472 19TH Nit. Hfiu.vf i CAFE, grill and lease, first cla a T.iinn In West OaklaT IKS. 1 nd. Will sacrifice Terms suitable. Call after 4 p. I58 itn at. CLEANING and dyeing store located in Fruitvale, good opportunity Ph. Fruitvale 6729. CANDY, ice cream, lunches; gooo make offer; terms; sick; must sell quick. 627 14th st CLEANING and dying press shop Good business. For sale. Terms Phone Mr, Gardner. Oakland 8069. CIGAR stand and soft drinks. Fully eauiDDea btock. ooi CIGAR store, soft drinks, Ice cream and canclieg.4 DELICATESSEN groc, school store. 821 12th 8t, nr. Mkt. L. EXPRESS 3 good trucks; also some horses and wagons; large coal and wood yard in connection: same owner 27 $400 per price $0100; hi cash, or take Oakland property. See Mr Schram, 2026 Broadway, Oak. NATIONAL REALTY SERVICE CO. FRUIT store In one of best markets in Oakland. Inquire at fruit dept. -1118 Washington. GROCERY STOCK; BLDG PrpaaraCgai.ly2 nstVe's; ITH lovely, $4000 handles. Mfs. Von, 1522 Franklin St. GROCERY, fruit and vegetable business in busy district, real chance for someone, $2250 for fixtures, auto. Thin price for quick sale; location 2101 Hopkins st. Information H.v -H Sack at 4038 Piedmont ave. Phone Piedmont 140. Don't pass this opportunity. Phone. GROCERY LUNCH SCHOOL STORE doing $40 8 bath; rt. $u5, lease; $1600 handles. Mrs. Von1522 Franklin St. GROCERY- at transfer long lease, low rent; casn arm tw-ij bus. about $40 daily; owner sick and must make real sacrifice; here la a pick-up for $800. See Mr. Grant, 2026 Broadway Oak- lanrl NATIONAL REALTY SERVICE CO. business center; test loc. in business arouna iv any, clean stock and a wonderful buy at $3600, or will invoice. Ph. store. Lake. 8698. GROCERY, fruits, vegetables; estab lished over it years; oesi oi ri-erences; will sacrifice for. quick turn account of sickness. 5348 Grove. GRO, good 2 good llv. rooms; staple goods; very cneap rni, good lease; selling acct of death. Clark 1607 Franklin. Oak. 8300. GROCERY, near school, thea ter and a. v. depot; living rms. Small amt. cash handles. Mrs. Sweet, 6019 E. 14th Bt. GROCERY (Hooper's) 13th Ave. and 28th street, best location, siock and fixtures of any store In E. Oak. Living garage. GROCERY STORE Good business, living rms. in rear. I am selling; have other bus. to care Hopkins St. GROC, confec, nr. 2 schools, 3 large ii v. rooms; aiso groc, news stand at S. P. station, rooms, no 1343 E. 18th. GROCERY No beautiful ioc. uanay lease; rum. living rooms. Owner going east; must havtw" cash. 2149- Harrington ave. GROCERY, old est. owner can't nanaie; win sell reas. 200 Lincoln Alameda. GROCERY Profits $360 mo. Rent jo. Appiy owner, m. corner 86 Blanche St. paying; old est. no fix tures to buy. 1011 7th ave. Pit. Mer. 4683,. GROCERY for sale. Stock, fixture at invoice. 4047. 241.6 GROCERY, 3919 Telegraphy prlca reauceo; mane oner; also traae. GROC. Little dandy. Invoice about iiuu. owner, 761 w. 11th St HEMSTITCHING business opening traue eaiaonsnea; small rent rn. Fruitvale 2377. ICE CREAM parlor, candy, cigars. ior sate or traae. investigate) Box M138437 Tribune. i Rustic Suburban Home 1 In Oakland; alew of the "lay from its front porch; swing; your ham-; mock among: the beautiful trees that surround it. This rustic home Is modern with living and dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bath and porch, etc. Bring- a deposit. The price la only $3500. very smah down payment, balance rent Owners, Hnmboldt 2710, eves Berkeley 2752 W. BOCK RIDGE I rmi, hardwood throughout; breakfaat nook; wash room; basement; everything clean; garage. 16 Broadway. Piedmont Z40Z. Owner. Vacation Money al Your Disposal. Ten-Mlnut Service. We Buy Dealer' Contracts Phon Lakeside 170 LOANS piano, prlv. party. Ftvl. 4164. LOANS on used cars; reasonable rates ana prompt attention to small as well as large loans. 