Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 4, 1954
Page 12
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*:«#* *,'. . 'L'fL •fvaaa^tffi .jjrestoj m»$« ii«*#r — .,H*1Mn ,«.,,< StAr>, HOPI, Instructions CLASSES in tap. acrobatic, ballet and toe. Katharine Windsor, 104 E. 14th. Phone 7-3327.' 22-1 rno. (* ts so . 10.50 12.00 13.50 13.00 £I^S!Fil:D ^jfLAY '*» time! ;!""«""""."!"" Mi p«r Inth i Rote* quoted 6bov* or* tor een- "iwutfv* instHloris. Irfftfiulof or tftla* ttot« dds Alii tok« thi onS-ddy rot*. Ali dally feUutldcd odvdrtlEirifl capy ~Wll bi acteftttd ubfil 5 6. m. tor publltatl&n ttw following day. i Th* publish^* teservi the HfiM to ' f«vls« or edit all ddvArtlrtlMntt, of- Kred for, publiefitloh and to r.l.tt •irty bbltcfiondbl* odvcrtlilna submitted Initial* 6t on* or mor* Irttm, ftroup* or flout*» such, at hout* 6r <t*tephona number* couht as ort* Word. , Th4 H0(j« Star will hot b* fwpon- ilble lor error* In Want Adi unlei* irrflri or« edited to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and th*n for ONLY th* ONE incorrect Insertion. 7-3431 til Offtrtd _fTSf8S . Ipilfig *0rk. dobb MflttfeM Co. 918 JolltS WishlflitoH, Phonfe 4-tf Directors OVERSEAS Jobs. High pay. South America, Alaska, Europe. Travel paid, Self-addressed, stamped envelope brings details, bepi. 44A, EASfLAfrD COMPANY, Box 1406, Los Angeles 28. Calif. 441 OAKCRKST FUNERAL HOME lUftANfie , , . AMBULANCE &. HAgfiL . . . PHONE 7-2123 AD-i Mo, TF MEftNbON feUttlAIi ASSOCIATION Largest a«d Oldest In South Call 7-8505 for our agents A23-1 Mp ; Sale LOTS of greeri peas at my farm at old Dunlap near Blevins. $2.00 ptsr bushel. W. C. Johnson. l-3t i- [ ConioTldaUd'* January Ster ef MOM ,!!•«; Pren 1 , II, 927 [ft "' C. I. Palmer, Preildent AtaK. H. .W«hburn, SecyTn*. •» Th« Star Building ! ftdtlUwalniit Street Hope,, ^ Arkdhsai / Loyaway Open on TRIKES - BIKES AND DOLLS OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. TAGGERT seed oats, germination 06%. '$1.25 per bushel Phone 7 4&3l."'Mr. A. B. Enoch. 4-0 Lost K. >. e.i . «ulM. Jon*i; Mbnbslni Editor Jcu M. ,Dovli, Adytrlltlna M«n«g«f George W. Httsmer, Mech. Sup». Entered at tecond tlaii Matter al Ih* Forf Office at .Hope, Arkaniae, ander the Act of March I, U«7. - PAIR eye glasses with amber rim at Fair Park Friday afternoon It found call 7-4534. Male Help Wonted 'OttEIGN — U. S. JOBS SO. AM. Alaska, Spain. Fare Paid. 1000's U, S. Jobs to $18,000. Tj-ades, Offices, Factories. Starnped self addressed env. brings reply. Job Opportunities, Waseca, 44B, Minii. 4-lt to Buy WILL, pay cash 'for complete stock of merchandise. Any bargain coh- , % Hope, 4-3t sidered. Write Box Star, SPORTS ROUNDUP - •• iAYUt fALidtr.nrin.^^rMM., Wolves Edge Hornets by 23-19 Tolly The Blevihs Hoi-nets lost their third game of the season Friday afternoon oh their own field, when the Prescott Curly Wolves caSie out on the lotig end Of a 23 to 19 score. it was a tough game for the Hornets to lose, having rolled into the lead in the second quarter, after the Wolves had tacked up nine points in the bpehing quarter. At the half it was 13 to 0 Blevihs. Blevins kicked off and Prescott marked down the field, only to lose the ball oh the 0 yard line. BleVins took over and fumbled the ball going back over the goal ,,,,,- ,. „ , line and Prescott recovered for a, dkl ln the .succeeding games. But safety and 2 points. Blevins kicked " ?"?Kest ^nt thoy might hnve .•» tAYUt CLEVELAND l/P) — They were saying, in (his stricken city today thfit the World Sei-i&s would have been an entirely 'tifferent/proposi- tion if Willie Mays hasn't made that outlandish catch of Vic Wefts'S potential gniril? wrecker On the first day at the Polo Grounds. Even General Manager Hank Grenberg of the .Indiana sub'I York Giants, winner of the World scribed to this sentiment. The suf-j Series in four st.