Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1954
Page 9
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"'«. %,-yt 1 ;* f s,i i **> i ^'»*-if?Tf^.,. '-^"i -M-\ /- , • , - . ^ . '. , - l*I|p '*•-",• '_ * % ' . - * •'*-', r ^ ' "- ••••-, * l| £ ' ' ' - HOPE STAR, HOPE, A ft ft A M S A 1 ;on !ss*.fe-=.ite V . */ Unit that ere Are Beef and Dairy^ Cattle Champs a - ."V ' edition afeyfhB Star's pictures of the Beef and Dairy Wednesday at th* Tjitrc! District Livestock Show. * «• klthough 5S#ial3o, 'a high eV official from 1, who. hai| taken ** T£ *i s'yefeterday •inside story of disappearance u$ain in 1949 and fons with t arJin" se* thai re." Swiatlo , Poland, e is alive pe also „, , shared S\vi- |)qut,>Wqet, but .they 'lry'Ll^tfumes he is re'riynenfo.demanded three fields in j',' Mean- a Gcr- informally away being held in a even an.Amer- was de- the,-"high- access to ' ^Cqmmu- operations. the re- ranking commu- is . under- more irom • • the , in PO security, communism lhe cen Polish Com- to the Po- CHAMBION ANGUS BULL — "Homeplacc Eilemere The hprclsman is Victor Obefbeck. owned by Fred Stewart, Magnolia. bOok. From 1 , fie was that his to seized. A Killed ether per, £HarplH Pell Iden. ' HAL JNE RIPENED ina |f d Cage CANNINO APPLES • ^Br^^ ^^W^ i^^^ |^^^ ^^^W The Negro Community Or bring rUm* to MIM tuffttf at Hlckt Funeral Hdfrift The Executive Committee of the Hempstead County Teacher's Association request Ihe. presence tit all teachers in a meeting to be held October 12, 1954,.at Yerger High School Auditorium., feach principal is asked to make a .report for the County, State and National dues. Time 7:30 p. in. I Hearing on Gas Rate Hike Is in Progress LITTLE ROCK ;fl — A company official says Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. does not expect to earn a r six per dent return on its At - kansas operations,- even if the state Public Service. Commission permits a requests fate increase. . ; . Lad-fOihe i, rhahage'r ot of , Shreveport, .;tUe company's rate and .ftegulstory -Department, testified , in ; the rate hearing There will be a wcriicr roast at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson -Saturday night, October 2. sponsored by Ml. Zion CM13 Church. The public is invited. There will be a tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sunday, October Frank Johnson 10. Benefit of Ml. Zion CME Church. Time 2 to 5 8EEBEE MEMOHIAL O. M. B. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Paator 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship . C p.m. Epworth League. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship , yesterday > thai estimates show the firm vtilrhave ortly;a 5.9 per cent rtltirn in its 'Arkansas operations. ijf rthe- infcrCa'se' gotis through. _La(5rohe' added that the company earned -4.68 per cent return in its Arkansas investment last year. • The gas company is nskin« for an annual rnle increase of $3,654. OOO.. Increased rates already an being charged ' under bond, which the company posted to guarantee refunds to its customers in case th'e PSC rejects the increase request. K. W. Curran of Little Rock, Ar- j kansas Louisiana Division Manager, testified that competition from other fuels particularly electricity is forcing the gas compnt^y 'to help dealers sell more gas appliances. He' said he fell promotional cam- Small Twister Is Sighted, Doesn't Hit LITTLE ROCK W! — There is moisture in the ground and some property is damaged today both the results of disturbed weather conditions that yielded at least one tornado report. A twister was reported sighted yesterday by two forestry rangers near Clarksville. But the tornado, first noted about 4 p.m.. failed to strike. Earlier the U. S. Weather Bureau eau. had issued a tornado and thunder-storm warning. The unsettled weather conditions West Arkansas brought heavy rains to at least two Arkansas points. Russellvills reported one inch of rain and Arkadclphia far El Dorado, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Hog Springs and Walnut Ridge. Today's forecast called for local thundershowers with cooler temperatures in northwest Arkansas. In Clarksville the winds were heavy, although the rain was light Strong gusts took the front porch off the home of Erin Wadley, near Clarksville. Wadlsy lost another porch to a tornado in March. south ot Clarksville, where the tornado was signtcroportcd 1-25 inches rain. Other points reporting rain were MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manning* Paator 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Vv or ship 6 p. m. Epworth League 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship BETHEL A. ft. f.. CHURCH Rev. G. Paschal, Paator 9:45 a. m. Sunday BCbooi. 