2214 iane. 471. LOANS $10 to $50; confidential 305 1st National Bk building. LOANS, pianos, chattels. Call ua Kifl.nd JXb tor appraiser. LOANS On Furniture. Oak. 6116. LOANS Oa Furniture. Fruit. 6466W Oakland Acceptance Corp. AUTO LOANS REFINANCING 2429 BROADWAY PEOPLE'S Finance Thrift Co. Salary loans; automobiles refinanced. Lakeside 2662. liih r.nd Jefferson. i HE San Francisco Remodtal Loan Association, 932 Mission cor Mint opposite U. 8. 31lnf. Phone Kearny 6349. to loan on pledge-, and- diamonds jewelry afid other articles of value at 1 per cent per mo Money lo loan chattels, consisting of household effects, furniture, pianos, at 1 per cent a month on unpnld balance, 6 per cent tee. Transactions held confidential Chattel loans also made in Oak land. Alameda and Berkeley 52 MONEY LOANED ON REALTY (Continued. A rom? At Build lu lng loans 6, 10 year installment loans; inenaiy ser -ice, 12 St. La -11188. MONEY to loan. Mer. 1035. R. B. VINSON BVnXa'ns. 400 Syndicate bldg. Oak. 6942. REAL ESTATE LOANS IMMEDIATE ACTION. ESPECIALLY ON SECOND DEEDS OF TRUST. K. WHITEHEAD A 207 First Nat Building. Oakland, California. Oakland 1281. WE BUY choice 2nd Trust Deeds at 16 discount. Any amount Im mediate action. Come to us and save money. CHAS. W. REID 410 Federal Oakland 2163 $100,000 a month available real estate and build-: ing loans. Payment as. low as $10 per month $1000. Loans as high as 70 of valuation. Two day service. R. S. HART CO. 1105 Eriston Building Oakland. Phone Oakland 4060. 1ST and 2nd trust deeds-bought, quick action. Atlas Mortgage Loan Co 2074 Allston Way. Berk. 6874. FL'AT ANd'cONSRUCTION LOANS PACIFIC BOND MTG. ALA. JG. JiLiDG. OAK. 1264. aaaaMMaawyaeaaeaaaeaaaawvaeaaeav MONEY ANTD ON REALTY CAN use some short-term money In sums of isuo up. Excellent security. High return. Box M129484 Tribune. HAVE some extra good, short term zna deed at 20 discount. Chas. W. Llndqulst, 4107 Brookdale ave. ruitvale 8672 w. LIKE to hear party who has money to loan. tsox airiiiiia, xriDune. PAY 12 on small 2nd. E. 2331. BAtis investment earning 8 or Deuer, Mortgage co. wants private party with money to discount second mortgages at 6, 7 interest Company policies to protect purchasers. Box 16286, Tribune. $1500'flrst deed trust 4, r. bung. Elm. Or Ki. i4tn pi. $4000 lsUD. T. new close In; principals Ftvle. 6066M. 55r FOR SALE OR LEASE. Apartment Bargain $.1500 gives possession 26 8 moaern one rioor. $100 and apartment attractive corner. Mrs. Von, 1522 Franklin St A FINE LITTLE HOTEL 16 baths, hot and cold water every room, building and furniture new and clean. Clears $156 per mo. 626 First National Oak. 1816. HOTEL; a new brick, fire-proof bldg.f 10 close to beaut, shower baths, Simmons beds and spiral springs; furnishings throughout are wonderful; steam heat, telephone each room; clear around $200 per mo. and separate apt- for owner; long lease at low rent: 84E00 will nana aie, oai. acn Auto Loans We Finance the Purchase of New and Used Cars LOWEST RATES IN OAKLAND MAKE YOUR OWN TERMS NO DliLAV NO REU TAPE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL CONTRACTS REFINANCED TO REDUCE PAYMENTS. COMPARE Ull KATES, NO INVESTIGATIONS. We pay upt balnnce due dealer, bank or finance company and loan you additional money. Private deals financed. Country business solicited. PAY AS YOU RIDE. We loan the limit on your auto; repay by easy monthly Installments In 12 or 18 months' contract. TIRES SOLD ON EASY PAYMENTS. ANY B.NK. We loan our own capital and make our own collections, therefore are free to grant accommodations and extensions. with the largest, oldest und most reliable Finance Company in Oakland AND PLAY SAFE. UNITED FINANCE CORP. 2015 Broadway Oak. 1596 AUTO loans, large or small, made In tx quiei way. cu leu mye. iivwcoi rates In' Oakland. W. Hammond, .4054 E. 14th St. F. 6491. 