Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 4, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1894
Page 1
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.MARCH 4, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 0 comKMiK of <iiffcrent dntM iw) 10 ettOf cK tno current number of Art PortM- Be* auvrrtlwmMit. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 4.1894. NO. 54. The Hard Times The agitation of the silver question, nor the fate of the Wilson BiJl luve impeoed our progress And Why Not? Heqause the Congress of our friends and patrons have vo'e'd uuam o.ou-ly "Aye," as to the strength and desirability .four earl}- ana recent purchases. Our line of Spring Dress Goods, Silks and White Goods, Trimmings and Laces, Our new Hosiery, Underwear and Gloves never met with such unai imous favor from every one that saw them and learned our very low prices, You, \vho haven't visited us yet are most cordially invited to the ever bu.'y BEE HIVE, -JJ5 Fourth 3t, Wiler & Wise. OflLL ON Wf\LKER 6c Rf\UGH 420 BROrtDWrtY, FOR ANYTHING YOU WflNT IN WORLD'S FAIR KINANOKS. fteporU ot th« Auditor ITmrnifd b/ Coo- grcmrnm Uockery. \TABIIISOTO.V, March !!.—The financial history of tho World's Columbian exposition i.i fully outlined in vho TOiX>rt of the auditor to Uio bciiird of directors, ivhic'h wax prosentc-d to the house Friday by Kcprcswjntritivu Duoki.-ry of tho Joint '.-ommittco to investijjaU! tho t-x- pcnditiirrs of tho fair. Tim balu nee »!n-i!tishows tho fdllowin^ rxpciisfs: Scout" null "The Cowboy." two ot tnc heroic statues which occupied positions it the world's fair, h;ive bc«n presented i to this city and will hoon be placed in i the rotunda of tho Ka^ louver high .school. __ I.NniANM'oi.iw, Ind., March :;.—Ed- \viiril COM way, i'»r I't'iir yours deputy ; United Stairs, mar.sl.al. coiniuitt.ed suicide :it !'-s home in I ai« <:!ty by hanging . himself, lie i.-, ih.m.-iil. l'i h;ivi! been tell,!!.'!•.-I''.''. il'A'.'.'.i". i HE RETIRES. Gladstone formally Hasigns Hi High Office, The Announcement Not Yet Official' ly Made—Rosebery Almost Certain to Take His Place. (aT.ADSTONK IS OUT. Loxnotf, March '.',.— Mr. Gladstona has without doubt, tendered his resignation as prime minister. The following' serol-olTlcial statement has just been issued: "Nfr, Gladstone hns Irnriereil hl.s reHigniui but It has not yot been formally ucccpu-tt" Probably the queen will write on Monday signifying her aoaopUvncB ol the premier's resignation. Sir Henry PonSonby. the queen's private secretary, left Windsor for l<on- don to summon Lord lloscbe-ry to K. Gi.xnsTO.VK. Windsor castle. The message was personally delivered at 4 o'clock p. m,, and the two left the city at once for he castle. Among those who called upon Lord iosebery previous, to leaving for Wind- Mr wereKight lion. Jamo.s Hryce, cban- ;elor ol the duchy of Lancaster; Right Ion. A. II. Dyke Aclaml, vice president if the committee of council, and Right Ion. Sir James Ferguson. 1'ODtfun with J{o*fl>rry, Lord Rosebery'a movements aro vatchod with great care. His houso, 8 lierkely square, where he arrived Friday evening, was surrounded by a roivd of curious people anxious to utch a glimpso of the man who now iceupies such a great share of public .ttentiou. Messengers bearing dis- >alcli-boxes wore constantly coming nd going 1 , and it was evident that tho eeretary of state for foreign affairs vas iu active, communication with ho first lord of the, admiralty, larl Spencer, and with other c.ib- let ministers. During the inornir.g larl Spencer and Right lion. Henry .'