11 a.m. Morning Worship 8 p.m. A. C. E. L 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship. CHURCH OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennla, Pa'itor ' 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. morning worsnlp. 6 p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. Powell, Paator 9:45 a.m. Sunday School U a.m. Morning Worshlo. 6 p.m. B. T. U. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship Station KXAR. CHURCH'OF GOD C.-L. Crossley, Pastor '.'9:45 a.-m. Sunday school I'l a. m. Morning'worship fl p. ,m. Y.P.W.W. ;,8 p. -m. • 'Evening worship Legal Notice RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Paator 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. morning worship. 6:00 p. m. B. T. U. 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST ;Rev. F. R. .Williams, Paator H flf-fS a.m. Sunday School sv-/ 11, a.m. Morning worship re p.m. B.T.U. '9:30 p. m. Baptist Hour ovei Legal Notice , PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL : .AMENDMENT NO. 44 BK IT RESOLVED by the itenite at -the State of At-k»Asai' and- by the Houie at Representatives, a Majority at »U Use.-Members- Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: ,Th»t'the following ii hereby proposed a* kn amendment to the Constitution of thtt State of Arkansas, and up- m /being submitted id • the electors «C the State, for approval or' rejection •t the next General Election for Repre- •entatiye '-and 'Senators, if • a majority off .the' electors voting thereon, at such an election^ adopt such 'amendment, ti\« -same < (hall become a part. of the ConstituUoa. ot the State *f Arfcan- »**, to-wit:' ' .-SECTION .I*'From and after tb« adoption ot thn amendment, .th« term at offiee ot Governor ot the State of Arkansas shall- be four -yeirs and th« Governor shall aot be eligible M'.iueeeed himself. Provided how- er»r, this amendment shall not apply t» tfa« person elected M Governor at th« General Ktettam to b* held -••-' ' ' • paigns by the company weve justified "by preventing the capture of our domestic load by the electric competition." Legal Notice The cause arid cure of muscula dystrophy — a disorder of the vo- luuntary musclies -— is presently unknown. Legal Notice CHAMPION JERfahY BUt-L by Herdsman Faye Breedina 'Edna's Royal Tall Timber Farm, Littie Rock, is shown STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, AND CIRCULATION REQUIRED BY THE ACT OF CONG' RESS OF AUGUST 24, 1912, AS AMENDED BY THE ACTS OF MARCH 3, 1933, AND JULY 2, 1946 (Title 39, United States Code, Section 233) Of Hope Star, published daily ex> cept Sunday at Hope, Arkansas, for October 1. 1954. 1 1. The names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: Publisher, Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Editor, Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Managing Editor, Paul H. Jones, Hope, Arkansas. Business Manager, Alex. H. WasHUurn, Hope, Arkansas. f 2. The owner is: (Jf owned,by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediate- *ly thereunder the names and addresses of stockholders, owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, the names and addresses of the individual owners must be given. Jf owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm, its name and address, as well as that of each individual member, must be given.) Star Publishing Co., Hope, Arkansas. C. E. Palmer, Texarkana, Tex- SECTION 1. . AfUr the eHeetiye date •(.'.this'amendment; the Governor shall b» prohibited from taking an active part, or using hii office in i favor . ot or ' against . any candidate ' foe 'an/ eonitttiitiprial o/fiee • lit • any Primary. Special or .General - -Election, ./except only where' tb«'-Governor '•'-. himself is a candidate, in which event, he will M; authorized-M be- active. In • hi* own behalf.. A violation of ibis section 'shall be 'a misdemeanor from which, the-Qovernor :§hall ; hare no immunity' tram arrest, prosecution and trial. • Upon: conviction, he shall be fined mot - less'' than Five' Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) nor . more than Twenty thousand Dollars (mooo.OO). and in addition 'thereto, shall automatically forfeit .his office and the duties, power and authority of the Governor's office shall be immediately assumed by the- Lieutenant Governor. If. such conviction should finally be teveiacd, then the Governor shall be restored to < his- offlee.