-aiyht games, and Indians and Giants Split RidhPpt CLEVELAND — i,B Tho New fering citi/.tfns could be right to some extent. But for Willie's tremendous feat the Tribe nlmost certainly would have won the odcncr. and with, that one under their belts Al Lo' pCz's athletes might not have looked quit.: so terrible as they Found HAVE stray bird dog in my possession. Contact H. W. Hall, Highway 29 South. It Irish Beateh, Oklahoma Only One Left from the 20 after the safety and Prescott marched down the field again with Hooks going over from trie 2. Chism plunged for the extra point. • Prescott kicked off and the Hornets worked the ball down with a long pass from Willis to Smith putting. the ball on the 14. Two line plays took it to the 2 and Arthur Willis plunged over for the score. ; By ED CORRIGAN AP Sports Writer beaten the New York Clianlj imdsi' any circumstances border.-, on the ridiculous. The Giants are a very fine ball team frdin stem to stern, while t?rs. Up to now the biggest winrt> the American League champions simply are not a solid outfit. After you've said that they h'av« two of the gamp's best pitchers in Bob Lemon ami Early W.ynn yoU've just about exhausted the subject Verger -12 Victory Over L. R. < The Yerger "Tigers" defeated the Little Rock "Wildcats" Saturday night 21-12 in Hammons Stadium. It was the Second win out of four tries for the "Tigers". Little Rock scored at the beginning of the first quarter. Try for the extra point failed. The remainder ot the first and second quarter went along smoothly until 20. seconds before the half when. Tyus went ov-j er for the touchdown. A pass from Tyus to Moses was good for the extra point, putting the "Tigers!' out front 7-6 at the half. The third quarter went along' with neither team scoring. But the last quarter was full of excitement. Robert Yancey covered the ball behind the "Tigers" goal line after a fumble by the "Tigers" giving Little Rock the lead 12-7.. in the last 45 seconds of the game, the , "Tigers" drove over for two more ing share was $8,230.03 which went touchdowns and both of the extra to the New York .Yankees last points. A pass from Howard^to Mo the losing Cleveland Indians boili will receive record pa.Vbffs afccord- ing to. a reliable baseball source The official-split of the players' pool, totaling $598,703.72 ;is expected to be tmnouneed'-within a |eW days by Baseball Corntssior.er Ford Trick but llv; source said the GiahtS have split their -part into 341/2 shares arid . the Indians into 38!' a . On that basis, ri full share In the winner^ pool Would amount to j$10,819'. and ,to $0,457 for the los- year and the largest -losing share Was $0,178.42 collected last year by the Brooklyn Dodgers. A .t.- i«»..i, i -o .... Afef watching the Indians mil Another Willis to Smith pass was and , t , onc , inst Lci , good for the extra point. Durocher's f&st ami .alert'club one Blevms kicked ofi and after Pres-! can on , wonder a « a in how they cott failed to gain, the Hornets took over and Bryson hit the center for 30 yai-ds.,and the ttornets had 13 points. Prescott kicked off after the half, and Blevins fumbled, the Wolves recovering. Chism circled end for 20 yards and paydirt and Won 111 bail games in any letiguc. The Indians were supposed to .have bench strength yot at 'the very end. with tihly'onc. more outto go befcird "decomposition snt in, Lopez found himself forced to send lefty swinger. -Dale Mitchell, Sbuthew 2-3 Four vears aco PurdU" snatmed , • / u . *"•*"" •»'" up a lefty swinger. "Dale Mitchell, nNotr/narrieunb™oh "strtal- at I Hook " ran for the extra P° lnt and against one of the gamo's • finest L^^ Da ™ "^l:^^ 0 :,.: 1 , the Wolves led 16 to 13. Blevins s l lhonws . Jo hnnv AntonelH. Mitch- By The Associated Press, Arkansas ;'. Toch'r> .Wonder Boys AT Fair Grounds, Black Female Cocker Spaniel, answers to name of Jett. Liberal reward. Phone Mrs. Jarhes Cobb, 7-2622. 