. Asquith, secretary of state for home flairs, and other ministers called upon /ord Uosebery und remained in cou- ultation with him for some time. Off for Wlmlitor, The consultation ended toward noon, /hen Karl Spencer left for Pa^dington uilrottd fetation, whero Sir William 'ernon Harconrt, chancellor of the. xchequer, and tho carl, of Kimberley joined him, and they started ou their way to Windsor. Tho ministers -upon arrival at Windsor were driven to tlio eastle, whero n. cabinet meeting'took place. It is everywhere believed that Mr, Gladstone, in his interview with the rir.cen, arfd in reply to her invitation Mi-TL'es'.ed Lord Rosebery as his CSHC- There is a general feeling llni-t :r of her (j.'Jijuj-ty will fall on .s-ebevv and tb;it. in- u!H be C'essoi'. tin! did Lord i: given ' ,:;,! I. i-.;n Y^; ]'., president of tho social noienco confirms ot »nd lord rector of Eillnlmrgh unlvumlty I 18*0. la 18WJ Mr. Ol»dati>ni' uppoitiUn! him set reiuy of 8tat« for foreign iifl»lr», but lie ' •Iffned the portfolio to (K-eejit tho ebalrmnnsli of the. London county council. Ho .is furcif •eort'tary In inn prnneut t.'iWne.t.J A GREAT CRUSADE. Tftmpcntnr'n A<Ivornl.'-( I'ri'pftrlntf f*»r it Impi.rtHHt M<ivr. NK\V YOKK, Marcli '•'•- — Tin: World' Women's Christum Temperance, unio: has been preparing :i iielition against the trttt\le in alcohol, opium and agains legalized vice, to be presented to a-1. tho governments of the world, Lady Henry Somerset and Miss Wil lard huvi been appointed us the deputation ti convey this petition to the dif fcront governments. The pelitioi: itsolf has now reached :in unprcee dentxd length of over •J.omi.iKK) tignii' lures, and with the attestation of eel- tain great societies I here will not bi less tluui :i, 000,00(1. According to t.lu forthcoming number of the Review- of the Cliurehes, Dr. Limr., the editor, has been requested by these women organize H demonstration around the world. With this purpose in view, ; first-class steamship is to be mime- diutely eharlered, and a party of 1UI will be organi/.ed to neconipaiiy Lady Somerset and Mis-, Wi'.lunl i" this re- marUable criiSiuk', The crusade H'il! eoinnienee at the annual convention of the \\ onion's Chrisli-.ivi TiMiiporane.e union, to In- held in the l.'nited Stales next. October. 'Die delegation will then proceed to Washington, where the polyglot potilioti will he. presented to the •overnmcnl. Leaving New York on October -I, the contingent will join the liritish ooiuiusfeiit in the grant demonstration at, Kxeter hull on. November 1 or -. The crusaders' steamer will leave London 011 .Saturday, November :>, arriving at Naples on Monday, November li. A visit will then be paid to Rome, where it Is hopad ll:at his holiness the pope and the (ing of Italy will each receive tlio delegation. Tha next cupitol to bo visited will bo Athens, whore tho king of Greece will be presented with tho petition. Jerusalem will be the next point on the programme, and tho petition is .o ho presented to tho patriarch ol Jerusalem, after which the khediyo will be visited nt Cairo. The east will ,hen be visited and tho return, made across tho I'iteifie, JUBAL A. EARLY. Dniath »t I.yncliburg ot tlio Fauioun Virginia Olricer— HI* Career. J, Va., March 3,-GeD. Jubal A. Early died Friday night at 10:30 ('clock. |.Uibal A. Ksrly wus born In rranfclln coun- y, V;i.. 1817.