- SECTION 3. All parti ef the Con- Mtituaoti in conflict with this amendment be and the .same are hereby Leo Cox Davis Class cci at the punch bowl. Has Supper . - Mrs. Mary B. Smif.i twl The Leo Cwc Davis Class of UI« ;L)£ «ic guest' register m I no living i 1 -— where an arr:w2unient of charge Kintf. Ji.. visited Mrs. Frank Tur bt-i'villo at the Texarkana Hospital Texarkuna on 'Monday Mrs. Homer Ward and Mrs. Imon Gee motored to Little Rock Monday for the day. Mrs. L. C. Gatliu has had as her Mares. 1883. Legal Notice as. Mrs. Joe Builey with Mrs. Peachcy, Mii». J. C. Gann and Miss Frances BaUuy asauciate hostesses for the monthly pot luck supper. i i'iUy guests called between; Uie i appointed hours of 7 to U:aO. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nelson, Jane i Hostesses for the occasion were! and Walter attended the Livestock The wvBC«Uon was giv C!1 by'&Iw. | M "' £*$*' Andrews, i f1,-:v Ail I«L* T^ 1 t^M<:i t* UJl 1M Mrs.. J, A. Cole gave the devotiuti- thought Wy»n, which 'Mrs. C. A. conducted weru 1& members and JWrs. Jimmy Ligon, pest Mr. Buchanan Honored Mr. »ml Mrs. Wat?on Buchanan ox, Mrs. Banner, Mrs. ilayuiu and Mrs, Smith. W. S, C. S. Has Mission Study • The W, S. C, .5. o£ the Fil'bt Ivlc- thodist Church' m.fc't on Monuay aflenioon at the cluirch for a mission study on "Man and Uucl in the City" wiUi airs. L. C. Gatlui in Uriuly j Show in Hope Monday evening. Uoi4u» cd \viVi a .u( their uew homo on Walnut btrejDt 0» Monday ov- Dances Woo^ey 'five tlM- suns "Help was a carnations shoilJdw, «rf tjlpm ' the opwiud wiih body Today." MJB. J. Jl* Hcfcleily aavc Uw dc- wtii»u*l tlwught. After the *oug "liiw U» O Men of God.'* chapters were ic viewed J4»ij' 1%. H. 'MeKciuw and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. .Barham Ridgill and Alex. H. Washburn; Hope, Ar- children left last week ±'<n- Rack U> make their home. Little Mrs. F. B. Thacker has returned to Little Ruck after a visit with Mrs .Burke Shelton, Top Radio Programs by M» W. I). The myeting closud \vith thv. gong "£64 of Q,vftce of t?Jory" andi ABC -r- 3 Sammy Kaye Ser. NKW VOHK W1 - •rogioms iciught: NBC — 7:30 li^-ar Sclectcd vadw kansas. 3. The known bondholders, mort- gagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of • bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: None. 4. Paragraphs 2 and 3 include, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person.or corporation for whom such trustee is acting; also the statements in the two paragraphs show the affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as triis- tees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner. / 5. The average number of copies of each issue ot this publication sold or distributed, through th mails or otherwise, to paid SUb bcrjberg during the 12 month? preceding the date shown above was: .NOTICE iN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, '-•'•••. ' ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ; ESTATE- OF . . .No. 958 Mrs. Blanche E. O'Neal, deceased L'ast known address of decedent: Hope, Arkansas Date of death: .-August 23, 1954 ..An instrument dated April 7, 1953, was on the 9 day of September, 1954, .admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executrix there- under. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a. petition within the time provided.by law, : AU persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified,' to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first .'publication of this notice, or they shajl be forever, barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 10 day of Sept. 1854. • . Joy O'Neal Edwards ' Executrix . : 501 South Washington St., Hope,' Ark. Sept.'10, 17, 24. Oct. 1 ••ROPOSEO CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 45 BE IT HESOLVED by the House ot Representatives of the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate; a Majority of all the Membern Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THfi FOLLOWING in hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, U a majority /of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopts such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, towit: SECTION 1. The Executive Department of. this State shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State. Treasurer of State, Auditor of State, Attorney General, and Commissioner of State Lands, all of whom shall keep their offices at the seat 'of Government, and hold their offices for the term of two years and until their successors are elected and qualified. SECTION 2. The annual salaries of such State officers, which chall be paid In monthly installments, shall be as follows: The Governor, the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars (J15.000.00): the Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars ($3,600.00); the Secretary of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Treasurer of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Auditor of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00); the Attorney General, the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars (S8.000.00); and the Commissioner of State Lands, the sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00). SECTION 3. The above mentioned State Officers shall be elected by the qualified electors of the State at large at the time of the regular general election for voting for members of the General Assembly; the returns of each election therefor shall be sealed up separately and transmitted to the seat of government by the returning officers not later than the last day of November ot the year in which the election is held, and shall be directed to the Speaker of the House .of ^Representatives, ^ra^ ^Genera]'-'iAssernbly'shall convene in special session on 'the first Monday in December 'of the year (ri Which the members of the General Assembly: are elected and shall be hi session for a period -not to exceed • three days, unless called Into special session by the Governor. At such session of the General Assembly, and upon both Houses being organized, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall open and publish the votes cast and given for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, in the presence of both Houses of the General Assembly. The person having the highest number oi votes for each of the respective offices shall be declared duly elected thereto; and shall immediately begin his term of office; but if two or more shall be equal, the highest in votes for the same office, one of them shall be chosen by a Joint vote of both Houses of the General Assembly, and a majority of all the members elected shall be necessary to a choice. SECTION 4. The General Assembly shall meet in regular session of sixty (60) days, which need not be continuous, at the seat of government every two years on the first Monday tn February of each odd numbered year until said time be changed by law. The members of the General Assembly shall receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dollars ($2,400.00), except the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall receive as his salary Twenty- five Hundred and Fifty Dollars <$Z,550.00), for each period of two (2) years payable at such time and In such manner cs the General Assembly may determine; and in addition to sucn salary the members of the General Assembly shall receive Ten Legal Notice America C15S — Coffrey Andy, 0 Tennessee Ernie; 7: SO Pigeat; 3:30 Amos end (.This informsUoM is required daily, weekly, seijriweekly, only.) tri NOTICE . The public is' hereby notified that the Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission has .established the following area in pempstead and Howard Counties, Arkansas as a deer; management area B'ul that the following described territory is closed for an indefinite period of tinie'to the hunting of deer at any season of the year: Beginning at the Junction of Highway £4 and. #?7 at Nashr ville> proceed southeast along •Highway #4 to the Yaneey* Columbus Road, then south along this- road, to Columbus, west 8l?ng Highway #73 to Highway #55 (Saratoga) north Slpng Highway #55 to High- \yay #?7, then northeast on #27 ' Ip Cents (lOc) per mile for each mile traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government over the most direct and practicable route; and provided, further that when said members are required to attend an extraordinary or special session of the General Assembly, they shall receive in addition to salary herein provided, the sura of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per day for each day they are required lo attend, and mileage, at the same rate herein provided. SECTION 5. There is hereby created j joint ad interim committee of the .General Assembly to be selected from its membership, as may be provided — hip, , . by lawi for tiie purpose of conduct ing research into governmental problems and making audits of State agencies. The' Qeueral Assembly shall fli the amount of per diem and expenses of committee members ttnd f he. compensation and expenses of the committee's employees. SECTION B. (a) The General Assembly shall from time to time provide for Uie salaries and compensation of Uie justices of the Supreme Court and for the salaries and expenses of Uie Judges of the Circuit and Chancery Courts of this State; provided, that such salaries and compensation of the justices of