Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1954
Page 11
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??yw •>£"?"> * . Aft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, detober S, Longshoremen Strike in NEW YORK (IP) — A strike by longshorehleH in a wage dippute today tied up Ihe world's largest d" busiest port, for the second time in six mouths, TugboatK .^lill wurc operating atid big liners Were a^le to dock, but Ihdfe \yas nobody to Unload the There was no inirre'' r iat'' pros- ct ,ofi' a, settlement between the •Imoftiati&nal Loni?shoremeiis As- csiatlon- aiv independont union, and the Nc\V. Y6Hc Shipping Associa sorots ,BQ Croger- FORUM? What'a ihat?," a Russian, -would ask you. ' He'd hevtr Ih % million years identify. It wWh,hls.ne.WM»««r, A neWS^a^'W BUSslSlis slmbiy the tuIlnr-.cJiqu.cX No, 1 ip«d(un» for sJJreAdinsr »s propaganda. The reader has no way nf.-lqiow- t Ing what* true or false in,b|s paijer. Ttou ha,ve. Y,our, nnnwimMr is a reaCif«wni ofttheicomipttnl^ because ^censor decides, what , x , your editor may or may not, tell W« readers. * the break in ryo. : Oajts wero wanted in view nj import''restrictibs on Canadian oats,; corn was" * aided by. n goo demand for the cash, grain nnc soybeans were held u)3-by-light rc- te-ipls and more mots I lire" in northern and. central lllinoiv WJicat closed lVtt-214 lower,-December $2.16'/H/ B , cor '/i- lower December changed: to. $1.52-$1.51. '/a lower, oats un Docembei Seeks Ecssy Way to Gef Auto License LMTLE ROCK i/H — The state .eve'nUe Department would like to make it easier for Arkansas mo- orists lo oblain auto licenses. Ih a report of the Arkansas legislative Council the department yesterday proposed simplification n the auto tag purchasing, proce durc. The department said' it oped that in the future motorists vould have to prosclU only one aper instead of three ih obtain rig their tags. Previously applicants have'had to how the registration assessment nd record of tax payment, 6ET OUTA,HERE—Angry mama lion rodred and then lunged, at the pholographer who look a.picture of her and:har new cubs . at the Milwaukee, Wis., zoo. It was the first time Queenie let her i young charges out of, the maternily box, | lion, representing steamship lines and stevedoring firms. Strike. Strikers, wearing hastily-scrib ILA Baltimore and Other East Coast 1M sandwich ^gng reading, "ILA puts laid plans to handle caries ^ciaHy on strko • P^ketod nl obb : 79l4-c-, ryo. 0'/4fG lower, Decem ben $1.38>'/>> and soybeans — a, higher, Novem cr ?2.72-i.i. Wheat; No. '3i vellow hard 2.19^, ; t4p.,2;mixod 2il3Ui. New corn: No. 4 yellow 142 Gait 1 : No 1. mixed No.; 3 . whtie- 30|4. Soybeans: i' i P , '^ m«* NATIONA STOCKYABDS. 111. none Barley- nqmlnal:. mallinj; choice 140 T 50; malting; good 1.31-37; 1.00-20, feed NEW YORK COTTON ,r— Hogs*'4P",OOOf modcratiJly, ac tive uneven ;" mostly 25-60 lower than. Money's average} bullc <;hplce 180«260 Ib one price- 19,00 1 several) huhdred^ head* early 18.D3 andi comparable number late IJL'.IO: about' thr\o " decks partly small Jpts- choice^ No. Is and 2s 17i25j 25, head lot around 29()flb 18.75; ,160170 Ib 18.25-19,00; mostly IS.qO Up; sows, 400, Ib down 17.0d-18,00; fe\y 18.25;' heavier sows 16,2&-17.00 coars 11,^1^50. * , < ' |t Cattle* S.OOJb oalvos *J,,500i mod- [qrnte demand^, at', sleafly/ prices for Id few high good and choicer ators ntJ3a.00-a5.DQj lityo done on lower 'grades; heife'j'S'r and mj>fcd yenr iJ]|igs opening ' aboitt ^leacly,> cows 'fairly active, ahd steady;, utility commevcipl 8.QO-12.5Q; oanners cutters^ B,50n7.0Q;- bulls unchanged; u#J&y, and-, ooinmoMia Jl*50-I3|QQr*Bann«?