-,iml cntoroil We^t Point in 1831 ioKradiiatiidnndbcwiir.n » second lieutenant if tlin Thlnl urtillery In IS.'KJ. und was promoted fi!lr.-t i;i"iti.n:iiii H-.n MINK' reiir. l'"t lie rn- ./.lint tn -l"i!;,' ItUV. l'i> vvus :l'lni:iti'il to ]irac- il.i ill" Uri .ik',ll;:.i'.i: i..' il: • M"\i''. ". -.v.:rl:o ',1 .i:ri-.i:n. Vs n-'i-'.-i- ••: \'•:' : : .•.'.:: v.i.an- , n, s-i-i!'..: : A'i ••;-:. :••'-. ••>•'•" !i" •••'•• 1:1. ..I -,i In- I in- iiv.-ii- .'•• .M :!.'• '" .r'!:i.l:.'..-"f TRADE REVIEW. Dun and Bradstreet Tell of the Business Situation. Some Sif^ns of Returning Confidence —Limited Investments Being Made —Fewer Failures. SOMK IMl'KOVKMENT SHOWN. NKW YORK, March :!.—11. (!. Dun & Co.'s weekly revipw of trade hays: Wllli no liion 1 (liilliiilo inronuuiion tljan u wct.'k u^o ri'KilrdiliK llii! oiiiconie of llnanciul or ri-vciiiii! il!s|>u'.''H. pcrhupn inure. pcnrJc liavi! cuinn to Ih' 1 Imll.Tf ihat tho cii'l will unswrr Ihi'lr wiilH-:,. (.'iTl;ilnl.v rntliLT inure lire lulling liiuili'il risU.s in busliit'S^, e.spiM-in'.'.y iu Mui'';s. A sutisiaiuinl bii--is is ilic hlowh- ('rowing JijniiLiiil fur K* 1 ^!!^ c;ii;sed by jrr^Oc.il • xliiii^iiiiii ot siO'.-\-* tinid by ilfalrrs, und iliS lius f'iMl.rr i.'ti!;irKi!il tbo wor.iliiv: lorec in mau- I..IV.-II i. 1 , .1 (illKllM III Ill'l.lilll.l. h:\iirtsin-hmivs ih-.in li'.vi,'. ;'.U.mn''U,r i«ii'ju-d, !i;u iiiiiiii-rinis iviliu'tioii-i in u'u^'s roiuluiii; tn '!'l:u- ili-'11:111x1 fri't:> iiNir,!>.:U,:-H is a:au>f-t i-xi-lu- wUvl 1 .. for '.iH'df'.iin or |.i\v-jirl.'-il wooirn ami cull ml i^oixlH, fort l.. r iO nliues ai:u ^.' I>IK>IS ar.J fur hlllll'S rallll-l- ti,.l'l limits. SlIII'- s;i.i"iiiK'H Utl'l 11",l!l'-:--t lilid iiulical lulls Ilia' ;-U.,'.,s .*'. till! STATE TELKURAMS. Newa Flashed Over the Wiraa from Indiana Citios and Towns. 111,. j:;-l'" ..i) ,'''tv, su ll;,ll ,1, '.l.l-.-i- '-lil'-I IJl.iiKrls S.^.-JDU [nnauis for il.r; ,,,^t .v*'iir, ill )>,ll't tie- !',-u wool lias been irn- (,n- niuiith... ;ni.l su|>p'.iiis n:'i- Kliort. I'M inai'Ui't-* are aiso broatlcr, v.-lthout iiu- pniVc:niri:t 111 price. "CinHiin.nl wi-aUarss ;\ppi-.irs in pi'fres of metal ]iriiilin-ls. r.oni itli-taiullin; some Irn'rcanr! uctual bnMiivss. 1-ittslnirKli ulfiTssloei bars leru at II."'. whli-ii i.-"iily I rent at ibr iniiix: uli.-nite ortlcr?; f«r c:i>-t JJipe ll;iv<,' been I. uiul sonic liiiyi- slruc'.ural cinitracls, will! older.! exix'cll'il. Kvvll III ll)i.'I'itLshurirh only W per cent, or tlio (JonueHsvlIle cuk" is arc yet In operation. Kecrljiln uiul l-.rportn. JdH'i'in'.s ar.il t'xiHirts of wbrat for tile week liiii'i.' ))i'(.-n only nbo;it )ia;f last yrur's. whllo thoro Is a Kreat iiicrtuse both in roceipw and in exports of eorn, but smrccly nnv clmngl) 18 seen in prire* of tliOHOor other product*. Cotton receipts for tlio wecli »ro null Hll^htly ftbovo ,ant year's. The fall in Hi'.vi'r anil tho closing of BOMC mills hinJor it rise In pi-lc«.i. Uullway f! from Chicago was Out ~1 PIT cont less than lam yeur, »^»ln«l 3b ptr tout, Jor February. Importfl of merchandise still show u decrease of 4a per cent, whllu uxporis of domes- llo products for vhroo wce'Ks arc 5 per cent, torpor than U»t jcir, lluitnem FHlturcx. "With the buy! jg power of Ui<! people necw larlly restricted, with many works Wlo and wage.s much reduced, and apprehensions for .ho futuro, thens is £ l ' J1 eral economy. 