Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1954
Page 12
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EXTRA SPECIAL SHREDDED LATEX PILLOWS Allergy Free Real Sleeping Comfort Floral Ticking $1.79 HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY III! SPECIAL PRICES On WALL PAPER In Room Uts, GUNTER Lumber ,-- s - • ,-*-' V'"' , - tX< vi- > , ?• ;w'j^ Tuei<J<jy, October 5, 1914 HOP1 STAR, HOft, ARtAMSAl Marilyn Weeps But Joe Goes, Divorce By ALINE MOSSY HOLLYWOOD (UP) - Mnrilyn Monroe, red-eyed from , weeping said through her attorney today "there is no chance of reconciliation" with basebal] great Joe £)i- Maggio. She ordered her divorce suit filed today or tothorroW. Friends o fthe coupled tried to get the nine-month marriage back on its feel by urging them to reojf *ncilc. But the crying actress, near hysteria, told Attorney Jerry Gicsler that any patch-up "is out of the question." "We may Me today or tomorrow, d c p c n d i ng upon Marilyn's health," Gicsler said early today. "I discussed the possibility of a reconciliation with her, but she said no. There is a conflict of careers and a general incompatibility. Yes, Joe has struck out.' % Joe remained inside the couple's rriitcd Beverly Hills home, but Gieslcr said he assumed the ex ball player planned to move to an apartment soon. The blonde refused to talk to reporters today but agreed to appear at n,: press conference tomorrow noon at Gieslcr's office at least to pose for photos raphers. The divorce suit, to bo filed in nearby Santa Monica, will charge « iMaggio with the usual mental •uelty Marilyn will not seek alimony from the currently jobless sports figure, and the couple accumulated no community 'property diirins,' their briof union. The;split-up of the marriage the world has eagerly watched was a surprise, to fans and to most film- sters, but Attorney Gicslor said "trouble has been brewing for quite some timu." 'The break-up is not sudden," lie told' reporters who clustered on the lawn ojt the DiMnggio home yesterday. A few cloKe friends of the couple admitted they had known the marriage was rocky for Severn! months. Michael Chekhov. Marilyn's; vocal coach, yaid the famous s'.ar had become "Mproip" recently over her wedded lifo. He said long before their recent gay whirl of (^.'ow York she confdccj to him that .loo is a wonderful guy but we don't have enough in comon." The actress in the past few weeks often has been too ill to work. A physician who has been treating her blamed her frequent sickness on "Marriage difficulties." But Broadcaster Mark Scott, a friend of the couple's, insisted Marilyn and Joe still love each jther. ™ "Marilyn has ben working long and hard and comes home tired." Scott said. "Joe wants Marlyn to be a woman, not a star." The actress was bedded yesterday with what her doctor, Leon Krohn, called a case of nerves. Krohn is an obstetrician, but he insisted she was not pregnant. dITY' t ttJP> — Fdfimer U. SV Ambassador William bvBwy- f plans to go to Los; Angeles" In ibout 10- days to testify before a congressional subcommittee invest! ;ating Communist infiltration of Ke Western Hemisphere. O'tJwyer said he has accepted an flvitation to tell iha group headed by Kep. Patrick J. Hillings (H- Calif.) what he knbvvs about fled activities in Latin America.. jj$iUca'l Colleagues into line. ; j^'Hc is ; .nbt really thinking pf himself , of, office/ OLD-TIMERS KEEP GOING—"You've got to hive'^hobijy, it keeps' you young." that's the philosophy of Theodore: A, Fogler; 80, left, oldest competitor at the National Rifl« »nd:?ist6.l Matches | bt-Camp Perry, Ohio. He's a retired Cincinnati mailman. At'90, ; Harley H. Lyons, right, still puts in a 48-hour work wreek' Mid i doesn't plan to retire until he's 100. For the ! pkst five' y«ar« i Barley's been working at a Grand Rapids, Mich., service station', 1 •••' and says he'd be lost if it weren't for'constant; working; r .''