4-6t Help Wanted te' lm«> •; Member of the Audit lUreou ef ,, j , Clreu|atleni ._ SubscHptlon Rates (payable In ad- Vane*)! , iy carrier In Hope and neighboring) , town*— l»*r w*«k •• .25 Per; year .' 13-00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFay*tt*i Howard, and Miller counties— ' 4 , On* month '.'...'. " 5 Three- month* 1.60 } ;.,.> : 2.60 SECRETARY — requirements: experience or business college training. Phone Experiment Station, 7-4458 for appointment. 30-Ot SALESMAN $12,000 YEARLY POTENTIAL A GENUINE OPPORTUNITY AGE 28-38 SALARY of $80.00 per week includ- ' infe salary and hotel allowances during training with liberal profit sharing commission arrangement i All other moil- On* .month VM»»—'- .......... • ........ -Three month* .. ........ , Balers ^.', .' .w^-t-t r-«r^ ^^ i, ctorGo. ^1140-BtS it,t.>"\ r ~ ... 1.10 ... ., . , % .r».» 13 -°° Hafl Advertliinf- Repreientatiyeii ' Arkanias Doilies, Inc.; 1602 Sterlck ; ildg., Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texa* •dhk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan AV*., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E ,«2d St., New York 17, N. Y,; 1763 ,'p*nobscottBld8.; Detroit 2," Mich.; l i Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Oklov *** ^ • .Member »» Th. Aneclat**' Preui , rh« Associated Press Is entitled ex- elU«lv«ly to the use for republicotlon • tof'oilithe lo"c.a| ne*s printed in tbl> newspaper, ai well a* all AP newi 30 games. That Boil.cvmaker club Won only one more gium! lhat .season so tho suspicion --was that it wa'S- one' of those fluked that happen every so often. •This' year, they broke a .modest Notre Dame unbeaten slrenk of 13 games and in tht; process handed 20-year-old Terry Brennan . his first defeat as a varsity college coach. This one. you may be sure was no fluke. Coach Stu Holcomb has a solid club several good . veterans and a fine crop of sophomores headed by the fantastic Lori Dawson who in his first two games has pitched eight touchdown passes,..He completed 7 of 12 in the Boilermakers' 27-14 conquest o£ the Irish. After whipping both Missouri and Notre Dame tho Boilermakers third toughdown came a few minutes later after a long-run by Wil- southpaws. Johnny AntoneUi, Mitch- oil ended the agony with a pop foul'to Henry Thompson.' lis, Bryson went over from the 10 j The most significant thing we standing up. but try for extra point h eard j n the winners' happy drcss- upon commencement on territory, pi a y host .this week to Duke which An expanded sales program also"-'.has''won.'both its games. The supported by extensive advertis- BI UG Devils beat Penn in their ing and field sales regional direc- J cpehef and nipped Tennessee 7-6 ' tor assistance offers excellent op-|g a t urc j a y. Qn thai basis'" Purdue ""THe thre'e kinds of .dikes in Holland are: "Watchers," the big ones standing in the sea to fend oif first iSsaUltsjbf waves; "sleepers," the second line of defense behind the "watchers'.!' and the dreamers," Ihfc last-resort defenders of individual farms,- - - - and Beauty in IK ^*Bs?j«|' < Ula' - *'" •" portunities for alert aggressive, I should rule the solid favorite, qualified man. Three weeks ofi The Irish will try to pick up the thorough (training in Chicago |pi cces this week^ against Pitt. ' •learning to sell China, Glassware, i Notre Dame has plenty of .pom- Silverware, Kitchen Utensils and pany. Maryland the'' 1953'. na'tipnal Equipment, Furniture and Fur-1champion \vas flattened' by UCLA nishings, Linens, Paper Goods, last Friday, Texas, Illinois, Mich- Jariitor supplies to Hotels, Res- '--- "• '-'''-• -'--•• "—'- m --'- -'-- turants, Hospitals, Clubs and Institutions. Territory now available consists oC Hope.