Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1954
Page 9
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' ftw i i >i«K» MOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, October 1, 1954 ffflet Mttfii " ( , October son Smith , Senior Ladies AtHtiUary tt the Onity-fia»Ust,Chufeh Mil meet ion tite'HsBbfar weekly meeting at b p 1 . m -.. Sits, tofto & Arnold Mil be ho io tfie W. i & S. Circle thd 'imhd&lt bhUtch oh Monday, OcBber 4, at "3 p. til wift be Miss Mable EthHdge. Tuesday 06tdbe»- fi GroVe 19U _ _,. Woodman Circle, Wilt haVe Its regular monthly meeting at 7.'30 p. hi, Tuesday, October 6, at the W. O .W. Hall. the Alpha Delta Chapter of l&e foella Kappa damma Society will meet with Mrs. fi. B. McPhersoh on Ttiesdny, October S, at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will associate hostess. be Notice , The Primary and ( Junior children 9! the First Methodist Church and their families will meet at hte-c-hurch at'5t30 p.,m.-'SUnday fpr B treasure ihunt in family groups, tollowed by supper on the.lawn of £he church. They wiU'theh go to the Saitalunry • at 6:3d ior gi-bup sihg- lngv.and discussion of "The Bible ta'thelfome."/'''' ; w^i' gram!; A -ft J£ m&: !>?- New Program Out 60th Wedding Anniversary .Coh'Untied 'fronisFage One per"aic, -I Simply have 'to clean out some of f that junk. You see 1 save a lot .of*things myself,'pirtictiiar- ly jold'f btfsHransters. 'Ahd there isn't'a,'place-in th<i hoUsc where I can iind room for my collection. Arkansos' Good Fishing Spots - ^ r • ^ ,T?b,CK W -- The State Grime' antl Commission re jioHs 'fishing'. £hbuld be ^0otl m.the foU&^;i(lg.fSpdis over the weekend, lisHfl by.e'diihties: 6lay.'.Cotinly Trat-lihe 1 fishing. |)rew * 4 Cutoff, crappie. klfti— 'Arkansas ' River, ro [tehfy ishlfife. ' . ,' ' ' 'All fishing. ioh SMITH — The Eisen- liow'dr attmihislraiion engaged to* day tft gtftew prflilrflm to stamp b«t fioh-upHloh and rhlscohduot with in federal agehcles, bureau and tfepsftmerits. The pfcjgfahl Wds designed to liret?e»it Itwstt praclieos %y federal employes imd if they cMHt to stop Ihem. j A6tlng 4'hlte &b«SP Press Secretary Mtirrny Sttyder announced the etfisteBte of Vhfc ahtl-'icandnl campaign past night. Ho said it hdd been at effect since June 14 crid was br^dcred by President Ei- SehhbWef ai'ter discussions on tho Mib-cnblhel iind cabinet level. The nnti'scandal program frtelmrned frdtm the federal housing ndmlhlstrnUdn scandah which came to llghtl last spring. Under it federal wortoers Were encouraged to repoH io\ a ccritral Inspection dfficer In each agency any deed Waking of roisc'ondUct or impropriety. , Snyder said the new program "derils with a'ctionn that fall Fhort of criminality." But e denied that/ the'; campaign' < amounted to a "Super-snooper" program. He said it was ari extension of existing programs for tho control of cor- mption In the flederaLgovernment. -Details erf .this anti-scandal campaign ,were outlined in a letter to nil de'pattmentsi and agahcies from Rowland !lughe«s. director of the budget. Sny'de'r 'refused to release the text of the .communication on ?roiinds it /was' 1 an inter agtncy matter and not intended for publication. Snyder listed five government operations wh'ich he said "might possibly lend themselves to misconduct." They were: 1. Business or activities involving large scale contracts and procurement operations. 3. Handling large amounts of cash or its equivalent. 3. Engaged in activities such as making loans or inuuring or guaranteeing loans. 4. "Granting of 1iceas°s or certificates. 5. Economic reghlalions or law enforcement which might affect lirlvate interests. / i ' ' • *• Mr.', Mrs. H.B.' Hopkins Saturday;i.October 2, Mr. and Mrs.