^ a ^% cutters 8.00-11,06; S f v«e a 1, c r s and , cajves steady; few."lilgh*,choicci and* prime v^alers, 23,00-2,4,00; eoofl,and chpiga pers; nothing over 19.00 'enrly to pacers; a,ged sheep unchanged; aughter ewes mainly 3:00-4 00<- NEWJ YORK STOCKS NEW were • steady t/P) today Cotton futures on trade buy- YORK UP) — The stock rnarket advanced today with well iplribuled- slreng*h in tha parly flernoon and' went into ew high roud for Ihe yonr, Gains of 1 to 2 points were- fre- ienl, and In some injilqnces thry oared on to aroud, 5 poits. The oils ad- steel-3 wcro Ihe most avor«d i of- majpn diyi^lona. Also ahead wei;e motors, coppery rubbers golds, aircrafts. airlines, raring? lajpbs- /open •idHW iMnhrirf-v" lltllk BR. 1<?OQ ing, ft3rH|te^'''Wj-tJi; JMoiidH* f , u , g6odi-1;oWinM'fo«!?rirfEP*lB.ia3i4t,00 a, fev^l»mO' r 'W3^butchci>s* < aifsli>'sh'ip IPS tif c '.' t " |[l^^;' . — V$ -, ji Onion Sets. Supplies, - ', ing ad short oovoiinf. Part of the 'demand was stimulated by the sharp decline in the maikct on jMonday following th2 issuance o •substantially higher private c.-op prices were 3C estimates. L^le aflernbori 'cents to $1 a bale higher Ihe. previous close Oct. 34 74, Due 34.95, Mch 35;23. expected to be diverted, from'New York as they were during a. 29 day valkoutlasl March and April. The American Export Liner Tn- lependenco.; first largo-ship to ar- ive since ihe slriko starled last midnight, berthed without diffcul- y.> at Pier 04, Hudson River and 44th Stret. .Tugs nosed hor, to the whera, non-longshore em- ployes of the company handled the ines and the passengers' luggage. The Cunard Liner Queen .Mary doccd- la.ter in a, similar mavncr. John F.. Gehan, vice president of the Amc-rican Export -Line, arriving on the Indepandecc from a "Meditprrianean vdcation, told 'newsmen^ a long -strike-would-mean permanent loss of port business. Police, mounted.- and. on' foot, pa- and Mrs. Edward Slaine, counselor. Kultj'eh of tilled the waterfront. ' piers at!which ships were berthed wth Ihe exception of military pier exempted from Ihe strike. The Hudson River piers, whcr most luxury, liners dock, are usual ly manned by the: ILA.'s big Lccs 824. This local was the"fir.it to re poil a un.mimous vote last nigh in favor of a strike, rejecting ; a employers' , contract offer. Rcpoit of a similar vote quickly followed liom.-Anthony., (Tough Tony) Anat'tasia, boss of Brooklyn loca)s with 2,500 dock worker members. Other locals throughout the huge port quickly fnll in line and shorty, before midnight ILA President William V. Bradley announced that 19 locals'had. f plowed the union's wage scale committe recommendation without a single dissenting vote. ELECTED LITTLE ROCK (/P) — Mrs. Johai Walsek Of Little Rock has been iamed president of the Little Mock Diocesan Council of the National Council of Catholic Women. Other officers nre: Mrs. J. Edward Rohan of Lltllo Rock, Mrs. W. V. Castlebcrry of Fort Smith and.Mrs. Walter Webb of Helena, vice presidents; Miss race Tierney of Little Rock, recording secretary; Mrs. Edward Robben of Fort Smith; treasurer. Vou r ll enjoy v ; <Jeiicious^ SALADS SEA FOODS PISH Prepared and served the way you. Hkev them. Daily Lunches 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA All port's miH- tnry docks in Brooklyn and Staten Island appeared to be hit by the 159 piers alon" the waterfront except Half of all employed males in the United States are at least 40 years of age. ALLEN ELECtlllC 'ANNpUftq&'.A POLICY! Now you.conihqye y.oun H.pme Rewired to meet mbdernjconyeniences and new- fixtures. yMli on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Charge- 10% Down Payment Balance Monthly chemicals, ailroads. ra.dio-ti,ie\ Ison, and POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO UP) Live poultry steady to weak; receipts coops yesteiday 1,450 