7'bo most cm:ouraij!nfl fcaluro of tl,o uook's record » tho i/ontlnueil ilccreasn In number ar:il !m- iortar.CR of failures. For tlio third week of ^cbrunry llnliilltles IblH far reporscil aru only i,S«i3,an!, and for tbrco we,:',;a of the mnmD only *IJ,«*),<1S, of «hk'li ?&0«.i,s«r ^•erc of manufacturing nnil E;">. liwl,(Ji)U of Lfsuiini! concerns. Tho number reported In "chruary Is I.-OJ, against L'.Osil in January, and hi.' lull liabilities wore probably '.o.ss than !1S,- >iO,(X'0, asaluat l.SO,;i4ii,4U7 In January. In No- 'niuer unit Dceemht-r tho ivn\outit cice.oilod i/. l-\>r the last weel; Uiu lailures havo in tho Unitoil StaUis, swuiusi &») last •our, and <2 in Ciininlu. ufjalnsi <b List yeir, icarcoiy any IJCIUK of uiuch unpuriani.'('.'' Ocoroaiird Voluino of 'I'rKde, IJrad.street'u report says; "Storms »Ed cold weather south au.i Miuth- ro.Hl have e)io)coil the eourso o£ bM>i:i'--s tlas I'tiek, whlto went itiul nur:liwest l-riL-hicr I'l.-iuhor bas had an opposMi; e.7i\-i. Nu in>t- e.i! uiul irf«;i!U'.ii.r muvcmi.-ist «f Hie v.,]- ino of biiHjnrss at tlio i)i'K.i;iiii:^ or ico r:i|,rovi.'niont mav be fo.::i i 1:1.1:1 :iie rl',,|-l! of l!ll) Wl'l'l!. Wltll :'.S lil'lTi-.l^'',l v "l" a.t! of ti-Auc a:ul ri-l.fw 1 t.i::avi'r:i.'.'' : '-;HirM IJId Tlietr Courting by M»». FORT WAVNK, Jnd., March 3.—A very romantic marriap-e occurred in this city Friday morninjj. Thursiluy Karl iMifteuc Williard, n. Chicago printer, arrived iu the city, und the S:HIH» evening was niarricd to Mi.ss ^!,yi'~ tl<; KihieldK, a hnml.somo Fork Wayne orphan {firl, whom ll» had never seen until a few hours before the marriaga. The couple U*d I bci-n ciirrc-s pond ing sonw umc, the oe- j *ult of an ailvvrliiemeiit Jiif.erled iu on» of the city pa.pcr» by the young man. AVillard came to the city, M;ciiTeda»»ita <if rooms and thou called ou his lady love, who lived with her guardian, I JJaiiiel McKinnio. The young nian to- I troduccd himseH. It was n case of lc*» at (irst siplu, uiul tln'.v H|/r>-i'il to get ' married. Tlio unar'ian obj.Tled, but i the young man wus U4 and the younjf | lady past 1 j, »nd his objections went i for naught. The happy youup couplo i wont to \Villiard's rooms, and, se' t'uriuff :i jnarriagu license, called ia I Squire l''rance and were married. Mr. I Mi'Kinniu witnessed the ceremony a»d i i-xtenilud uonprratulation^ The eompln i left f"r Chioa^'i) l-'rid.-iy. \ViHard lay* his father ib a prominent Cincinnntl broke:-. No Ji*»ducf.ion ,^)flde. TEKKK HACTK, Ind, March 3. Tb« liitur.iinous Miners' Rtate convention adjourned Kriday, continuinjf the »w enty ccuts-a-ton contract for minliijl until Mi>3 - J. 'Die »tat<! executive con- mitUH:, which had recommoirjed k .small reduction and which endeavored to have the convention oiako an offer o'f a reduction to the operators, was repudiated by tho dele- pates, who did not care to enter into further negotiations with tho operators after the -latter had said nothing less than a twenty-cent reduction. would suffice. The operators say thai il means that tho cheaper rained oo»l of Ohio will displace the Indiana product, and that in a week or two tho men will discover that they hav« thrown themselves o«t of work. The convention reeleoted President Ounk- erly and Secretary Kenuedy, lircmklnu V'p » Gft»g of Ei. WOOD, Ind., March K.