•' By Hugh Lawrence Nelson THE STORY! A, woman sheriff, Mrs, Toby Argyls, is investigating the. death of M I-S. Angelica Jones, one of the wealthy Carlson clan hich is summering a t the Carlon estate in Colorado. Jim Dunn, private detective, and Nancy, is wife, hsve ben retailed to do ome investigating there for Mrs. on, 'her mother-in-law. Angelica is Ars. Kit's cister-in-law. In an ef- ort to protect "is cliotit. nakes a search anil finds what nay be a hiding pi-ice, although is empty, in a reoer.s behind he .wood elevator on which Anelica's body was found. As hs ma K es the discovery, Mrs. Gel- trap, MM. Kit's cook, douses him vith hot water. Immediately Mrs. Gelstrap is attacked by Miss Wiser, Jim's secretary. Sheriff Ar yle restores order. Democrats in Wisconsin See Success By DOUGLAS B. MILWAUKEE I;T) — The ..ppUti cal fortunes of Wisconsin ;bemp crats seem to be rising this year but probably not as high 'as, EJeiuocratic hopes. < . ' ^f» In an election in which the sain of a single seat will be importan in establishing contrcl of Congress Democrats in diaryland are count ing on increasing their reprcsenta tion in the Houso by at least one or two members. They may sue c.eecl, although October signposts sometimes are wrong in Novem ber. The party also is more hopefu of electing a governor than at an> .i^lime in years. While Republicans dispute tha the opposiiton will wind up with any siginifcant advances, a gooc many of them — party offcial and candidates, as well as or dinary voters concede that Dcinoc atic chances have improved in thi two years since President Eisenho wer captured the state decisively. Democrats raced up their big gest primary vole in "history Sept ,^irt4 and then biggest peicentage o •primal y ballots jinco 1U12 Fo years they consistently have mad a better .showin,* in the genera Fresh Banana LAYER CAKE Brpwn Sugar Fudge LAYER CAKE Old Fqshion & Fudge Topped BROWNIES Fresh IRQWN 'N' SIRYi RQU$ JOE'S it Carlson who wanted to '..get omething" on Mrs. Hilton Cart- hidcy-hole." verything second-hand', 'Jith.' told; her -of:thft' vyat.or, : '-o'f; Jthc beween" Mifss^'ir.iister-anc NfWi Brief! ,JN|;W i?ELffi, India, (W>> itotitistaft Times sdia today Nehru's recent hints f he he resign as permier were in .ttiefeiy to brinj? recalcitrant div- .g;. himself ; . of, office," the ts' •political columnist said Was: U-yiiig to administer a . to his colleagues'-about the s.tale f in, Which Congress (party) affairs were." PRESCOTT NEWS A >hidy crane'.of lhe*P.'t. A. for marks on the study "Stepping In- mothers of the Junior and Senior High pupils was held on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the Home Economics Cottage with Mrs. Edward Bryson in charge. Mrs. (Bryson gave introductory re- HAVANA, (UP) Serge Fliegefs of New York, says il Cuban police nen burst into his hotel room iere before dawn Sunday and 'slapped him around" for an hour Before deciding it was a case of mistaken identity. Fllegers told the U. S. Embassy yesterday the raiders told him; :hey were looking for "a murderer rom Chicago." A search of his belongings eventually convinced .hem he was not tho man. Arkansas Cities to Get Turnback LITTLE ftdck an — state uref/J. Vance Clayton has en $3,043,912 to Arkansas and counties as their share back from state-collected '' 'r%Vc nues. '•'"'.• t 'll turnback to the munici|>^lllics is shares by all incorporated «>6m-, munlties. fteturns ^rom , higliway and general revenues go to all eounties, but only those counties xvhere natural resources have been sefved share in severance turn- backs. The money was allotted under various laws from collections in the past fiscal quarter. to Teeh Society" followed by a dis cusslon given by high school boys and girls that included 4 *toV "" Economics Help A High irl Enter Teen Society" by Rita Warren; Larry Smith told "Mow The FFA Program Helps to t>eve* lop« the High School Boy to fin «r t«en ""—''" '"*'" "*"'" *"" m^CffitftitM m JKfcWiy" was gtveh^y m$te£tl&£SA a dis Camp ESBJERG, Denmark, (UP) — Paulctto Wcbci', 54-year -old French-woman who tried this week to recapture the xvorld balloon endurance record for women, fell into the North sea and was killed it was announced today. Mrs. Weber's body was found last night floating in the wreckage