coops; 207,405 Ib;- fcob paying- prices un- qhanged lo 2 lower; heavy hens 15-295; light hens 12-1215; fryers and broilers 35-29; old roosters 125-13; coaponettes 32-34 Bulter tte'ady; receipts 635,259; Wholesale buying prices Cd iwfa hjgher; J a3«>scpP3 AAY00.25;" cars go's' "8.5; H9> *C B 25. Eggs about sleody; roccipls 7,0877 wholesale uylng prices un- qhangedi U, S. large whiles 41; mixed 41; U. S. modiums 21; U. S, standard- 23.; currcnf rcceipls 3$; dirties 19; checks I8',o. GRAIN, ANL PROVISIONS , CHICAGO UP) —' Wheat and lye prices declined- on the Board' of T,r,ade loday bul olher cereals held relatively dteady Rye fell several cents, on news the scheduled buying ofjis grain by West Germajiy had again been postponed. Some selling in wneat 'apparently was in sympathy with V-8 FORD FORD, THE WO'RL&'S LAftGEST V^S IBUILDER, HAS. PRODUCED MORE V-8's THAN ALL OTHER MANUFACTURERS COMBINED I -$»! 6',9§*Bdtes. Novelty, Spreo.d? y rich; colors, finely woven, ' " • • ' -—^ in sijie, ^ BOOTS 'Alt leather boots, Regular these are $12 r 9& Vglye V-8! Four out of; five V-8's L ?4|^he road today are ^8 Fords! For4 introduced the V'81 engine to the .low-price field n?oj» than 32 years ago... and is still tJ>e only car in its field to offer the smoothness and responsiveness of V-8 power. A4d to this Ford's long, low silhouette, its, clean, modern styling and its colorful, smartly-trimmed in- teripp, and it's easy to see why Ford ig;America?s?inqst popular-V-8 car. There's no engine, fo Ford's Y-block V-8 has, an extra-deep, block that extends below the crankshaft for more rigid'support, longer engine life. New ^short-stroke design, turbp-wedge combustion chambers, free-turning overhead valves, apd exclusive Automatic Power Pilot squeeze , the last ounce of power from every drop of gas! With 130-horsepower, Ford's Y-block V-8 is the smoothest, most responsive engine in Ford's field! There.'; no V-J} priced $o low!< Only Ford offers a V-8 in the low- price field! And no car near its price gives you Ball-Joint Suspension . . . for smooth riding and easier handling. Only Ford in its field, gives you Fuji- Circle Visibility ... the most windshield area . . , the most rear .window, area , . . the most total glass area! And, with many other exclusives sueh as suspended pedals and Center-Fill Fueling, Ford is America's best buy! ! - "(§ NO WONDER MQKf a V-8 ...it/s o Y-block V-8 •iNijKK ..-.^Sr" - -i* FORDS THAN EVER BEFORE! WORTH MORE WHEN YQU BUY K.jJ MORi WHEN YaU SiW« ITI of used car prices shows that J\i r 4 a greater proportion of its original cost at than any other car in its fleJd, It's «jreater value you g^ HOPE AUTO XJQ, f,, iw 9mmmwm 10 -< r . , > y™ '," V r^"'" rr ^ t *'*" n: ™""" T "" "" ' ' v ~ l """ ''7'""" ( '-''7' '•;' T^K"Wi'^^»W5f'"*<;SM'^^ "\ "V^ f It .A? h O /^ it mi nn^/" CIETY Phehe 7'34S1 Betweeh 8 A. M. and 4 P. Ma Calendar Tuesday October 5 Popular Grove 19(! AVoodrnan Circle, will have its regular monthly meeting at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, October 5,- at the W. <5 .W, Mail. The Alpha Delta Chapter of the ftelta Kappa Gamma Society will mcgl With Mrs. B. B. McPherson oh Tuesday, October 5, at 7:30 p. m. Kirs. R. E. .Tackson will associate hostess. be the VFW Auxiliary will have its regulaT meeting on Tuesday night, October 5, at 7:30 at the hut. Hostesses are Wanda Byrd and Pearl Hbllis. Game night at the Hope Country Club is Tuesday, October S, at 7:45. HaMs are Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A. Mobbs-' and Mr. and Mrs. Royce Smith, ' Wednesday, October 6 "Civil Defense" is the theme of the program planned for Fathers' Night 'to be observed by Paisley P. T. A. Wednesday, Otober 0. at 7:30. • Haskell. Jbnes will bo in charge' of the program. Guest speaker is Lex Helms, Jr., new cii- re(!