the Supreme Court and the salaries and expenses of the judges of the Circuit and Chancery Courts shall not be less than now provided by law. (b) The General Assembly shsll by law determine the amount and method of payment of salaries to the Commissioners of the Workmen's Compensation Commission; provided, that the salary of any Commissioner shall not be less than now provided by tew. (C) The General Assembly shall by law determine the amount and method of payment of salaries of county officials. Nothing herein shall be construed as abrogating any rights ol the people of the State of Arkansas under the Initiative and Referendum provisions of the Constitution or Uj? statutes of Arkansas. ' • «|> That Section W ot ArJ?eH| JK# ol the Constitution and Section I ol Amendment IX tq tfe Cor,sUtuHfla, pjf foe State of Arkansas be and. j^« 0a,me CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO-. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives of the State of Arknnsas, a Majority of All Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following IB hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution .of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election tor Representatives and Senators, ttj a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the ConfiUtutlon of the Stcte of Arkansas, to-wit: SECTION; 1. No nd-valorem tax nhnll be levied upon property by the Stnte. A county, city. Incorporate town or school district may levy a tax annually upon property therein at It* , , market value for the purposes and mibject to the restriction* now provided by the Constitution: except that where the Board of Equalization hereafter created has for thr first time equalised the assessments of prop^ • erty In any county nt Its market™ Valu* and has certified such fact as^ provided in Section 6 hereof, thereafter the tax levied for any such local subdivisions shall be : a total tax for all purposes and shall not exceed five (5) mills for the county, eight (8) mills for any city or Incorporated town, and twelve (12) mills for any school district, on each dollar of the assessed value of the property therein, exclusive of taxes levied by Improvement districts, and exclusive of taxes levied for local improvements to towns and cities as authorized by Article 19, Section 27 of the Constitution. Provided, however, there shall be set aside annually an amount equal to the maximum amount col-* lected for the retirement of each Issue of outstanding bonds durln?. any year prior lo the year of the collection of taxes wherein the aforesaid maximum rates have become effective, to be used for the retirement of such bonds as provided by the terms thereof; and the tax shall never be less than that necoss.ary to produce such annual amount until the bonds have been retired, or sufficient fmida have been set aside for their retirement. As to bonds Issued after the date of the certification that assessments have been equalised at market value tn any county, the maximum tax rates ^ herein provided may not be exceeded V except when necessary to prevent or cure a default. : Where assessments of benefits rn any improvement district are based on the assessed value of the property for state or coiin.ty purposes, the assessors of th'e "district shall have the right to equalize all future assessments of benefits; and for this purpose may reduce the valuations to the extent that such valuations hav» been increased by reason of this amendment. SECTION I. The tax shall not h* •levied upon any property now exempted by the-Constitution from taxation. SECTION 3. There 15 hereby created »i i Board of Equalization which shall \* assess at its v market; value property used in the .operation,:'of 'public utilities, or such other • property authorized-to be-'taxed by 'the -aforesaid political subdivisions, as the General Assembly may direct. The total assessed value of all public utilities shall be apportioned to the various counties, cities, incorporated towns and school districts as is now or may hereafter be provided- by law. Until such time as the assessments of property in any county are equalized at market value, the proportion of -the total valuation of any utility allocated to any county, city. Incorporated town, or school district at shall, be adjusted by applying there- W to the percentage of market value at which the Board determines property is therein assessed. SECTION 4, The Board of Equalization shall see that all property is assessed which is required by law to " be assessed, and to this end shall assess property which the tax assessor of any county has failed to assess, after notice and