^Texarkana, Ft,. Smith, Eureka Springs, Malvei-n Pine Bluff, Crossett, area. igan State and Gcogia Tech also have fallen. Illinois dropped a 12-2 decision to Stanford Saturday and the Spar tans were beaten by Wisconsin 6-0 All this portends nothing bu Current model car required or trouble nhoad for Oklahoma the we heln finance one. Write full'perennial Big Seven champion anc Hope Builder'f Supply Co r Phonfl:7-2»1 particulars to: Phillip J. Green Sales Personnel Director EDWARD DON & COMPANY 2201 S. La Salic St. Chicago 10, Illinois. - . 4-lt For Hint 4 ROOM house, electricity, gas, good water. Vi mile of city limits'. Priced right. Ph. 7-2243. 28-Ot CLOUSE REFRIGERATION , ( i SERVICE ' PHONE 7-336f ' Large ErioMoh to $ervt Youl Small Enough to Know Youl ARMY SURPLUS sans? Hip Boots , • New B-29 Army Field Coats • New & Used Combat Boots • Guns • ihfert snd'Uono * Gsi Oan * Jeep TORS • Doors, and Curtain? • c "°l Buckets • hundreds of other Jt«me, REAVES •" Aeroip From Poit Offict THREE room apartment, private bath and private entrance, Near school, 808 W, Fourth, Phone 73132. 28-tt No. .2 team behind N.itra Damp in last week's Associated Press poll. The Sooncrs have a clean slate having taken the measure of botl California and Texas , Christian Their date this, week'is with Texa. which rebounded smartly from it Notre Dame loss to. "overwhelrr Washington State 40-14. Iowa the third-ranking . ; team in ic country faces Michigan thi eek after an easy 43-6 conques Montana. Tho Wolverines them elves 'were victims of one of th g upsets of the day when the, ropped a 230-7 . doctb' Army UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom apartment, conveniently located, 008 S, Main, Phone 7-3205, l-3t rooni house. Unfurnished, close-in. $40 per month. Phone 7-2804. Lillie Middlebrooks, l-3t FURNISHED 4 room apartment. Electric refrigerator. Garage. No children. Mrs. Anna Judson, 220 N.' Elm, lit£ Real Estate for Sale DAIRY Farm for Sale. 90 acres on Paved Washington Highway nearly all open land, some gooc grass available now - all fenced nice five room stucco house, bath butane gas - deep well and pump Tile dairy barn-big hay and stock barn .». Possession now - Vt mile from pity limits - Priced for quid sale - $8,500.00. Hqv* Your PAINTED NOWJ yeu wt havjnp f yettr Sor painted we con wprk on your brokes pr body (finance F,' H. A. or G. I. CALL * FOSTER t REALTY CO. 4-3 Ipcated on U. in located between Fai Park and Garland Grade Schoo this modern two bedroom home with den, Has a nice large lot garage, workshop and many ot her desirable features^ - Veteran* meeting requirements can buy fo $175.00 Cash - will also finance F, H .A, Price only $7,000,00. Va cant now. JN Beverly Hills, we offer an at modern 3 bedroom horn w|th beftWtWul shade tree on lol furnace, hard Wflftd ftaors, bujUtin? in kitchen UCLA Maryland's •-.cpnque'rp was ho good. Score. Blevins 19, Prescott 16. . . Prescott's final score came after icy had recovered a Blevins fiim- on'the 20, and Inldw took a pass jver the goal for the T. D. and Ihism plunged .for the extra point, here was no further scoring al- hough both/teams threatened in he final quarter and the game nded with Prescott 23, Blevins 19. Slevihs. completed 6 of 10 passes or 92;.