§,5r of the Civil Defense for our area. Families of Paisley students are urged to attend and all others are invited. Pat Cleburne Chapter oftho U. D. C. will meet Thursday- at 2:SO p. m. in the home of Mrs. J. A. Haynes on South Pine street. Wednesday October 6 The Fulton P. T. A. will meet at the school at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday, October 0. St. Mark's Auxiliary will meel With Mrs Clyde Hill, Wednesday October C, at 7:30 p. m. Boyle dontttued from On* today is born into n home where he isn't wanted." Overheard on fi r o a d W a y: "I wouldn't say he's cheap exactly, but the reason he doesn't Carry his mother's picture in nis wallet is that he doesn't believe in giving anybody a free ride." The average man likes dojjs bit* tor than cats 'because he 'feels a kinship to them, lid knows that a clog is a losal-heafted;' fctol who Thursday October 7 W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church will begin a study oV rarely, if ever, show a 1 sense India, Pakistan nnd Ceylon, Thurs« day, October 7, at 2 p. m. in the basement of the church. Mrs. John Gardner wll be the leader. All in. terested persons arc welcomed to attend. Russia Lays Piracy ta Chiang UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (UP) '*•* Russia pressed a diplomatic flank attack agrtiKSt" the Chinese Nationalists in the United NaUbns loday charging Chain Rai-sftek with "piracy" in the China Seas. The general assembly's iS-tnSrn- ber st.eefitig coftihlitld scheduiedia .._„ meeting to decide whether Ific Siv blunders Ihrough life; jfriaklng- all | Vle£: char-go should he put oft the kinds of mistakes, v Will at least g'efida for; debate, -..." • • isn't smiig.- A.eat, whatever else The steering.committee tiiso will it Is, is sttiug. ill it does do S8Hie» av.e ;; b>roH it.Soviet ;DeloJ3alo An- thing wrong; :! it ; ttevfif apologies, dmi'Y, Vlshlrtsky's , reqUest that as a dog/dbeaV :W6rftett-jlik<* cat? sSefribly put Ihd KreilillH's-lateSl because they envy th'jir^elihe' self sufficiency,, and b c. c:a U s e cats Monday, Otober 11 All members and associate members of the Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church, Mrs. Reddin, .eachcr, will meet at V.:c church at 7:30 p. m. for the regular monthly and social meeting. This is to Main 4. Country Club Rds. • Tonight & Wednesday • TERROR OF THE SKIES! 58^ -* ABRE IN COLOR Robert STACK-Coleen GRAY *® .RichordARLEN • ItUUD tMfcu UN>llfi *.IU1* V^oody Woodpecker Cartoon ol guilt. It would save a lot of family quarrels in America if. when a couple went to buy a new car, the automobile agency would sell them cno with the first scratch,, arendy on the fender. A Fifth Avehuc snloh now" is featuring something for Ihe ladies called a "Huck,Fin" haircut. This should go a long -vity toward- ing Mark Twain- famous. One of the oddities about ai pb* liceman's lot ih New York City be a pot luck supper. Thuro will be l s that if he shoots a criminal he has to pay for the bullets out of his own pocket. No old maid is'.ever resigned^ to spinsterhood until she quits buying kiss-proof lipsticks. OH the other an installation of officers for the now year. Wednesday October 13 The Boclcaw P. T. A. will meet in the high school auditorium on Wednesday, October 13, at 7 p. m. ..._,. . . -,» „„„,<„ The program will be presented by Ba P^L ChUr .