hearing by the^oard. SECTION S. The Board of Equalization shail equalize the assessments ot property to each county at Its market value, and for that purpose It shall classify property according to type, -use thereof and income there- ^ from, and prepare and prescribe '• ^ method or formula for use by It and the. tax assessors of the various counties tn determining the market value of property or classes of property; and shall reassess property not ai- eessed In accordance therewith, after notice and hearing by the Board. Each year when the property In any county has been equalized at its .market value as herein provided, the Board of Equalization shall certify such tact to the county clerk. SECTION 6. Within the time and manner provided by the General Assembly any taxpayer or any of the aforesaid political subdivisions affected ^. may appeal from any order or de-« cisjon of the Board ot Equalization to the Chancery Court of the County In which the property affected Is located, except that any appeal from an order or decision affecting property of public utilities assessed by the Equalization Board shall be taken to the Chancery Court of PulasUl County. The Chancery Court shall try aay such cause de novo. Either party may appeal from any adverse decision of the Chancery Court to the Supreme Cuurt of Arkansas where It shall be heard do novo on the record. SECTION 7. The Governor shall appoint tliree resident electors as mem- _- beis) of the Board of Equalization, W who shall respectively serve, as de- f termlued by lot, ' four, eight and twelve years from rlie date of their appointment, and shall appoint a sue- cx-ssur of each, who shall serve for it term of twelve years; which appointments, Including appointments in the event of a vacancy, 'shall be suDJetn to confirmation by the Senate. The members may be Impeached or removed from office as provided by Article 15 of the Constitution. SECTION 8. The total expenditure for any year for all purposes by any county, city, incorporated town or school district, shall not exceed Hie amount of Uie budget for that year, <ifc or the amount of revenue, whichever • ts lesser. Except as may be necessary (o satisfy outstanding valid bonds, no ad valorem tax shall be levied upon property by any county,, city, Incorporated town or school district until a budget has been approved by a majority of the quajjffec! electors voting upon the issue. -The budget Shall not be submitted, for approval or rejection at an elecHpn except after pubUc w>«ce and hearing with respect to the amount therjeoJL If " *('••'•,''•:• '• • •• ?rt,'*&AS Ffidny, October 1, 1954 " MOM--STAR* MOM, AftKAMtAJL ttftftT Main in o. Th* Men'* Blbl. Ci&M *1U tewt for dloUghnUU aM coililef j son at 10:00 will be taught by Hu< fv. Jimest to -ft' 10:00'».,m. «-• James ft. Mttitt,! irit 10:65 a. m. — MortOfti WAt&ljL World Wide Dornmulikja.Obs«rv4<ie* Sttldt "CttmmOflJon Hytntt" i-tf. m. fcvenlng Worship Sermon subject: "F6rtvard With Clirisl" ' Special mUslc: "Make Somebody Happy Today" , , 6 p, m. P. Y. P. Supper , ,. franklin Foster will have char|e of.-the program. Monday 10 a. m. The Executive Board of the Women of the Church will Mtet Monday morningr. „ , - . , 7 p. nt. Cholf Practiae Wedneidiy. v t ;' k > . 7:30 : p."m s Midw.cek'.sejrVicfc " ii'i ~r — — - - - - t i T i FIRST. METHODliT CHUrtCH W«it" *nd «t Hn«' ,"' '• "• V. D. Keeley. P«it*r . t 9.:45 a, m. CfcuYch School^ " , „ This Is.&ally- 'Bay.Vtet's try.to have' 650'present, at Church School John L. Wilson will' Mach the Ceri tury Bible Cldss. • J » ' , - , - * 10:55 a. m. Morning Worship ' Anthofn: "O Saviour'Of-the World' sermon; ''In Remembrance .O Me" World Wide Communion Message by Minister- 5:30 ,p"m. Intermediate MYF 5:30 p. m. ' Senior MYH 1 5:30-p. m- Wesley CJub ' t ' t Primary and Junior children* with their parents will meet at the'.chijc clupt 5;30j>. m. for a Treahatv Hunt m lahiilj; groups followed" b; supper on,the'lawn of the church Go to the"Sanctuary at C;30'p.,m for group 1 singing ^and a'discussio of the use 6f the Bible in the' hom'e 7 p. m. Evening Worship SpeciaJ music: - f'Wtyit Will -Yo Give-to Jesus?" (Jo Jo Owens, an Susan Davis) Sermon:,," ,•>*•> Lights On The Road To Ruin" ister. ' , ! 