-yards and Prescott completed 4 out of 12 for 56 yards. Blevins made ( -191 yards rushing and Prescott 108; Blevins .was penalized 6 imes'for.30 yards and .the Wolves i times, for 40 yards. Both teams made 10 first downs. Officials were: Clint Fuller, Sam Ellis, James Sul- .ivan and Archie Cothran. Prescott Cheer leaders, are: . Sue Keeley, linger Martin, Norma Renfro, Mai-lyn Lee, Martha Ligon, Carolyn ~ ill, Patsy Ellis and Wyonda Dail. is coach for Prescott Hornets will 'play ing room \VES Dur.ocho'r's explana- rang up aii; impressive 23-14 weekend victory over a good Southern State'• College teani and left little doubt that .they have*.the offensive punch necessary to'liya Up to preseason estimates . o' thi;ir prowess. Bobby Hannon, who led the AIC tio'n of why he rclioverl with An- n total yardage last yenr, and tonelli in tlie eighth inning of the Bruce McConnell a sophomore, clincher after Hoyt Wilhelni had avered instead o {bringing on his her short-term specialist, Marv rissem, who hail proved his abil- y to throttle the Tribe in the jener. Leo snorted at a sugger- 6n that lie had planned all along ses, who went all the way started the "Tigers" to rolling. A Howard to Mo"ses pass was good for the extra point. The "Tigers" kicked to the "Wildcats" in the last 25 seconds. Jimmie Stuart intercepted a pass on the 30 yard line and went all the way for p'aydli-t. Louis Gladney* caught the pass for the extra pp-^ int and the game was over giving the "Tigers" a 21-12 victory. Both teams played a jam-up good game. The Tigers gained 105 yards rush- Ing and 152 yards from passes..The Wilcats 148 rushing and 50'passing. The Wildcats were penalized ,70 yards to the Tigers 20 yards ' Standouts for Hope were: Moses, Tyus, Howard, Stuart and Martin. For Little Rock, Lawson, Yancey and. Guin. ..'. . Jl N"ext .j the M/Urfreesboro eleven at Blevins at 2 o'clock. The Wolves will tangle with the Go-Devils of Gurdon on Thursday night at Gurdon. Sports in Brief By. United Press . CLEVELAND (UP.) — The Ncv York Giants .defeated., the Clevo land, Indians 7-4 t osweep the 195 World Series in four sttaigh games. , .'ATLANTIC CITY (UP) Williarr G:-Hells, Jr.'s helioscope set a nev track record in capturing the $38, 025 ; .Olympic Handicap. The soil o Heliopolis :-an the nine furlongs ir 1 j 48 3-5 breaking the prev%ious rec ord of 1:40 4-5 set by Crysta Boot in 1950, ' •• ' isits Washington, while the de ited Terps will try to regain! ome prestige at Wake Forest. Mississippi, tho eighth-rated earn in the-.AP poll, looked power- ul thrashing Villanova 520 and hould do just as well against Van- :erbit. : Southern California, a pretender o the Pacific' Coast crown, still s unbeaten after three games nd figures to extend the streak against Texas Christian Friday ight. Penn State, which looks liku .bout the best the East has to iffer, dropped Syracuse 13-0 and NEW YORK (UP) — Mrs. Ad L. Rice's. Pet Bully won tho firs running of the $01,800 Woodwar Stages at Belmont Park. In th ith)'er stake rac? on the card Hig Voltage of the"'' Whc'atley Stabl A'on the $61,290 matron for juve iile fillies, , .NEW YORK (UP) — Nativ Dancer Tnade his ' last appearanc tnder the silks when lie jogge last the stands at Belt.r.ont ParX It was decided '.a r'etlro the Dan c.er last August when he hurt foot in a workout. ;oes after its gainst Virginia, third straight The pirarucu of South America s the world's largest strictly fresh voter fish. , : Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PR.OBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF W. H. A. Schneiker, deceased Uast known address of decedent: Hope, Ark. Date of death: Sept 1J, 1954. An instrument dated August 3 1950, was on the \ day of October, 1954, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent arid the undersigned.has been appointed executor! thereunder. A contest of the