^ ?. ™™^ Nolan Caudle. The speaker will .bo Ode Goodwin. The public is invitbcj and. everyone who plans to attend is' asked to bring a pie. Notice The dinner meeting of Circles 1, 3 and 3 of the C. W. I-', of the First Christian hurch has been postponed until October 19. W. M. S; Meets The Woman's Missionary SOCI'P- ty of the First Baptist Church met Monday for a business meeting and a missionary program. Mrs. Frank Douglas presided over the business session. The program chairman gave her plans -for the year. Mrs. S. A. Whitlow assigned the Community Missions projects for the,month o£ October, an''; Mrs. Henry Haynes gave a briof discussion of the coming mission study of Brazil and-passed lout helps and:study books. Mrs. Earl Bailey reminded the group of their mission! offering, in December,:, .and to start- saving for it now as; * ! she assumed her stewardship duties. Ai> executive meeting elate .for each monthly meeting was set lor the fourth Monday of the month at-.Q;30 a, m. This meeting is to be held at the church. The society agr.epd to furnish sheets for the nursery as a sportation will be provided. Mrs Homer Beyerly and; Mrs. Charles Reynerson reported ' on the young people's work. Mrs. Frank Douglas gave a report on efforts to form .another Business Woman's;'Circle;; The Missionary Program was under the leadership, of Mrs. Burnis Gallion. Mrs. Henry Haynes gava the devotional entitled "The Way." Mrs. S: Av Whitlow led-in the. open, ing hymn. As each lady gave her part on the program she pinned the location- on a huge map, of tt>P world. Those taking part on the program were: Mrs. Henry Haynes Mrs. Franklin Horton, Mrs. Mar garet Beyerley, Mrs. J. S. Atchison Mrs. Windle Thompson. Mis. Hugh Jones dismissed the group with rirayer. W. S. C. S. Circle- 3 Mc-ets In Story Home, On Monday, October 4, Circle C of ; the W. S. C. 'S; of the 1 First Me thodist Church met in the home o Mrs. Garrett Story, with Mrs Stith Davenport and, Mrs. J. W Henderson, as associate, hostesses The meeting wasf opened wlti prayer by the leader, Mrs. Jollj Byers. Minutes of the Septembe meeting, were-; read 1 .and approved Several business mailers w.ere dig cussed. Mrs. Edwin Ward presenle Ihe program in Ihe absence of Mrs proposal^oh IIS ag"en- a' as a Special- Itc.Hi. - '• Little opposition wns expected to •utting the "piracy" item oh, the gehda'. But the committee was xpected. to; attompt to persuade 'IshinSky to- agix! to having his isarmament prbposal^' included s part of the debalo on the ovec* 11 problem of arms? reduction ,-hich is expected to opon the main olitical committee's Work late his week. T,he . U.S. is. mpntiohcd. by. ]i ilicatlon in- the Soy jet I':/'c' ilaint'. which ; chargesi'lh^t.' irt . r ent morilhs,. case's of piratical-at- ack on?merchant ships;of•.varioU! ounlries in Ihd C^inayse'as anc 'f ll)e seizure of such\sHjpS. ,by KupminlnrtK naval -ryiSSBel* The; assembly- 'itself continued'Jits = eneral| or ; policy; ^debate; .'today with Yugoslav 'Fore'igii Minister 1 Koca- pbpovic,' India's V.' K. Krish m Menorij' Israel's Abba S. ICbar and Egypt's Dr. JVlahmoud Azm :he headlincrs. Meanwhile, Israel pressed for date for the "early meeting'' o the security: council' il fequestet ate yesterday lo consider il er its '•••. complaint : regarding las complaint regarding last week' seizure of an Israeli ship by tb Egyptians near-Suez, Egypt charges the ship, the Ba Galim, opened fire on Egyptia fishing vessels. HE DID SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Bur glars \vhb took an estimated $8;OC from Veneta's restaurant placed, sign from {fie hors cl'oeuvrcs com ter on lop oft the safe, before leav ing. "Help yourself, " the sign read no sensible girl t:will cour any; bachelor as -a : - good marita prospect if he Has learned :io sa a : button that will-really slay on How is the ordinary wife able t make a two-bit can:'opener las longer than an expensive fur coa : O(d age n the period when Ih days are often endlessly long, bi .the: years seeiri shorter 'and shor Remmel Pians fo Step Up Campaign LITTLE ROCK (UP) — The rail Remmel