6:30 I, m. *" Sunday School if, H. Murih, Siipt, ' ' 10:M i. m, Mo 1th seffnon by the ttollaw'ay, Jf., apah. i t M -' ' . ' 3 p. m. finro'liment in. Cherub, a'tof. Cancord arid ChaM , 8:30 i. nt TfftlnlAg Won, ert thrash, Director ' 7:45- p. itt. Evening Worship Service 'with sermon 1 by % the Rftv. ollawaS', Jr. Monday 1:30 p.itn. Woman's ider the semblance of a kiss, Judas did it! He had a chance greatness and an opportunity to serve but chose a disgraceful grave in the field of the nameless and shameless dead. This traitor employed a tender kiss to betray the Christ. He sold his membership in the Kingdom for thirty pieces of silver. What a paltry sum for so dastardly a crime! But only money counted with Judas. The Master's work and the cause of the Church held no interest for him. What about the silver in your life? Don't let it coat too heavily the window panes of your soul. It will turn them into mirrors of yourself, revealing your own dried-up life. Go to church. Be of service. Don't be guilty of the "Kiss of Death." for You In The Church,.. The Church In Yon-, Form a combination for good Every man, woman and child needs the influence of the CHURCH. Be a faithful worker. Attend every service. 3 p. m. Circle 1,. pome of, Mrs John H.'Arnold with Miss Mabj Ethridge, Co-hostessr ,-' < ' r," 3 p. m. Circle 2 * Home of Mr O. W. Amos, 52J Pea'eh Street," 3 p. re). Circle 3 .Jlome of Mrs Qgrrett Story, Co-hostages: .Mr Stith paveripprt 'and-'M". W. B Hqnde'sroni ' '••.!..' 3 p. m. Circle 4 Horn? of Mr. Pon Smith with Mrs. .W..T. Franks Co-hostess. 2 p. m. Circle 6 .Kerne of Mrs Syvell A. Burke with "Mrs. -Davl Waddle,-co-hostess." , ' ', '7:30 p. m. Thfc, Official Aoar will mtjet,,it tli« (2Hi.«r4h-foUow* by the First Quarterly, Corif*rpne of the,year wHh &r.. $. .C.l Rttle TOIet <Jfint> «*»cir4fnlp •• r i f " ' * 7:30 p. in.- 1 Adult-qhdir-^ictl* '7:30 p", rti.; ;ComrriHs'16n oH-Edtj cation w;ill mftet. in Uie Church Ql fice.at {he Z p. m. First Mlisi6n',StUdi p India,- Mrs. John Gafdfi«ir Uadt •T, f^ARK'i EPHCOPAt CHURCH Rev, Wllllarp J, f-ttitiuah Prleit-ln-Ch«rB» 16th Sunday After Trinity 7:30 p. in. Evening Prayer Sermon. 8:30 p, m. Discussion Prograi in the Parish Jlooin, FIMT lAl»TI»f CHURCH ». A, >oclcty Business and Program at hi church. The Marth* Hftlrston irclc .will have charge of the, pro ram. 4 p. tti, Bdglnncr and Primary unboams. 4 {>, rn. Junior (3. A.'s will meet or election ol-otlicers.'jA,^ 7:30 >p. m. Missionary-'talk and jlttuf^s, by, tho ^cy. v firncsl Holl- Yflti e, Church 61 turm jr t i - missioriiriy to •Japan. Wednesday ' > .•' • ", l 6:30'p.'m. Junior R. A.'s 4 p.,m. Intermediate Gl'A. 7 p. m. f'Sundiy ^di and Teachers' Meeting. . M ( ?;45£.*m. Fellowship Hour* The Midweek Worship for the Whole Family, „- Thurlday 7:80 & .'m, - Chancel'Choit' I Reh'ear> sal. " ' ' * CHURdH 1 0> CHRI8T 5th afid-.Grady Street; F. L. Jennlngi, Minister Sunday ,i * "' 9:4B, Bible'Study ,. 10:^7',,Preaching v ' C:30 - n. m. Bible Study, ( Classes for all ages. * ' ' ' ' ' Tuesdap * 9:30 -a.m. Wednesday 7:30, p. in, Ladles Bible Study ri •* ( A ""'IX. . HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE ,381'North-Main^StreetV", >* 5V-! 1 Rev, "C. 8. Walker, Pastor, *-' /', , Rev. &. P.Hicks.'MUsic-yduthJDH •ectdr. '' ,'4/~' l " *' „ "ri'sj.'t, .. vice,; Sermon by* the pastor. T < <! Monda • • <7j -/'' , Monday p. m, Council.' 7: The to, attend This Series of Church Ads Is Being Published Through the Cooperation of the Local Ministerial Sponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions Rettig Nash Motors Nash Sales & Service Stephens Grocer Co. Wholesale Grocers Young Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales & Service Hope Federal Savings and Loan Association Real Estate Loans to Buy - Build r Repair Hope Theatres, Inc. Elclon Coffman, City Mgr. Collier Tire & Battery Service Dunlop Tires—Excello Batteries—Emerson TV" Mid-South Cotton & Supply A. E. Slusser Midwest Dairy Products Nature's Most Healthful Food W, Shanhouse Sons, Inc. Clothing Manufacturers Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Your Building Store BruneMvory Handle Co. Phone 7-2394 Southwestern Packing Co, Pork and Beef Packers First National Bank Member FDIC ^Hop© Transfer,"!? Storage T^3cicinff ^^i jErstiiiff «™w iMovixiff *? i*TWwff* w'tjfiaaStfl ^ v**"^JF?**JB[ Anthony Lumber CQ, JfjSfl^viiifbwijr ntgomery Market dly Shopping Center Hope Basket Company 1 Phone 7-?345 r§ Supply Cpmpqny UNITv'ji South Choir Rehearsal./. o/dial^ toyited ; ' . . ;. Sermon: ''(Jld-SpldJers ne,ve| die "" , Y/,P, |n, EvangeU*t|c ' "For wha^. ar^ yau/"liy N. F. M, S. Prayer peetlnjj J, A, Davis Grocery Crqin's Esso S^rvicenter a. H. Orpin Franks & Son Wholesale Fruit and Produce 0, Barnes Mobile " Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Co. Everything in Machine Shop Work Hempstead County Farmers Association Farmer Owned and Operated Dewey McICnelly, Mgr. Owen's Department Store Ben Owen Cities Service Stgtion Graver Citi^ns

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