probate of the wil cau be effected pniy by filing a pe lition within the time provided by Jaw. All persons haying claims agains relieve with his '.op hand if ich a situation arose. "If you want to know something, wasn't my idea at all," he' said: It was Al Dark's. After hitting gainst thoir left-hander. Mossi, in he sixth Al told mu the shadows lade it very difficult to -sec. a outhpawat all and suggested that get Johnny in there as quickly s possible. If it hadn't been for hat I probably would have gone n with Wilhelm. Hoyt's only trou le was that he had too much tuff!" . ••:•'• ' ' '-'-.••' ' Some of the CleVRland support rs we talked fVvith after the final ame wer>> inclined to be critical f. the way Lopez handled his cam!;- during the rout: That is. they idri't think he looked 'quite as harp as'Durochcr dkl in the light pots. We were forced to disagree. It is true that Loo managed a errific series, but ho had the bet- er club, the faster ahcl smarter club. Lope 'directed such talent as ic had at his disposal in the exact manner he did durlmj the sea•=on, and that was good enough to overwhelm the 'five weak teams ir iis league. No manager who ever ived could have dians to victory Series. • driven the In in this WorM vorked from the quarterback slot o give Southern Stala most >f its icadaches. Hannon sparked one Irive with 50 yards on the ground and 22 in the air. McConnell pass- d for 53.yar,ds on . TCch's first scoring drive. Fresh Tech reserves kept a hard )ace for. weary Southern State first stringers. . There was one other conference ;amc. Arkansas A&M worked from d trailing position to a 23-7, vic- .ory over Arkansas Stato Teachers. Charlio Gras.si. a third run- ling back, ..took over 'he. wheel 'or A&M after Teachers has surprised the Wevils with, a quick :ally. He accounted for two touchdowns and led the drivo that climaxed .a third score.. Arkansas State College of Jonesboro, taking its annijal try at big- lifne fpq£bj|li;.; tried har'V for . a major upset'by manhandling Mississippi drive in-the "fourth period quarter. of ; - play. However, they finally succumbed to a wild Mississippi, drive n tho fourth perod. losing 40-13.1 ••.'••'•'••- . ' ionce had' trailed Key Games This Week in Ranks [Arkansas' Mississippi ;by a 20-0 tally but in a driving third -'/quarter- smashed to two quick touchdowns and during that period held their competitors scoreless. .Tommy Spiers and Bob Dunn scpred for: the Arkansas eleven. But the-roof fell in during the final' garner-when Missisippi scored 2Gi-poinfs.;:\ DETROIT (UP) - The Natio l,; Hockey League all stars cam jack from a 'first period two go deficit to gain a 2-2 tio ill the eighth annual all star game betovo i 1,108 fans. BELFAST, Northiii-n Ireland (UP - Billy Kelly, -135 1 /, of Northern Ireland outpointed Roy Ankrah, 133-.from West Africa to win the British empire featherweight titlo. MONTREAL (UP) — The Syracuse Chiefs defeated tho Montreal Royals, 7-8, to win the final Inter* national League playoff series, 4 games to 3. SUNDAY MEXICO CITY (UP) —.Ton Trabert of Cincinnati and Vic Seixas of Philadelphia defeated Mexico's team of Gustavo Pnlafox and Ma- rip Llamas to push the Americans ahead in the Davis Cup series 2ri, CLEVELAND <UP> T- .Official figurfcs show that th? 1914 World Scries set a record $1,566,203.38 to tal Wejpts, The payers pool was $798763.70 another record. CALIENTK uly verified , within si« mpriths tram, $& 4ate of the first publication of this notice, or they ShftU be fprever ^arre?t end precluded from ^ny teene|U in the estate. l^omc six winners of un 11 race program, at hipodromo ' Surprising l^orksGrtiib Lead in SWC •By The Associated Press The Southwest Conference runs into its biggest