-H- B. Hoskins of 703 East Third will observe their HOth wedding anniversary. He is 80 and she is 78. They have resided in Hope 21 years coming here from iHeber - Sprihgs with the Bruner Handle^ Companv in 1933. They have one.... .daughter,:Ola 'Hoskins and a grandson, Gordon Jr. who-is serving.... with the airforce in Mississippi; a granddaughter in the airlorce at San Antonio arid a step-granddaughter, shelia, of Heber SpHngs. -• 'Mr. Hopkins is'still active and working daily wth the Bruner- Ivory Handle Co. where'he 'has been employed since boyhood. . job." For a moment her lips set in even grimmer lines, ihbn. assumed a twist as if she had tasted vingeWv. ';Now then. Mrs. Gel* sti-'ap, you paid ft flying visit tS this place fast «iiinmer. Thkitjwas' when we in Creek: Junclioii Uhder- sto&d Peter CJarlsbii and .his- .now wife were going to , honeymoon here. At least; in the 'liltle cabin. Peter Carhon went to consi;;lera- ble trouble fixing up that place." Jim Dunn - was beginning to believe the sheriff really considered the death of Angelica an accident. At least she was giving out considerable information. He had learned why the caretaker's cabin was fixed up the %vay it was. It Was intended for a honeymoon house. '1 told tile mls'sus abotit this plade," Mrs; Gelstrnp said. Sh>? showed no trace of embarrassment at having been caught in a lie, merely retreated to another position. "She deckled sh3 wanted to go to California for the lioney- rhoon instead. Why, there wasn't even anyplace fixed for nio here then!" " , "Might have boon the general idea," Agnes suggested. "Any particular reason why you should have to be along on the honeymoon" 'The miisus depends 'on me." Sue Gelstrap said smugly. "Too bad for her," Agnes snapped. "Especially if you go around lapping-up. all the, liquor in sight.? Mrs, Gestrap giggled ."There's, still; plenty if you; want a . : littla snifter, Sheriff," Jim realized, a befiutlful enmity was developing between- the cook and the sheriff. . Boy Victim of Slayer Buried CITY, (UP1 meanwhile turned to "other phases of the case." The salesman. Ernest J. Trif- 16tt, 50, Omaha, Neb., w'fls still held The as a subject, but detective Chief OlwU^V \-fl l i t J-« vv e t v \j A i . j. tiv. i «*" *• -j — -T mutilated body- of eight-year- old i Harry Gibbons dl:l ;not.say whether Jimmie Bremmer went to its grave j charges would be nU>d against hirn^ t&day Awhile police expanded their soon Investigation of his murder. Jimmie. son of baker employe, Aug. 31. jfuneral services for {ho boy. I disappeared the hi-'ht of Aug. 31. whose decapitated body Was found Triplet! was picked up o.-irly in the after a four weeks' disappearance Wednesday Where held at the First Church' of the Nazaren-j (at 2:3d p.m. CSf). Police, who earlier indicated plans to accuse nn Intinerant music lesson salesman of tin hilling, investigation and admitted talking o a boy; of" Jihiinic's description hdt. day.., Howuvcr, he denied knowledge of the lad';; clonth. bass, crapple, bream. — Storm Creek, bass. , . •fculaski — Georfectowh Old-Riv- By Hugh Lawrence Nelson CopX'ig1i> I'M by Hugh Lmrtnn DUIritutKl by NEA Stnict, loc By HUbiH LAWRENCE NELSON f CUMMINGS .rtlf WILSON 5/oven/y Mute Spruces Up THE STORY: Everyons to be lying-without reason, Dunn thinks afthr the ' sheriff ar- Hver to investigate -the death of Mrs. Angelica Jones, whose .body was'-found in the cellar of a mountain lodge occup ; «d- ; -by Jim's ; cli- «nt.-'llim, a private detec.tivey and his Wife had 'beii Closing' as; care takers at the lodrje Awhile working for Mrs. Kit Carlson, ;who thinks she- Is suspected of what may l>e an- .unsolved murd«r',on tjie West Const. Miss Wiste-, -Dunn's! secretary, arrives unexpectedly, and oeems .