campaign headquar- crs said here loday Ihe guberna- orial nominee soon will "slet> Up" is campaign lo explode some fireworks in his race against Demo- ralic nominee Ofyal> B. Faubtts. Verne L. Tihdalt of SUUlgfitt, ,emmel's campaign manager, Iso denied reporls IHnt ,Rfemfnel /ill receive financial aid from ihe iepublicart National CbttihlHiee. joined my "We plan lo slepxip Ihe dam^l vices w ign< In Ihe heat fiilureV Tihdoil ihe and aid. "You can look for some -fire» VorkS." , v ., Rommel now is making" ha^' having lours- iff every couniy./ ih he state, and: is expected to aunch a speaking campaign \vi{h* n Ihe nexl few ; weeks; Secenl news stories have d.is< Closed rumors of natlbtthl- party DOROTHYfDIX Dear Miss Dix: At 20, I Should be able to make up my own mind, but I'm afraid I'm not. I have dated since 1 was 13; I went WJith one boy for two years, another-for three, and have dated several others. I am a Very religious girl, nnd dd not attend movies, dances, or Sim' ilar places of amusement. Most of the boys t.'ve pes of ertte get along met 1 miss gether-. of, Wild so I sols, id for the Republican' of lent just _,„ nre the fouadairdiu of trtte physical atlra^Udnlwbrfe Is substitilte. Kenneth seems right for you, if you'd tthly step an alyzlng him ahd, trjrfng him over to meet*' you! but you nts of all his ptedecesVo'rs. Ask ". 'ANN T iltle Rock, whose family long has e-en prominent irt . party affairs. Both Tindall and Remmel, How ever, issued statements denying he reports. • • ..••;•• vTindall- said- such a-, thing Would }p contrary to ( national painty .fioll» tfyf.tte said the' reports probably lot.' started because .the national pmmittee had obtained radio and felevision-. time ne'Xt Fridays! on sta- lohs- in -every state.; The time will fe;used>fqr speeches-, by President Sisehhpwer and' Vice President Richard Nixon; • . . . ' .Tindall said, how.ever, that no local issues Would ber'aired, and "that Mr. Eisenhower and Nixoh would Irge a .large voting turnout for ihe upcoming cbngressldnal elec» tions. Hollywood idea Of Romance > AnsWeri You've had such a mert-y \VHirl for the last seven yeais with your manifold dates, that it's bound to be difficult Hd find the one perfect male you seM> Yoti may taot go- to movies, but somewhere along the line you certainly have acquired the- Hollywood idea of romaace. Cupid' rarely announces his •arrival.. With >a fanfare of trumpets, and the 1 trouble with wild, passibn- ate love is that it burns itself ,out quite quickly. The kind of love tiiat can last through children, illnesses, interest on the mortgage, ' trouble ; with relatives, and slim j>.ay envelopes, Ken to be patient a bit longer — liter nil, 20 is ,slili y.oUhg, and I'm wre you'll realize ho> ittttch ' ' means to Dear Miss Dixt My Sister is stantiy lamenting hef dateless s which 1 am Sure is due to oVcrwei« ght. She's 20 years old, 6 feet 2 in* chos tali weighs 17S yaunds. Shc.has, a wonderful personality, plays the piano and- is: qute; attractive nsid<^ from this pt'oblpm. „ ..... s - ti-Jvt. b. Ahswor: The only cure is dleliflg under a doctor's supervision.'; Why not' appomt yourself ,her rq'' 116 8. El Winners a* State Stock Show LITTLE ROCK I/T! — .'. Dr.. John M. Hundley of Little Rock and Ray A. Yarnell of Soarcy won top honors yesterday as judging opened at the Arkansas Livestock' Show. Show officials sai'd there were 3,344 head of livestock .from seven states entered in competition for a; share : of the $40,000 in premiums apd. awards. £Iund,ley, for the fourth, conseci;- year, won top. Uonprs in the during the Boston Tea Party 1773 came from the Chinese islani ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN .«'.»- '"- ^tli i'.