interscctlonal test of the football reason this week with Texas. Rice and Tex'as Chritian meeting members of the nation" s, top ten. The big one is Texas' battle with Oklahoma at Dallas a game that always packs them into the pon (lerous Cotton Bowl. Oklahoma was No. 2 on last weeks list when it squares off a Texas foe. Of probably moro national importance will be Richmond, against Wisconsin at Madison, Wis. Southern Methodist,- which los an intersectional Rnnio in its season opener last week falling before Georgia Tec}) 10-7 —' play: Missouri at Columbia. Mo., Saturday in the fourth gamt; of the week against outside foes. While all this.js going'on Bayloi will be jn the Ozarks' to tackle Arkansas in a conforoncn game The Golden Bears fell out of the unbeaten ranks last week as they took a 19-13 drubbing from Miami Arkansas grabbed the lead in the conference race with its Jast-rnin ute triumph over Texas Christian since that is the only game count ing in the standinga played to date Texas A&W feeling much bet tor since it already has won more lhan expected one game tries for a poor man's grand-slan against an obviously weiltt Univer sity of Houston at Houston in a night game. The Aggies., twice and f«bout the least prpmis ing of any A&M team in a decade rose up tp swat Georgia ( 6-0 an cortfpund the critic*. Texas and Riep won impressive ly. Te^as slammed Waslu'ogto State 40-14 and looked much ur eotev like th? team that had Notre Dame ?H- Rice Jpst 4 Be Back as Giant Manager NEW YORK (#) -- tee Durocher, nanager of' the world ; ehauipion ew York Giants, will be back at ic helm in 1055. ' Scotching all ritmors ho ijiterd- d to quit .the; Gi.ants and -leave aseball entirely.' Durocher prom- ses he'll be back seeking a sec- ncl straight, peiy.iunt next year, The triumphant manager left ast night /or a ; rest. H'i was ac- ompaniecl by ; his actress 'v^ife ,araine and tlieir tv/o children, Wichele and Chris. "I have absolutely no plans of loing anything' othor than holding he job I have," he said before eaving. "I don't know how those rumors tarted. I am not considering any ither offers. Right now all I'm in- cu-ested in is'.to 'take a good rest ind-be v/Jth my family." Rumors Ihroughout the regular season presisted.that'Durocher and iis boss, President Horace Slone- lam of the Giants, weren't exactly n chummy terms. But they were Saturday when Stonnhani em- iraced Leo in the clubhouse -after he Giants had applied the crusher o the Cleveland Indians. In between hugs and kisses, the elated Giant owrter lauded Leo for iis brilliant masterminding in the Series. By The Associated fr<iss •'••,- fo Key games involving first placeer in " both divisions of the National Football League are on tap this week even though the play^fbrpay boys have been in action "only two weeks. ' . ' . ',The first of the week-end's .top contests involves the Philadelphia Eagles and the .Pittsburgh Stfel^rs at Philadelphia Sat jrday | nigh't. • Both are unbeaten in two game's; Sunday, the champion Detroit Lions, winner of their loni: garni? ,^j will entertain the powerful Los An-" eeles Rams, the Karns also;^;hre unbeaten but have been tied;;,by ' the S>an Francisco 40'ers. San Fpancisco. with n victory and a tie meets the winless Green Bay' Packers 'at Milwaukee Sunday.: ; The setup for such irnport games so early. In the season name nbout when Pittsburgh. ..dofeatjjd Washington 37-7 Saturday • night-land, the Eagles trimmed the . Chicago^ Ca'fdihals 35-10 yesterday. M'he 'NiSwtl Vork Giants lost a chance to k^ep pace -by dropping a 20-14 Saturday decision to the 'Baltimore Colts. ' Detroit's scheduled encpuntei? with Cleveland was postponed -'^b'^-, cause of the possibility the BroVvns' field