-not to be-tslling the truth about n ei: association with Anqel- jwife" had s<eems phone." Jin to break in. to use the Dear Miss Dix: I wonder if men who <fomp} t alni of frigid wives eveij stop to realize that in 99 per cent 4tt cdses.'.'the cure is not mafrldgq counseling, 6ut a bakfe of soap and a razo>. I-was married for -30 years to /a imah -obm^lained of my lack of affection, but -dropped the ' alta 1 :- i- his 'gb'o'd .manners and grooming- <that won me. • '' When 'tHe' gdink got tough, I was * w / t r t i .^ $_*.._ -_ r t__,_fi .,iT-- fc r C- _ Main '& "CoUKtfy 'ClUb" pdi. • Tonight Only • DOUBLE FEATURE HAll • ALSO George Montgomery Hunter Technicplor! Nilil Pppeye Color Cartoon expected 'ta work ipr the necessities to live on. Then he told me I wasn't grnteful to him for supporting me. 'His indifference to personal appearance continued until he reached the age where no fool is like an old 'fool. Convinced he was s^ill a rlndy-ki ller, he spruced up and went whistling. That was the end as far as I was concerned. I picked up and-left, ftow I hear he Is having a nervous breakdown because fie didn't firifl things quite as he expected. The dream girls who ,were willing enough to flirt with the old coot stopped there. And pc-sides waking up to the fact that he had no glamor, he also discovered he had lost his inexpensive housekeeper, along with all the The sheriff walked to the phone and reached, insido - the . recess . to turn a small crank'vigorously. She lifted, the Fi'enchtypel phone from its" base, held it !n position. Hor eyes met Jim Dunn'u, and he saw growing anger. "Hello, Genie :> she said. -"Yc.3. This is Agnes. Yes, Not right now. Tell me this. Has this phone been out of whdck ; this .morning. Oh <3h, you're siiro Yes. "In -'a few .minutes" ' I see She replaced the 'instrument, reached in. automatically to turn the crank Feet-pounding across the porch and the .living room door pushed open. Two men came in, and one of them was the doctor. He had been conditioned st the doctor loo to be a woman. Sheriff Agnes ••.vastcU no lime in talk. "In Ihe basement.. Doctor." she said. "I'll want to know if the injuries causing death could have been made-by the fall of the elevator." The doctor nodded, . t u r n e around. "I didn't; hear you drive up," Agnes said. "Should have. You know the racket my car makes." The doctor kept-on 'going this timo. "Score one point fur you, Mr. DUnn," Agnes said. ".You can't hear .a -car drive up. Now. Suppose you £0 to ihi; liiHe- cabin. Stay there- with your wife until I get around to you again." Jim Dunn told his wife of Miss Wister's story, of the peculiar way she had acted. ,"I doh't.'get.it,'' he finished. "Honestly, she ;acted £>s if she' was mad at me 'about ..something." , . • ' •" .1 v.' • ' "Probably was," Nancy said. "You snapped at hoiy from \vhat she said'. Probably she'd-b'eeii'do- ing something 'for your benefit, so naturally she's angry." The door of the cottage pushed lea. -And even ths woman .sheriff, ;t o announce the end of the talk. Mrs. Toby Argylc, seems' strangely preoccupied. home comforts she provided. I, on -the other hand, am finding out that life can be very pleasant without an egotistical, dictatorial pseudo Romeo demanding attention. , MRS, P. H. W. Men Who Should Be Jolted ' Answer: And bravo to you! Mrs. W, No man should ever be permitted .to 'get the idea he is heaven's gift to womanhood — or even to one woman — c!nd lhat slipping a wedding rijig on his wife's finger automatically absolves him from any further obligations. Too olten a man believes that since he's made the lady a "Mrs." and raised her to the exalted