of her balloon about 10 miles of the Danish coast. She was trying lo • belter the record of 22 hours and 30 minutes set recently by a Russian woman. TOKYO, (UP) —Recent reports from Red China indicate president Mao Tze-Tung has been breaking his rule of fare public appearances to "dp the rounds" with Russian Communist boss N.' S. Khruschev. The Communist radio lias reported Mao at a number of func tipns—most recently a Russian dance recital with Khrushchev, who is ono of the highest-ranging R'ed leaders ever to visit Communist-held china. plans . At tht close of the meeting dainty refreshments were served from a table spread with a lace cloth centered with, a bowl filled with red roses. Miss 1 ' Margaret Hunter Scott presided at the punch bowl. Misses Warren, 'Dew'oody, ilcnfro and Bill' ingsley also assisted witli courtesies. Pink roses graced the coffee table and bouquets of dalhais were placed at other points of interest. Presbyterian Ladles Class Has SUpper The Woman's Bible; Class of ttd Presbyterian Church enjoyed a supper at the-church Wednesday-nl ght honoring the class officers: Mrs. Robbie Wilson, President Miss Jennie Lewis, Vice-president and Mrs. Max Bryant, secretary treasurer. ] The supper was served from the inirtg table,coveted,n iahiaSk cloth. .An 4rtt «frl*d „. cLft« 'Mrs. TlifrO"SfcYjf f6Wan -.__. ng devotional talk and Jfi&'& 0. Logan gave tft§ hlilofy bf lM,«iii*. Miss Margaret Hunt'Cr 1 Scott, 'rescott High School sdnlbf, rcsentingM»feseott ift 'IHB Queen's Contest of,. th<r ArkaiMi* State Livestock Show in tlltl* Rock this w6ek. Shft .is BefAf ., orcd By several o! Ihd Idfar «tv» clubs. ' ' , i ' ' V Mis S Siott is th* 'dltlf ftt« b*,M*.' and Mrs. Chas. Seotl, A*: S edttt^i-' tant in the Quein's review, «h« *rtil participate in the inh^iil' " " ' and will be a «Ucst of tin . livestock Associalioh durirtf h*f stay in the eapllol city. She will fad touscd in orie of, LltUe 1 itock'sXhft- tels along with all thfe'othei'.Con- Kait 'to? $*%• Wrir' ^ — . — * -T--V, attd Mrs. Bill Ha { I \ >.tt.aj. J 6ft " 1 l " aM MF* tA hfs'.'pa drew'tiavtl Now Und«r N4w Mcnfl IDEAL CLEAI :R! ',Hff *s GORDON L. LOW:AR <I ' f"?! ." ' l » v n't> mys fci-c XVIII Pain cleared Miss Wister's eyes?, nd the mask .of rage left her ace. "All right,", Sheriff Agnes aid. "What's -this little ruchus about" 'She — she tried to scald Jim," Miss Wistc-r panted. . "I did not! How was I to know c. was down there" Mrs. Ge- trap whined and hiccuped. "I icard noises in the basement and cratchings inside the woodbox. I bought maybe someone was try- ng to get in that way. /Trying to get in and hurt Mrs. Kit. Thav's vhat I thought." Miss Wister -laughed insultingly Mrs. Gcstrap contented herself vith a glare. Jim Dunn said, X was looking around standing on the platform if the eevator. The door of the vobdbox opened and a lot of boil- ng water came down over me," Jinv stopped taking long enough o realize he was not burned. His 'ace tinged a little but that was all. "Well, a lot of hot water." ie amended. "I didn't know what she was gong to dp," Miss Wister \vent on. 'All at once, she ran out into the dtchcn, came back carrying a pail of water from the st:>vo. She pulled up the trap door there and lumped it down. I heard Mr. Dunn yell. When Mrs. Gelstrap started for another bucket of water, stopped her." Agnes Argyle walked over to the woodbox and lifted, the lid. She spoke at last, tmcl her voice was uisky. "I see you found a hiding place, Mr. Dunn." "Found it empty," Jim said. But it might explain why An gelica Jones came hove, why she as around the elovnlor." "It could. And you found it empty" "Yes, You can see marks in the dust on the bottom where someone has swept it out, cleaned it "No," Sheriff A'incf said. "I can't see that. Not now, Well Mrs Gelstrap, maybu you'd better tell me what your real purpose was in pouring that water," "I told you," tne cook said sulkily. "I hear;! what you saicl. Try again. Your water throwing did a thorough job of sluicing out the •said; •-"Wliiil, goes;' bn;; a the rhnin house $1: sftoiii tqi' ting every"*"' LL -—'-' '--- J He figlit between' Mi-s. Gelstrap.: r 'Tm.