—Another sensation in connection with the famoaa Goodman ^an^ cases wo» &pr0it9 Thursday night by the arrest of fsa*o Goodman.'the father of Dick GoodimM?, tho clyinif burglar, who was saot by Detective Cobur». He w»» ^uftMo to give a bond and was taken away from the bedside of Iris dying sou o»A lodged in Jail. The charge upon which ho was arrested was that of running n "fence" for the pans' of whkch his son was the leader. A lorga amount 01' stolen goods was fottdd in his possession. He is ojje «t the wealthiest farmers of this eo«nty, but so far baa tho feeling npainst Wm had its off. ct that, he is unable to giro bonds for his appearance. The cases growing out of the operations of this gang have totally wrecked his family. A Ifurglur Killed- \VAHSAIV, Jud., March- 3.—Joliu D. Puy, burglar, lies on a marble sL-ib al Smitli's morgue with a hole in his head. lie ofCe-cted an entrance at the residonco of Frauk J. Brarbeo Thursday nigbt, but, ho bungled. The course of his route brought him to the room whero Mr, Hnirbee und wife were, sleeping, where ho accidentally stumbled over a chair. Tlio noisi- awoke lirarhou. Ito reached for his i-i'volv^r and snot und ;)u! robber f.iil J.-ilul',.V \voinnii:u. On '.i-f-. :','.;-e:i-.-iu \vas uorlicd .:,: 'Miiiiu D. l'H,v, T:i'.irm, ..•o : tr.u rcci-i'. ef;-'. lie ,',tri;;c3 \ivr.s i;!c- t.':u' wit of luau si.: a leg.'-.l .s Id kc. piO'i til': MllOllti'J coi.t'x. ill l'i'!::il:' in'1.1 that .-ill ;{al and that ccmM not ili-vlse a JIc arftucd that !lu: ot a st!'il\i: must I-a taken into consideration in deU'rmimnj,' whcth: «!r or not :v wt, of men had a la-wftil privili-g-o to striitc; nnd inas- jouch us tlif majority of. striHe3 have been accompauied by lawlessness and dtetrnction of property, ho argued that the eourt hud a perfeet right to protect the Northern Pacific's property as it did. CuhUr Ai-rcnteil. • 5iT. Loi'is, March 3,—John D. Fraser, cashier of the Grand Trunk railway, who left Toronto last July an embezzle* of $10,000 of the railway's money, •waa arrested in this city, having been tro«<d here by detectives. He is in jail pending extradition proceeding* pcnTtr O«t» Not»d Hl«tue« ,D«SV*B. Col., March 3. —The "Indian I..Mi-ne-< f«r v.M ntlii'i" u;e;> \verc . p »r time. lru;i \Vin-l;crx, has bei:ii posn-d ;«t tin: l'hof;ii.\-villo iron works to »'ie eil'ci-t that lluirc will be no more work at the extensive- plant until further o.-dcrs. About 800 hands arc thus thrown out of employment, Won't Itun on SuniUy. I'lTituUitatt, I'a.. March .').—Oi'ders havo been issued by the Erie to hold common cfreight trains at ternv'milft over Sunday- Abouo b,OoO meu will rest. Huff {fult Tumumfij'. NKW YOBK, March 3.—In a letter resign ing from Tammany, Congressman Donpliy says it instigates ballot box frauds, lie Implicates Richard Cro'ker. Dtaiftgei Awnrilod, EuroiiiA, Kan., March 3,—Kansas farrocre secured 147,000 damages against Hosier liros. for among their cattln. •;'riil;i tin-i':ist'ii' to t.hi! 7-:ii'M;rd station w;is tliroii;;' 1 ''! wltll peopli- v.