status of a married woman, he can darn well do as he. pleases and she should be satisfied. The sooner these gentlemen — and 1 use the word sarcastically -- get,jolted out of their complacence, the better, Spme of them need just one lesson, others never learn, still others — unfortunately — never have to learn sinpe their wives just go on catering, being submissive and elevating king husband to emperor. Congratulations on your couragg, and best wishes for a hiture peace rul existance. xv "Think of it," Mrs. Gelstrap said. "A lady sheriff." She licked her. lips, appeared happier. The aroma of good whiskey was heavy, but the cook,,"appeared in full possession of her faculties. "In a hurry to clean up. weren't you" Agnes Argyle demanded. "I'm always cleaning up,' 1 Mrs. Gelslrap whined.- "You ought to know how it is with housework. Let it get ahead of you and it's always ahead. And I'm not one to let things go. Thcj missus likes things neat'and clean. And I try to oblige, I'm sure." "Your 'missus is still sleep- open without any warning and Agrtes Argyle walked in. "Well, Mr. Dunn. You decided yet Whether or not I've sold out to the Carlsons" Jim was getting tired of having his thoughts explained to him. "Have you" he snapped Agnes locked ut Nancy. Her smile softened the bitter planes of her gaunt face. "And this is your wife" Jim made the introduction. After thai he was ignored. The two women appeared to come to an unspoken undevslandlnu. Jim wondered if it would make nny difference if ho stood on his head. Agnes snid, "Suppose you. tell me about this, Mrs. Dunn." "Nancy," she correct;d. "Yes. Tell me, Narlcy, all iibout your contacts with "Mrs. Kit. Right from the beginning." Jim coughed. "Just n minute be fore -we go into that." ' Agnes Argyle' said, "Go aWay. Go help 1he men or something. Your wife and I want to talk." Jim went into the basement.'The body was {-one. Tho elevator had been raised another foot or so. Blood on the hard-packed dirt floor was darkening and hardening. From the living room above came Ihe' shrill sound of a ringing tnle- phone. The flocjr above crcake< with the passage o£ ;i heavy body. Jim borrowed a flashlight froiv the deputy, returned to the elevator.. He directed the light unclei the --partially raised platform There were marks there all right indications of dragging. He knaw now why Angelica's clothing hac been , so dirt covered. (Ti Be Continued) ARMY SURPLUS New Army and Marine Blankets, Navy rain suits. : Hundreds of other items. REAVES BARGAIN HOUSE AND PAWN SHOP Across from Posh Office NOTICE ;RODEQ VISITORS l-Chlokens ready to eat* Sliced pork-beef Bar-B^ Q, sandwiches 3 for,.$1 BURT'S BAR B Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores TURN UP CURL for that growing out stage. Come in today . . . at MARY-EDNA BEAUTY SHOP 115 S. Elm F»h. 7-2615 For Quality and Beauty in Finest of WALLPAPERg see us, Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 422 E. Div. Fresh Banana. . LAYER CAKE Brown Sugar Fudge LAYER CAKE Old Fashion & Fudge Topped BROWNIES Fresh BROWN 'N' SERVE ROLLS N -Daily JOE'S CITPAKERY 216 S; Main then faced Jim Dunn. She did not give him a chance to explain. She was hopping- mad, even paler with. h^r. rage. "I won't have it! I won't, have you lying to'me. What's all this about sending your wife to phone What did you want in the fi;ite cabin What did you want so badly you ligged up that cock-and-bull story abtiut the phone being out of order" She did not give him a chnnce to answer those questions .before she tvent on. "And another time you led, to. me! You lieil about not touching or moving anything in .he basement. You lied, you hear Dear Miss Pix; A woman in our neighborhood