52 MONEY LOANED ON REALTY (Continued) eaaaMaaaMMaaaeaaa0aaA Alameda Investment Co. Improve your property, we will fur nish the cash. waiting now. 18 years' experience In horrre financing. Flat or Installment residence construction loans to lot owners or contractors for full cost of building. Refinancing loans to home owners desiring to rearrange their obligations. No delays. 703 Syndicate Oakland. AA HOME BUILDERS will find our building loans an eco nomical ana advantageous metn-od of financing; repaid on small monthly payments or may be paid on any time. BUILDING LOAN FINANCE COMPANY 1330 Webster Oakland 6293. MONEY TO LOAN California Mutual Building and Loan Ass'n 390 17th Bt. at Franklin. Phone Oakland A.V.LONG 'a-iVl Largest ar ON late reest and OLDEST ESTABLISHED CLIENTAGE IN OAKLAND 1406 Franklin ANT AMOUNT ATONCE ON IMPROVED KEAL ESTATE) ANT amount, flat yr. bldg loans or on Improved. Prompt action. Oakland Mortgage Fin. 1432 ranmin FOR REALTT LOANS CALL ON AS. Si NA1SM1TH. 103 BACON BUILDING. FLAT, installment or building loans at 7. ar. F. Porter 411 16th at. KOENIG KROLL Established 1879. Loan on rea! estate. Contracts bought' Room 202, Bank of Italy LOANS FOR HOMES lend money on first deeds of 'trust, to buy and build homes. Long term notes. Fee of 1 ALAMEDA CO. LOAN ASSN. 66? 16th st Oakland 8500. LOANS FOR HOME CONSTRUC- TION OUR SPECIALTY 1st deeds of trust bought and sold REALTY MORTGAGE CORPORA. TION OF CALIFORNIA. Syndicate Building, Oakland MONEY FOR BUILDERS of construction costs. No pay-. mtnt for six months. No deductions from loan. 'Easiest' most flexible for responsible operator. $300,000 a month available Send for ''Schedule SECURITY HOUSING CORPORATION COT First Natl. Bank B. Post and Montgomery fits. clients buy seconds at reason able discounts, small brokerage. Box 16286. Tribune. MONET for flat loans, any amount; trust deeds purchased. ALAMEDA COUNTT REALTT 4k INVESTMENT CO. 1911 East 14th St Elmhurst 3771. Til LAAfeANLU I SACRIFICE 7 room stucco: living room dining cabinet kitchen, breakfast nook, fireplace, French doors, tile bath, I bedrooms, laundry, reception hall, hardwood floors, finished room in basement, rarage. large lot, select neighbors. fruitvale diet. Only $5750 terms. Fruitvale 1765. SAC3IFICED account sickness: 3 bedrme. best condition and district: S6500: mall payment down to right people. Humboldt 40b. TERMS $4250 TERMS New, mod. 4 rm. bung, with all the tateat bullt-lna, gar. Exclusive district. DALLENDORFEB, t21l Hopkins St. Fruit. 4700. "WHY PAY RENT liust be sold at once, a real snap; just completed. Stucco bungalow rear 8. P. and locals. Havenscourt. Only (350 down. Full price $4850. FARRIS WHEELER Cfcr. 7th and FoothlU Blvd. Fruit. 7623. $3000 TO $4250 NEW BUNGALOWS IN SOUTH ALAMEDA ONLY $50 DOWN ONLY $10 PER WEEK Including Interest, taxes and Insurance. New 4 and fi-room bungalows Only 20 minutes from Oakland City HalL DIRECTIONS Car No. 1 on Broadway to High t. SOUTH ALAMEDA street car makes connection. B. A. L. STONE CO. SOI Claus Spreckles Bldg. San Francisco. Phone Douglas 3976. South Alameda Office 10S Bay Farm Road. Phone Alameda 3427. 42 $100 DOWN; PRICE $3550 4 large rooms, breakfast nook, reception ball, enclosed laundry, all built-in features, fireplace, French floors and wlndowa, hardwood floor, garage and drive; large lot, 1H blocka to E. 14th Et. cara, tore and schools. Monthly payments 437.61'. includes Interest. 4726 East 14th St. No. rar to 43 Ave. ALL ALL A A A Z. NEW WE 1 $2750; NEW 4-RM. uner- hdwd. latest built-lng, one blk. 8. P. ata $200 cash. $150 CASH; $4150. I beautiful pew bung. Hard, up the minute, v- y. lh fine ar. LUNCH COUNTER in automobile i Oak; same owner 6 years; ana must Bacnrice; low rent: about $25 day price $300. See 1KA LREAIYSCEcJ "'I

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