-lio heartily i-h-.'cre.l ^iv, C-ladstone. It is M.at(;d lhal Mr. liliiilstoni; will sliortly leiiTO l-Jii-'land Sue tl»> iMntin.'.'ii!, and that. In: will ivuiatu abroad iinlil tiie end of. A.,ki-il lo Stiiy. Kuinbors of telegraphic message* reached' Mr. G'.adstooo during • tho morning; many of them being from Ireland, asking the premier to reconsider uts determination to retire from ofijce and recording resolutions adopted B f, meetings Friday night, expressing sympathy with the grout liberal leader and urging him to continue »t tho head of the liberal party. Among tho towas which sent such masnagss are lielfast, Londonderry, Cavan and Monaghan. I.onl Itouwbcrj. of extraordinary .M:iri''.i i'.*- -'i'\vo bal'ies, a .virl, tvi'ins :.''_;' n-iunllis old, hered to deiuli in b.-d at the. 1,1,111,: n 1 ' tin: parents, a family naitie.d ,lin'i|«er, of 170 West Chir.ij-'o avenue 1'ridav night, Mrs. .lacquer clafinu s hr put the children to bed between two small mattresses at '> o'clock Friday nigl't and found them dead early iu the morning. A physician was called in. but ho refused to issue a death certificate. The police and coroner were notified and an investigation was made. lowi* FarimT KUI"a o.v t-l'" t:ftr *' ]{OONK, la-. March u.—]{ii-)iard Holloway, a prominent tanner, wai killed by a jiorthwestern passenger train near jloingoma Friday cevciiing while ha \vas walking on the track. Ktunclnrll OU I.oHui A SIiop. BUFFALO. N. Y., March 3.—The m»- chine »hop of the Standard Oil works, corner Bnbcock and Elk streets, burned to th« ground. Lost. $'.'«.W»i insured. J),>i-K|.'ol'.n, 111., Mareli'::- —M:>s lii.l.ie NarretjunK has bepfui) suit :itf-.,ii-st tho Cliiea^o, SlihvanU-KO .t >'- l':"'l railway for $10,UOU damages. Slie e:i:no from Dakota on » I.dliU-mile '.ieiift,, which the conduetor between licru and Cliiuago refused to lionor t.eviu-.se the prefix Miss "'as omitted. Kho was forcibly ejected at Elgin and took a latffv train- In waiting for a connecting train at Davis Junction one of her feet was frozen. Twenty Yen" 'or Miirtlri-. MILWAL-KBK, Si-ii-di :;.—L,idwijr»ar. czynski, convicted Jf l»e murder of John Soacha, was sentenced by Judge Walker to twenty years in state prison.. The prisoner's attorneys made a motion for a new trial, but this was denied. Bwc/ynski killed Soacha in a quarrel on the nicht of December 23. . . • : ; •' .•:.-'-'•. '. .i<i -. '.- '..:.' .: ' • ,- '.::,\'" ::-i"[:nif ,- f , :: '..: •- i'. -:.' . ::;:."V •,,-,-,: >.:...-- ,:,-:v. '...':,e ;r,,i:'d ',;:• !:.e I;-.-! dolia" Ills I'll I 1 "-; II'sii :' 1 '>•". ;; ;•'.; <;.>, iii'iii. 1 " ;) t I 'On vcj-.se. \vcijt to si'-e;i \\hili' vitting near a t-t,o>'o in ^^•In^h a intr.ral ^T-'is firo burned. losing M'i/..:d with an epileptic fit, ho fell over ai.'i one foot lodging against the hoi .stove, was literally cooked. ( B ii<-.-r Killed Him. I'.i.KiiAin-, Ind., March S.—Cbado» 0. . Jluggins, aR-ed !'.> years, the oJdest UM>a in this part of the; slate, died Fr morning of dancer in the face, eiuno here from Ohio in IMS, and up to three years ago worked ten hours a day nt !iis regular calling. l.rfftt • f'Cfr A^d an Arm- HAIIMOXD, Ind., March 3.—Baaole Mailer, 23 years old, en ice-cotter ot this place, fell under the wheels of^k Michigan Central freight train atSoufti Chicago and lost his right leff and Bray '

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