is carrying on flagrantly with a man across the street. fhis has been going on tor quite a ivhlle awl is otoViows to everyone. It's a real tragedy, too, since six. chUdren ?re involved. Her husband is Qware of tjne situation. We are talking of consulting the minister. - • •-• - this is there anyway to the, 9iffajr, or encourage P. W. K everybody in the nei• r " ' you ing" "She's had a little-bitty-pill. Poor thing. When Mr. Dunn came breaking in with tho news jihc was shocked. I had .to give her a little pill." "I didn't break in," Jim said. •The kitchen door was unlocked." "Locked. I guer>5 I ought to know. I locked it myself. "You were -plastered," Jim snid bluntly He turned to the sheriff. "The kitchcrj door was' unlocked, and Mrs, Qelstrap was passed out at the kitchen table," Mrs. Gelstrap objected. "Some people don't want othar people to have any rest at all. Maybe I did have a little drink? What of it? 1 ' Agnes Argyle asked. "Did you go to the basement at any time during the night?" "I should say not. I wo'uldn.t go down there after dark for all the money in the world." "And your bosa" "She slept right through. After I finally got her to take the pills. Poor .thing, she didn't even stir until that Mr. Dunn came break ing, in." "{JUt you two were alone here in the house" "Yes. He"—^the ponderous heat' jerked in Jim's direction — "always goes away and leaves us about dark. Lets us shift for oiu selves." "I went to the caretaker's cab In," Jim said. "My wife and ! stay there." "Your wife. Where is she?" "At the cabin," J»ni snid. •: told her to stay there." Mrs. Argyle's expression said that such a command did not ne c e,ssarily mean ohedienpe. "I sup pose you and your wife pan prove Qf you \cft .JJttt house' "Qy each other's word, yes." The slwJfj: tuvhed ag|i» to Mrs. ypu the °ne who me Because moved! The Angelica elevator had been had ben raised off her. She had ben underneath i.t, .and you pulled her out and put her where you wanted me to find her." . Jim smiled -grimly. Perhaps it was not unfair, only natural. Agnes Argylc listened to : whole tissues of. lies without batting ail eyelash. Her questioning of the truth might be logical. I should have remembered about/ the phone," Jim said. "I forgot it-'wus necessary to turn the :ittle crank to^ call central. Maybe it was the French-type phone that Anyway that hap did.Vl touch any- threw me off. pened. And I thing in the basement. I did not pull the body out from under the elevator platform. I did not raise that platform." 'Somebody did," Sheriff Agnes said. She looked thoughtfully at Miss Wister and Mrs, Gelstrap. 'Possibly somebody attempted to help Angelica Joi^j. There's no reason that shouldn't be admitted, is there" "You believe this death was an accident" "It could have b<n Another ^ac cident. Probably if the body had not been moved I would have con sidered the death accidental." Jim's mind fastened on her use pf the word ."another." So the Junction -Creek sheriff knew of the California death! XVI Mrs, Gelstrap whined. "I'm just « pijt in his «$fB!»tjqn oj ' th/st Sefors";~M ; 49«fc her denial, "$y $«? tew W.&* •"*- a ^working woman. I do what I'm (old The misus said for me to come to Penvei'. I took the train because I don't like to get off the ground. She met me at the depot brought me here." ''You've never be,en here be- tore" "No." "You're lying," Agnes said wea- "You wqve UP Jie *' e shortly the wedding. Fpr heaven's « y«u must lie, do it with g cheucp of success. AUHUK} we kpow wh^t goes on, ?»rr abwt anyone conheptgd the Cartgoji?. The Carlsons WhQi? fiopx- brought to you LION OIL each week by the COMPANY Radio's popular hi* U now on TV! You'll meet the Archer» Family — destined to be America's favorite family — and . you'll greet them with laugh after laugh after laugh! j Ann Baker, magazine cover girl, stars as Corliss Archer, the I Jovely, lively teenrqger whp makes life so exciting for Mr. '< and Mrs, Archer. Hollywood stqr John Eldridge plays har- t assed, explosive Mr. Archer, and, famous Mary Brian is the understanding wife and mother. Bobby Ellis, in movies since' the age of 5, is Corliss' boy friend, Dexter. And together! they add up to an hilarious half-hour of fun for you! th CQRLISS ARCHER OVER THESE STATIONS Pine Bluff, Ark, Uttle Rpck, Ark, Fprt Smith, Ark, jG?Jte9n, Mis?. M^in^his, Tenn, T§nn, KATV KARK-TY KFSA-Ti WL0T Channel Channel t CK«inn§l \ 9:30-10P.M.' s,9;30-10P.M.* ^0 P.M, 2, 19f4 HOP! STA*,, HOPE, ARKANSAS - ^JUiiSSii 3LONDIE if |il|f LET'S SEE-rNNMERE (CAN I HIDE THESE V.' THREE COLLARS & ( 1 HAD LEFTOVER % VI, THIS WEEK? f > rTHlS-OtD VASE HASN'T BEEN USED FOR S'EARS--IT'LL MM A PEPFECf HIJ5ING ,./• PLACE • . Norwegian Trip Answer to Previous Pufit*' ACROSS of 55 Large plant 56 Deep holes DOWN Norway •Itoajpta-th. ,ioj ei ddestet the Scandina- ^ Mariner 4 Poems 5 Departed 6Abstradfbeing vian peninsula i 9 Conducts •11 Enclosure <12 Heavy J13 Assaults ilSOld Dutch i measure 16 Wooden shoe IB Negative prefix [19 Philippine Negrito j20 Obtain 21 Mariner's i direction 22 Cleaves 25 Music pedal' coupler 28 Goddess of infatuation 30 Feminine nickname 31 Nothing 32 Begone (slang) 7 Norway is ' 17 Wager filled with 23 Norwegian of beauty neighbor 8 Range of the 24Mix Rockies 10 Protuberance 11 Position of stability 12 ben 14 To cut 26 Incursion 27 Poker stake 29 Lift 33 Coconut 34 Zealous 35 Pesterer 36 River barrier 38 Thoroughfare 39 Weapons 40 Eternities 43 Raced 46 Wash 47.Fillip fiber 50, Before 52 Three times (comb, form) 33 Provided with i food :37Desk • • 41 Mineral rock 42 Anatomical duct 44 Number 45 Feminine appellation 46 Lighting devices 48 Diminutive of Ronald 49 Seat anew (51 Penetrates (53 Pluck 54 Challenged CARNIVAL \l 11 B /IB 33 15 IV 35 W W ffl Zfc iO 31 43 37 H7 b 33 44 By Dick Turner « * T. M. Reg. U. S. PM, OH. Copr, 195* by NEA £>nlu. InC "You know something, Bemis? You're really a hard man to outguess!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith iwt t'( WHATS THE MATTER. out m/K WATT by J. R. Wllllami * ^ ~<5s!^ r</» --\ -rV V-U - '-ci?A{ •//j^ricrs JSs °*-T*(»^ffj/'-/!, \- \- u '-' A-i r~T\'$ WHEM YOU'P LOVE TO LIVE FOREVER. eI^i«.''.%»'S'.°"'. .... OUR BOARDING HOUSE With.Major. Hoople "JOST DROP Irt FOR A PLEAS- CHAT V4ITH 'MAMAGEK OF .-SV-WALSY LOAlO .'& LEAME V<JALK OUT^a APM6 flNiDYOUC FAMILY VAULT FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergfll {"Sorry if \ .went through on red! But I was watching; mjp; ! husband—he's always scared green when I drive!"--j SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Sejzei OtAUK IHI m *.y* FLINT 'wHEMPj-isfrsre^ ' THB i , .. C«t..19i4 bt NtA atf.lca. Inc U a »«.Qlt.. m WASH TUBES LOW OVER'SWALU BOA.TS NORTH OF THE ISI ClRCLfe^CI IT.COULPM'T HlWfcGOTrBW . FELLM,i "•HI Lrafe ? >SSW? : I* A rtL* ** A II POOTS AND HER BUDDIES . ->'••«<& <ftr& &J.&WW- •, 1964bvN6AS«n BUGS BUNNY ONTATH RACK, PETUMIA JUST-FOULER MV HANP SIGNALS OIRN'T' YOU'?" ALLEY OOP ;5EEM5 LIKE WE'VE "MYG05H, LOOKS HAP ALL OUR/T..BUT WAIT'LL' AT THAT,' DOC'S I WORRY FOR [ HE MEETS-HIS GOT THAT WHOLE ^ NOTHING.... V IAPV LOVE.. WAGNERIAN CREW; (^ EATING OUT OF HIS HANP5) t<!\i '^ PRISCILLA'S POP if "frr*. ?>*.-&: \M3 m : '\.'rt£^mm CAUGHT YOU IN THE ACT! AND /<?•? $ 'fkMm^Mm^-^ STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE ? " t *,,, ' * A.Mf-'t.'K ' i'"' /•<v/.

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