would be in uso for the \yorld Series. But neither tha Rams or 49ers were able tp make- ".hay • .as. they played to a 24:34 deadlppk before 93,553 fans in! Los' Angeles. In the only other game played y^sO le{-da,y. the Chicago. Bears downed' the green Bay Packers 10-3J- '"•'•'• Boilermakers to • Extend Strike LITTLE ROCK , Ml • —/.Thirty members of the AFL Boilermakers Local 572 seeking a 10-cent-ah- liour increas e today were sclied^ uled to strike at Hot Springs m^ support of their demands; v) E. P.'Murphy, assistant business representative for the union, said the Hot. Springs walkout was part of a plan by about 3,000 boilermakers in five states, striking against the South Central' Employers' Association. > Brock and Blevins and the Chigo Bridge and Iron Works ar<J the only two contract members o£ the association with jobs in Ai> kansas now Murphy said. ty Both are Working on tho Blakely Dam project he. aaid. Other contractors hiring boilerrna^ers in Arkansas \viil not l)e affected. There aru 110 contractors in th<i Asociation in Texas. Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mex* jco. Besides /the hourly wage increase the union ,is asking for a 7!&-£$nt.r an'hour payment into tho union welfare fund. Wt ELECTRIC CO. tQ met t fixturpf All pn yeyr ||Mr«fl nt w 4* ARE VOU STILL fALKlNG? Dressing Up ACROSS ! 1 A baseball player wears it • 4 It dresses up a pillow 8 It dresses the : foot 12 Malt beverage : 13 Forbidden " 14 Difficult' 15 Equality 16 Greek philosopher who dressed i up in a toga ', 18 Attempted 120 This Al j . dresses ; in a ; Cleveland i baseball i '."-. uniform • 21 Pronoun •' 22 Revise ! 24 For.fear that i 26 Bewildered \yi English river ! 30 Reach i 32 Alleges • 34 Force '; 35 Isis' husband i 36 Finish :•• 37 Associate '• 39 Remove ! 40 Region i 41 Dry, as wine ; 42 Japanese city ', 45 Cooked 49 Opposing 51 War god 52 Swiss mountains 53 Speed contest 54 Grease 1 55 " .majesty" 56 Followers 57 Born CARNIVAL DOWN 1 Sleeveless garment 2 Sorrowful cry 3 Kept on 4 Grandma's corset 5 Rabbit 6 Lives 7 Mouse genus 8 Fire a gun 9 They dress up the head 10 Heraldic band 11 Paradise 17 Ordeals 19 Perfume . 23 Trap 24 Dress trimming Antwerta PreVlbus Pu|il* 25 Kind of jacket 26 Anoint 27 Management 28 Man's name 29 Essential being 31 Dafecfulus 1 son 33 Military assistants 38 A cowboy uses it 40 Get up :• 41 Wise men 42 Spoken '". 43 Distant - (prefix): j '44 Vipers .-. • -. 46 Formerly/ N 1 47 Indian '•.. •'.'.', 48 Valley •';, :•'*.' 50.Three'(prefix 2 A M.., BUf it'S THE TIME CANG PHONE WOULPM'T BE THEY WA& HOT ON •THIS. MOUNTIN LlOM'S • JLJlvlr CW ' ' '"' •**+—* •«-»• BEAR'S OUT & SEASON .rL_ ^ t~-f -rr* AIT tCHA DM .THIS UOW ".->' frfF* "M fc../0-J V»C FUNt WASH TUBES OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Dick Turner 9* WATER, -CKISVES;. wnm AMD Af-ree •Mi-*-^—f^r^rt.fljfTSSf m .UN mi ioQTVAND HE* :r-:— -— ' " '' '"• '"' *^TL^±-—-1.L1———-»^— -*• fi f?^^SiS!S^?^:^'SS^i^ifi^'liifffS^^} FUNNY BUSINESS T M Kte W 8 P«. CH. ,,0-H ••./•• ' fatrW^IB**"^^. "Boy! We're really in the rough now, aren't we, pop? SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith i^P^I/PS .:.„, riWJLr-T.'Si'*- i — J»ti 'i7~O li ', "You should know better than to give a thermohieter $0* v glassblower with a high fever!" HERB > t»oy ;.>< y:,^i/r iMY= m •f\fjefl^'T t :t •/'-r-^T i iHE(?E >.'.', \Tt&&B>;lfi,-- : -S/.; •:•• • J'- '.Vi'...-ii«L>;i' SWEETIE PIE By Notline Selxef PRISCILLA'S POP ,(-,'' * .1*1 f'WiW'SWS 1 /iti "f'sAasMmifa ' i-t j /»H rf *^ /iKfiaSBg • «r«M i-^^H^sfti iHpUWIII |iPiTl»«"l ' ^ "" ' '—-- THi 5TQRY OF MARTHA WAYNl »*' '/^ ^ _j , j.,, ,„'••«.< A'liP'^^ lii-fr^rt ' "^^ -' ' . »

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