•.'banished;- for the time. beinig," he \vent' qii; '-'Os- tensibly'to chang- 1 ! clothes. Meanwhile I th:nk ; the sheriff, is ori v the phone agniri, 'reporting to head- jl m quarters, to ' Mrs Oswald;...'".And they're trying to get Mrs. /Kit awake. Seems to 'be an 'idea,-wo should all • gather hnppily .under the Carlson • roof in ' the : place acros^ the ,lake." ' ••'': .'• Nancy -nodded. . Apiiareh.tly"--the move wa. 1 ? no news to her.- !: "Be handier for, Agnes, 1 '' she said'. ' I noticed you two hit • it - off. What did you : tell her. Nancy" 'Everything I- ! knew." . ; "Think that•'was'wiu-3' Jim ask ed mildly. . • V'. "Of course; Jim. Realty, she is emarkable. She's; also understand ng and shrewd." : - ''.' '• "Shrewd, O'U grant you" Dunn aid. "Slie. have anything -to v say as to why'Mrs. Hilton hasn't-been over here' 'No. Why -should she? .Mrs.-jail- on, I moan. "Her daughter'dead," Jim out. 'After all —" • "I guess the Carlsons ar,e: a;; lit:le different," Nancy', said-'. '."And I ^suposc Agnes told 'Mrs: L Hilton not to come.-.After-.all, what 'p'ould election than in the primary. They see no reason why they won't this time. Furthermore, there is a procepti- ble, though by no means unanimous feeling ground Wisconsia that this is a Democratic year in this traditionally Republican state You find it in cities hurt by un ; employment, on farms wnere milk checks are smaller, on main streets of country towns where cash registers jingle a bit les still are some ant at thiij stage qf the tionpprip^, l wii»t the seems tp ad4 up to js are lively to feeep |,hey g Tr she do". "Nothing. I suppose," ..he said. 'Here's a little word , of .caution, it's just possible Sheriff A^neg is buttering you-up for her own'.reasons." ., .. .:. '• /.';. '; ., : ..; •;,,.'„ "It isn't- like . thati'' .Nancy,, s,aid ndignantly, • "And , anyway ,, you vere rights about one; thing,..: Afenes already knew, abQ,ut;'the / iGalifo > rriia susiriess. 'And, maybe I shouldn't :ell you this/.piit, I think,she'luj Deforehand that Mrs. Kit: aii'd'Mrs. Gelstrap were cpirimii ^herfe."'- Jim was more interested' in ; the 'irst part of that statement 'than in the news itself. "Why shouldn't you tell me." Nancy looked away from her lusband. "After all it was more less in confidence. 1 '" ' "I see." A horrid suspicion took loot in Jim's mind and flourished, rle decided to put it to the ', test. "Did Agnes — and I suppose : might as well adopt your infor mality— say who she suspected of the killing?" "An accident, Jim. It has .to' be It better be!" : Naricy closed her mout h firmly around' further words. "Or our client might be a prime suspect?" "I wouldn't say that, Jim, hon< estly, I hate this. Holding out' on you." Jim Dunn fell as if he wert standing on u singing hummock 01 itss in I he middle of u quick Fund. One wrong step, or, in Ihls- ease, one wrong word might leac to disaster. (To Be Continued) Texarkono Tax Case Before High Court LITTLE. ROCK Cfi — The' . Ar kunsas Supreme Court has. beqi a bleed ta.iule on A decnuon by tht Miller. Chancery Court which .hold* that tales'cannot be collected 01 mei chand.i!?e isold v by a ^e^aiivan store but delivered outsicls theicit> limits. State Revenue Commissiope ( Vance Scurlock appeslod to' th ( high court after the Court granted DUlards, Inc arkana department ttorc. ao in junction prohibiting Collection on such sales. Under ?tatp law no tax may b levied on sales • within TexarHa Ark., sinc^ no, t^, }@ collected Texarkana, Tex, law, Scuviock contend^.' d but d<?Uverf!4 ty ' Tfie Unanimous CAo/ce of ,SHOP WEPNESDAX GREEN STAM , MONTH", TWICE YOU DID. ARMOURS PURE ; LARD MRS. PARKERS ) i ! MARGARINE 3 Lb. Ctn. GLADIOLA CAKE MIXES DEL MONTE CRUSHED PINEAPPLE COCK WALK No. 2 Con No. 21 Can Gal, FOLGERS, ADMIRATION, MAXWELL HOUSE PEACHES BORDEN HOMO, or PAST. MILK COFFEE Lb, Can 24c 25c 39c 1.09 FARM FRESH PRODUCE GOLDEN TOP QUALITY MEAT$ BOSTON SOUTHERN MADE FRANKS WIRISIRVI THI RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES

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