-.lB.l.iJ-<... DEPARTM^IT! DOORS open Brahmaj judging. Yarnell, displaying -grand dham- pion bulls in the open Shorthorn division for the past ^three years, was successful again itiis year. His enlries took 11 first places ai.d 10 second pltjce ribbons. HOPE VALUE f . if BMVH «*-» I -flUJi » Q «n^4> -^44 *i^SJ EXTRA! FLASH! cape prob'ablj^ was first grown by man in Indi^, where- ancient legends spoke,, of *a "honey- bearing reed" arpuiidfthe year 325 Bi C. special community missions pro-[Weaver. The title of* the/ progranf. - - -• • ' ject An Associational Rally is be held October 14th, : at Central *SAENGER AT: 3:20 - 5:19 - 7:09 -.8:59. TODAY ONLY EXCLUSIVE SHOWING? SECOND BATTLE OF THE CHAMPIONS -ROCKY" MARC IANO WORLPfS HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHf PICTURES CHARLES s E E Thrilling Action'all the way . . . in all 8 • rounds ,,:, with the knock-downs and the knpck-out in regular and in slow motion!. Better tha.n a ringside seat! The fight of fights! AUSO AT; 2:00 - 3:50^r 5:40 - 7:30 - 9;20 DOOR COME vas "Articles -from Ihe General ^.s- embly" given by Mrs, Han-ell nd Mrs. Franklin. The devotional v.as given by Mrs. Steve Carrigati vith the entire group laWng^ part The hostesses servedt a .salad ilate lo 16 members. The tfbvem- er meeting wilVbe: with'Mrs.' W»rd> nd Mrs. Jolly. Byors . Unity Baptist Willing Worker^ Have Meeting The Willing Workers' Auxiliary'Of he; Unity Baplist Church met at'ihe jhurch on .Monday- evening-, w,itb' even members and'three visU6r.tr jresenl, ' Mrs. Frank Thomas opened lh» meeting with., p.rayer, a.nd Mrs, Orby Thornton gave the devotional. The special, a poem, "What-Makei Life" was presented by Thomas. Following a business meeting th» Auxiliary , welcomed Mrs, Ijufus Taylor and Miss Ellen Stevensoa as new members. . - ': . Elder Howard White- taught the esson and gave the closing'pray, er. , , •-..- '" - ; ..: Mrs. Hazzard Hostess. ' r "" To Ladies Auxiliary- At 2 P. m. Monday, October 4, the. Ladies A,uxiliary of- the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church^ met io He home of Mrs. B, ¥. Hazzard, with Mrs. Collins as co-hostess, Mrs. Eula Roberts led the opening jrayer. Mrs. O'Steen gave ap outjine^ of the program which was op "Pep sonal Work." Taking part on thft program were Mrs, Arthun Rogers, Mrs. Tom Duckett, Mrs, Virginia Braden. Mrs, Ted- Purtell and Mrs. David- Frith. A ! special song was sung, by 'Mrs.; Brakewell, Mrs. Hairston, Mrs.. berts 'and M rs - Chu^h. ' Elfert O'Steen, pastor, r. firs. Waddle gave th« dpv.otional. lV ' ; members. , : Mrs. T. A. Gathrigh*, jijiaQga, Mr, Verdp }>ow*ll, jps njos, Mrs. Forrest H. Mc(5aba Memphis, HaoseveH Mpfa44eiv .; 4. Hope. JJischaTged: »|r a .. »arl Weeks, met .Albert JeftJcins; Wttje RocJ? Hvs, Petty Sowards, McCa?k.m« . W. C. YegSJi, Shreveprt, 41 Hop? & * *, fc an.d Mrs.,..._..,. ^pptos, f^wv.. have • Nwc/ 5U% IWi'O fti- $'• MM4* y7^ , C E$ O B B. O O K S B L r O U_S ES JUMBO 36 x6O TWO for Look at the area yoir t c6ver! |; took at the -tiny pride: you ,, „„, 1 .pay! Then come in and j look at the decorator beauty of « these Penney rugp! Popular "' i low loop construction) gives rooms fresh, modern s|nart» ness , ^, makes rugs qa£y t,Q; • ' - q,8rpet»swe0p, even vabwum; Made of strong 3-plyi yarn, ! with non-skid backs. Hand- washable, Choose; White, Blue, Rose, Redj £old, Grey, \ Sabje. brown, Hunter i green, , . ;,^; 4 ., : y WJBt u,Al B fV Mi'^llpd "—•V \' ' - TT->;-—T"»V".?» • f ( 'T*-^!-« v -' / "Jl^l"' fw *>«m^^*m j ((.Mffi^m, \ W,f^r T |^^;^p4^ •'•« y-djttTV /«• A - . •ft'imto^ £••%•! \ ^^^t^^^^f '*'™. MSr* AMIUW. Lltf „ %I*1«,«. H( 4 . > *f'^* #1 . j , ^T\ Vr-c, f >^' *•• >' U A r,- 'ISqlE'W 1 ,^1f 1 , is 5»*1 I, ^ "- 1 V'*"' '*• ^^^M^A

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